Everything GREAT About The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring! (Part 1)

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Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring! (PART 1) No fake out this time. This movie is so long, which makes for a long video. BUT, Part 2 will be published tomorrow 9/30/2018. I just needed to split it up for probably obvious reasons at this point. Anyway, you guys have been asking for this one for quite a while. Another one of those "first requests." It was an undertaking!
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Outro Music: "Rise of the Heroes" by Jon Wright
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Suryam Gangwal
Suryam Gangwal - Dag siden
3:27 Gandalf is not 2000 years old. he is older than time itself as he was created by eru in the timeless halls. also 3:54 the hobbit book was published before the lord of the rings so that map is showing the previous book.
Tom Unger
Tom Unger - 3 dager siden
Gandalf is about 11000 years old
SynergyPhoenix - 6 dager siden
The first time I saw Bilbo’s face morph into an evil-orc-gollum, watching this on opening day in the theatre . . . Instant fight-or-flight mode in my gut.
SynergyPhoenix - 6 dager siden
There should’ve been a “Sam to the rescue” counter all of its own. 🥰
Flytie 21
Flytie 21 - 6 dager siden
Fuck. I love lotr too much but that’s not even possible
Renewings - 6 dager siden
the movie is so good the eww is a one part and the egw is a two part
Austin Quezada
Austin Quezada - 7 dager siden
Liv’s ride double is Jane Abott*
Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!
Are you gonna do The Hobbit trilogy?
pyrosianheir - 9 dager siden
On the topic of Galadriel being "The Fairest," well... Silmarillion things. Short version is, she was considered as beautiful as these two fancy trees that provided all light for earth or something in ye olden days.
ThejollyFrenchman - 10 dager siden
I remember, as a very, very young child, watching the scene where Gandalf and Bilbo blow smoke rings, and Gandalf makes one in the shape of a sailing ship. To my young eyes, it looked so realistic that I thought that was something people could do in real life, and the world seemed so magical.
Wotisthat - 10 dager siden
And to think this was late 90s
ARGhostie - 10 dager siden
Aw, no Merry & Pippin firework mischief intro win? Kidding, love this.
Tyler Yoder
Tyler Yoder - 13 dager siden
I love how when Arwen is conjuring the flood on the river, one of the Nazgul looks upstream like he was thinking: "She did NOT just cast that kind of spell!"
Alex Deacon
Alex Deacon - 13 dager siden
RIP Ian Holm
Josh Vega
Josh Vega - 13 dager siden
Ah, yes...one trilogy that *only* ever belongs in a CinemaWINS video format. 😌
Jonathan Hubbuck
Jonathan Hubbuck - 15 dager siden
Did anyone else think that “if you want him, come and claim him” was the most lord or the rings, geek speak turn on “if you want him, come and get it” lol
The One and Only Michael McCormick
It’s only just occurred to me that you look startlingly like Wes Anderson, and that’s very fortuitous.
Jeffrey Sammon
Jeffrey Sammon - 26 dager siden
“Bret! Where’s Jermaine?”
I had no idea he was in this movie
MJ - 26 dager siden
Ian Holm.
CrimsonDAGA9 Drakenhart
CrimsonDAGA9 Drakenhart - 28 dager siden
I haven't watched LOTR half as much as I should have, and I watched this video less than half times as much as it deserves.
Chris Brown
Chris Brown - 28 dager siden
Just a note - Liv's riding double was Jane Abbott (now Jane Lenaghan)
UnPrankAble 666
UnPrankAble 666 - 29 dager siden
God, I love these movies. Amazing characters, entire worlds created and destroyed, awesome sets, superb props, incredible scenes, and Tolkien actually created entirely new languages for this book and movie series. These movies and books are pretty much my childhood. The amount of times I've read the books. Oh man, it's such an amazing and stunning series. No detail is ever missed. Plus, that one part of Bilbo's speech is actually saying, "I don't know you as much as I would want to, and I don't like you enough." So much of this series shaped a lot of my relationships. I love these books and movies with all of my heart. Thank you for doing them.
C J - 29 dager siden
You call your wife a name once a month? You really are a fool of a took.
Kai .Isensee
Kai .Isensee - Måned siden
Byeeeeeee byee Lil´ Sebastiaaan
unikitten3684 - Måned siden
Fun fact: the “cutest hobbit ever” is actually Peter Jackson’s daughter
Miroslav Beck
Miroslav Beck - Måned siden
i think its a hot take but froto was a baby in all the movies like he did nothing
Jonathan Casais
Jonathan Casais - Måned siden
I needddd the hobbit plzz
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller - Måned siden
These are the kind of movies I grew up with and it's most certainly one of those franchises where I'll always watch till my death 👏
Ravenhaven Gaming
Ravenhaven Gaming - Måned siden
Everytime I hear the "concerning hobbits" theme I get tears in my eyes from the memories where this movie gave me safety and an escape from the cold real world into a fantasy dream :)
Chamelea - Måned siden
0:31 Love this bit because a chill went up my spine and through my arms right before he said that, so I completely agree!
Leo - Måned siden
Impossible perhaps the Archives are incomplete
lucien beaver
lucien beaver - Måned siden
I've grown up with the extended additions plus all of Tolkien's books being drilled into me, and I think the Balrog fight is perhaps one of the most understated moments in the trilogy, I mean its perhaps the most impactful from a lore standpoint arguably the most pure Maiar spirit Mithrandiir going toe-to-toe with the fallen Maiar, Durin's Bane the most fabled Balrog, we had perhaps the biggest adversarial resolution without even realising it had happened. And when you read into it, this really shows just how expansive the Tolkien-verse really is to include something so major as though it was but another leg of the journey.
Mangoi - Måned siden
i give the movies 100000000000000000 wins :)
Carol Vidotti
Carol Vidotti - Måned siden
Best adaptations EVER. Btw, doesn't anybody in this movies deserve points for hotness???
Sarazeen Saif Ahana
Sarazeen Saif Ahana - Måned siden
Mathew Kelly
Mathew Kelly - Måned siden
Yes all RPGs are based on this book , thatd get a sin 😉
Chi - Måned siden
I remember watching these epic movies in theaters as a kid
jc yeh
jc yeh - Måned siden
In the river scene with the nazguls the river water actually lokks like horses
Fredo 365
Fredo 365 - Måned siden
“Nice crispy bacon” is my favourite line
Josiah Bahuaud
Josiah Bahuaud - Måned siden
The font isn’t from this movie. It’s from the old cartoon. So win fail.
Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson - Måned siden
The cutest Hobbit you described is actually Peter Jackson's daughter
Addison Dillon
Addison Dillon - Måned siden
According to my calculations You have spent nearly a ninth of a year watching this one movie
Hombre Thanos
Hombre Thanos - Måned siden
Can’t believe he hasn’t done the hobbit trilogy
Jonathan Szuhai
Jonathan Szuhai - Måned siden
I hope he does it. The Hobbit movies are actually much better than people give them credit for.
4 Man Army
4 Man Army - Måned siden
Percy Jackson fans: Yeah, tell me about it.
Polar Bearon
Polar Bearon - Måned siden
Everything great about LOTOR:
*Plays the whole trilogy in full*
JexiaGalleta - Måned siden
*happy kiwi noises*
Caleniel Thranduillion
Caleniel Thranduillion - Måned siden
Anyone disturbed by frodos NAILS?????
Cowplants AreGreat
Cowplants AreGreat - Måned siden
I feel as though Saruman's and Gandalf's beards reflect their changing positions: Saruman has dark grey in it, symbolising evil etc. Gandalf has white in it, symbolising you know, good, purity and being the head of the order. Just a thought.
Amy Morgan
Amy Morgan - Måned siden
I love so much that when the camera pans over the 'future prequel tease map', it literally goes "THERE AND BACK AGAIN" .... it's the subtle things
Emily Danielle
Emily Danielle - Måned siden
The most underrated character in my family is Frodo. They HATE him, which really broke my heart because he's the LOTR character I relate to the most. It was like hearing them say they hated ME, or at least people like me.
fenderfan85 - 2 måneder siden
12:27 WTF How have I never noticed that before!
Joseph Terry
Joseph Terry - 2 måneder siden
That Nazghul is talion and that's Cannon
Jonathan Szuhai
Jonathan Szuhai - Måned siden
Which one?
Hufflepuffin - 2 måneder siden
I like how at 14:17 Elrond is just sitting there like “end my life already” lol
Pythias of Mallus
Pythias of Mallus - 2 måneder siden
Face torch! Lmao
woozer - 2 måneder siden
R.I.P., Sir Ian.
Rick Astley
Rick Astley - 2 måneder siden
Like 20 minutes in and we already have 38 wins.
Ju Galaxy
Ju Galaxy - 2 måneder siden
Yep, I searched for this, because The Lord of The Rings is my *favorite movie ever*
And I wanted to see people talking good stuff about it
Now let's watch
Burakku Ren
Burakku Ren - 2 måneder siden
13:07 also, the wave is made of horses
MrHistory808 - 2 måneder siden
These movies are superior to any movie or tv show ever gtfoh game of thrones
Sam D
Sam D - 2 måneder siden
Did you know this movie came out in 2001 and it was really good?
Skiriwowi - 2 måneder siden
I've watched this film dozens of times, never noticed Isildur's reflection on the Ring. Guess it's true that even after a lifetime of watching it, these movies can still surprise you.
Vasanta - 2 måneder siden
Just on movie title, and already the win counter : 2
azforu29 - 2 måneder siden
Dildos eyes widen. "And he turned all the trolls into fresh opiates!"
Keaton Bolin
Keaton Bolin - 2 måneder siden
Andy Dwyer is always a win
Mangoi - 2 måneder siden
this film was almost filmd in norway and i am form norway :)
KYCrusher1 - 2 måneder siden
“I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve”
Matthew Sneed
Matthew Sneed - 2 måneder siden
"Many adaptations have been flubbed" cough: percy jackson : cough
just ignore this
just ignore this - 2 måneder siden
I hate being "that nerd" but, it's pronounced "sore-on"
Edit: well, that's how I pronounced when I read the books
TheConceptOfTea - 2 måneder siden
I love this video because there is literally nothing WRONG with any of the lotr movies and thats the hill I'll die on!
Narrell Fry
Narrell Fry - 2 måneder siden
How has he not gone ega the hobbit yet
SophieHatterLeFay - 2 måneder siden
A win for how this movie single handedly made fantasy cool and popular and out of the ghetto? Everything we enjoy now, Harry Potter, GoT, the witcher, etc., was given a chance by their studios because the success of this movie alone
Folarin Osibodu
Folarin Osibodu - 2 måneder siden
omg i have never noticed the ring changed size before 6:39
Anna Shi
Anna Shi - 2 måneder siden
>> That was Mordor Black Speech for "guess again sucka!"
I nearly wet myself at that moment
Rocha Academico
Rocha Academico - 2 måneder siden
4:50 "do not take me for some conjurer of cheap tricks"
that's literally thumaturgy my dude.
Autumn Belle
Autumn Belle - 2 måneder siden
All of lord of the rings is great
Simon Jensen
Simon Jensen - 2 måneder siden
goblins not trolls
DeepBreath - 2 måneder siden
this whole channel is so dumb
LightingbladeShen - 2 måneder siden
Omg i hadn't even noticed the ring changed size, i thought it was just a perspective thing with the camera...
this movie...still making me feel awe
Booger Thief
Booger Thief - 3 måneder siden
such attention to detail they got frodo's age wrong.
rbx22 - 3 måneder siden
hey look iam so ironic with my short jokes and cutting scenes haha like me and sub me haha
hideflen - 3 måneder siden
@15:46 nothing could make me feel more feels about this moment than that song.
Ave Mio
Ave Mio - 3 måneder siden
Gandalf is a bit older than 2k
Ave Mio
Ave Mio - 2 måneder siden
@Evoo 😍💦💦💦💦
Evoo - 2 måneder siden
Speaking of 2K, did you know they are currently working on a 4K restoration of this trilogy?
ShakiraTheDevil - 3 måneder siden
Later when the tower blows up.
The model for it was made by one man in the christmas holiday. The others didnt want to work on holidays so the dude just made it on his own XD
amaris - 3 måneder siden
is cinemawins part of cinemasins?
Zac M
Zac M - 3 måneder siden
never noticed Bret or the fact that Legolas walks on top of the snow!
Sapphirewingthefurrycritic - 3 måneder siden
As a DnD player, yes. Yes a lot of RPGs are based on Lord of the Rings. There is even a race called Halflings in DnD.
ScienceBrainWiz - 3 måneder siden
How could you forget the moment when Bilbo Baggins is talking about the daily life of Hobbits and who they are. the music was incredible
Aaron Roopnarine
Aaron Roopnarine - 3 måneder siden
Count Dooku and magneto in the same movie.
The Torresons
The Torresons - 3 måneder siden
“Bye Bye Little Sebastian” 🎸🤣😂 Dude, you just made this anxiety-riddled insomniac mom laugh at 3:05 am. JOB WELL DONE. 😘
San dro
San dro - 3 måneder siden
This video is so not needed. Like name one bad part about this movie. More fun when you try movies like the Last airbender. Giving yourself a challenge.
Jack Pada
Jack Pada - 3 måneder siden
Can I just point out how well the LOTR theme fits with the angelic voices at the beginning of each video?
Habito Kun
Habito Kun - 3 måneder siden
MrHistory808 - 3 måneder siden
Holy sht after watching the entire franchise over and over I did not notice the 3 trolls turned to stone in the Unexpected Journey popping up in the Fellowship of the Ring
TheKazragore - 3 måneder siden
Can we now also agree that the late Sir Ian Holm is _also_ always a win?
Ircha man
Ircha man - 3 måneder siden
There's been a mistake here, CLEARLY there should be three episodes aproximately 4 hours long to show everything great about The Lord Of The Rings. :D
Oskar Kej
Oskar Kej - 3 måneder siden
Also Frodo was like 33.
Oskar Kej
Oskar Kej - 3 måneder siden
I mean Gandalf is an angel wizard.
Jottan - 3 måneder siden
as badass and awesome Sauron looks in the movie, and i'll probably get hate for this, but Sauron in shadow of mordor/war is alot cooler looking
Mystery Man
Mystery Man - 3 måneder siden
Everything is great with these movies
Tylor Fox
Tylor Fox - 3 måneder siden
I still think that the Ring's evil is really displayed perfectly with that scene with Gandalf and Bilbo. When Gandalf and Bilbo's friendship is such that Gandalf just tells him, "There's no reason to be angry," and Bilbo snaps at him, and you can see in Gandalf's face that it isn't a normal thing for his friend to do. That moment seriously hits me in the gut, Ian McKellen is such a great actor!