Everything GREAT About Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker! (Part 1)

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Star Wars IX. Hey, alright, this'll be…yeah. Rise of Skywalker, I think more people liked it than…we think? The...Rise of Skywalker. We'll find out. Here's everything right with Star Wars: Episode 9 - The Rise of Skywalker! (Part 1) Oh, right, this is also just part 1. Part 2 next week.
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FishyBoi - 35 minutter siden
God the sound design in this movie is so good. I forgot just how...amazing everything sounds.
Dáithí Ó Murchú
Dáithí Ó Murchú - 5 timer siden
Cinemawins: “We should be honest about how we feel about the film.”
Also Cinemawins: “If you pretend you don’t hate it then maybe you won’t hate it...”
David Scaricamazza
David Scaricamazza - 10 timer siden
FYI at 11:15 you left out a space
ShadowSlicer22 - Dag siden
This movie is one of if not my ABSOLUTE favorite movie
Dylan Coykendall
Dylan Coykendall - Dag siden
It isn’t the best, but I genuinely enjoyed it
Benjamin Finn
Benjamin Finn - Dag siden
I love this movie
Elvira-Irina Reisinger
Wait. The force dyad was something that the "force" planned to do? I thought it's totally coincidental?
Elvira-Irina Reisinger
I know the finn+poe scene with the miniature chess is irrelevant for the big plot stuff but it made me happy. It doesn't have to be a forced pseudo romantic bromance. Just give them scenes together and let the energy sparkle. I think that the people in power dismissed finn+poe bc they are cowards regarding lgbtq inclusion (bc big franchise products can only show straight aliens and galaxies?!). Their chemistry only used in such tiny scenes.
Elvira-Irina Reisinger
I watched the movie last week. Few days later also watched that everything-wrong parody video. I fully understand ALL the bs with this sequel trilogy BUT STILL LOVE 2 of the 3 movies. Really love tfa and tros. There is anyways light and darkness.......
Zer0 The Assassin
Zer0 The Assassin - 2 dager siden
I liked Star Wars IX.
. - 2 dager siden
The plot is whack but the movie was very enjoyable
ReeeGames - 3 dager siden
Mace Windu needs a film directed by Quentin Tarantino and with co-Star John Travolta, Rated R of course
twileik - 3 dager siden
The best part was jedi Leia. That’s it. Like everything.
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez - 3 dager siden
How does this exist ?!!!!!?
Jacob Darling
Jacob Darling - 3 dager siden
I was down with the idea of Palps coming back. I never cared about Snoke and Ian McDiarmid is pure gold. My issue with this film is that I loved TLJ and this film actively spat on it.
daft banna
daft banna - 4 dager siden
You try to find excuses for problems people had rather than find things you actually liked.
Its Hyenda
Its Hyenda - 4 dager siden
I think the final battle would have been so much better if all of the dead jedi force ghosts appeared behind rey when she said be with me. Just my opinion.
Sebastian Perez
Sebastian Perez - 5 dager siden
fax i love it to
A wild Filing cabinet
A wild Filing cabinet - 5 dager siden
1:30 and there’s the issue with the movie. A movie titled “Rise of *Skywalker*” and it makes the entire series about Palpatine. He has orchestrated every single movie. It’s not about Luke, or Anakin. It’s about Palpatine. And considering that the entire universe before the sequels pointed to the entire saga being Anakin’s journey, it invalidates the rest of the universe.
If Anakin didn’t actually bring balance to the force, than the whole premise of the prequels is gone. The foundation that led to Anakin becoming the chosen one is untrue. If he didn’t bring balance to the force, then Luke’s journey to redeem his father is meaningless. You might as well throw out all of ROTJ, since that’s all about the interaction between Luke, Vader/Anakin and Palpatine, and since Palpatine isn’t defeated Luke and Anakin didn’t bring balance to the force. You’re left with the rebel alliance fighting the empire. An entertaining and fun to watch story, but nothing that makes it special. That is what’s left of Star Wars if you remove the Skywalkers.
What makes it especially egregious is that the movie recognized the importance of the Skywalkers in universe, for the sole purpose of shunning the idea. There was no rise of skywalker. There was only the fall of Palpatine. And while it’s cute and all with how Rey says she’s not a Palpatine, she’s a Skywalker, it’s extremely shallow. You shouldn’t have to change your name to change who you are. Reclaiming your heritage will always be better than shunning it in my book. Not to mention that the Skywalkers came from nothing. Part of what made them so special, especially to viewers, was that they were nobodies. Anakin was a slave boy who dreamed for the stars. Luke was just a moisture farmer who longed to fly. By having Rey complete her journey by claiming the moniker, she defeats that idea. She shows that the only way you can make a difference is by being from power, by being a famous lineage. While Rey changing her name against Palpatine seems like a positive message, it’s really just reinforcing the idea that those things matter. The exact opposite message it was supposed to send.
Basically, it’s painfully clear that they had no plan and no understanding of the greater SW universe when they made this movie. I don’t blame them, because TLJ was a complete dumpster fire that left the series with no where to go, but TROS really just feels like an ai generated movie. Misused symbolism, confusing plot, doesn’t fit in with the rest of the universe.
Rose Rey
Rose Rey - 6 dager siden
OG Star Wars = A-
Prequel Star Wars = C-
Sequel Star Wars = B-
the gaming crab
the gaming crab - 7 dager siden
Didn't even have to listen to the other point to tell you that your not alone in likening this move hell I live it
Graham Lepicki
Graham Lepicki - 7 dager siden
Haha palps must have talked to doctor who
Km_gaming - 7 dager siden
I enjoyed it also the memes
PEOPLE: how many ship-
Jorg: yes
Km_gaming - 7 dager siden
ZegPath81 - 7 dager siden
Ya the CGI budget must have been at least 40 percent of the total budget solely because of all those ships.
Dwight Was Here
Dwight Was Here - 8 dager siden
Probably the most underrated movie.
Kuba Gogacz
Kuba Gogacz - Dag siden
Not really
UKGamingMug - 2 dager siden
@Skeleton Masher ok but he didn't say 'you're wrong it's bad' or 'you're a fake fan' he simply said it's trash which is his opinion. YOU are in fact the trash person if you took that as him insulting any of you, he was merely stating what he thinks too. This fandom......
Andrew Cross
Andrew Cross - 5 dager siden
@Fatty Wood stfu
Amanda Denton
Amanda Denton - 5 dager siden
I actually liked this movie pretty good
Skeleton Masher
Skeleton Masher - 5 dager siden
@Fatty Wood If you don’t give a damn about respect then your the one who’s trash buddy.
general Kenobi
general Kenobi - 8 dager siden
Arguably the best scene in the prequels
Obi wan fans: E x cU S e Me
Matthew Hughes
Matthew Hughes - 8 dager siden
I dislike this movie because of how it handled the response to The Last Jedi. While I don’t love TLJ, I still think it did a lot of stuff well. My main gripes with it are how it handled Finn and Hux. Why did Finn have the same arc that he did in TFA? Why was General Hux, who was supposed to resemble Tarkin, get turned into comic relief? Why did Phasma get killed with so little screen time? Why was the casino planet a plot point to begin with? Why does Rose have such stupid characterization?
That said, I dislike ROS because it backpedals on some of the things about TLJ that were good, like Rey’s parents being nobodies, Rose becoming a glorified extra, how they just threw Hux away, how they felt the need to give both Finn AND Poe female love interests because they needed to assure everyone that they weren’t gay. I could continue, but I feel I’ve made my point.
The sequel trilogy is very messy, and the fact that they were hardly planned, if at all, is likely the primary reason behind that. I still enjoy TFA and TLJ sometimes, but in my opinion ROS just didn’t do enough to make me want to rewatch it.
Wolffe execute 0rder 66
Wolffe execute 0rder 66 - 9 dager siden
1:17 if youay down on the top right it looks like a face
Kraizmer Segregation
Kraizmer Segregation - 9 dager siden
I love this movie
James Ray
James Ray - 10 dager siden
My main issue with this film is that it threw away the thing I liked most about the Last Jedi. Whatever your opinion on that film, it set up an interesting premise, that the Force had manifested in two individuals, the light in Rey, and the dark in Ren... And I enjoyed that The Last Jedi removed the idea that *everyone* can be redeemed, they can't always. Ren killed his literal father, and abandoned Rey entirely at the end and fell to hatred. I was hoping that the story would end with Rey defeating Kylo, but realizing that the light always requires a shadow, and perhaps exiling him after disfiguring him in some way. It could have even led to a new trilogy where Kylo becomes a truly twisted bad guy, and is a one man army.
Edu Gator
Edu Gator - 11 dager siden
This video should be one second long.
Vincent Rossi
Vincent Rossi - 11 dager siden
this guy knows nothing about star wars SMH
Arthus850 - 2 dager siden
Yeah, the guy who’s covered all the movies and mentioned extended lore in said videos, showing clear knowledge of Star Wars both in movies and in expanded media, knows nothing about Star Wars. SMH
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh - 11 dager siden
Erm you're using the youngling killer 66 Rey, I think you need to reconsider your definition of evil.
Black Shark
Black Shark - 11 dager siden
Still dislike the abilities of force ghosts now. It kind of makes me feel like rey should just face kylo or palpatine on this planet and then the btw immortal force ghosts that can handle physical objects should kill him. That doesn't work
Larson Grant
Larson Grant - 12 dager siden
This will probably never be seen but if they healed the kyber crystal it should have been white
Chewy99 - 6 dager siden
Why? The only way to get white sabers is by turning a red one to the light.
SpacePug & SpaceDuck
SpacePug & SpaceDuck - 12 dager siden
I liked the movie too
Deadshot 500
Deadshot 500 - 14 dager siden
My favourite movie outside of the ot
Mr.RayRayGames - 15 dager siden
I'm so happy to know I'm not alone in my love for this movie. 😁
Jon Lopez
Jon Lopez - 15 dager siden
Do Nacho Libre!!!
Bluebonic - 15 dager siden
Oh I definitely enjoyed it, but that doesn't mean I thought it was objectively good. It was a mess but some of the scenes did bring me back to why I loved star wars.
John Gervais
John Gervais - 15 dager siden
THEY ADAPTED DARK EMPIRE. That's literally all I needed to love this, and when knowing that, the rest of the series actually makes sense. Remember Snoke's line about rabid curs having a use?
That wasnt about Kylo or Hux, it's about Snoke. HE was the rapid cur used by Palpatine to keep the First Order under his control and distract the Galaxy from wondering if Palpatine survived.
And yes, it is a different approach by Palpatine than in Dark Empire, where he basically just keeps on being a evil space wizard. But Dark Empure was made before the prequels, where we learned Palpatine was actually a master politician who sneaks his way into power. This hidden approach to retaking the Galaxy is EXACTLY how the Palpatine we know would retake the galaxy.
Dylan Pescud
Dylan Pescud - 15 dager siden
surprised there wasn't a point given for the stormtrooper that hit Poe
cazuto claw
cazuto claw - 15 dager siden
He should do seven deadly sins movie
NKProductions2014 - 16 dager siden
I like the idea that Rey took Lukes and Leias crystals and put them in her own. But the colour would be wrong, it wouldnt be golden yellow so.....I dunno. Maybe theres a bit of force magic going on in there aswell?
Chewy99 - 6 dager siden
But, she buried the sabers... remember? It doesn’t say anywhere that she combined them to make hers.
Aiden Covert
Aiden Covert - 17 dager siden
he missed Ahoska's voice with the others. That's the only part that I am mad about. That, and I feel like Rey's character development was not that good.
Charlie Spangler
Charlie Spangler - 17 dager siden
fin is 100% mace windu's son
Chewy99 - 6 dager siden
Mace Windu was a strict Jedi, so he couldn’t have children. And even If he was somehow a secret non-jedi (which he wasnt), he would’ve been 103 years old by the time we know Finn was born.
Mark Lambert
Mark Lambert - 18 dager siden
My favorite thing about this movie has to be how they effectively made the new trilogy about Leia's legacy (as opposed to Luke's)...which is both incredibly powerful and just oh so fitting
D J - 18 dager siden
Love your channel but you’re off with LJ and RoS. Like way off. Especially now that the actors have stated there was no direction for this trilogy.
Arthus850 - 2 dager siden
@Deadshot 500 I guess.
Deadshot 500
Deadshot 500 - 2 dager siden
@Arthus850 It's not that it wasn't planned out it was more of changing your established plan or at least that's how I see it.
Arthus850 - 2 dager siden
@Deadshot 500 That’s a big one. Big enough that it calls literally every other “plan” they had into question. If they didn’t even plan out Rey’s origin from the beginning, what else did they just make up along the way?
Deadshot 500
Deadshot 500 - 14 dager siden
Ah no. Daisy only said that they were changes in Rey's backstory and that's it
Simon’s very odd world
Simon’s very odd world - 19 dager siden
I personally thought that it was ok. But the battle on the star destroyer is great
Nick Lopez
Nick Lopez - 20 dager siden
Jesus Christ, talk about stretching. This is the most superficial take on this movie. Ignore the crappy plot-holes and shitty writing. Explaining HOW Palpatine came back doesn't matter. Turn your brain off, pretend to like this slop, and you'll enjoy the movie. lol
You throw out points like they're meaningless. Laser swords! DING! Music I like! DING! Hugging! DING! Special effects! DING! Loud noises! DING! Stupid mind trick jokes I make that aren't actually in the film itself. DING! DING!!!! lol
Nick Lopez
Nick Lopez - 18 dager siden
@Rainmaker23 Great comment. You sure showed me! Disproved all my points flawlessly. lol *sigh* I guess disnoids gonna disnoid. Regardless what I say.
Rainmaker23 - 18 dager siden
Cry harder
MrLogic - 20 dager siden
Should be 0000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000.1 seconds long
Peter Rolhoff
Peter Rolhoff - 20 dager siden
I can fully respect your opinion on your favorite movie. I personally didn't like Rise of Skywalker (or the who new trilogy) due to the retcon of the first trilogy and making Luke's efforts in vain of defeating the ultimate bad guy and making Anakin's self sacrifice to save Luke at the end of Return of the Jedi mean nothing. I don't appreciate it as a Star Wars movie but as a great Action movie.
Prometheus 18562
Prometheus 18562 - 21 dag siden
25:28 I have a problem with it because anakin couldn't force heal and since lineage plays a factor in this sequel series ben shouldn't have it either.
Prometheus 18562
Prometheus 18562 - 21 dag siden
18:40 I would have preferred it if instead of throwing his lights Sberbank away hd used the force to dismantle it and purify the crystsl making it white. Even if they didnt show the entire process he could show up to defeat the knights but because they are trained with him using that lightsaber he loses it on the ground hence the force transference.
Prometheus 18562
Prometheus 18562 - 21 dag siden
9:12 I wanted to see the lightsaber go through the cockpit and see Kylo move out of the way
Mason Bates
Mason Bates - 21 dag siden
I'm a pretty die-hard star wars fan, to be honest, I was NOT a fan of the Last Jedi... But I was a BIG fan of this movie, with it being my 3rd favorite overall. (My order goes: Rogue One, Empire Strikes Back, Rise of Skywalker)

For those who are wondering what I mean by " a pretty die-hard star wars fan", I have watched each of the movies a good handful of times, I've watched all of Clone Wars, and some (but not all) of Rebels. I have played many of the star wars games, specifically KOTOR and SWTOR are what took up most my time. I have NOT read many books (exception being Darth Plagueis), but do listen pretty endlessly to star wars lore channels when I'm working, driving, etc. So, in case you were wondering.
Wooly Mammoth
Wooly Mammoth - 22 dager siden
Me and my dad saw this in theaters when it came out

And I love it it's probably the best out of these
ANB Kgillen ,
ANB Kgillen , - 22 dager siden
Hmmm trash I see my personal movie rateing 0/10
chief 0325
chief 0325 - 23 dager siden
I like this movie BUT because of all the bad reviews made me question everything while watching the main movie in theaters but the kissing scene really threw me off and the lack of sith troopers also not as heavy of an influence from kylo ren's guard's things/people creations or whatever that are
SithEmperor Vitiate
SithEmperor Vitiate - 23 dager siden
When I saw episode 9 and great in the same sentence I almost fell out of my seat and died.
Victor Pereira
Victor Pereira - 23 dager siden
*cries because he doesn't mention Ahsoka or Kanan*
Victor Pereira
Victor Pereira - 6 dager siden
@Chewy99 He just forgot, on part 2 he remebered them xD
Chewy99 - 6 dager siden
Well he was saying Jedi that died, Ahsoka hasn’t died. As for Kanan, I don’t know.
тнєяєαlqвαll - 23 dager siden
Episode 3 is the best star wars movie
Chewy99 - 6 dager siden
Agreed, but I like this one too
Darren Stauffer
Darren Stauffer - 23 dager siden
In my opinion, the best thing about the movie is how it connects elements from outside the Skywalker Saga, like The Clone Wars (IE Ahsoka Tanno's voice), Rebels (IE Kanan Jarrus and many ships like the Ghost), Vader: Immortal (IE Mustafar starting to become more suitable for life) and even bits of the Anthology films and The Mandalorian. It truly gives you the feeling that the Star Wars story has come full circle at last.
midnite mage
midnite mage - 24 dager siden
Babu Frik isn't talked about enough
SpringBeGaming /RkFlash14
SpringBeGaming /RkFlash14 - 24 dager siden
thats not in good context.. bcause ben solo, rey solo, we dont want what happened in new hope - empire strikes back
Ronel Tejano
Ronel Tejano - 24 dager siden
I think to really understand how palpatine is back is to play or at least watch some walk through of battlefront 2, cuz the death star is not completely atomised like people think, it's still has some debris that probably fall on that moon at endor, and just saying probably some palpatine body parts floating in that part of space
Chris Foster
Chris Foster - 24 dager siden
Love the films in context with the preqs...even without the context....just would have loved either 3 JJ movies, or 3 Johnson....coz I’m sure either way would have been more coherent...the palp twist was a huge misstep in my very small opinion...but one the whole, I’m just grateful to get more films, that’s enough for me
Bill Ontario
Bill Ontario - 24 dager siden
The only good part was when it was over. I honestly got to the point where I was rooting for the Emperor. Oh well no such luck.
momochasaobao - 26 dager siden
You babble way too much.
Chewy99 - 6 dager siden
Feel better about yourself now?
Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq - 26 dager siden
I love this dudes positivity. Keep it up. We notice it :)
Adlai Plays
Adlai Plays - 27 dager siden
I also enjoyed rise of skywalker
WrestleFan1993 - 27 dager siden
Carrie Fischer was an amazing actress. Paying homage to Carrie though by making her the focal point did nothing for her legacy or to help the movie. It just reeks of Disney moral saber rattling. As if any other movie would fundamentally change the story without explanation for the sake of paying homage to a secondary character? God they're stupid.
Jackson Worthman
Jackson Worthman - 28 dager siden
Rise of Skywalker had its moments that were good.
Jeriel Lopez
Jeriel Lopez - 28 dager siden
As a SW fan, I see a lot of arguments about the saga and how it should've been like. But, like it or not, it is what it is. We can't change it. In the future someone might remake it and make it "better" but if the saga turned out to be this way than we just have to accept it and move on. Thank you, CinemaWins for doing what you do... finding the good in things. :)
adam - 28 dager siden
Iam sorry did you give it a point couse somehow fake darth vader(i forgot his name i have really bad mamory) grabbed something random in a random part of thw universe thets like giving someone a point in a trivia couse he was wrong
adam - 28 dager siden
Not luke/anakin its just anakin evry jedi hase his own light saver
Spiral Galaxy
Spiral Galaxy - 29 dager siden
I get why people don’t like this movie but at the end of the day it was still a really good movie
Sincerely Defiant
Sincerely Defiant - 29 dager siden
I love Ben solo. Wish we got it for the entirety of ROS
Sincerely Defiant
Sincerely Defiant - 29 dager siden
I like this movie. I actually like this movie. It did feel like 2 movies in one. Like they were trying to make up for all the story changes that happened in the last Jedi. I like this way better than the last Jedi. It’s still less fun than force awakens, but is a close second in the new trilogy.
Exposed - Måned siden
The movies aren’t bad at all, just the storylines aren’t what most expected and that’s what’s disliked. I personally loved it growing up watching one movie before bed I always watched a new Hope, empire strikes back and the goonies (lol legendary movie) on vhs tapes and DVD almost every night. Star Wars has a soft spot in my heart forever... btw this is just my opinion but as movies In total I liked this new trilogy more than the prequels... like I said just my opinion lol don’t hate me anakin lovers
Garrett Larsen
Garrett Larsen - Måned siden
I love this movie
Sage - Måned siden
I get why you did this video, and I respect it, but why would you give TROS 50 more wins than ROTS D:
Mr. Deano
Mr. Deano - Måned siden
As far as the lightsaber goes was there any prof the crystal was destroyed? Also is it possible they could have e gotten a new one? I feel like the only reason they left the explanation out is due to the run time of the movie. Never the less I do agree the explanation should be somewhere in the lore/cannon. (I forget the word I'm looking for) maybe not in the movie but maybe a shot? Or extended cut? Also how awesome would it be for more animated series filling in the gaps like the clown wars? Or reblles? Anyway. Carry on.
MasterChief aka John117
MasterChief aka John117 - Måned siden
This is a great movie. It's a masterpiece, almost, but every little detail. And the callback to when palpatin tells anakin "the dark side of the force is a pathway to many things. Some deemed unnatural." Is the best line in the whole movie
big wolf
big wolf - Måned siden
ZTK2009 - Måned siden
I don’t know what everyone is talking about this is a great movir
Rachael W
Rachael W - Måned siden
love these videos
Terry riddington
Terry riddington - Måned siden
The tittle is disturbing
James Laird
James Laird - Måned siden
No you mention the John Williams camio that has not changed my mind. Still thanks for pointing this out.
Icy Kiwi
Icy Kiwi - Måned siden
I respect you for standing your ground on this. I’ll probably have to agree to disagree since I still hate this movie trilogy, I gotta give props to you for keeping true to your positive mood
cooltriplets_1 - Måned siden
26:58 That is actually Poe’s new X-wing
Dennis Fenton
Dennis Fenton - Måned siden
Yeah...this just reminded me why I hated it. But if you like it, you like it.
Axela Mathis
Axela Mathis - Måned siden
I know this is a late comment but the most likely way that the emperor is still alive is the lore about the cloning facility on his flagship back in the OT. The lore was never explained in the movies but if you have this piece of knowledge it really helps to make it seem like it wasn’t complete bs. After his defeat in the OT his loyal subjects would’ve just taken the flag ship and went into uncharted space then used the cloning/advanced medical facilities then wait until the time came to rise again.
Muffinstudios - Måned siden
I loved The Rise of Skywalker! as well
ADAM WATSON - Måned siden
Yes I like this movie to!!
Orthus Games
Orthus Games - Måned siden
Honestly I don't care what people say, all of the Star Wars Movies are good in my opinion. And I love Jar Jar.
Abigail H.
Abigail H. - 28 dager siden
Same! (On all accounts).
Danytus - Måned siden
Both parts put together make about an hour. And they say that Episode 9 is the worst star wars/all time movie.
siti hajar
siti hajar - Måned siden
Still ''meh''
Atticus Miller
Atticus Miller - Måned siden
After watching Cinema Sins, I keep thinking that all his compliments are sarcastic.
Atticus Miller
Atticus Miller - Måned siden
I too enjoyed Rise of Skywalker unironically. I totally agree that it is by far not the best Star Wars film, but I think that people are judging by too high of standards because it is a Star Wars film. If you compare it to other movies not in the Star Wars universe, you will find that is at worst an average, and at best a great movie.
BlindingHornet - Måned siden
Buzzwords, buzzwords, buzzwords. Stop trying to defend this trash pile of a movie. Your words will never mean shit to me. Dumbass.