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Inside Out is a movie with some interesting ideas about emotion and today I'm taking a look at what it says about how we should all be "feeling." This is sort of a Part 2 to my Everything Great About Inside Out video: bit.ly/EGA_Inside-Out video and is also my addition to a playlist started by FilmJoy: bit.ly/LessonsAnimationTaughtUsPlaylist. Check that out as well, some really talented people including Mikey Neumann discussing and analyzing animation and what we learn from it. Next week back to your regular scheduled Everything Great About video.
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Legend - Dag siden
I have one question for the movie still.
When you see the what looks like an endless space for all the memory storage.... “is my head really that big!”
Theresa Hofmann
Theresa Hofmann - 5 dager siden
Wow i didn't realize that sadness was the mothers primary emotion and anger was the dad's 😨
Mahimna Vyas
Mahimna Vyas - Måned siden
In the first semester of my undergrad I did a review of this movie and overall analysis is exactly on point (psychologically). However, only one thing - the part when you say short bouts of depression occur etc. Just change the word depression to depressive mood (technical term for low mood). Otherwise - great job. Love it, love the channel, love you and your work. :)
thecuddleboss uwu
thecuddleboss uwu - Måned siden
I guess I'm a man 😑😐
jude anne's *the candor channel*
I think Lee is definitely a video essayist although I can see why he would do mirror on that point. The second half conclusion part of assessing the movie of the week is really good video essay making, some of the best. Though nothing can compare to movies with Mikey at Filmjoy
Lilith _UwU
Lilith _UwU - 2 måneder siden
So my aha moment was when Sadness was able To interact with the black console.
I can block and fake every emotion. Its just a part of growing up. But Sadness? If Im really sad I cant make it go away. If im sad I cant fake being happy so yeah that made sense for me that, sadness was able to interact with the console
Matthew Shi
Matthew Shi - 2 måneder siden
2:58 you could make it happen if you have a chemical remote control.
Jaron Eller
Jaron Eller - 2 måneder siden
i didnt think of the emotion console turning black as a spurt of depression, but more like apathy. when shutting out joy and sadness didn't prove as enough to control her situation rileys brain did the only thing left: block out any and all emotions. it happened to me a lot between the ages of 13-17 and the way they portrayed it still hits really close to home every time i watch the movie
•Fiiery_zoey• - 2 måneder siden
When all the emotions start touching the station at once when she first move is that supposed to represent a panic attacks when all emotions but happiness start coming after your mind
I’m thinking to deep also I know I’m completely wrong
L.B GAMING - 2 måneder siden
I think the lesson I learned was here was relationships others are the most invaluable thing in life. The way Riley’s expression of sadness towards her family, how they were able to relate towards her. I think the content smile during the hug was Riley realising all her core memories were made with her family. She realised they were her home.
lasagna is just pie
lasagna is just pie - 2 måneder siden
Fuck. This move is fucking DEEP.
Nevo Krien
Nevo Krien - 2 måneder siden
Deprssion isnt just chemicals. Its also a mind set (which is diffrent from person to person)
Eddie Jonson
Eddie Jonson - 3 måneder siden
I've just had a theory what if Riley is actually non-binary because her emotions are of both sexes while everyone else's are mostly of the person's sex.
Shilloh Ruth
Shilloh Ruth - 3 måneder siden
I have been looking for a channel similar to the take's content. It is not 100% the take but i look foward to watching your videos.
Yes im looking for other channels, lfts did not do for me or evem wisecrack akd plus ive watched all the take's videos. So i hope i will love your content.
Luong Nguyen
Luong Nguyen - 3 måneder siden
Bottomline: Emotions are weird and complicated.
Crazy Cadets Channel
Crazy Cadets Channel - 3 måneder siden
I only feel content
Blue Wings
Blue Wings - 3 måneder siden
I wish he made more videos like this
Anthony Sta. Elena
Anthony Sta. Elena - 3 måneder siden
To all the people who will be reading this i just want you to know.. That You are Loved and you are amazing! Keep it up!😂👌🏽 And Jesus Loves YOU!💙
OceansAlliteration 0
OceansAlliteration 0 - 3 måneder siden
I always viewed the mom and dads being mostly directed by Sadness and Anger as more commentary on how the main emotion, the emotional center of a person, changes as you age. As a kid the center is Joy, as in their own personal happiness and other emotional drives on the periphery. But as you mature, the driving force behind your personality changes. For the mom, her driving emotional force was Sadness. But more than that it was what sadness as a character represented in the movie. Empathy, Sympathy, how you relate to others and make them feel better through listening. Riley’s mom was a very emotionally connected person, she tried to pay attention to her kids emotional state, noticing when something was wrong and trying to fix it. Her method was flawed, but the driving sympathetic force was there. Her dad, conversely, was obviously the authoritarian in the family, his main emotional force was anger. More specifically, protectiveness, defensiveness, ambition, and drive. He moved his family across the country for work, he set the rules in the house, he is the bread winner. His emotional engagement is less than the moms because his main driving force is set in his goals and how he meets them. Raise a family, work a good job, protect his little girl, make her happy, discipline when necessary. I would figure that an adult with Joy as their emotional leader would be the kind of person who takes and finds joy and vitality in every aspect of life they can, though they may be occasionally selfish or ignorant of other emotional needs. Somebody with Fear as a center might be anxious or overly cautious, might be very thoughtful and try and protect the things they care about, or might be a helicopter parent or general worry wart. Somebody with Disgust as a leader might be very socially conscious, as Disgust seems to be responsible for how Riley sees others and maintaining the image Riley presents. So a person with Disgust at the healm might be a bit of a manipulator, have a very self aware mindset, might be a bit snobby, or distant. And they could be very focused on aesthetics as they want things to look appealing. Im probably overthinking this but whatever.
Anna Miesner
Anna Miesner - 3 måneder siden
Oh my gosh, I think I just realized something. I was always kind of confused as to why Joy's hair was blue, since the other emotions' hair match their skin, right? But now I see that it may be because the whole lesson of joy and sadness working hand in hand: you can't have happiness without sadness, sad memories can also be happy memories at the same time, etc. I don't know if they meant to do that, but it totally makes sense to me and my mind is now blown, lol.
Deslob Student
Deslob Student - 4 måneder siden
absolutely love this video and your thoughts on this - i agree entirely!
GroenFan - 4 måneder siden
Ahoyhoy There, Fellow YouTuberino! Do you think Joy looks reminiscent of the Sparkle Paper Towel Fairy?
moondancer295 - 4 måneder siden
I've always felt that sadness/sorrow is the most relatable emotion in the human race. It connects people in a way that anger or joy can't.
Teoh Sin Yee
Teoh Sin Yee - 4 måneder siden
Our culture seems to have something against being sad. Don't reject the sadness, embrace it, learn from it.
1. No one wants to be sad. But without it how could you ever experience empathy or even sympathy.
2. Sadness shapes much of how we connect with the outside world.
3. Accept that things can be sad is a form of maturing.
4. We have to allow ourselves to express and embrace our emotions.
5. Pretending everything is okay ultimately helps no one.
6. Don't confuse sadness with depression. Depression is a chemical imbalance and it can occur when you're emotionally blocked off.
7. It's great to be sad because it's an essential part of being healthy.
8. Try to prevent sadness is to invoke a depression.
Maximus ACE
Maximus ACE - 5 måneder siden
All the top comments are long paragraphs ;-;
Lol Hi
Lol Hi - 5 måneder siden
This is how people misunderstand depression. Depression isnt caused by being sad all the time its the feeling of being numb and the feeling of "You should be happy and not sad cuz thats what u should be". Its important to know being sad is as important as being happy
Small Pseudonym
Small Pseudonym - 5 måneder siden
I enjoyed going back through the movie and looking at the "mixed" emotion balls. Animators giving mixtures to emotional states was cool, and they thought about all of them -- like playing hockey being "happy" and "angry" to show (socially acceptable) aggression and enjoyment, or "fear and "disgust" being evoked by a book of horror fiction.
WE ARE FREE RADICALS - 5 måneder siden
When he said cue the intro I was so confused lol
Dramatic Dog
Dramatic Dog - 5 måneder siden
I think adults still having only the 5 primary emotions was handled very well at the end of the movie. As kids everything seems to be ruled by simple feelings. Then as we grow older and gain more experience from life, emotions start to blend with each other and become more complex and confusing, hence the orbs having more than one color.
I also liked the animation detail about the falling islands. The goofy one from childhood mostly comes from embarasment and realization that she has to let it go so it's just crumbles sadly into the pit. The friendship one is caused by anger and jealousy and falls much more violently.

That aside, the movie tackled the emotional topic very well and not only showed us that not being happy and expressing that you're not happy is okay and necessary to move on in life. It also taught me the fact as we grow up we lose our childhood friends some times and that's alright. I remember when i was a kid and i lost a friend for the first time i was so broken over it. And for a long time because nobody told me it was okay or that as i live i would make and lose friends. I just thought i'd lost her and would be alone forever. It's nice seeing a movie that just shows that losing a friend happens, some times in the simplest way, it is painful and sad and scary but life goes on and it's okay to feel jealous and angry.
That Thing
That Thing - 6 måneder siden
I am really glad that you talked about how the Mum asked Riley to be happy and how bad that can be for your child. I've been told, 'no one will want to be friends with someone who's sad' and everytime I expressed an emotion that wasn't joy, the perople I are about would suffer. This was as a child, like 8 or 9 and since then, almost 10 years later, I live by that unconsciously. I hide my emotions so well that I don't realise until I can't anymore which results in me freaking out and having to apologise for feeling cause I said one or two things about something the other person was doing to me. (Verbally) Which makes me even more scared to confront others. So yes, I really am quite glad that you, Pixar and the many people in the comments who recognised that saying (through words or actions) one thing about faking an emotion is damaging to someone who depends/trusts you.
(Also, I am not just talking. I was clinically diagnosed with depression at 8 and have been in and out of therapy since, especially since I developed a social anxiety disorder.)
i_am_hydraa - 6 måneder siden
as someone with autism it helped me understand why other people don't act sad bc society says u shouldn't but I ignoring that would show my sadness
Lorrie Ruff
Lorrie Ruff - 6 måneder siden
I remember taking my daughter to this movie. I was not ready for what we both felt by the end of it. We lost my Husband about 3 years before this, and where still struggling with that lost. Angie and her Brother and I. That was it. Sadness had filled our lives. We could not remember something fun, we had with him, with out feeling there will be no new memories of fun with him. We lost so much when he died, we mourned events that he could not be part of, graduations, getting driver's license, marriage, My son's first MMA fight in Kenosha, Wi. Grandchildren. He was preparing so much, just so he could have fun with Grandchildren. Then one day, he did not come home. I still mourn the lost of retirement with him. He died just short of our 19th wedding anniversary. He said when he got home we should make plans to have a party to celebrate our 20th. Sadness sneaks up when you least expect it, sometime it hit HARD!
The movie came on strong for my daughter and I. We did talk about it, understood what it was meant to be about. How it changed how we looked at things. How feelings get mixed up and confusing, and we just want to make it stop. We just wanted to be happy again.
iTzNikkitty - 6 måneder siden
You mentioned that inside the adult minds, there should have been more emotions on display, but actually, the filmmakers did some research on what emotions to personify. It turns out our emotions are actually comprised of just these 5 core emotions while everything else is some sort of combination of them.
Failed Revolutionary
Failed Revolutionary - 6 måneder siden
I’m turning 18 in June 2020. There are a number of things that I need to figure out in my life; I want to increase my emotional intelligence in a period of time where neither of those have an emphasis in the popular culture of my age group, and the feeling of being responsible for someone else’s emotions are two “problems” that aren’t really problems as much as they are impulses that can be either good or bad depending on how much attention and development I give them. Other such impulses are the age-appropriate, “stereotypically adolescent” dilemmas of ambition, direction, love, sex, and friendship. But what this movie taught me is that my 18th birthday is not the hard stop that we treat it as. The transition from childhood to adulthood is made all the more strenuous by the idea that you have to have figured out all of your problems before you cross the line. God forbid your adult life is still littered with leftover problems from your childhood and teenage life. Riley’s parents are emotionally distraught — not on the level that Riley is, but there pain and confusion is hidden more expertly because that’s just what we think we are expected to do. Emotional intelligence is one of the things that we want to have fully explored by the time we get old enough to vote. The mentality of “our feelings will figure themselves out,” as well as the culture-born sensationalism of happiness and satisfaction over everything else, are both contributors to very adult emotional turmoil. The two best pieces of advice I have ever received are, “Dude. It’s high school. Figuring yourself out is the point,” and, “There is no right way to feel right now.” Anyway. That’s my two cents :)
kev p
kev p - 7 måneder siden
I Love I Love I Love this Disney Pixar Inside Out the 2015 Cartoon Movie the Most. :-D
diamondflaw - 7 måneder siden
I'm right at the start, maybe this is addressed... but a minor amendment to what is said here. It's not just OK to be sad. It's saying that sadness, joy, anger, disgust, and fear are all EQUALLY VALUABLE emotions to process as a complete person.
EDIT: Woo! Got to the end and that sweet sweet payoff!
Summer Rose
Summer Rose - 7 måneder siden
Cinemawins gets a win for being a well-balanced opinionator. Cinemasins sucks. He thinks he's funny, but he's not. Cinemasins just nitpicks stupid "flaws" and calls them sins when they aren't sins at all. Just him whing complaining about the film.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose - 7 måneder siden
Riley needed to be able to feel and cope with her pain. Joy trying to bury Sadness by having Riley be happy all the time and bottling up your sadness. It's not healthy to bottle your feelings. Joy did annoy me when she treated Sadness like she was the problem, but Joy was the problem. Joy is not the only important emotion to have.
PinkDuck - 7 måneder siden
They were going to actually add more emotions but didn't due to there being too much
Zach Brinson
Zach Brinson - 8 måneder siden
CinemaWins, I’m not sure if you’ll see this comment, but I needed this. I can definitely relate to the looking to the horizon for the success or the happiness I’m hoping to achieve, but your words made me stop and think. I’m trying so hard to live in the tomorrow or the next year or the next phase of my life that I’m forgetting about living in the present, the now, what’s here. I won’t say that I have it all figured out, I never will. But from thoughts of suicide to depression and just setback after setback, I failed to realize that I can live in the moment and take it in, and that it’s okay to hurt or to feel feelings that aren’t necessarily part of what “being a man” is. And letting that stereotype go and realizing I’m my own person speaks volumes to me. I could never have better summarized it myself than how you did in this video, and although I’m an adult now, it’s a movie like this that is so cathartic and touching that brings me to tears and embrace it. It makes one reassess their life and how their living, and I thank you for summing it up to remind me of all of that.
Zach Brinson
Zach Brinson - 8 måneder siden
My favorite channel on NOburn used to be CinemaSins and although it’s mostly for entertainment purposes, I never really thought about what state of mind I was in until I started watching this channel. And it’s become symbolic of the changes I’m making. Instead of focusing on the Sins of something, it’s all about focusing on the Wins that makes you truly appreciate the things around you and what you can do in your life. Thank you for your content and for providing a new and refreshing take on what I seek to surround myself with!
Ferran Navarro
Ferran Navarro - 8 måneder siden
Dam, that last part, sadness makes us great. I’ve been struggling with depression for a bit now, and honestly I felt like I could not tell anyone , cuz I felt they would say “come on your just exaggerating” or “your dramatic”, so I kept my feelings to my self and I felt like because of this there was something wrong with me, but now, I’m glad I can feel comfortable with my sadness or depression. Of course, if I could get rid of it I would, but now I don’t dread it like I used to do, now I accept it , I am sad , and that’s okay, I won’t hide it and fake being happy, I will be my self and when I do feel sad , accept it and cry or do what I have to do to get through, but no more hiding. I’m glad I saw this video, and I really hope he makes more. Thanks cinema wins for this
Laura - 8 måneder siden
And videos like these is what makes YouTube great 😆😆. Thanks!
Anthony Armstrong
Anthony Armstrong - 9 måneder siden
i'm super late here, but after binging Movies with Mikey...because of...well.. you, this was such a great video to see you publish. Great job Lee.
Mel B
Mel B - 9 måneder siden
I liked sadness on the inside out movie. She sort of looks like me of course I have normal skin and hair color etc.
PhantomFan1a - 10 måneder siden
I'm on the spectrum and feel extreme empathy - this movie made me cry so much :'( However, at first I didn't notice the message the movie was trying to portray until my brother explained it to me - but that is because I take everything literally and I find it difficult to see abstract or subtle messages unless they are put straight out there for me to see. Interesting movie though and one I would definitely watch again and again
Peter Fairclough
Peter Fairclough - 10 måneder siden
just being human, I cried when Riley's conscious was dieing and turning black, she was going in the no return mode, that's so heart breaking to see her lose her sadness and joy, but great seeing them back, giving her back her quality of life.
Paige Murphy
Paige Murphy - 10 måneder siden
Bliss = boredom = binge watching. And there’s a risk in every investment.
Nicole Pony
Nicole Pony - 10 måneder siden
I'm not going to lie. When this movie came out I didn't really understand the message. Granted I was only 12 but still. Watching this video has given me a completely different perspective on it. I'll definitely be watching this movie again some time in the near future with this new look on it in mind. Thank you so much for this video.
Imani Gaspard
Imani Gaspard - 10 måneder siden
Well put.
Tom F
Tom F - 10 måneder siden
The past is history
The future is mystery
Today is a gift.
That's why it's called a "present".9
Quinzii - 11 måneder siden
This movie.....is true. I have high functioning autism, and I can perfectly relate. It often comes down that I'm even MORE emotional than most, I'm just not the best at showing it. I think anyone on the spectrum knows the eventual feeling of putting of a mask of normalcy, and often hiding emotions to keep that mask up. And the scariest things is taking that mask off to someone and seeing if they actually bother to stay with you....
Sebastian Comeaux
Sebastian Comeaux - 11 måneder siden
I’m a year late, but wow this was good
The2ndChanceMusic - 11 måneder siden
Thank you for doing this!
Jade Stone
Jade Stone - 11 måneder siden
I just recently found out I have depression, and might have it for years without even realizing it. That compounded with my ADHD, and the stress of school and life, has had me at that place of not feeling for a while.
So thank you for talking about depression in that light, not just saying it's constantly feeling sad. It is always nice to hear someone explain why people have depression and not just writing it off as stress, or being a teenager. For the people who dont have depression it can be hard to understand what depression is. So again I say thank you!
DNDhero6 - 11 måneder siden
I'm going to say this quick thing.
Growing up as a male I was most definitely "taught" via not wanting to be bullied because showing emtions as male is wrong.
Fast forward to my junior being very depressed due to my first break up. I slept in class everyday, I failed one classes due to not caring about anything, and all of this because I believed it was wrong as a male to feel.
One day towards the end up my junior I couldn't take it anymore and I came home from hanging with some friends. My dad was in the kitchen. I sat down and just started crying. My dad stopped immediately and came to comfort me. It taught me that I didn't need to feel alone, and talking about what is making you sad will it get better sooner.
If I didn't do then I would've failed two classes. So to anyone that took the time to read this, thank you, and I'm sorry. It gets better, if you talk about what's wrong.
Cinemawins thank you for your content your great.
Today's MOC
Today's MOC - År siden
I think this is the Louis C. K. video you're talking about https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HbYScltf1c
Kevin Morrice
Kevin Morrice - År siden
Jana Lybarger
Jana Lybarger - År siden
I seperate depression into two categories: clinical and situational. My sister has clinical depression. She needs meds to regulate that. But situational depression can affect all of us. Sometimes, situations can overpower us to that point. I wasn't just sad when my relationship of 12 years ended five years ago, I was depressed. On top of my spectrum disorders and neglect in my first year of life leading to the creation of attachment issues, that was my first and current only relationship so when it ended, I got caught in a loop for a bit while my brain picked up the pieces and tried to repair itself. I had to explain the difference to a friend who didn't seem aware that situational depression is a thing and is its own animal compared to clinical depression. Disorders like that are very complex with no real or easy way to personify and we all feel depressed at one time or another. It boils down to which type. Sis is regulated with medication because hers is the chemical imbalance while mine eventually went away on its own. All I needed was time and a whole lot of crying to start the healing process. My lifelong attachment issues combined with the trust issues that came up from the split made it a bit rockier but that is where my various fandoms come in because they provided other outlets to make the sting off a bit. It also helped a little that my ex and I remained tight through it all. So even in the depths of my situational depression, I still had things that bring me joy and helped me navigate through the dark times.
Evan Weaver
Evan Weaver - År siden
Man, you really should watch bojack horseman. Every season he is literally the epitome of “if i just do this one thing, i’ll finally be happy”.
CamTheKitty - År siden
I also like to think that it's not necessarily always the core emotion if they are "steering". To me, anger leading could be determination, sadness leading could just being sensitive or empathetic. Which I thought was a neat idea
Brometheus The first bro
To be sad to have empathy to be vulnerable is to be human
Mister Sympa
Mister Sympa - År siden
This was an excellent video essay. Thank you for your honesty. You reminded me that I've been dealing with depression for so long that my outlook is skewed for what "normal" should be. And that's a good thing. Because it means things can be *better* .
brieuc dcv
brieuc dcv - År siden
Fuck... man
Michael Heyness
Michael Heyness - År siden
Gorgeous video, just one little side-note, that probably already someone else also made:
Depression is caused not only by chemical imbalance, i. e. is not only of physiological nature, but can be of purely psychological origin as well, such as a severe trauma triggered by lost of loved one or something else.
Brilliant video nevertheless, though.
We made it well.
Pan Lis
Pan Lis - År siden
I didn't like this movie that much when I first watched but after I got more in depths about how it represents what our mind is going through I would like a sequel. I admit I got this thought after I watched Doug talk about it and his comparison to Toy Story kinda hit me. We often moan about "kids these days" and tend to focus on the bad new stuff but there are movies that I wish came out when I was a kid. I would be glad if the new generation would get to grow up together with Riley similarly to how a lot of us grew up with Andy
Max Haraldh
Max Haraldh - År siden
Wow. Perfect.
Quillo Manar
Quillo Manar - År siden
Everything great about being human
Donika691 - År siden
I think why the adults didn't have any more emotions in their heads, is probably because all other "emotions" are an extension or combination of the five core "emotions". That's what I think anyway. This is a great video, I love Inside Out, it's one of my top favorite films of all time.
SanguinaryGuard - År siden
I love this movie and hate it at the same time. I love it, and upon the first viewing, the darkening of the consol I immediately recognized as depression. So much so that it haunted me for a few days. Even now, I refuse to watch this movie because of its accurate depiction of a depression spiral. And I love it for it. I had sort of come to the same conclusion as the movie only years earlier regarding sadness. This movie is fantastic and an artistic masterpiece. But I refuse to watch it because I don't want to feel that much emotion again in such a short time.
So there's a chemical imbalance in my brain...? Oh...
Grayden Tucci
Grayden Tucci - År siden
I feel this shows that happiness and sadness are core emotions, no person runs on anger or fear or disgust/discomfort. Those 3 are always fallowing happiness’ and sadness’ interaction, Anger is often driven by sadness as is fear and disgust, but joy is often after sadness. That’s why those 3 can’t run central by themselves because there is no drive for them to express through Riley because there is no purpose for them as a reaction
HiddenEchoes - År siden
I loved your video essay.
You brighten my day with the recognition of the importance of sadness.
Ana Wieder
Ana Wieder - År siden
For someone who says he's not a video essayist you really excelled at this one
Bravo. But you do have a couple things wrong about what being on the spectrum is like. Most people on the spectrum feel emotional empathy keenly but lack intellectual empathy to go with it. Eg. Feeling bad while another feels bad but not quite grasping why they feel bad. You presented it the other way around. A little more research would help but otherwise great video
Vance Corsey
Vance Corsey - År siden
I'm pretty sure most of my core emotions are fear and sadness . It's getting to where it's hard to function at all.
Trey Atkins
Trey Atkins - År siden
The thing about the happiest memories being encased in blue hit hard. I literally broke down crying to my ex-crush (now he's one of my best friends) while I was having what I would probably call a break down. He was talking to me because I wasn't feeling the best. I felt emotionally void that day (and I needed to finish my Chem final that day! (He just so happened to be my partner for it)). As I was trying to explain this sort of nostalgia/sadness that all my best memories had I just couldn't hold it in anymore (even including a senior-class banquet that he and I were waiters at (with about 10 other juniors)). Like that was one of the best nights I've ever had to be honest, but everytime I look back, it has this sort of sadness to it and I just want to cry.
Luckily he's understanding and comforted me through it.
Erika - År siden
Dozens of emotions? It’s well accepted in psychological literature that humans only have 6 inherent and independent emotions. 5 out of 6 were included in Inside Out, the sixth emotion being “surprise”. It’s actually more realistic with 5 emotions than with dozens. And what the movie shows is that those 5 core emotions, there is so much nuance between them which lead to more complex emotions and thoughts.
Rainbow Skies
Rainbow Skies - År siden
It's ok to feel things. It's what make you human. If you don't, that's ok too. You are still human. We all need to stop judging others and just embrace our humanity. We as a society need to learn that it's ok to have certain feelings. Things like depression and anxiety shouldn't be looked upon as a "thing that makes you popular". They're serious things. That's not to say yu cant joke around or should be serious all the time when talking about them, I just think collective we see things like pain as something cool and edgy, when in reality they dont correlate. You shouldn't feel like your pain is lesser to someone else's just because you're told it is. Sorry this comment is so long, I just have alot to say.
Basically except your feelings for what they are and except yourself because everyone else can except you, but if *you* dont, it wont matter.
courtney timmins
courtney timmins - År siden
I wonder what the emotions will be like when Riley hits her period.
Baconshark - År siden
I don’t know about anyone else, but I wasn’t able to relate with Riley the first time around. I just thought it was a good movie that was really funny, and thought nothing more after.
Then I watched it again a few days ago, after a few months of living with relatives in a town I felt unfamiliar in still. Most of the movie was pretty much the same.... Until I reached the final scene and heard this line:
“I want to go home.”
This was the moment the tears started running, as I still missed all my friends I made before I left my old town. I missed the activities I used to do, the familiar streets I walked down, and generally everything about my old home. However, I knew there wasn’t any way I could ever go back to that, since things had changed.
Bravo, Inside Out. I’ll be showing this movie to any future family members and remember that final scene. 10/10
Billy Poore
Billy Poore - År siden
Awesome video essay dude!
flint5two5 - År siden
And I don't care if people think that sadness is weak. I think that sadness is actually a show of strangth because it's telling people "I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK IS COOL I'MA BE ME AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME!"
Alpha Night-Fang
Alpha Night-Fang - År siden
Crying means you enjoyed something, you felt some connection to it. I Can't speak for everyone here but whenever I cry it's for something I care about or because I really am feeling down and had a rough time. If we don't cry we show no sign that we really cared for something. You feel sad when moving, someone special(Animal, Person, or not)dies, Etc.
What I'm trying to say is it's natural. You are gonna feel sad for something you cared about(Whether that's you or not)
Zoey Terbick
Zoey Terbick - År siden
I'm glad you pointed out the part of Sadness not being depression. My friends keep saying that Riley became depressed after the movie because all the core memories were blue. RILEY WAS GOING THROUGH CHANGE, NOT DEPRESSION!!!!! >:V
Or at least I interpret it as change.
βωρδάρτ - År siden
I just have to say that bullying is not a "part of growing up". It is Something that should be avoided at all costs, because it can be extremely damaging and have lifelong conséquences.
Becca Nompuehuenu
Becca Nompuehuenu - År siden
As a young person struggling with clinical depression and at the same time suppressing their negative emotions, seeing Inside Out was a hard blow. The first time I saw it was in the cinema with my family and my first reaction was to laugh and say "I did not feel sad" to be like someone "mature" or "great" in front of people who did cry with the movie, but I have to confess that when I got home I cried like never before. I do not usually cry, it makes me feel pathetic and stupid even though I know I should not, but that's why the film did make me cry, because it was like saying in my face "being sad is fine" even though I insist I'm not. I saw myself in Riley. It's not that my parents insist on being happy or anything, it's just that I force myself to be happy because I'm convinced that it's the only good thing and that feeling other negative emotions can bother others. The worst thing is that I am totally aware of how harmful it is to me, but I still can not stop doing it and I am in therapy for it. Anyway, long story short: thank you very much for making this video. Although I had already elucidated the message of the film, listening to someone say things clearly and with explanations always helps. I must confess that now, exactly at 4:20 a.m in my country (lmao), I cried with the video. It was just great, besides that the way you talk is so calm and confident, I do not know, it's pleasant to listen to lol. Again, thank you very much for making the video and for all the hard work you put into them. I love your channel. And sorry for the awful english.
Space toast Jam
Space toast Jam - År siden
Being on the spectrum, I
saw the message that this movie was trying to teach but I didn’t completely mesh with it, since everyone on the spectrum has what I think different interpretations and completely different personalities than everyone else, even other people on the spectrum, I’m going to use visual to further point but imagine a “normal” person would be a green cercle, so most are green cercles , while people on the spectrum are different shapes sizes and colours, so for example I would be a purple triangle, now there are other shapes who have different Colors and forms but I will always be the only purple triangle, so the feeling of loneliness ( which I know is an extension of sadness but it’s still different ) is always going to be a dominant part of my personality, in the movie Riley has a tough time adjusting to that, but for me I wouldn’t since I’m already used to the feeling of isolation, i never had a “Minnesota” which for Riley is a place of comfort, friends and all that jazz, this doesn’t mean I’m constantly depressed just more well adjusted to the feelings that Riley feels since I feel them all the time, I don’t see this as a bad thing, I never did, just as something normal, in recent years guess that you could say that I have started to make my own “Minnesota” with my gf, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t feel isolated when I’m not with her, it’s still there and always will be, but at least I’m used to it which is something that i can’t say is the case for most other people, so yeah in the grand scheme of things I’m pretty lucky , would love to see a more in depth sequel to this movie, exploring someone else’s emotion, I think a new character who is on the spectrum would be fascinating to watch.
J h
J h - År siden
i didn’t realize how right you were about sadness and happiness being mixed, until a couple days ago, where i had a conversation with my friend about fear and anxieties about my identity, and i felt the closest i’ve ever felt to a human being, a sad moment that was happy because him and i shared our pain together
Sudhakar Varanasi
Sudhakar Varanasi - År siden
Very emotional😢
MIlos Eric
MIlos Eric - År siden
I cried like 10 times while watching this video
Brometheus The first bro
I wanted it to be longer
Trinka B
Trinka B - År siden
**I'M** not crying! *sniff* YOU'RE crying!😭😭😭
John Smith
John Smith - År siden
Please do V for Vendetta~!
Hey It's Ashlee
Hey It's Ashlee - År siden
So I just notices this. All the characters have a color palate with all the colors. Like the hair, eyes and skin are usually the same. But I noticed joy is the first emotion Riley had. Her eyes and hair are blue like sadness. She sees and naturally has a sympathy and a want. That's what sadness is a want. He lips are a light purple. People fear what they speak. And her dress is green and blue. Lots of things can be seen as diagistful and sad. Lots of kids deal with swlf esteem issues, especially with there body. It goes to show that joy can be found in anything and her overall body and person is finding in anything and every thing. Joy tries to make eveything better But can sometimes get confused with the understanding if other emotions. But hey. Tell me what u think.
Arden lol
Arden lol - År siden
I think you should’ve been invited to one marvelous scene
Steven - År siden
wished most parents were at least as mature as you
Pundertale Fan
Pundertale Fan - År siden
Yeesh. I was just talking about how much I miss my simpler life as a child. It does make me sad. I hate feeling sad, and this movie makes me confused. I grew up thinking how awful sadness is, though it's still natural. But this movie says how sadness is GOOD? What? I want to understand, I really do. Maybe it's harder for me because of my autism and depression. I get it's important to empathy, but still.
Pundertale Fan
Pundertale Fan - År siden
Aw heck yeah! Sword and the Stone was my Jaaaaaaam!
Clint Hollingsworth
Clint Hollingsworth - År siden
The current political climate has done a lot to disabuse this old chap about the notion of "fairness"
LE Wild
LE Wild - År siden
Lee: *deep and meaningful analysis*
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