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My thoughts on TENET in the longest 60 seconds ever!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 05:07


Redgren Grumbholdt
Redgren Grumbholdt - 25 minutter siden
i cried when the dog died at the end
Dynoids - 18 timer siden
I agree with everything CinemaWins AND The Critical Drinker's reviews of this movie. One huge hindrance is the lack of a real "plot" and actual characters with deeper development. But I don't think any of its issues make it a bad movie. I loved it
Susanna - 22 timer siden
So the trailer has most of the scenes in reverse???
Susanna - 22 timer siden
Is it one of those things that you have to watch the whole thing backwards in order to get the actual order of events in the right order at the ebd
Hijynks - Dag siden
The concept is kinda cool in a way, but it reeeaaaally makes no sense whatsoever. The dialogue was pretty horrifically muffled in the cinema so I couldn't make out what anyone was saying - which is pretty important when they're talking about what we're actually trying to achieve here, what's happening, etc.
I feel like the film isn't as clever as it thinks it is, and I feel like I HAVE to watch it 5 times at minimum just to get my head around it. I mean what was even going on in the big finale action setpiece? You got one team of soldiers in normal time, another team of soldiers in inverted time, those two teams are working together against....who? You can't even tell who they're shooting at or why. This battle seems pointless.
And the whole "inverted bullets" thing. How does a bullet moving backwards in time hurt you any more than a bullet moving through normal time? And doesn't that mean you have no freedom over where you can kill somebody, because the bullet has to already be embedded in a surface somewhere to move back to the barrel of the gun that fired it? The harder you try to think about it, the more it unravels.
Caleb Mcdaniel
Caleb Mcdaniel - Dag siden
Please do the grinch who stole Christmas. Live action one.
Royal Blue Animations
Royal Blue Animations - Dag siden
Week 6 of requesting Love Simon
DeMattMorency - Dag siden
Speed Racer and Sorcerer's Apprentice please.
UnderFolk - Dag siden
Do the emperors new groove!
Nick Vandiver
Nick Vandiver - Dag siden
If theres a movie I would recommend watching next, its a Netflix original called “The King” probably the best original they’ve come out with that I personally believe deserves a cinemawins
Andrew Orders
Andrew Orders - Dag siden
Movies should do subtitle showings
Andrew Orders
Andrew Orders - Dag siden
Nolan movies are some of the only movies still designed to be better in theater.
Andrew Orders
Andrew Orders - Dag siden
The marketing for this one was lackluster, so most of us were expecting this to be not as good as his films usually are, but are pleasantly surprised to see it stays consistent with the quality of all his other movies. That makes you wonder, why did we have any doubts to begin with if he’s so consistent?
Adam Basinger
Adam Basinger - 2 dager siden
Fun fact; an “invert” was an early modern English term for a homosexual man.
This was literally all I could think of every time the ads for this movie ominously intoned to the main character that he was “inverted”
The Onion System
The Onion System - Dag siden
Jam - 2 dager siden
I have never once enjoyed a movie more in theatres than at home, not to mention the cost of theatres is its own negative. I will never understand how people can say a theatre experience is better, the sound is worse, the visuals are worse, no subtitles (usually) a different language (just me?), and about the same amount of time watching the film is spent waiting, watching ads or getting to the theatre. It's just something that turns me completely off and every time I leave feeling kinda like a had a mediocre experience and makes me dislike directors/ actors as they praise the experience as either money-grabbing scum or just high on their own greatness.
Bristo Joseph
Bristo Joseph - 2 dager siden
Love and monster you might like it
Bristo Joseph
Bristo Joseph - 2 dager siden
Please do love and monsters next
Infinity Universes Studios
Infinity Universes Studios - 2 dager siden
Can You Pls Do Everything That's Great In IT Chapter 1 & 2? Because I HATE Everything That's Wrong With It Chapter 1 & 2!!
Infinity Universes Studios
Infinity Universes Studios - 2 dager siden
And I Meant CineSins I Hate.
NANA AFOAQUAH - 2 dager siden
Daniela Ramírez Sarmiento
Daniela Ramírez Sarmiento - 2 dager siden
Owen Nunez
Owen Nunez - 2 dager siden
Pls make a real steel
Let's do something
Let's do something - 2 dager siden
Yo, helena montana gang where you at doe👍
Grayson Vogelpohl
Grayson Vogelpohl - 2 dager siden
Who else wants him to do transformers age of extinction
Logan Perschau
Logan Perschau - 2 dager siden
Is this the same guy as cinema sins? If not mans just made a channel from an unoriginal idea.
JKC 2004
JKC 2004 - 2 dager siden
Everything GREAT about Bumblebee!!
Rayne Berry
Rayne Berry - 2 dager siden
I was wondering since it's close to halloween, if you could do a horror movie win? Like one of the conjuring movies or something? Just an idea, also thank you for giving us these amazing videos. They make me very happy to watch :)
DeerSap - 2 dager siden
Plz plz plz do a video on the movie sing I’m begging you I’m gonna keep saying this until you do it please I beg you
Dian M. Khan
Dian M. Khan - 2 dager siden
i want the bee movie please
Benjamin Fertz
Benjamin Fertz - 2 dager siden
Can you do a everything great about Hardcore Henry in my opinion it is very underrated
Youtube Account
Youtube Account - 2 dager siden
do everything great about ford v ferrari, it’s a masterpiece
Austin Abercrombie
Austin Abercrombie - 2 dager siden
still waiting on that “Everything Great About Avatar” :(
Anya V Asheim
Anya V Asheim - 3 dager siden
Excited for the full review!! We too live in a small town so we were able to see it safely in a theatre, twice actually because it required a second viewing for recall and good discussion. Nolan movies are ALL always worth the trip to the theatre
Dragon Tay
Dragon Tay - 3 dager siden
Do Everything Great from Man from Uncle! It’s an underrated spy type movie
malak. - 3 dager siden
Tenet is such a great film. Totally recommend it! (Also Robert Pattinson is hot)
Dale Larroza
Dale Larroza - 3 dager siden
Still waiting for that kung fu panda 3.
Volwhite - 3 dager siden
How haven't you done Wanted yet my dude ? You're going to love it
AJolly Teddybear
AJolly Teddybear - 3 dager siden
Kung fu panda 3 please
Daniel Rosenberg
Daniel Rosenberg - 3 dager siden
Great. Now do EGA Dunkirk, dammit.
gage williams
gage williams - 3 dager siden
I watched this at my first drive in theater and it was amazing!
Jeroen van der Kroon
Jeroen van der Kroon - 3 dager siden
Watched the movie in cinema with Dolby Atmos and loved it, so watched it again in cinema with IMAX. If you have a good sound system at home (i dont), the cinema wont provide anything extra. That being said, please go see this movie in any way you want, it's that good.
Sean - 3 dager siden
Please do Starship Troopers..
One of my favorite movies from childhood, along with RoboCop & Total recall. All directed by Paul Verhoven.
falcon64z8 - 3 dager siden
This movie is a must see on IMAX, which is how I saw it. The music and the scale and scope of the movie translate really well, much like most of Nolan movie, on the large IMAX screen.
gn456 - 3 dager siden
Do every transformers movies 🤔
IAMLEGENDhalo - 3 dager siden
You should try everything great about Interstellar. My personal favorite movie!
Tjaden Moreland
Tjaden Moreland - 3 dager siden
I got a suggestion can you do Kung fu panda 3
Khoa Nguyen
Khoa Nguyen - 3 dager siden
You should do Kung Fu Panda 3
Whiffle Waffle
Whiffle Waffle - 3 dager siden
Make sharkboy and lavagirl good. I'll wait.
Faze Coomer
Faze Coomer - 3 dager siden
hey just saw your transformers wins again, and i hope you will make a bumblebee win, seeing its a reboot and id like to see your thoughts on Travis knights direction compared to Michael bays
Liam H
Liam H - 3 dager siden
I personally adored Tenet. One of his best works, for sure.
The people that didn't quite take to it now will come around, I know that. This movie in a few years time will be seen as a classic.
Andrea Scacchi
Andrea Scacchi - 3 dager siden
Is not that i not enjoyed this movie but felt to me a bit too dry. Especially the protagonists.
Pat's character was the more entertaining and likable.
!! SPOILER (circa)
Also it felt like the movie tried to present the time issue in one way and then explored it in a different way.
Also let's be honest the time reverse scene are neat but highlight a close loop casuality. Ergo they can't fail because the loop exist and they can't really influence the outcome ergo nobody has any agency...
The score was missing.. not memorable
Btw you should review KING ARTHUR. Fuqua director Zimmer music. Not well received but imho as an history buff is a nice realistic portrail of late roman britannia and a more historically inspirate spin on an old myth. The director cut is a bit better.
Afeya Afroz
Afeya Afroz - 4 dager siden
I really wanna see a collab between cinemasins and cinemawins
Alex Morana
Alex Morana - 4 dager siden
GamingXXVI - 4 dager siden
Can u do Everything Great About fast and furious 5 💯💯
Juxens - 4 dager siden
Ondřej Hickl
Ondřej Hickl - 4 dager siden
Please make Everything great about Hobbit trilogy
MrYoungandBrave1 - 4 dager siden
Please Review the Narnia Trilogy, it's one of my all time favourites.
Rubix9595_Gaming - 4 dager siden
walking out of this movie made me feel confused, but I also had a feeling like a got what was going on...it's weird. In my opinion I still think this is another good Nolan film even if u may be confused by a lot of stuff that happens, like a lot lol
Raul H Boria
Raul H Boria - 4 dager siden
I know this probably won't happen but i want him to do everything great about Spirit: Stallion of Cimarron because that is my favorite movie and is what got me to love horses and i think it is a great underrated movie
and also i love your videos i think their great
Brayden Hinote
Brayden Hinote - 4 dager siden
Plz do the croods it’s my favorite movie
Hitch - 4 dager siden
You should review Artemis Fowl!!!! It’s on Disney plus exclusively and it is AMAZING!!!
Cheeseyboy Dude
Cheeseyboy Dude - 4 dager siden
Hey do Hubie Halloween
Obi wan Kenobi
Obi wan Kenobi - 4 dager siden
Pleases do skyfall before no time to die comes out but hey I can’t force you....

Or can I
carguy 712
carguy 712 - 4 dager siden
Can you please do Everything GREAT about Ford Vs Ferrari?
Brandon Martinez
Brandon Martinez - 4 dager siden
Can you do everything great about the hole 2009
Plummet - 4 dager siden
Fucking awful movie
James Exum
James Exum - 4 dager siden
Still waiting for Monty Python and the Holy Grail review
Aaron Chapa
Aaron Chapa - 4 dager siden
Day one of asking CinemaWins to do Interstellar
Aeshika Gupta
Aeshika Gupta - 5 dager siden
Can you do everything great about now you see me and now you see me 2?please?pretty please?
BTW I love your work😁
Fieryaleeco - 5 dager siden
If only this video got a home release for the parts of the world that don’t have cinemas open, & won’t for a long time to come. I love having to wait months to watch a movie that everyone else has already seen, & I now have to dodge spoilers for.
Klaas Goossens
Klaas Goossens - 5 dager siden
wow that was the exact feeling I had after I saw the movie, just explained in a realy understandable way...
GoldenAngelo - 5 dager siden
everything great about kung fu hustle, when?
Andy Gilleand
Andy Gilleand - 5 dager siden
I saw this in theaters and I have to strongly disagree. This is a movie I absolutely would have regretted not seeing in theaters. While yes, ultimately the thoughts on how the world works and trying to piece together the parts of the story that are hard to understand are what I'm left THINKING about, the large screen and killer sound mix absolutely impacted my experience for the better in a way a smaller screen experience wouldn't have. In fact, I think that without that theater experience, I think I probably would have ended up leaning negative on my reception of the movie. I think like you said Nolan was trying to make it look like the movie is smart, and while there were a few moments of cool planning, overall the movie becomes too complex to be fully enjoyable, and there are definitely aspects of the plot that don't make enough sense on a first viewing, and I suspect, some things that don't really work at all. The primary enjoyable part of the movie for me was the large screen, large sound experience. While I was certainly fascinated by the story and world of the movie, I wasn't impressed by it all that much like I was with Inception. It felt like it was being confusing for the sake of being confusing, and honestly, the characters just weren't that great imo, unlike Nolan's usual work. I left with a mixed experience, but if it weren't for the theater, I probably would have leaned more on the negative overall. I may eventually warm up to the story better, but if I had skipped the theater I would never have had the first impression those moments gave me, that I will now always recall whenever I watch those scenes. Having that epic first impression of the big scenes will forever improve the way I look at this movie, which I agree will take many viewings before I really fully understand and appreciate it.
Tim Brust
Tim Brust - 3 dager siden
@Thakrulll all theatres, Nolan movies are alway messed up because they are delivered in the IMAX format to ALL theatres, not just the IMAX ones. The sound on Tenet was just especially messed up, even on the preset low it was too loud.
Thakrulll - 3 dager siden
@Tim Brust SO it was at that volume at all teaters? I thought it was just our showing that was messed up. The opening gunshots were just as loud as real gunshots. We had to put on headphones and in-ear headsets to drown out some of the sound...
Andy Gilleand
Andy Gilleand - 3 dager siden
@Tim Brust I was speaking about the use of music and sound effects. The dynamic range and impact. I agree about the dialogue but that was less about mixing and more about the masks and incomprehensible writing.
Tim Brust
Tim Brust - 3 dager siden
I don't know what you mean with killer soundmix, the dialogue was incomprehensible in some parts of the movies. The volume range made my ears hurt and at the same time having to listen really close because you can't hear someone talking. It was delivered way to loud to all theatres, we had to manually decrease the volume for it to stay within safety limits. I usually like Nolan sound editing, Interstellar is still my favourite Nolan just because of how it sounds but the sound in Tenet was imo just hot garbage.
RJ Seeley
RJ Seeley - 5 dager siden
Subtitles were an absolute mist for this movie. Between the masks and the constant ambient score having more bass than a river.... Amazing visuals, as he said.
Isaac Kim
Isaac Kim - 5 dager siden
How many times have y’all seen it so far?
S T - 5 dager siden
Inception longer video, interstellar, cornetto trilogy, gentleman. Please 😔 honestly you are the best easter egg hunter on yt
Thad Asheim
Thad Asheim - 5 dager siden
A great way to alleviate the aggravation of having to wait a few months to make a EGA Tenet, would be to make a EGA video about another Christopher Nolan masterpiece...The Prestige. Thank you for all the spectacular videos you work so very hard to put out. They are always a highlight of my week!
Reanne Saints
Reanne Saints - 5 dager siden
i hope you do a EGAV about The Old Guard
Gabriel Hopkins
Gabriel Hopkins - 5 dager siden
Can you please do Animal Crackers. It is one of Netflix’s best movies and I hope you will see why when you watch it, if you haven’t already watched it.
Jeremy Abrahamson
Jeremy Abrahamson - 5 dager siden
The way I saw this movie, I left thinking the movie was empty due to the lack of a central internal personal conflict, like Dom's past or Bruce's violence. Usually Nolan tells this through a relationship with a father figure in someway. It wasn't til later I realized that the father figure still exists, but is framed wildly differently from most Nolan films, and it drove my excitement up.
N Singer
N Singer - 5 dager siden
That’s crazy because I felt the same exact emotion you were describing with Inception. I felt empty afterwards as if it was something I was nostalgic for
_ jeromethegreat
_ jeromethegreat - 5 dager siden
That comment about wanting to exist in that world rang true for me. Surprisingly, the thing that helped me out and still continues to help was just listening to my favorite songs from the score on whenever I start feeling down. It either intensifies the feeling and lets me dwell on it and move on or it makes me remember how cool the movie is and I get distracted.
_ jeromethegreat
_ jeromethegreat - 5 dager siden
Saw it 3 times, cannot wait to own it and watch it every night for a week
John Striker
John Striker - 5 dager siden
Nah, "Groundhog Day" (1993) is still a better & meaningful & interesting movie.... ;-)
Die Segeties
Die Segeties - 5 dager siden
Can you please make a video about Super Mario Brothers the movie
Die Segeties
Die Segeties - 5 dager siden
Super Mario Bros movie
Lael Wildgoose
Lael Wildgoose - 5 dager siden
Hold on how did you never review Rise of the Planet of the Apes?
Charlie Mont
Charlie Mont - 5 dager siden
You probably won't ever see this comment but I absolutely love your channel and how you find so much positivity in films of different genres, would love to support your channel. I'm a massive fan of CinemaWins, I prefer this to CinemaSins
Sailor of Fortune
Sailor of Fortune - 5 dager siden
Saw it a drive-in. Would have been nice to hear it in proper sound speakers.
Snagabott - 5 dager siden
I saw this a while back, and honestly I can't say anything bad about a movie that lets a building be blown up both forward and reverse. I know it doesn't make sense. I know Nolan knows it doesn't make sense. But, damn it, that was just laughed out loud at how awesome that concept was.
I also enjoyed that it is the concept (and the danger it represents) that is in focus... while the character has plenty of opportunity to, and does, grow, it's not as in your face as we might be used to. But when you know what the stakes are, that's fine.
Disclamer: I watched the movie with subtitles (English is not my first language), so I was never bothered by any struggles to hear what was being said.
peyton martinez
peyton martinez - 5 dager siden
Please do serenity
Franziska E
Franziska E - 5 dager siden
I watched this movie seven times in cinema. It's always a great experience. I am just so stunned everytime I watch it. And I get what you mean about not existing in the movie universe and feeling it. Nolan is my all time favourite director, so yes, I get you.
TheMGuy - 5 dager siden
You have to watch the actual movie to understand the movie or you wont understand the trailer, and honestly i didnt even know the movie started until about 10 minutes
Jonathan Carmona
Jonathan Carmona - 5 dager siden
You really need to STOP worrying about the stupid virus by now. You mentioned that way too much in this review.
Retired John
Retired John - 5 dager siden
Please review King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
Konrad Ardor
Konrad Ardor - 4 dager siden
Emily - 6 dager siden
I know that Nolan is real big on wanting his movies to be seen on the big screen but I wish they would have released this one on streaming. My state still has movie theaters closed and the closest open theater is a 45 minute drive away in another state that is having ridiculously high covid cases right now. I don't think I would even really want to watch a movie in theaters right now. I was really excited for this movie and am sad that I probably will never get to see it now.
Orkun Aslan
Orkun Aslan - 6 dager siden
Can you do upgrade please ?
the scarecrow
the scarecrow - 6 dager siden
I live this movie
Leo A
Leo A - 6 dager siden
One of the advantages of living in a country that subs movies instead of dubbing. It seems in this case you get more out of the film than native speakers if you understand both English and the subs. We get most non-blockbuster films 2 months after the US but hey at least we've got subs.
Steve Conwell
Steve Conwell - 6 dager siden
I bought the screenplay so I could understand some of the dialogue I missed; there's the obvious scene within a scene bit where Washington is talking to Branagh through glass, but I could barely understand the conversation on the sail boats. I saw the movie in an XD theater via Cinemark. Just not sure why you would go to so much trouble to film a movie in Imax, but not get the sound levels correct. I really loved having a movie I could go home and try to wrap my mind around.
Luca-Emil Boeriu
Luca-Emil Boeriu - 6 dager siden
Whoever wants CinemaWins to do everthing great about bohemian rhapsody like this comment.
King Bumi
King Bumi - 6 dager siden
Can you review the Truman show