Really Tragic But Worthy Cause

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It felt wrong to put this at the end of a regular video like I usually would even though it would reach a larger audience. But really this is for you, my fans, anyway, not just the occasional viral audience. Thanks for listening.
Feel free to share the GoFundMe link wherever you'd like.
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you know who
you know who - 2 måneder siden
This was 2 years ago you still have scars from it that dosen't make you different from other people i cant speak from experience but i know it will happen to me and everyone else but scars make you who you are wether there emotional or physical they tell a story a storys that you may not want to tell but you have to to help with the memories pain hurts but people get back up and those wonds will stain yoir cloths and give you scars but they will make you stronger then you were before so get up get up and look ahead of you
nbkllr - 9 måneder siden
The 78 people who disliked this are the worst
Yongyang Nie
Yongyang Nie - År siden
I am not sure if you will ever read this, I know this has been a year. I just stumbled across this on YouTube. Lindsay Crosby was my middle school dorm parent for two years. She and her husband, and her daughter and their dog are such a wonderful family. They had such a positive impact on young people's lives working in the dorm. Ms. Crosby would always radiate positivity and kindness. My dormmates, myself included, had such a special connection with the family. When I learned that Ms. Crosby was no longer with us, my heart was shattered. All of the teachers in my school, my old classmates, friends all came together to help Lindsay and Evan's family during such a tragic time. I am forever grateful for Ms. Crosby. I am pleasantly surprised that CinemaWins had a connection with the Crosbys. I am so happy to see this video. I hope the Crosbys are well.
John Smith
John Smith - År siden
Please do V for Vendetta~!
That Lonely meatball
That Lonely meatball - År siden
How is this the least popular video on this channel
I am so sorry for what happened and I hope the Crosby family are doing much better now
I may be 11 but I can understand what it feels like to lose someone I loved
Kramer - År siden
Who the fuck disliked this video
Zoykzmc - År siden
Those who think that 350k $ should be given to starving children in africa and not a family that lost a member.
Mr.Panda Man
Mr.Panda Man - År siden
Everything great about remember the Titans
MateoisMouse - År siden
One thousand
EdoRonin - År siden
Flyt - År siden
God bless my guy
Theredhoodrobin - År siden
I’m sorry for your loss
Takeanlaptop - År siden
i am so sorry for you,but i am broke as a joke, the least i can do is this.
1 like=1 payed respect for that lost loved friend😔😔😟😢😭😭😢😭😢😭😢😭
Takeanlaptop - År siden
wait so listen i convinced my school to donate to the go fund me , sadly my school only made 600$, hope it made a difference👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
James Fitzgerald
James Fitzgerald - År siden
Mad respect bro. Mad Respecr
Megan Powell
Megan Powell - År siden
I donated when this video first came back and looking back on it now I urge everyone to just check out the donation and memorial pages. Some of the messages are truly beautiful and it's wonderful seeing people (including strangers) come together and support each other during dark times. My condolences still goes out to Lindsay's family, friends and all those affected and I still wish you all the very best. Xx
J Paterson
J Paterson - 2 år siden
I'm sorry to hear about your wife's friend passing leaving such a nice-looking family behind. I hate that GoFundMe has become the only means people have, after suffering from catastrophic illness, injury or death, to prevent the very real possibility of going bankrupt because of medical bills. We need universal healthcare. The Declaration of Independence even states that the right to life and the pursuit of happiness are truths we find self-evident. The constitution reads that the federal government is to provide for the general welfare of the people. If providing healthcare doesn't fall under general welfare, what else could.
Eadlyn June
Eadlyn June - 2 år siden
Sorry I saw this really late. I’m really sorry for everyone’s loss and I hope he can make it through this. I’m rooting for her husband here, you can do this man and ask for help when you need it. I’m sure she loved you very much.
MiFiWi - 2 år siden
I'm so sorry for your loss.
James Gilbert
James Gilbert - 2 år siden
One of her children wasn't even three weeks old? That's terrible, that child will grow up without knowing their mother.
Tyroney Baloney
Tyroney Baloney - 2 år siden
people disliked this *sigh*
Lahelandriel - 2 år siden
Im so sorry for your loss :(
Deogz Store
Deogz Store - 2 år siden
I’m so sorry
gert Van den Berghe
gert Van den Berghe - 2 år siden
My condolences...
Religious Fanboy
Religious Fanboy - 2 år siden
il'll pray for you guys
U Want A Dank Succ
U Want A Dank Succ - 2 år siden
Alejandro Tanay
Alejandro Tanay - 2 år siden
Whoever dislikes this Frick you ps: sorry for your loss hope the go fund me page does well
jackson colbert
jackson colbert - 2 år siden
Aw the poor guy😭
JCProfit - 2 år siden
If I had seen this a month ago I would have donated.
ChronoHitByABus - 2 år siden
hehe poo
ChronoHitByABus - 2 år siden
Magna Luna why so mad man
MiFiWi - 2 år siden
Stfu this is not appropriate in the slightest. Go and delete your channel or get yourself some friends OR FKING LEARN HOW "RESPECT" WORKS
Deadpool - 2 år siden
I'm so sorry man!!
ThatOneShortDude - 2 år siden
Sorry for your loss, man.
PJ VC - 2 år siden
maternal death in the US contrary to most oher nations on the rise due to lack of funds and rural areas being neglected by hospitals with them being too far away to construct one. don't know if this woman died because of the abysmal state of american care for mothers and their newborn babies but just know that if you about to give birth and something goes wrong in the US that is very very bad for most women.
Aaron North
Aaron North - 2 år siden
So sorry. My condolences
Ramen - 2 år siden
I’m so sorry, that’s awful :(
The Xplodenator
The Xplodenator - 2 år siden
I’m so sorry
Arcen - 2 år siden
Man what is it with people passing on July 4th 2018? First Ronnie Edwards of Game theory now this
Maash Mumthaz
Maash Mumthaz - 2 år siden
I'm so sorry. I hope things get better for you and your family and her family and friends.
Joustion - 2 år siden
Why is youtube so depressing nowadays
cameron dupuis bissonnette
sorry bro, thats terrible
Victor Sundström
Victor Sundström - 2 år siden
I'm sorry for your loss.
ŤhęĞãmîñğ Bøömęř
Short to the point and respectful
Mike Oxmaul
Mike Oxmaul - 2 år siden
Sorry to hear that, how can I donate (i haven't finished the video yet)
typical human
typical human - 2 år siden
I'm sorry bro, we all have to face this situation man, really sorry.
Justin Massop
Justin Massop - 2 år siden
Benjamin Draws
Benjamin Draws - 2 år siden
I’m gonna try to lighten the mood a bit so isn’t it great that she passed on July 4th im not saying that I’m happy she passed but I think it means something ( religion alert religion is gonna be mention you don’t have to agree) I think it means that god took on a day that celebrates freedom and now she is a better and free place
TheGalacticCrafter - 2 år siden
Mad respect for not putting this in a wins video, even though absolutely nobody would blame you for doing so. Of course I'll donate. And on that note, a member of Collider's staff, John Schnepp, also passed away several weeks ago and his fiance was left with a massive hospital bill. If anybody can contribute to her as well, I'm sure it would mean the world to her (I don't have the link on me)
Quay Comics
Quay Comics - 2 år siden
You should totaly do treasure planet
Benjamin Draws
Benjamin Draws - 2 år siden
Feral Sparrow thanks for changing the topic from sadness
Carter Day
Carter Day - 2 år siden
I’m so sorry
Zoe Johnson
Zoe Johnson - 2 år siden
I will help in any way I can, and my heart aches for the family. I am the third and last child of my parents, because my mom passed due to childbirth complications. My dad is my favorite person in the world, and I know how hard it was for him especially with me, a newborn baby. Thank you for sharing your friends story.
Ray Brooks
Ray Brooks - 2 år siden
Rest in peace
Happyville27 - 2 år siden
This and MatPat's best friend? This is possibly the saddest July 4th ever.
Benjamin Draws
Benjamin Draws - 2 år siden
Happyville27 I know it really is a said day
KaosKontrol - 2 år siden
I don't have any money to send I can only offer my condolences.
Niso B
Niso B - 2 år siden
The hell is wrong with the 69 people who disliked this he literaly said u dont have too.
Merlin - 2 år siden
I can’t donate, I wish I could, but tell them I am sorry for their loss and when I can help, I will.
OneEyedGhoulX - 2 år siden
I'm so sorry. My condolences ❤
Calden Bates
Calden Bates - 2 år siden
I lost my grandfather in february and I know that feels. You are a great person.
Rocco The Rayquaza
Rocco The Rayquaza - 2 år siden
Speechless 😞 😔 😢
Abdo - 2 år siden
Is this L O S S ?
maybno - 2 år siden
On July 4 I am sorry
Vissaius - 2 år siden
I'm sorry to hear about the loss. Not only do you make great content but you're a great guy CinemaWins. I love you man.
Danny Phantom
Danny Phantom - 2 år siden
My condolences and I'm really sorry for your tragic loss and the loss of the family
Marett is being judgemental
That is so sad
Chloe It's Possible
Chloe It's Possible - 2 år siden
im so sorry for your loss, that is very hard
Stickynote Studios
Stickynote Studios - 2 år siden
My condolences man, our prayers are with you.
Freshminster - 2 år siden
After having three children ... wow life is really unvorgiving sometimes . I wish the best for him . The circumstances he is now in must be really hard 😟
Kross - 2 år siden
Heart goes out to Evan man...Nobody deserves this...
Henry Jordan
Henry Jordan - 2 år siden
Sorry to hear that, best wishes
Nova Studios
Nova Studios - 2 år siden
Peace be with you all
Danny Cartagena
Danny Cartagena - 2 år siden
May God, Give You Strength ?!
Elizabeth Lalli
Elizabeth Lalli - 2 år siden
I am so sorry for your loss. I’ll give when I can, I promise.
Gale Christensen
Gale Christensen - 2 år siden
I can't even begin to express my sympathies and condolences to you and your wife and his family. Being a new dad yourself, I'm sure this hit you especially hard. I'm not in a position to be able to donate unfortunately, but I will keep you all in my prayers. It may not seem like much, but I believe it can and does make all the difference. Hug Julia and baby Jude extra tight for me.
NoorALI Legend
NoorALI Legend - 2 år siden
Feeling bad bro 💔
Hossla Elma
Hossla Elma - 2 år siden
Tindra - 2 år siden
I wish I had enough money to donate. Hope that her family is doing well.
ClumZ - 2 år siden
May she rest in piece #RipLBC
Richard Marks
Richard Marks - 2 år siden
you're a brilliant human being and the best youtuber
Jolly critic
Jolly critic - 2 år siden
You should get some rest
Noah Blunden
Noah Blunden - 2 år siden
Why would someone dislike this video. I'm really sorry to hear this, you'll get through it man
drgan45 - 2 år siden
I wish I could give and if I could I would give all I have but I can’t all my money is in cash but I help spread awareness
Ethaneckert29 - 2 år siden
I am very sorry to hear that, I'll be praying for you guys.
blake sargent
blake sargent - 2 år siden
Im so sorry for your loss
Kyle Harkins
Kyle Harkins - 2 år siden
Sorry to hear about your loss CinemaWins. My condolences go out to you, your family, and your friends. 🙏
Terragan Brouk
Terragan Brouk - 2 år siden
I'm sorry for your family's loss. I'm praying for you all.
MrTrueFury - 2 år siden
It's a bad situation but holy hell isn't 300 thousand dollars a lot of money?
RoSmash - 2 år siden
This is definitely so terrible, I know it’s not our duty or job to give them money, but if you can’t or don’t want to please refrain yourself from making cruel or rude comments like some of the asswipes have done down below. Let’s show a little compassion and empathy for this poor family.
RK Productions
RK Productions - 2 år siden
Im so sorry man. This is heartbreaking
Imre Pålsson
Imre Pålsson - 2 år siden
I'm sorry about your loss man best of luck to you and your family bro.
Rhyddid - 2 år siden
Best of luck to Evan and his family, our thoughts and prayers are with you ❤
Duncan Alvarez
Duncan Alvarez - 2 år siden
Deepest condolences. May she rest in peace. My prayers go out to the family. I wish I could to more to help.
Q.H.S - 2 år siden
My goodness. Im so Sorry
KindredKeepsake - 2 år siden
This sucks. Those youngest kids won't even know their own mother.
Trench Knife
Trench Knife - 2 år siden
I am so sorry you guys had to go through this, I donated, and put the word out on facebook….hopefully the grieving family can get what it needs.
AnarKitty - 2 år siden
Markiplier's video: *insert rude joke here* on this video: So sorry for your loss (Not trying to be mean, I just wanted to point that stuff out) No one should make a joke about this, and I am sorry for your loss
Simon Andriessen
Simon Andriessen - 2 år siden
Who even dislikes a video like this? I don't understand? Are trying to say that they don't like her passing and supporting them or are there really people that are such scumbags in this world?
blackwayve - 2 år siden
wish I could help all I can do is give you and everyone involved my sympathy (as I lost my blood father years ago so I know how losing someone so close feels) and wish for things to get better. will always enjoy watching and rewatching your videos
Danny - 2 år siden
Everybody don't worry if you cannot donate because of age or means, honestly sharing the video can help just as much so keep that in mind!
Jennifer Rockwell Trejo
Jennifer Rockwell Trejo - 2 år siden
How are there 68 dislikes
Appleslur -
Appleslur - - 2 år siden
It must be hard to see the fireworks
ender beast
ender beast - 2 år siden
I'm so sorry
Prizma Curly
Prizma Curly - 2 år siden
bryant smith
bryant smith - 2 år siden