Everything GREAT About Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker! (Part 2)

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The conclusion to The Rise of Skywalker and the conclusion to the whole dang saga. The response to the first video was overwhelmingly positive even if not everyone agrees with me. Obviously, some people wish I wasn't alive, that just comes with talking about Star Wars. ;) But now let's talk about Star Wars... One last time.
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Time Stamps if you want to jump around:
00:39 - Introduction
01:34 - Planning
07:37 - Pacing
09:56 - Expectations & Realizations
11:04 - Stuff I Got Wrong & Comments
12:23 - Great Stuff
13:12 - Addressing Complaints
14:31 - The Force
17:38 - Stakes
21:02 - Characters & Actors
23:30 - Rey's Lineage
24:51 - Outro
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Sir Burgers
Sir Burgers - 18 timer siden
Thank you so much for providing a source of positivity not just to so-labelled "dumb Reylo/Disney fankids" but to also mature fans who like the saga without prejudice. I hadn't seen Star Wars till a few months ago except a glimpse of a Rebels scene (which Idismissed thinking it was too much trouble). But when I happened upon the Crait speeders scene with the red streaks I decided I needed to watch this, goddammit!
My point is, I never got to form any theories or be influenced by any hateful internet dwellers or even Mark Hamill, so I truly felt that the saga was how it was supposed to be! I found nothing wrong with it! At least, I didn't find something wrong with one trilogy that was worse than another. If one trilogy is great, all of them are great. If one is crap, all of them are equally crappy.
And one thing you didn't mention (or maybe even realize) is that for the stakes to be higher, the power level needs to increase as we go ahead. If Kylo-Snoke-newSidious were only as powerful as Luke-Anakin-Yoda, newLuke (Jedi Master and gray-haired now) could've defeated then with just a few more Force ghost lessons. For the new villains to be worth three movies, they had to be stronger. And so Rey had to be stronger, in order to stand toe-to-toe with them. You can't expect your old heroes to never be supplanted. "We are what they grow beyond, that is the true burden of all Masters." (Or something.) Hating on the sequels is wrong except when you allow for a civilized argument to follow.
Once again, thanks Mr WinsGuy.
tanathosXX - 3 dager siden
The more I see it the more it makes me angry. The actual line is "No, I am your father"! ;-)
Mahkinot - 3 dager siden
I absolutely love your Views on Star Wars. You kill them with Absolute Sence...love it
Genevieve Broyles
Genevieve Broyles - 4 dager siden
I love your videos and I'm watching all the ones about movies I have seen!
Also, may you please do Everything Great About The Mandalorian??
Maybe you can do like a 2-parter video for each season, with 4 episodes per part. Or divide it even further?? idk but it would be amazing 😊
general Kenobi
general Kenobi - 4 dager siden
Honestly I think revenge of the sith is the best star wars movie because the pain and turmoil inside anakin and his fight obi wan is just so impactful.
Petrie W
Petrie W - 8 dager siden
This video destroyed your credibility as a critic more thoroughly than Disney destroyed the value of the Star Wars IP. This movie was objectively just terribly written, terribly paced , full of fluff and dead end plotlines, and all so they could recycle a 2-dimensional villain who was vaporized... twice. If it didn't have 'star wars' plastered on it it never gets made, but you love it because it reminds you of something so much better and it's the best Disney was willing to give you...
i'm sorry mate, but this is just a sad attempt to defend something a true fan of Star Wars should rightly be calling derivative crap and demanding better of a company that has the resources to actually put some effort in to it. This is Transformers level writing and you're nitpicking the original trilogy just so it doesn't look quite so terrible by comparison.
Isak Monstad
Isak Monstad - 7 dager siden
good job being a close minded dirtbag who has no respect that there are other opinions besides his own. if you are a true star wars fan i am ashamed to be one
fadhel farras
fadhel farras - 8 dager siden
in the end...what matters is whether you enjoy the movie or not, and to be honest I enjoy the whole star wars. from the original trilogy, prequel trilogy, even the sequel trilogy, it's not a great movie, but still enjoyable for me, so that's a win for me, and if you try to find something wrong in the movie, trying to justified your hate about the movie, it's easy, because you hate it in the first place and denied every possibilities for you to enjoy the movie
Gameplay 101
Gameplay 101 - 8 dager siden
Not Gonna Lie, My favorite Star Wars movie is “The Last Jedi”, for many reasons. One of them being Luke’s ark, even though it was...confusing at first. But the more I watched the movie I realized that Luke was sad, Depressed! Because instead of making Ben, he ended up creating Kylo Ren. And not only that, but Kylo ended up killing all of the other students, and eventually join the first order as Snokes apprentice. So, he went into hiding, and when Rey went to ask for Lukes help...he was scared because he knew what Ben had become and didn’t want anything to do with him. But after Luke realized that she was force sensitive, he decided that he should train her and allow her to go and not him...but then he realized what power she really had, and he was scared again and gave up. But after his fight with Rey when he saw Kylo and Rey connecting Through the Force..he had finally decided it was time for the Jedi to die and for him to stay in excile for the rest of his miserable and sad life. But then Yoda’s force Ghost appeared and asked what Luke was doing, and when Luke said he was going to destroy the Texts..he let him. But Luke had a change in heart and no longer wanted to burn the texts..but Yoda used the force to destroy the Texts and Luke was shocked. He was confused on why he would destroy the Texts but he soon understood why, because it was only a book that told you all the force powers that exist...and that’s it. He never really needed the books, all he really needed was the force and to believe in himself. After his confrontation with Yoda, he had finally decided try o help the Resistance and Rey, so he used the force to project himself to Crait to distract Ren and the First Order so the Resistance could escape. But when Luke was “Fighting” Kylo he tried his best to turn Kylo back to the Light Side but he soon realized that he was to far gone. So, he let Ren “kill” him only for Ren to realize he was a Force Projection and that the Resistance was escaping while he was trying to fight his past. But, after Luke had projected himself there and stopped, he was to weak and faded into the force to join Kenobi, Yoda, and the rest of the Fallen Jedi Before him...This is one of the many reasons I Love “The Last Jedi”.
Frank Bragan
Frank Bragan - 11 dager siden
Greatly appreciate the positive attitude, my man, even in a world made far too dark by the massively insecure little bully boys👍🏼
Jon Lopez
Jon Lopez - 12 dager siden
Do Nacho Libre!!!
cazuto claw
cazuto claw - 13 dager siden
He should do seven deadly sins movie
Carstuff111 - 16 dager siden
I admit, that I went into this movie thinking I would hate it, I thought I hated the new movies.... Rogue One however is still my favorite of the new movies, and even kind of elevates above the originals for me because it was so much different than all the other movies, yet, still very much Star Wars..... But, I can''t deny it now, I like these movies, even if they are not perfect, hell the other 6 main movies are not perfect either, as has been pointed out. These 3 sequel movies... are beautiful to behold, no doubts about that, and the story isn't as complete garbage as most people make it out to be. I actually like the twist that the Emperor was still the guy pulling the strings, still making the Empire work behind the curtain, so to speak. It makes sense to me, hell he helped keep Vader alive, even if it was using Padme's life force to do so. It makes total sense he would have back up clones to jump into when he "died" in ROTJ, and it would take this long to rebuild his fleets and work toward his new empire. It makes sense he would do what has been theorized with Anakin, that the force was used to make a child super strong in the force. The story makes sense to me in the end, perfect sense that was set up back in the prequels AND the original trilogy. I can't hate these movies, even as imperfect and all over the place these last three movies have been, I still enjoyed them. This said, I am a Trek fan over Star Wars, because Star Trek is true science fiction, that has actually become to some extent, science fact. Where as this, its just a big, dumb (most often in the best ways) space fantasy movie seting, and I love that still for that reason. There are a great, many, MANY things I wish they had done better in these 3 movies, but also, because nothing was set in stone and things were basically made up with each movie, partly because of a lot of the hate, it makes them feel more like the original trilogy for those inconsistent points. These movies are FAR from perfect, but I did end up enjoying them, but mostly after watching this movie. I understand the hate, but also, most true, "hardcore" Star Wars fans, have become the most toxic assholes on the planet, kind of reminding me more of the "hardcore" Rick and Morty fans that were throwing fits in McDonald's for Schezwan sauce. That wasn't funny, it was straight up just being assholes, and it is the same with "hardcore" Star Wars fans. Hating on a cast member so much, it made them not want to be a part of the story anymore? You folks, can kindly piss off, and that is me fighting every fiber of my being to not say F-off in its full glory, just as I have told Rick and Morty hardcore fans to do the same. I love watching Rick and Morty, and I enjoyed these movies in the end, I am a fan, the difference is, I am adult enough to not act like a spoiled brat just because things did not go my way, or let a funny skit turn me into a impotent child. I am sure that, if Disney had not been more worried about dollar signs, and let JJ and the rest of those that actually have a very real love for this series just do their thing, no trying to micro manage to try making EVERYONE happy, these movies would have gone from pretty decent and mostly enjoyable, to freaking amazing because they had so much to work with. But, in the end, a lot was left on the table, the movies all feel rushed, it hurt the final product pretty badly in the end, but... I can not hate them, and I do enjoy them none the less.
EpIc ChEeSe MaN
EpIc ChEeSe MaN - 16 dager siden
Could somebody explain why Leah's dead body randomly disappears with kylo?
Jason Wrathorn
Jason Wrathorn - 17 dager siden
I found it rather telling that there were so many instances where you forgave terrible inconsistencies within the story and the setting by pointing out failures that had come before. In the original Trilogy Lucas was creating the setting and establishing the lore. The flaws in this sequel trilogy were a product of no one having a cohesive enough vision to stick to. The had an entire library of star wars books and comics to draw on, years of lore establishing the rules of the universe. They made the choice to discard the old heroes, and at least for me... really, really, failed to build up any of the new ones! Perhaps that is just me being one of the people that didn't like J.J.'s 'Style'.
I think all the principle actors (and actresses) showed glimmers of having the talent to portray great characters. It was a rotten shame that everything was set at such a breakneck pace that none of them got to realize their potential.
The force was established as a spiritual-enlightenment. Placing some limitations on what the force can do is still vital to making the audience feel like there are stakes. I never knew what force power Rey was going to whip out next. Invisibility, The ability to hurl star destroyers though hyper-space, how about the ability to rip the cores out of suns and use that to smash the 'final order'. (FYI - all things that were possible in the expanded universe) In the original Trilogy this is not a big deal, Luke is young, and relatively untutored throughout most of the OT. We don't expect him to be a force sage. The tricks he uses are established, telekinesis, insight, telepathy, agility. In the Prequels Anakin isn't much different, due to arrogance and youth he spends more time with a lightsaber than force powers.
Rey's power functions much like Gandolf's in the Lord of the Rings. Gandolf works because he isn't the perspective character. He usually lets the others do more of the fighting. When he pulls out his power it serves the dramatic narrative... it drives the story, but it doesn't feel as cheep. But Ray is literally endowed with the force power of whatever she needs to drive the plot forward, and then she forgets the power in the next scene. In her training montage she can sustainably levitate herself and a large number of rocks... shortly after she and her friends sink into quick-sand...
Plus the Diad- explanation falls a little flat to those who have played the 2 old republic RPG's.
Palpatine return was iconic star wars... it was just the most campy and most cliché aspect of star wars. He excels as a plotting villain in the shadows. In the greater scope of star wars lore he is the bureaucrat of sith lords. I abhorred seeing him given god like force powers, and rolled my eyes with how inept he was at using them. I despised the scene where rey was getting pushed back with one lightsaber, but won with two. It made me feel like someone missed the point of lightsabers, they don't make her more powerful... (Otherwise G.Grevius might have been a danger to Obi Wan)
It's not my intention to say you can't enjoy it. But i spent more time yelling at the movie (or laughing 'AT' it) than I did enjoying it. If your only exposure to Star Wars is through video mediums you might try reading some of the books. I am a huge proponent of the death of the author, and i think Star wars is a great example of a setting that grew far beyond the vision of it's original creator. Some of my personal favorites are "The Thrawn Trilogy" and "I Jedi"
At any rate it was interesting to hear the perspective of someone who's views are so different from my own.
Brianna Young
Brianna Young - 17 dager siden
I don’t find it an issue that Vader never sensed Leia was his daughter, or sensed Luke on Death Star 1. He only ever started sensing Luke’s presence AFTER he was told Luke was his son. It’s clear he was purposefully seeking out Luke’s presence once he knew he was his son. And he never felt the need to seek out Leia’s presence in the force, cause he only found out he had a daughter like 30 minutes before he died.
Prometheus 18562
Prometheus 18562 - 18 dager siden
One more complaint, lukes x wing on Dagoba was submerged for what a week and when it was finally pulled out it took him time and all the parts he had to get it fixed, in Rise of Skywalker its taken out of what I assume is saltwater after years and rey had just burned all the spare parts. So no there was no way she would have been able to repair it in time or at all to stop palpatine. If your wondering how I onow its saltwater I don't, I assume its something luke couldn't drink because if he had im pretty sure he wouldn't have been milking whatever that thing was in TLJ. And I know Star wars ships are tougher and stronger but its clearly not meant to be in or underwater.
Mistry Tirth
Mistry Tirth - 19 dager siden
This is my 5000th liked video. YAY!!!😊😉

Also, I would go watch the sequel series to be made again but with proper plan and not become movie and money machine.
Check the Circuit
Check the Circuit - 20 dager siden
Your positivity is, as always, a gift. Inspired by that, can I just say something?
The world has become so harsh and so difficult. All Disney and co did at the end of the day was make a movie many of us didn’t like. I just can’t muster the will anymore to make a bad Star Wars movie the thing that upsets me the most.
I saw it in theaters with my family and my girlfriend / soon-to-be-wife and I had fun. For all its horrors, the world has bright spots even now. Among them are Episode IX and CinemaWins’ review of it.
If the Force has a parallel in our real world, it’s human positivity in the face of calamity. Fun counts.
Louis Esser
Louis Esser - 20 dager siden
Seeing the good in films like this is great, but the random digs at Lord of the Rings really detracted from this video. Theoden, a secondary character? Really? No tension in those movies? Really!? That is utterly off base.
DarkRula - 21 dag siden
While I might be critical of all the movies to some degree, it's totally true. They are just movies out to entertain. They are just movies where the powers and abilities of characters can be made up at the whim of the writers. And it's true that fandoms can get seriously protective and toxic over their percieved view of how things ought to be.
In the end, every person has their own opinions. Celebrate the difference of opinions, not attack them.
Michael Ostler
Michael Ostler - 23 dager siden
Rey and kylo are actually related
John Abbate
John Abbate - 27 dager siden
Star Wars Rebels actually introduced Time Travel into the franchise but they handled it in a way that it didn't break anything. 1) It's tied to the Force. No technology required, just another side of the Force. 2) It's lost knowledge. It was hidden away in the most ancient sections of a mysterious, long abandoned Jedi Temple. Likely not even the Old Jedi Order knew about it. And once it was discovered by the Empire, the Temple defended itself Raider of the Lost Ark style. 3) Whatever knowledge the Empire managed to gather, The Emperor used it to tempt the main character, Ezra, in the final episode. Ezra rejects his offer and destroys the last of the knowledge.
Jake Bogaert
Jake Bogaert - 28 dager siden
ok but what if instead of putting the sith wayfinder in the ruins of the death star, they had that same scene basically but in the ruins of vader’s castle on mustafar? maybe i’m the only one who thinks this would have been xool
General__memeous - 29 dager siden
I feel there's some things you've missed:
-Force ghosts even in Lucas's Star Wars have had the ability to physcially interfere with events. Like Obi-Wan's ghost sitting on a log, or Qui-Gon lifting chairs in Yoda's meditation room in TCW. The explanation for why they don't is because they aren't bound by linear time. They can see what happens. I forget what movies hint this, but TLJ might be one of them.
-The whole Kylo Ren trading his life for Rey's is not only sensible for the saga, but already done in TCW. The Daughter of Mortis traded her life for Ahsoka's. Furthermore, it makes sense for the Jedi to not use it but for it to still be a readily accessible power. It's a dark side power, according to Palpatine. It's killing someone to save another. Hence why the Jedi would pretend it doesn't exist. The nature of it also is why it isn't much used: you might have to sacrifice yourself or someone to use it. That's not something someone might think of immediately when their loved one is dying. It also kind of fits Kylo's character, who is naturely curious and in tune with the Force's unique aspects
-In TLJ, *Rey* says her parents were noone *first*. It wasn't empirical evidence from Ben, it was from herself. Sure their TRoS explanation works, but I feel it was a misstep since it only was to inadequately cover up a mistake and repeat Luke's arc from the OT
-Jumping off from the prior point, Rey's lineage does zilch to explain her "OP-ness", if she had been OP. Luke also hit the genetic lottery, being the offspring of a being half-made by midichlorians. However, that doesn't mean Luke instantly knows how to use his force potential. It's like how a body builder won't instantly be good at martial arts just because he has strength. Sheev also trained extensively. Yoda didn't have any powerful bloodline. Sheev didn't. Mace Windu didn't. Count Dooku didn't. Rey had powerful force potential even when she didn't have a bloodline.
If you read all this, thank you! I will say, I also enjoyed the movie, and I feel it did get some things right. Rey's arc felt good in that she was more relatable, and her ending is near perfect, even if she never should have been a Palpatine. But I also feel it was a messy film that was artistically bankrupt. It's okay to like such a movie, but I sure hope that movie studies start thinking that our standards are higher
HeXyR - Måned siden
Just saying. It's confirmed that there was no directions where the sequels would go. Palpatine being Rey's grandfather wasn't planned, etc... I don't blame JJ, I blame Ryan for (imo) making a bad movie, but mainly I blane Kathleen Kennedy. How can you have one director make the first movie (a safe but still good movie that set up a lot of things) and then swap for the second movie to a director that didn't do his Star Wars homework and messed up everything just to move back to the first director for the third movie again? It's laughable if you think about it. IDK what qualifications she has to be in that position but I'm pretty sure anyone with a decent amout of common sense and love for star wars would've done a better job...
Still love your videos and the love and appreciation you spread for movies.
Juicy Narwal
Juicy Narwal - Måned siden
This is, yes you're right that the OT was unplanned and not the huge mega mind product that a genius Lucas labored on for years that some fanboys think. Problem is, I guess Disney thought that the magic would happen twice, that lightning would strike the same place again.
BlindingHornet - Måned siden
Buzzwords, buzzwords, buzzwords. Your words don’t mean shit. This trilogy will always be shit. The fan base will not change their minds.
Brendan Cornwall
Brendan Cornwall - Måned siden
I pretend this trilogy doesn’t exist
BlindingHornet - Måned siden
I’m with you man.
James Flynn
James Flynn - Måned siden
On force heal: one it makes it clear palpy lied. He said you could not learn it from a jedi. I personally love that final twist of tbe knife that shows Anakin's fall to the dark side was utterly pointless and avoidable, completely the fault of the Jedi's hubris and failings. A running theme in the PT.
Two: based on the toll it took on Ben it requires a lot of power. Obi wan is a master jedi and extremely skilled but in terms of power, nothing compared to the skywalkers. So him being able to heal a bonk on the head but not a lightsaber stab seems legit to me. Force heal is probably not widely taught due to the toll it takes and due to the Jedi core belief that the body is just a vessel, and is meaningless next to the force.
Kyle White
Kyle White - Måned siden
I'm glad you stopped yourself in that sentence when you said a bunch of nameless... Because I was the same way until I watched clone Wars that introduce those unnamed Jedi making order 66 more impactful
AnsemTheMask - Måned siden
Look, I'm a diehard star wars.
I love the franchise and I always will.
While I'll admit I only had a couple of minor problems with this movie, none of it made me dislike it in any way.
At the end of the day they're just flaws.
And these are minor ones to me.
I've rewatched this movie a few times now and I've enjoyed it every time.
If you had fun watching a movie, then its a movie you definitely enjoyed.
I don't care if its an unpopular opinion, I liked Rise of Skywalker.
I can't wait to see what comes next.
Grecelyn Murray
Grecelyn Murray - Måned siden
hey am i the only one that noticed that when rey is about to pass the lightsaber to ben his face seems to more accurately resemble his fathers,
just me...
Sanguine - Måned siden
I'm sure many, many other people have pointed this out in a thousand arguments on a thousand forums but Force Drain, Force Healing, Force Protection, Force Absorption and myriad of other Force abilities not explicitly shown in the OT or PT are (or at least were) canon. I genuinely don't understand anyone who says "the Force can't do that". Darth Vader said and clearly meant very seriously "the ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force" and I like that we actually started to understand a bit what he must have instinctually known: The Force doesn't really have an upper limit, it binds the universe together and with enough discipline and focus you can accomplish anything, even literal immortality.
William Alger 3rd
William Alger 3rd - Måned siden
Moaning Myrtle moves closer to Harry and grabs something beneath the bath
"Yup the droid is ready!" 😂😂
Trey Best
Trey Best - Måned siden
I actually don’t “hate” any of the Star Wars movies, from the Originals to the prequels and the sequels. The only thing I really don’t like about the sequels is that they decided to start in one directions, completely flip it around, get scared, and use the 3rd to flip it all around again. That means the entire trilogy was kind of pointless to me because they don’t actually make one full story, more of just an argument from 2 sides.
Dan enarc
Dan enarc - Måned siden
9:10 "We never came back to what Finn wanted to tell Rey". To me, it was "I love you". He's about to die, nothing to lose. They live through it, suddenly there's an audience and he chickens out. They skirt around it after that as people do. At the end, it's a 3 way hug. It's just JJ leaving things open for the future. IDK why you think a lowly storm trooper would know an orphan from another planet was the dead emperor's grandfather. That is a huge stretch.
Underwhelming Unicorn
Underwhelming Unicorn - Måned siden
Imagine being so attached to a franchise that you can't admit when a movie is absolute fucking garbage
Red Priest
Red Priest - Måned siden
You know... some movies just aren't worth defending.
Nicholas DiRienzo
Nicholas DiRienzo - Måned siden
I have my problems with the film, but the lore that was introduced with it, in terms of the Sith, is very interesting. The Sith Eternal cult, the origins of the Final Order, the Sith Temple on Exegol, and the fact that every legion of Sith Troopers are named after Sith Lords, like Desolous, Anddedu, and even the legend himself, Revan, are paving the way for future stories to tell within different eras of the Star Wars universe. It’s the conclusion of a saga, but a jumping off point for new stories and adventures.
Andrew Brewer
Andrew Brewer - Måned siden
"Yo, Agent Smith, push him in!"
-- AbsOlUtEly HiLaRiouS & tote sumpm can imagine being said from a cynical C.Wins back in the day --
KerenSawa - Måned siden
Can you please do a video on Clone Wars
clevp001 - Måned siden
We come to cinemawins for positivity and this felt like every other review. We get it bud Disney didn't have an outline but honestly this didnt feel like a win video
RAM M. - Måned siden
Thank you defending the Skywalker Saga CinemaWins! I especially like the one you made re: episode 3 and 8. Such a shame episode 9 got stunted due to all the negative comments. The Last Jedi was staging a nice story and aiming for balance which the prophecy is all about yet sadly a lot of it was undone to please the haters. 💔
Carpe Mkarzi
Carpe Mkarzi - Måned siden
Well thanks
Tbh I didn’t find the sudden opening scrawl reveal of palpatine very jarring. Is it my fave movie of the series..no, do I feel that my self worth is tied to others agreeing with me..hell no.
I love TLJ for very personal reasons and if others didn’t like,it..fine..good...but I did and it doesn’t invalidate your opinion.
You hit the nail on the head with your opening, this trilogy needed the higher ups to sit down and plot out the main beats and the start and finish of the arcs, then get their directors etc. If they had laid even an obscure hint in TFA or TLJ that palps was still, well palpitating , I would have been thrilled.
At the end you are right, every movie is someone’s favourite, hell Im sure my top 20 would more than a few of “wtf” moments and titles but as I have said, my enjoyment or dislike of a movie,book, TV series etc does not invalidate your opinion nor does your opinion invalidate mine.
Also Clone wars actually gives Anakin a good emotional arc..go watch.
The Doctor
The Doctor - Måned siden
Although rey was holding a lightsaber that killed younglings she had already got the past connected to her and the story when she first touched it, also that force ability is also shared with someone who was a Jedi wayyyy before rey was born so it's cannon (ps4 star wars forgot the name
Mark Slater
Mark Slater - Måned siden
When I was almost or just turned 23 I walked out of a cinema knowing I had just watched the best film ever, and the one I would always regard as the greatest made. I watched it again when it turned up on television, and told everyone to watch it. Later, I found it had not done so well on original release so the studio was releasing a new cut... I am talking about Blade Runner. I had no fucking idea that most people did not care for it, and when I did I said..... meh, who cares? Then Ridley Scott said that he had no idea which directors cut it was but it wasn't him and released his cut, and I went... yeah, that works too (like I had said about the cut that wasn't his eithers). However, when I got to watch the original cut I remembered why this film was the best I have ever seen. Yeah, both and especially the final cut were better films... but they are not the one that got me walking out of the cinema into a world I had never inhabited before. Same with Star Wars, and the entire Trilogy of Trilogies plus side films - they are really enjoyable events and none of them make any of the others worse; especially not your favourite that changed the way you felt about stuff. Hold on to that moment, that is yours. The other films just use part of the story that meant so much to you, so if it feels different to what you thought you knew just think, "meh, who cares?" Han Solo's voiceover on Blade Runner is NOT terrible, and you cannot spend that much money and have a darkish ending (you can, but there are reasons why studio boards are not made up from directors, writers, and actors). If you love a film, or just like it, take the pleasure you can and not worry about what other people think or care about.
BalaTheHero9 - Måned siden
JJ didn't course correct Rian's film because TLJ was already on a much more correct course
Tom Ffrench
Tom Ffrench - Måned siden
For some reason I can ignore continuity errors in Star Wars. There’s so many of them, so at this point I don’t care
JaedenRed - Måned siden
Y'know, by the 2030s, Disney is going to make another trilogy that makes the ST look like a masterpiece. People hated the Prequels back then. Then came along Disney with the Sequels and everyone suddenly realized that the Prequels were amazing. This is going to be the same situation 10 years from now.
BlindingHornet - Måned siden
I highly doubt that dude
Elliott Katzenmaier
Elliott Katzenmaier - Måned siden
I've seen the "force echo from the dagger even tho kid murder" so many times its starting to get ridiculous. My theory is: her panic attack in TFA is her reaction to the echo of all the horrible things that blade has done. As she (and finn) continued to use it, the negative became overshadowed by her connection to it. And if you don't like that, she uses it as a connection to the dark side because gRey.
Rogue Guardian
Rogue Guardian - Måned siden
Lee I wish I could hug you. I appreciate your videos alot, thank you
CameronM1138 - Måned siden
The similarities between Palpatine's, Rey's, and Ben's themes are the one piece of evidence that makes me think there's a possibility they might have planned Rey's parentage from the beginning. Even if they obviously didn't plan much else lol.
(also, connecting Anakin's actions in ROTJ to Rose's quote in TLJ completely saves that cheesy line for me.)
Elizabeth Banawa
Elizabeth Banawa - Måned siden
I'm young enough to have thr Sequel Trilogy to be my starter pack of the Star Wars franchise. Like, literally, TFA is the first Star Wars movie I've ever watched. And I love it. That's what got me into the franchise.
I'm also critical about plots of any stories so when I started watching Star Wars in the numbered order, I had questions. But not enough to hate and have backlash over the trilogies. I loved each trilogy. And I agree with Cinemawins that the lack of plotting is a problem with it, but it's alright! The Force is something that is hard to understand, and my thought about these Force details that get added in every trilogy is that, "The Force is not fully explored even if it exists over a thousand years now". And exploration and experimentation are the key to finding out new things so...maybe there is much more in the Force that we don't know and we won't ever know.
Hey, it's my opinion. I love Star Wars as much as the next person. I'm just sick and tired of the hate revolving in the franchise, too.
Cheezy Bastard86
Cheezy Bastard86 - Måned siden
My girlfriend slapped me and told me to shut up.
inamerica55585 - Måned siden
Tony: I am Iron Man.
Reporter: Iron Man who?
Tony: *looks at ghost of Luke and Leia* Iron Man Skywalker.
Muntaj Gill
Muntaj Gill - Måned siden
Let’s just get to the point
You can like this movie
Or you can not
I personally don’t like it, but that’s fine
I also love the prequels, which a lot of people didn’t like
What astonishes me is that people seem to think that liking movies is all black and white
I really want to get into the fandom of Star Wars, as I absolutely love the legends comics, but I feel I can’t because everyone there seems to think their narrow minded view is correct
Just... TL;DR
It’s ok if people like this movie, and it’s ok if people hate it
Lukas B
Lukas B - Måned siden
I just don't think this format fits for bad films
PotatoeGaming47 - Måned siden
My only problem with 9 is the death star should be completely exploded
0 0
0 0 - Måned siden
the funny thing is at the end rey buries anakins lightsaber in sand...
Tyler Halloran
Tyler Halloran - 2 måneder siden
love how you reference swt
Dan Stern
Dan Stern - 2 måneder siden
Thanks for this. I really enjoyed TROS as well and similarly did not love the return of Palpatine. I got over that quickly. The only thing I really struggled with was the absurd 16 hour timeline. Why? It makes no sense.
And for whatever reason when I watch movies like this I'm totally cool with the magic and silliness but morph into some sort of bizarre logistics manager.
Are you telling me they were able to construct a fleet of 400 Star Destroyers with Death Star lasers in the most remote, unexplored corner of the galaxy? How did the parts get there? Who's handling the procurement? Did they get bids?
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo - 2 måneder siden
I feel like the only thing that will make me ignore the fact the sequels are bad if Disney declares the trilogy not cannon then I can have inner peace and enjoy them cause the only proplem I have is how much the movies spit in the face of my favorite characters like Luke,Han,Anakin, I just feel like Return of the Jedi was a perfect pleasing end to the Skywalker saga and these movies really weren't good end to the story and that's all I have to say I just do not feel comfortable with the fact that that's how it ends.
Shawn Clubb
Shawn Clubb - 2 måneder siden
Okay, loved everything you had to say, but the Moaning Myrtle parts at the end was hilarious.
Galih Jati
Galih Jati - 2 måneder siden
what a conundrum, and I still find reason to watch that.
cole Anderson
cole Anderson - 2 måneder siden
I hear you, my favorite part screw em
Hannah Rose Walz
Hannah Rose Walz - 2 måneder siden
TheDiMono - 2 måneder siden
I didn't think TROJ was bad, I just thought it was a waste of time. It's not internally consistent (Palpatine's stated objective changes three times), and it feels like a sequel to a movie they forgot to film.
Lincoln Matlock
Lincoln Matlock - 2 måneder siden
So I just watched all of your Star Wars videos. out of all 12, Rogue One was your favorite (223 wins), but out of the Skywalker saga, The Last Jedi was your favorite (212).
*well I wasn't expecting that*
(least favorite was Phantom Menace with only 109. that I did I kinda expect)
Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor - 2 måneder siden
Personally this is one of my favourites and I'm just happy that not everyone is being massively negative
charles reid
charles reid - 2 måneder siden
Still not a fan of most of these movies .. but i did like rise .. it did an amazing job fixing Rains fuckups and make me not roll my eyes every tie kylo came on screen. And this made it better . Great job
Gregory Stephens
Gregory Stephens - 2 måneder siden
Honestly, I'm not a fan of Rey being Palpy's granddaughter.
Luke was the son of Vader - the biggest face of evil in the original trilogy - we've already seen the hero born from darkness. For the last two movies, they were building up Rey as coming from nothing and rising to be one of the most powerful Jedi ever. YMMV, but I liked that notion a lot better than just another re-telling of the same thread we had with Luke.
Danilo Mejia Rua
Danilo Mejia Rua - 2 måneder siden
Your video is definitely a breath of fresh air since the fanbase has turned into a warzone. However, I will say I think Star Wars is at its best when it´s taking itself seriously, being dramatic -Just look at the Siege of Mandalore arc from Clone Wars! It was so full of dread and dramatic stuff and it made us feel really for the characters :´), and I really LOVE the suggestion made for you to review this arc, PLEASEEE-
Jeffrey Woods jr
Jeffrey Woods jr - 2 måneder siden
Could you you please do world war z
The Ryan Jester
The Ryan Jester - 2 måneder siden
You brought up that Rey immediately knows that the dagger had been used for bad things while holding the youngling murdering lightsaber in her other hand. Well, I would say that her understanding of that lightsaber's history came in TFA in Maz's castle. She had a whole flashback sequence and was visibly shaken afterward.
Dimitar Dimitrov
Dimitar Dimitrov - 2 måneder siden
Dear Cinema Wins.
This video is great and I respect your efforts and motivation to do it.
But you didn't have to.
The movie is great.
That's it.
mrpopsful - 2 måneder siden
I wish they would have brought back Darth Jar Jar to be the final villian
Joe Elliott
Joe Elliott - 2 måneder siden
IMDb message broad still esixt

You got PAY for it now
Joe Elliott
Joe Elliott - 2 måneder siden
Where tvwins
James Accola
James Accola - 2 måneder siden
this series is good (in my opinion) but I have 2 complaints.
1. Anikan skywalker is the true chosen one no matter what anyone says
2. All Disney cares about these days is money
Gailyn Lee
Gailyn Lee - 2 måneder siden
"They were never intended to be anything more than escapist fun." Maybe that wasn't the intention for the original Star Wars, the original trilogy even, but now? Star Wars is huge. It has a platform bigger than almost anything else, except like Harry Potter? If you can think something as big as these two franchises, let me know because I can't. Whatever Star Wars says, whatever messages it imparts, billions of people will listen. So they didn't mean to be anything more than escapist fun when they started, but they have a responsibility to be more. That's why I hate this movie, it thinks that it can say anything it wants and it doesn't matter. It does matter. The Last Jedi understood that. The RIse of Skywalker either didn't understand, or they didn't care.
Yajie Liu
Yajie Liu - 2 måneder siden
Omg moaning Babu just about killed me
Red Planet Studio
Red Planet Studio - 2 måneder siden
Do everything great about John Carter
jace888 - 2 måneder siden
You are the positive light in 2020. 😉
clone trooper
clone trooper - 2 måneder siden
why did it take 2 parts to do this I can just tell you the final count 0 wins 1 sin the movie
clone trooper
clone trooper - Måned siden
@Koba what do you mean a joke
Koba - Måned siden
If you're going to make a terrible joke, atleast be original
Nacho x28x
Nacho x28x - 2 måneder siden
Why does this have two parts
Koba - Måned siden
Because TFM apparently hated the first part
The Yeet Man
The Yeet Man - 2 måneder siden
I remember when I was 7 years old and I watched tommy boy with almost zero knowledge of Star Wars. when I first saw empire and heard Vader say that line I was like “oh so that’s where that line is from.”
Justin Woods
Justin Woods - 2 måneder siden
If not for the bs politics from Rian and Kathleen I could’ve loved these movies, but after Tlj I simply can’t let
Edgar Ortiz
Edgar Ortiz - 2 måneder siden
how do you know when some one is a real fan of star wars? becouse the true fans tell what they liked of an star wars movie. and then highlight the problems. a False Fans will throw crap from beggining to end of his rants. Here we have a real Fan of Star Wars.
THEUNSPOKEN - 2 måneder siden
This is 1 of the best Star Wars movies ever
theultrayoutuber - 2 måneder siden
I loved rise of Skywalker
Kenven 43
Kenven 43 - 2 måneder siden
I watch these videos purely because I wish to see another side of the argument. We all have guilty pleasures of movies and that's okay. Mine is the Bionicle movies. I know they are bad, but can't shake the feeling that it's what shaped my childhood. Thanks for listening to my TED talk.
Emil Larsen
Emil Larsen - 2 måneder siden
When the CinemaWINS guy still spends a lot of time on calling you out - you know you've f*cked up big time!
Phew, and the mental gymnastics you have to put into the Sequel movies to make them work is amazing in all the wrong ways...
Not to mention all the classic whataboutism like "George Lucas said in an interview in the 80'ties and therefore it's okay for J.J. and Ryan to f*ck it up now.."
mktrill - 2 måneder siden
Not gon lie I enjoyed every starwars movie but ep1 and even then I can't say I hated it, in every movie there were things I didnt like, and things I did, in a positive person so i choose to only focus on the parts i liked
CarlottaStudios - 2 måneder siden
I actually did enjoy the sequel trilogy. Not passionately, but enough that I had a much more fun time watching this trilogy than I expected to. So, for that, thank you, CinemaWins. Thank you so much for covering these movies and bringing to light the good in these films and helping us few who enjoyed said films feel heard and valid for not hating the. :)
And now, I think it's safe to say that all of us need a loooonnng break from thinking and criticizing and talking about Star Wars.
(Speaking of turning our attentions away from Star Wars, LOOK IT'S SPACE DAD AAAAAH: 16:54!!!!!!)
jude anne's *the candor channel*
They did NOTHING with Finn's origins
jude anne's *the candor channel*
Thank you for bringing up Grey Jedi in a positive (Ish) way...
jude anne's *the candor channel*
Seems like there's actually been pretty heavy erotic, spiritual but also erotic, tension between these two ever since The Last Jedi...
jude anne's *the candor channel*
"Extremely repressive"--yes. This traumatized young man's mother is a slave and the Jedi did nothing to help him help her. He's there prophesized chosen one and yet they didn't lift a finger. Let's face it why would she died so soon after being in captivity with the whatever they are sand people or whatever. That sounds like a repeated gang-rape situation to me. This is *Beyond morally repugnant.* The Jedi have this on their consciences...
jude anne's *the candor channel*
648-- oh God please don't join Lindsay Ellis in misusing the term death of the author. It was a postmodernist term meaning that we don't take the author's sociological or cultural background to consideration. Reversing it so that means the opposite of that is just shows a complete lack of understanding of its academic history.
Academia sometimes focuses on things that are important but in this case the original meaning is much more creatively significant
jude anne's *the candor channel*
21:36 Jarjar / Asimov theory!!!
jude anne's *the candor channel*
6:10 What could touching his son's face with his last breath *be* but love?
Felicity S
Felicity S - 2 måneder siden
10:20 Yes, the three genders: him/her/all the Sith.