Everything GREAT About The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring! (Part 2)

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Fellowship of The Ring Part 2! Thanks for your patience! Check out part 1 if you missed it: y2u.be/b7evmxZyz_M. Which half of this movie is better? First or second? Hard to say.
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Runtime: 15:48


Mateusz Piasecki EDP
Mateusz Piasecki EDP - 13 timer siden
Ok I’m no crazy true fan I have read all the books and movies but didn’t watch extended ones but still this movie series is one of the best
BaranZenon - 7 dager siden
I kinda like how Lurtzs arrows are basically little trees! Just looking how he pulls the string, the pressure on that bow, the sound, how thick those arrows are! You can feel the power and I would not be suprised if a headshot with that thing could tear the head off.
Felix Iaculat
Felix Iaculat - 8 dager siden
You know, at time 9:13 , you said "To me and my frineds". Lord of the Rings IS the first BOOk I have EVER READ to my friends. After that, they started to read more books (difierents styles ), but that meks me happy (sorry for the grammar but I´m Argen )
D R - 12 dager siden
i saw this in the movie theater, and when aragorn cut off lurtz's head, there was ROARING applause and cheers! goosebumps!
Dued12341 - 17 dager siden
Yes, those were the real actors in the boats for the most part, with occasional size doubles. But those J Strokes and such were all the real actors.
Olivia McDonagh
Olivia McDonagh - 19 dager siden
I think it's not unfair to say that if you weren't there when these films came out, it's hard to understand the impact they had. We didn't have X-Men yet. Spiderman hadn't arrived, Harry Potter wasn't here yet, hell even Doctor Who wouldn't be back on TV for another 5 years.
LotR brought fantasy to the main stage in a BIG way. Not least because it was a MEGA production, and the genre was given the gravitas it deserved. It wasn't aimed at kids - I was 5 when LotR2 came out and I was terrified of the orcs - and it really set the stage for sci-fi/fantasy being accessible and not just for nerds. And as for the work that went into it.... It's no surprise this series broke the record for academy awards.
Terry Fan
Terry Fan - 19 dager siden
Cinemawins: The extended edition is worse.
Me: Fool of a took!
Also me: Tell me, when did Cinemawins the wise abandon reason for madness?!
Tibby - 20 dager siden
no reference to "ASH ON MY TOMATOS!" 0/10
jonathan laws
jonathan laws - 21 dag siden
During the scene where Sam is rushing into the water, in the initially take if I recall correctly, Sean Astin actually got a piece of glass impaled in his foot.
Jared Mumper
Jared Mumper - 25 dager siden
The most masterful composition of film, characters, location, and music.
Rubie7437 - 28 dager siden
I don’t know about the others but I know that Vigo was definitely a paddler! The hobbits in the boat were smaller stunt doubles and during one take one the the doubles in Virgo’s boat said “don’t capsize because I can’t swim”! Talk about dedication 😂
SonOfTheViper _ _
SonOfTheViper _ _ - Måned siden
There was actually another book chapter name quote. After Bilbo leaves Hobbiton and Gandalf is smoking in front of the fire. He says... "*Riddles in the Dark*" while thinking about the ring. That's the Hobbit chapter where Bilbo and Gollum are riddling out each other.
warriorchick127 - Måned siden
The second time Boromir keeps fighting is bc he turns to see Sam and Pip, almost like he desperately wants to make up for his moment of weakness with Frodo and it will forever make me bawl like a baby
Queenie - Måned siden
something that struck me so much the first time I watch this was how horrifying the orcs are, I know it's a given but the first time we see them is just horrible, they're disgusting, slimy, and deadly; as someone who, when reading the books imagined them like evil hobbits it was one hell of a surprise - definite win.
Ellie H.
Ellie H. - Måned siden
I think i'm on #516 of watch lotr, I really stopped counting about 498 times ago...
how bout you?
Ellie H.
Ellie H. - Måned siden
just watched Thor Ragnarok,
can't unsee it.

Chamelea - Måned siden
13:10 Thank you for mentioning this! That's just one other thing that made the LOTR movies so amazing and had you coming back so enthusiastically for more. There are too many trilogies, sagas, or series where each movie feels so individual that none are ever really as good as the first or you don't really feel the need to watch all of them right after each other. What I love about LOTR is that when each of the first two movies ends, you feel like you left off in the middle of the story and can't believe the movie is over. That's how it SHOULD be! You're not done with the story yet! And so you immediately feel compelled to watch the next film.
Chamelea - Måned siden
7:49 I haven't had the chance to watch the extended editions yet, but this scene made me feel incredibly fond of Frodo, and I imagine that this is how Gandalf felt about him all the time and that just makes my eyes water.
Sean K
Sean K - Måned siden
The paddlers were absolutely the actors with the short doubles in boat with them. It was on the documentary.
Jonesey 909
Jonesey 909 - Måned siden
It's interesting to compare Boromir's death with Isildur's. Boromir realises the corrupting evil of the ring and dies fighting it ending up being shot with three arrows in the front. Isildur on the other hand was clutching for the ring right up until he died and ended up being shot in the back by three arrows. Boromir dies fighting the ring Isildur dies betrayed by it. While they aren't related they are very similar characters.
Tony Shaw
Tony Shaw - Måned siden
What a shit show mortal engines was
Connor Boyle
Connor Boyle - Måned siden
every time i watch these it's always funny that the impetus for finally doing the masterpiece that is the LOTR trilogy was Mortal Engines. The film which to this day is still the only movie I've EVER turned off halfway through.
ThatOneOddLookingDog ThatBarksAtYou
To me Sams line of “of course you are...AND IM COMING WITH YOU” wasn’t Sam being a lovable dumb dumb. It was him saying “yeah I’m your best friend so f🤬ck you and f🤬ck that plan. Scootch over!”
And I think that’s beautiful.
Unknown Legend
Unknown Legend - Måned siden
1:27 for the beard.
Yayman Yayman
Yayman Yayman - Måned siden
The thing with kill ur darling is that he made the books when that wasnt really a problem
Yayman Yayman
Yayman Yayman - Måned siden
I love that gandalf says this foe is beyond any of u. Like u guys cant beat it but i can
eee_inn - Måned siden
“Theatrical versions are better”
This is how you lose all of your credibility
Will Gallagher Sanderson
Will Gallagher Sanderson - Måned siden
I would love to see a series on exclusively the extended editions, taking them as movies on their own. That being said, it does sound like a simply MASSIVE amount of work
Wildtrexkid - Måned siden
one part i like about Boromir's last fight defending Merry and Pippin is how the sound is used. while he is fighting it is normal before he takes the first arrow and the sound fades out a little to show how the injury has weakened him, but when he rises and fights pay attention to the sound. its muted but sword clashes and yells are still relatively clear and audible while he fights. then he is hit by the second arrow and this time when he rises the sound is even more faint and even the yells and clashes of metal make barely any sound. the 3rd hits and you can no longer hear Boromir at all and the yells of the hobbits are even more faint. then as the uruks charge past its making even less sound and its all you can hear until its gone and only his breathing. Boromir can only focus on a single thing at a time now, only a single source of sound can be heard at a time. at this point only one sound is audible at a point and its Lurtz standing over him and sound is still only of a single thing but now louder of the bow creak. it only returns to normal when Aragorn, a new fighter, steps in and replaces Boromir. sound is really interesting here as you can follow it to basically hear Boromir dying as the fight goes on. when he is barely able to stand and fight he cannot hear anything and only after when he is kneeling can he focus on even a single other sound.
jellyfishsii - Måned siden
It was a 3 pronged spear. The 2 prongs were shorter that the middle spike. The middle spike went between his chest and arm. He didn't catch the full weight of the thrust. Thus he lived
MortRotu - Måned siden
This trilogy takes on a darker meaning when you understand what Tolkien must have been through before writing them.
Spike - 2 måneder siden
As a die-hard Extended Only fan, this video has the only decent argument for Theatrical I've ever heard; I can respect that, and totally give you a point for the mithril extended scene breaking tension.
Ragingfires92 xD
Ragingfires92 xD - 2 måneder siden
I watched the extended edition
Bleeding Masque.
Bleeding Masque. - 2 måneder siden
5:26 actually, that's a completely valid way to do it and if the bow is comparable in draw weight to a normal English war bow (100 lbs or something) then it makes sense for the orcs to do it if they're physically stronger and more resilient.
Elodie Elvira
Elodie Elvira - 2 måneder siden
I was also in high school when this came out, I went to see it in cinemas and I was also shocked when it ended after the boat scene. I remember thinking to myself "what, already?" even though it had been hours
craxnor - 2 måneder siden
“They took the little ones”
I love that line the most because he knows he’s dying and doesn’t know how much time he has. So the first and most important thing he has to say to Aragorn is to save Merry and Pippin. Pledges of allegiance, forgiveness, and dying in peace are secondary.
The little ones, their friends, were taken. Get them back safe.
Jaskaranpreet Singh
Jaskaranpreet Singh - 2 måneder siden
5:09 look at that orc going down one step at a time🤣🤣
interrobangings - 2 måneder siden
8:45 we all know you weren't invited to parties in highschool :x
brewski118sempire - 2 måneder siden
I say this every time you talk about road movies... How about The Road?!
joshua holmes
joshua holmes - 2 måneder siden
Here’s another win in the game for Two Towers the tutorial level at the beginning is the battle during the prologue of Fellowship where Isildur defeats Sauron. What makes the win is it shows a little bit of the movie then when the line of elves uses the halberds in the upward slicing of all the goblins there’s almost a seemless transition from the CGI used in the movie to the CGI for the game. It’s actually really well done but it’s noticeable.
HelpfulVader99 - 2 måneder siden
2:55, to put it to words, Frodo’s look is that of almost tiredness mixed into his despair and shock. As if part of him in that moment just wants to give up entirely.
Jaide Cipala
Jaide Cipala - 2 måneder siden
I think in an interview Vigo mentions paddling in a boat at some point with another actor(can't remember who) who was terrified of falling into the water. So at least at some point, the actual actors paddled the boats
bairdrew - 2 måneder siden
The thing that I always love about the Bridge of Khazad Dum in the books is that when the Balrog appears, Gandalf reacts with weary realisation. Legolas and Gimli with utter, complete horror. The Hobbits are too scared to even understand what they are looking at.
But Aragorn and Boromir take up their swords and charge back to aid Gandalf. Both knowing exactly what that thing is and exactly how hopeless such a thing must be. Its an old, old sort of bravery, buried deep beneath our comfortable lives and millennia of "civilisation", that you see again and again and again when people are driven to the very brink of despair but refuse to accept the incontrovertible death bearing down upon them.
Dr SparklZ
Dr SparklZ - 2 måneder siden
5:26 that's actually a REAL draw technique.
My half brother is a professional hunter and even has been on a few TV shows.
And he actually draws his bow like that, its weird i know, and youd think it would be inaccurate as hell but ive seen him nail a bull's eye at about 30~35 yards out.
Don't believe me? Look it up.
"Inverted hand draw technique" its not common, but its a thing.
LaWraWaN - 2 måneder siden
Boromir's last dying words summons onions every time.
Tebble - 2 måneder siden
In the RTS game, you can actually non-canonically keep Boromir alive if he lives through that mission.
Alex Ander
Alex Ander - 2 måneder siden
It’s amazing you talk of the attention to detail, and then you watch the river scene with the two large statues and see that one of their arms switches poses. For those who are wondering what I’m talking about, here it is.
When we first see the two statues, both are clutching a book in their right hand, whilst the left arm is extended with the palm facing up (as if they were saying “Stop”). However in one of the shots that shows the trio of boats past the statues, you can see that the statue on the left has its RIGHT arm extended and palm facing up.
strwrz1 - 2 måneder siden
I STILL want a Glorfindel story arc. Badass elf.
Ju Galaxy
Ju Galaxy - 2 måneder siden
The funny thing is
I have a *white people problem* here
I never this version watched The Lord of The Rings, all the times I watched these three movies, I was watching the extended edition
Fye Elessarndra
Fye Elessarndra - 2 måneder siden
Who else flinched horribly at the well scene in Moria? I know I did...I was like frozen in my seat, not breathing so that I won't 'contribute' to any more noises...as if I was in there with the Fellowship..
Sam D
Sam D - 2 måneder siden
I liked mortal engines, brings back memories actually.
Gregory Clark
Gregory Clark - 2 måneder siden
My mum says that she finds the extended versions better because they leave her less confused as to who is who and what is what and everything in between.
T. Smith
T. Smith - 2 måneder siden
No win for Boromir saying "give them a moment; for pity's sake!" after Moria?! Or when he's teaching sword to the hobbits?!
Boromir's death/speech ("They took the little ones!...) and "You were my brother!" from Revenge of the Sith are big "oof" moments for me.
Timur Kotulic
Timur Kotulic - 2 måneder siden
We want justice for Tom Bombadil
Joseph Greener
Joseph Greener - 2 måneder siden
Sam was the true hero. Without sam Ford would have been lost to the ring and suaron would have reclaimed the ring.
sage240 - 2 måneder siden
You didnt mention the best win. When Aragorn fights Lurtz there is a knife flying to Viggo Mortensen's head and he deflects it. That was actually a real throw with a real threat which happened accidentally,so credits to the Strider for some skills and reflexes.
Hannah G
Hannah G - 3 måneder siden
I have to say being a New Zealander watching these movies is very fun bc I try guess where they’re filming and I’ve been to some of the places by pure coincidence
E - 3 måneder siden
Love this trilogy, I watch these films several times every year.
Tuomas T
Tuomas T - 3 måneder siden
I love the fact how Galadriel saying "terrible as the dawn" is in both, everything wrong with, and everything great about fellowship of the ring 😂, at the other you're saying what the fuck is that supposed to mean, and at the other "yeah im not a morning person either", basically reflects how great these movies are, they can be sinned and loved by the same cutscenes.
Conor Aspie-Anarchist Sartre
Conor Aspie-Anarchist Sartre - 3 måneder siden
So to this day if we do count the original Star Wars battles I think this film has the best two battles ever and has not been beat. I know there is tells deep and the return of king has more accolades. But this films battles are more emotional and tense. You know they aren't going to die in two towers. But after the fight in the tomb Frodo gets a close call and Gandalf dies. So the film teaches us main characters die. So when amon hen starts which is my favorite battle ever. It's emotional because the fellow ship is breaking up, there's more intimacy, the action is awesome but not too over the top and we fear characters could die and then someone does and the hobbits get kidnapped. I love the awesome music and subtle sadness the scene has. I don't know why but I'm a fan of epic battles where are hero's lose. I think hoth is the best star wars battle for that reason it shows are badass heroes can fail.
Conor Aspie-Anarchist Sartre
Conor Aspie-Anarchist Sartre - 3 måneder siden
And that was not even including the fantastic film making.
Joe Monaco
Joe Monaco - 3 måneder siden
Great review.... “is Jacob in there?” Yes. I believe he is.
MLegend - 3 måneder siden
No fantasy films can beat lord of the rings not even Harry Potter
Luc A
Luc A - 3 måneder siden
I completely agree I prefer the theatrical cuts for the whole trilogy as well
Daan Sikkema
Daan Sikkema - 3 måneder siden
Fun fact: you shall not pass wasn’t in the script. Ian mckellen said it wrong. I think the original line was you can not pass or you will not pass.
Alex Hooper
Alex Hooper - 3 måneder siden
Lore win: The Balrog in the movie was basically at the same level of power and mythic status as Sauron himself, as they were both technically the same "rank" in the armies of Morgoth - the dude that basically set off all evil in Middle Earth after his rebellion against Iluvater (God) in the time of Music (creation.)
So... Basically Sauron and the Balrog are the Kings of Hell and Morgoth is Satan / the fallen angel. Gandalf 1v1's the Balrog.
Gandalf win? Gandalf win.
Linnadhiel - 3 måneder siden
Boromir wrestling with the hobbits is one of my favourite scenes in the first movie, just because I love how wholesome it is
Jack Pada
Jack Pada - 3 måneder siden
4:18 Yes! I get this reference now!
Ian Wallace
Ian Wallace - 3 måneder siden
Fun fact, when Galadriel says that even the smallest of beings can change the world its a neat reference to the Hobbit book with Gandalf's "Why the Halfling?" monologue.
Also I full on ugly cry when Frodo is trying to sail away solo and Sam turns his words on him and nearly dies to fulfill his promise to Gandalf.
Shauna Rundle
Shauna Rundle - 3 måneder siden
But the drinking game
DaliiLars - 3 måneder siden
It's Gandalf, not Gandolf.
DaliiLars - 3 måneder siden
Ok those kidding moments needs to end before it kills your channel. It's pure cringe.
Minty - 3 måneder siden
I'm surprised people were saying they should have saved Gandalf on the bridge. Did they not see the arrows still being shot at the Fellowship?
Brydon - 3 måneder siden
New Zealand is a stunningly beautiful place. These films made me want to see it and after five weeks touring around the South Island alone I have dreams of emigrating!
I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal
Scotland looks similar we got mountains with snow on the top massive Fields amazing green Forrest's random ruins it's great
TheBelieveit1 - 3 måneder siden
One awesome detail regarding the Argonath (the two giant statues when they were paddling down the river). If you look closely you will see what resembles something of a quarry in the mountain side. The idea the team had when designing it was that the Numenorians carved what they could out of the mountain side itself, and then carved out stone blocks from the surrounding mountain and added on what they needed to complete the statues. You can even see a transition in the statues where they go from being more smooth and clearly one piece, to seeing the lines where the blocks were later attached (mostly just the outstretched arms)
Massivefang - 4 måneder siden
I would be surprised if this hasn’t already been said but an extra 50 points for Viggo Mortensen for being (if I remember correctly) the best sword user of the cast, and when the archer Uruk-hai threw his hunting knife at him, the actor couldn’t see properly so accidentally threw it straight at Viggo, resulting in that shot being 10 times better
DARK5TAR2 - 4 måneder siden
The form that Lurtz uses with his bow is actually a very common draw for long bows.
Nick Furigay
Nick Furigay - 4 måneder siden
7:11 editions* also they’re called Orcs in LOTR and goblins in hobbit, continuity DING
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - 4 måneder siden
I am sorry but I...I think... I love you.
Moxie Hokutika
Moxie Hokutika - 4 måneder siden
So I re read the book then re wached this movie and...I honestly prefer a lot of the book major story beets. I like the bridge falling/jump across thing in moria was cool (if utterly devoid of physics but this *is* high fantasy) but Boramir's fall from grase and death made more sence in the book and moria really showcased how they were a team and how usefull Boramir was to the fellowship...but also that scean where he's teaching the hobbits is adorable. I think Cinima wins is right though, their a differant kind of epic and the book does drag on on acation.
I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal
@Moxie Hokutika no I know farimir from the radio play I've finished thst but not the books
Moxie Hokutika
Moxie Hokutika - 3 måneder siden
@I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal I thought you said you had just finished with the mined? I haven't watched two towers in forever but my inpression of the book guy is just nice, down to earth, knows his flaws maby a little better then his strong points.
I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal
@Moxie Hokutika well they changed the whole ent situation with them saying yes to war in the book but no in the film I actually prefer the film in this case as it showed that the ent's didn't really understand the steaks But what did you think of farimirs character in the film I know that it is incredibly different since I've listened to the radio play
Moxie Hokutika
Moxie Hokutika - 3 måneder siden
@I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal Wow, bad place to stop for the fellowship. What's your opinion on the film cutting out Merry and Pipin putting literally everything together before they set out.
I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal
@Moxie Hokutika the battle of helms deep has just happened
TheVeezyTV - 4 måneder siden
greatest movies EVER
sam is easily the best character
Scribe Knight
Scribe Knight - 4 måneder siden
Hey I love this, 5:28 but his draw actually isnt stupid. It's actually really practical for drawing from a back quiver. If you know how to do it properly, then you should be okay.
Terry Fan
Terry Fan - 4 måneder siden
Ian MkEllen: If you want to understand my method it would go like sir Ian, sir Ian, sir Ian, action, wizard: you shall not pass, cut! Sir Ian, sir Ian, sir Ian.
Sparklemuffin - 4 måneder siden
The 183 dislikes are the 183 salty Harry Potter fans left
Blob Blub
Blob Blub - 4 måneder siden
I have to disagree! I grew up with the Extended version so maybe I am biased, but in the battle you still get caught up and forget about the mithril!
Zoe Pappas
Zoe Pappas - 4 måneder siden
"The theatrical editions are better."
Tell me, friend, when did CinemaWins the Wise abandon reason for madness?
memelord1642069 - 27 dager siden
Let me finish...better for first time viewings
Jonathon Floyd
Jonathon Floyd - Måned siden
I don't even necessarily agree, but a like for the fantastic Gandalf quote use.
Laavatorakka - 2 måneder siden
Diana Daniker So it seems wait wrong franchise
Diana Daniker
Diana Daniker - 2 måneder siden
Well, it does say 'cinema' in his name, doesn't it...
Joel Schallhorn
Joel Schallhorn - 4 måneder siden
Buckleberry Ferry
EgholmViking - 4 måneder siden
Wait.. no mention of how Gandalf literally did the cross when he fell, forehaddoswing his Resurrection?
Zorze - 4 måneder siden
what about Galadriels gift to Gimli? a huge moment considering Galadriel refused Fëanor when he asked the same 3 times but still gave Gimli 3 which he placed inside a crystal as a pledge of good will between the mountains and the wood which means elves and dwarves
2fps doggo
2fps doggo - 4 måneder siden
Am I the only one who thought Gandalf was still alive

I thought he was the white wizard
Elly van den Brink
Elly van den Brink - 4 måneder siden
12.07 Tom Bombadil does actually come up again at the council of Elrond and at the end where Gandalf needs to have a long talk with him
The GTS Foxie
The GTS Foxie - 4 måneder siden
Those people paddling are the real actors. Aragorn and Gimli had a conversation while in those boats.
Gimli: If we flip over-
Aragorn: We won't flip over
Gimli: IF we flip over just save yourself
Aragorn: What do you mean?
Gimli: I can't swim.
Aragorn: wHaT?
Gimli: I'm even afraid to take a bath
Danny Lemus
Danny Lemus - 5 måneder siden
I Find it so hilarious Everytime Mithrandir says RUUUUUNNN ! Lmfaooo
Alexis Youle
Alexis Youle - 5 måneder siden
These movies, space balls and the mighty boosh are bonding points between me and my dad when it comes to things we both enjoy when where at the pub having a pint we will just start quoting them.
I know this seems long for a simple comment but I just felt like sharing this and saying how sadly no I didn't watch these films in highschool but they still defined my life and hope to share them with my sisters when they are old enough.
johnlaurens in the place to be
johnlaurens in the place to be - 5 måneder siden
4:10 every time I rewatch this video I think about this. I have an answer to it, it's in the lotr outtakes and it's hilarious. Go to 4:58:
Clint Pot
Clint Pot - 5 måneder siden
Sean Bean gets paid 1/3 LOTR, 1/8 seasons GoT. Poor guy deserves more pay checks :-)
George Googe
George Googe - 5 måneder siden
2:37 forget the theory of the eagles. He is telling them to "fly". In old English, to 'fly' is to 'run away' or 'flee'
Aaron Exists
Aaron Exists - 5 måneder siden
I'm not sure I appreciate just how different the movie becomes from the book at the end. I just reread the books and it is kind of irking me. Even though the change of Boromir is good.
Dyslex Official
Dyslex Official - 5 måneder siden
My captain.... My king.... 😥😥😥😥😥
Mephiston001 - 5 måneder siden
and my axe!
AidenKZ - 5 måneder siden
NED!! 😭
Wait... no win for how Aragon deflected the dagger?
Did I miss that?
Ok never mind about the dagger lol