Everything GREAT About YouTube Rewind 2018!

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People have been pretty tough on Rewind this year, so I figured I'd really delve deep and see if there's anything redeemable in there. It can't be all bad right? 2018 wasn't the worst year!?

This is just a joke. I reserve the right to delete it if people flip. I actually didn't hate it as much as most and personally really like the baby shark song. Also, there were a lot of creators featured besides Jaiden that I love. Though I really do love Jaiden's videos, so that was only 49% meme.
Sub to Jaiden Animations: goo.gl/5qbAAU
Sub to Pewds: goo.gl/BaXk7a
Also, EGA Return of The King (Part 1) is coming, hopefully Sunday, but maybe not till Tuesday. I can't believe I let you convince me to do a 15-hour movie. :) It's cool, it's really good, but it's taking some time. Hope this fake out wasn't too disappointing.
Film og animasjon
Runtime: 10:15


TheOdd1sOut - År siden
Perfect videos don’t exi-
T3TRA - Måned siden
Epic James moment
Sol T
Sol T - 5 måneder siden
When even the people in the video diss the video:
Catriona Bruce
Catriona Bruce - 5 måneder siden
Joeymations - 6 måneder siden
wait wah
JuJuBee 12
JuJuBee 12 - 6 måneder siden
Perfect comments don’t exi-
Simon’s very odd world
Simon’s very odd world - 15 dager siden
gamer777 - 19 dager siden
you know you dogged up when the animator has to shout someone
gamer777 - 19 dager siden
pretty much but it's not my wallet it's my pocket a hot pocket
Big Boi Kentucky
Big Boi Kentucky - Måned siden
Julion Animations
Julion Animations - 2 måneder siden
i feel like everyone is gonna hate me that i love rewind 2018
Rodolfo Castro Ascencio
Rodolfo Castro Ascencio - 3 måneder siden
-Is it all "Rise of the Heroes"?
-Always has been
Diverge Clan
Diverge Clan - 3 måneder siden
Dude thank god this wasn’t a actual video cause then you would’ve lost people
Daniel Brás
Daniel Brás - 3 måneder siden
I tried to find the song you're using, but couldn't find it anywhere!!!
a_serious_ dude
a_serious_ dude - 3 måneder siden
Pewdiepie is always a win.
Booming Bob
Booming Bob - 6 måneder siden
When you try to make a good thing about something bad
100,000 Subscribers With No Videos
strawberry choco
strawberry choco - 6 måneder siden
H..how could you... I trust you with my whole life!!!
Jack Smith
Jack Smith - 6 måneder siden
Do the hobbit trilogy
Meredith Wyrick
Meredith Wyrick - 6 måneder siden
greatest troll of all time
Lance1223 - 7 måneder siden
i have never been both relieved and happy after seeing the word 'NOTHING'
J Justine
J Justine - 7 måneder siden
*e* *p* *i* *c*
CheetahNinja799 - 7 måneder siden
I saw that time was like wow he actually has stuff to say then I got to listen to 10 minutes of a song and it was worth it
vGamerz - 7 måneder siden
Jaiden, James and the other animators were pratically the only thing that made me somehow watch Youtube Rewind.
Ariel Hernandez
Ariel Hernandez - 8 måneder siden
Just think about that!
2:00 🎥💜
IKnowGunFu - 8 måneder siden
2,5k people came to dislike and leave without seeing the video
TheWizard - 8 måneder siden
I also want to say a few things, now that I’ve read a good chunk of the comments.
1. PewDiePie is NOT a racist or Nazi sympathizer. He made a couple of bad jokes and apologized profusely about them. He made sure to say that he was not a white supremacist. As for who he follows on Twitter, that doesn’t say anything. Many anti-Trump people follow Trump on Twitter. Who Pewds follows on Twitter is not necessarily an indicator of who he supports.
2. Many of you are upset that a channel with the slogan “Because liking things is more fun than not liking things” would make an “I hate ___” video. What we need to keep in mind, however, is that the creators in Rewind 2018 have denounce it themselves. And even when it became the most disliked video on YouTube and so many people thought it was all bad, Lee here managed to find the one good thing about it: JaidenAnimations. One win is more than many people thought possible. It’s his job here to defend undefendable things. He got one win out of it. In his TLJ video, he defended a movie a lot of people didn’t like. Heck, I don’t like TLJ. But I respect his finding the positives amidst the negativity. Neither of these vids are deserving of the hate they are getting.
3. I’ve already addressed how Pewds isn’t a Nazi, but I would also like to mention why Lee would say to sub to him. At the time of this video, there was a sub war between Felix and T-Series. Lee was supporting the not-so-Nazi PewDiePie.
4. This whole video was a joke. Not that Jaiden isn’t always a win (she is), but that you were tricked into thinking he was really defending the trash that was Rewind 2018.
5. Lee... please don’t delete this video! This is a joke that many people found offensive and such, but I think it’s funny. I love your channel so much because it is so fricking wholesome. My three favorite channels are, in no particular order, TheOdd1sOut, JaidenAnimations, and CinemaWins. All three are so wholesome. CinemaSins is strangely addicting despite its trashy videos, and when I stumbled onto you my whole day was better. You are so awesome and deserve far more than 1.5M subs. Keep on creating and I will keep on watching!
TheWizard - 8 måneder siden
I honestly had my concerns going into this. I actually watched Rewind 2018 in preparation for this video. I hadn’t watched it before since it was so bad, I heard. It was. The only good part of it was Jaiden referencing Pewds. So I had my doubts going into this defense of it. But honestly, this is his best EGA video ever. Every single win was on point. There never has been as never will be a better EGA video than this one.
Sean Salvador
Sean Salvador - 9 måneder siden
Hearing the voice of Lee Boucher reading his scripts of Everthing Great will make you read this un-narrated video hearing his voice in your mind is mind blowing.
I've made this comment with his voice.
Lee Boucher is alllways a win.
**ding ding ding ding ding**
Mr Guy
Mr Guy - 9 måneder siden
At first i thought he was gonna say “ will smith is always a win “
TheMasked Artist
TheMasked Artist - 9 måneder siden
Will Smith 2018
DumpsterDan - 9 måneder siden
Bruh why isn’t the video 0 seconds long.
George Linford
George Linford - 10 måneder siden
Petition for him to this same thing with YT Rewind 2019 (apart from the Pewds and Mr Beast moments)
Krimson CODM
Krimson CODM - 10 måneder siden
Noah Biondi
Noah Biondi - 11 måneder siden
I don't like PewDiePie or T-Series. Why watch them when you can watch CinemaWins?
Richie Scassellati
Richie Scassellati - 11 måneder siden
I wasn't sure if this video was serious or a joke. I was too afraid to click.
Mag Xenon
Mag Xenon - 11 måneder siden
Nice ten mins
CubeJedi - 11 måneder siden
"Everything GREAT About YouTube Rewind 2018!"
Po: *puts down scroll*
It's blank.
[Edit] I Put this comment down before watching the video. I had no idea the video would literary be blank
Bobby TheAnt
Bobby TheAnt - 11 måneder siden
Flux_Time - År siden
i clicked on this as a joke
and it was
oh how the table have turned
Samantha Julich
Samantha Julich - År siden
There is one win..

The end of the 2018 rewind video
Stackjacks - År siden
When the song ends
Its rewind time
Newt - År siden
This video aged well
Fox-A-Bell Aj
Fox-A-Bell Aj - År siden
I can think of a few wins

Jaiden animations +1
Mental health +1
Drag +1
The fact that watching that introduced me to panic at the disco +1

*And then everything else sucked*
magnus wettergren
magnus wettergren - År siden
pheew i thought u actually liked lt. what a releif
Jason - År siden
Can we get this video to 11 million dislikes?
Ash Ojay
Ash Ojay - År siden
I screeched when that NOTHING came up on the screen
evlredsun - År siden
i don't get the pewdiepie thing. and who is felix?
Merlin The Gamer Cat
Merlin The Gamer Cat - År siden
I figured it was gonna say nothing
Lauren Davis
Lauren Davis - År siden
Literally what a video for Percy Jackson would be
Zack LastName
Zack LastName - År siden
Yes, Jaiden Animations is always a win
Batty Artistry
Batty Artistry - År siden
Everything great about beetlejuice
Dane Discaya
Dane Discaya - År siden
Thats what Great about it!
Amanda B
Amanda B - År siden
They had us in the first half... or 30 seconds
super monkey BG
super monkey BG - År siden
10 minutes realy
Absolute Carnage
Absolute Carnage - År siden

Why isn't Theodd1sout always a win?
todowoki showoto
todowoki showoto - År siden
Video: Sub to pewdiepie
Me: no I don't think I will
hady dyab
hady dyab - År siden
How have I missed this video 😂 it's the greatest thing
Tanuj Jiwankar
Tanuj Jiwankar - År siden
You get a upvote for this video and a downvote for not making a video with your voice and amazing brain this week. 😉
Xiofo XOX
Xiofo XOX - År siden
Personally I thought the animators in general were good
Steven - År siden
This is my first video watched on this channel.
...What an impression.
CheetahF - År siden
I liked the YouTube rewind actually.
Sports Greatest
Sports Greatest - År siden
Hey jaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmes
Preston Brower
Preston Brower - År siden
CinemaWins you are always a win
Alex Fales
Alex Fales - År siden
Can we, just because of this, start Subscribe to CinemaWins?
zstreet 3
zstreet 3 - År siden
No there’s nothing redeemable
Dyinghunter 45
Dyinghunter 45 - År siden
Shoutout to the 2.4k who disliked y’all suck
Diamond Warrior
Diamond Warrior - År siden
Aka. Nonthing cause pewds is not in it
Crimson Sailor
Crimson Sailor - År siden
This dude... You my kind sir have just earned my true respect
Edward P.
Edward P. - År siden
Alicia Avery
Alicia Avery - År siden
But surely the fact they played idol by bts should be a win?
Robert Brown
Robert Brown - År siden
Best vid ever
Kayla Anderson
Kayla Anderson - År siden
Pretty much the only good part was Molly Burke and the animators
Tommy G
Tommy G - År siden
There nothing good let alone great with yt rewind 2018
John Smith
John Smith - År siden
Please do V for Vendetta~!
Dean Brinkerhoff
Dean Brinkerhoff - År siden
This has some great points!
JS Peña
JS Peña - År siden
@CinemaWins I find it weird that you did videos for Batman & Robin and Fantastic Four (2015) but you didn’t do a video for Rewind 2018, but it’s your channel not mine.
Andreas Rasmussen
Andreas Rasmussen - År siden
Please please PLEASE do Arctic (2018). It is not that big a movies but its really good.
Riccardo Mazzaro
Riccardo Mazzaro - År siden
It's funny how I put a dislike even before seeing he video just before I thought you were gonna defend this trash. I feel bad now......but the dislike has turned into a like.
Jc Wolfie
Jc Wolfie - År siden
Literally about to dislike this video
Ran-Dumb Boi
Ran-Dumb Boi - År siden
I have given you 10 minutes of watch time and I am damn proud of those 10 minutes
Thai's Studio
Thai's Studio - År siden
Better send this masterpiece to Jaiden
Sid - År siden
Simone Giertz too
sebastian chatelain
sebastian chatelain - År siden
They had us in the first half, not gonna lie
Jason Orefice
Jason Orefice - År siden
I feel like this should have gotten way more attention
Mr. Miyagi
Mr. Miyagi - År siden
Thank you cinemaWins very cool
K K - År siden
This is my favourite video on youtube.
Shwenty - År siden
Phew, I was so close to unsubscribing
LBthebookworm - År siden
You got it wrong. There should be a win for every animator, two for Lucas the spider, and one win for inspiring a happier/high hopes mashup. But you were definitely right about Jaiden Animations always being a win.
Brock Smith
Brock Smith - År siden
Tony Jonns
Tony Jonns - År siden
Ok we have someone who is relatable
1) Loves PewDiePie
2)Hates Rewind '18

3)Actually hates something
Peter Burns
Peter Burns - År siden
Good to know that he played his part
Zelle Goodwin
Zelle Goodwin - År siden
Fuggin had me
This is accurate
NateTheGringo - År siden
I just tried to watch the rewind so I could have my own opinion before watching this. I couldn't get through it. It was by far the cringiest thing I've ever seen. I actually lost the desire to watch this video. I'm so sorry, I can't take more rewind.
B.E.Z - År siden
Expectation subversion win
Spinnyboi - År siden
0:24 correct except for da animatiors
Hero - År siden
But can he redeem The Room?
Sta Prachinum
Sta Prachinum - År siden
Beautiful. Just beautiful
vers. - År siden
is it bad i watched all 10 minutes
Ricky The Movie & Meme Lover
This is the most "Screw Rewind"-est video I've ever seen in my life
Jordan Tyler Maralit
Jordan Tyler Maralit - År siden
Lol I was about to dislike this but I since I saw the whole thing I gave this video a thumbs up
Alexi Berthe
Alexi Berthe - År siden
Rewind 2018 was really Greatn't