Everything GREAT About Spider-Man: Far From Home!

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Far From Home! Definitely the best Spider-Man movie to come out this year. More people had problems with it than I knew, but what are you gonna do, make a video about it? Here's everything right with Spider-Man: Far From Home!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 25:54


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Jarett Smith
Jarett Smith - 5 måneder siden
Jarett Smith
Jarett Smith - 5 måneder siden
Jonathan Stone
Jonathan Stone - 6 måneder siden
18:47 except* 😂
Spider verse_trio Hill
Spider verse_trio Hill - 7 måneder siden
I just thought...if Star Wars does exists in this universe, then there IS a Samuel L Jackson in this world who played Mace👀
Lea 20093
Lea 20093 - 7 måneder siden
Yes, Spider-Man would translate to "Spinnen-Mann", but no one calls him that, we still call him Spiderman. Please do never speak German ever again. My German ears bled because of that. (Or try it a bunch of times, so you will know how to pronounce it.)
Lotadot - 7 timer siden
I would love to play a mcu character or dc if it’s dc it has to be one of Batman’s many adopted kids
boo _
boo _ - 8 timer siden
this is sarcasm right? or i just dirty minded and took it as a sex joke......
Free Phoenix129
Free Phoenix129 - 14 timer siden
I don’t know if *that* was the webshooter Peter was talking about....
Falcoz - 23 timer siden
That thing Peter said was kinda a reference to what aunt may said at the end of homecoming
Eduardo Torres
Eduardo Torres - Dag siden
Is the sucking guy dead or not in the comments they do the same thing
Sir Monday
Sir Monday - Dag siden
I don´t want to be picky but it´s "Spinnen-Mann" in litteral translaition. Amazing Video tho. love it
Jake Griff
Jake Griff - Dag siden
Cinema wins:do you think the tahiti reference was just for fun?
Me:it's a magical place
If ya know ya know
Carlos Garlington
Carlos Garlington - Dag siden
Lol “thee ol’ web shooter” is actually Parker’s (insert cough, 👀 and silence) ...why Fury cuts him off immediately after he shares and why Peter grabs his nether region 😂
Hugo J.
Hugo J. - 2 dager siden
I love this Mysterio when I first watched this movie I really taught he was a hero he really manipulated me!
John Mendoza
John Mendoza - 2 dager siden
This movie sucked, no development at all, iron man caused and solved the problem from start to finish
Victor Cedervall
Victor Cedervall - 3 dager siden
How could you not win the Iron Man music when Pete is creating his suit???????
Mars - 3 dager siden
19:11 is that wakanda or space? I never saw the credit shots in the actual movie
Spark - 4 dager siden
When this contract for spidey in mcu ends, if he dies, i want a wholesome ending where peter goes to heaven, and sees Tony there, just waiting for him, that'd be so nice and wholesome 💜💜 anyone else want that or is it just me?
Dumsboo - 4 dager siden
I’m not exactly sure but I’m pretty sure Spider-Man’s spidey sense does not activate when friends or family are the stimuli, with a few discrepancies. That’s why I think Mysterious at the beginning does not trigger the sense due to the reason that Spider-Man thinks of him as a friend.
saiyan rage Z
saiyan rage Z - 4 dager siden
16:21 this goes out to spidey verse comic fans

Remeber Assassin spider/ spider man

I always think this I'd a reference
Taylor Salim
Taylor Salim - 5 dager siden
The ending felt the exact same as homecoming
PUGZ DTR - 5 dager siden
Is Samuel l Jackson a star wars reference
Funny Mann
Funny Mann - 7 dager siden
Alka Saxena
Alka Saxena - 8 dager siden
19:10 anyone else feels like this is the simulation from T.A.H.I.T.I (Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D)
Evan Stewart
Evan Stewart - 9 dager siden
10:50: speaking of Jordan Belford, any chance you would do Everything Great About The Wolf of Wall Street?
Semi-Quickkill 774
Semi-Quickkill 774 - 9 dager siden
when he said a little tight around the webshooter i thought that meant something ALOOOOOT diffrent
Wontontwo Gamer
Wontontwo Gamer - 10 dager siden
This video is proof that Gravity will keep Falling.
DD Chittick
DD Chittick - 10 dager siden
I agree Tom Holland definitely got A-Game.
DD Chittick
DD Chittick - 10 dager siden
BEST Spidey & Spider-Man Film EVER!
Zoomy Animation
Zoomy Animation - 4 dager siden
It’s one of my favorite movies
Miniboy2327 YT
Miniboy2327 YT - 11 dager siden
This was one of the best Spider-man movie I have seen out of all of them.
Justin de Monkey
Justin de Monkey - 11 dager siden
Mr. Doctor; it's Strange; who am I to judge
Greenie - 11 dager siden
The whole premise of this movie is like megamind
Aquatikz - 12 dager siden
Me watching this while learning Pythagorean Thereom in school
0910yoram - 12 dager siden
A win u missed tbh: in the jail scene in The Netherlands, the jail mates where dutch actors
fortwars starnite
fortwars starnite - 12 dager siden
him: ... AND THAT CAPE

Asad Chishti
Asad Chishti - 12 dager siden
14:37 he will be a perfect miles morales uncle
wolf wing
wolf wing - 12 dager siden
for all this movie's great wins, it of course has one massive FU fail, ...we never find out exactly what happened when aunt may found out he was spiderman, I really was hoping for maybe a flashback in this movie even if it was just, "Good thing I didn't freak out when I found out." then show it or something.
wolf wing
wolf wing - 12 dager siden
actually I thought talos getting angry at spiderman mentioning captain marvel was a subtle point to who he was, since she saved his race they would idolize her :>
Simoniac Stream39
Simoniac Stream39 - 12 dager siden
Ayden Grabow
Ayden Grabow - 13 dager siden
I have been bothered by the mic in the first scene so much
Enochlo - 13 dager siden
How to execute "Failing Peter Tingle" better:
Peter detects danger, turns towards it, his eyes find nothing, so he dismisses it by shaking his head and is then immediately be hit by the unexpected attack.
TIAN HAPPY BRICK WORLD - 14 dager siden
Okey Bro i like your most of your arguments but mj and Peter have no chemistry at all the last thing on that relation Is the word organic, everything fills so force
markelle cadayday
markelle cadayday - 14 dager siden
i like how they included bucky in the touching video.
Bill cipher
Bill cipher - 15 dager siden
Mistreo is the new iron man he has a cool suit he looks after peter he jokes
Jack Clemens Fishing
Jack Clemens Fishing - 15 dager siden
I think you miss understood the “web shooter” reference
LMSPetRescue - 16 dager siden
This sounds horrible but I almost don’t like this movie because of how much I hated Mysterio the first time he came on screen. I never thought I’d hate a character more than I hated Umbridge, but oh boy I do. Umbridge I understood because we’ve all had an assholic, sadistic teacher like her. But Mysterio, he doesn’t make the kids hate him instantly....he makes them want to trust him, to confide in him and rely on. He reminded me of a Bill Cosby from the beginning (Mysterio the character not the Jake Gillinhal he’s great) someone trying too hard to be loved and trust worthy and for some reason I picked up on it at the beginning. Trying to be Iron Man level to be trusted.
SuperCloud Star
SuperCloud Star - 16 dager siden
Wait how did he even get the drones in the first place
existenceisrelative - 16 dager siden
Why the eight-legged-fuck do people not like this movie? It ties with spider-verse for the best spiderman since the 90's cartoon.
redstone craft guy
redstone craft guy - 16 dager siden
18:22 no one can complain about except cinemasins.
Magma Fang
Magma Fang - 17 dager siden
I'm more interested about businesses after the unsnap with about the owners of the buisnesses
Noli Alo
Noli Alo - 17 dager siden
TheGamingGinja - 18 dager siden
Since happy knew nick was actually talos, it makes sense that he said he's scared to speak to him
Chamelea - 18 dager siden
Seriously, I liked the other Spidermans, but Tom Holland is my favorite. He does literally 95% of his own stunts, his chemistry with the other cast members is incredible, and he's such a relatable Spiderman even though we aren't necessarily superheros ourselves. He's understandable, and I love that so much. The movies he's in make me laugh, they make me cry, they make me angry, they make me cringe, and they make me smile. Everyone does such an amazing job!
Spectacular Ultimate Spider-Man
Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio was Awesome
LforLight - 18 dager siden
The ending? Stakes, changing things? There were multiple eye witnesses with cellphone cameras in London, seeing the illusion break. Release that footage, release the full voice recording EDITH probably has of "execute them all" to give the cancellation protocols context, and they're done, crisis averted. There is so little tension there I cannot believe they could justify letting it affect anything.
Niels Veeneman
Niels Veeneman - 18 dager siden
I liked this movie so mutch. I think its becouse I am dutch and I understand what the say.
Multishock 5
Multishock 5 - 19 dager siden
5:58 yeah why is he using me as magic
TheVergile - 19 dager siden
My biggest regret is that we will never see a „good Mysterio“.
They sold him so well id be totally up for 3 solo movies and a few avenger/spider man tie ins
Chris Foster
Chris Foster - 20 dager siden
Jonah Brake
Jonah Brake - 20 dager siden
The point of spider sense is that it doesn’t alert him of things/people he trusts like aunt may or when he built trust up with mysterio before he first turns on peter
pen meets pad
pen meets pad - 21 dag siden
I wish they can get his iron spider suit back cause I love it
Joe Schmuckatelli
Joe Schmuckatelli - 21 dag siden
I love that the Stark Jet is literally just a scaled up transport version of the F-35B JSF
M. Chedderbeef
M. Chedderbeef - 21 dag siden
I genuinely don't understand the development of Peter and Tony's..."relationship" in these movies. Tony blackmailed him into fighting the avengers, gave him a suit, took it away, gave him an even better suit, then Peter died in Tony's arms, came back, and then cries when Tony dies. We get lines in the movie like "Tony CHOSE you" and when EDITH says that Tony loved his acronyms, Peter responds with "Yeah...yeah, he did." Like they had been best friends for years. I really just don't get it. I understand how he may admire Tony as a hero, but people make it out as if they had this long-running father/son relationship. The whole point of _Homecoming_ was that Peter needed to stay on the ground and quit trying to be Iron Man and just be Spider-man. Then in _Far From Home_ he needs to...quit trying to be Iron Man, and be Spider-Man, and then he makes a suit using Iron Man's tech while blasting ACDC. He's just Iron Man jr. I also really dislike how overdone the "your aunt is hot" joke is. It was funny at first but now it's just weird, and both of Peter's villains are created because of Tony. This Peter just does not feel like Peter to me. He's an over priveliged little kid who has had everything handed to him. I have nothing against Tom, I thought he was PERFECT in Civil War, but after _Homecoming_ and _Far From Home_ I really have no interest in his movies unless they actually do something bold, like a live-action Spider-verse or bringing Daredevil into the MCU. I don't want to dislike Spider-man but his movies feel like Spider-man in name only.
Charles Kinsey
Charles Kinsey - 21 dag siden
Long term fans of Spiderman knew mystrio was evil.
Zoomy Animation
Zoomy Animation - 4 dager siden
I’m 14 and i knew he was evil
timm williams
timm williams - 21 dag siden
Is it weird that the memorial video, has a picture of the avengers, sans Spiderman? I would think the school in Queens, where Spiderman is from, would ensure he was in the picture. Even if they didn't know he was a student there, it would make sense to honor him with his team, before some of the others that made it into the picture.
Harun Alabsi
Harun Alabsi - 22 dager siden
And MCU Peter Parker is just 😕Miles Morales but with extra steps(development) . love the MCU not this spidey 😕
Harun Alabsi
Harun Alabsi - 22 dager siden
it just felt like they wanted to keep building a “brand” rather than build a character.
Harun Alabsi
Harun Alabsi - 22 dager siden
the biggest issue is that the supporting characters are mostly there for comedic purposes. What made the Raimi series so good was that every single character was super developed, even MJ. The interactions between all these characters is what created the drama. Also, I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the fact that in Far From Home when Peter was stuck in the Netherlands during his lowest point, all he had to do was make a phone call to Happy. He had to make a SINGLE PHONE CALL to get out of the situation he was in. It would have been much better to have him get out of that situation himself and see him develop into the real hero he's supposed to be.
Steege - 22 dager siden
The great thing: it's made for kids that why they enjoy it
The awful thing: it's not a spiderman film it's a robbery of spiderman fans feelings
Robl0x GamEr
Robl0x GamEr - 23 dager siden
Spiderman in the MCU was the greatest thing in cinematic history, and is the best Spiderman, don't @ me
FalconGames - 23 dager siden
i feel like what people forget when it comes to each spiderman movie series is that its each a different version of peter telling its own unique story
Lois Wilkes
Lois Wilkes - 23 dager siden
I have a science teacher called mister strange he didn't get his PhD he failed it
Eddie Kalista
Eddie Kalista - 24 dager siden
I’m gonna call one you missed. When Peter gets in the car and is struggling with the seatbelt, it’s probably because it’s actually a crappy car that they illusioned into looking like something Fury would drive.
It makes more sense that they boosted some beater car than had a luxury car on hand.
Ralexcraft - 24 dager siden
"Does anyone have a plan"
Me: Athena always has a plan
Peter:I have a plan
RiZe Flare
RiZe Flare - 24 dager siden
Ben - 24 dager siden
Spider-Man will always be my favorite hero and I love this movie
Lucca Dorighetto Venturini
Lucca Dorighetto Venturini - 25 dager siden
8:25 not the web shooter he has talking about
Paul Cullmann
Paul Cullmann - 25 dager siden
Es ist spinnen mann
The Goldenbro
The Goldenbro - 25 dager siden
But as soon as they said Mysterio we all knew the twist
Toby Teng
Toby Teng - 26 dager siden
5:40 so starwars is now jojo
MAURICES CHANNEL - 27 dager siden
Just to be clear the directors confirmed that smart hulk made sure that when he snapped everyone returned back safely.
Lena Wenger
Lena Wenger - 27 dager siden
Spiderman would be Spinnenmann in German if someone would translate it word for word.
K P - 27 dager siden
If someone cares, in the German dub, Mysterio has the same voice actor as Spider-Man in Raimi's trilogy.
Seblmanebl - 27 dager siden
The funny thing is
Back then in idk 1975 „Spider-Man“ was called „Die Spinne“ in Germany. But now it’s Spider-Man like everywhere else.
Guenivere - 28 dager siden
If anyone called JJ at the end it was Matpat. Watch his first Spiderman Ps4 video
Matthew - 28 dager siden
I like the positive takes on movies. It’s a refreshing break from all the negative criticisms people always throw out there.
Christopher Cook
Christopher Cook - 29 dager siden
Love the Rick and Morty Reference!
Jerry Nyamekye
Jerry Nyamekye - 29 dager siden
Did anyone notice that the water element looks like rocket racoon 4:48
Sophie O'Connell
Sophie O'Connell - Måned siden
I love Tom Holland sm 😂😍
Bria Nelson
Bria Nelson - Måned siden
Peter never got that vacation but did get some more trauma
Not Gators9140
Not Gators9140 - Måned siden
The reason i love this movie is because of Mysterio. Not only is her one if my favorite villains in all media, but how they portray him in the MCU makes him so much better. They make him look like a hero with legit powers in advertisements (another layer of deception.) But than his true colors show. Love it.
Stan Stockton
Stan Stockton - Måned siden
To the folks complaining about fury's personality, watch captain marvel again and really look at Ben Mendelsohn as Talos. Samuel L Jackson is actually playing "Talos as Fury"
Daaantje - Måned siden
I love the part about the netherlands. I am dutch and I died in theaters when I saw it xD. Btw flawless way of saying Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbalbond.
h W
h W - Måned siden
Who else wants a breakfast club with this cast
TheGaminPowerhouse - Måned siden
8:30 I don’t think he was talking about his wrists...
Simp - Måned siden
8:23 when he says "the ol' web shooter", I dont think he means his wrists😳
kevin ong
kevin ong - Måned siden
I think one thing that somehow goes forgotten yet isn’t, is that Peter doesn’t have as much to mourn... per se. of course, he lost Tony, but he didn’t suffer from the consequences of their loss in infinity war for 5 years like the survivor did, to him, that battle was less than a month ago. So while he is dealing with the loss of his mentor, he doesn’t have that years of grief ingrained in him, and it helps the movie a lot.
Samuel Barber
Samuel Barber - Måned siden
I like to imagine Nick Fury's related to Samuel L Jackson and is only so secretive out of fear people would think that Fury IS his distant cousin. Because they reference Star Wars in these movies.
Samuel Barber
Samuel Barber - Måned siden
Love this movie! Tom Holland is a great Spider-Man. Plus, the humour is great in this.
Rhons Liner
Rhons Liner - Måned siden
still tho i feel like Peter could become new iron/spiderman in next phase or any time soon
Marshmallow Vlogs
Marshmallow Vlogs - Måned siden
You missed the part that right before the credits peter had the same reaction as Aunt May going WHAT THE FU-
Cranon - Måned siden
Anyone get the Pythagorean theorem joke??
Sebastiaan Krul
Sebastiaan Krul - Måned siden
19:26 Gyllenhaal but almost correct. No hate
Lukas Jak
Lukas Jak - Måned siden
I am dutch