Everything GREAT About Venom!

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Venom! Critics and audiences were split on this one. Kind of like Eddie Brock. It's always nice to see a movie that people liked, make enough money to sustain itself even if the critics tried to keep you home. Here's everything right with Venom!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 15:44


JAW SPINNNER - 6 timer siden
sarah - 7 timer siden
oh boy, wait until he hears about the baby eddie and venom have in the comics. and pet names.
Travis Wagstaff
Travis Wagstaff - 8 timer siden
Re watching this makes me want spiderman to go to sony quicker
For Whom The Taco Bell Tolls
For Whom The Taco Bell Tolls - 14 timer siden
"On my planet I'm kind of a loser, like you." Best line
its cat borger
its cat borger - 15 timer siden
Smoltaro Kujo
Smoltaro Kujo - 2 dager siden
Thats hilarious
Tully Smully
Tully Smully - 2 dager siden
Honesty my only hope in the sequel is that we get to hear venom start laughing at something he finds funny
Maya Salazar
Maya Salazar - 3 dager siden
I’m slightly disappointed that he didn’t win the fact that the dog that Venom was in in the hospital’s name was Gemini, the zodiac sign that basically symbolizes two in one.
Leah Hummert
Leah Hummert - 3 dager siden
Venom: ǝʇɐloɔoɥƆ puɐ sʇo⊥ ɹɐʇɐ⊥
Jackina - 4 dager siden
If i saw venom I’d be like: hey bro what’s ur name
venom: we r venum
me:use grammar pls
venom: We are venom.
Me: you cool black white eye slimy thing man
Jackina - 4 dager siden
*TOM* *H* olland and *TOM* *H* ardy
Negative - 5 dager siden
I'm disappointed there wasn't a win for
"How do we get down?"
"We jump."
*elevator ding* "Pussy"
bboy1481 - 6 dager siden
These feel like more sins than wins
Jing Cadiz
Jing Cadiz - 6 dager siden
Venom+Riot= Renom
Kaneki - 7 dager siden
ceeday's sellout
ceeday's sellout - 7 dager siden
Hmmmmm cinemasins everything bad about venom and cinemawins everything good about venom
-MadKatTari -
-MadKatTari - - 8 dager siden
I wish Venom was my friend now
Joe Hall
Joe Hall - 9 dager siden
I'll give you a thumbs up, because I like your videos. However I can't help but disagree with you on most of these points. Venom could of been much better.
A Goose YouTuber
A Goose YouTuber - 9 dager siden
This came out the day before my birthday
Almighty Fluff Boi
Almighty Fluff Boi - 9 dager siden
Venom's "sacrifice" reminds of when he sacrificed himself to defeat knull in the comics
MASTER OF GAMING - 9 dager siden
Starlord be like: If I had venom I'm gonna do some weird sh*t
Samuel Magcalas
Samuel Magcalas - 9 dager siden
In my opinion I love Venom it’s a great movie. My only issue is that kinda feels confused about its tone sometimes
i_am_ _ warrior
i_am_ _ warrior - 10 dager siden
I'm surprised u didnt mad everything wrong with venom starting with pg 13 even the syfy kills are better than this
Anthony Matias
Anthony Matias - 11 dager siden
Even if your not strong, if you are smart, you will win.
Drew Allan
Drew Allan - 11 dager siden
Idk why everyone said that this movie was horrible it was great!!
I Have 44 Subscribers With No Videos
Black was the imposter
Gak R
Gak R - 12 dager siden
You forget venom is Spider-Man’s enemy while watching this
SwamperTheSwampert GamingVlogsAndMore
sony didn't make riot marvel did and he was introduced in venom lethal protector #4
Pedro Pony
Pedro Pony - 13 dager siden
Venom went from villain to antihero
Dippão - 14 dager siden
Wait, why this video doesn’t have 1:52:19 ??? The all movie is amazing!
mr.awesome - 14 dager siden
Andrea Pitre
Andrea Pitre - 14 dager siden
Love it more than Spider-Man 3
Andrea Pitre
Andrea Pitre - 14 dager siden
I personally l ou ved the film... and i loved the soundtrack.
Anne Stone
Anne Stone - 14 dager siden
Honestly this movie kinda sucked as a drama, but it was so amazing as a comedy. My only issue with it is that it made for a really awkward first date when my girlfriend and I were both thirsting after Venom, Dan, Eddie, and Anne, rather than each other.
honeybee!!! - 14 dager siden
One day you’ll learn how ö is pronounced. One day.
chara dreemurr
chara dreemurr - 14 dager siden
Venom and gaurdians of the Galaxy are my favorite Marvel movies
Greenfo 32
Greenfo 32 - 14 dager siden
She said to me so I don't know
James H
James H - 15 dager siden
I remember seeing the trailer for Venom in theaters and being excited even though I'd never even seen a Spider Man movie
Rookmations - 15 dager siden
honestly i loved it too and while yea there are legit cretiques that could make it better i find far to many people find the best of the best like the mcu and just compare everything to it and if it isnt perfectly up to a standard some other movie set than its not good at all and honestly i think that ignores the good parts of movies with for example like while i wont deny the stories of the ghost rider movies was bland as all hell and not good i will still say i loved them for the ghost rider parts because those scenes always felt so amazing and true to who the ghost rider is and i fucking loved it
My name Is nobody
My name Is nobody - 15 dager siden
Professional web site with Wix is a bit of a stretch ain't it?
callum holland
callum holland - 15 dager siden
7:30 Anti-Hero
Iceuffer - 15 dager siden
"It's not the best CGI but it's still fun to watch" Yes expect the fact i can't see jackshit what is happening in that scene
A.J Joans
A.J Joans - 15 dager siden
man watching this channel is making me wanna work on my writing like seriously, I love the attention to detail in all of your videos; it's super inspirational to see the work put in
Sophie Ricearoni
Sophie Ricearoni - 16 dager siden
Can you do lady bird
Inko Midoriya
Inko Midoriya - 16 dager siden
I don’t know why venom received so much hate. I find it awesome
Lou Rivas
Lou Rivas - 16 dager siden
I don't know much about the Marvel comics, or the MCU, or just comics in general. The main reason I wanted to watch this movie was because Tom Hardy was the lead role, and I need more movies with Tom Hardy as the lead role.
I enjoyed this movie about as much as someone who knows pretty much nothing about comics and Marvel lore can enjoy it, and Tom Hardy's performance was the main reason I enjoyed it more than I thought I was going to.
Lou Rivas
Lou Rivas - 16 dager siden
Can we all just agree, whether you enjoyed this movie or not, Tom Hardy's performance was stellar?
Liam O'Shea
Liam O'Shea - 17 dager siden
9:15 I actually prefer the surreal way that the CGI is used, and I believe that it really enhances the flavour of the film overall.
Strawberry Daze
Strawberry Daze - 17 dager siden
venon is mine btw uwu he is just adorable and I feel like he really loved eddie he sacrificed himself not just for eddie but for his world.
Issues with Tissues
Issues with Tissues - 18 dager siden
I absolutely love the Claudia and John C Reiley bit
Jess Extra
Jess Extra - 18 dager siden
My biggest problem with this movie was the fast pacing at the beginning and how under developed Riot was.
Personally I believe the villain symbiote should have been "Scream", the main baddie when it came to the life foundation symbiotes in the comics since she was mentally ill. Plus, badass bad girl!
Other than that, this was the most fun movie of 2018 for me.
Nate - 18 dager siden
if fire did not kill venom the why is riot alive
Childish_Markeeloo - 18 dager siden
I just thought of this, maybe Eddies compatibility/bond with venom was helped when it was bonded with his friend who gave him the newspaper. Because those two were friends and the symbiote takes some traits from the last person it was bonded with. So maybe venom being transferred from his friend to him caused venom to warm up and bond with Eddie faster
Blastedminion05 - 19 dager siden
Does anyone else want their own personalized symbiot? I do.
Leonthfirst YT
Leonthfirst YT - 19 dager siden
Sponsored by wix... John wix
Gold Dawn
Gold Dawn - 20 dager siden
bad ass chaotic neutral guy XD
Lil Patata
Lil Patata - 20 dager siden
that transition between the video and the sponsore was smooth af
Rothguar - 20 dager siden
Late to the party, but Venom was great. Would love a Deadpool meets venom cameo.
neshapink17 - 20 dager siden
I love Venom and Eddie's relationship. Just loved Venom in general was excellent, was on board with everything he said
Phoenix sannin
Phoenix sannin - 20 dager siden
Carnage is actually venoms son in the comics
Ghost Gaming
Ghost Gaming - 21 dag siden
You kinda sound like Ryan renoldys
The Spectacular Spider-Mite
Ok now I just want to see what Spidey would look like with this symbiote
(As in Venoms style in this film)
Velikan - 21 dag siden
Jorja Knox
Jorja Knox - 22 dager siden
Is it wrong to be incredibly attracted to venom?
Andreas Lund
Andreas Lund - 22 dager siden
I like how the car reflection was "the lamest way to show off venom for the first time" in the everything wrong video, but a "great way of showing off venom in physical form" in this one hmmm
Alia Thanos
Alia Thanos - 23 dager siden
And the best thing venom says
Jump. Pussy
Jets Above
Jets Above - 23 dager siden
Cinemasins has an arch nemesis it seems....
Little Meap
Little Meap - 23 dager siden
Plot twist: Stan Lee is actually a time traveling demigod with a given knowledge of the MCU
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez - 25 dager siden
Do shrek 2
Mostly beacause I want you to give 100 wins for I need a hero scene
Matt W
Matt W - 27 dager siden
Am I the only one that thinks a Symbiote Souls game would be really cool, granite I don't know how it could be done, but it would fit so well.
Charlie Howard
Charlie Howard - 27 dager siden
Are u the guy that does everything bad about movies
hear-for the-music
hear-for the-music - 26 dager siden
no, it's a different guy.
Flowey Flower
Flowey Flower - 27 dager siden
This is the best marvel movie ever we can all agree
Patrick Dupew
Patrick Dupew - 29 dager siden
Venom is nothing more than a dumb nineties movie to me and I love it for that
Ella Ocean
Ella Ocean - 29 dager siden
I kinda expected a "Tom Hardy doesn't even care" for the lobster bath scene
LunarWolf 990
LunarWolf 990 - Måned siden
i love the film sooo much. venom is my favourite character from anything and this film didn't disappont
Lewis Genji
Lewis Genji - Måned siden
This is a film that fans loved but critics hated
Covo Converged
Covo Converged - Måned siden
one thing i just realized and makes me love this movie even more is because venom never met spidey he doesn't have the giant spider on his chest or the webs its just tendrils
Guilherme Farias
Guilherme Farias - Måned siden
I hope he talks about symbrock
Ultimate XLR-8
Ultimate XLR-8 - Måned siden
00:32 When dicks goes too deep
Big Gae
Big Gae - Måned siden
*me getting out of bed in 5 am in the morning*
Eggwaldo, Prophet of Avocados
Love the detail that after the first flash, all the men realise that it’s venom’s weakness and start chucking em
EYEPlaster eyeLad
EYEPlaster eyeLad - Måned siden
Rory Martos
Rory Martos - Måned siden
I feel like Eddie would have given venom some shit for killing the homeless chick
VortX - Måned siden
Imagine sitting next to this guy in the cinema
The 3 Ply Spy
The 3 Ply Spy - Måned siden
I just ADORE venoms first reaction when Eddie calls him a parasite
If you don't know what scene im talking about it's when Eddies looking through the cars reflection
Landon Ujimori
Landon Ujimori - Måned siden
He didn’t talk about the jump. Pussy thing lul
Austin Holcomb
Austin Holcomb - Måned siden
Anyone: Manages to beat Through the Fire and Flames on Guitar Hero 3 without missing a note and on the hardest difficulty
The person's friend: *This guys got $#@% you've never seen*
Presley Hesson
Presley Hesson - Måned siden
I honestly loved Venom. I really do hope that Venom 2 gets the big R since Carnage is gonna be in it.
Also 10:50 I love the Yin-Yang symbol with venom
Commander Yeet
Commander Yeet - Måned siden
Easy the hole movie
Mirage - Måned siden
umm no offence but i dont like thesin channel i think its just party pooping on ppl fav movies (its my opinon dont take it to far)
thunderdrae - Måned siden
Symbiotes = Angry Kinetic Sand
Clone Wick
Clone Wick - Måned siden
Venom is actually just a fun movie not a good movie with good story just fun
Ben Starkey
Ben Starkey - Måned siden
I lobe the movie but I still think the movie should be at the mid point, at the end. Maybe it’s just me but I was super into the movie near the end and was caught off guard when it ended
Rogue Guardian
Rogue Guardian - Måned siden
I feel like tone is a big issue not with the movie, more so it's just a criticism everyone likes to use. I'll elaborate, so first I agree with mixing tones, if everything was all dark and greedy or sunshine and rainbows all throughout it probably be very boring.
Take for instance spiderman 2. I think most would agree that's a very mature take on the character. Even so we're talking about an awkward teenager who got super powers. Some light-hearted campiness is expected. It all depends on the execution. Find a good balance between the two and the movie works. Venom while I really do love it, it's trying to do so many things at once that it can feel all over the place. You have the Good chemistry between venom and Eddie, and then oh wait here's some horrific imagery.
That's my take, obviously everyone's different.
Leslie LaPlume
Leslie LaPlume - Måned siden
I love it that it looks like venom is the puppeteer and Eddie is the puppet
Leo Arnault-Martin
Leo Arnault-Martin - Måned siden
I actually loved this movie, my biggest issue is that I wish it took itself more seriously and was a tiiiiiiny bit better.
Tanooki Boy
Tanooki Boy - Måned siden
Venom is still a really good movie
surojit deb
surojit deb - Måned siden
Red Raptor X
Red Raptor X - Måned siden
Eddie and Venom, the best team of losers turned heroes.
baby bear
baby bear - Måned siden
The music is good too