Everything GREAT About The Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King! (Part 2)

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And here we are at the end of all things...LOTR. At least until the Hobbit. I hope I got in some of the things you guys wanted to see, these movies are filled with content. Thanks for a great year! Here's everything right with Return of The King! Part 2.
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CinemaWins - År siden
EGA Return of The King Part 1 in case you missed it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSZsyPFJxUU
Sam Tahir
Sam Tahir - 5 måneder siden
How have you not done The Hobbit series yet
Pei K
Pei K - 6 måneder siden
yup, Sam was my favorite character in the series even in the books
LEGO Rearick
LEGO Rearick - År siden
Great job bro 😎👍
Rob Mont
Rob Mont - År siden
I know you usually don't do requests and not a lot of people would be asking about this movie because it's fairly underrated but it would make my day if you did an EGA on Bad Times at the El Royale I loved this movie and I think you might like the movie 😊. I hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Teddy bear 907 Moose
Teddy bear 907 Moose - År siden
CinemaWins Happy new year and enjoy your break away from NOburn .
Sera Smith
Sera Smith - 2 dager siden
A: Isn't it sad to think that when Frodo wakes up after the eagles rescue him and Sam, he probably thinks he's dead for some length of time, because the first person he sees is Gandalf, and he thinks Gandalf's dead? B: When he wakes up, they're not in the place the Fellowship was formed. They're not in Rivendell, they're in Minas Tirith. It may not be that way in the books, but it is in this movie. The set design clearly indicates it if nothing else, but there is no logic in going all the way back to Rivendell only to return for Aragorn's coronation.
Kazew - 3 dager siden
how could you not mention Eomer finding Eowyn on the field after the battle? It's heartbreaking
SynergyPhoenix - 8 dager siden
Completely agree that each member not only of the fellowship butts other major and minor characters had vital parts to play, like threads in a tapestry. There is no one hero in this story. Without the actions of each of the players, that thread would be pulled and likely unraveled the whole thing. Faramir showing his quality, each beacon lighter being observant and not sleeping on the job (literally could have slept long enough for the previous beacon to have burnt out), each soldier doing his job . . .
SynergyPhoenix - 8 dager siden
10:32 . . . The way Gandalf waves his hand, like trying to release Aragorn from a spell or assessing whether or not he was under one or had been swayed by Sauron.
Just before that, Aragorn had lowered his sword a bit and was listening to Sauron (basically trying to seduce him to the dark side). He turns toward Gandalf and the company, a _slight_ and momentary look of doubt on his face, a _definite_ look of doubt/worry/concern on Gandalf’s (and Legolas’) face and that hand wave (thinking oh no, did he finally succumb to the will of Sauron / the One Ring? Everything he’s fought for and endured now stripped away? Has the fear he had of not being able to withstand the weakness in his bloodline actually won out now that we’re all here in a last-ditch effort to give Frodo a chance, or die in honor of how far he got?)
Then, I'm sure if the above is true, an incredible relief as Aragorn smiles and says, "For Frodo." Aragorn resisted the will, corruption, and seduction of Sauron. He charges the army of Mordor and his company follows their friend, their king.
SynergyPhoenix - 8 dager siden
The movie definitely needed more relationship-building between Faramir and Éowyn. I would’ve happily sat through a longer movie for it.
Eugene Fetherman
Eugene Fetherman - 9 dager siden
Still here asshjole.
Pagan Pilgrim
Pagan Pilgrim - 11 dager siden
THE RETURN OF THE KING is the only part that I prefer the theatrical cut. Except I feel a lack of Saruman.
ThejollyFrenchman - 12 dager siden
2:55 Tolkien confirmed your theory in a letter to his editor. Literally no one would be able to resist the temptation of the ring in Mount Doom, besides the godlike creatures as powerful or more powerful than Sauron.
pardhu.kodati - 15 dager siden
No wonder the character samwise gamjee got an oscar
Ryan - 24 dager siden
The first thing I thought when seeing Grond, the battering ram used by the Orcs, was why didn't Gondor aim their catapults at it. Like one of those big rocks is bound to hit it, and I'm sure if it did, it would easily break the wheels, or the beams of the ram. If they had targeted it, disabled it as it slowly marched up Peleanor Fields, it would've saved a whole lot of time. Would've took the Orcs a whole lot longer to break down that massive metal door without a ram hah.
Obviously, we'll never know the reason why, cause it's a movie blah blah blah, but irl, I'm sure they would've tried, at least I hope they would be smart enough too
Vincent Gonzalez
Vincent Gonzalez - 26 dager siden
The greatest meal is that
which nourishes the soul
Mitchell Mitting
Mitchell Mitting - Måned siden
Jeff Jeff
Jeff Jeff - Måned siden
I thought that when frodo and the boys when back to the shire thought they’d be like celebrities or something
schafe - Måned siden
Benersan the Bread
Benersan the Bread - Måned siden
The entrance to Mount Doom *was* guarded. That's the whole reason for the diversion. Sauron thought the ring was with Pippin.
Zachary Patton
Zachary Patton - Måned siden
I just did the math and it turns out this is the best channel on YouTube.
QuantumAlt - Måned siden
Not enough wins. Not even close to enough.
KatarinaDreams - Måned siden
I like how you said that the fellowship is the hero/main character of the story. made me think about how another individual stated that the main character of the manga/anime series Fairy Tail is the Fairy Tail guild itself
Chamelea - Måned siden
7:28 I LOVE that you pointed this out, because it's a similar complex that some people have when they suffer from mental illness. I have GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), but if I see someone who is more anxious or afraid than me, it's like suddenly my anxiety is much easier to control and I'm able to help them feel better while not having to worry much about myself. It's so strange and intriguing, and I think that Sam embodies the same thing, only with with hope and despair. Even when he's at his lowest point, Frodo is at a place somehow even lower, so Sam is able to help him and pick back up (metaphorically and literally).
H Norris-Jones
H Norris-Jones - Måned siden
Love the lord of the rings cinema wins! Any chance you’ll do the hobbit trilogy?
Hd605 - Måned siden
Please "Everything GREAT about The Hobbit" please
Carol Vidotti
Carol Vidotti - Måned siden
Tammy T
Tammy T - Måned siden
"...all because someone has to stand up to evil no matter the cost."
Elsewhere in film: "There will always be men like you."
Bug Trainer Pilk
Bug Trainer Pilk - Måned siden
U know a movie,or in this case a trilogy, is good when after you finish watching them you become depressed because there isn’t anymore to watch
Conrad Carrillo
Conrad Carrillo - Måned siden
Watching this video I realized I have actually never seen the extended version of return of the king, even tho I could swear i've seen it, but I definitely know now that I haven't. I think I have only seen the extended version of the fellowship of the ring. I'm definitely watching the extended versions of the trilogy next time I watch it.
ThatOneOddLookingDog ThatBarksAtYou
Sam is, without question, the biggest BAMF in the series. Yes, I say that knowing Aragorn and company exist.
Sam has No warrior training, no survivalist training, he was a GARDENER. But his courage, willpower, and sheer love for his friends had him BODYING orcs and saving Frodo again and again.
Steven Hagler
Steven Hagler - Måned siden
I'd say when frodo gets on the ship and smiles it shows he's truly let go of the power of the ring that sort of still possess him.
eee_inn - Måned siden
Who knows what theme is playing at 2:23
DannyJane - Måned siden
You are right on every single win in this move, but now and always the ONE moment that ALWAYS gets me is that moment when the signal fire is lit and long, long pan across the mountains as each light come into view in the distance, moves into closeup and then scans across the horizon to pick up the next tiny, far away acknowledgement.
I cried, no--SOBBED in the theater, and to this day despite many viewings, I still get the tear-eyed-shivers.
So, the one thing I wanted to see your commentary that was utterly missing was the fall of Barad-dûr , with Sauron's eye blazing atop the tower. What kind of fantastic film making is it that can make a single red eye express both disbelief and abject terror?
Jamie Sleeman
Jamie Sleeman - Måned siden
Surprised you didn't mention Aragorn's repeating of Elendil's words. (Which he does in song in the movie, for some strange reason.) Harks directly back to his most illustrious ancestor, basically repeating his mission statement from when he survived the Downfall of Numenor.
Jamie Sleeman
Jamie Sleeman - Måned siden
4:43: They aren't in Rivendell, where the Fellowship was formed, they're in Gondor, about seven hundred miles to the south. In the book they're taken to Aragorn's army's field camp, but here it looks like Frodo's been taken all the way back to the city. (Minas Tirith.)
Jamie Sleeman
Jamie Sleeman - Måned siden
Sauron can't technically die, because he isn't mortal; he's a fallen angel. But he loses the power to physically interact with anything in the world again, and most of his sentience. Basically, like a human being a full-body amputee after a car-crash, and in a coma, which they only wake from for two minutes every twenty years. Just sentient enough for his fate to gnaw at him every now and again and maybe give a six year-old a nightmare every century or so.
Danielle M Hall
Danielle M Hall - Måned siden
The Lego Movie has now spoiled Sauron's death for me.
Melanie McMahan
Melanie McMahan - 2 måneder siden
Pip singing while Denathor feasts & Faramir dies pretty much makes me cry no matter how many times I've seen these movies. But the raw emotion from Sam makes me painfully uncomfortable because Sean Astin plays it so well. When I saw these in theaters, I was all about Aragon, because Viggo Mortensen. But the more I watched, the more Sam won me over.
Bratty Kitten
Bratty Kitten - 2 måneder siden
Hobbit movies? Yes?
HelpfulVader99 - 2 måneder siden
2:06, another way of seeing this is that Sméagol at this point is taking a backseat and Gollum is in full control. Frodo trying to reach Sméagol once more is met by Gollum essentially saying “he isn’t here right now”. However, despite how complicit and apparently hateful Sméagol is towards the hobbits after seemingly getting tricked and captured by them, he still was moved by Sam’s speech (even if he may have felt that he wasn’t “worth fighting for”, possibly due to his murderous past) and he still was listening to Frodo professing the need to destroy the ring for both their sakes. But Gollum (and by extension, the ring’s corruptive hold) just wouldn’t let go and took full control of him at the end.
Poindexter Flex
Poindexter Flex - 2 måneder siden
1:15 you should have talked about the score of this scene, because this was my favorite moment in all three movies. Well, don't talk about the score BECAUSE it's MY favorite moment, I'm just saying it was noteworthy.
just ignore this
just ignore this - 2 måneder siden
That moment when you realise that Gandalf was the pupil of Nienna, the goddess of weeping who had the power to turn sorrow into wisdom and she taught Gandalf pity and patience and increased his wisdom and endurance in hope. And his quote: "I will not say 'do not weep' for not all tears are an evil." Takes on a whole new meaning.
Francisco Nunez
Francisco Nunez - 2 måneder siden
wait wait.
So are you telling me, that Golem's role to play was so that he, the last truly corrupted by the ring who was too far gone, had to be the sacrifice so no other would? Because the rings sway would alwas lead to it never being destroyed, but in the end destroying itself because of "its" corruption of Golem?
Rogue Matter
Rogue Matter - 2 måneder siden
One moment I would have given a win to is Gandalf’s speech about death comforting Pippin when the orca are breaking through the walls. “Death is just another path, one we all must take.”
Sunil Permaul
Sunil Permaul - 2 måneder siden
3:10 It could also be possible that the will of the ring is so strong at that moment, even Frodo can't resist. The ring doesn't want to be destroyed and has been shown/spoken of to have its own will and "reason". It grows and escapes people to move on and find its master, so it makes sense it would be using EVERYTHING it has to not be destroyed. How could poor Frodo resist?
Bloody Bee
Bloody Bee - 2 måneder siden
Just gonna say, they couldn't use the eagles because in this universe, the eagles are practically gods, so very powerful and therefore very easy to be corrupted by the ring. I don't know much about the series lore, if you want more information look up MatPat's Film Theory on it
Why so serious
Why so serious - 2 måneder siden
You bow to no one
Everyone to the trilogy
Rotem Pe'er-Raviv
Rotem Pe'er-Raviv - 2 måneder siden
I agree with two favorites.
Superfluffy 1022
Superfluffy 1022 - 2 måneder siden
0:49, Batman who laughs anyone?
Gab/Zeesar - 2 måneder siden
1:40 i cried... and 5:40 didnt help at all
Psyholes - 2 måneder siden
Every time "Into The West" was teased should have been a win.
Grim reaper
Grim reaper - 2 måneder siden
Fun Fact: When the Crew had a miniature of Sauron's Tower that they wanted to destroy, but because it was their only one they didn't want to risk actually destroying it for something that might not work the way they wanted. The crew then went on a christmas break, and one guy at Weta stayed behind and digitially recreated the tower, and handed it off to the editors (I think?) and said "here, I made this, destroy it however you want to as many times as you want to."
Robert G.
Robert G. - 2 måneder siden
I cannot believe that you didn't give Sam (obviously one of your favourite character) a BIG win for going after the girl! He came back a man (Hobbit version)....
Marion Of Librarian
Marion Of Librarian - 2 måneder siden
This video is a year old and am I still gonna comment? Heck yeah.
Tolkein did go on record saying that Samwise was the hero of LOTR, while Frodo is the protagonist. Samwise is the men who didn’t get to go home when he served in (I think) WWI. His fellow soldiers were his heroes, so he made a figure of them his hero.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi - 2 måneder siden
2:45 he just looks like anakin in ep 3 on mustafar
Ian McLallen
Ian McLallen - 2 måneder siden
Win should go to Gandalf for sending three eagles to mount doom: one for Frodo, Sam, and even Gollum
Lyre Birb
Lyre Birb - 2 måneder siden
Biggest complaint. Christopher Lee didn't simply witness people being stabbed in the back. To dramaticize it a bit because most of what he did is actually still classified, the man knows how people react when stabbed in the back, because the man stabbed nazis in the back, a lot.
eswagy - 3 måneder siden
These movies are the only ones that make me tear up a bit.
Daniel Siman
Daniel Siman - 3 måneder siden
Please do Pirates of The Caribbean
lennie carter
lennie carter - 3 måneder siden
Can't believe we actually already seen a live version of the Batman who laughs!
Cj Kalandek
Cj Kalandek - 3 måneder siden
This was my dad's all-time favorite movie and its end credits song _"Into The West",_ he made me promise I'd sing it on the day of his funeral. He passed away 3 years ago and I not only kept my promise, I also made a promise to myself that I'd watch the _LOTR_ trilogy every year on September 10th (his birthday). Because he was a fan of the books and he loved these movies as well.
Lindsey Squire
Lindsey Squire - 3 måneder siden
I adore how the actors so emotionally portray the friendships, especially Merry and Pippin.
Pam P.
Pam P. - 3 måneder siden
Supposedly the elf next to Elrond during the coronation is Glorfindel... um. no. lol not at all how I pictured him
Kyle Pepper
Kyle Pepper - 3 måneder siden
The horn of the Haradrim and their war chant deserves at least ten wins
Zachary Creeden
Zachary Creeden - 3 måneder siden
One thing I love from this movie is how Aragorn’s “For Frodo” isn’t a loud cry. He speaks it softly as if it’s only for the members of the Fellowship.
The Alchemist
The Alchemist - 3 måneder siden
RIP Ian Holm. The first Bilbo. You will be missed
PopCultureAddict - 3 måneder siden
You've done Star Wars. You've done Lord of the Rings. You NEED to do Back to the Future. It's going to be AWESOME!!!!!
Sara Gerardo
Sara Gerardo - 3 måneder siden
My only problem with the theatrical is the moment Sam first sees the Elves after leaving the Shire is in the extended. It shows him as a total fanboy, sets up a bit of insight into his optimism, and why he's in such awe when they actually meet them, and to him, that's the greatest adventure he could ever possibly imagine. He wants to go home after that; he's achieved more than he ever thought possible, got his fairy tale ending, and so it's time to go home. I feel the theatrical cut doesn't quite go into it enough on why the Hobbits would want to go home after delivering the Ring when the quest obviously wasn't done.
Lila d'Erlanger Finn
Lila d'Erlanger Finn - 3 måneder siden
Please do The Hobbit trilogy! These videos are great!
Fred V.K.
Fred V.K. - 3 måneder siden
"I can't carry it for you but I can carry you" deserves at least 50 wins. It is one of the most powerful moments in the whole trilogy and gives me literal chills every time I watch it.
val s
val s - 3 måneder siden
My whole life I've only ever watched the extended editions that my dad has.
Sean Marry
Sean Marry - 3 måneder siden
One thing I noticed in my most recent viewing is when everyone bows for the Hobbits. Mordor is in the background, but without darkness or lightning. Just clear blue skies. Lovely detail!
Minty - 3 måneder siden
I think the reason the first two movies made a stronger impression on me than RotK is because I watched most of the movie (and this review) through a veil of tears.
Nikusson gaming
Nikusson gaming - 3 måneder siden
Merry and Pippin charging after Aragorn at that last fight makes me chuckle every time ( and when they ultimately are slower than the men running as well)
Also my favourite characters are definitely Éomer, Pippin and Éowyn (Also Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli are best too)
Lews Therin Talamon
Lews Therin Talamon - 3 måneder siden
Fun behind the scenes fact about the destruction of Barad-Dur (by far my favorite miniature in the film); so, they knew they wanted it destroyed in some manner like that, but no one knew how they were going to model it, and then everyone said "...I hope it works out" and went home for Christmas break. But this one guy said "Fuck that I don't need a break," and stayed behind and modeled the ENTIRE fortress digitally so they could simulate that spherical explosion at the end. Which is very cool.
Jerrod Tibor
Jerrod Tibor - 3 måneder siden
Gandalf was probably the only one to figure it out, but the Mouth of Sauron bringing Frodo's mithril mail out was actually a very, very good sign. It meant that Frodo was still free. If he had been captured, there would be no need to bring these items out. Sauron would just claim the Ring & flatten the men of the West. Clearly, they were seeking information, they still had no idea what type of creature(s) was wandering around Mordor, seriously wounding Shelob, apparently killing an entire fortress of orcs, making headway in a land designed to keep people out. Sauron was most likely indifferent to the whole business, as this would have been during the battle of Helm's Deep through the final battle. He was preoccupied with the war, and wouldn't turn his attention to anything else. I imagine some lieutenant or other officer high in Sauron's ranks took it upon themselves to bring Frodo's shirt to Aragorn, both to taunt him and see what information they might reveal about who or wat was lurking around Mordor!
LilSherman - 3 måneder siden
i know it may be late to write this and maybe you're not going to read it but i really enjoyed this videos because i really love the lord of the rings and in times of scary viruses and lockdown i watched again the movies with other point of view (because i watched them when i was a kid with my father) and your videos of EGA the lord of the rings trilogy rlly make me happy so thank you for this. And i know im late.... 2 years late
Bailey Naylor
Bailey Naylor - 3 måneder siden
RIP Sir Ian Holm thank you for your part in one of the greatest film franchises ever been made. ❤
Nathan Bullock
Nathan Bullock - 4 måneder siden
Rest in Peace Ian Holms😭😭
Kate James
Kate James - 4 måneder siden
Orlando Bloom was actually fresh out of drama school when he got the part. Fucking crazy!
Sophie van Maanen
Sophie van Maanen - 4 måneder siden
The scores in this trilogy literally make me cry, they're just that beautiful.
petnzme01 - 4 måneder siden
To the Undying Lands... RIP Ian Holms😔
Evan Hutcheson
Evan Hutcheson - 4 måneder siden
I watched this movie the day he died, so i could have seen him seconds before he passed
pastaplumber9000 - 4 måneder siden
Thanks for covering these masterpieces, they're probably the best fantasy stories of all time. Would you consider covering the Hobbit movies? I've always felt like they get way too much unfair hate, considering Peter Jackson was forced into making 3 movies (instead of his original 2-movie plan) and he had to add a lot of stuff, but he was still able to make the story incredible. I'd love to see what you thought about them! :D
TheVeezyTV - 4 måneder siden
greatest movies ever made
Terry Fan
Terry Fan - 4 måneder siden
Come on you didn’t win Gollum not giving any horrible face or scream when he died in the lava because even in death he is still happy to have his precious so when he is burning in a fire his joy makes him not feel the pain.
Terry Fan
Terry Fan - 4 måneder siden
I’m surprised you didn’t make a were there’s a wip, there’s a way joke, but here’s one: we’re there’s a wip there’s a way, left right, left right.
Hyde - 4 måneder siden
When Sam goes berserk against the spider and the orcs, it's supposed the ring he's then carrying is granting him power and disguise.
S. G.
S. G. - 4 måneder siden
As many (well-deserved) Oscars as this film got, it still deserved one more: Best Supporting Actor for Sean Astin. Honestly, one of the great performances.
Subhi 18
Subhi 18 - 4 måneder siden
The scene where Frodo is leaving to the undying lands and the hobbits getting emotional was actually shot for three whole days.
SwampWolfe Gaming
SwampWolfe Gaming - 4 måneder siden
the lotr trilogy has a total of 689 wins
TheCulturalBomb - 4 måneder siden
Sam is the true hero of the story. Sean Astin should have been nominated for an Oscar, in all of these amazing actors in this film it's his emotion and power really shines through.
Corbin Govers
Corbin Govers - 4 måneder siden
Two things the book does that really bring home the "Sam is the hero" idea that weren't able to be in the movie were a) When Sam storms the tower to save frodo, the Orcs think that it's a great Elven warrior come to save Frodo, Callback to the council of Elrond when the elves wanted Glorfindel, the most badass of elves, to accompany Frodo and they took Sam instead. and b) when Sam has the ring, it tempts him by showing mordor as green and verdant without the corruption of Sauron, the ring's best attack against Sam was...well he's a gardener...show him a HUGE garden, emphasizing the theme from Fellowship that only the meek can carry the burden without succumbing.
Luigi Meschini
Luigi Meschini - 4 måneder siden
Gotta say an heresy.. i love so much the theatricals, that as an film assistant video editor i understand why those pieces are actually missing. There were great choices made in the editing room between Gilbert, Horton, Selkirk (the Video Editors) and Jackson (the Director). Yes, the extended versions give us more informations, but the fact itself that removing those helped the final result in a better climax solution for some scenes, really takes the step up. Theatricals, here are waaay better movies, technically speaking and emotionally.
Jacob - 4 måneder siden
You will probably never see this, but I just had to say that this channel saved me. Despite any dislike or hateful comment you receive, this channel is good work being done. Not just well made work but work that needs to be done. This channel helped me realize that enjoying the good in everything isn't ignoring the bad. I now actually enjoy life and have become happier and more able to cope with my problems. This channel is one of the lights in the shit storm that is our world and is a light that has allowed me to peak through the clouds and better bathe in the sun. Thank you.
Andrew Mattas
Andrew Mattas - 4 måneder siden
How could you not give a win to the sound the horn makes when the elephants come into the battle??? It’s Iconic
Unslaadahsil - 4 måneder siden
I have a far greater respect for Gandalf after reading up the details of what he is and what his mission is. It's something that it's really lacking in the movies but at the same time I would never know how to add it in without having it be a huge exposition dump.
Gandalf is pretty much a minor God, sent to Middle Earth by the major gods to stand against Sauron, but they had the rule that they couldn't confront Sauron's power with their own. Throughout the movie, many have commented that Gandalf is supposed to be a powerful sorcerer and yet the only magic he's seen doing is cracking the bridge at Moria, healing Pipin after he touched the palantir, and using sunlight to force the Nazgul to retreat. But it goes to show how great he is that he could do all he did while pretty much running at 10% or so of his power and was forbidden from confronting directly Sauron's forces with his power.
Heck, he could have probably vaporised the Witch-King during the battle of Minas Tirith without much effort. He was just forbidden to.
Felix Pettersson
Felix Pettersson - 4 måneder siden
fuck me this movie gets me everytime
Wb2006xx - 5 måneder siden
Cathal Hughes
Cathal Hughes - 5 måneder siden
Y'all know through all this gandalf had a great ring himself, one of the elves gave him it and his rings biggest power is not allowing the wearer to give into tyranny or despair which is why gandalf never gave up hope or into the ring in away
Unslaadahsil - 4 måneder siden
I love the clever touch at the end of RotK. Suddenly, with no explanation, Gandalf's ring is visible. Beautiful reference to the books and the lore of the, let's say, lesser rings without bogging down the story with it.
Cathal Hughes
Cathal Hughes - 5 måneder siden
5:26 that may be the very reason Tolkien wrote these books, if anyone could have that mindset it's a vetren of ww1
The Good Stuff
The Good Stuff - 5 måneder siden
Please do the hobbit when you get the time 🤗 I’d love to hear what you’d have to say x
guitargeekette - 5 måneder siden
Man, isn't that how it always goes? The optimistic strong ones, can't even afford to be weak, because the other weaker ones that usually depend on them for encouragement would die, if the aforementioned gave up...so they have no choice but to keep being strong. It's comforting to know they rose to the occasion but also incredibly unfair that they have to ALWAYS BE STRONG.
Trashdoge - 5 måneder siden
I think it was once said that the more powerful the individual is the more they would struggle getting rid of the ring which if you think about it makes more sense. someone who already is powerful would crave even more power to a much bigger extend than "mortals" could ever imagine. the same with the hawks the temptation of the ring was probably one of the reasons for their reluctance