Everything GREAT About The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers! (Part 1)

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The Two Towers! Some people's least favorite, to my surprise, some people's favorite. There's plenty of greatness, and some more industry standards set in this one. This is just Part 1 of a 2 part video. This coming Wednesday I'll publish Part 2. Thanks for your patience! Here's everything right with Lord of The Rings 2: The Two Towers Part 1!
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Student Jump Start
Student Jump Start - 18 timer siden
I don't know if I've ever seen a better video intro than choir with the ring theme resolving the chord. BRILLIANT
Andrew Echaniz
Andrew Echaniz - 2 dager siden
does anyone else notice at 5:30 u can in the background that the westfold is burning
Rookie Zoe
Rookie Zoe - 3 dager siden
13:50 that was Viggos son
rafael sitorus
rafael sitorus - 3 dager siden
5:30 and that my friend is westefold
NEWT NOOOT - 4 dager siden
I want a video game where you play as Smeagol and you slowly change into gollum over the course of the game
Solveig Hansen
Solveig Hansen - 6 dager siden
If your movie lacks something..everyting.. call Andy Serkis
Daniël - 8 dager siden
Fun fact: Entmoot probably comes from the Dutch word 'ontmoet' which means 'to meet', and they just fused it with Ent.
SynergyPhoenix - 10 dager siden
The only thing I don’t love about these movies was Gandalf’s short hair & beard in this movie. 🤨👎🏼
Cool CatAtion
Cool CatAtion - 14 dager siden
i love how this man perfectly in a very mild suttle manor literally RUINS it but in a perfect way!!
Cool CatAtion
Cool CatAtion - 14 dager siden
0:53: LMFAO!!!!!!!

probably not that funny but to me it was!
Erik Wolfmayr
Erik Wolfmayr - 17 dager siden
Jonathan Mallett
Jonathan Mallett - 18 dager siden
so would you call it a dead pool LOOOOOOOOOL
Dylan Pace
Dylan Pace - 21 dag siden
Real word comparisons between Orcs, and Oruk-Hai. Lions and Ligers, Land and sea iguanas, and rats and mice
UGSETH2 - 21 dag siden
"I'm going to refrain from coming up with a real world comparison"
Smart move these days rofl
flnthrn2 - 22 dager siden
Plus, that is his real son in that scene.
Peter Rolhoff
Peter Rolhoff - 22 dager siden
You forgot to give a win to the scene were Aragorn meets Eromor for the first time on the chase. For a split second as Eromor gets on his horse and the camera is panning up you can see his sword fall out of it's sheath.
Berend van Straten
Berend van Straten - 23 dager siden
Fun that the fact that Aragorn is not creepy becouse he's gonna marry an elf
Jared Mumper
Jared Mumper - 25 dager siden
Fun fact Orlando Bloom actually practiced to do the horse mount, but because of his broken ribs they had to resort to other means. Still awesome though.
Jared Mumper
Jared Mumper - 25 dager siden
“They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard!”

“What did you say?”
Woah don’t suck me dude
Woah don’t suck me dude - Måned siden
The matter of fact that you replicated the ”what did you say? They’re taking the hobbits to isengard” phrase is beyond this world mate
Dianaa - Måned siden
3:43 what?
Will Carrington
Will Carrington - Måned siden
Does anyone know what song it plays at 5:25? thank you kindly!
winterfishes - Måned siden
The "What about them, they're fresh" orc will always remind me of my childhood drama teacher for some reason. It's something which I saw when I was 10 years old, and even now almost 20 years later I'll never be able to unsee it.
Sofie Ratzer
Sofie Ratzer - Måned siden
When i was watcing the scene with Gollum talking to himself, i noticed that when Gollum is speaking his pupils are very small, and when Smégol is speaking, his pupils are bigger
Carol Vidotti
Carol Vidotti - Måned siden
One thing I really didn't like about the "short" version of The Two Towers is how much of a jerk it makes Faramir seem, something that he really isn't, also, the next time you want to say something and be heard and understood, don't put a video of your cute little baby while talking cause a I had a cuteness overload and didn't understand shit
Tammy T
Tammy T - Måned siden
His name is 'Treebeard." You better Beautiful Beard win that guy.
Silver Inferno
Silver Inferno - Måned siden
After rewatching this video, I just now realized that most of the Dragonborn DLC in Skyrim is a LOTR reference. I mean, all-powerful entity that rules over an evil realm/territory (Sauron over Mordor/Hermaeus Mora over Apocrypha (doesn't help that both Sauron and Herma are both characterized by a single eye either)), a second, slightly less powerful entity (Witch-King/Miraak), and said entity's mode of transportation (Fellbeast/Sahrotaar). Kinda makes me wonder why I didn't realize that sooner.
ThatOneOddLookingDog ThatBarksAtYou
Me: *sees adorable baby Jude*
Me: you have my sword 🗡
Christopher viggiano
Christopher viggiano - Måned siden
This video should be 2hrs and 59mins long
Jamie Sleeman
Jamie Sleeman - Måned siden
They got Aragorn's age wrong. He was actually eighty-eight. The day he, Legolas and Gimli discovered the resurrected and newly promoted Gandalf was actually his eighty-eight birthday.
Re Gandalf's age..... sort of two thousand. He's actually older than Arda itself, being a minor Ainu, but it is just over two thousand years since he came to Middle-earth, wearing an old man's body.
An Anonymous Person
An Anonymous Person - 2 måneder siden
Here's a detail that I missed on my 539 viewings of the film - at 5:30, you can see the village from earlier in the film burning in the background
Arneldir I
Arneldir I - 2 måneder siden
Short answer: everything
Long answer: everythingg
Leo Zhang
Leo Zhang - 2 måneder siden
10:43 In the lore, Aragorn's a Numenorean. Numenoreans were a race of humans gifted with exceedingly long life, similar to the first humans in the Old Testament, although not as long. That's why he's so old, but still looks middle aged. It's essentially a toned-down version of the elves' youthful appearances.
Rick Astley
Rick Astley - 2 måneder siden
When Gollum said “stupid fat hobbit” I thought he would say there taking the hobbits to Isengard.
Charley Harcombe
Charley Harcombe - 2 måneder siden
I like the dark colours in sauramans beard showing how he was never pure and had dark intentions etc whereas Gandalf the white has a completely white beard and white staff instead of a black one showing what sauraman “should be.” Lord of the rings is just amazing
Golden Gear
Golden Gear - 2 måneder siden
10:30 .... im sorry. WHAT? can someone please explain that one to me?
just ignore this
just ignore this - 2 måneder siden
Some of my favorite memeories is constantly going "my precious" in my dead-on impression and my dad laughing loudly and me being super happy
Invisible Chid
Invisible Chid - 2 måneder siden
"I fell in love when he was conscienceless Maquis on Voyager." Ohhhhh so that's why Sudor looked so familiar! I knew I recognised him from somewhere! 😂
Anna Shi
Anna Shi - 2 måneder siden
>> Dead... pool?
I choked on my coffee.
Caitlin Hogan
Caitlin Hogan - 3 måneder siden
One of the many things I love about lotr is the many times there are arguments between characters where both sides are right, and yet both also have flaws, like the one you mentioned with Aragorn and Theodin. There are a few more like that with them, with Aragorn and Boromir and perhaps most notably in Frodo and Sam’s approach’s to Gollum. Sam is right not to trust him, and Frodo is also right to be empathetic and see himself in him. But Sam is at times too cruel, and Frodo becomes too trusting.
Anthony Diminutto
Anthony Diminutto - 3 måneder siden
um shouldn't this just be the whole movie?
Charlie Theanteater
Charlie Theanteater - 3 måneder siden
That line became a lot more powerful for me now, because I saw a comment that once brought up the fact that he isn’t just talking about his son, but also referring to the countless children parents in Rohan have lost due to his inaction since he was under Saraumans spell
Paul Bradley
Paul Bradley - 3 måneder siden
Theres nothing bad about any of the middle earth movies.
Mira El
Mira El - 3 måneder siden
Gandalf is NOT 2000 y.o.!
Quack Addict
Quack Addict - 3 måneder siden
How is the shadowfax scene not in here?!
Crystal Wolfie
Crystal Wolfie - 3 måneder siden
Zurinelli Espinoza
Zurinelli Espinoza - 3 måneder siden
Yserius - 3 måneder siden
In conclusion: more actors should be injured to make for realistic Films.
I am Sure, that THAT is the Moral.
Наталья Никифорова
Fun Fact: I actually had the chance to ride one of the film's horses across the scenery in Win 46. I think it was one of the horses during Arwen's scene with the river but I'm not sure. Also I got to take a helicopter ride to several of the mountains that were shooting locations. I even got to jump across a little river that Aragorn jumped over in one of the movie scenes that I forgot. Point is, I live in New Zealand now and man is it the most beautiful country in the world.
MrHistory808 - 3 måneder siden
I rewatched the entire trilogy today great quarantine movies these movies are a masterpiece of perfection that can never be replicated the hobbit was epic to
Theron Erickson
Theron Erickson - 3 måneder siden
It was so fucking real, man. It still feels more real than any fucking movie today, man. Real fucking peoples, real fucking hearts, real fucking stakes, real fucking triumph, real fucking heartache. Just with dragons and shit.
The Goldenbro
The Goldenbro - 3 måneder siden
Boil 'em,Mash 'em,Stick 'em in a stew
Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!
Why can't we half sum meet?
ole krogstad
ole krogstad - 4 måneder siden
The fact this video isnt as long as the movie itself made me not watch it...Everything about all 3 movies is Fan`fucking`Tastic
TheGraFixVrah Clan Member
TheGraFixVrah Clan Member - 4 måneder siden
I love the fact that you say in the fellowship part2 video that the EX-version will not be taken/shown ish, and yet there're some EXversion clips in this video haha!
great video's bruv! I really like your little detaild facts that I as a die hard fan, did not know yet! Also the great amount of humor that you put in through this is fantastick! reminds me a bit of 'everything wrong with' haha! Chees!!
Furry Fox
Furry Fox - 4 måneder siden
I disagree with you on the reason Grima gets all teary-eyed upon seeing the huge army of Uruk-hai. I believe they were tears of joy at seeing his master Saruman’s vision made into reality. They’re going to destroy Rohan and win! What evil dude wouldn’t get emotional at their plan’s imminent success?
Berend van Straten
Berend van Straten - 4 måneder siden
I am one of the 14 peaple that mis Tom Bardabil
New Phenix
New Phenix - 4 måneder siden
I just noticed you can see the burning of the westfold in the background at 5:34 something I never noticed before.
Velian Lodestone
Velian Lodestone - 4 måneder siden
WOW, the biggest takeaway for me is that beards have different moments of itchy-ness! For me that kind of beard is not itchy at all but a little later, about 1cm later, I am mindblown.
JeffRebornNow - 4 måneder siden
CinemaWins, I was one of the 14 people missing Tom Bombadil in these films. I mean, Jackson could have stuck him in the extended DVD version of "The Fellowship ..."
Basement guy
Basement guy - 4 måneder siden
Each of these movies are better than the last.
Melian Xxx
Melian Xxx - 4 måneder siden
Yes, Gandalf met Galadriel after fighting the Balrog. It isn‘t in the movies. But you can read it in the book.
Youri Hoekendijk
Youri Hoekendijk - 4 måneder siden
There is one detail in these movies that I never hear anyone talking about. The eyes of Gollum and Smeagol. Whenever Gollum is 'Gollum', his pupils are just tiny, making him feel more aggressive. But when he is Smeagol, his pupils become larger, giving him a more human feel. Though Andy Serkis IS Gollum to me, this minor detail is something that adds just that little bit extra.
Maja Breum
Maja Breum - 4 måneder siden
You can also see it in Gollum's eyes when he talk to frodo and sam. If his Gollum the pupils are small and if his Sméagol thr pupils are big/normal
12:26 hahaha death pool
TheChaosWitcher - 4 måneder siden
Actually cool fact when the elves arrive in Helms deep the turn arround as soon as they see legolas, a Royal elven prince so they Show respect to his royalty
Amelia M
Amelia M - 4 måneder siden
first off, can we just talk about the smooth and silkiness of the way Peter represented elvish speech I mean it was gorgeous in Tolkein's books but wow to see it come to life
Julia Johnson
Julia Johnson - 4 måneder siden
Please make EGA the hobbit movies
Sean Crowe
Sean Crowe - 5 måneder siden
13:55 for the cute baby
Emily Bell
Emily Bell - 5 måneder siden
I love this channel and I'm watching these videos again just because ya know lotr is life-- side note, isn't that one hungry orc played by Jed Brophy tho?? Maybe Andy Serkis did the voice, but I'm pretty sure it's Jed Brophy in the costume, right?
Bamo Comics
Bamo Comics - 5 måneder siden
Gandalf is actually around 11,000
NaturalOne - 5 måneder siden
I'm usually the type of person that gags at romance, but I can't help but feel jealous of Aragorn and Arwen's relationship. She's a beautiful elf that chose to live less than a fraction of her life with who she truly loved, constantly bolstering Aragorn when he needs it. I'm a scrappy single nerd who watched all 6 Tolkien movies in one sitting and wants to memorize Quenya so I can speak it.
Andu Ninicu
Andu Ninicu - 5 måneder siden
So i know i`m way too late on the party , but , one win from me is when Gandalf ( one frame ) winked at Legolas after the you would not take an old`s man walking stick would you line . And also win for the cute baby playing in a puddle
J D - 5 måneder siden
He didn't break his toe during the running scene....
Jet Lag
Jet Lag - 5 måneder siden
"And now for a cute baby playing in a puddle."
Dyslex Official
Dyslex Official - 5 måneder siden
Completely forgot about "Were taking the Hobbits to Isingard"
Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi - 5 måneder siden
Awwww the baby is so cute!
ekszentrik - 5 måneder siden
At 11:32: Obviously Grima wasn't a true believer of Saruman but I didn't interpret the single tear as sadness but more a result of intense awe. That feeling is very hard to put into words precisely because it's such a rare, decidedly non-everyday emotion. Indeed, if you are a true-believer of post-modernism and perceive everything through a thick layer of irony you might never experience it.
M Murase
M Murase - 5 måneder siden
10:20 Also the scene where Andy Serkis is actually visible. Well, his spit, at least.
Pyro1456 - 6 måneder siden
Glamdring, sword of the king of gondolin, and gandalf’s blade, was an ancient elvish weapon that, along with its wielder, Turgon, fought many balrogs of Melkor, so the scene between the balrog and Gandalf, while a cool scene with action, has more of a backstory to it. Gandalf, a loyal member of the valar, fighting against a balrog, a corrupt maïar spirit, with the sword that was famed for fighting balrogs, is impactful and meaningful. That bridge scene was two old rivals, two sides of the yin and yang, and both were equal in strength. The only advantage gandalf has was that he was brought back to life by Eru Illuvitar himself, with his power restrictions broken, and gandalf embodied more of his divinity as gandalf the white
Muffins With Rasins
Muffins With Rasins - 6 måneder siden
I would say that saying Grima "just wants Eowyn to love him" is an oversimplification, personally my impression of the character is he wants everyone to love, or, and far more importantly, respect him but he also doesn't understand the things that truly make someone worthy of love and respect which does twist him into a wholly awful person. He does regret going as far as he did though and that makes his last act, killing Saruman make a lot of sense
M Mmc
M Mmc - 6 måneder siden
😂😂😂😂 There were far MORE than fourteen people missing Tom Bombadil in these films...Never poke a sleeping dragon..you always end up with fire! Always remember Tolkien had a huge following even before the films...
The Cat In The Hat If you didn’t know that
I all ways thought gimli falling behind was for comedic effect, but it being a result of him powering through a dislocated knee just makes it badass
taistelutomaatti - 6 måneder siden
0:28 Core of the middle-earth
Ed Palpitine
Ed Palpitine - 6 måneder siden
Please do Coraline
Lucy Lucina
Lucy Lucina - 6 måneder siden
Agree totally that the academy should have acknowledged Andy in some way
Eddard Stark
Eddard Stark - 6 måneder siden
Bahaha! “Force projection before it was cool... or hated I guess.” Little nod to how terrible TLJ was.
Jade Forest
Jade Forest - 6 måneder siden
I was a little surprised that you didn’t comment on Legolas being badass more but then I realized that I’m the guy who just can’t keep my eyes off him because Orlando Bloom (especially when he played Legolas) is just an incredibly attractive human (elf?) being; basically the entire film I was multitasking watching Legolas and actually paying attention to what’s going on in the rest of the film.
TL;DR Legolas is badass and I’m too gay to function
Jack Smith
Jack Smith - 6 måneder siden
Do the hobbit trilogy
TheChosenOne - 6 måneder siden
I always loved how gollum's and smeagol's pupils changed size depending on who was speaking.
Robin Bird
Robin Bird - 6 måneder siden
every time i watch this movie i try to prepare for how small the balrog will look in that giant cave, and it still takes me by surprise every time
Wolf Kittson
Wolf Kittson - 6 måneder siden
I wonder how much McAvoy's Crumb was mined from Serkis' Gollum.
SPQSpartacus - 6 måneder siden
Now I must address this. Gandalf in human form may be mere 2000 years, but as Maia Olorin he originates from Valinor and is at least 10 000 years old.
Magnetic Moon Witch
Magnetic Moon Witch - 7 måneder siden
13:36 I WISH they had updated us on what happened to that boy.. like seeing his died body or see him alive .. it frustrates me so much
Chris N.
Chris N. - 7 måneder siden
7:53 Strormcrow???
dorsal 2008
dorsal 2008 - 7 måneder siden
YES! Someone finally calls out Aragorn for pouring on the sexy/romantic vibe with Eowyn - poor thing!
Philip Good
Philip Good - 7 måneder siden
14:19 oh my god he is so cuuute!
Philip Good
Philip Good - 7 måneder siden
Poor Grima. If he spent more time in the sun and bought some shampoo he would have looked like Snape, and everyone loves Snape.
Gavin Lawhite
Gavin Lawhite - 7 måneder siden
Forgot the funeral scene. Eowyn's song is pretty badass.
Spark That J
Spark That J - 7 måneder siden
Being positive is so much better. Yes every movie has its flaws but let us just focus on the good.
better late than never
better late than never - 7 måneder siden
The Gollum/Smeagol argument is my favorite scene in the series