Everything GREAT About Treasure Planet!

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Treasure Planet! I figured why wait till Friday, right? A special one for a lot of you. Will we have any movies left after this one?!? Yeah prolly. This movie performed poorly but has become a favorite for lots of people. Here's everything right with Treasure Planet!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 19:27


denzu itaru
denzu itaru - Time siden
So many hate this novie but its a clasic to me
Anony Mouse
Anony Mouse - 2 timer siden
Almost a year in and "Anti-Stormtrooper Fingering" still hasn't gotten me anywhere on tinder.
Claire Lauseng
Claire Lauseng - 6 timer siden
I would not want to see a newer version of treasure planet it is beautiful as it is but seeing a newer add on to treasure planet would be nice to see
Ara May
Ara May - 13 timer siden
8:30 traumatized me i dont know why
Joel DM
Joel DM - 22 timer siden
Wow the level of detail. The lookouts telescope has extra eye holes lol
Drake Broadie
Drake Broadie - Dag siden
one of my favorite movies, good times
shadow jezzter
shadow jezzter - Dag siden
This movie is great, I remember seeing it when i was younger and being so enthralled by it.
Even now, its still a great movie.
Cobaltios - 3 dager siden
5:20 ...okay, THAT was a connection I never would have made. Wow.
6:26 I remember watching the behind the scenes of this movie, and being blown away by all the techniques and tests they had to do to make the cyborg parts work. In those tests, they were using Captain Hook... for obvious reasons.
11:03... and another joke I completely missed.
12:43 I REALLY hope the Borderlands "Claptrap" was completely intentional.
Also, can I say that these videos aren't just great for having a counter of all the neat scenes in movies...
...But the sheer amount of detail going into technical aspects, film-making, and just overall details many of us would never have even considered. I'm glad I found this channel.
Bigboy Roy
Bigboy Roy - 5 dager siden
I loved this movie so much
D Johnson
D Johnson - 7 dager siden
Okey, this movie is something they should consider doing in live action. And for the protagonist I think of the dude who played in cobra kai . The son of the protagonist looks just like Jim.
Commie Dog
Commie Dog - 7 dager siden
This movie made my childhood.
Ian Tophernicus
Ian Tophernicus - 7 dager siden
This movie is incredible!! I just finished watching it. I can’t quite get my thoughts together right now, but I love how perfect this film is!
Sean Will
Sean Will - 7 dager siden
Everything Great About Atlantis, the lost Empire please!
Ki Muirés
Ki Muirés - 8 dager siden
This was my favorite movie as a kid lmao
Scruffian - 8 dager siden
4:47 missed opportunity for "that's no moon"
TopSkul - 9 dager siden
Am I the only one who thinks Jim looks like Peter Parker from the Ultimate comics?
Ńîghtfáłł thè šhädøw
It’s hard to believe people say this was Disney’s biggest mistake,it was fucking awesome
* LovMyIdol *
* LovMyIdol * - 10 dager siden
I didn’t know that this movie came out a year before I was born, still will always be one of my favourite movies.
Tessa De La Fuente
Tessa De La Fuente - 10 dager siden
Go Delbert! Go Delbert! Lol best character ever. 😂
danika watson
danika watson - 11 dager siden
I just watched the movie last night. lol I love it
Dark Howling
Dark Howling - 11 dager siden
Thank you. I saw this movie when i was young and never remembered the name. Thank you so much. I have been searching for this for 13 years
Henrietta Szőke
Henrietta Szőke - 11 dager siden
I grew up with this movie. I watched it a hundred times when I was a kid but I only see now what a masterpiece it is. It really is one of Disney's greatest movies if not the greatest
Tcrumpen - 11 dager siden
As everyone says this is one of those criminally underrated Disney films, having mature tones that not every family is a perfect family. Not every kids get a parental figure from both parents. In Jim's case he had no father figure at all until Silver, having to deal with the betrayal again from his '2nd dad' as it were is gut wrenching and also as stated, he was a minor. Not many minors can take that kind of thing very well
Kuba Gogacz
Kuba Gogacz - 11 dager siden
That or wall-e? What are we saying guys?
Rogue Guardian
Rogue Guardian - 12 dager siden
I've had this movie on repeat for the last week.... And it never gets boring.
Miguel Cuevas
Miguel Cuevas - 12 dager siden
Kamiru - 13 dager siden
I just found you channel and my first thought was "He shoud do treasure planet".
Kristian Fischer
Kristian Fischer - 13 dager siden
I loved this movie as a kid. Children these days are wusses.
Valkyrie Motors
Valkyrie Motors - 13 dager siden
now its time to do Atlantis the lost empire
nem tudom
nem tudom - 14 dager siden
Dude, you NEED to do the road to eldorado!
Jon Lopez
Jon Lopez - 15 dager siden
Do Nacho Libre!!!!!
music Studio
music Studio - 16 dager siden
Groot Gaming21
Groot Gaming21 - 16 dager siden
I love this movie!!! I used to watch it with one of my friends who didn’t have a father growing up. Surprisingly it helped him with that very fact.
Valentino Deerpalsing
Valentino Deerpalsing - 17 dager siden
Disney killed this movie with its release dates with other movies
Aidan Horwitz
Aidan Horwitz - 17 dager siden
Make a cinima wins about the hunchback of notre dame!!! Frolo is one of my favorite characters of all time, it's so good the war within him, his inability to understand what is going on with him
Dued12341 - 17 dager siden
Luc Lasher
Luc Lasher - 17 dager siden
They nailed rehashing Treasure Island, Like Treasure Planet asked Treasure Island if he could copy Islands Homework, Island said, "Sure, but make it look different." And Treasure Planet actually did it.
Michael Hall
Michael Hall - 19 dager siden
I'm surprised this wasn't a world in kingdom hearts.
La_Grande_Yeule - 21 dag siden
« Radiation coated cancer-causing comet dust. » comets are mainly composed of ice and metalic dust, so its only snow covering them ;)
Scoonertuna - 21 dag siden
First off, Niles and Daphne were not toxic. In fact, in one of the very rare things ever seen in a sitcom, they actually do address it!
Warhammered - 21 dag siden
Do Atlantis next... please :)
Sentinal1140 - 22 dager siden
Definitely an amazing movie. Does not get the credit it deserves.
DragonLovingGirl6 - 22 dager siden
16:49 Another thing about those pained looks Silver gives Jim. Look closely at him at the moment where Jim is figuring out the map fits into the little dip in the ground as the angry pirates are advancing.
He gives Jim a panicked look. He turns to the rest of his crew, still looking worried. He looks back at Jim, the look on his face suddenly intense and his shoulders tensing up as he raises his arms slightly. I think he was about ready to grab the kid and run there.
YeedleNeedle - 23 dager siden
This movie is so underrated 😭
Its so unique, one of the few where the main character has no love interest, and where the hero and villain (if the cyborg counts as one) actually build a unique relationship from the beginning of the movie. Its hard for the Cyborg to even talk down to Jim cuz Jim is like a son to him. God theres so much I love about this movie, its hard to put it into words.
One more thing: I LOVE how the cyborg has a CGI arm! Its amazing how they included that with the 2d animation to make his character really come to life.
David Winburn
David Winburn - 24 dager siden
Hey, real talk. I agree with your synopsis over jim and Silvers relationship. It is one that comes dangerously close to excusing toxicity. I don't mean to sound like I'm questioning you, but in a movie with a VERY SIMILAR relationship, why does Starlord and Yondu work? Yondu threatened young Starlords life all the time, kidnapped him, and raised him to be a criminal. Despite the reveal that Yondu was protecting him from Ego, it still forgives a lot of abuse and toxicity, even glorifying it in the end with the funeral scene. Is it a case of better writing? Or the PG-13 rating really does it?
Solaire Cat
Solaire Cat - 24 dager siden
This movie was ahead of its time
cain - 25 dager siden
Would love to see you do Atlantis and also the Sinbad movie.
Colleen Schafer
Colleen Schafer - 25 dager siden
I'd love to see a sin/win of Cats Don't Dance
yokyle 4356
yokyle 4356 - 26 dager siden
The beginning of the video the narrator sounds like the elder god from The Legend of Kain series
X.A.N.A - 27 dager siden
I’ve always respected how they made the decision to have Jim’s dad just flat out leave. Not disappear mysteriously on an adventure, not die, not sacrifice himself or something, just flat out “I’m leaving forever, bye”
Not only is that far more realistic and honestly pretty relatable (more people can say they’ve had parents go through a divorce than a parent dying when young), but it makes Silver’s half truth/half manipulation of Jim feel way more believable.
If Jim’s dad had just died as he did in the original story, you would have had a character who was well aware of what parental love was and could see through some of Silver’s bullshit. But Silver giving him that pep talk after Arrow dies is so, so much better.
Pope Mcgrope
Pope Mcgrope - 27 dager siden
You keep saying you want a remake...but the truth is I don’t want anything else but this movie.
Nathan Hendricks
Nathan Hendricks - 27 dager siden
Just think. If they released this movie in the summer instead of the middle of Winter, and didnt put it against harry potter the trailer spoiling the movie wouldnt habe mattered and it wouldve been very populer
James Blyde
James Blyde - 28 dager siden
This was a great movie that Disney took out behind the shed and gave the Old Yeller treatment. I only discovered it in 2014 but I remember watching movies and seeing the advertisement for Treasure Planet. I remember not seeing it in theatres because it was either this or Harry Potter.
Tristan Guardia
Tristan Guardia - 28 dager siden
It’s one of my favorite animated movie. The story, the music and the lessons it teach you
CrystalOtaku93 - 28 dager siden
This. Movie. Is. AWESOME
Jake River
Jake River - 29 dager siden
I loved this movie so much as a kid and I don’t know why but this is just amazing also flying through space on pirate ships
Gradyolson - 29 dager siden
This is a great review. Watch Breadswords video on it. He goes into much more detail and yeah just check it out.
ZeDarkEnigma - 29 dager siden
My favourite Disney movie
Morning Dusk
Morning Dusk - 29 dager siden
I feel like this is one of those movies I would bother to see in theaters if Disney bothered to do a live-action remake of it. It was one of my favorite childhood movies, and is one of those movies that seems prime to update with modern technology. My only fear is that they'll give it the Lion King treatment and pull all the beautiful colors out of it, mixed with a Cats-esque captain. Basically, they need to bring in the crew who did Thor Ragnarok, and tell them to go wild. They'd also have the added benefit of relatively few sets, with the main one just being the RLS Legacy. it would be very easy for them to drop into the uncanny valley with many of the aliens, but if anyone can pull it off, it's Disney.
Aichi Toshiki
Aichi Toshiki - Måned siden
Mitchell Mitting
Mitchell Mitting - Måned siden
I loved this movie as a kid. Just loved it.
pyrosianheir - Måned siden
Man that 10-dollar word counter could've easily been MUCH bigger. XD
I'll never forgive Disney for what they did to Treasure Planet, just throwing it out to die just because they thought traditional animation couldn't succeed. If it weren't for my love of Marvel, I'd try to ensure that they never got a dollar out of me again. Not that that would really matter to them; they've got more than enough money coming in to not even notice my money not being there. Just the principle of the thing.
Willow Wisp
Willow Wisp - Måned siden
Oh man, I loved this movie so much.
Brooks Hyde
Brooks Hyde - Måned siden
8:29 This scene freaked me out so much as a kid.
hilary witt
hilary witt - Måned siden
The one Disney movie that would actually benefit from being rebooted.
Lysander .O.C.
Lysander .O.C. - Måned siden
Talk about the workprint if you find it
Lysander .O.C.
Lysander .O.C. - Måned siden
I fucking love this movie, i want the workprint, i was born just a little over two years after this film came out
Jacquey Muse
Jacquey Muse - Måned siden
I love love love this movie
fernando mihalyi
fernando mihalyi - Måned siden
If I'm not mistaken "Pleiades" should be the name of a constellation formed by 7 stars.
Mazie Clark
Mazie Clark - Måned siden
I watched Treasure Planet literally tonight, and my favorite part was all the space details and such, like the stars and the explosions and stuff it’s all just really pretty to me and I know that actual space is even more beautiful, but I appreciate what they did TvT.
Ryan .J
Ryan .J - Måned siden
There's only one good thing about this movie, and it's this movie.
Grell sutcliff
Grell sutcliff - Måned siden
I love this story this movie its just simply amazing
AlphamonXII - Måned siden
I’m 11 and I love this movie, the imagery is so good
Elite Snowman king
Elite Snowman king - Måned siden
Treasure planet is set in the far future ranging from the year 10,000= during the 100th century
When the robot from the junkyard said he hasn't felt good in 100 years mabey what he really meant was 100 centuries ????
Fraser Laird
Fraser Laird - Måned siden
Everything Great About Titan A.E.
Lightning Raven
Lightning Raven - Måned siden
Man I love Treasure Planet! It’s my favorite Disney movie! Thank you for this video!
Graham Cornwell
Graham Cornwell - Måned siden
This needs a reboot!
Graham Cornwell
Graham Cornwell - Måned siden
Why did Disney bailed on this?! >=O
wesley khan8
wesley khan8 - Måned siden
treasure planet and Atlantis are the best disney movies ... fight me in the parking lot
LV Kyle
LV Kyle - Måned siden
After watching EVERY Disney movie, I only revisited a dozen of them and this is one of the best animated movies from Disney period. (Frozen is gross)
The Heartless Hero 2077
The Heartless Hero 2077 - Måned siden
I hear Disney is going bankrupt now...
William Winder
William Winder - Måned siden
9:27 The color orange got it's name from the fruit. Not the other way around. Before then orange was just a shade of red.
simon olsen
simon olsen - Måned siden
I still have it on dvd
Brian the Trainer
Brian the Trainer - Måned siden
Don't forget the Leon Kennedy
hugo brutus
hugo brutus - Måned siden
Emily Provance
Emily Provance - Måned siden
This movie pin points both the day I became obsessed with sci-fi, and the day I learned I have daddy issues lol.
Phoenix - Måned siden
Things I appreciate EVEN MORE about this movie after all these years:
1. Already loved the animation the first time I saw it, but now that 2D is something of a rarity I appreciate even more how much love and care was put into the details. There are so many different types of creatures with all different body types in this movie, and they all move so well! And the expressions on characters during some of the more poignant scenes shows how complicated their inner emotions are - it isn't just straight anger or sadness or one thing, it's a mix of things that let you see exactly what they're thinking. Incredible.
2. The music is gorgeous. Not so much the featured vocal songs, though they aren't bad. But the instrumental pieces in this, from the harrowing moments to the echoing strings in the background of quieter scenes in space, are just perfect. They add another layer to the movie you can't even see the first time through.
3. [Unlike the beginning of this video...🙄😤] This film does not talk down to kids. It's for them, sure, but it holds them to a higher standard and doesn't dumb things down. Sure, there's fart jokes and cute alien pets, but also scientific references and a lot of grey area content they actually have to consider deeply. It treats them just like people, and as a kid I loved any film that would do that.
4. In addition to the stellar 2D animation (geddit? Stellar? No? I'll see myself out), the 3d animation integration is incredibly well done. It's got a 2D style focus in mind and doesn't stand out from the rest of the movie like a sore thumb, but instead used to enhance the actual technical gadgets in the film, like maps and hovercraft, etc. Even B.E.N the robot as a partial 3D character fits this. Technology applied to technology, which is ingenious.
So basically, as someone who grew up loving art, machinery, sci-fi and knowledge, an animated movie set in space with a technology focus and a vocabulary count higher than a MENSA exam was MY movie 💖💖❤👍💖❤
Alexander Supertramp
Alexander Supertramp - Måned siden
Easily the most underrated Disney movie, along with Atlantis.
CD Project Dank
CD Project Dank - Måned siden
This is one of the classics we all need to rewatch to fully appreciate it. We should petition to get it back into theaters
Ghostly Space
Ghostly Space - Måned siden
The Nightmare before Christmas is also a good movie to go over
Cryptic Synth97
Cryptic Synth97 - Måned siden
I used to own this on VHS
Evan Safin Bhuiyan
Evan Safin Bhuiyan - Måned siden
Gorro 4 arms dude?
Mk anyone?
Blue Cloud
Blue Cloud - Måned siden
This was a movie I watched when I was younger, the big words ALWAYS had context with them so I didn’t need to understand what they were saying but I knew what they meant? Now that I’m looking at how well they did this I appreciate it so much more!
Rhyan 018
Rhyan 018 - Måned siden
Can you please do road to Eldorado?
dalmatianduck1 - Måned siden
how about atlantis as a next one same style cell shades with cg blends, still think tressure planet is better at it or maybe aw inspireing
Agente Jack The Werehog AKA The Jedi Lord
It is too fucking long
Rebecca Michael
Rebecca Michael - Måned siden
If I could've been able to see Treasure Planet in theaters, I would've. Only problem is it came out in 2002 and I was only 4.
S De Vreese
S De Vreese - Måned siden
Please do Disney's Dinosaur
Ariana Zeeman
Ariana Zeeman - Måned siden
i'm so glad this movie is finally getting love. i grew up with it and it will always be one of my favorites
MWSin1 - Måned siden
Dogs and cats, living together. Mass hysteria!