Everything GREAT About Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi!

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The Last Jedi is apparently a two-weeker! Sorry to those of you who love me but hate this movie. Not only have you been without me for a whole extra week, but now THIS!? Let's take a journey, you and me, though the most divisive Star Wars film ever conceived at least until the next one. I think you'll have fun. And if you don't, we can still be friends, I promise. Here's everything right with Star Wars Ep 8 The Last Jedi.
00:46 Beginning of movie
05:23 Thirty minutes into movie
09:11 One hour into movie
13:02 One hour and half into movie
17:50 Two hours into movie
22:23 INTRO - Be nice to people, they'll be nice to you
26:51 LUKE - Why he is the way he is
30:52 FAILURE - Why being "nobody" is a good thing in Star Wars
32:07 PLOT HOLES - Why they ain't, but also stop it
36:39 RIAN - Not a perfect person, there's many things I wish…
37:46 LET THE PAST DIE - That wasn't even the theme yo
39:37 REAL FANS - And more about Luke…for some reason?
40:46 ODDS AND ENDS - Besides defense and themes
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CinemaWins - År siden
Somehow in a 42-minute video, I still failed to explain myself. I want you to vote in BOTH polls. And if you can't find the polls, they're in the little white circle with the "i" in it at the top of the screen.
pyrosianheir - 9 dager siden
the I-card polls aren't there anymore, at least that I could find, but I dislike it for... a decent list of reasons. I'll spare you, since I know it won't change your mind, and I don't know the options for the second poll that you had, so I can't say which it'd be. Video is good, you're cool. :)
Jedimatt 11
Jedimatt 11 - Måned siden
There should of been another category to the second poll, LOVE IT EVEN MORE NOW, like what happened with me
Emmy Fischer
Emmy Fischer - 3 måneder siden
I disliked this movie a lot but as a huge film nerd I will be the first to say that even bad movies have their good points. Movies are areas of grey and even great movies have their bad points. I enjoyed watching this video even though I generally dislike the new trilogy because of what they did to Luke’s character. Glad Luke got to show some of his snark though. He was always snarky but with Han there he was always overshadowed lol.
John Jensen
John Jensen - 3 måneder siden
Joseph Campbell's 'Hero with a Thousand Faces" the Hero's Journey tells everything - the 1st Trilogy and Final trilogy match - and Kung Fu Panda Trilogy - and Matrix Trilogy - and Train Your Dragon Trilogy - and Road Warrior Trilogy - and damn near every movie ever made has parts of the Hero's Journey
PS4 Gaming
PS4 Gaming - 5 måneder siden
Catalina Reyes yeah i agree and it was fun discussing this with you and sharing points of views take care now and wash your hands
BlueEyesWhiteVegeta - 11 timer siden
There's only one thing I have to say, no matter what I will hate this movie. That's just a fake, it has some entertaining and cool scenes. But I still hate it.
The only thing I wanna say is "Rey is good with her lightsaber Because of her staff"
That makes zero sense. A staff is a completely different Weapon and would be used very different from a lightsaber. It doesn't make much sense and I still hold that Rey is a bit of a mary Sue
lucifer morningstar
lucifer morningstar - 20 timer siden
Even you can't make me watch more then 2 minutes of this movie
Rookie Zoe
Rookie Zoe - 2 dager siden
Genuinely Liked the film and liked this :)
Payon de
Payon de - 2 dager siden
Dammit... I come back to this video pretty regularly. I absolutely love TLJ and it's in my top three Star Wars movies for sure. It's bittersweet though having finished the trilogy with TRoS. Plus that moment of Luke walking out the hole in the door with that music still give me goosebumps. It's one of the best moments I've ever experienced in a theater for a big budget block buster, if not the best.
Oliver Kronborg
Oliver Kronborg - 3 dager siden
everything great about it:

okay that was the great. now everyithing trash and shit about it:

i hope we have afterlife cuz we arent doing it
in this one
ImmortalAura - 3 dager siden
I like it
TJ G - 4 dager siden
5:45 how could you miss the foreshadow of that imperial ship being split in half by the ship she is going into.
Barbara Workman
Barbara Workman - 4 dager siden
i loved this movie
OF clown
OF clown - 5 dager siden
i think there needs to be a line drawn between enjoyable movies and good movies. did I enjoy this movie at the most basic level? yes and it even has one of my favorite star wars scenes of all time, the millenium falcon kicking ass on crait, it made me love the falcon and want to own one. but the problem with this movie is just that it doesnt fit in star wars. the plots messy, the pacing is mixed and not in a good way, and introducing snoke and then killing him, but then saying "oh that was just sheev" is so stupid. andy serkis is fucking amazing, why not give him some love? why tie everything back to this dead motherfucker. also the movie didnt add anything that good, besides astral projection. I think when you have a film series so decisive as star wars, with a fanbase so split who differ greatly on the movies, tv shows and lore, its almost an impossible task to make a movie that makes everyone happy.
Tristan Stefanović
Tristan Stefanović - 2 dager siden
go watch his EGA Episode 9
SITKU THE LONEWOLF - 5 dager siden
I actually like The last jedi it wasn't that bad I mean yeah it fo had a lot of stuff with no sense at all but still it makes me thing that indeed everything in the Starwars saga must change
PrinceZuko - 5 dager siden
In defense of poe
Holdo knew he was gonna fuck shit up if she didnt talk to him about his plan and instead left him thinking she was clueless.
How hard could it have been to take him aside and say "listen i dont want you to think i am just fleeing like mice or else you would mutiny or something so our plan is (insert plan) now dont tell anyone ok"
James Knowles.
James Knowles. - 5 dager siden
This movie would be a masterpiece if they took out the Canto Bight sequences and replaced them with extra Kylo/Rey scenes. Otherwise, it’s a great movie with a useless second act.
Panda Club
Panda Club - 6 dager siden
This maybe should have been a 2 part vid
Warriors_MC - 7 dager siden
I gotta say, while I still don't necessarily enjoy how they did Luke here, I now understand more that Rian did Luke in a believable way
Chewy99 - 6 dager siden
I respect this.
Barbara Workman
Barbara Workman - 8 dager siden
i loved the movies. star wars fan from the start, 1977
star wars prequels and sequels defender for ever
To those who complain about that video, here my advice DON’T WATCH IT!!!!!
star wars prequels and sequels defender for ever
Sweet haters tears😜😜😜😜
GERstarBROT - 8 dager siden
15:39 dam that move was retarded and unrealistic, it even makes are Sword Noob like me see it...
GERstarBROT - 4 dager siden
@Nicholas Ziemba I mean so unrealistic it doesn't even make sense in the star wars universe logic, you smartass.
Nicholas Ziemba
Nicholas Ziemba - 6 dager siden
Unrealistic? Yeah because lightsabers make all the sense.
RioEvenstar - 9 dager siden
I hate this movie so I'm watching this hoping there's something I missed
pyrosianheir - 9 dager siden
Before I set into my shpiel - this channel is wonderful. Far more enjoyable than Cinemasins, and I do agree that liking something is better than hating on it. That said sometimes, there's a good reason to be less than excited about something, or to dislike it (not hate it, because I don't have enough energy to legitimately hate something most of the time).
This is the only real comment I'll leave about one of the reasons I dislike this one. It wasn't that Holdo didn't tell Poe everything, it's that she didn't tell him /any/thing. You're right in that she didn't owe him an explanation, or an explanation of her plan (which she seemingly played INCREDIBLY close to the vest, due to there being a traitor... However, it also displays at least some lack of understanding of the people at her command. Poe, prior to the battle that he just botched, was a trusted, widely respected leader of their resistance; he isn't just any pilot, he's their best, and the one that would still be nominally in charge of the other pilots, even with the demotion, even if only in an unofficial capacity. Plenty of people still listen to him, still /follow/ him, even without the title. And instead of telling Poe the simplest, "There is a plan. Keep people calm, and from doing anything crazy," Holdo gives him nothing. If she'd done just that, the worst case would be that their fears are proven correct, and the supposed spy does spy things. At best, though, there's no mutiny, and they're able to get down to the surface of the planet they go to unseen, because Poe doesn't accidentally rat them out to Benicio Del Toro, and through him the First Order. At the bare minimum, Finn and Rose might not go on their side quest to casino world, and we're able to get more of the best part of this movie - Rey being trained by Luke.
Now, sure the argument could be made that without the side quest and the tension of what Poe's going to do and what Holdo's plan is, the movie is substantially shorter, or something else would need to wrong, from the outside perspective of writing the movie, but frankly they could've come up with something better than, "New commander fails to utilize a handy tool for preventing the mutiny that then happens because she didn't use it."
Of course, the bigger change that would help the trilogy as a whole would have been to either let Rian Johnson have the reins from the start, or have JJ make the whole thing, instead of just the first and last one. Then the whole would've been far more cohesive and held together as a trilogy the way the originals and prequels do.
Jonathan Mallett
Jonathan Mallett - 10 dager siden
Great video, and great movie this video is a win 👌
George Hesketh
George Hesketh - 10 dager siden
Can we add a few more Win Points for the music for the Millennium Falcon chase scene under the planet? I always refer to it as the Asteroid Field music from Empire but without going through all the movies, I honestly can't recall where it was used previously. Can anyone confirm? ( Link to that part : https://youtu.be/YIIvAoHIsPQ?t=225 ) John Williams deserves a tonne of points on his own for all he has done. Would love to see you do videos covering scores, special effects, photography etc. Good work - keep them coming!
Gabe EstradaTV
Gabe EstradaTV - 10 dager siden
[video not found]
Bodhi Tree
Bodhi Tree - 11 dager siden
As much I do hate the Last Jedi, there are some things that did surprise and surpassed my expectations.
Tom Ffrench
Tom Ffrench - 12 dager siden
The thing I think most people wanted (myself included) was a story about Luke’s Jedi Order and how they would fit into a post Empire galaxy. My frustrations with this trilogy is that it reverted back to the set up of the OT, which made the OT feel pointless. I think you can have a Luke like this, however I think you need to show how he affects his students more directly and how they can learn from the failure of the past. Also have a Republic military, at least have a different sort of conflict.
I don’t know, but it feels like the trilogy is not progressing due to nostalgia, and makes me just want to go 200 years into the future.
President skywarp
President skywarp - 12 dager siden
I don't like it
Leo Roemer
Leo Roemer - 13 dager siden
I love seeing this movie get the appreciation it deserves.
Aaron Morales
Aaron Morales - 13 dager siden
I hate it.
Kurayamino - 13 dager siden
This video has been out for a couple of years at this point, and this won't be read by anyone, but still, a few points:
I'm not a Star Wars fan, but also not a hater. I watched the OT, PT, TFA before this, and TRoS after.
TFA set up a lot of story hooks about Snoke, about Luke, about Rey. And there was no payoff, no catharsis: People who watched it in sequence went in expecting answers, and were told "it doesn't matter." Sure, I like the message that your bloodline doesn't define you, but it's seems like it was pretty unenjoyable for lots of people to watch. TFA made lots of people CURIOUS about what happened in the Star Wars universe since the end of the OT, and instead ofthem going "Ooooooo, it all makes sense now!" as hints and foreshadowing were paid off, they got anti-climatic answers. Like expecting an epic space opera and getting a lecture instead.
Holdo is a terrible Vice Admiral. While realistic, it was terrible to watch how ineptly she handled a subordinate like Poe. There are more than just 2 options: Telling Poe everything about the plan, or treating him with suspicion is a false dichotomy. She's a leader, and if you've got a loose cannon under you: Don't trigger him to start a mutiny, do your job and manage your crew, whether it be to inspire, lie, imprison, distract him, etc. The entire crew is stressed by the ship stalking them, so manage them before they snap. But we don't see any such scenes, only Holdo adding fuel to Poe's suspicions that it's her who's the traitor, causing a mutiny, and then acting like a pair of sketchy old men perving after him, in a scene that would be unacceptable were the gender roles reversed. Poe isn't faultless, but his personality is known from TFA, and we see that this new character is like dynamite near his fire. This plot was hard to watch, and it's hard to root for the Rebellion when their leadership is so out of touch with their men.
The Rose and Finn plot was... ok. I don't feel that it succeeded in developing them significantly. I don't mind such C-plots that allow us to see more of the universe, but honestly, the rest of the movie was so underwhelming that the casino scenes felt as though they were just extending runtime.
The whole thing about ships, the light-speed ram, the slow jump-by-jump chase... I'm not going to reach for any Watsonian explanation. There can always be explanations for stuff in a science fantasy series like Star Wars, and that's ok. But everything that happened to the ships just stretched my suspension of disbelief way past the breaking point. Maybe the slow chase was to inspire a sense of slow, inexorable, inevitable doom, but it honestly felt boring, and made the First Order seem so comically incompetent, that it diminishes Finn's background and the Rebellion's fight. I don't buy your easier to just wait reason: If by taking out the crippled fleet in front of me will end the war and secure victory, just following slowly and leisurely instead of throwing every available ship to secure your win condition is just... so dumb. I really can't find a better word for it.
And Hux... Man, I get that some comedic moments have always been a part of Star Wars, and I love Hux, but surely you understand why people see a difference between fooling some Stormtrooper grunts like they're buffoons, and making a damned general of the big bad a butt-monkey? I try to imagine if Grand Moff Tarkin or Krennic had such a portrayal, and I can honestly say that the level of jeopardy would be a lot less, to the detriment of the believability of the Empire as an actual threat. Which is exactly what happened to the First Order, so badly they had to bring back a big bad that wasn't a butt monkey in the sequel.
I don't expect Mark Hamil to carry every series for the next 200 years, and honestly that's just hyperbolic. I would have preferred if he had lived up to his legend (You don't use "It's space fantasy to justify the incompetence of the first order, then turn about and say that Luke Skywalker, the one who defeated Darth Vader and the Emperor, can't live up to his legend.) And I honestly found his performance in the film to be one of the parts I enjoy. But Luke's sendoff was.... underwhelming. For such a storied character, after the triumphant rescue of the Rebellion, he just sits on a rock and becomes one with the Force? Maybe die-hard fans who know the inner workings of the force can understand, but honestly it felt random and raised questions rather than act as a swansong for the hero we associate most with Star Wars.
There was a lot of other stuff, but I look at the wall off text above and wonder what's the point. Maybe as your said Rian really was trying to excite us, but every hook from TFA was shut down without payoff, the comedy felt out of place in spite of what you said, the slow chase was boring and immersion-breaking, his message of breaking from the past was so tone-deaf... I did like parts of it, and if other people like it, that's great! Don't let my complaints stop your enjoyment of it. But there are issues with this film that I cannot ignore or explain away that prevent me, and a lot of others, from enjoying this film.
Chewy99 - 6 dager siden
I don’t agree with everything you said, but I did read it.
cesar gonzalez
cesar gonzalez - 14 dager siden
The whole movie certainly looked pretty, but there was no substance. All the actors and production did extremely well, but it was the contrived writing and character-killing (not literally) that destroyed it. Almost all the points you used to defend this movie could have been executed a lot better. Canto Bight looked pretty but could be taken off the movie and you would realize that it would have no effect on the story. Also, I'm all for social commentary and causes, but it was so obvious and blatant in this movie that it just reeked of a forced agenda (no pun intended); It just didn't work.
One last thing; the jokes. I love jokes - when they're done well. Han's jokes felt natural and they didn't drag the pace of the story like Poe's did. Don't get me wrong, I like Poe and the actor did great! But the writing, man. It just all felt first draftish to me.
This doesn't even begin to scratch the surface as to how problematic this movie truly was. I turned off my brain and enjoyed it the first time around, but after I really thought about it I just couldn't bring myself to watch it a second time around. This is the first Star Wars film that has ever done this to me.
Black Shark
Black Shark - 14 dager siden
I have a very important question: couldn't finn amd rose not just go buy some feul
Black Shark
Black Shark - 6 dager siden
@Nicholas Ziemba Star Wars (especially the prequels), Lord of the Rings, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and Interstellar. To name the most important ones. How about you?
Nicholas Ziemba
Nicholas Ziemba - 6 dager siden
@Black Shark just out of curiosity, what are some of your favorite movies?
Black Shark
Black Shark - 6 dager siden
@Nicholas Ziemba not using the easiest way is not necessarily more entertaining it is usually juat easier to develop the story from that point. Bit for me it is almost always worse if there is not at least some explanation why it wasn't possible. Or maybe even somebody regretting that they didn't do it. But not even mentioning the existence of a far easier amd better solution that is so obvious makes a movie almost certainly worse. Also having feul would have at least given them time they could have used ro develop a better and less risky plan what to do. Plus they could have kept more than nust one of their ships and it wouldn't have been possible for Kylo to kill the entirety of leaders. Personally I consider those some decent advantages
Nicholas Ziemba
Nicholas Ziemba - 6 dager siden
He's mentioned this before, but the easiest, most pragmatic solutions are never really entertaining. Why do horror movie characters make all the stupid decisions? Because it's entertaining. Also, that would just be a band-aid solution. The First Order could track them through hyperspace. No amount of fuel would save them.
happy spy guy
happy spy guy - 15 dager siden
Everything great about Star Wars the last jedi

Its funny how dum you are
star wars prequels and sequels defender for ever
That what some prequels haters told him about Phantom Menace.
Corvus Morve
Corvus Morve - 18 dager siden
I'm so glad you did this video. It's so easy to jump on the pseduo-intellectual hate bandwagon for this movie and whine that it's "the worst movie ever" and has "no redeeming qualities" or "you're stupid if you like this movie."
It's much harder, and more respectable to take a movie that does admittedly have some issues, and find the good in it nonetheless.
Kudos to you. 💯
FadingFires - 21 dag siden
This movie was simply awesome.
waltter wight
waltter wight - 21 dag siden
It’s not my favorite but it’s not a bad movie
Djoerup13 - 21 dag siden
I hate this movie it sucks
star wars prequels and sequels defender for ever
help well said
help - 8 dager siden
Then why are you watching the video
star wars prequels and sequels defender for ever
Don’t watch this video
You Can Call Me Papi
You Can Call Me Papi - 23 dager siden
Nothing about Star Wars is win worthy after return of the Jedi but watching u is worth it
Chris Foster
Chris Foster - 23 dager siden
I wonder what M.H actually wanted from these movies....? I think he was under used for sure, and I’d love to have seen a few more Luke set pieces.....in the mix more, team working with Rey...imagine a star killer pulling a destroyer into atmosphere type thing...so sad, actuallly....scratch that...give us a trilogy of force unleashed movies!
Andrew Mueller
Andrew Mueller - 23 dager siden
I really liked it, because it went a direction I wasn't excepting. I think there were some big flaws with it, but overall I liked it. Plus the big saber scene I watch a ton of times still.
Izak Moleterno
Izak Moleterno - 23 dager siden
this is my second favorite star wars movie
adbon - 25 dager siden
Idrc personally what anybody says, but the light-speed jump through the ships (Holdo manuever whatever) and the duel in the throne room are 2 of the most epic moments ever in str wars.
Harrison Boulay
Harrison Boulay - 26 dager siden
Anyways here's another Palpatine!
Xnet Cascade
Xnet Cascade - 28 dager siden
16:22 yeahhhhhh....about that😬😬😬
GRonth GrOnth
GRonth GrOnth - 28 dager siden
If there is one thing i REALLY LIKED about this trilogy, and went into multiple discussions with my friends is how they portrayed Luke. Because it IS a good character development. Sure, we can quote/link all the Hamill talks, yadda yadda, and i really love Hamill as an actor. But, ant this will be LOOONG.
1. He does not OWN Luke and his story, he just portrays it. Which he done in a great way. But i feel that the fact that for most he will always be "Luke from Star Wars" left a bit of a.... scar on his mind. It's like, for him, he didnt portray Luke in a story... for him HE IS LUKE. Something straight opposite to this approach would be Ford.
2. The fact HE didnt like the way character went doesnt mean it's bad.
Just think about it. We have a man, who was a farm-boy till his 17-18, raised by people who quite soon established that he IS NOT their son, despite not having a real reason to do so. Nobody, especially not him, would find out. Sure, they may have loved him, but such things leave scars in the mind.
He had no real "father figure", no point or goal in life, no perspective... he wished to be free.
And he got his wish, be it random "plot" or force... in a most gruesome way possible. He had to bury scorched skeletons of his aunt and uncle for crying out loud... people have mental breakdowns after their 90yo grandma dies, something sad but, nontheless, to be expected.
Then he has a "guide" in person of Kenobi. A man who tells him basically "old times were better" and tells him how world works/should work
Then this guide dies on his eyes, killed by basically scariest guy in the known galaxy, and he is amidst a civil war.... then he destroys a battle station, killing thousands....
Then he gets a new "master", one that further teaches him how world works.
Then the cary guy appears to be his father.... a man, known to kill thousands, to pacify entire systems, to kill for a simple "no", tells him that he is his father.
"Great, i carry the bloodline and genes of biggest villain that our time seen...."
Then his new master dies, countless people die, he has at least 4 near death experiences, is forced to maim his father, is tortured, watches his father die.... DUE TO HIM!... he discovers that he has a sister, his acquitances are smugglers, killers, freedom fighters, terrorists.....
And that's before he is 26!
And THEN people expect that such person will not have issues, PTSD, breakdown or whathever.
For crying out loud, the man in this story went to hell and back, and when he finally thought "I'll not be my father, i know how world works, i'll do good", and tried it, the world and the Force that was supposed to guide him, make him a better person, makes him consider killing his own nephew.... i dont know about you guys, but i would do the same as him. Flip the whole world a bird, go to somwhere where i can finally be at peace, ALONE. And yes, he has every right to be grumpy and to doubt the whole Jedi idea. From his point of view all teachings he had, all texts he found mean jack shit, Universe doesnt care about them... and its even pointed out in the movie... by Yoda....
Ultrawarrior - 29 dager siden
That fight scene at the end after snoke died fucking sucked
Daniel Tano
Daniel Tano - 29 dager siden
I love this movie
John Abbate
John Abbate - Måned siden
At the time I saw The Last Jedi in theaters, I was in the middle of my depression. Seeing my childhood hero go through something similar and finding the strength to overcome it in the best way possible gave me the hope that would help me eventually overcome my depression. I know this Luke was not what everyone wanted to see but I felt like it was what I needed to see and I will always love this movie for that.
Mr. Deano
Mr. Deano - Måned siden
I feel the reason they did not set a story line for this trilogy was to be able to take in the fans reactions as well as opinions and go from there. Most didn't like snope? They killed him. Some wanted more from the antagonist. So they brought back one they knew was loves with a cannon explanation to how hes back. He already knew it was possible to be immortal with the dark side of the force. And many people had mixed views on bloodlines. However they gave half what they wanted buy giving a blood like and half the other fans by making unique. But that's just my opinion.
The Carr Show
The Carr Show - Måned siden
I can appreciate your effort to take an optimistic view of this movie. That's what this channel does, I get that. But if you don't feel the least bit upset at Luke throwing his old lightsaber over his shoulder, you cannot be a Star Wars fan. It's not about how great lightsabers are; it's about the the writers/director taking a giant shit on Star Wars being iconic. This movie was made by people who have no love for the source material, and it couldn't be more obvious. That being said; I love what you do. Keep up the good work!
Fily Merc87
Fily Merc87 - Måned siden
no love for chewie's piloting skills and that iconic falcon theme?
Blake Neal
Blake Neal - Måned siden
“They burned her hair!” 🤣 Classic SpaceBalls reference!
“UGH, he shot my hair!” **proceeds to shoot all SpaceBalls in site**
Strahinja Dzever
Strahinja Dzever - Måned siden
I hate the new trilogy, but this chanel made me see the good in the bad. Plus I just adore the pure star-wars fanbishnes present here that I just lack right now.
In short if you ever read this keep it up.
Nonya Buzznus
Nonya Buzznus - Måned siden
Nicholas Ziemba
Nicholas Ziemba - 6 dager siden
You seem like you've got a lot of anger in you. What's wrong? How can I help?
Nonya Buzznus
Nonya Buzznus - Måned siden
Poe taking over was the best part of the movie.
Nonya Buzznus
Nonya Buzznus - Måned siden
LOL just because there is gravity in the ship doesn't mean that there SHOULD be gravity in the ship. It's just plain stupid. There is nothing there to stop the vacuum of space.
Nonya Buzznus
Nonya Buzznus - 6 dager siden
@Nicholas Ziemba You are really asking a lot to pretend that gravity and 0 gravity can exist in the same space and do their own thing as if the other wasn't there. It's called Science fiction, but they can't bother to even think about the science part, and it deserves to be scrutinized. It would be like watching a Kung Fu movie and the fight scenes got a lot of Brazilian Jujitsu. Anyone who isn't completely dumb to what they are watching would call it out, and call it a shit movie. Lightsabers don't make sense. Honestly all the star wars movies are pretty shit.
Nicholas Ziemba
Nicholas Ziemba - 6 dager siden
Why shouldn't there be? Artificial gravity is pretty standard sci-fi. Do you want to watch your space opera with everyone floating around in their ships? Plus, like Lee said, Lightsabers make no sense.
Cristina Valdez
Cristina Valdez - Måned siden
Love it one of my favorites
BlindingHornet - Måned siden
Your words don’t mean shit. This movie will be despised by the fan base. No one can change my mind to even like a fraction of this film. This entire trilogy was a big mistake.
help - 8 dager siden
Andrew Wallace
Andrew Wallace - Måned siden
16:22 Me watching this in 2020: "Hmm... aged like milk."
HERETIC GAMER447 - Måned siden
Yeah, this video didn't age well
Penguin - Måned siden
This shouldn't exist becuase there is nothing great about this film.
help - 8 dager siden
There are great things about this film.
star wars prequels and sequels defender for ever
So why Cinemawins was able to do a video about it. And why did you comment it?
Joseph Mort
Joseph Mort - Måned siden
Best part of the Last Jedi... the credits. Seeing in black and white who exactly is responsible for this travesty.
Seshi DF
Seshi DF - Måned siden
I remember my brother and I playing Star Wars with Lego figures and we had Luke be the master of Han and Leia's two children; Han Skywalker and Luke Solo (we were children, very creative). As far as I recall we had one of the brothers, Han Skywalker, turn to the dark side whilst Luke Solo remained on the light side, which of course created some conflict. One of these conflicts was Luke (the legend, Luke Skywalker) feeling guilty that he couldn't save Han Skywalker. Therefore he became disillusioned and isolated himself.
My point simply is that I found it really cool and intriguing to have Luke being the hermit. I have waited for someone to point out the problems with the jedi-order and I'm glad it finally happened (I just recently found out about Clone Wars and the whole Ahsoka story arc. You bet I was excited and happy - she's one of my favorite characters now!)
Seshi DF
Seshi DF - 6 dager siden
@Nicholas Ziemba No, I haven't watched it per se - as in I have never seen a full episode of it. I have however watched clips of it on the internet so I know that she returns, with white lightsabres nonetheless. That is my ligtsabre colour as well. ^_^ I also know she faces off against Vader and I believe he kills her (not quite sure on that part).
Nicholas Ziemba
Nicholas Ziemba - 6 dager siden
Ahsoka's probably my favorite character in Star Wars, only behind Obi-Wan. Have you watched Rebels as well?
jerry johnson
jerry johnson - Måned siden
haha she is a pALPATINE i KNEW it
SCP 049
SCP 049 - Måned siden
I mean, the movies aren't bad. They're bad within the Starwars Canon.
Naturalist 4life
Naturalist 4life - Måned siden
I haven't seen TROS, but this feels like the weakest of the sequel trilogy. It does have some heavy flaws, but it had a lot of untapped potential.
Silent Kore
Silent Kore - Måned siden
Diddn't down vote that you like the film, downvoted because you spent half the vid defending it telling people to be kind while forcing your opinion on those who don't agree. Fallow you're own advice. You didn't want this film to ruin the Star Wars fan base, Well it happened.
Reel Bytes
Reel Bytes - Måned siden
It’s not so much the movie itself, the movie I thought was awesome when I saw it at the theater, but it’s more (kind of like he said) disappointment from thinking what we could have gotten from the sequels as a whole. I guess we all have an ideal Star Wars in our heads.
Cardamns - Måned siden
I cried HARD when luke died in front if the double sun
Chase Novak
Chase Novak - Måned siden
I still don’t quite enjoy this movie, it’s just a cheap copy of empire to me, and I don’t see how skill with a staff translates to skill with a sword like weapon. However, I do believe you made some great points, and while I still don’t enjoy this movie, I can say that you’ve helped me find some merit in the movie, thank you.
Devin Howell
Devin Howell - Måned siden
EH, i highly disagree with hope being the MAIN theme, but its pretty high up there. It actually family.
JaedenRed - Måned siden
To me, if you don't expect anything at all, the sequels are actually pretty great
Son Doan
Son Doan - Måned siden
Finally saw this movie. I found it just mehhh. It had some good ideas with some really stupid moments. The fans going crazy and then the people at Disney's reaction to that just put me off from seeing it until now. Overall I don't feel like I missed anything. I prefer the prequels, but that may just be my nostalgia.
Pokejourneys - Måned siden
this movie is like that food where every time you eat it it tastes worse
josh w
josh w - Måned siden
I know I'm late, but the only win in the movie outside of the throne room fight was when it ended...
John Broady3
John Broady3 - Måned siden
I think from what you showed & how you told the story they should get you to write the next movie.. Nice keep it up I enjoy all your videos...
Fox Inc.
Fox Inc. - Måned siden
I know these take ALOT of work but i definitely wouldn't be against watching more 40 minute videos
ReeeGames - Måned siden
I think it’s better than Rise Of Skywalker because it DOES something
CRAZYCHRIS291 - Måned siden
In my opinion I loved both the original trilogy and the new trilogy,however I am more ambivalent about about the prequel trilogy.
KasperochSiri - Måned siden
I was so disappointed when first watching this movie but I can still find gems in it. I loved how Rey and Kylo communicated and I loved the Holdo scene when she Lightspeeded into thoes ships but it just pissed me off that you could watch The Force Awakens, skip this movie and watch The Last Jedi and you could still follow the story without any problem. You might think "oh, did Luke die?", but that is about it. If this had been a tv-show The Last Jedi would have been a filler episode. I guess, when you see potential in something and it fall short then you will get disappointed.
KasperochSiri - Måned siden
Because I live in Sweden we have subtext to all non-swedish movies and it said "General Hugs" So that's one good thing with not having English as a first language.
Prof. Evil Pictures
Prof. Evil Pictures - Måned siden
Why did people hate this!? I loved it! Much better than the other sequels
Nicholas Ziemba
Nicholas Ziemba - 6 dager siden
My least favorite was TROS just because... I dunno I really hated that they brought Palpatine back. I was hoping Kylo would go full dark side and Rey would have to kill him/ both of them. I still enjoyed it, but it's my least favorite, next to this one. Again, still really enjoy every single SW movie, but they all have issues, and I wouldn't call any of them perfect films.
Adam Hague
Adam Hague - Måned siden
I’d love to have a fully fleshed argument about TLJ With the cinema wins guy 😆
Koba - Måned siden
4:45 yes he did. People only use a part of the full quote out of context. Mark even called them out for it
Koba - 24 dager siden
@Jacob Merhi I found these at the top of one single Google search: twitter.com/HamillHimself/status/945784443964309505?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E945784443964309505%7Ctwgr%5Eshare_3&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fdeadline.com%2F2017%2F12%2Fmark-hamill-star-wars-the-last-jedi-luke-skywalker-1202232760%2F "I still haven't accepted it completely, but it's only a movie. I hope people like it, I hope they don't get upset, and I came to really believe that Rian was the exact man that they needed for this job." Do your research beforehand, ok?
Meme Yeeter
Meme Yeeter - Måned siden
“I’m glad rey’s not a skywalker or a kenobi or a jinn”
*laughs in everybody has the same fricken comment*
Henry Fraipont
Henry Fraipont - Måned siden
Fuck off this is the worst movie off all time fuck this channel I’m leaving
Koba - Måned siden
You clicked on this yourself, dipshit
Oscar H F
Oscar H F - Måned siden
Hate it and wish it doesn’t exists
Koba - Måned siden
Tough luck, I guess
Cleptrophese The Human Bean
I'm sorry, I've tried. I don't like this film.
I'm actually going to ignore that, though, when I say: this is a BAD movie. Regardless of how you feel about it, you can't deny that. It's bad BECAUSE it was so divisive. It effectively split one of the largest fanbases in the world in two. That's NOT success (although it was Rian Johnson's overall goal, from what I've seen...). That's failure. Put it this way: there are people who hate this film. Yes, hate. And it's a Star Wars film. It's actually impressive to fail that badly.
Also, on a side note: this is the only Star Wars film I ever got bored watching in the cinema. There were interesting parts, but they were too few and far between.
Cleptrophese The Human Bean
Gotta correct you on the bombers. They're close enough to the planet that they'll be within the sphere of influence. Assuming they're not in orbit, but rather using propulsion thrusters to maintain a chosen altitude (the planet never moves below them, so they're either in a synchronous orbit or that), the bombs will fall in the direction of the planet -- down.
Cleptrophese The Human Bean
@Just Plain All true. One of the few things in the film that I actually didn't have an issue with.
Just Plain
Just Plain - Måned siden
Both would be right anyway. There is gravity in the ship and inertia would drag them down and/or the gravity of D'quar would bring them down (also the star destroyer has gravity that could bring it down)
ColeGamez32 - Måned siden
Hate it
Freddking Wilson
Freddking Wilson - Måned siden
him: im glad reys not a skywalker. the rise of sskywalker: fuck you
That_British_Dude - Måned siden
NO. NO. NO. The choreo for the fight with Snoke's guards is TERRIBLE!
Caio Cavallieri
Caio Cavallieri - 2 måneder siden
Does this movie have any great points?
Earnest Scribbler
Earnest Scribbler - Måned siden
The Yoda scene, Rey's chemistry with Kylo and Mark Hamill's performance?
Koba - Måned siden
40 minutes worth of them
Harrison Kopp
Harrison Kopp - 2 måneder siden
We have almost seen hyperspace ramming before in everyones beloved Clone Wars. Remember the episode where they crashed on the planet with the lemur things. They did that because they got jammed into a lightspeed jump while in the hangar of a venator and had to get out of there. Ships don't just go from 0-lightspeed in 0.1 seconds. They have to get up to that speed. I think also the Malevolence was blocked in by other ships and a moon and therefore couldn't jump to lightspeed.
Harrison Kopp
Harrison Kopp - 2 måneder siden
Yes! Finally someone who understands that Finn's "sacrifice" would not have done anything
Krazyguy75 - 11 dager siden
I hate this argument. Frankly, it doesn't matter if it would or wouldn't. The issue is that it was never shown. It was simply told to us that it wouldn't. But it's a good thing that we don't have any other instances where ramming a small ship into a bigger thing that destroys the big thing, or this would be insanely hypocritical. Oh wait, Holdo literally just did the exact same thing Finn did, and it worked. Had you asked any of the star wars fans prior to this movie, they'd say "no you can't do that, it wouldn't work." And yet it did. That's the issue here. If RJ had simply said "this will work", it would have. The only reason it doesn't, is because he chose not to have it do so. Frankly, this could have been a poetic moment if done right. Introduce a new cast character. Have him team up with Poe, who has been shown to be reckless. Make him Poe's student, and make him share that recklessness. Then, the student tries to ram this. Everyone is telling him it won't work, and then he does it. And died meaninglessly, right before the doors come down. Poe gets a lesson on what his reckless actions can lead to. Poetic. Meanwhile, having the ex-Stormtrooper who was the only one who recognized the Battering Ram Cannon for what it was and thus would be the only one who could possibly know the weaknesses be the one ramming it, and never show whether it'd've worked or not, and it's just a pointless stupid gotcha moment.
Vardaan Prakash
Vardaan Prakash - 2 måneder siden
Anyone who feels that Luke should have been the hero he was in Jedi, please tell me what you expected entering this movie. I mean, he exiled himself, and that too for not near as long as yoda did. It was still fresh(comparatively) in his mind, and we get to know he still dreads his decision. Why did he exile himself if not to run away from it all?(please don’t hate me or think I’m acting like a smartass ,I honestly want to know)
Either way, it’s so nice to see a positive video on this movie. It has a sense of refreshment to it I didn’t know I needed
Vardaan Prakash
Vardaan Prakash - 4 dager siden
@HERETIC GAMER447 look, I know Mark Hamiltonian didn’t agree with this character choice for Luke. I admire the man a lot, and a major part of why I liked Luke in TLJ was Mark Hamill’s acting. However, Just because he doesn’t agree with Rian Johnson’s vision for the character doesn’t mean I should hate it as well. Trust me, I get why many people (including Hamill himself) don’t like Luke in this Movie, but I don’t think my opinion should exactly align with yours. When I see Luke in the OT, I see a character that could very much grow into what he was in the last Jedi, and that’s on me. I’m happy with liking Luke’s character, so please don’t even attempt to change that.
HERETIC GAMER447 - 4 dager siden
@Vardaan Prakash m.noburn.info/id/video/vX_PoJGhnISCkXo.html This might change your mind
Vardaan Prakash
Vardaan Prakash - 4 dager siden
@HERETIC GAMER447 that’s great! The Star Wars fanbase needs more people like you, who can stand an opinion different from theirs
HERETIC GAMER447 - 4 dager siden
@Vardaan Prakash to me it didn't, but lets agree to disagree
Vardaan Prakash
Vardaan Prakash - 4 dager siden
@HERETIC GAMER447 as a matter of fact, I HAVE read legends stuff. I have a huge collection of novels and comics and things like that of legends EU. It’s just that legends Luke is one of the many direction Luke’s character could have gone, with his powerful new force abilities and bad-assery . Last Jedi Luke is simply another path to take Luke’s character. Legends is awesome, but I don’t think having an all-powerful Jedi would work in the movies as well. I personally thought that Luke’s character made sense in the last Jedi, but that’s just me. And if more than just a few people have a problem with his story, I think it can be counted as a flaw which I simply don’t see.
epnick - 2 måneder siden
She's not from a bloodline.. Oh that didn't age well
Earnest Scribbler
Earnest Scribbler - Måned siden
Well, he did say, "Even if JJ does decide to give Rey a 'proper' bloodline, it doesn't change the fact that she grew up with no one and nothing except herself."
Janina Müller
Janina Müller - 2 måneder siden
I love the defense of this movie. I don't love the movie (It's easily my least favorite SW movie) but it's not a BAD MOVIE (for reason why... watch the video above?) it's actually pretty good. It's not what Star Wars might have been like if Disney hadn't taken over the way they did, but well... they did... and I'm really happy that we HAVE these sequels because they are beautiful all on there own
Janina Müller
Janina Müller - Måned siden
Burningphoenix the last comment alone makes me doubt the 'objective' perspective, added to the fact that movie creation is a form of art (in my opinion, I might be wrong, not expert here) and art is always a subjective thing. Thank you for the review suggestion nevertheless, I will gladly have a look. And believe me, I have little love for the movie myself, but what always bothered me was the all out war it caused amidst fans. What I love about the defense of this film the most is how clearly it is stated that one can love this film and that's not a bad thing. In my opinion it's not an interesting film, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't love it and be passionate about it. I love the prequels and those movies aren't exactly 'good' either, if you ask me. But I love the Story and the idea of the Star Wars universe overall. To me it's sad that a movie like TLJ has destroyed this experience for so many people when there's no need for the negativity it has caused.
Burningphoenix - Måned siden
Janina Müller it is a bad movie. Objectively speaking it is poorly written. It makes Phantom Menace look like a godly crafted movie. The best review of it out there is from Mauler. I recommend seeing why it is bad. noburn.info/id/video/3Kuaocd0mmiHiZw.html
James Roach
James Roach - 2 måneder siden
Ha ha ha — defending this POS movie.
Wow- glad you liked POS.
Why was and is Disney Star Wars in crisis mode??
Oh yeah— fans hated this movie.
Koba - Måned siden
Only TFM hated it, and they are the joke of the SW community
Just Plain
Just Plain - Måned siden
Some fans*. Plenty of fans like this movie.
brad luke
brad luke - 2 måneder siden
I love this movie