Everything GREAT About The Equalizer!

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The Equalizer 2 is out! Which means you all must have liked something about the first one, right? You don't know everything there is to know about microwaves! Here's everything right with The Equalizer!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 17:40


hunter - Dag siden
Didn't the microwave turn on because the power was turned back on...
He turns the microwave on then turns to power off and then puts the canisters in the microwave so when the power turns back on boom... The only thing is how would he know when to turn the power back on.
K1NKYN1NJA - 2 dager siden
A Damascus steel Switch blade would be highly impractical, the folded steel is to add strength to the hard and sharp yet brittle cutting blade so that it doesn't snap if it flexes but it wouldn't prevent the cutting edge getting damaged if it hits something like bone. Says a lot about the goon having a fancy yet impractical weapon.
EDIT: 10:43 Dimorphodon :)
theoriginalemim - 21 time siden
Damascus is more of a stylistic choice these days than anything. It's not going to be less structurally sound than any other blade steel.
Tim Sullivan
Tim Sullivan - 3 dager siden
W hen he says in Russian, "Understand?" to the cork-screwed guy, it's a bit of re-incorporation from their first meeting when the girl was grabbed on the street. The driver(a.k.a.soon-to-be-cork-screwed guy) tosses that same "Understand?" line to Denzel - though not at all clear why the guy said it in Russian to an American.
Charlie Mont
Charlie Mont - 4 dager siden
I'm so glad you've covered this film, honestly this film is one of my favourites as I absolutely live for action movies
Dean Bennett
Dean Bennett - 5 dager siden
These vids are terrible and this narrator SUCKS
zander chiasson
zander chiasson - 6 dager siden
That “flesh” on the nail at 13:08 is actually a plastic guide that keeps it true at it goes down the barrel of the nail gun
John Kearns
John Kearns - 7 dager siden
Only comment about the nail gun is the co2 cartridge ones don't shoot straight
x X_ToXIC_SLAYS_Xx - 7 dager siden
Didn't think he would know what the IRA is
RSF 24
RSF 24 - 9 dager siden
It's been two years...where's ega The Equalizer 2?
Pierremur - 9 dager siden
To me Mccall is the new Boba Fett, a ultimate badass who we don't know much about and even in the excellent squeal it adds to the character
Also "Vengeance" is spine chilling EVERY time I hear it.
Tenareth - 10 dager siden
Should watch the move tick, in short you can override something like OCD for a short time, but it has a cost. I live with OCD and can make it not show up for periods of time to let me be successful at work. But then I have to deal with it later.
lorde0147 - 10 dager siden
If anyone's interested as mentioned in his video, Yes Honey is useable for sealing up a wound, as it hardens it acts as a scab basically, the ancient Egyptians did this to help the healing prosses.
Note, only do this as a last resort, 1st treat the wound with a clean cloth dabbed with alcohol then apply thin layers of honey, leave until dry, works like a charm. So long as the injured person dose not overly move affecting the honeys placement.
Doing this gives the body time to form a proper scab over the wound, stop the bleeding and infections.
Not as good as cleaning the wound and applying a band-Aid or the like as they now a days come with a built in cream that helps the healing prosses.
Mason French
Mason French - 11 dager siden
3:21 notice the last three dudes to die, and in this order, are from smallest skull to biggest skull.
Solus Darkcoat
Solus Darkcoat - 14 dager siden
0:44 Vast majority of people have no idea what gluten is. Gluten free is something you should only be if you're allergic, otherwise you're wasting everyones time with your stupid nonsense.
NEWT NOOOT - 16 dager siden
You should do Man on fire and book of eli
Vivek Tiwari
Vivek Tiwari - 16 dager siden
Fav actor
dave kels
dave kels - 17 dager siden
fouck you man
dave kels
dave kels - 17 dager siden
foucking hell, why this shit
Jimmy Wood
Jimmy Wood - 20 dager siden
When are you going to do the equalizer 2
wazza33racer - 20 dager siden
great actor............and in real life, he quashed political correctness when he said that "race doesnt matter............its culture that matters" (belief systems).
Rofannie Chan
Rofannie Chan - 23 dager siden
Honey has lots of good medicinal properties externally and internally. Tried and true for millennia. Honey was found inside ancient tomb's in Egypt used as medicine and all things. It's a good to have in your kitchen cabinet. Get the pure/raw honey, not the processed crap that has filters and additives in it. Lots of honey on the market has added thickener made from corn aka high-fructose corn syrup.
Josh Labrecque
Josh Labrecque - 24 dager siden
"He won't be calculating Pi anymore." I_understood_that_reference.jpg
Oscar Ballard
Oscar Ballard - 24 dager siden
Cathartic Canuck
Cathartic Canuck - 25 dager siden
One of THE BEST movies ever made...
Thinker2 - 25 dager siden
It's not OCD, it's Super Solderer, like Born Identity (2002) or Conspiracy Theory (1997) MK-Ultra look it up.
Jackson Signarowski
Jackson Signarowski - 26 dager siden
John wick is better
xu chengtian
xu chengtian - 26 dager siden
Look we get it, shot glasses, pencils, just tell us what else do we need to be careful for.
Jim Stokes
Jim Stokes - 28 dager siden
Like the movies ok, preferred the TV show
warriorchick127 - 28 dager siden
He also kills them in the order he placed the skulls facing them i think. At the very least he points the largest skull towards the top baddie and then kills him first
sarlacc's tapeworm
sarlacc's tapeworm - 29 dager siden
It was a concrete nail that stuck in the wall..... a concrete nail... lol
sodapopinski - Måned siden
I was treating a guy with cancer who had open wounds from Non-Hodgskins lymphoma these ulcers would not close at best they would turn into mounds of hypergranulation tissue then get infected after seeing specialist after specialist with different dressings that didn't work..Some old school wound specialist came in about 80yrs old.. The Doctor was like a cross a between the dr. in Doc Hollywood with his old time treatments and didn't have a care in the world and didn't take himself or life to seriously like the old time lawyer Robert Duvall plays in a Civil Action; he's been through it all and seen it all.... In the end they settled on maggot therapy to debride and clean the wound and honey under an ABD pad to keep it sterile, it took a few months, but when I last saw him his open wound the size of a orange was nearly closed. after my years of nursing I would take an old time dr. like that over some hot shot Fellow Tufts grad who grad 1st in his class and is to proud to admit when he's wrong..
Humorous Boris
Humorous Boris - Måned siden
Why didn't you mention the 80's TV show?
Matthias Swieton
Matthias Swieton - Måned siden
Since you mentioned Kingdom of Heaven can you do that one ?
Mike F
Mike F - Måned siden
honey has hormones plant cuttings will actually root better if you dip them in honey first
Mike F
Mike F - Måned siden
Continuity: Denzel moves the chair; it's away from the table; when she turns to get her stuff and comes back, it's flush against the table again. OCD
clik uk
clik uk - Måned siden
It would have been better if you had shut up and just showed the clips your voice is boring and made turn off after 2 minutes
Acura TL GTLM - Måned siden
The fact that there isn't an EGA video about the second movie still had me kinda shook.
C'mon, make it happen!
3% NEANDERTHAL - Måned siden
The best thing about The Equalizer was casting Denzel Washington in the lead role.
Josh Brown
Josh Brown - Måned siden
3:38. Ah shit jev is gonna be mad when he sees this guy got Damascus years before Modern Warfare even came out.
Sudheesh V R
Sudheesh V R - Måned siden
Great moovie
thomas brown
thomas brown - Måned siden
Not a framing nailer. Its a concrete nail gun. They use .22 blanks to drive the nail into concrete. The piece on the nail is the rubber gasket used to seal and stabilize the nail in the gun.
watdaification - Måned siden
Can’t believe you never highlighted the double stab on one of those goons
Alana Reid
Alana Reid - Måned siden
You should win Unstoppable. It's super intense.
Sailesh Mishra
Sailesh Mishra - Måned siden
Beating dan bilzerian gotta be a highlight. Hate that dude
Kalani S
Kalani S - Måned siden
11:30 yes! 😌
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna - Måned siden
Does the chess playing scene foreshadow anything?
Victor Gibson
Victor Gibson - Måned siden
So this ass wipe is going to Yammer through the whole thing? Okay time to dump this video
Darcy Moss
Darcy Moss - Måned siden
another reason hes super precise is he must have spent 90 percent of his life in the military to become so badass in the first place
zeldafan1315 - Måned siden
How have you not done the second one yet 😂😂
Charles White
Charles White - Måned siden
Denzel Washington is awesome!!!!
He should have a dozen Oscars!!!!
Most over looked Actor in Hollywood!!!!!
Addison Marks
Addison Marks - Måned siden
hahahahaha the fact that u pointed out the damascus its fucking wonderful!!
Tom Nekuda
Tom Nekuda - Måned siden
Whoever does the narrative on this is a dipshit.
Undead Phoenix
Undead Phoenix - Måned siden
I don't know if honey helps with healing wounds, but honey does helps with helping them stay clean. You see, honey doesn't let you body rot, I heard it was even used to transport bodies at some point in history, so I believe, if you clean your wound and then cover it with honey, it will not get dirty and it won't get inflamed.
Neutral Tired
Neutral Tired - 2 måneder siden
The something stupid line was a callback, not quite a theft of lines
RegEXmuslima - 2 måneder siden
6:00 - 6:10 .... oh sweetie
Justin Scott
Justin Scott - 2 måneder siden
Is this just grown up Home Alone ?
paulalan262626 - 2 måneder siden
Exited after 53 seconds. To much talking
Aaron Pincus
Aaron Pincus - 2 måneder siden
A nail gun is exactly that. The charge that propels the nail is the same as a .22 caliber.
bob johnson
bob johnson - 2 måneder siden
What a drag that we don’t get to watch without you talking
Augusto Machete
Augusto Machete - 2 måneder siden
Killing a bad guy with nails to the joints offers the thrilling reward of killing the bad guy more than once, which prevents the disappointment of killing the bad guy only once.
Lucas Keay
Lucas Keay - 2 måneder siden
2:32 You should definitely win The Accountant
Gaz Ghettohipster
Gaz Ghettohipster - 2 måneder siden
The narrator of this video is a f-ing idiot.
SeckziBeast - 2 måneder siden
I know I'm late to this channel.
But, after watching your Dark Knight, Joker Pt 1 & 2, and John Wick reviews..
You've earned yourself another like and subscriber.
Great videos man, love the messages you put in them as well and how light hearted and positive you keep the "wins".
Look forward to watching more.
Chrisfragger1 - 2 måneder siden
To be fair, he is Ex-CIA Black Ops... I'm sure finding and gaining access to these places would be child's play.
Arno Siemons
Arno Siemons - 2 måneder siden
I hate your voice....Plastic....
Rasiab's Gaming Corner
Rasiab's Gaming Corner - 2 måneder siden
I always took that shrug he does as a "I'm getting old" and a " I need to start giving myself extra time for this stuff"
TheAvarge Jo
TheAvarge Jo - 2 måneder siden
He only used a gun once in the movie I find that crazy
azeeuwnl1961 - 2 måneder siden
Too much chatter for me...
edward lewandowski
edward lewandowski - 2 måneder siden
Steve Mccart
Steve Mccart - 3 måneder siden
If you have watched the old tv show all the movie questions are answered.
Steve Mccart
Steve Mccart - 3 måneder siden
If you dont have superglue ,honey is sticky organic and sterile.
Trevor Davis
Trevor Davis - 3 måneder siden
Hey, small thought here, watching this again and Bravo, but I'm thinking you should do American Assassin. I think you'd do a great job in talking about the character's emotions and reasons throughout the film.
Curt.exe - 3 måneder siden
26 one thousandth... 27 one thousandth... 28 one thousandth
Kian N. Ardalan
Kian N. Ardalan - 3 måneder siden
I feel like this needs to be mentioned: OCD is not about a compulsion to be tidy, it is about riutalisation.
Quite often when people with OCD to things, it is about washing your hands over and over until it feels right, it is a type of anxiety disorder. People with OCD are actually quite disorderly and messy.
Alverik Vazquez
Alverik Vazquez - 3 måneder siden
Concrete drivers nail gun 👉
Chuck Yoder
Chuck Yoder - 3 måneder siden
I got 3 minutes in and the narration gave me a splitting headache 😩!
Cherry God's eye
Cherry God's eye - 3 måneder siden
Denzel is always a win. I would watch him watch paint dry and enjoy it.
Dante Johnson
Dante Johnson - 3 måneder siden
I loved how Melissa Leo and Bill Pullman had opposite roles than you'd expect. I got a very strong vibe that they literally switched roles, when Melissa absently-mindedly requests a drink and Bill just quietly gets it. Also, Bill had few lines and they tended to be feelings based.
sooperdude22 - 3 måneder siden
Fun Fact: The scenes set in the Hardware Store were shot in my hometown, Haverhill Massachusetts. They used a Lowe's Hardware Store that had recently closed down to shoot sections of the film there for a few months.
Wade’s World
Wade’s World - 3 måneder siden
Could you review Denzel’s 2 Guns with Mark Wahlberg? That’s a good movie :)
wolram lilly
wolram lilly - 3 måneder siden
Take it from a carpenter, the nail gun is a no go unless at point of contact; not just point blank. Completely false.
Lillith - 3 måneder siden
Are you ever going to do The Accountant. I love that movie and I would love to see you do it.
RamRamRam - 3 måneder siden
Haha you're reaction exactly like mine "HOLUP those are a fine piece of Damascus knife you got there commerad"
Rohit Boro
Rohit Boro - 3 måneder siden
2nd one is bad..
Jaime Coronel
Jaime Coronel - 4 måneder siden
i know that was two years ago but he took a knife and
shoved it into the outlet, ._.
Panthera sapiens
Panthera sapiens - 4 måneder siden
This movie is absolutely tasty 👌
MASYAF - 4 måneder siden
Ok so when this movie came out I havent watched into the Badlands and then I watched this video so many times and I started into the badlands last year and now I get the "I'm a baron " reference
BenjWarrant - 4 måneder siden
Sequel was a _lot_ worse. Some idiot made the choice to turn it into a standard spy film where he's avenging his boss, and it destroys the story. The character's supposed to be about helping people who have nowhere else to turn.
BenjWarrant - 4 måneder siden
Isn't Chloe Moretz playing someone who _would have been_ a girl next door if she hadn't fallen victim to sex traffickers and had to dress up like a _femme fatale_ for disgusting old men?
Anna Thomas
Anna Thomas - 4 måneder siden
You forgot to win the Analyse This reference when Teddy beat up the Irish foreman.
LifeWatcher - 4 måneder siden
For anyone wondering:
Dedushka really means granddad(more like grandpa), though emphasis is on the first syllable.
Gunsquawk 44
Gunsquawk 44 - 4 måneder siden
2 seconds in when I realized you were going to do the stupid commentary, I decided NOT to subscribe, just put the clips on, idiot.
Kafen8d - 4 måneder siden
The nailgun he's using in the end scene is a variant of a Ramset nail driver. They're designed for setting nails deep through 2x4s into concrete foundations. They use a blank .22 cartridge to fire a piston which drives the nail. In summary, they will shoot through someone. The nails they use also have a little orange cap to keep them aligned in the barrel. The "little piece of flesh" on the nail is actually that orange plastic.
factionHG - 4 måneder siden
Is the guy with the beard Dan Bilzerian?
Lady Scarlett
Lady Scarlett - 4 måneder siden
I watched this movie in cinema with my mom, my dad and my sister and directly afterwards we had to go to the hardware store to buy something. The entire time we were in the store we would pick up random things and hold it out to each other and nod in acknowledgment that "Yes, that's a good weapon," and "Ohhhh, that's a good one," and "Ouch, that one would hurt so much," and "This is actually heavier than you think," while my mom frowns at us because she wasn't impressed by the brutality of the movie.
Lady Scarlett
Lady Scarlett - Måned siden
@Flat-On-His-Face she didn't like the brutality. I don't thing there is anything more brutal than a nail gun to the face or a sledge hammer to the head... I mean, there might be but that would be really up there on the brutality list...
Flat-On-His-Face - Måned siden
You're saying she wasn't impressed? Perhaps she appreciated more brutal movies and this one didn't measure up? Or did you mean she was impressed -- but didn't like -- the brutality?
Adil Ahmed
Adil Ahmed - Måned siden
Abdessamad Baahmed
Abdessamad Baahmed - 4 måneder siden
the thing about equalizer,denzel is not ur typical hero with muscles and stuff the beauty is that he seems a normal man but he aint normal
Pierre Loubris
Pierre Loubris - 4 måneder siden
the equalizer is rated A or AA or AAA
Spartan117KC - 4 måneder siden
The best line of the movie "When you pray for rain you've gotta deal with the mud too...."
Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown - 3 dager siden
It means that if you really want some good thing, then you better accept the stuff, maybe bad, that always comes with that thing.
satan official
satan official - 7 dager siden
@Shahi Rahman wow thats cool
Shahi Rahman
Shahi Rahman - 8 dager siden
@satan official it means that when you want something no matter how good it is or how hard it is there is something within that, that you have to go through to get what you want
satan official
satan official - 8 dager siden
What does it mean tho does it mean like with good there comes bad
Unslaadahsil - 4 måneder siden
12:30 what year is this movie set in? Because I'm pretty sure for a pretty long time microwaves continued with their program if you cut the power before they finished. It's only later that they made them do a (hard)reset whenever the power got cut.
Since older microwaves didn't stop on their own, but continued to work past the end of the timer (the timer was for you to stop it, it didn't stop the machine) apparently some broke or straight up exploded or caught fire because they were left on for hours thanks to power shortages.
Or, I could be confusing them with another domestic appliance and everything I just wrote is wrong. Can't be bothered to confirm right now.
Lee Lorenz
Lee Lorenz - 5 måneder siden
Beautiful beard is Dan Bolzerian. The ending scene unbelievable; not even the highest trained SEAL in peak condition would go into a guarded and surveillance watched compound against ex Speznaz and come out unscathed.