One X-Cellent Scene - Logan's Last Run

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Logan was a sad movie, but today I want to look at a scene that actually made the whole movie less sad than I realized originally. Because who can be sad when Wolverine is clawing up fools! No, but I actually do have some thoughts.
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Runtime: 07:36


thebegining100 - 22 timer siden
Pretended to be sick,I was hung over. No human could work like that , can't go home. Where to ? The Cinema to watch Logan. That was my experience.
Charlie Mont
Charlie Mont - 5 dager siden
It was a good send off to Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine
Klaital1 - 6 dager siden
As great as that ending was, I feel like they really could have carried him that few hundred yards over the border and bury him in Canada, his home country...
Phil Harrison
Phil Harrison - 6 dager siden
Man why you gonna make me cry like that?
Lito64 - 10 dager siden
On thing I loved about this movie was the actors you get a sense of how tired they were just drained in all aspects and Laura loved loved her her screams and cries you felt the utter rage in them especially when she sees Xavier dead in the truck but also I don't think you pointed it out how happy she was when they were eating at the table she's looking around at a family her family just being together this is a great movie period outside of comics and action it was just a great movie
sam Grosky
sam Grosky - 11 dager siden
Please do Whale Rider!!
Henith - 12 dager siden
I do disagree with your idea that Logan takes place outside of the other movies since James mangold has said that it’s canon and Logan’s line about people dying in the real world still works since those films were fun for us and not him and while he did save the future, the future still went to hell anyway. I think the movie was actually taking a jab at the mcu with that scene with the comics since James mangold has said he doesn’t like those movies though even then, it could just be part of Logan’s arc of becoming that hero he used to be again.
Jon Lopez
Jon Lopez - 16 dager siden
Do Nacho Libre!!!
cazuto claw
cazuto claw - 17 dager siden
He should do seven deadly sins movie
102 - 19 dager siden
Anyone else get mad transformer vibes from 1:26
lukilu - 19 dager siden
I love the videos you make on this channel, keep up the amazing work. Huge Fan!!
Luke salt Salter
Luke salt Salter - 21 dag siden
The end of this film destroys my soul every time
SNDRS - 22 dager siden
At 4:44 ... i realise the kids have powers similar to the original XMen
And they use it to completely stop the Fake Logan
Its kinda poetic...
F. C.
F. C. - 24 dager siden
I was under the impression that X-24's healing was far weaker being that he was a clone grown into adulthood in pieces & assembled in a lab. We see him face injuries & trauma wolverine would easily heal from in his prime. I feel as if Wolverine was shot in the head in his prime with an adamantium bullet, his brain would eventually grow back. Just a thought maybe?
Ross Hauler
Ross Hauler - 28 dager siden
Honestly at least in my opinion this is the saddest super hero’s death. He wasn’t being a god and saving the world he was just saving some kids
adrineh smith
adrineh smith - Måned siden
please do adventures of tintin 2011
M D - Måned siden
Great breakdown !
Randy Krus
Randy Krus - Måned siden
I didn't' think this movie was very good. Kinda hard to make it to the end....yawn......
Ever M
Ever M - Måned siden
This movie was preatty trash
Daniel Jensen
Daniel Jensen - Måned siden
Loved this movie, it's much more my style than regular superhero movies.
Also Logan's Run (which the title is obviously referencing) is a terrible movie, I'm not sure why people think it's a classic.
Kp Derailed
Kp Derailed - Måned siden
Wasn't a fan, could barely stay awake watching it. I didn't like how they went with the R rating for seemingly no more reason than to say "fuck" more than once, I thought that was a missed opportunity to use the R to make a more adult story rather than just adding adult content to a standard X-Men PG-13 story. I know they had Jackman under contract for one more film and I'm sure wanted to kill off their wolverine character before marvel got the X-Men franchise back and I can't blame them but the writing seemed phoned in to me. I really loved James Mangold's directing in The Wolverine but maybe Logan was a little outside his wheelhouse or something??? IDK it just didn't feel right but maybe I'll give it another watch and see what it does for me.
Mechaniman Mechanican
Mechaniman Mechanican - Måned siden
Rewatching any parts of this movie makes me feel so melancholy and I love it, it's my favourite movie of all time. I'm so glad it's being revisited by my favourite movie reviewer
Donald Piniach
Donald Piniach - Måned siden
The obvious solution was to decapitate both Logans' heads, and put the original Logan's head on his clone's (X-24) body filled with healing factor .
Remember, they are perfect genetic matches.
And we have a brand new Logan, a chimera, but all logan.
Dis Dude
Dis Dude - Måned siden
Where did you get 197? I thought he died at 266
TeensierPython -
TeensierPython - - Måned siden
I wish they didn’t quote another movie during the end when they bury Logan.
Eric Gauthier
Eric Gauthier - Måned siden
Thank you for joining in this challenge. Almost never comment unless it's worth it. Very cool of you.
Cesar Martinez Leon
Cesar Martinez Leon - Måned siden
Maybe the best marvel movie for me. Wolverine and the silver surfer are my favorite characters. Maybe thats y
OutofBody - Måned siden
Logan will eventually climb out of his grave.
Andreas Achilleos
Andreas Achilleos - Måned siden
He really did die with his heart in his hands after all
Mark Eichler
Mark Eichler - Måned siden
LOGAN awesome film
Rageshroud - Måned siden
"So this is what it feels like" 😣😣😣😥😥😥
The Crusader
The Crusader - Måned siden
My favorite hero I have 181
Brent Kerfoot
Brent Kerfoot - Måned siden
hopefully she has an immunity towards the anamantium poisoning that logan faced
Zachie Boi
Zachie Boi - Måned siden
And that film, is how you kill a beloved character. Massive fucking shade at Last of Us 2.
Classic Ghost Rider
Classic Ghost Rider - Måned siden
Can we talk about x-24s Death?? That bullet should not have killed him, the most it should have done is make him lose some adamantium in his skull, and potential memory loss. Logan should still be able to heal from stuff like that, some one plz explain that to me.
Logan Spence
Logan Spence - Måned siden
This is scene is just as good as cap lifting Thor’s hammer
Rustymcnut - Måned siden
I remember the first time I watched this movie was when I was on exchange in Japan.
It was like an online movie thing that you paid to watch.
Spent the evening with my host brother in front of that TV.
Feels were had that night.
EchoThreeTwo - Måned siden
This scene alone made me want an R rated Logan in his prime. I think the closest we got was the mansion scene in X2
Brandon Morgan
Brandon Morgan - Måned siden
I wish you would do TV shows because I binge watched Marvel's Inhumans and I LOVED it! I'm just curious how you felt about it because I know fans and critics hated it but I personally don't understand why
SteveScout - Måned siden
I like the title of the video! Perfect double meaning for Cinephiles! ;)
AJB Animated Studios
AJB Animated Studios - Måned siden
Have you thought about:
Maureen Kelly
Maureen Kelly - Måned siden
Do clue please
samuel arnold
samuel arnold - 2 måneder siden
This make me want you to do a colabe with overly sarcastic productions
Repo man
Repo man - 2 måneder siden
It reminds me of 1 of those moments where it shows that a character can't do it anymore but comes back to prove it's not true. It's epic and still getting chills.
Rhino2087 - 2 måneder siden
Heres a plothole for you guy in this awesome movie Logan apparently no longer has his sense of smell which helped I.D. Mystyque at The Statue of Liberty neither does Laura that & X-24 not being Daken bugged me because she would of smelled him when he killed who he killed - didn't spoil it lol
ClownHas NoPenis
ClownHas NoPenis - 2 måneder siden
Looper, please do Looper
SeckziBeast - 2 måneder siden
Negativitron Prime
Negativitron Prime - 2 måneder siden
I can't see Logan die again
Trevor Stout
Trevor Stout - 2 måneder siden
Every time I see Laura putting the cross on its side to make an X always gets me, and I'm not very emotional. Just goes to show how good a character he was.
Marques Q.
Marques Q. - 2 måneder siden
That was beautiful man.
Ervin Griffin, Jr.
Ervin Griffin, Jr. - 2 måneder siden
I’m a grown man but I’m not ashamed to say it. That last scene when Laura said “daddy“ a couple of tears roll down my face! I know the death of Iron Man in avengers: end game was sad but it ain’t got nothing on this!
Mr.Henry 76
Mr.Henry 76 - 2 måneder siden
Have you ever watched revenant? I’d love to see you win that
Dangelo Rivera
Dangelo Rivera - 2 måneder siden
Organized chaos made a really good one
Crazygunman - 2 måneder siden
Logan ran so Laura could walk
DeebO - 2 måneder siden
Best comic book movie ever made, imo. The Dark Night is a close second.
Saif Tonoy
Saif Tonoy - 2 måneder siden
This movie was perfect. hits you in a different way
Jeffrey Woods jr
Jeffrey Woods jr - 2 måneder siden
Can you do world war z next
C.Y.N.I.C.Union - 2 måneder siden
I do wanna say something, While in the final battle it was The Wolverine coming out, I think it'd be more accurate to say Logan became Weapon-X one last time, so that Laura never becomes a true Weapon-X. The Wolverine is The Hero, the Third Side of Logan. The Man(Logan) The Monster(Weapon-X) and The Hero(The Wolverine). At least that's how I've always interpreted it.
Durty Dan
Durty Dan - 2 måneder siden
This movie still has a way of getting to me, making me feel things. I still love it despite the somber tone
Immortal CBox
Immortal CBox - 2 måneder siden
Someone keeps following me around cutting onions when this scene comes up.
Avarren S
Avarren S - 2 måneder siden
Onion-guy’s a jerk!
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith - 2 måneder siden
Monster Squad
Ramses Ramirez
Ramses Ramirez - 2 måneder siden
This shit made me cry
Akshey Rajoriya
Akshey Rajoriya - 2 måneder siden
came after reading a comment from the girlfriend review channel. I am in
nick - 2 måneder siden
heather wills
heather wills - 2 måneder siden
Don't mind me as I sob in the corner...again. The scene at the end gets me every time.
Joe Doggerson
Joe Doggerson - 2 måneder siden
These video's *needed* to be made! After Dark Pheonix bombed all the mindless bandwagon MCU fanboys started claiming that nothing good ever came from FoX-Men. & that's just some straight-up bs!
Jack Writer
Jack Writer - 2 måneder siden
Always sad to see Logan die...
Red Planet Studio
Red Planet Studio - 2 måneder siden
Do everything great about John Carter
Daniel foot
Daniel foot - 2 måneder siden
“Logan spends a lot of the RUNTIME”

Martin Van Lierop
Martin Van Lierop - 2 måneder siden
finally one of these I agree with
Pedro Fernandes
Pedro Fernandes - 2 måneder siden
I'm not crying. You're crying.
serhat küçükberksun
serhat küçükberksun - 2 måneder siden
last of logan... unlike last of us 2 they gave us this is my last of us 2...
Ricardo Badillo
Ricardo Badillo - 2 måneder siden
X-men | X-cellent get it?
CheeseBread - 2 måneder siden
CinemaSins’ self made clone doing this?

God I’m gonna nut
Steven Zuniga
Steven Zuniga - 2 måneder siden
Hugh Jackman for Joel in the last of us!
Duatia - 2 måneder siden
Oh god Taco Bell still exists in 2029? Every day we stray farther from the emperor’s light.
Thomas LS
Thomas LS - 2 måneder siden
LEE HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?! How can you break a grown man to tears in 6 friggin minutes, man!? Not cool! Totally cool! GAH.
Mattydev - 2 måneder siden
Christ that makes me cry hard every sing damn time.
Ellester’s Dad
Ellester’s Dad - 2 måneder siden
I always loved the faltering trumpets that sound when Logan shows up running, like a bull (or; yknow, a Wolverine) on its last legs ready to fight everything.
Nikolaij Brouiller
Nikolaij Brouiller - 2 måneder siden
This movie is one big, unashamed plagiarism of Shane.
They even show it in the movie.
Master Yoda
Master Yoda - 2 måneder siden
Could you pls do Spirit Stallion of the cimarron
Manubibi - 2 måneder siden
This movie broke me.
Oliver Fachiri
Oliver Fachiri - 2 måneder siden
Laura calling Logan dad actually just made me tear up.
ringsaphire - 2 måneder siden
One -not first class- X-Cellent scene!
Jordan Kalmov
Jordan Kalmov - 2 måneder siden
can u plz do an ega interstellar plz plz plz
Angry the Clown
Angry the Clown - 2 måneder siden
Logan's Last Run...I see what you did there.
Flamrrr YT
Flamrrr YT - 2 måneder siden
Plz do the shrek franchise
Thaumh - 2 måneder siden
Personally, I'm gonna be keeping an eye out for young Miss Keen in the future. Damned near Oscar winning performance like that at her age? Wow!
Mandalorian 5abi
Mandalorian 5abi - 2 måneder siden
Do interstellar for the love of god plzzzz!!!!!
The Coolio
The Coolio - 2 måneder siden
@CinemaWins please please please do an EGA vid for Source Code. Such an underrated movie that I love.
Marty Doyle
Marty Doyle - 2 måneder siden
Ah that old man Logan moment broke me
ExcedeTL - 2 måneder siden
I see you, on your back, with your own heart in your hand
silentassason - 2 måneder siden
That last scene was just done so well even small clips get me in the feels. I'm going through the whole one X-cellent scene videos and i'm having a blast. Good work to you and everyoneelse involved
O -Glizzy
O -Glizzy - 2 måneder siden
Crying again i miss my boi
Rodney Wise
Rodney Wise - 2 måneder siden
Do everything great about equalizer two
Master Chief
Master Chief - 2 måneder siden
Logan is basically The Last Of Us, but better.
Kamui the Dragon
Kamui the Dragon - 2 måneder siden
Please do ega Hamilton. I REALLY loved it and I’m sure many other people do too.
OgGuak420 - 2 måneder siden
Saw this opening day front row with my buddies. You woulda thought we were at a funeral when the death scene happened. Grown ass men crying.. one of the most bittersweet moment’s of my life. Our childhood hero is no more
Rohit Halwai
Rohit Halwai - 2 måneder siden
Title: one excellent scene
Shows a combination of videos with billion cuts and over the scene commentary. Good Job.
The Man With the Plan
The Man With the Plan - 2 måneder siden
I was actually sick as a dog and watched this movie on my old laptop. Its deep compelling story, gritty action and the chase/road trip vibe it had somehow got me through it and I forgot I was even sick watching it lol