Everything GREAT About This Hawk or Something I don't know, this isn't an actual video!

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I'm not getting EGA The Rise of Skywalker Part 2 done today, so I'm just going to publish it on Friday (5/15/2020). Instead, here's something that happened today.
I occasionally fly my drone to discourage hawks from coming into my yard since I've seen them attack a couple of our chickens. (I'd never hurt a hawk, I just assumed the loud noise would be enough to keep them away.) Up until today, I thought it was working, but I found out I was sorely mistaken. This hawk is not afraid of my DJI Mavic Air. Next time I'm going to shoot in 120fps and set up a second camera to shoot the drone.
Chickens are ok! I put them away right after I landed. Hawk was totally fine too. He stalked the yard for 15 minutes after. Pretty confident it's a red-shouldered hawk, but I'm not 100% sure. Even though they're ruthless with our chickens they are gorgeous birds.
Film og animasjon
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Hikari4e - 5 måneder siden
I think that "this hawk or something" is a solid movie, but the protagonist could have really used some more screen time for character development. I mean the action was great but come on, we don't even know the hawk's name!
Ember Phoenix
Ember Phoenix - Måned siden
Mythical Berryclaws I hate to be the one to explain the joke but.... CinemaWins usually talks about what was good in a movie. So everyone is pretending this was a movie.
Flat-On-His-Face - Måned siden
Guys! I just read in Entertainment Weekly Online that they're going to ruin this franchise. The prequel is about the hawk attacking the chickens (and it isn't even from 1st person POV). I mean, c'mon! We already know this happens. If you're going to make a prequel, give us something we don't know. Side note: I feel like they could've used that trick from Chronicle where we see the protagonist in a mirror early on, to cement who we're experiencing the movie through. Other than that, great movie. Hovering among the tree tops gives it a sense of exposure to the protagonist and peril of falling without going too far to be believable.
American Cheese string
American Cheese string - 2 måneder siden
It’s jeroboam
blu the chirping missile
blu the chirping missile - 2 måneder siden
In Sempiternam
In Sempiternam - 4 måneder siden
Playing the pronoun game?
Ace Q
Ace Q - 10 dager siden
Eh, I liked the books better
Jon Lopez
Jon Lopez - 16 dager siden
Do Nacho Libre!!!
Adam N
Adam N - 17 dager siden
0:38 its the video maker guy!
cazuto claw
cazuto claw - 17 dager siden
He should do seven deadly sins movie
Directors Choice
Directors Choice - 19 dager siden
Need one
Directors Choice
Directors Choice - 19 dager siden
Lighting and angles were so good!
geoffishy - Måned siden
Was the hawk ok?
Drastic Turnip15
Drastic Turnip15 - Måned siden
Cinema sins: flies drone
Hawk: in case you didn’t know, you fell into my trap..
Flat-On-His-Face - Måned siden
I've already seen Birds Of Prey!
Trevor L.
Trevor L. - Måned siden
If anyone is curious, this is a Red-shouldered Hawk. It probably has a nest nearby. They can be very territorial (I’ve actually been attacked by one once).
sheller153 - Måned siden
It’s better than Birdemic
Jacky’s Bin
Jacky’s Bin - Måned siden
Wow no one else has made this joke?

birds of prey
William Wassmann
William Wassmann - Måned siden
Still a better fight that Rhaegal vs Viserion
Darksiosa 1200
Darksiosa 1200 - Måned siden
very inspiring
The One Aardvark
The One Aardvark - Måned siden
I'm glad the studio was respectful enough to leave the official footage untouched, wouldn't be nearly as successful if they did.
Tammy T
Tammy T - 2 måneder siden
Spooky Trash Panda
Spooky Trash Panda - 2 måneder siden
Mad max fury road next please
Georginho - 2 måneder siden
this hawks balls are actually on the ground whilst he’s fucking flying
TFmaster 96
TFmaster 96 - 2 måneder siden
hawk would have had the academy award for his roll in this movie, if not for those damn biased judges.
Coy Raig
Coy Raig - 2 måneder siden
Today I learned that you have chickens
Bere18 Random
Bere18 Random - 2 måneder siden
This is a great film about over coming your fears and defending you ground from those who wish to rule your sky’s
Cookie Boi
Cookie Boi - 2 måneder siden
better than most.
Gengarzilla - 2 måneder siden
The Birds of Prey spinoff we didn't know we wanted.
crypticabyss101 - 2 måneder siden
This video was uploaded on my 18th birthday. That has no real significance but i find it interesting, while i was "becoming a man" this drone was getting jumped by a hawk
maechael1916 - 2 måneder siden
That was pretty awesome.
That Batty Fellow
That Batty Fellow - 2 måneder siden
I think that was a Kestrel, as what glimpses we're able to get of its banding and coloration looks pretty spot on for a female kestrel (heavy black banding along the back, wings, and tail mixed with a rich red, and splashes of blue at points, plus that 'teardrop' marking below the eye a lot of Falconids like the Kestrel have.). Very well could have had a nest somewhere nearby and the drone was regarded as a 'threat'.
Finsey Conry-Murray
Finsey Conry-Murray - 2 måneder siden
i dont know if anyone has said this yet, but plain CDs hung over areas where your chickens walk reflect light into diving birds eyes, causing them to turn up and not kill chickens
argella1300 - 2 måneder siden
Yeah it’s probably a red-tailed hawk. They’re the most common hawks in North America and the United States
bobs & vagene
bobs & vagene - 2 måneder siden
This is the closest we'll ever get to a CinemaWins vlog
Fredwerd Something
Fredwerd Something - 2 måneder siden
Hawk see's drone
Hawk: finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary!
Marlon Pineda
Marlon Pineda - 2 måneder siden
Tape knives to it and go for round 2
L G - 2 måneder siden
Possibly a red shouldered hawk.
Glenn Laroche
Glenn Laroche - 2 måneder siden
CinemaWins: flies drone
Hawk: this is NOT open real estate-------------also, did you say chicken??????
John Saunders
John Saunders - 2 måneder siden
Okay, I'm really curious about who wrote that instrumental piece in the video. Anybody happen to know? (Yes, I really love instrumental music, and want it for my playlist.)
Ally - 2 måneder siden
They never look up, classic mistake.
ONI employé #343
ONI employé #343 - 2 måneder siden
Jokes aside: I think it's very interesting to see how animals interact with human technology.
I doubt that this Hawk thinks he's hunting/fighting another bird, and that he's just figuring out what thr drone can do and if he's higher on the food chain than the drone.
In short: it's experimenting and figuring things out by trial and error.
Meddy Med
Meddy Med - 2 måneder siden
Cinemawins: *looks at an actual movie*
Cinemawins: *hawk and drone fight*
Comments: so you have chosen review
Primthecatto - 2 måneder siden
Hawks are amazing birds of prey
Jeffrey Ramos
Jeffrey Ramos - 2 måneder siden
The hawk used wing attack...
It was very effective... and impressive
Magnus - 2 måneder siden
Honestly, this hawk is beuatiful
Carlee Nuber
Carlee Nuber - 3 måneder siden
Glad someone is talking about this classic of a film absolutely worth a watch if you love experimental film
EnvisionerWill - 3 måneder siden
A better way to title this would be "this isn't an actual production". It's obviously still a video, but it's not one of the videos produced officially by this channel.
D0NZ0M K1ll3r
D0NZ0M K1ll3r - 3 måneder siden
Ur so overly positive and I love it. Ur going great man.
Mikey P
Mikey P - 3 måneder siden
Somebody is killing it, your house is enormous.
tahlequah - 3 måneder siden
better than citizen kane. someone had to say it.
aChungusAmongUs - 3 måneder siden
Personal drone vs. government drone
Brendan Mabbutt
Brendan Mabbutt - 4 måneder siden
Aina Song
Aina Song - 4 måneder siden
Secondhand Lions.
video playz
video playz - 4 måneder siden
man this is a beautiful movie is almost made me cry at the end it has great casting and also it's very emotional, funny and romantic 10/10 still waiting for the sequel
Glenn Bush
Glenn Bush - 4 måneder siden
Hey You need a set of eyes from Ken Heron
Foxxo - 4 måneder siden
I'd love to see an EGA video for Rocketman; I'm honestly surprised it hasn't been made already (besides the rather obvious tragic tones in the film)
Todd Baker
Todd Baker - 4 måneder siden
That hawk was legit trying to fight you! 🤣
Qwe Add
Qwe Add - 4 måneder siden
Hawk: *Omae mou shindeiru*
Cimemawins: *NANI?!*
YrO Walk
YrO Walk - 4 måneder siden
drone natural enemy..I really hated this when it came out
CallicoJackracham - 4 måneder siden
@CinemaWins Are you ever going to do E''verything Great About'' The Pirates of the Caribbean movies? and/or the James Bond movies?
avix007 - 4 måneder siden
From here to 'Birds Of Prey' was a logical progression.
Patrick Drury
Patrick Drury - 4 måneder siden
Samrawit Sisay
Samrawit Sisay - 4 måneder siden
Omg can you show us your chickens pls!!!!
D1BonGo - 4 måneder siden
Hawk 1 Drone 💀
Jackie Dorn
Jackie Dorn - 4 måneder siden
While I do think some of the character's film adaptation was a bit subdued, I'm glad this is getting the love it ABSOLUTELY deserves!
Samantha Waby
Samantha Waby - 4 måneder siden
I would agree with the ID of red-shouldered hawk we have some at the aviary I work at and they look just like this one!
Patrick Lee
Patrick Lee - 4 måneder siden
Can't wait for the follow up with the hawk, his friends, and the chicken
Cool Kids
Cool Kids - 4 måneder siden
Wow birds of prey looks different these days
Jillianne Dunn
Jillianne Dunn - 4 måneder siden
Do everything great about Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Animation and score/music is great. Jude should enjoy it as well!
Mary Ella Carter
Mary Ella Carter - 4 måneder siden
Probably no one cares, but judging by the coloring and shape, I would guess that it wasn't a hawk, but a Kestral. An American Kestral to be exact. Blueish grey wings, and a reddish tail. Take this comment with a grain of salt though, as I'm nowhere near a professional.
Julius - 5 måneder siden
He a t t a c k
Onat Çelik
Onat Çelik - 5 måneder siden
Please make this a thing where you do random things with your drone.
Theresa Rayner
Theresa Rayner - 5 måneder siden
If you want to scare hawks away

Use any type of gun, as long as it’s loud and it hits the target, you’ll be fine
European Patriot
European Patriot - 5 måneder siden
I thought drones like this were illegal
Jacob Pedersen
Jacob Pedersen - 5 måneder siden
I wish that Gareth Edwards didn't direct this film.. He always cuts away every time the action is getting started.. Sadly he didn't learn anything about that mistake from Godzilla, this time he really brought it up on another level. But the character drama in "This Hawk" is at least a bit better than in Godzilla. 3,5/5.
Paola Elizabeth Morales
Paola Elizabeth Morales - 5 måneder siden
Ninja Pants
Ninja Pants - 5 måneder siden
That was a nice video but...I am anyway asking myself what the frick I have seen now?
Mariam Elsayed
Mariam Elsayed - 5 måneder siden
Can you please do an everything great about rattatoullie video?
GMo Kang-Suh
GMo Kang-Suh - 5 måneder siden
Pigeon Attacked By Hawk Simulator
Mills - 5 måneder siden
love this video and your channel! please win my favorite movie of all time, Coraline
TheAdvertisement - 5 måneder siden
Hawkeye’s movie looks great.
Jesper Höglund
Jesper Höglund - 5 måneder siden
0:39 i see you
Nena Arindrasari
Nena Arindrasari - 5 måneder siden
Please do Everything Great About WALL-E
Taegen Doscher
Taegen Doscher - 5 måneder siden
These comments are legendary. OMG.
Oscar Louchart
Oscar Louchart - 5 måneder siden
Trevor Hensley
Trevor Hensley - 5 måneder siden
Vanguard 1.5!
Jayjs20 - 5 måneder siden
You wouldn't have a hawk or fox problem if you let your chickens sleep on your bed.
Mike Hughes
Mike Hughes - 5 måneder siden
Ok, so it's not bad for a remake, but the original was better.
Diced Tomato
Diced Tomato - 5 måneder siden
Wow. You live in a very pretty area
EnvisionerWill - 5 måneder siden
Okay, this was odd, but fun....
connor bedwell
connor bedwell - 5 måneder siden
our true lord and saviour
Scarleen Ximara
Scarleen Ximara - 5 måneder siden
Could you please win "Songs of War" by Black Plasma Studios? It's not an official movie, but you can find it on YouTube - for free! It's definitely worth the attention.
bunwalla - 5 måneder siden
Question: How miserable of a person do you need to be to give a quick little video like this a thumbs down? I would understand if this video espoused some opinion that the viewer disagreed with, but it was a hawk attacking a drone a couple times in about a minute. What more did you want? What is wrong with you people? Huh? What? I'm not saying you have to give it a like, but why not just move on? I don't understand.
Kekoa Roberts
Kekoa Roberts - 5 måneder siden
Amazing skill so elegant in the air such perfect form 10/10

(it’s about the hawk of course)
Ghost5629 - 5 måneder siden
Jeez that hawk is aggressive
Cmdr_Johnpooky84 - 5 måneder siden
I want to add 9001 Wins for This Hawk being the best reboot of "Birdemic, Shock and Terror" that I have ever seen!
Michael Marcum
Michael Marcum - 5 måneder siden
Please, do a movie review of The Forbidden Kingdom!
Edgar Moore
Edgar Moore - 5 måneder siden
Please do 1917 or Dunkirk. They are both amazing movies that are in a genre that you have not touched much.
Dubstep Shep
Dubstep Shep - 5 måneder siden
The real win here is the drone technology that allows that thing to right itself after only losing a few feet of altitude.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - 5 måneder siden
there's i would love to hear it. I'm just cerious as to what your opinions are.
Rogue Guardian
Rogue Guardian - 5 måneder siden
I freaking love this comment section 😂
pretends2know - 5 måneder siden
0:55 "Who's watching Jude?"
Wait... who is watching Jude?
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - 5 måneder siden
What kind of hawk is this?
Mikayla Cameron
Mikayla Cameron - 5 måneder siden
Well this hawk or something certainly has potential. For a breakout film, not too bad. Hopefully the rest of the saga continues to hold just as strong!
PyroANTIC - 5 måneder siden
This was a fun little change! Thanks! : )