Everything GREAT About Tomb Raider!

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Tomb Raider! A reboot of some movies based on old video games that were rebooted more recently. Really it's just a film adaptation of the 2013 Tomb Raider, but that was more fun to say. Some people loved it, some people thought it gave them cancer. Here's everything right with Tomb Raider!
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Runtime: 15:52


crowe - Måned siden
Idk how I just discovered this channel but thank you so much for this video!! This movie and the new Lara means so much to me, so it's nice to see other people appreciating it as well.
Joe Cool
Joe Cool - Måned siden
Apart from Alicia this move was frustrating and shite
Pyro The Engineer
Pyro The Engineer - Måned siden
2:22 something about that beard makes me think that if a zombie apocalypse happens, he'll be playing videogames in his best friend's shed.
Orthus Games
Orthus Games - Måned siden
Honestly my only annoyance with this film is that it didn't bring in Lara's extremely versatile climbing axe. You know the one that can act as a climbing axe, a pry bar, a melee weapon, and a grappling hook... But honestly I really liked this movie, and it did follow the 2013 reboot pretty close. All in all this is one of the best Tomb Raider movies I've seen and one of the better video game movies.
Ignuz - Måned siden
Best opinion? So you wouldn't mind casting Tom Hardy as Black Panther? Or are black fictional characters immune from the anti historically accurate depiction ideology? How about make a movie about Harriet Tubman, but make her white? Or change Captain Marvel to a guy? Your opinion is not the best because it has no respect for history. Laura Croft has ALWAYS been a barbie - not a bad thing, respect it. Captain Marvel is a chick - respect that. Black Panther is a black dude - respect that. Batman is a buff, smart dude - Robert Pattinson is neither of those things (bad casting). Your opinion doesn't have any regard for the past and that's a problem. It's the equivalent of building a skyscrapet with no base or trying to change the base after the skyscraper is already built - it will fall.
Kevin Kedrovsky
Kevin Kedrovsky - 2 måneder siden
Love the "Badlands" reference.
Pdrew - 2 måneder siden
Can’t it match the charm of the og, no.
Is it fun and enjoyable movie on its own as a separate movie yes, will there be a sequel, hope so
The O Man
The O Man - 2 måneder siden
14:35 I think you mean could be gayer
Princess Pain33
Princess Pain33 - 2 måneder siden
I love Alicia as lara . Only wish they had jonah in the movie .
Rose Bud
Rose Bud - 3 måneder siden
This movie made the 2013 game more of a point now i fell for the character becuase of the 2001 form
Imperial Loyalist
Imperial Loyalist - 3 måneder siden
They ruined the ended for me. They took the supernatural out of it which was an instant mood killer in my opinion.
KarateKitty 5000
KarateKitty 5000 - 4 måneder siden
Alicia Vikander did a great job as Lara, and the movie as a whole was really good. What I love is that although it's more like the new Tomb Raider games (More survivor like) they pay homage to her roots at the end of the film when she (SPOILERS) gets her iconic dual pistols.
Liam Green
Liam Green - 4 måneder siden
Full disclosure, I've never actually played any of the games, and my knowledge of the series is limited.
(Don't judge me—gaming is fun, but it is an _expensive_ hobby).
Anyway I totally agree with you on how they toned down whole Barbie-doll-proportions/sex symbol thing.
I think that's what made this adaptation really stand apart, in my mind, from the Jolie films.
Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the Jolie duology. But compared to the Vikander reboot, they really milked the sex appeal of Lara's character.
Ferdinand Zebua
Ferdinand Zebua - 4 måneder siden
Interesting that some sins when viewed from a different light becomes wins...
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow - 5 måneder siden
pls do a video on everything great about the magnificent seven
Shutter Dragonfly
Shutter Dragonfly - 5 måneder siden
Ooh my god I can't believe that you referred to him as Boyd Crowder!! It's awesome to know that you also think about Justified when you see him!!
Binod Shrestha
Binod Shrestha - 5 måneder siden
Well, she is absolutely shredded, but she's got more than 5% body fat, close to about 11 to 14.
Now I think about it, why did it write this comment?
And, I'm still writing.
WhoDarestheMAN gamer
WhoDarestheMAN gamer - 5 måneder siden
Vikander was the only good part about this. The script was fucking rubbish.
ShockTheOne - 6 måneder siden
Am I the only one that forgot these movies existed ? They’re still great tho
superpal43 - 6 måneder siden
Glad I wasn’t alone in enjoying the movie, even if I would’ve loved a bit more fleshing out... And commercial success for that sequel!!
Joseph Cirrincone
Joseph Cirrincone - 6 måneder siden
She has the looks and pretty much everything to be for the 2013 movie
Ethan Croft
Ethan Croft - 6 måneder siden
No, James Bond can't be black.
Rita Gomes
Rita Gomes - 6 måneder siden
Everything good about this movie: ''She is HOT''.
Everything bad about this movie: ''The movie itself''
And it didnt took me 15 minutes...
Agentcarefree - 6 måneder siden
I'm happy to hear someone else enjoys the tomb raider games as much as me
Raven Stromdans
Raven Stromdans - 6 måneder siden
Man, how do you make me have feels for movies I haven 't even seen and have no emotional connection to? HOW. IS. THAT. POSSIBLE!?
Dani - 6 måneder siden
I don't know where this channel's been all my life but I NEED this optimism every day! Thank you! And I also need a sequel to this movie
Steven York
Steven York - 6 måneder siden
Jack Smith
Jack Smith - 6 måneder siden
Do the hobbit trilogy
ASmallNerdInABigWorld - 6 måneder siden
I think I'm in love with Alicia Vikander.
Also 14:34 please don't remind me of Ruby Rose I can only handle one incredibly talented, dedicated and engaging (and insanely hot) actress per video
NZ88 - 6 måneder siden
I've actually just played Rise of the Tomb Raider on the PS4,
And I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and even though it's not that great because video game plots and characters don't really translate well to film, but it is very much entertaining
There are scenes in the movie that gave me flashbacks to sections of the game and it got me grinning
Echriri - 6 måneder siden
Just fount this channel a couple of days ago (the endgame one) and started to watch the lot of them.. your opinion is 99 % my opinion .. so-much so, that my wife said: this channel must made by your doppelgänger (I started saying hahaha... yes..yes..yes..in the cinemas and didn't stop for air). I really like the way you say..To like is better than to hate.. I so agree.. Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Star Trek, Sony, Disney.. Why choose.. the more the merrier.. btw you should do a Hobbs & Shaw one as soon as possible..
SeeLann - 6 måneder siden
this man can make any movie feel like a masterpeice
ANINDITA OJHA - 6 måneder siden
0:53 Lara says "supravat"...which is a bengali word and the meaning is good morning
jamiereed254 - 6 måneder siden
"Who knew Gilead could get worse" haaaa handmaids tale reference. Loved it.
Anonov Himnov
Anonov Himnov - 6 måneder siden
She says "Shubh Prabhat" which translates to "Good Morning" in Hindi!
Emma Esplin
Emma Esplin - 6 måneder siden
Not seeing enough appreciation for Bajie and Sunny in the comments!!
Jordan Agutter
Jordan Agutter - 6 måneder siden
It’s not really a faithful adaptation of the reboot game, it’s basically just the location that’s the same
George Hamilton
George Hamilton - 6 måneder siden
15:16 Does anyone know what request this was?
George Hamilton
George Hamilton - 6 måneder siden
11:14 Hah hah, does she glance up at the camera for a moment?
George Hamilton
George Hamilton - 6 måneder siden
Pff, some of these wins aren't actually wins.
George Hamilton
George Hamilton - 6 måneder siden
Oh, something else they ruined from the game series is Richard's vindication in his search for the supernatural. Lara used to resent her father's memory because of his neglect of her for his search for magic, and Richard was actually disgraced in the field of archaeology because of this work, but once Lara witnesses the supernatural for herself, she comes to respect her father's dedication and make peace with his memory. But this movie's Richard is made out to be a misguided weirdo who still neglected Lara because he couldn't handle the loss of his wife.
George Hamilton
George Hamilton - 6 måneder siden
At least the action and acting in this movie are really good.
George Hamilton
George Hamilton - 6 måneder siden
My favorite scene from this movie is the fox hunt, which has nothing to do with the actual storyline.
George Hamilton
George Hamilton - 6 måneder siden
I just wish that they stuck to the source material. It feels like the really fascinating, original, and evocative aspects of the game were bastardized and watered down for no reason.
11:43 That isn't true, by the way.
Crystal Wang
Crystal Wang - 7 måneder siden
I’m a little upset that Sam wasn’t in the movie because their dynamic was interesting in the game and led to real heartache later on. Also the two had great potential for Lara Croft being attracted to woman but that’s just me.
MsWillowbayOrelse - 7 måneder siden
They announced a second movie which is woot
Alex Gee
Alex Gee - 7 måneder siden
Yamatai run in less that 12 Nautical miles 🤣😂🤣😂
Average Austin
Average Austin - 7 måneder siden
I'm glad someone else knows of the show into the badlands it's extremely underrated
Emma Esplin
Emma Esplin - 6 måneder siden
Roger Warton
Roger Warton - 7 måneder siden
I was trying to figure out where I have seen her acting and I realise she was in The Man from UNCLE
David Pitts
David Pitts - 7 måneder siden
I have a feeling the sequel will have actually supernatural elements revealed and be central to the plot.
Lucas Wales
Lucas Wales - 7 måneder siden
A win for Alicia Vikanders workout routine
Face Man
Face Man - 7 måneder siden
Wait, there was a "new" tomb raider movie?
zotharr - 7 måneder siden
Wow, I completely forget that there was a Tomb Raider remake
jdzencelowcz - 7 måneder siden
Who else wants to see Alicia Vikander play Bastila Shan in a Star Wars old republic movie?
Frantachy - 7 måneder siden
Realizing this video is a year and a half old, I did have something I wanted to throw out regarding this film as an adaptation and my biggest problem with it:
It's both too close and not close enough to the first Tomb Raider reboot game. It suffers HARD from adaptation decay, having very much "the same story but worse", tweaking entire story elements for seemingly no reason to something that's less compelling than what the game already had. Not even as far as I can tell in a better-for-the-screen vs video game narrative changes, just ... weirdly unnecessarily different. And otherwise like +50% of the movie is almost 1:1 taken from the game. The whole escape - log - river - plane - chute - injured alone in the forest thing is a sequence you play through near the beginning of the game.
Anyway, basically my thoughts on it were that it was a solidly "fine" movie that seemed like it could have been a lot better except for some weird decision making and almost taking the wrong elements from the game to adapt so faithfully; had it been less explicitly setpieced from the game (the end was different, and worked fine anyway) and borrowed more from the game narrative ... and just had better dialogue and pacing overall it could I think have been easily the best video game film adaptation to date at time of release (debatably still, and I'm writing this in 2020).
iam_ heroic_art
iam_ heroic_art - 7 måneder siden
Oh my gosh, how many into the Badlands references can you have? 😂😂😂 time to do episode by episode 👍🏻👍🏻
Jaxson Cruz
Jaxson Cruz - 8 måneder siden
I am going to order the film and hope to show it to some of my friends
1:17 💟🔥💃🎬
👇 👇 👇 👇 👇🧡
Bioluminex - 8 måneder siden
I thought they did quite well with this rendition. It plays tribute to the odd bit and bob from the classic titles, and has fun with the story from the 2013 game. I liked Vikander in the role.
Norbert Jaworski
Norbert Jaworski - 8 måneder siden
Biedaku ale cię podrapali😂
keith yount
keith yount - 8 måneder siden
I wanted a sequal
SilverSpoon01 - 8 måneder siden
Don't know why the stinger teaser had her picking up the exact same guns that Angelina Croft used in her first movie. This has absolutely no tie in to that story. And didn't the original game Lara use a pair of Beretta 9mms?
kshamwhizzle - 8 måneder siden
Alicia Vikander becoming a stone badass for this role *DINGDINGDINGDING*

I mean seriously. that woman is amazing and shame to the millionth degree on any of the dickheads on the internet that were all "hEr BoDy iS tOo mAsCuLiNE."
Erskin Hansen
Erskin Hansen - 8 måneder siden
If you’ve played the game that came out ahead of the movie you won’t be impressed with this movie. At least not outside of the casting and 1-2 sets that mirror the game.
Jordy - 8 måneder siden
Well they've put themselves in a good spot for an adaptation of Rise and Shadow honestly, and they just took on the aspects of the first movie which were important for the later ones. I mean all the characters like Sam and Reyes were dropped like dead weight after the first game. Yes I would've liked more survival scenes instead of the scenes with Richard, but hey. We got Ana and Trinity already as known entities going into the sequel. That has the potential to be a lot more coherent than the games. We also might get more in depth survival scenes in Siberia next time around and it won't really be a redo. Plus there's a lot of cool nods, the shipwreck, getting knocked out on the beach, the hidden room at the manor from the DLC, the pickaxe, the first kill, the bow sequences, the waterfall sequence, the Endurance, Yamatai, Himiko, none of it is exactly like the game, but it's not like they weren't trying. And they've promised supernatural elements for the sequel as well, so she'll proof that Richard was right. ;)
Caitlin Louise
Caitlin Louise - 8 måneder siden
It wasn’t really all that accurate to the game it was a kinda weird mash up of the first and second games
Jordy - 8 måneder siden
And the second movie is doing that with the other two games. I really liked this movie though, but it would've been way better without Richard.
Bigby Wolf
Bigby Wolf - 9 måneder siden
I fucking hated this movie
J Sandbox
J Sandbox - 9 måneder siden
I love how this movie borrowed so much from the game!
Year of the Cat fan
Year of the Cat fan - 9 måneder siden
you sound rather sarcastic for someone whose supposedly pointing out the good points
Felix 10 games
Felix 10 games - 9 måneder siden
Why does every English speaking person pronounce her name: Alicia Vickander with a ck and not just a k like we do in Sweden! It is funny how the world and languages work!
Cheslyn Prag
Cheslyn Prag - 9 måneder siden
3:26 ohh a "INTO THE BADLANDS" reference...luv it!!!
Snafu - 9 måneder siden
The same stigma that exist for videogame movies once also existed for Comic Book movies.
Original Batman, early 80's Superman III, IV, 90's NInja Turtles 1,2,3, 1940's Capn America, Red Sonja, 90's Fantastic 4, Tank Girl, Barbed Wire, Supergirl, STEEL, Batman & Robin, 89 Punisher, League of Extra. Gentleman (I only know of ONE person who likes this movie, and he was a RICER, yeah you Shinji), The Spirit, The Phantom, 95 Judge Dredd, Blade Trilogy, etc.

COMIC BOOK movies were the JOKE of Hollywood. Look at them now. Overrated at times yes. But they owned that stigma for decades.

Videogame adaptations get that stigma now, which in a way are kind of like interactive modern day comic books evolved. People say they're dumb, with dumb stories, but they're not. Some are, but some are amazing characters with amazing potential.

Lara Croft is an amazing character
Last of Us could be spectacular
Halo if it had the budget and right director would be a hell of a space adventure
Uncharted, Because Nathan Drake, and his cohorts are awesome, Chloe, Elena, etc.
Red Dead Redemption
Metal Gear Solid
Mass Effect (not 3)
Knights of the Old Republic 4000 years before New Hope
Assassins Creed (I'm aware of the recent one, and it didn't hold up, not terrible but good either)
Final Fantasy .... maybe. But only as a CGI or anime. Too difficult to put to real life given the context. Advent Children was sweet.

The point is the content is OUT THERE, but who can we trust to give them what they deserve. Will they ever? Maybe if just a few can really get off, it'll set off a wave where studios will dedicate some effort, with quality writers who understand the content.

COMIC BOOK movies had a few good ones, but only recent modern wave of recent success really put them on the train they are on now.

But Hey, I liked Detective Pikachu! :D
Snafu - 9 måneder siden
The the movie have its flaws? Yes.
Is it still fun to watch? yes
Is Vikander a great Lara Croft? Yes

Do I want to see another Lara Movie with Vikander? Oh yeah.
Boekoe - 9 måneder siden
Thx Icelandic air for having this movie on your flight xD
Crit91 - 10 måneder siden
I have watched a few of these videos over and love them as much as I agree with the cliche dodge at the end between Lara and Lu Ren. There is one thing in Hollywood though I would love to see change which is what this cliche dodge has caught my attention to me and its the lack of Asians in prominent roles outside of being a action hero that have better skills punching and kicking or being punched and kicked than actual acting skills.
Starbuck - 10 måneder siden
Alicia is so gorgeous
Ty Scott
Ty Scott - 11 måneder siden
1:07 pppiiippp
Rashad Almomani
Rashad Almomani - 11 måneder siden
It’s not a headlock bro, it’s a rear naked choke, and unlike 99% of other movies, they are actually applying it correctly in this film as taught in submission grappling and not like phony wwe wrestlers.
Curry Flora
Curry Flora - 11 måneder siden
Add another win counter for the commentator knowing enough about Badlands to say Baje.
Frank 9000
Frank 9000 - År siden
i like Alicia Vikander as an actress, but that movie tried so hard but miserably stalled at the starting line.
Agnessa92 - År siden
Please do EGA Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Kokuyous3ki - År siden
So basically the best parts of the movie are those simply copied from the game cinematics. Okay.
Well, I do think the game's story was way better to be honest anyways.
Frederic Mari
Frederic Mari - År siden
Definitely a good adaptation of the game and a decent movie on its own. I liked the virus explanation as opposed to “magic”. I thought it helped with the overall suspension of disbelief (retrospectively) - well, apart from her not breaking every bone in her body several times over...
KingKamron - År siden
You should of taken a few wins of for the fact that the twist is a RIP off of the twist in the first uncharted game.
Lenger - År siden
14:34 wait I'm very confused, I'm supposing you are referencing RWBY? But then I'm not exactly sure th-- ok I'm lost
JustASnell - År siden
5:39 that's a really nice transition from CGI to real
Johnny Nunya
Johnny Nunya - År siden
She's too ugly to be lara, -100
Pushpa Rawat
Pushpa Rawat - År siden
They were speaking Hindi(good morning Lara)
evlredsun - År siden
i normally love the movies you review, and i've defo watched a few based on your episodes. even rewatched a few where you've pointed out stuff i had missed, like, the point in general. and tbh, i have actually enjoyed movies that i had previously despised.
i did enjoy parts of this movie, but most of that enjoyment was superficial. the fox hunt was nice because i've played it before, as the fox. the water cgi was amazing. almost all of the scenes with daniel wu were solid and then some....
but i couldn't get into this one. like. at all. most of the scenes only established one thing, and not very well. do we need to talk about the sloppy main plot point exposition done not once but three times? beautifully shot, well choreographed, solid b character talent, but the first act is way over done without really doing enough world building. not all of us played the 2013 TR game, so the young insecure lara is a bit of a departure from zeitgeist lara. it wasn't until roughly halfway through the movie that i started to get into the character.
the final act sort of got me but more because of the suspense. "oh they found the lady, what now!" i think the director really failed on what was otherwise a good movie. cinematography. great. acting potential, very good, especially for a lot of names no one really knows. cgi, mostly very good apart from the odd scene (cough, the falling plane). alicia really nailed a few scenes while dropping the ball on others.... and i don't blame her, i think the director didn't get the actors to do what was necessary for the scenes. alicia was there acting her heart out, but the direction wasn't there to keep the tone fluid, or to match the other actors (and vice versa). this might even be a step further and be a producer issue... the bane of fandom movies. i wouldn't know. maybe this is writers issue at its core.... i genuinely don't know.
i do hope this doesn't go down as a black mark in alicia's post oscar career because she is defo one to watch for in the next few years, but she needs a bit stronger director in her corner (yay puns). *points emphatically at ex machina* she's got the chops, uthag not so much. i will probably not watch the sequel if he is at the helm. EDIT: just looked it up, it's ben wheatley who i know from doctor who... so, maybe? yay? we'll see.
all in all i just couldn't enjoy this film. most of the dialogue was sloppily written, tonal changes were messy, and my suspension of disbelief just didn't happen. i really wanted to enjoy it.... but i couldn't.
Jordy - 8 måneder siden
Alicia got a lot of praise for this performance and she's back to film the next one. No harm done.
Quake: The destroyer of worlds
That Maze Runner reference!!!
Rowe Productions
Rowe Productions - År siden
And there is now news of a sequel. Yay 🙂
Gloria GI
Gloria GI - År siden
I honestly wouldn't have minded a love story, considering how little Asian representation there is in Hollywood, more so in an interracial capacity. I'm not mad either that they opted out of a budding romance but it feels a bit cheap. It would've been a stronger message if the captain was white, it would've come across more intentional and a true cliché dodge. This way it seems like they played it safe - have an asian co-star, people will be happy about the representation enough that they won't mind the lack of romance
CamTheKitty - År siden
It was always fairly decent, but took too long to get to the Tomb Raider part
Ava - År siden
What's 'not gay enough?!' in reference to?
Rozzy V.
Rozzy V. - År siden
Ruby Rose is the actress playing Batwoman in the CW tv series. She is bisexual. The character she plays is lesbian. Many fans were saying Ruby is not gay enough to play the character.
Psiberzerker - År siden
I'm not sure if he's the badguy, can somebody get him an apple, or something? Can of peaches? I guess that'll do.
WhoDarestheMAN gamer
WhoDarestheMAN gamer - År siden
Actress was ok. Story sucked.
Mehmet Alan
Mehmet Alan - År siden
I did not even now this movie existed. Last Tomb Raider movie I watched had Angelina Jolie in it. This movie looks fine from this video so why was it unknown to me? Were there little to none marketting?
kyaaa - År siden
so this thing just got a sequel and I AM ALL FOR IT. alicia was gritty and badass and fit as fuck (in both meanings of the phrase) as lara croft! 2021 cannot come soon enough!
Adrianne Spring
Adrianne Spring - År siden
I honestly can't connect with this movie. The elegance of Angelina Jolie in the original is too classic & baddass sexy.
Sarah Heringer
Sarah Heringer - År siden
I love Tomb Raider because they are noob friendly. Well, the ps1 one was with Lara's mansion. I only played that part
Not Important
Not Important - År siden
liar... i use machinations all the time
Not Important
Not Important - År siden
this guy is so consistently wrong in his wins/sins that i dread every seeing him agree on a movie with me