Everything GREAT About The Karate Kid! (1984)

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The Karate Kid is obviously a classic and since I'm all hyped up on Cobra Kai, it felt like as good a time as any to go back and avoid the insane racism while really figuring out who the hero of the story is. Was Barney wrong? Is it the lifetime karate king? Or the pure of heart karate kid? Here's everything right with The Karate Kid! (1984)
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 24:17


James Samyeli
James Samyeli - 2 timer siden
Do this for cinema sins!
MavenCree - 5 timer siden
Pu-lease do Karate Kid 2. I kinda consider them one movie.
Dustin VanKeuren
Dustin VanKeuren - 15 timer siden
#1 it was from an era that didn't constantly release SJW crap.
Andrew Blucher
Andrew Blucher - 18 timer siden
Excellent, really excellent. Thankyou.
Hardiy - 19 timer siden
About time bro
xele fonte
xele fonte - Dag siden
*You all have to watch "The Karate Kid: Daniel is the REAL Bully." Best Karate Kid observation ever.*
Dan D
Dan D - Dag siden
5:19 does not look like chase. It looks like they're running for the TV so that they won't miss their favorite show.
CesTech - Dag siden
Snipey Gaming
Snipey Gaming - 3 dager siden
16:07 that move is also VERY illegal at all levels and ages 😂
JCR Prod. Co.
JCR Prod. Co. - 4 dager siden
This is 1 of my Dad's favorite movies & my sister & i ❤ it as well. She made karate her thing when we were kids, i only got into it after i discovered TMNT.
Rayla Winter
Rayla Winter - 5 dager siden
Can you do the Enola Holmes movie?
Steaming Grits
Steaming Grits - 5 dager siden
I can’t wait for KK2 wins and cobra kai
Luke Runnebaum
Luke Runnebaum - 6 dager siden
I have met Demura IRL he is the Sensei of the Shito Ryu Genbu Ki. He definitely is a little to old now to be doing much of his stunt but the is a documentary on him called the real miyagi that is on netflix.
CommentCop Badge#666
CommentCop Badge#666 - 6 dager siden
Nobody else get's beat up and injured like Ralph. You always feel for him andhate the one that did it. The Outsiders is another example.
Rosa B
Rosa B - 7 dager siden
Autumn Sunsets
Autumn Sunsets - 7 dager siden
I only know Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi. I do not know him as a comedian or on Happy Days. I personally think Johnny was bad. No excuses he was bad. He chose a lot of things that happened. But truthfully speaking Johnny was the better fighter. He lost because Daniel used a move he was not familiar with. Daniel got lucky. That's why in Cobra Kai Johnny started using the crane move.
Lamii Kromah
Lamii Kromah - 8 dager siden
@CinemaWins so you are wrong about the scene where Mr Miyagi saved Daniel. The scene is meant to pay homage to the Japanese American Unit that took a suicide mission during WW2 to save an all white American unit that was trapped behind enemy lines and surrounded by SS. Mr. Miyagi represents the Japanese American Unit, the fence he climbed represented the mountain in Germany that the unit had to climb and descend into the valley. The bullies dressed as skeletons represent the SS unit (symbol of the SS is a skull) surrounding and battling the American unit, Daniel represents the American unit.
FuneralTortoise - 9 dager siden
This is my favorite movie
Stephen Robertson
Stephen Robertson - 9 dager siden
Book of Eli!!!!
Splash - 9 dager siden
If anyone wants a continuation of this movie from the other teams side he beat "cobra kai" might be the netflix series for you
sam Grosky
sam Grosky - 9 dager siden
Please do Whale Rider!!
Laspy Lasapy
Laspy Lasapy - 10 dager siden
Win Counter: infinite
Onyi Ononye
Onyi Ononye - 10 dager siden
Finally a positive review
Amanda Walker
Amanda Walker - 10 dager siden
Could you do a vid on the animated The Addams Family (2019) at some point? Actually, I'd love to see you do all the Addams Family movies. Thanks for the positivity in these unpleasant times.
Lynne McGee
Lynne McGee - 11 dager siden
Did you really bring up the kick.. Bah! It was legal! Per all the rules.
bic bo
bic bo - 11 dager siden
Can you try doing a video of the first season of cobra kai?
Eric Kern
Eric Kern - 11 dager siden
Um.. Nip up?
Tristan Guzman
Tristan Guzman - 11 dager siden
Please do hunger games
AceOfSpades - 11 dager siden
Cars got stolen by a crazy Martial Arts obsessed old man, can't have shit in Detroit.
Xavier Edwards
Xavier Edwards - 12 dager siden
never watched the movie, nor could clearly hear the dialogue. What is he referring to at 8:40?
Evelyn Wilson
Evelyn Wilson - 12 dager siden
Aw, that was such a nice review. Ralph and Pat were great together, and I loved Daniel mumbling and saying daft things to himself. The best thing about mobile phones is that you can pretend you were talking into one, not speaking to yourself as you walk along the road....
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson - 12 dager siden
I was 18 when this hit theaters, and between finishing high school and working to save for college there were only a few chances to hit the movies and SO many great movies (between May and June we had Gremlins, Ghostbusters, Star Trek III, Indiana Jones Temple of Doom, Sixteen Candles, The Natural, Top Secret!, Once Upon a Timne in America, Pope of Greenwich Village, ... and of course THIS) - but my friends and I still saw this one a few times because it was so cool! I have been able to share it with my own kids (now in their early 20s), and in our opinion it remains every bit as awesome now as it was then.
Jungle -Wav
Jungle -Wav - 12 dager siden
Can I just say. I loveeeee this movie so much. Genuinely heartwarming and gave me hope as a kid who was in Daniels situation growing up. Even down to being in karate 😂
Seabass 823
Seabass 823 - 13 dager siden
Do interstellar please!
Israel Rodas
Israel Rodas - 13 dager siden
adarael - 13 dager siden
Here's a fun fact about Miyagi catching flies: it's a reference to a story told about Miyamoto Musashi, and depicted in Musashi III: Duel and Ganryu Island. A bunch of loud drunks and gamblers are disturbing Musashi, so his student opens the door and shouts at them to quiet down. They all get up at this impudence and come to face the master down. He's eating cold soba, but there are flies buzzing around, and he keeps catching them with his chopsticks. The lead gambler is so impressed by this that he swears himself to Musashi's service to learn swordsmanship.
MegaManDBZX - 13 dager siden
So, a lot of people have argued about Johnny and Danial between who’s the hero and who’s the villain and to me, the answer is neither. The real hero and villain are Miyagi and Kreese. The former is the hero for taking this quick to anger always throwing the first punch kid and turning him in to a well balanced man and the latter is villain for taking a kid who who honestly wanted to stop being a dick and teaching him to respond to things in the wrong way.
Chicken Curry
Chicken Curry - 13 dager siden
Please do Hardcore Henry, it's one of my favorite movies ever
BBB H - 14 dager siden
@1:20 when the narrator sez: 'this is some of the most realistic flirting'... Yeah, except that the presumably high-school-age girl is played by an actress that looks WAY older than Daniel. (Edit- ok... its Elizabeth Shue, and she is only 21 in this film. She is a GREAT actresses, imo!)
Oh, wait... This is Cinema WINS... And, yeah, this is a great film... Still- In general, I don't like it when older actors are cast as high-school age kids (vide: 'Wild Things' and 'Cruel Intentions') and I especially don't dig when older actors are cast in hyper-sexualized teenage roles... Maybe that makes me a bit of a prude, though, as an adult, I DO dig adult things, of course!
Anyway, I thought I mention that.
Emil Nilsson Tollarps Skola 6A
I read thrue all comments
Jon Lopez
Jon Lopez - 15 dager siden
Do Nacho Libre!!!
cazuto claw
cazuto claw - 16 dager siden
He should do seven deadly sins movie
Sofanofa Falafel
Sofanofa Falafel - 16 dager siden
Mr. Miyagi is the original Uncle Iroh
Hannah Gagnon
Hannah Gagnon - 16 dager siden
Do little women
Matthew Eldridge
Matthew Eldridge - 16 dager siden
well yeah, exploit weaknesses, but he got that weakness illegally. If cobra kai hadn't cheated his leg would have been fine.
The Review Crew
The Review Crew - 16 dager siden
Please do two and three
Thomas Pankiewicz
Thomas Pankiewicz - 16 dager siden
I thought it was pronounced like (Mackio) my whole life

p.s didnt bring up the bottle breaking scene where the bottles clearly arent glued to the car
Lixr TW
Lixr TW - 16 dager siden
Everything GREAT About Cobra Kai!
Please man its my favorite series
Teilo Evans
Teilo Evans - 17 dager siden
Cinemawins > cinemasins
Karma Kills
Karma Kills - 17 dager siden
Yeah Haha I mean no! No _no_ ...
Emil Nilsson Tollarps Skola 6A
Finally after all these years finally
Plz do the sequels
btqy - 18 dager siden
U called his friend FRANKY......its FREDDY.
Alexi Berthe
Alexi Berthe - 18 dager siden
You like speedwagon ?
V - 19 dager siden
I love this movie, but yoda is the best teacher
Ethar Childres
Ethar Childres - 19 dager siden
Karate kid two better be next, love that movie
Jason Arkane
Jason Arkane - 19 dager siden
Johnny is a representation of the USA itself.
Aspen Ryder
Aspen Ryder - 19 dager siden
Johnny and Daniel were both just teenagers. Daniel was trying to do what's right, and Johnny was kind of just not.
Jinat Jahan
Jinat Jahan - 19 dager siden
Do the Jaiden Smith Karate Kid.
susanne anique
susanne anique - 19 dager siden
My 14 year old nephew thinks this movie is sooooo... lame and he prefers the Jayden Smith version. 🤦
Piotr Dudała
Piotr Dudała - 19 dager siden
"Whole movie". There, video done!
Kha0sV4ktor - 19 dager siden
the charm of 80s and 90s movies is so distinct and unique. Its sad we dont have this charm these days. Everything has to be as polished and pretty as possible
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith - 19 dager siden
Is it too late to ask for an EGA Sneakers? It's got an all-star cast: R. Redford, Sydney Poitier, Dan Ackroyd, George Straithern (AAW for good night, good luck), Mary MacDonnell (AAW for Dances with Wolves) Ben Kingsley, and James Earl Jones. It was River Pheonix's last movie.
jon dw
jon dw - 20 dager siden
My grandpa actually met the guy who played Miyagi
Sean Dennis
Sean Dennis - 20 dager siden
Neither Johnny or Daniel are the villains, they're just people. This movie, and Cobra Kai, both are really good at showing people, as people. You can root for Johnny and Daniel, both coming from understandable places
pablo chiarelli
pablo chiarelli - 20 dager siden
You gotta do the rest
Shaun Onuma
Shaun Onuma - 20 dager siden
Miyagi speaks pidgin, a legit language In Hawaii.
David J. Cochrane
David J. Cochrane - 20 dager siden
isaac bishop
isaac bishop - 20 dager siden
could you please do Midnight In Paris?
Grace Bishoff
Grace Bishoff - 20 dager siden
EGA Lucky Number Slevin
Roman - 20 dager siden
That whole scene with drunk
Mr. Miyagi and Daniel gets me every time.
Maroon Eddie
Maroon Eddie - 20 dager siden
Please do cinemawins series featuring the DC animated films
Natalee Daniels
Natalee Daniels - 20 dager siden
ally was the villain and johnny and daniel were just her victims
rudeminnesotan - 20 dager siden
The, “gross. Maybe keep some wise words inside.” Line just cracked me up hahahahaha
benficamad - 20 dager siden
no retreat no surrender is so bad its so good thats what i love about it
Red Planet Studio
Red Planet Studio - 20 dager siden
Everything great about John Carter please!
mckill85 - 20 dager siden
I want Johnny's "AYAAAA!!" Or "QUIET!" as my notification alerts on my phone 😍
NEWT NOOOT - 21 dag siden
You should check out The Protector/Tom-Yum-Goong(2005), Tony Jaa is amazing. Also Ip Man, because Donnie yen
M.M - 21 dag siden
YOO. I did not know how his wife died. That is some depressing shit
Gabriel Lonergan daniel
Gabriel Lonergan daniel - 21 dag siden
So unrelated but have you watched the dark knight returns, it's an animated film about batmans return after retirement, please review it
Madetoplz - 21 dag siden
Please do "the gentlemen" directed by guy richie
David Anderson
David Anderson - 21 dag siden
I am not sure how he beat Dutch and even the directors just skipped that part (Ralph said Dutch would have kicked his ass in real life)
David Anderson
David Anderson - 21 dag siden
Zabka was a good wrestler in HS, so I am not shocked he picked karate up for this
David Anderson
David Anderson - 21 dag siden
Pat" Morita was nominated for supporting actor and looking back I think him getting the win would have meant way more being everyone saw this movie and went to sign up for karate...
ImdaTimeLord_ YT
ImdaTimeLord_ YT - 21 dag siden
I just finished watching the entire Cobra Kai series in 8 or 9 hours. Lol. ITS AMAZING
Denner Silva
Denner Silva - 21 dag siden
Does anyone know if I need to watch the other two sequels to understand Cobra Kai?
Lord_kapkan - 21 dag siden
Notice how they do takedowns in karate, a martial art that doesn't teach ground fighting.

Illusive Tabby
Illusive Tabby - 21 dag siden
Oh my god I forgot about the medal of honor scene. THEY WANTED TO CUT THAT SCENE? Thank fucking god they didn't! More people need to see it and actually pay attention. Myagi *is* a hero for fighting in WWII and earning the MOH, but then the juxtaposition with his wife and child dying in an Internment camp is just heartbreaking.
Ra1n1ng _P4nd4
Ra1n1ng _P4nd4 - 21 dag siden
Reebotavixlu - 21 dag siden
great video!
Also, you should do the Steven Universe movie
Space Cop
Space Cop - 21 dag siden
Could you do The Irishman? (Big question, I know.)
Matt Smith
Matt Smith - 21 dag siden
And side note. Karate id pronounced Ka-Ra-Ta, with the the r being pronounced dra with a sharp, short semi d sound and the final e said as a long A
Matt Smith
Matt Smith - 21 dag siden
This movie has a special place in my hearts. It, Star Wars and A Charlie Brown Movie were what i watched while recovering from various surgeries when i was young. Unfortunately, i havent seen it in a long time and there are things youve said that i admitedly missed the significance of. So thanks. Also, as a WWII history buff, special thanks for calling attention to Miagi's service and its unfortunate outcome. Its an all-to-real senario that shouldnt have happened
pyro is the fifth boy
pyro is the fifth boy - 21 dag siden
my fav film
dUm - 21 dag siden
Try the kung fu panda 3 pls
Godofrobotic Plays
Godofrobotic Plays - 21 dag siden
Batman: under the red hood
The_Jokester - 21 dag siden
15:30 you have never heard of Jason David Frank, have you?
Raquelgrl3271 - 21 dag siden
Please do Ever After A Cinderella Story and Atlantis. Pretty Please!
AlexPlayzz - 21 dag siden
You should do Ratchet and Clank Movie. I would love to see you do it.
kyle wolfkind
kyle wolfkind - 21 dag siden
Daniel: "I'll get killed if I go there!"
Mr. Miyagi: "Get killed anyway."
lol Priceless sage like wit from the master himself. XD
TheEman11910 - 21 dag siden
Billy Zapka is the real karate kid. Barney was right