Everything GREAT About The Dark Knight!

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And one more re-upload for you. Hopefully, two movies coming back to life will make up for there being no new video. But next week back to normal! If you can figure out the teaser frame at the end you're just the smartest movie watchers around.
Originally Published: 6/17/2017
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Wonder Women is out! So here's another DC hero. And definitely one of my favorite movies of all time. Batman Begins 2 was really something special. Here's everything right with The Dark Knight.
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Runtime: 22:52


CinemaWins - 2 år siden
Another REUPLOAD!? I know, this one had been blocked for 3 weeks and my DMs have been blowing up ever since. But next week back to normal. And it's something a lot of you have been asking for from day one. At least a beginning...Only the most avid movie aficionados will be able to decipher the teaser frame.
Logan Procter
Logan Procter - Måned siden
When u say no one could touch heath ledgers laugh or performance well watch gotham camren monaghan is amazing I believe that he's better than ledger no offence to anyone
Braxton Myers
Braxton Myers - Måned siden
Equinox - 2 måneder siden
you forgot to add 1 million wins of heath ledger
and Time
and Time - 4 måneder siden
You missed one I think. It’s where Batman places the bomb to blow up in the building it’s a 3 minute bomb and it takes 3 minutes to explode no longer no shorter they got the bomb time right serious attention to detail
donald deluxe
donald deluxe - 6 måneder siden
CinemaWins hello mr cinemawins, there is also a line about heath’s joker that introduces what created himself: “...or a truckload of soldiers getting blow up, nobody panics...” Once when the event went down the way it did as we are shown how versatile joker is with weapons, explosives, and knives. Is that he was once a green beret that was with a squadron of fellow berets in a war as recent to the Iraq war after 9/11 in which he and his squad were blown up. He may also be a former captain as he shows characteristics (EMPHASIS ON CHARACTERISTICS) to inspire his men’s loyalty by telling many stories to his goons to attract and achieve more men. And he continues to show he’s been through this many times in combat through simple glances and movements (a la how he stumbled out of the truck) Maybe how his carelessness was so transparent throughout his service that it truly costed himself by angering the wrong people as to why he has a death wish (as to why he wants Batman to hit him).
Oʊdɪn - 2 timer siden
well this movie is clearly about the joker and not batman
TheFlyLuciano - Dag siden
Aaron Eckhart deserves a WIN for his potrayal as Two-Face. Jesus Christ that ending is the most tense scene I have ever watched.
Eobard Thawne
Eobard Thawne - Dag siden
Me and my friends recreated the famous Joker entrance and I got to do the Joker’s fake laugh btw Rest In Peace Heath Ledger
Cole Mitchell
Cole Mitchell - 2 dager siden
Everything about this movie/trilogy is a masterpiece. Sound track, fight scenes, actors and their acting, villains, heroes, costumes for characters (Batman, Catwoman, Bane, Joker, Scarecrow, Two face etc.)
Garon Elliott
Garon Elliott - 3 dager siden
1 answer *Heath Ledger*
Vegitodraws 9186
Vegitodraws 9186 - 3 dager siden
I usually don't rewatch win/sin videos, but goddammit!!!!! This video and eww Under the Red Hood are my only exceptions! Or..... maybe its just cuz the movies are Batman, but your videos are still amazing
Grant Cipher
Grant Cipher - 6 dager siden
Also two things that atleast I saw was the timing of specific events matching with the timing of the movie's run time and the other was how Ledger played off the phrase in the comics "If I had a back story I would want it to be multiple choice"
Taylor Salim
Taylor Salim - 6 dager siden
A tragedy behind a masterpiece. RIP Heath
Ettore Nardelli
Ettore Nardelli - 7 dager siden
I like this movie, but i think its overrated, people call it Masterpiece............but its just a good movie.
Ettore Nardelli
Ettore Nardelli - 2 dager siden
@Matiiieee No, is Spider-Man 2 or Logan.
Matiiieee - 2 dager siden
Your favourite superhero movie is probably endgame
Ettore Nardelli
Ettore Nardelli - 3 dager siden
@szekesfehervar Godfather is a masterpiece, The Dark Knight is a good movie, but there's no comparison, one is a masterpiece and the other an overrated film
szekesfehervar - 3 dager siden
No more over-rated than godfather for instance
Philthy Philms
Philthy Philms - 7 dager siden
1:40 yup, also goodbye all leg cartilage.
CoolNerd lll
CoolNerd lll - 7 dager siden
Good video, but I can't believe he didn't win "Depending on the time, he may be in one spot or several".
Daniel the Lion
Daniel the Lion - 7 dager siden
Granted, the Joker character in "The Dark Knight" is an amazing portrayal of a psychopath, kudos to Heath Ledger. It's the scripting that bothers me, which Ledger had no direct part of. Batman's butler Alfred refers to the Joker as being someone who "just wants to watch the world burn", YET during the climactic scene of the movie when the hospital is being detonated Joker doesn't even pause to admire the destruction he's wrought! He hurriedly jumps into the schoolbus without even looking back at the explosions happening behind him! This goes against EVERYTHING psychologists now understand about psychopathic personalities, and contradicts Alfred's morbid assessment of the Joker's nature. HUGE oversight on the part of director Christopher Nolan, it made the character less believable for me, unfortunately...
Jeanette - 3 dager siden
Great analysis of the scripted contradiction in the Joker character of "The Dark Knight". Thanks for pointing this out!
szekesfehervar - 3 dager siden
The bus was leaving FFS. He was on a strict timetable
Crafty Productions
Crafty Productions - 8 dager siden
You misspelled the title. It's ”Everything Great’s about The Dark Knight”.
Danger Noodle1776
Danger Noodle1776 - 10 dager siden
Surprised Batman didn't get eaten while in Hong Kong
Somaan Dar
Somaan Dar - 12 dager siden
Your analysis of the themes of this movie are incredibly surface level and sounds like you spent 5 minutes coming up with them.
Shivashish Kar
Shivashish Kar - 12 dager siden
5:27 Tell me did you just give a reference to Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
Robert Robison
Robert Robison - 12 dager siden
We would have
Thomas O' Dwyer
Thomas O' Dwyer - 13 dager siden
“I like leto’s take” I thought I’d enjoy this video and I nearly did “you disappoint me”
TheGamerLeo - 14 dager siden
“Could you please just give me a minute”😂
Charles - 14 dager siden
What pisses me off about Ledger’s Oscar is that though it was entirely deserved, he wouldn’t have been given it without Ledger’s death. Hollywood, eh?
Deadpool's lil Sister
Deadpool's lil Sister - 15 dager siden
When I watched it for the first time I was so terrified of the Joker that I didn't even notice how perfectly Heath Ledger adapts his comic book template in every detail. I mean:
poking eyes with pencils
sending scary videos
dancing over his victims
leaving a joker card as a signature
murdering his own henchmen
driving people crazy in way that's worse than killing them
telling a different origin story every time
teling jokes that are funny but makes you feel like you should't find them funny
crazily enjoying fighting Batman
falling from the buildings and waiting for Batman to catch him
occasionally dressing in policemen's uniform
occasionally dressing in women's dress...
He does all these things in comics.
Ric Jared Palandiano
Ric Jared Palandiano - 16 dager siden
Let's face it. We al know why we're here.
Conviction - 16 dager siden
Heath ledger will always be the joker. Nobody will fill his shoes
Rick Dykshoorn
Rick Dykshoorn - 16 dager siden
best movie of all time where the villan wins
Anthony Jackson
Anthony Jackson - 17 dager siden
Sam Pepper
Sam Pepper - 17 dager siden
It's funny my brother one time got Poison Ivy on his face and he's pretty allergic to it. The thing is it stop exactly half way on his face. He looked a bit like two face not going to lie. So for the month that he had poison ivy we joked that he was just two batman villains
Scoonertuna - 18 dager siden
I also like the fact The Joker is not given a backstory... It fits in with the fact that he is elemental villain
Scoonertuna - 18 dager siden
" Only an actor who asks you to "actually" hit them" is the blink dialogue at 11:43...
SuperAdam Bomb
SuperAdam Bomb - 19 dager siden
The first win in this should have been that this movie exists
Sófis !
Sófis ! - 19 dager siden
I just love the irony that people didn't want Heath to be Joker and then he became the best Joker ever interpreted. It's really sad that he died, his career could have been even greater and nowadays he would probably be really proud of the way he destroyed all his haters and how high he set the bar. May he rest in peace
BatSlayer2448 - 19 dager siden
“You think you can steal from us and walk away!?” “Yeah.” Best part of a movie ever
VIPUL ANAND - 22 dager siden
Nolan's take on Batman set up new standards for both Batman, it's supporting characters and villains.
Every time now if a Batman movie comes we compare its actors to Nolan's trilogy. People would've liked Leto's joker had Nolan's trilogy never happened. Whoever plays joker next will have to be either at par or better than Heath.
Also, Joaquin Phoenix's joker was a different take which was amazing in its own way. Heath and Joaquin's jokers are VERY different.
VIPUL ANAND - 22 dager siden
They had hub motors for each of the wheels in the batpod, connected to battery power by brush connection at handle bearings at front and body chassis at the back (like the connection you have in your drill) and that allowed the wheels to turn sideways.
Mark Billington
Mark Billington - 24 dager siden
missed win oppurtunity:
Fox: Your client is one of the richest, most powerful men in the world. You're convinced that he runs around at night in a bat suit beating up criminals. And you want to blackmail this person?
Agent: . . .
Agent: I'll just . . . take that . . . and go
Just- Flankz
Just- Flankz - 24 dager siden
Everyone in 2007: that goodlooking heath who stars in teenage love films cant be the joker
Everyone in 2008: WoW
uosdwiSrdewoH - 24 dager siden
The moment in the trailer when Joker says "...people will die. I'm a man of my word" then follows it with that laugh was when I knew this movie would be amazing and his Joker would be the standout. It works great in the film but as a moment with little context in the trailer it's such a powerful moment that eclipses everything that came before to show you this guy is something different.
uosdwiSrdewoH - 24 dager siden
I never really considered how Two Face became that way in the comics before. It's one thing to smuggle a gun through the check points. How, though, do you manage to bring in acid so strong it melts the skin of a human face but doesn't get on yourself or melt the container and manage to throw it so perfectly it only covers exactly one half of someone's face? Riddle me that.
Moist Wall
Moist Wall - 25 dager siden
12:41 It is more disturbing slowed down.
imuglierthanyou - 26 dager siden
I remember seeing this as a teenager and everyone laughed at everything the joker did from the start. Everyone thought he was a great gag.
Dead fucking silence
Bill Doster
Bill Doster - 26 dager siden
Bringing a grenade to a gunfight is smart move
Bringing MULTIPLE grenades to a gunfight is a pro gamer move
Artic Fuser
Artic Fuser - 27 dager siden
Where Joker says "Whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you... Stranger," I feel like the added bass to his voice really makes all the more menacing. I don't know if you didn't notice, or if you don't agree, but I just feel like personally, I would've given that aa win, so **ARTIC'S WIN COUNT: 146**
Nade Coles
Nade Coles - 27 dager siden
Everything great about this movie:
Wiss Tsukaza
Wiss Tsukaza - 27 dager siden
@Cinemawins 6:02 Fox says submarine knowing wayne wanted to say bat, for plausible deniability. He explained that motivation earlier in the movie. Fox is not the dumb one here.
Dylan Rivera
Dylan Rivera - 27 dager siden
Fun fact: The Joker is the only comic book character to have an Oscar to their name.
Henry ESJ
Henry ESJ - 27 dager siden
Christian Bale is always a win.
Heath Ledger is always a win.
Gary Oldman is always a win.
Morgan Freeman is always a win.
Micheal Caine is always a win.
Cillian Murphy is always a win.
Damn Daniel
Damn Daniel - 27 dager siden
I Love The Small Detail @ 4:58 where Heath Ledger does a small, tiny lock to the bottom bevor answering.
he Thought about only for less then a sec but that makes him a great actor.
ty, didn't saw it till now^^
Kid Killer
Kid Killer - 27 dager siden
William Fichtner is one of the most underrated actors
Ethan WBS
Ethan WBS - 27 dager siden
Omg its the guy that stole chandlers hat lmao. I never wouldve noticed that
Bankai Bullett
Bankai Bullett - 28 dager siden
Disappointed that a win wasn't given for Fox's response to the blackmail threat.
It was hilarious.
Alextheepicpro - 28 dager siden
this video is soooo much longer than the cinemasins video, that just shows you how good this movie is
JaacobErazo YT
JaacobErazo YT - 28 dager siden
Heath Ledger lines that you can physically hear from reading:
No, no, no, I get to kill the bus, driver.
I believe, whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you, stranger...
How about a magic trick?
I'm like a dog chasing cars. I wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it!
I just want my phonecall.
Wanna know how I got these scars?
Hit me!
Madness is like Gravity. All it takes is a little, push!
Do I really look like a guy with a plan?
How about alive?
You remind me of my father... I hated him!
Very poor choice of words.
I'm only burning my half.
Batman has no jurisdiction.
This is what happens when an unstoppable force, meets an immovable object.
I took Gotham's With Knight, and brought him down to our level.
Look at me... LOOK AT ME.
*Why so serious?*
Ryetz - 29 dager siden
5:27 I love that you mention an MGS reference.
Zana Y
Zana Y - Måned siden
Everything great about Batman Under the Red Hood pls
Mudshrooze - Måned siden
Literally have watched it once every year or every other year since its release
Mr. Deano
Mr. Deano - Måned siden
The reason the bat bike accelerated as if it is one gear is due to the CVT transmission. (Or at least I think) they don't have gears just s changing ratio. There was a replica for sale not long ago that had a cvt
Alejandro Guerrero
Alejandro Guerrero - Måned siden
Title “everything great about Batman Dark knight”
Me: everything 😤✊🏻
Yigit Burak Bozkurt
Yigit Burak Bozkurt - Måned siden
I believe that bullet counting mistake at the beginning of the movie where Joker was wrong about the bank manager being out, it was not really a mistake. He was already gonna kill the other clowns so he didn't really care about the man being shot there by the manager, or by himself later on. Anyway, it's still a win isn't it :)
Deadpoolio The_Amazing
Deadpoolio The_Amazing - Måned siden
Cinema sins : the real Batman would never say 'I'm the Batman'
Joker watching the video at Arkham : Ah....Thank You ! Someone finally said it ...
Andrew Wallace
Andrew Wallace - Måned siden
16:36 Just want to point out that it wasn't chance that determined whether Rachel lived or died. When Bruce jumps after Rachel at the penthouse party, Joker knows that he has a personal connection to her and uses that to LIE about where Dent and Rachel are, knowing that Batman will go after her. That's why Batman shows up for Dent. He was going for Rachel, but didn't stop to think that the Joker might lie. Just another example of how masterful the Joker's plan really was.
Andrew Wallace
Andrew Wallace - Måned siden
It's true the Joker isn't insane, but what is insane is just how much of a planner he really is. The Joker uses game theory to help predict how people will react. During his heist at the beginning, he's using a variation on something called the Pirate Game to help ensure that his followers all kill one another, reducing takes and reducing the chance that someone talks about the job after the fact.
In the scene with Lau on the TV, Joker uses the shrinking pie game to sell them on the idea that they have to act now or lose more as time goes on.
Finally, the boats. It's loosely based on the prisoner's dilemma game, though I have a feeling that even though we're not shown it, the detonators were probably wired for the boats they were on and not each others boats. That would be the twist that Joker would pull. Offer salvation by destroying another, only to have you kill yourself trying to save yourself.
Merdl 1
Merdl 1 - Måned siden
Why tf this movie doesn’t have a googlon wins (googlon is the highest named number)
Caleb Walters
Caleb Walters - Måned siden
I can't believe you didn't show when he slides down the pile of money before burning it.
Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!
Mark Hamill will always be, in my opinion, the best Joker, but Ledger is definitely one of the best!
04Killer 07
04Killer 07 - Måned siden
Heath ledger actually had an accidental overdose which is how he died
Louis Foster
Louis Foster - Måned siden
How can you leave out the "he missed" line?
Louis Foster
Louis Foster - Måned siden
Dees Nerds
Dees Nerds - Måned siden
This is still the best comic book film. It doesn’t get old.
Game Heathens
Game Heathens - Måned siden
it's not just an agent of chaos the stones that they were giving to the tribes or to bribe them out of the resources that they had in Africa so the man who was just throwing the stones in the river was just truly fighting for the freedom of his people learn the hidden truth
Memes of the past
Memes of the past - Måned siden
This video shouldve been 5 seconds and said "nothing is wrong with this movie"
Master James
Master James - Måned siden
Nick Botic
Nick Botic - Måned siden
TO add to Win #74, his potential D.I.D. could also make him Dwight from Gotham - which would actually make even more sense than him also being Kurt form Ant-Man!
b2kzangelalwayz - Måned siden
I watch this once a month and right now, it makes me feel less alone.
The Confederacy of Independent Systems
8:50 Noice
Neo Draconequss
Neo Draconequss - Måned siden
I never realized how many quotes came form this movie, like the immovable object n yada lmao
Spaceghost Zero
Spaceghost Zero - Måned siden
the whole movie is a win,still unbeatable
Kieran Chung
Kieran Chung - Måned siden
I haven’t watched the movie so at 1:24 is that scarecrow?
Sam Simpson
Sam Simpson - Måned siden
Best Superhero movie. Ever.
ADAM OMER - Måned siden
This should just be a 3 second video saying: "everything"
Anesthesia MSC
Anesthesia MSC - Måned siden
And there are soooo many wins you missed.
Shriya Sriram
Shriya Sriram - Måned siden
Josh Norkiewicz
Josh Norkiewicz - Måned siden
When they were filming the scene where they had flipped the truck with the joker they had actually filmed them flipping the semi truck in Chicago
Torrence Scott
Torrence Scott - Måned siden
6:00 Luscious was making a joke not being dumb.
Omega Nick!
Omega Nick! - Måned siden
you missed the chance to talk about the lighting split between light and dark on Dents face when he yells “You cant give in”. Symbolizing the two-face.
Cathy - 18 dager siden
@Omega Nick! 6:36 "Will the real Fontaine please stand up?"
Omega Nick!
Omega Nick! - Måned siden
9:39 is a perfect time stamp
CIM Films
CIM Films - Måned siden
This movie deserves 4000 wins.

An extra 1000 for Heath Ledger
Those crazy kids on youtube
Those crazy kids on youtube - 23 dager siden
so all together thats 5000
Meatloaf Isgood
Meatloaf Isgood - Måned siden
One argument against the war veteran theory is that yeah he did blend in but so did like 6 others in his gang
Kalani S
Kalani S - Måned siden
Toby Holland
Toby Holland - Måned siden
Secret answer to question at exactly 11:43
Only an actor who asks you to "actually" hit them
ツJakemism - Måned siden
I think that the only joker that’s has ever come close to comparing to heaths performance is Joaquin Phoenix, Leto was a forgettable performance.
Panda Licks2237
Panda Licks2237 - Måned siden
Joker: "You complete me"
Me: *truck-esqe realization after a flashback to Lego Batman*
Pedro Charola
Pedro Charola - Måned siden
Isn´t Joker the real savior of Gotham and Gotham Dark Knight? As Hannibal says: "I love it when a plan comes together"
Pwnslyer - Måned siden
The amount of metal gear jokes is enough to make me happy
Dregoth - Måned siden
That moment you realize Heath was sitting at the next table in the restaurant....
Anar TURBILEG [08C1]
Anar TURBILEG [08C1] - Måned siden
F for Heath Ledger
Moon Wukong
Moon Wukong - Måned siden
That bomb was NOT unscripted. If the bomb didn't go off when it was supposed to the camera guy would have dropped his shit and ran. Even if Ledger didn't. They delayed the bomb so they can get out in time just cause they only had one take.
Ali Aslan
Ali Aslan - Måned siden
Damn so many MGS references
Ryan B
Ryan B - Måned siden
Best DC movie of all time. End of story.
Dregoth - Måned siden
Heath: Why so serious?
Joaquin: All i have are negative thoughts
Heath: Let's put a smile on that face
Leto: All i have are negative reviews
Heath: Now i am always smiling
YeeHaw Rat
YeeHaw Rat - Måned siden
The Best Batman series and probably the best movie series
Also joker is in such disorder his plan barely exists
Lucas King
Lucas King - Måned siden
Unpopular opinion; this movie is so overrated. Batman is wayyy to goofy in this movie. Mainly his voice