Everything GREAT About Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse!

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Spider-Verse! Probably the prettiest movie made last year, potentially one of the prettiest ever. One that got great reviews but not as many people as you'd expect went out to see it. Here's why you should definitely go see the next one in theatres! Everything right with Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse!
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Outro Music: "Rise of the Heroes" by Jon Wright
Film og animasjon
Runtime: 25:53


CinemaWins - År siden
Two animated movies in a row!? I know, not everyone's favorite, but I had to bump this week's movie back a few weeks, so you got this! Strangely this became far and above the #1 request after last week, so hopefully you're all hyped! But that other one is still coming, promise!
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown - Dag siden
This movie was made by actual fans. Like sicne its animated the studio left most creative control to the head writers and animators.
Ryan Haggerty
Ryan Haggerty - 11 dager siden
Hey um one thing on this video and on alot of vids similar to it the graffiti where miles is with his uncle the graffiti says "no expectations" the no is small and like right above the first E in expectations so I just wanted to say something cause it just kinda bothers me I missed it too b4 I noticed it on like my 3rd or 4th re-watch
TTV_M1NK51 _
TTV_M1NK51 _ - 13 dager siden
It wasn’t his first day lol
JOHN MURCOTT - 15 dager siden
gwen is slightly depressed so the colors are blurred
Golden910 Spark
Golden910 Spark - 23 dager siden
Idk if anyone told you yet but Google actually started as a company called backrub
Eddie Castillo
Eddie Castillo - Time siden
15:51 when he called him Ghost Rider tho lol I wad laughing so hard😂
GreenStrqfe - 9 timer siden
yeah but what the fuck is Peni?????
put that bitch in a medbay
CorilX - 12 timer siden
On 14:01, I felt like it was a 9/11 reference. With the falling man picture and the scene are both similar expect the scene‘s camera is upside down.
Leah Rachel
Leah Rachel - 16 timer siden
10:11 JFK and Abe. hehe
milchen fox
milchen fox - 18 timer siden
Im writing a study about this films art style right now as a final exam and im almost done. Made me enjoy this video on an even higher level.
Damn bruv
Damn bruv - 22 timer siden
"I'm not pointing I'm pointing at your pointing which is different from normal pointing"

Finally I have some motivation in not killing nyself
RomaxioTheFNaFfan :D
RomaxioTheFNaFfan :D - Dag siden
Ryan Forrest
Ryan Forrest - Dag siden
10:12 off brand chance the rapper
#Kudos to toes# UwU
#Kudos to toes# UwU - Dag siden
I have a serious question that may be stupid but are cinema wins and cinema fail the same people or different just friends i really want to know
RAPHAEL GIL - Dag siden
Everything great about spider verse: *everything*
RapidRotation - Dag siden
I really do think this is one of the best movies to come out from 2010-2020. The decade had a lot of greats, but especially towards the end had a lot of mediocrity as well. Spider Verse was a phenomenal labor of love and I'm glad it succeeded, just hope it doesn't end up a one-hit wonder.
Ms. Unbelievable
Ms. Unbelievable - Dag siden
I love this movie because of the message it tells us, it Inspires me.
Gru - Dag siden
me waiting for the second movie lol
Camila Martinez
Camila Martinez - Dag siden
DivideByZero - Dag siden
Me and my friend recently watched this movie, his first watch, and he agrees that it takes a little to get used to the way its animated
sir_ bruh
sir_ bruh - Dag siden
Venom should be in spider verse 2 ? 😵
blue Two
blue Two - 2 dager siden
This movie is clearly an apology by Sony Animation for The Emoji Movie, The Star, Hotel Transylvania 3, The Angry Birds Movie and The Smurfs. The reasons those were bad was because they we're saving their effort for this.
GBR - Dag siden
I thought Hotel Transylvania 3 was good
B3autiful Mind
B3autiful Mind - 2 dager siden
Yo clone high cameo 😂
camsandwich - 2 dager siden
did anyone else see "clone college" at 10:11? lmao
Bobby Gould
Bobby Gould - 2 dager siden
Into the spider verse is 100% way better than the mcu spider-man movies.
Zaman Mahmud
Zaman Mahmud - 2 dager siden
first time i saw that 6:10 i thought it was the ultimate nullifier
Useless puddle of Sadness
Useless puddle of Sadness - 2 dager siden
I am rarely exited for sequels, (Mostly Cuz There Usually Not As Good.) but this movie got me hyped. I can't wait! The DEFINITE Gwen and Miles relationship, that absolutely fantastic animation/art style, and our favorite Burnt-Out Boy, I'm ecstatic!
Infinite Power 2.0
Infinite Power 2.0 - 3 dager siden
Dude 10:11 Clone High reference in the background with ya boy JFK
That One Dude
That One Dude - 3 dager siden
Anybody know that the bagel is for a meme?
Jose Gutierrez
Jose Gutierrez - 3 dager siden
I watched it like seven times
Jose Gutierrez
Jose Gutierrez - 3 dager siden
The video is so good
Idk_Outcast_ - 3 dager siden
I'm glad someone else noticed they were two tones not Ben Day dots
Stranger Boi101
Stranger Boi101 - 3 dager siden
Lets just all agree that this movie is perfect
David McLeod
David McLeod - 3 dager siden
God, I love the transition in the scene where “Liv” goes from being a nerdy scientist to a real threat. The way even Miles stops and turns to look at her when Peter asks, “Can I assume your friends call you Doc Ock?”
This movie was far better than it had any right being!
Wow Some dogs
Wow Some dogs - 3 dager siden
fun fact: stan lee dies on my bday. November 12th...
Erika-Paige Hutch
Erika-Paige Hutch - 4 dager siden
I'm still obsessed with this movie 2 years after it came out, and i will continue to be obsessed forever!
burntpaws - 4 dager siden
the artist appreciation in this video made me so happy
HappyMcDull -
HappyMcDull - - 4 dager siden
Bro, the fact that in 10:11, you didn’t point out the Clone High reboot for them being in college, behind Gwen, makes me sad
Platypuff - 4 dager siden
God this channel is so unoriginal and had to copy every single thing about CinemaSins even down to the voice because they can't create their own style.
OWEN TABER - 4 dager siden
I hope this is sarcastic lol
Thediamondswordpick - 4 dager siden
selecting a bagel
Luis Alberto
Luis Alberto - 4 dager siden
Everything Great About Spiderman Into The Spiderverse;
The movie
Patrik Järvine
Patrik Järvine - 4 dager siden
How the hell did the same studio that made this movie, also made the EMOJI MOVIE?!?
Peter Di Battista
Peter Di Battista - 5 dager siden
In the leap of faith scene, he jumps over the trust us bank. Fun detail. Edit: rewatched it and in the scene where he doesn’t jump the trust us bank is there too.
Deadpool - 5 dager siden
I know someone probably already said this but that LOOK OUT is part of the 1960’s theme because spider man shows in next scene
K.A. Art
K.A. Art - 5 dager siden
Miles is the same age as me, and is my favorite hero. He inspires me and I can relate to him on almost every level, I seriously can’t explain how much Miles inspires me everyday to keep pushing even when life is hard
Andrew Murphy
Andrew Murphy - 5 dager siden
Anyone notice the fact that the black spider suit from far from home was in there
Scott Jongekrijg
Scott Jongekrijg - 5 dager siden
The look out is actually foreshadowing Peter showing up because it completes the theme song "look out, here comes the spider-man" also the prowler sound is mile's theme slowed and backwords
Jarrod Tan
Jarrod Tan - 5 dager siden
14:14 TRUST US BANK on building at x0.25 speed
sagar mehta
sagar mehta - 5 dager siden
SJ THE BRAINIAC - 5 dager siden
18:10 ps4 spiderman suit wtf, I never noticed that before, forget it i love this movie, its the best thing that ever happened to spiderman after insomniac
Professor A
Professor A - 5 dager siden
I just saw the clone collage easter egg at 10:10 oh god
Cuong Mai
Cuong Mai - 6 dager siden
I just love Peter's reaction when Doc Oct got hit by a bus.
JakeHenry Gaming
JakeHenry Gaming - 6 dager siden
-Art style
Rhy Kelly
Rhy Kelly - 6 dager siden
8:15 it also is the reason why Peter b Parker was not paying for food
The Wanderer
The Wanderer - 6 dager siden
**angry anime robot body part slap and angry anime face is wholesome**
The Wanderer
The Wanderer - 6 dager siden
**Angry anime face +bonus annoyed slap**
Zer0 - 6 dager siden
Honestly this may have been my favorite movie in the last 5 years. The level of detail and animation was just immense. Not a single moment was boring, and for comic fans having obscure characters like Penni Parker and Spider-Man Noir was such good fan service.
Katherina Karamaliki
Katherina Karamaliki - 6 dager siden
Plus 10 points for the soundtrack
Tim Edwards
Tim Edwards - 7 dager siden
I am surprised that you didn't give a win to the spot in the score when Miles finally becomes spider man and they play not only the spider theme but also the Prowler "Elephant." Which is kind of a nod to the fact that his uncles death is a part of what made him Spiderman.
Hoodie _ Comics _ YT
Hoodie _ Comics _ YT - 7 dager siden
Peni is my favourite out of the spider squad because I'm an absolute weeb :'D
Rjun Ks
Rjun Ks - 7 dager siden
Am in the moment...ahhh it's a terrible moment 🤦🤣🤣
TeleportBread - 7 dager siden
10:10 Look in the background.
Cyan crewmate
Cyan crewmate - 7 dager siden
Les go bous 200 wins
Lady Onikara
Lady Onikara - 7 dager siden
It's pretty good that this guy has done Win videos for SO MANY Spider-Man movies, despite having arachnophobia. That's a great way to face your fears.
Nyxira - 7 dager siden
A great indicator of how powerful everything about this movie is, is how you get chills even just from the brief clips of audio and visual being used throughout this video talking about it.
Franklin-Xavier Batres-Tenorio
I don,t know why, but i have some issus with this film
The Warmonger
The Warmonger - 8 dager siden
ive watched the movie but only now i notice that theres clone high in one of the scenes...
diz - 8 dager siden
Did nobody see clone high in the background?

( really. )
WaterDoesStuff - 8 dager siden
I'm sad you didn't point out two of my favorite parts, When Peter B throws the monitors and the clone high reference.
HaydenMize3 - 8 dager siden
3:26 I hate the guy sitting in front of Gwen and you see him everywhere. I hate his smile
SwellerWriter 14
SwellerWriter 14 - 8 dager siden
I know this was I while back, but when Peter B. Parker says I don’t know why this place closed down, it was also because it was the spider themed restaurant he owned
huh? ?
huh? ? - 8 dager siden
10:11 HAHAHAHA nothing bad ever happens to the kennedys AAA(pause and look at the digital bill boards)
NadaMusic - 8 dager siden
Every frame of this movie is dripping with art. The Spider-Man color palette is red-blue, whereas the Prowler color palette is green-purple. In that one moment, the movie shows you how, if he hadn't met Spider-Man(Peter Parker), then he would've become like his uncle(The Prowler). But by meeting Spider-Man, he pushes his path onto the Spider-Man's journey.
Roni BVR
Roni BVR - 8 dager siden
I gotta be honest spider-man into the spider-verse is one of the best movies and also one of my fav ones I cant wait for the next movie since it was teased, it was a really good movie I felt lots of emotions and it was soo good 100% one of the best movies
ZandalarTHESTAR Studios
ZandalarTHESTAR Studios - 9 dager siden
Well you are doing everything bad and good with spider-man into the spider-verse.
Ficção Animada
Ficção Animada - 9 dager siden
I searched “mostly popular video ever” in CinemaWins and this is happened:

Everything GREAT about SpiderMan: Into Spider-Verse
( I love Spider-Verse and my favorite scene is “Leap of Faith”! )
ShardOfKingdoms - 9 dager siden
This is the movie that made me love miles almost more then Peter
coolcatloki - 9 dager siden
My 2 favorite movies:
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
The art in these movies are INSANELY amazing.
Divonte Williams
Divonte Williams - 9 dager siden
I'd like to thank this video for helping me on my Movie review assignment
TheNerdiac - 9 dager siden
This probably my favourite movie
Gage - 9 dager siden
I dont care what anyone says but the prowler theme when miles finds out the true identity of the prowler sends chills down my spine everytime I hear it
Jules Winnfield
Jules Winnfield - 9 dager siden
This ain't Spiderman! It's an impostor.
All this blackwashing is deeply racist and needs to stop!
friday night seance
friday night seance - 10 dager siden
Kinda wished he saw this but the spider that bites Miles in the subway has a 42 on its rear, which is also the number of the lottery ball Miles drew so he could attend his new school. New beginnings in more ways than one.
a cuzoo
a cuzoo - 10 dager siden
Devonimp - 10 dager siden
Just one thing I wanna point out...
That bit where Gwen says 'And you defiately didn't.' to Peter B. while Miles does all the impressive moving about...
There's such a sense of casual familiarity behind it, something she's generally had difficutly with. A moment where we are again reminded she and Peter Parker were best friends. I can't help but get the feeling she sort of loses herself in being around her best friend again, and forgets its a different Peter.
Zara Shahab
Zara Shahab - 10 dager siden
the guy miles talkes to at spidermans funeral was tobey magurie i think
Darsha Naone
Darsha Naone - 10 dager siden
I love this movie!
Johnathan Baley
Johnathan Baley - 10 dager siden
Can I add that, when Spider Noir says, "this is a pretty hardcore origin story," even the robot/spider is mad at him?
Michael Haney
Michael Haney - 10 dager siden
This movie is why I think a Static Shock movie would be awesome.
Maxime Brice
Maxime Brice - 11 dager siden
And that is why this is my favorite movie ever.
Steven Quartz Universe
Steven Quartz Universe - 11 dager siden
This movies theme is just to be yourself. Like when Peter says in the trailer: "Don't do it like me, do it like you" And thats exactly what Miles did. Its a good thing he didn't worry about copying spiderman like in the comics. I give this movie a 100/10 for being such amazing introduction to Miles. Everyone almost forgot about this character. Im so happy they made this movie and I believe it deserved its apology from the emoji movie and it deserves it's oscar. Nice job Sony Animations.
No names for you. I hate names.
Matthew Martez
Matthew Martez - 11 dager siden
You sound like Ryan Reynolds here 1:10
Philippa Cook
Philippa Cook - 11 dager siden
ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ᴏʀ ᴅᴏᴡɴʟᴏᴀᴅ ɴᴏᴡ

I lo stati di salute
rispettivi prevenirlii
I lo stati di salute rispettivi prevenirlii
Chipotle Siblings
Chipotle Siblings - 11 dager siden
isaac january
isaac january - 11 dager siden
I need a new miles morales live action with this type of backstory
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams - 11 dager siden
I’m doctor Olivia Octavius * takes off glasses * BOO IM A SUPER VILLAIN
Aatsau - 11 dager siden
The original spiderman movie is still the best that exists. peterparker
TheKazragore - 11 dager siden
Are we all just going to ignore the fact that OG Spider-Man was Chris Pine? What happened to Chris Pine always being a win? :O
Nadan Frenkiel
Nadan Frenkiel - 11 dager siden
13:05 spider click....
Click (Australian creator group) reference?
عبد العزيز المزروع
10:10 clone college LOL
Samteckor - 12 dager siden
1:11 Me too.
Wolfgang - 12 dager siden
So it was suppose to say December 2 2018 weird that’s the day of my birthday
Speak Evanese
Speak Evanese - 12 dager siden
At first I though this said everything wrong with spiderman into the spider verse and I got a little angry but then I realized it was everything great
Red Sus
Red Sus - 12 dager siden
Ngl this movie kinda teaches you to never give up and do your best