Everything GREAT About WALL-E! (Part 1)

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WALL-E! Or if you wanna get technical, WALL·E, is regarded as one of the best Pixar movies and I'm here to….agree? Yeah probably. This is Part 1 because I ran out of time while rewriting the conclusion. I promise I'm not planning on making this a habit! Here's everything right with WALL·E!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 17:48


Phil K
Phil K - 2 måneder siden
OOoooooh I totally don't think that WALL-E's Personality is due to a Malfunction. I suspect that WALL-E'S personality is due to a designed Ghost in the Machine type algorithm in his software. WALL-E has those Media Function Keys on his body that let him record new information and add it to his cache of knowledge. I assume the original designers put this feature in so the units could be programmed with specific directives out in the field by B&L employees. However, I think the units were also designed to record all new unique information they deemed "useful" to their main directive. We see WALL-E do this when he records the stars and hand holding and all of that. My theory is that WALL-E is fairly similar to all of the other WALL-E units, but after adding more and more extraneous data over the course of centuries, his personality evolved from simple objective commands to a full on Positronic level consciousness. I think after decades of virtually doing the identical trash collecting movements, and the other unit's began to fail and deactivate WALL-E's program began to collect random bits of information on the items to better increase efficiency. He began collecting data on the different sizes and shapes of items, the weights and densities, how easy/hard they would to be compacted; and that eventually ended up creating subroutines that wondered about the purpose of the items. More items led to more curiosities, more curiosities lead to more need for WALL-E to record new information to add to his directive cache, and after a long ass time, you got a sentient little dude all built off of trial and error data collecting. So yeah, I do not believe that WALL-E's consciousness came from a malfunction that happened one day, I believe it is an unexpected feature of a device that has been left running LONG past it's intended longevity. It's one of the cooler things about the movie I think.
DIO Brando
DIO Brando - Dag siden
@Phil K I just finished reading through all the replies, and wanted to say that was some of the most entertaining, and engaging theories I've ever read. is it ok to copy it down for inspiration for later writing projects?
DIO Brando
DIO Brando - Dag siden
That makes a lot of sense, he must have insane file storage for his memory, or a system that works like human subconscious. Maybe like compressing the files and bringing them up when necessary
Vaish Yendluri
Vaish Yendluri - 5 dager siden
Maybe Wall-E's item identification was included in the software as an early beta of the spaceship's plant detection system
I like modern warfare And war zone it’s fun
Im not reading this
Gak R
Gak R - 13 dager siden
Didn’t read
burntpaws - 18 minutter siden
I love hearing about your kids dude, it’s a little piece of joy : ]
Pijawek - 5 timer siden
I know you need sponsor money and don't blame you, but Raycons are trash. You can get equal quality buds for half the price or much better for the same
Full of It
Full of It - Dag siden
Any animated film from 2000 to 2014 is the best
Mike Martinez
Mike Martinez - Dag siden
god i remember the first time i watched this lovely movie when it came out, the emotional ride was crazy and i still remember the tears that ame out due to the way the movie felt and also making me think that Wall-E was gone, thanks CinemaWins for doing a everything great about Wall-E video, it made me remember of a simple time where we spend time with friends.
Bentley Otto
Bentley Otto - Dag siden
Wall-e and Monster are my childhood films. They are great films.
Manuel Vargas
Manuel Vargas - 2 dager siden
Alex Burton
Alex Burton - 2 dager siden
You know it’s a good movie when there’s 2 parts.
E Gg
E Gg - 2 dager siden
There’s really no debating here you should of added a win for every second 9/10 review
Kobe Howitt
Kobe Howitt - 2 dager siden
15:08 why is bender in there
Hannah Phillips
Hannah Phillips - 3 dager siden
Did anyone else notice how AUTO seemed to slowly creep up from behind more and more in every captain's portrait, as if to foreshadow the eventual overtaking of the ship with every stage of evolution to laziness of the entire human race?
Zoincs Scoobs
Zoincs Scoobs - 3 dager siden
Is it just me who could understand walle and every robot without subtitles
komic chase Productions
komic chase Productions - 3 dager siden
I'd imagine that the ozone layer was destroyed so the days must be absolutely scorching which is one of the reasons wall-e's are solar powered
Thortimus Yorkal
Thortimus Yorkal - 3 dager siden
they would've regained their old body structures, either through exercise or because their bodies needed to adapt.
Thortimus Yorkal
Thortimus Yorkal - 3 dager siden
what if there's just water in that cup?
Thortimus Yorkal
Thortimus Yorkal - 3 dager siden
so basically, they aren't fat entirely because their lazy, but because their bones weren't strong enough for exercise?
jonahs games smith
jonahs games smith - 3 dager siden
I feel like the small cleaning bot as a human be like whoa whoa whoa then pull out two mops
Idiot - 4 dager siden
walle is my favorite robot
KAIsibs Does Gaming
KAIsibs Does Gaming - 4 dager siden
13:16 This scene breaks my heart
J verse
J verse - 4 dager siden
J verse
J verse - 4 dager siden
v brown
v brown - 5 dager siden
Took a sponsor to get a face reveal from CinemaSins/CinemaWins
Lu kas
Lu kas - 5 dager siden
As a german I always thought eve said 'Guten Morgen' but mumbled so its 'nmorgen' lol
Riddle Me this
Riddle Me this - 5 dager siden
quentiam meme star
quentiam meme star - 6 dager siden
Thats it who tf turned on the tear factory ;-;
Chris Wayne
Chris Wayne - 6 dager siden
Eve laughing 💕💕
Kyraptor - 6 dager siden
Okay Wall-E is a masterpiece but our man has a zero turn mower.my dream item.
Oscar J. Madrigal / Skewered Glaive
9:45 - 9:56
Nice subtle hint at Cannibalism. Film theory ruined that for me, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to survive 700 years with no actual food source whatsoever.
Atanas Peltekov
Atanas Peltekov - 7 dager siden
Wait why do you think there are no humans on earth. They don’t say it in the movie. I always thought B&L was just in America and there were pollution was at its peek and so they created mini AI dump trucks (WALL-E) to clear the waste while the Americans went on a 5 year vacation. In author countries people maybe created artificial oxygen and food and water. That’s why Eve knew so many languages. Or maybe only America didn’t have plants and that’s why it was called a short 5 vacation. If there wasn’t plants anywhere for those 700 years why would there still be oxygen as we see in the end. In the Movie nobody ever said that all humans left earth just a dosen of the space cruises left they couldn’t have taken all 7(maybe by 2100 10) billion people on board. I think all that just because I think this apocalyptic scenario wouldn’t suit the Europeans but only the Americans.

P.S. I am from Europe.
Atanas Peltekov
Atanas Peltekov - 7 dager siden
And I don’t think he cared enough to repair himself it looked more like he repaired his chain tiers so the roach was comfortable riding on him. And he repaired his eye just so Eve wasn’t worried that she “hurt” him. It just didn’t look like he was gonna repair himself if it wasn’t for the roach or Eve.
RA Ewalt
RA Ewalt - 7 dager siden
About time you did Wall-e
Genevieve Broyles
Genevieve Broyles - 7 dager siden
Ok so fun fact, this is the first (full) movie I saw in theaters. And I loved it.
Also, WALL-E is, like, almost Toothless-levels of adorable.
(My first movie ever was Ratatouille, but I got scared of the old lady with the rifle bc it was loud and I was, like, three years old so we left at like the 10-minute mark so it doesn't really count)
Also, if any of you all don't know what a Dyson Sphere is, just look up Kurzgesagt-In A Nutshell's video about it. It's frickin cool.
Maaike de Boer
Maaike de Boer - 7 dager siden
Tristan Ortega
Tristan Ortega - 7 dager siden
I think i rather the guy who rummage until find the most minimun mistake xd
Commander Ponds
Commander Ponds - 8 dager siden
About time.
mixed bag
mixed bag - 8 dager siden
Easily a personal favorite of mine. Even as a little, I felt like this was one of Pixar's best.
Mnene T
Mnene T - 8 dager siden
Another point, they only used practical lighting, meaning they made sure to only light the characters from real light sources, adding to the realism
Luvyaplayzz Kumavat
Luvyaplayzz Kumavat - 8 dager siden
You sound like cinema sins
The Goldenbro
The Goldenbro - 9 dager siden
this movie is my favorite movie ever...and no amount of your evil twin can take this movie from me
Shmey - 9 dager siden
I got such a hearty laugh from the sushi-chef bot when I realized being hunched over his 1's and 0's was also a subtle jab at people who hunt-and-peck as a means of typing.
I refer to him as hunt-and-peck bot in my own little world.
neshapink17 - 9 dager siden
You did not just causal mention the heartbreaking episode of Jurassic Bark. Goodness I cried way more on that episode then I ever expected to.
Gage - 9 dager siden
Epic beard win for.. Cinema Wins dude.
sam Grosky
sam Grosky - 9 dager siden
Please do Whale Rider!!
William Kelley
William Kelley - 10 dager siden
Points for a connection consistency: when Walle is pulling eve with the christmas lights, the ones on her are lit up (connect with her holding the light bulb from before)
lami3790 lami3790
lami3790 lami3790 - 10 dager siden
3:54 HES NOT DRUNK , ITS JUST MONDAY... *I hate mondays*
Aidan Bradford
Aidan Bradford - 10 dager siden
Hi mr watson
Nazo Dreemur
Nazo Dreemur - 10 dager siden
its Wall-R
Kit Kat
Kit Kat - 10 dager siden
The game is great too ☺️
Cyborg sheep
Cyborg sheep - 11 dager siden
9:53 its way worse than you`d think film theory made a video on it
Lightning Bird1211
Lightning Bird1211 - 11 dager siden
Raycon ruined such a peaceful video
Magical dont post much
Magical dont post much - 11 dager siden
Wall-E was my first pixar movie I ever watched making it my favorite
piotr wiśniewski
piotr wiśniewski - 11 dager siden
I don't know if you said it, but on paintings of captains of ship you can see that autopilot is closer with every captain, which means he clearly was the one in charge
Tristan Guzman
Tristan Guzman - 11 dager siden
Hunger games please
ChickenMaster06 - 11 dager siden
Interesting how a car still works after 700 years.
ChickenMaster06 - 12 dager siden
I love this movie. I’VE LOVED IT SINCE I WAS LIKE 2
please just yeet 4
please just yeet 4 - 12 dager siden
Watching this while listening with my groove earbuds
vitor_ Miyagi
vitor_ Miyagi - 12 dager siden
Alternative title: Everything is GREAT about WALL-E! (Part 1)
Lloyd David
Lloyd David - 12 dager siden
They should have added Oscar trophies in Wall-E's collection of items haha. It would have been cool. And a subtle way of insinuating at the Academy hahaha.
SnipeDude500 - 13 dager siden
Number 1: Wall *E*
Jackson Worthman
Jackson Worthman - 13 dager siden
12:17 This is how everyone feels now about the pandemic. We're all tired of being trapped at home and wearing masks, we want to be happy again and go back to the way things were, some states in the US are already doing that.
Gak R
Gak R - 13 dager siden
Y wall e not in Netflix those Disney+ dickheads
Polygonal Cheescake
Polygonal Cheescake - 14 dager siden
This is my most favorite movie.
jet mechanic
jet mechanic - 14 dager siden
I mean i know its time consuming and expensive to make videos but i mean Raycons really ?
Jon Lopez
Jon Lopez - 15 dager siden
Do Nacho Libre!!!
Landonn.999 - 15 dager siden
I don't know if I'm the only one or if everyone does but like I've always been able to understand what robots say in all movies theyre in even if they don't speak like bumblebee and well as you can see the greatest robot to ever exist Wall•E
Daniel Marin
Daniel Marin - 15 dager siden
I never noticed how much of a simp wall E was xd
Cid The Purple Inkling
Cid The Purple Inkling - 15 dager siden
One thing i dont see alot of people point out. When Wall-E was caring for Eve and he got struck by lightning twice its a joke about "Lightning never strikes the same place twice."
cazuto claw
cazuto claw - 16 dager siden
He should do seven deadly sins movie
Salt&VinegarChips - 16 dager siden
I was playing Lisa: The Painful while listening to this and right when I walked up to a baby thinking I could interact with her, I heard this 6:20 and almost had a heart attack
Syed Rafsan Imam
Syed Rafsan Imam - 16 dager siden
Not the raid shadow legends of ear buds pls.
Vector Skywalker
Vector Skywalker - 16 dager siden
You have one lucky wife ya handsome fella
Levout 2K
Levout 2K - 17 dager siden
Why is there a frame of bender from futurama at 15:07
fronky bonky
fronky bonky - 17 dager siden
1:50 i think that may be a harp?
Cubical gamer
Cubical gamer - 18 dager siden
9:44 for all you Film Theory fans who may or may not have seen my comment on one particular video.
Cubical gamer
Cubical gamer - 18 dager siden
9:44 for all you Film Theory fans who may or may not have seen my comment on one particular video.
White Hole
White Hole - 18 dager siden
Potato- -child
Potato- -child - 18 dager siden
When it needs two parts you know its a good movie
Jessica Rabbid
Jessica Rabbid - 18 dager siden
love you
Happi Attack
Happi Attack - 19 dager siden
Any movie with more than one video on this channel is an absolutely amazing
Laila Shadow
Laila Shadow - 19 dager siden
Wall E was the first movie tat made me cry even though it made no sense to me cuz I was *tiny*
Jordan Hooper
Jordan Hooper - 19 dager siden
Did anyone else catch the bender Easter egg
Ston3dR3dneck - 19 dager siden
Aw you mentioned Jurassic Bark I miss that dog!!
Star Child
Star Child - 20 dager siden
Content: excellent
The quintessential millennial voice over: Holy. Cringe. Fest
Monica 34
Monica 34 - 20 dager siden
Boy u r gonna need like at least 10 videos of this to start unraveling this flawless masterpiece
Night Leo
Night Leo - 20 dager siden
What if BnL was just apple
TOPNOOB 21 - 20 dager siden
9:48 he is clearly referencing the video that matpat made on film theory
Road Passer
Road Passer - 20 dager siden
i always thought wall-e have malfunction that drive him questions everything and make him sort of "human". this movie was always my favorite and just always make me tears. today i feel so touched remembering this move once again and have you share and explain the similar opinion.
Craig Good
Craig Good - 20 dager siden
I"m glad you noticed so many of the things we put in there. That was me operating the focus pulls. Sometimes I had to focus on the nearest eye, it was so shallow.
Noah Clancey
Noah Clancey - 21 dag siden
they dont have more bass they just have all bass
Josh Jager
Josh Jager - 21 dag siden
It might've been mentioned already, but in reference to Eve also being an apple product: Jony Ive, a key designer of the iPod and many other apple products, actually helped Pixar with their design for Eve!
DumbPlayStar - 22 dager siden
That used to be my favorite movie when I was little and it will always stay in my heart!
TheA1pha5hadow - 22 dager siden
Yea most of the points are sins.
Patrick - 23 dager siden
Sad about no win for Wall-E taking off his tracks when he gets to his home
Edit: Nevermind he misses nothing
DARK LIGHT YAGAMI - 23 dager siden
Wall-E is the most kind cartoon character I have ever seen
WARPIG 645 - 23 dager siden
This movie reminds me of HTTYD 3, toothless and the light fury
Peleg - 24 dager siden
I mean if you can make anything taste like anything I'm not surprised if they use waste and dead bodies for food, can only grow so much food on that ship.
Simenvh - 24 dager siden
16:10 ...smooth
lover of big ninnies
lover of big ninnies - 24 dager siden
Review Your Name please it’s beautiful
Godzilla2000orbit - 25 dager siden
4:00 is Wall-E still using Mac? XD
NintendoNerd 64
NintendoNerd 64 - 25 dager siden
Amberlinn Rose Lee
Amberlinn Rose Lee - 25 dager siden
WALL-E for the wii was so damn good, you can truly see how similar the game and movie are. Plus the extra games like the tank game and the game where you can play hide and seek with other players.