Everything GREAT About Split!

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Glass is out this week! And since Split is the reason that Glass was greenlit, here we are. Most people enjoyed Split, some had some issues that I'm going to try to address. M. Night Shyamalan can be hit or miss, so let's see where this one falls. Here's everything right with Split!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 24:47


s8chi - 6 timer siden
Me just realizing that this could be a fucking great game
A fucking SSS+ or X horror game
Like ngl aslong as its developers are shit
HuJAN - 5 dager siden
For anyone intersted if you want to read a story about a....an anti-hero with DID, read Moon Knight, it's some cool stuff imo.
Declan McCallion
Declan McCallion - 5 dager siden
I can’t help it but when I saw the shot of Dennis in the car I could only think of Robert Pattinson looking back at him
Damoose 7
Damoose 7 - 10 dager siden
The shameless plug at the end
Aryona Samoto
Aryona Samoto - 14 dager siden
I feel this movie needs a Trigger warning at the beginning.
Aidan J
Aidan J - 20 dager siden
As a DID system, and being a horror junkie at the same time, I really enjoyed this film. The acting is amazing. The only thing that bothers me (obviously) is the way DID is portrayed. There’s a LOT of things about it that’s incorrect. Such as the fact that it’s VERY unlikely that people with DID will kidnap, kill, or commit any crime. Also, while there can be non-human alters, as far as I know, it’s not possible for someone’s body to change like Kevin’s does when he changes into The Beast (I know, duh). I did like the way they included a lot of system roles. Such as littles, persecutors (though they were portrayed incorrectly), gatekeepers, and protectors.
Yes, I know that without these flaws, it wouldn’t really be a horror movie. It needed those scary aspects in order for it to be horror. Being able to look past those incorrect parts, I really loved this film and I will watch it again
Lizzard From Another Gizzard
Lizzard From Another Gizzard - 22 dager siden
6:08 had me *DEAD*
Stephen Hemsworth
Stephen Hemsworth - 23 dager siden
Did the whole Kevin Wendell Crumb to the Rejoice scene hit anyone else as emotionally as it hit me?
Jack Stratton
Jack Stratton - 26 dager siden
Who got scared at kpop
BabyFaceKensei - Måned siden
I’m baffled that the director of this also directed avatar
CobaltTungsten - Måned siden
Where not of a sexual nature, I am a survivor of abuse. There's some things I want to put out there for people to understand about the nature of this movie that I think they don't get, things people who haven't been abused just can't know. And that's okay, because there's things that in order to understand you have to go through things. So... enough rambling, I'm just going to get to it.
Thing is, Kevin Wendell Crumb is not an individual character. He's not one, but many. All of whom are survivors of abuse. He's mean to represent the "Horde" of people who're disgustingly mistreated in their lives. Any of us who were abused growing up can understand and connect with Kevin because we all end up feeling like him. We're all just a degree off normal, and we know it. Most of us keep it inside, regardless how toxic to us and our minds and souls it might be. KWC isn't actually a character, he's a feeling.
KWC is literally the embodiment of the guilt that comes with survival. Feeling like that's the only thing that keeps us from becoming our abusers. It is the unflinching self-hate, the piece of you ready to die to keep from becoming the same thing that made you into who you are.
The beast is the anger that comes from the abuse. The unabashed hate of those who've had normal lives. When I first met my girlfriends family, I was amused at first. It felt like they were putting on a play just for me, like none of it was real. Just how happy they were, accepting, they actually had conversations during dinner, they didn't mock each other for comedy, it seemed so unreal. It wasn't till 1/2 way through dinner I actually started getting angry, but it wasn't because of them, but it was because of them. I had never actually seen a normal family my whole life. 30 years, and I honestly believed "Normal" families were exaggerated for television. I was angry how happy they were, and it took me a moment to realize I was angry. But I wasn't angry with her family, I was angry with happiness in general. For a moment I was miserable because I felt cast out, left out of this seemingly relative normality, angry that I had been cheated of this feeling. Then before I did anything, they included me. I was shocked, I'd felt like I was only watching this happy little family without being a participant... and then suddenly I was. They ASKED me to stay the night, and we played games and watched movies and got to know each other... and shortly after everyone else was asleep I think I really cried for the first time since I was 9.
The beast is a loner. The beast is a destroyer. The beast is a hunter. He targets the unbroken, people who haven't been abused, because he's destroying their happiness... not the people. Killing the people, to him, is secondary. He needs recognition, to be vindicated in his bottomless rage. He needs people to understand the constant darkness he's living in, but talking in reality... there's no way for me to explain it. And even if I could, I couldn't help you understand. His hunt is for something he doesn't know he needs or wants: Acceptance. He wants to be mad just because something will remind him how screwed up his childhood was, and he wants it to be okay with the people around him. He wants to let his darkness out and to not be judged for it. There's only 2 ways for that to happen: 1. KWC Accepts the Beast as a part of himself, fully accepting his presence and acknowledging it's needs, and slowly learning to live with it and help it cope with how it feels. 2. The only people around are abuse victims, because then everyone understands and accepts... because then everyone's "Evolved" enough to treat him like another human instead of something broken.
Sorry, all of this was leading to me explaining the scene when the Beast sees how the main character's abuse scars... because first time I saw that... I knew before they showed that scene that she was a victim of abuse. I knew from the moment she said "Pee yourself". Everything about her from the way she stood at the beginning, staring away from normal interaction into the sparse parking lot, how she held herself, even the unblinking gaze when she attempted to escape the car. She allowed herself to be caught, she offered no resistance... that's a learned response. I knew she was a victim of abuse because her character screamed it in volumes from the beginning.
When the beast attacked her, I was actually wide-eyed and begging to be wrong. I outright cried when I saw the scars. Just how much the scene slows down in that instant when he sees it, his recognition at first is joyous because he's found someone who understands his pain... but very quickly becomes sadness. Watch the scene closely, the beast believes he would've been relieved to find another person like him, but finds he's only hurt by her pain. He's not happy, it's not mirth in his voice, it's empathy.
To understand the beast... listen to everything he says in an unbiased light. It's every toxic thing that goes through the mind of the abused when people can't relate... only said very Shakespearean.
"You don't get it, you didn't go through it."
"It's a waste of my time to make you understand."
"I don't want your pity."
Or how about what the abusers say to justify their actions.
"Suffering makes you a stronger person."
"You're pathetic."
"You're weak."
"You're worthless."
The beast... is that "Just a degree off normal" I mentioned before. The beast isn't crazy, he's just full of rage and vengeance. He's human enough for us to relate to, but just removed enough that we can't root for him. The unabused viewers probably don't understand... but when it comes down to it, the beast is a sad character to many victims. Because in a comic book way, he's how we could have all ended up. And all we want to do is reach out to save him... but he's just removed enough all we can do is stand there and know there's nothing we can do. We have to watch him self destruct, and that hurts. Everyone feels bad for KWC, because he didn't want any of this. Victims feel bad for the beast because he didn't ask to be.
Now... I'll end this by saying this is purely from my perspective. From how I feel. Because I love this movie to pieces, and haven't watched it near as much as I want to, but also because I relate to every inch of KWC and the protagonist.
This movie isn't a supervillain origin story... it's how not everyone manages to escape what's been done to them. And sometimes the only way for others to escape... they have to come face to face with their own darkness. I think that's the real story of Split told in a very Shyamalan way.
my display picture doesnt share food!!!
my display picture doesnt share food!!!
Im not even starting the video but I know half of the wins are from James McAvoy's phenomenalacting
Connor Boyd
Connor Boyd - Måned siden
James plays Kevin amazingly he was the best role for this it’s like you can’t tell he doesn’t have D.I.D
Just Cakes
Just Cakes - Måned siden
I don't get why everyone says cinemasins doesn't have good points to sin movies. I watch both of them and have watched them for quite a long time. Everyone has there opinions so I cant say too much but some people prefer sarcasm over happy-go-lucky people
Abdel Aguilar
Abdel Aguilar - Måned siden
Omg I thought you said the video was sponsored by wigs, cause the guy is bald
Kaushik Tare
Kaushik Tare - Måned siden
The “Shamalamadingdong” was unnecessary. As an Indian I cannot tell you how fucking annoying and disrespectful it is to have people mispronounce your name to be funny
fizz pop
fizz pop - Måned siden
-1,000 wins for the poor representation of DID. the movie isn't horrible... except for that.
fizz pop
fizz pop - Måned siden
@Swaggy Pea but it still added to the stigmitization of DID
Swaggy Pea
Swaggy Pea - Måned siden
It's a fiction movie, the movie never claimed to represent DID.
CJ Blackheart
CJ Blackheart - 2 måneder siden
This video should be 0:00 long considering how damaging it is to people with DID everywhere. Shame on anyone who thinks this is a good movie. Well produced? Maybe. I can admit that. Good rep? Fuck no. People with DID already have to deal with people asking if one of their alters is a serial killer, and then this movie comes out. And if you’re about to say “yeah but it’s not real”…anyone who’s ignorant enough to not educate theirselves on DID is stupid enough to think this is what DID actually is. Fuck this movie, and fuck anyone who thinks this movie is in any way good.
Swaggy Pea
Swaggy Pea - Måned siden
Casey Blackheart true I guess, I see what you’re saying.
CJ Blackheart
CJ Blackheart - Måned siden
Swaggy Pea > anyone who’s ignorant enough to not educate theirselves on DID is stupid enough to think this is what DID actually is.
Swaggy Pea
Swaggy Pea - Måned siden
It's not like the movie said it was accurate, it's just a fiction movie.
Oliver Wild
Oliver Wild - 2 måneder siden
Not to put a damper on the video, but while the movie was an almost okay concept they did no actual research. Aside from trauma at a young age and force switching the movie doesn’t get much correct about the DID community. (That of which I am a part of). Just showcasing the disorder in such a bad light alone makes me want to curl up and cry. but the fact that they added all that other misinformation makes me hate it. Due to this movie, the general public that I meet tend to know very little about DID, and when they do its all wrong and in a completely negative light.
Gabriel Aguilar
Gabriel Aguilar - 2 måneder siden
I find it cool that you've mentioned the InFamous games in this movie, relating to its Beast.
Come to think of it, James' hairstyle here reminds me SO MUCH of Cole McGrath from the games.
Hayro Ja
Hayro Ja - 2 måneder siden
dislike just for wix, otherwise nice video
Mike Reid
Mike Reid - 2 måneder siden
For the third “Yuck” counter, did you notice how the Uncle looks at Casey just before his brother takes the beer? Indeed, “Yuck”.
Mike Reid
Mike Reid - 2 måneder siden
After, too!
Magnus - 2 måneder siden
When the movie has more great in it than the number of sins that cinemasins could pull off
Dominik Beitat
Dominik Beitat - 2 måneder siden
Hedwig, after kissing Casey: "You might be pregnant now."
Casey, from an alternate universe: "Yeah, but you have the cooties."
Hedwig runs for dear life, screaming. Girls escape, roll credits.
Guess Shyamalamadingdong didn't think of THAT plot twist.
Help The internet
Help The internet - 2 måneder siden
I know you might not be able to change it now but I would put a trigger warning in for the self harm @14:11 as it personally triggered me. I hope this helps anyone similar.
Dominick Juarez
Dominick Juarez - 2 måneder siden
I feel like The Beasts Saying the Broken are the More evolved is true....
Think about if Casey wasn’t there, the girls would have been sexually attacked if Casey wasn’t there.
Terrell Mason
Terrell Mason - 3 måneder siden
Damn dude you went deep for this film... thanks 🤙🏿
music Studio
music Studio - 3 måneder siden
denki kaminari
denki kaminari - 3 måneder siden
Holy crap this movie looks amazing! Movies message that broken people are more evolved is right because experience makes people stronger buy knolage and fiscal ways. I ofc don't agree that all DID people have evil sides but the actor makes it look so real and amazing ugh! I just love this movie!
roro woodsy
roro woodsy - 3 måneder siden
pause at 11:12 u can see his broken wrist
CandyDragon - 3 måneder siden
I have DID this movie it very toxic and stigmatizing for an already stigmatized community. Not all the facts are correct and please if you want to learn more about DID use https://did-research.org/ or watch some of the many videos here on YouTube made by people with DID like dissociatdid
Honey Dew Awesome
Honey Dew Awesome - 3 måneder siden
There should have been a win for the little pose after ms Patricia says "it's got paprika in it"
demonbaby - 3 måneder siden
I watched Videos on people with actual did and they do not like this movie most of the time and think it’s offensive
Raí Faustino
Raí Faustino - 3 måneder siden
6:09 jumpscared the shit outta me
Emily Patricia Garcia Canals
Emily Patricia Garcia Canals - 3 måneder siden
You forgot that absolutely gorgeous shot at the beginning of the movie when the girls are been kidnaped and Cassey slowly turns around looks completely scared and helpless in a soft tone on her face with one single tear dripping down her eye while swallowing and slowly closing her eyes avoiding her regret.
Simply beautiful
Rohan Lotlikar
Rohan Lotlikar - 4 måneder siden
Can anyone explain why the uncle giving the dad a beer is gross?
Edit: I love that you love the infamous games!! That and uncharted are probably my favorite video game series every
Rohan Lotlikar
Rohan Lotlikar - 3 måneder siden
@Rob hazard Oh gross, that's what I thought but like he would still have to do it right in front of the dad which is so much more fucked up know that I think about it
Rob hazard
Rob hazard - 3 måneder siden
The uncle is giving the dad beer so that the uncle can take advantage of the young girl while the dad is intoxicated
TankInATree - 4 måneder siden
As someone who knows a little about abuse (psychological, not physical) I appreciate your take here and of course M. Night's depiction.
First of all: yeah, one will do pretty much anything to just get away, including getting into trouble and just zoning out... even in a crowd. The distrust in other people also becomes so dominant that one eventually just gives up trying to reveal it. Getting "betrayed" is a thing that most are familiar with, as in "but I know and they would never do that" or "Are you sure you are not just making it up?" and much worse. At some point one either starts to believe that it is "deserved" or one just tries to survive.
Second: People claiming credit for making you strong and telling you that your achievements are because of said abuse is disgusting and unfortunately, in my experience, fairly common. It is by itself a continuation of the abuse by continuing to tear an abused person down. Any achievement one makes is done with a huge weight around the ankles while wading through hip-high water. It is done despite of abuse and never because of it. So to anyone who has ever claimed that their "tough-love" approach has ever helped someone: You are objectively a horrible person for saying that and fuck you!
ŻømBįE - 4 måneder siden
Coming from myself, I used to have DID and it was never a joke. Sometimes I couldn't sleep at night because my thoughts were filled with uncontrollable thoughts from "other people." As much as it seems crazy, this is 100% a real life issue that a person can come across. With just personal mental help and time I was myself and only myself again.
ŻømBįE - 24 dager siden
@The Onion System There are other forms of DID that can take a lot of therapy to help stop it. I've seen 3 different specialists about it. You don't have to tell someone the facts if they've gone through it.
The Onion System
The Onion System - 24 dager siden
Plus you need to not make the other alters seem unwanted and you're meant to be all together and they're there to help you and protect you they aren't bad and they are other people, animals etc
The Onion System
The Onion System - 24 dager siden
You don't "used to have it" it's a permanent disorder which can't go away at all
Jordan Limantara
Jordan Limantara - 4 måneder siden
That was an out of this world segway LOL.
Anastasija Novikova
Anastasija Novikova - 5 måneder siden
Everyone has different experiences, obviously, but to me the ending really makes sense in terms of "you can't beat the trauma". I was almost raped as an 8-year-old and this trauma got to me about 10 years later. And the thing is, that beating it was impossible, once it got to me. So the only way for me was embracing it as a part of myself and learning to love myself despite this experience. So, for me, the ending with the Beast letting Casey go is kind of representative of what happens when you're traumatized. You cannot force your trauma to go away, it just lets you go itself. But anyway, that's only my experience.
Outta da Blue
Outta da Blue - 5 måneder siden
1:55 for natives of the area the news reporter is the actual real life Philly CBS news reporter Ukee Washington!
Spirits Memory
Spirits Memory - 5 måneder siden
To just tell you, how people who dealt with abuse, sexual abuse in this case, my personal experience with this movie: I can't even watch it. I can't watch till the end, it triggers me so much, and everytime her uncle is on screen I have to pause the movie and do something else for half an hour or it triggers a panic attack. It's a good portaitation nontheless but i seriously can't watch those scenes, great movie tho
Jessica Arnold
Jessica Arnold - 5 måneder siden
I do wish Shamalon would have emphasised at the beginning of the movie that Split was fictional. Not everyone was smart enough to put it together, and it caused a lot of issues for people with DID. James McAvoy did an amazing job portraying it, but he doesn’t understand the nuances of the disorder. He said in an interview that he watched videos of Plurals to get the interesting physical portrayals, but couldn’t find anyone to talk to him about it, so he sees the differences, but he doesn’t understand why. I don’t know. It hurt a lot of people. More people need to know it’s fiction.
Leah Reasoner
Leah Reasoner - 5 måneder siden
Can you make a video for Trainspotting, made in 1996? I honestly haven't actually seen it yet and I'm going to wait untill I'm a little older but I watch the wins/sins of videos of movies that I'm unsure of watching before watching it. (I know odd, but I do it in case I might not like it and then watch it and decide for myself. Like a Quiet place.)
lunananana - 5 måneder siden
I've been abused and it really fucked me up for a long time, it happened 3 years ago and it's been hard but I really understood what the beast meant at the end, "Only trough pain you can achieve your greatness" it's been so hard but now I feel stronger, I haven't recover from all, but I am working on myself and I don't know, it hit me:( and "the broken are the more evolved"..I still think about it:( thank you for talking about that theme, I appreciate it
Mark Tracy
Mark Tracy - 5 måneder siden
sorry i guess i didnt buy the premiss. i thought it was dumb.
FromTheSea - 5 måneder siden
Could you do Emma or Pride & Prejudice?
Abigail Amundsen
Abigail Amundsen - 5 måneder siden
Abuse does make you different than normal people. The hell makes you want to escape and you find ways to do that in some strange ways. I am able to see anyplace in 3D from only pictures. I can go anywhere that has a picture of it.
Rip T
Rip T - 6 måneder siden
6:10 that 'k-pop' jumpscared me more than anything in this movie.
I like waffles
I like waffles - 6 måneder siden
I don't really like split because it is making a mental disorder that was caused by childhood trauma seem like something that would make a person dangerous
TheLararms09 - 6 måneder siden
I have watched this video I don’t even know how many times, and I keep coming back. This is just one of my favorite videos that you’ve done.
Juanfra Reggiardo
Juanfra Reggiardo - 6 måneder siden
I think this movie is just shit, creates nothing but stigma and misinformation about DID, but Jame's performance wasn't that bad
Atthalla Aufa Kresnaputra
Atthalla Aufa Kresnaputra - 6 måneder siden
Shit happen. thats life kids
Somebody call the Whambulence
Somebody call the Whambulence - 6 måneder siden
It was also really upsetting to the DID community though...
Jordahn Brunson
Jordahn Brunson - 6 måneder siden
You should fo Trance. Like REALLYYYYYY.
Bonnie James
Bonnie James - 6 måneder siden
Wait can someone explain why the uncle gives caseys dad a beer ?
Jack Smith
Jack Smith - 6 måneder siden
Do the hobbit trilogy
nickle playz
nickle playz - 6 måneder siden
Post hurricane irma ny family had 2 hotels paid by fema and in the first hotel (October) there this like red box in publix when you can rent or buy movies or video games every day of october we would watch a new scary movie and we ended up watching split and i loved it (i was in 4th grade at the time)
LittleCuddlefish - 6 måneder siden
The acting and movie as a whole is really good! But seeing D.I.D portrayed in a demonizing manner is scary and frankly extremely frustrating because a lot of people don't know how to separate reality from fiction and become fearful and judgmental of real people with it.
Heather_Anne - 6 måneder siden
This is a well made film and fantastic actors I enjoyed it massively but now having done more research this film was extremely damaging for people who suffer with DID and villanised a mental illness which is formed by repeated abuse and trauma.
Let me clear some things up for people:
There is very commonly a main host in a system (a person who has did) Barry is the main host of the system since Kevin holds so much trauma he doesn't front because he can't cope with the trauma and doesn't want to harm the system.
Yes DID alters can converse and don't always converse perfectly
They can have different accents and genders and races they are completely different people.
They're not personalities they are alter they are their own people.
It is extreamy extreamy unlikely that people with DID are violent and bad since they've held so much trauma (prosecutors may be protective of their systems and try to push people away from people)
Yes, people with DID can have non human alters these are normally formed in childhood for example if a child goes through such trauma they fantasize over and over again about being something so there can be fairy alters to fly around, there can be ghost alters or dead alters where a child or adult thinks they have died or feel dead so a new alter splits off as a dead alter.
Alters can be beasts but they don't have super human ability's, it's not possible since they are human and humans aren't villans or monsters it's not possible.
This film was extremely harmful to people who suffer from did and made it something people made fun of and fear and caused actual trauma for people have did. It triggered people with did seeing such violent charecters overall is extremely trigger and causes issues and new alters to appear to try and cope with this.
So yeah, this really isn't a Great film in in those terms don't send hate I'm just informing try and check out dissociadids Chanel they are a system with did and extreamy informative and amazing look at this video.
clayton duckett
clayton duckett - 6 måneder siden
Too bad shamalalan drooped the ball with glass.
Shannon Swartz
Shannon Swartz - 6 måneder siden
*"The broken are the more evolved.."* Definitely cathartic and _not_ exploitative in my case...this scene actually uplifted me after I saw it for the first time...I remember sobbing and re-watching several times. I felt (and sometimes still do) almost inhuman after a truly traumatic event changed my life. But sometimes you hear something, or see something and you feel "put together" again. Whether or not it's fantasy, or meaningless words to the rest, I thought this interpretation of "being touched" tethered me to the reality that I wasn't alone. Even if only for a fleeting moment.
Luke Newnum
Luke Newnum - 7 måneder siden
K - P O P!!!!!
getrekt - 7 måneder siden
Didn't see that coming 😂
Charlie Petersen
Charlie Petersen - 7 måneder siden
The only good thing about this movie was the acting. The movie itself is incredibly damaging and misguided
Madison scarlett
Madison scarlett - 7 måneder siden
I'm only going to say this simply because victims of abuse and people with mental disorders are constantly miss represented in Hollywood not all the time but most of the time
It is more likely for a victim for go back to their abusers than to become the abuser themselves
Also people with DID won't hurt you they are more likely to hurt themselves than someone else
If you would like to learn more about DID I highly recommend watching dissociadid, team pinata, bobo&co, and the entropy system 's youtube channels they are all people who live with DID on the daily and have dedicated themselves to destigmatizing DID and other disorders
Riley Hathaway
Riley Hathaway - 7 måneder siden
This movie is an extremely inaccurate portrayal of DID and is part of the reason that it is very hard for people with DID to get treatment. It reinforces the stigma around this disorder and entertains the idea that people with DID are dangerous. In reality there is no above average chance that these people are dangerous, they are simply survivors of abuse there are no “evil” alters
one poor simsie
one poor simsie - 7 måneder siden
Bigby Wolf
Bigby Wolf - 7 måneder siden
You dirty dog!
Dana Ondráčková
Dana Ondráčková - 7 måneder siden
I know that that the DID person is dangerous, crazy and some of his sides are really bad, but if the girls just behaved, they probably survived longer to see help. Just sayin. Also I know they are scared, but running from that lady in the kitchen is just rude. She acted so nice (even tho she probably ment it evil, food is still food)
Grace Colley
Grace Colley - 7 måneder siden
i hear you like infamous 1 & 2 but do you like infamous second son? Because it is an AMAZING GAME and yes i am saying that i like a game that is not well loved ( from what i hear )
Geebo [will fIGHT YOU FOR AN APPLE] aka Sidney
Though it *can* send the wrong message about DID, its a _pretty good_ movie.
Luca Fordham
Luca Fordham - 7 måneder siden
bruh so much work went into this goddamn I wiah there was a superlike
Moggy Johnny
Moggy Johnny - 7 måneder siden
The whole "the broken are the more evolved" theme honestly irks me because it makes it feel like I'm being bundled up into just my trauma. I'm not just someone with trauma, I'm not the way I am because of my trauma and I don't want to be defined by my trauma. I would rather people knew me as that person who likes pokemon or the person who got too drunk at a party than the person who got assaulted.
Moggy Johnny
Moggy Johnny - 7 måneder siden
Side note: I do really enjoy split though, and I like caseys portrayal,, I just don't agree with the statement
Druid 896
Druid 896 - 7 måneder siden
As someone who grew up in a abusive home I can say the scene where Kevin let's the girl go made me feel relaxed but at the same time on edge i can tell the beast is a physical spawn of the amount of rage abuse survivors have that is something u can never understand unless u ur self have gone through that to see all that anger let go because someone understands is not only realistic but very dramatic the beast let's her go because she understands she has been through what he has there for she is not a arrogant snob that has never had to work for anything blind to the reality of the situation she is like him and actually gets it she can see the world for what it is and the beast is the literal incarnation of the "broken being more evolved"
and I love that 👑
Link - 7 måneder siden
Why is there a win and a sin video about this
librabaybiii - 7 måneder siden
Win counter #93 made me tear up every single time in this movie bc I’ve been thru everything in the book and for him to acknowledge it, it hit me and I was shocked like it was his sincere apology to me personally and that’s why this is one of the reasons why I love split so much
WowzaPigs - 7 måneder siden
Ableism and demonising people with DID. I know people with this disorder and movies like these make them viewed as scary by society when people with DID are far more likely to be the victims of violence than to commit it. This is a disorder formed around childhood due to persistent and horrible trauma, and these people are just trying to cope and move on with their lives, not murder people. If Split is your intro to DID, you owe it to people with this disorder to do some real research to understand them.
roonil. wazlib
roonil. wazlib - 7 måneder siden
*I want to become a psychologist someday and for some reason DID has always fascinated me. I love learning about it and hope that in the future a more positive light be be shed upon the disorder, as (like all mental illness) having DID does not make you a monster. ♥️ Nevertheless from what research I have done, I thought this was incredible and well thought out acting!!*
Wren Forest
Wren Forest - 7 måneder siden
Am I the only one who got this on their Recommended because they're interested in DID and how it works? Also, am I the only one who saw this, thought it'd be about DID and was prepared to be offended by incorrect content?
Wren Forest
Wren Forest - 5 måneder siden
@Cynical Gold Yeah, it's been awhile since I posted this comment , and I realize how weird that sounds. I'm gonna fix it.
Cynical Gold
Cynical Gold - 5 måneder siden
Im not diminishing anything you're saying at all, but its kinda weird to say you "love DID". Its like saying you love schizophrenia or something. You're probably extremely intrigued by it and genuinely interested in how it effects people, but to say you LOVE it, its a little weird. I hope i dont come off as rude, im really not trying to be. Just think its kinda weird to say you "love" it, ya know?
Wren Forest
Wren Forest - 7 måneder siden
I got farther in the video and, Thank you. Thank you for not saying the way DID is presented in this film is true. Thank you for saying that people with DID do not have a secret evil alter or superpowers. It means a lot to me, especially because I have 2 friends with DID.
FishMann - 7 måneder siden
5:27 her face isnt centred
It's a Mystery
It's a Mystery - 7 måneder siden
McAvoy is a fantastic actor no doubt, but there needs to also be an awareness that this ISN'T what Dissociate Identity Disorder is. In general is a movie that's well put together and is truly terrifying, but it puts a very negative stigma on a mental condition that already gets a bad rep. I encourage everyone to do more research on what DID really is, because it's rather fascinating and we can all benefit by educating ourselves to be more understanding of others.
HappyTime - 7 måneder siden
CinemaSins: wow this sucks
CinemaWins: hey! That’s rude >:(
CinemaSins: who cares it was bad anyway-
CinemaWins: wow I love this acting
CinemaWins: ;-; sry
TheMike0088 - 7 måneder siden
I said it once, I'll say it again: Split would be a very mediocre movie, but McAvoys performance carries it so much that I genuinely think its really, really solid. I can't say its a fantastic movie, simply because the script is a little meh at times, and the psych major in me has a few problems with the portrayal of DID, but its a really entertaining, well acted watch.
JoJo Schauman
JoJo Schauman - 7 måneder siden
To be clear: this is not an acute representation of did (dissociative identity disorder). First of all, did comes out of childhood trauma which means that thay are victims and there for are way less likely to be in the posission of an abuser, there is also no beast, obviously.
Elizabeth - 7 måneder siden
Split makes me pissed off. It’s about DID which is because of tramau between the ages 7 and 9. There is no ‘beast’. If you want to learn more you should check off dissociadid
Daan Henkelman
Daan Henkelman - 7 måneder siden
title scared me, but thank you so much for doing research and also showing people how well acted and detailed this movie was despite being not a great representation to those who don't understand mental health in movies. Great video!
T3R3PY_P1P3S - 7 måneder siden
For anyone interested in the real life aspects of DID I’d highly recommend DissociaDID. The whole channel is dedicated to debunking myths about the disorder and informing the public of what it’s actually like, coming straight from someone who has DID themselves. It’s amazing to see every alter in the system coming through in each video to the point where you can actually start to recognize which alter is fronting just from facial expression and voices.
Lane Porter
Lane Porter - 6 dager siden
@Ace Q noburn.info/id/video/02ycnb1haZ2kpKA.html noburn.info/id/video/02ycnb1haZ2kpKA.html
Ace Q
Ace Q - 6 dager siden
@Lane Porter Huh
Lane Porter
Lane Porter - 6 dager siden
@Ace Q yeah, her fiancé drew child pornagraphy of her minor alters and online she acted shocked and distraught but it leaked behind doors she still supported them and accepted what they did
Ace Q
Ace Q - 7 dager siden
@Lane Porter She’s problematic?
Lane Porter
Lane Porter - 7 dager siden
So just so your aware disocidid is a great information well but shes a very problematic person Edit: spelling
Alex Converse
Alex Converse - 7 måneder siden
if you want to learn about DID watch dissociaDID on youtube
Rin Molton
Rin Molton - 7 måneder siden
Isn't this one of the movies that has a bad representation of DID?
TarantulaRex - 7 måneder siden
Ok so I’ve never seen this movie before and I love this genre/style of movies but everyone was telling me it was so bad. Maybe I should stop listening to people
Cedric L. Marquard
Cedric L. Marquard - 8 måneder siden
Hey, there's a way out of your trauma... doesn't represent all of the trouble they go through. There's no escaping your trauma... no that's to dark? Sometimes I'm a bit confused, someone enlighten me if i got it wrong
SLIME STREET - 8 måneder siden
Am I the only one who doesn't understand the movie? 💯😂pls explain it to me.
Nicholas Ziemba
Nicholas Ziemba - 8 måneder siden
Ok, kind of a nitpick I guess? I think The Last Airbender would have done much better if it hadn't already been an award winning tv show with amazing characters, a well thought out story, beautiful animation, and some honestly very adult themes and messages.

I recently re-watched the series (and showed it to my gf for the first time. She loved it) and it's still amazing.
The first, largest, and major issue with the movie is it is a watered-down, incorrect, bad version of the show. They mispronounced the names for goodness' sake!
Señor Alastor
Señor Alastor - 8 måneder siden
It's now two times already of me seeing Casey's uncle actor as a fucking shitty horrible hateful character, here and as Piscatella from Orange is the New Black ):<
(Hating the characters, not the actor.)
Dallis Murphy
Dallis Murphy - 8 måneder siden
At the risk of giving away my age, Sybil had such a huge impression on me, I was very ready to go down this road. Plus my suspension of disbelief is fairly easily bought when couched in a good story. On top of that, having loved McAvoy from Shameless didn't hurt.
homcidal lui
homcidal lui - 8 måneder siden
Friendly reminder that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde were not different personalities, they were the same person..
•bloop •
•bloop • - 8 måneder siden
Also I LOVE the fact he has a little (an alter that represents a child usually from ages 2-8) and that it just shows how average it is for the alters to swap from how normal it seems for the little to talk to people
•bloop •
•bloop • - 8 måneder siden
I think that the inly thing that bugged me was That the alters were his protective alters where they either fight, harm, prevent trauma for his sake. I think the only thing that bugged me was from people’s lack of knowledge they deemed him and many others crazy and aggressive which is not the case unless you are like him and never got proper help for it.