Everything GREAT About Transformers!

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This is a re-upload from 2017! The first Transformers was the last time most people didn't totally hate the Transformers films. So here's everything right with Transformers.
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Film og animasjon
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CinemaWins - 7 måneder siden
If I sound a little weird it's because this video is originally from 2017! It was blocked worldwide, so we re-edited and here it is! Also, for those that guessed Knives Out was this week, you were right. "Stuff" came up and the video got a little bigger, so that will be next week!
LEGO_VINNY 13 - 28 dager siden
Do cinema wins for all the movies
Mike188 - Måned siden
My bad, this is recent...
Mike188 - Måned siden
Where’s everything great about transformers Rotf, Dotm, Aoe and Tlk?
blufox9000 - Måned siden
This movie deserved a win off for killing jazz. And every other movie deserves to lose or win for killing off popular Autobots.
j2323j - 2 måneder siden
This page is Fire 🔥💯
skullman2033 - 15 timer siden
2:43 ......i like the volkswagon
Brendan C Royal
Brendan C Royal - 2 dager siden
Try doing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon
Sebastian Fontanez
Sebastian Fontanez - 3 dager siden
Death Machine
Death Machine - 4 dager siden
Well he said yessir So I had to like it
shark _
shark _ - 6 dager siden
please do the original transformers movie
Bentley Otto
Bentley Otto - 7 dager siden
The first Transformers movie is fucking awesome.
Nugget545 - 7 dager siden
Fun fact: Jazz’s alt mode does not exist. He is a hardtop Pontiac Solstice, which was basically made for the movie.
tronilicious 627
tronilicious 627 - 7 dager siden
You forgot to mention one of Optimus best lines “at the end of this day, One shall stand, One shall fall.”
Brandon Vega
Brandon Vega - 8 dager siden
Everything great about Transformers

*Megan Fox*
Masked 102
Masked 102 - 9 dager siden
I like all the Transformers movies. This one is great.
Kyraptor - 9 dager siden
It's the sound design that does it for me in transformers. So cool
Quinn Hill
Quinn Hill - 10 dager siden
G1 optimus and bayberse optimus are voiced by Peter cullen
Sentinal1140 - 11 dager siden
The thing I love most about these movies is that they took such a drastic departure from the cartoon designs.
Legacy Of The Beast Eddie
Legacy Of The Beast Eddie - 12 dager siden
The fact that you have made a video on this and TMNT, but not Bad Boys, makes me want to take a win off.
The Khan
The Khan - 12 dager siden
No linkin park win means the video is cancelled
Ogpopcornbag 909
Ogpopcornbag 909 - 12 dager siden
can you please make a second one please this video was amazing
AudiRan - 12 dager siden
story was meh action was a bit chaotic but I just want to see huge ass robots doing huge ass robot things
Hi Hi
Hi Hi - 13 dager siden
Transformers 1 2 3 and 4 were amazing 5 was a letdown
69 killer
69 killer - 13 dager siden
The only thing I have against the Transformers movies is that they killed Ironhide
keagan hasselquist
keagan hasselquist - 13 dager siden
Dude you should have said something about the f-22 raptors
MyHeroBeastE - 14 dager siden
My middle name is Shia I’ve never knew that it was him until today
DOYOUEVEN SkateBRO - 14 dager siden
No win for the score ?
Rogue Guardian
Rogue Guardian - 15 dager siden
Can you please do Bumblebee?
Jon Lopez
Jon Lopez - 16 dager siden
Do Nacho Libre!!!
Danielle Montamat
Danielle Montamat - 17 dager siden
PLEASE do the other movies
LEGOmAs3r21 The 1st
LEGOmAs3r21 The 1st - 18 dager siden
Where are the wins for Linkin Park you missed about 115 wins there
Brenonon - 19 dager siden
thank you
limetaker - 19 dager siden
shia wearing a strokes shirt has to be a win
DeadEnigma LL
DeadEnigma LL - 20 dager siden
Idk about you but my heart is the same age as me
Chris Rosa
Chris Rosa - 20 dager siden
What I like, and what I think other people might not notice, is that close up shots of the Transformers are almost always lower than them, which gives the feeling like you’re there watching this shit going on. There are very little shots of them where the camera is higher than they are.
Chris Rosa
Chris Rosa - 20 dager siden
I thought it was such a dick move that Megatron calls Optimus “Prime.” Prime is a title! Not his name! It’s like if two sergeants were fighting and one of them was calling the other sergeant the whole time.
Soviet Spartan
Soviet Spartan - 21 dag siden
As A kid I used to love this movie
Ethan Berg
Ethan Berg - 21 dag siden
Hearing the intro to "What I've Done"... RIP Chester.
MMJ F - 21 dag siden
I don't get why movie hate onheae movies by saying.... "blank doesn't care about realism or physics or logic"
Me personally I don't watch these movies for logic or realism or physics.... I watch them for entertainment and a good time
Godzilla Aka gojira
Godzilla Aka gojira - 22 dager siden
Also their music is fire as hell
Enrique Romero
Enrique Romero - 22 dager siden
miT - 23 dager siden
Robot do boom boom (+100)
Green Man Productions
Green Man Productions - 23 dager siden
I remember seeing this in theatres back when I was in like second grade and I remember absolutely loving it
lek slkr
lek slkr - 23 dager siden
Discord notification at 7:48?
Venom Orious
Venom Orious - 24 dager siden
Just realized he mentioned trying to "Melt down" the dead transformers
*Glances over to Age of Extinction*
I think they stole one of your ideas Lee
Jazrejalde 78
Jazrejalde 78 - 24 dager siden
"some of the most impressive cgi I've ever seen! The lighting and reflections and surfaces are all so realistic!"
well, yeah. Until Michael Bay wasted that potential in the later tf movies...
GAVINLETSPLAY109 Gaming - 24 dager siden
Blackout wrecks an entire base and throws tanks around like nothing buts sent to the allspark by a few guys shooting at him. Then comes back to life gets taller then his heads ripped in half dang.
ROBERT NEWTON - 24 dager siden
why is he apologizing to shia lebouf
Kyle Campion
Kyle Campion - 25 dager siden
1 The CGI
2 the soundtrack
3 story
Alex Banks
Alex Banks - 26 dager siden
Ok, I don't like the movies but the characters with individual designs look amazing
Omega Square
Omega Square - 27 dager siden
This movie came out when I was 2 and I’ve watched all of the transformers movies they my not be the best but they are the reason I’m wishing to become a fighter pilot
PH5121 - 27 dager siden
One of the things i disliked about the earlier Transformers movies was that humans could beat the Transformers with special rounds. I only wanted to see the Transformers fight or what was the point?
hecker Hecker
hecker Hecker - 27 dager siden
Allow mw to rank these movies
1 dark of the moon
2 revenge of the fallen
3 age of extinction
4 transformers
5 the last knight
just saying I like all of these movies and would watch all of them for the rest of my life except for the last knight that one can burn
LEGO_VINNY 13 - 28 dager siden
Do all the movies
Johnny ATV
Johnny ATV - 28 dager siden
Full speed transformations is one of my favorite things in these movies
Janis Der aller echte
Janis Der aller echte - 29 dager siden
7:46 | 7:49 Discord ?
Jackson Lake
Jackson Lake - 29 dager siden
"To punish and enslave"
The most accurate depiction of the police ever.
Custom Blame
Custom Blame - 29 dager siden
Released on my bday
Basically the only present i got (even tho it wasnt for me)
Thomas SalaS
Thomas SalaS - 29 dager siden
Hey no point for the score?arrival to the Earth it was great and also scoroonok
That one missing plane in bermuda
"Megatron!" "Prime!"
"Naruto!" "Sasuke!" wait wut?
Tanmay Kokkula
Tanmay Kokkula - Måned siden
I love the Transformers movies because even though the story is trash, its just dumb fun that I can enjoy
The Raging Retard
The Raging Retard - Måned siden
Rip jazz,ive said this 100 times
Rober _MEME
Rober _MEME - Måned siden
Fun fact: the kids who watched transformers were probably 10 year olds while watching the 80's cartoon, that means they were born in around 1970 and that also means that the avarage age of the kids who watched transformers g1 are now around 50 years old
Mi Lady
Mi Lady - Måned siden
I’ll admit I loved this more wheh I was younger but after seeing why people don’t like I began to see why and now I’ve made my own opinion being I really like the first 3 movies and the 4th to an extent but it’s the 5th one that I really didn’t like, that said my favourite of the 5 has to be...well the 2nd one actually
Directors Choice
Directors Choice - Måned siden
The first few Transformer films were soo good. With the Lincoln Park songs
Fahd Alaoui
Fahd Alaoui - Måned siden
Finally :)
Evangeline Vaona
Evangeline Vaona - Måned siden
I miss Transformers. I started watching them when I was like 5-6, I love it so much.
Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz
Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz - Måned siden
The Transformers are our guilty pleasure
KutThroatKOB - Måned siden
So at 11:52 that ain’t Paris Hilton?💀
Kreuinos - Måned siden
Do revenge of the fallen or dark of the moon
Dreymac - Måned siden
Cinemawins could you do all the transformers films??
GHOSTBYTE - Måned siden
DO THE REVENGE OF THE FALLEN, DARK OF THE MOON AND BUMBLEBEE PLEASE!!! (Don't do Age of Extinction and The Last Knight tho...)
Samurai Buu
Samurai Buu - Måned siden
There was a cartoon
Da Demon Monkey
Da Demon Monkey - Måned siden
Hey a cool little detail Jazz is the bravest of the Autobots. When Megatron showed up Jazz fought him guns high and chest up, Starscream showed up Jazz fought up close, when devastator showed up Jazz started fucking shit up. He didn't care for the glory as much as he wanted to make sure he stayed to protect his team little point just for Jazz
80s pianist
80s pianist - Måned siden
So in my opinion transformers is a good trilogy. We don’t speak about extinction or last knight, those don’t exist. See I grew up watching these films so yes I have a major bias towards them but they are great thrillers and fun to watch. Yes there are some odd scenes like the whole pointless change scene in revenge of the fallen and some pointless secondary characters that don’t do anything for the plot but if you see the movies just to have fun that stuff is passable. When it comes to my ranking for the “trilogy” I have a tough time ranking them since transformers one is an all around great movie, transformers two is pure action and has the best battle in the entire series and some really cool characters like sideswipe, and transformers three has an interesting plot with great villains and in my opinion the two most brutal deaths in the franchise (iron hide rusting away, and que an old man getting brutally slaughtered). Although I’m impartial to all three I would have to rate them transformers one, three, and two.
EldestDragon - 10 dager siden
Extinction was fine imo, it improved on the character front with more of the Autobots having actual personalities. The Last Knight was horrid though.
Harry Jones
Harry Jones - Måned siden
Is it bad that i watched this movie when i was 5?
HorseGamer 101
HorseGamer 101 - Måned siden
Wait! The transformers where CGI????? I thought they were freaking real!
TheLipizi - 22 dager siden
Are you 4?
Christian Hitt
Christian Hitt - Måned siden
Well tbh i would much rather have a old camero than a porche, porches are very nice cats but a old American v8 is what I love best
Hayden Gordon
Hayden Gordon - Måned siden
They should have ended it after revenge of he fallen tbh, even if the next few movies were great.
minecraftia xpertman20045
minecraftia xpertman20045 - Måned siden
It really good movie man
Connor Vernon
Connor Vernon - Måned siden
I love all the films no matter how bad the last 2 were
BISANTE Movch - Måned siden
For my opinion this is the only great part of Michael Bay transformers series
TheDHCreator - Måned siden
Please please please do the four other sequels and Bumblebee!!! I need some more Transformers CinemaWins videos! XD
Yoohoo - Måned siden
I loved these movies as a kid
- shamanbrush -
- shamanbrush - - Måned siden
Can’t wait to see Everything Great About Bumblebee!
Victor Acosta
Victor Acosta - Måned siden
Peter Cullen is always a win.
Prime - Måned siden
I think we all can agree that after this and james camerons avatar cgi got SO much better.
Degg - Måned siden
I believe Transformers movies are more to be watched just to have fun instead of expecting a good story or something like that
Gucci Bucci
Gucci Bucci - Måned siden
" Nothing is gonna stop Bay" man i wish. Didnt he drop the series?
live stream gaming
live stream gaming - Måned siden
Watching 2020 and i still love these movies. 5:48 have done and can attest... More painful than it looks. 10:08 he did a really good job even though he phoned all his dialogue in.
Orthus Games
Orthus Games - Måned siden
9:21 I legitimately never thought about this but he's right, at the point in the series when this movie came out, the there were not any going autobots.
noah Eglin
noah Eglin - Måned siden
You forgot to add the “all hail megatron” scene that was bad ass
noah Eglin
noah Eglin - Måned siden
Honestly tf tlk is shit but the first 3 transformers are amazing
BY and JY Bros
BY and JY Bros - Måned siden
Wait a minute I don't see turn Megatron apart or Melt him
Frosty Gamer
Frosty Gamer - Måned siden
I just hate that they killed off my favorite transformer 🥺why’d you have to kill Jazz 🥺🥺🥺
Aidan Preuss
Aidan Preuss - Måned siden
You can't deny that Michael bay is very good at his job
Doomopolis - Måned siden
before time began there was *t h e c u b e*
Krispy Cream
Krispy Cream - Måned siden
Fun fact: the bumble bee chase scene with barricade is a reference to the ford and chevy rivalry with the mustang and Camero
Loud - Måned siden
Yeah yeah yeah megatron megatron megatron me in a nutshell
Christopher Hodges
Christopher Hodges - Måned siden
I think people rip a lot on Transformers because of how some of the bots were designed. The first three films were okay, decent action, a cohesive story, and you feel like it is a whole process of "they won the battle but not the war". Age of Extinction and Last Night however are pretty terrible. The only good thing about age of extinction was we finally got to see the Dinobots in live action. Last Knight was even worse due it trying to suddenly add in lore to the films and also trying to put the idea in that Bumblebee was around during world war 2
1kDanRue - Måned siden
Use my comment as a "Yes" button for CinemaWins Transformers saga videos!
nik - Måned siden
these were the movies that introduced me to the transformers franchise when I was a kid, so they'll always hold a special place in my heart. nothing brings me more joy than hearing optimus prime's speeches as a linkin park song starts playing in the background
Angela Gave
Angela Gave - Måned siden
Remember transformers g1
Shadow - Måned siden
anyone see that remake of the cartoon on netflix ? you havent good they misporttrayed optimus so badly