Everything GREAT About Spider-Man 3!

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Change of plans for this week. Some things came up and I won't have the time to complete the movie I teased last week. But I will have time to re-edit and re-upload some movies that were either blocked in some countries or blocked worldwide. Starting with Spider-Man 3!
Originally Published: Jul 20, 2017
Spider-Man Homecoming is still killing at the box office, so I'm finally closing out the Raimi Spider-Man trilogy with everyone's favorite Spider-Man 3. Wink, wink. I was happy to be reminded of how much greatness is in this movie.
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CinemaWins - 2 år siden
Yes, you're correct. This is a re-upload. It was blocked in a bunch of countries so I edited it and re-uploaded it! I'll have one more re-upload towards the end of the week, and next week back to our regular NEW EGA video.
Brycen Delker
Brycen Delker - 2 måneder siden
If you want to here j.k Simmons as I.Jonah you should check out the ultimate spiderman show that was made on Disney XD. The show is on Disney plus if you want to watch it.
Beren Gustav
Beren Gustav - 3 måneder siden
Please do EGA Matrix include Reloaded and Revolutions please!!
Beren Gustav
Beren Gustav - 3 måneder siden
@BloodyFlowerFilms "And you will be hated and persecuted, for my sake."
chris culbertson
chris culbertson - 6 måneder siden
Woa do other countries consider this movie a literal crime? Jeez that's a bit far
Redrage - 6 måneder siden
CinemaWins if you pay attention it looks like when sand man hits Spider-Man it also hurts venom maybe it’s cause they are still connected in some way
NadaMusic - 2 dager siden
My opinion on the movie:
IThe movie juggled, like, nineteen plots without rhyme or reason. The CGI was Black Panther in some scenes and The Good Dinosaur in others. The lines were stupid, the two new villains were underdeveloped, and, well, it is the worst made of the trilogy.
So why is it so good?
Because the movie doesn't act like it's a good movie. It knows it's ridiculous and bonkers, and it bathes in the craziness. We NEED more movies like this.
Gabriel Ramirez
Gabriel Ramirez - 2 dager siden
Lincoln barrows gotta love prison break
Gianlucca Montechiari
Gianlucca Montechiari - 3 dager siden
I think this movie ia a masterpiece, such a great movie like the other two of this trilogy, i love everything about It, the darker tone, the dramatic soundtrack, the caracters personal conflicts were deep, and i have the opposite opinion about the movie having too much villains, the conflict between Harry and Peter were great because It was built in the other movies until this point, Sandman scenes were very emotional, and his arc, theme song and his scene with Peter at the end always make me cry, This version of Eddie worked a lot for me because he is the exactly opposite of Peter, Topher Grace did a great job to make Eddie a asshole (which is the point) and his visual of Venom was amazing, the conflict between Peter's light side and his Dark side is the heart of the movie, i enjoy every second and every element of this movie, everything but i will mention Just onde more thing because i already mentionated many things, the thing that disagree is about the plot not following a defined structure, the structure of the movie is bassicaly that everything wrong starts to happen with Peter in every aspect of his life, and trough the movie we see how the two sides of Peter (light side and Dark side) react to those things, and we see his Dark side taking over and leading him to fight, humiliate and even try to kill people for revenge and in the end he realise that he became a monster and let his light side take over again and in the end having his fight with Venom/Eddie Brock that represents the exactly opposite of Peter's light side, but the perfect representation of his dark side, extreme opposites fighting in the end showing us who's the real villiain of this movie, not Sandman, not Harry, they are more like Anti-heroes (or something like that) and Venom is the real villiain.
(My native language is not inglish so Sorry if i wrote something wrong and Sorry about such a big comment)
Ryfle - 4 dager siden
5:32 he’s mysterio
MiD Knight
MiD Knight - 6 dager siden
This is still better than. The Justice League movie
Spider-man 3 is great
Spider-man 3 is great - 6 dager siden
Abdallah DZ7
Abdallah DZ7 - 6 dager siden
Its a great movie. Its sad that venom was handled poorly. His design wasnt buffed, but he was creepy.
Gaming Tk543
Gaming Tk543 - 7 dager siden
15:32 yes we got him again
Siddharth Deepak
Siddharth Deepak - 7 dager siden
He is the first one to Fight venom and he Actually won?Just becoz It was weak at that time??
Titan Tanker
Titan Tanker - 8 dager siden
I remember playing the Spiderman 3 game after I watched the movie on the cinema.
Also Transformers the game, Star Wars Battlefront 2, SmackDown,..
Good ol’ times, 2007 was
*I miss it already*
Logan Howlett
Logan Howlett - 8 dager siden
15:30-15:34 Yes time was told.And it was told very well
Josh Tan
Josh Tan - 11 dager siden
Spider-man Homecoming just a nother plublic trolling for the views for the likes for the easy subscribes look out here comes spider-man!
Bucket Boi
Bucket Boi - 12 dager siden
I love this movie so much and this explains why
Jack Chalmers
Jack Chalmers - 13 dager siden
“It’s bizarre that this is remembered as the lamest of the trilogy”
✨no it’s not✨
49ersBoss - 14 dager siden
The memes. Period.
Nicholas Davis
Nicholas Davis - 14 dager siden
They totally should have got John Cleese to be the waiter
chingkhu gangmei
chingkhu gangmei - 14 dager siden
1 win for quote " I am gonna put some dirt in your eye"
M O O N A E S T H E T I C - 15 dager siden
People shited so much on this movie, but now people wish they could make movies like these.
Jacob Arnold
Jacob Arnold - 16 dager siden
Nothing absolutely nothing
Jesper Kilvéus
Jesper Kilvéus - 18 dager siden
I was today years old when I noticed the black spider symbol on venom
Matthew TIANO
Matthew TIANO - 19 dager siden
And the cop is the security guard from venom
Elie אליהו
Elie אליהו - 19 dager siden
Sam Raimie's spider-man is my childhood trilogy
The Animator
The Animator - 22 dager siden
This movie was actually my favorite film
Anson Joy
Anson Joy - 22 dager siden
Only one mistake it's 2007 not 2018 or 2019 becouse 2020 is corona
My wife left me and my children Don’t like me
I honestly don’t even know if people like this movie or not
Lil Gluestick
Lil Gluestick - 23 dager siden
The only reason this movie flopped was because Sony wouldn't let him NOT use venom
Vedant Bhatt
Vedant Bhatt - 24 dager siden
Spider-Man 3 is a decent movie, some people just think it’s bad cuz of peter’s jackass dance
Bugraa 001
Bugraa 001 - 24 dager siden
I think you need to add the peter wearing hiss costume last time and going to battle arena this scence Are best
blue blob happy Halloween
blue blob happy Halloween - 27 dager siden
I ran out of toilet paper and i pooping
Jeffrey DaBoi
Jeffrey DaBoi - 28 dager siden
Are you cinema sins too or is cinema sins some random dude that says bad things instead of good things
Awesome5 Fire
Awesome5 Fire - 28 dager siden
Venom suit theme when introduced was amazing
Sapphire Wolf
Sapphire Wolf - 29 dager siden
I honestly don't get why people hate this movie. It was my favourite of the three!!
Cody Renton
Cody Renton - Måned siden
I'm so glad you did this movie. Toby Macguire is always gonna be my Spider-Man, no matter how much hate his third movie got.
Stoyan Dimitrov
Stoyan Dimitrov - Måned siden
40\41 ?
Whyyyyy ???
This should have give at least 5 wins maybe even 10 i laughed so hard on that scene had to rewatch it 5 times at least, before i kept watching the movie :D
NuttButt1 - Måned siden
“Domestic abuse-man” had me dying
Dylan - Måned siden
The symbiote looks amazing
Alpacalypse - Måned siden
The dance scene is actually one of my favourites. Always was.
HappyPepe - Måned siden
15:30 Well well well :-)
peshomighty - Måned siden
3 means 3 villians
Man Drinks Bleach
Man Drinks Bleach - Måned siden
The only 2000s spiderman film that has a third film..
Anthony Dapimp
Anthony Dapimp - Måned siden
Spider man 1 aunt may is 78. spider man 2 aunt may is 62. Spider man 3 aunt may Is 54. Spider man homecoming aunt may is 30 what's it going to be next aunt may is a teen
BagelBramble - Måned siden
12:11 that wail is real creepy
Stinky Bozo
Stinky Bozo - Måned siden
I cheered when Peter hit the sweet backhand on mj
Luis Oliveira
Luis Oliveira - Måned siden
well... that wasn't JK last time as JJ
Trooper FN2525
Trooper FN2525 - Måned siden
This was literally 3 films smashed into one... Back in the days when Mega-franchises like MCU didn't exist...
Jósiley, Mairu
Jósiley, Mairu - Måned siden
Nobody talks about the fact that this movie introduces ALIENS to this universe!!!!
How to music
How to music - Måned siden
You missed so many great things in all three are of these...
Jorge Granadillo
Jorge Granadillo - Måned siden
Magda Kokieta
Magda Kokieta - Måned siden
alex jones
Hasham Official
Hasham Official - Måned siden
U are looking for excuses this movie is something OK
Dacky Lad
Dacky Lad - 2 måneder siden
Oh but it isn't jj Jameson comes back in far from home
Michael Scott
Michael Scott - 2 måneder siden
The CinemaWins narrator is an active r/raimimemer because he posted this video. *ding*
Pete Staley
Pete Staley - 2 måneder siden
Wish I could sub again for the star trek next generation armus link, yet, I always thought Armus had a more viscous crude oil look, except when it's transitioning across the screen (seriously go back watch that episode, when Armus is actually humanoid it looks like crude oozing off him, I can imagine like 5 guys with buckets of goop putting it on between takes, it was never creeping like the sybiote
NoP PapaAryano
NoP PapaAryano - 2 måneder siden
‘Domestic abuse-man’ 😂😂😂😂😂
Can YILMAZ - 2 måneder siden
For the people that thinks everything bad about this movie fuck you
Karan Balwani
Karan Balwani - 2 måneder siden
Sandman's inception is in my opinion the best CGI made til date.
Gabriel Kawa
Gabriel Kawa - 2 måneder siden
Love the anakin impression
Brother Bruce In Context
Brother Bruce In Context - 2 måneder siden
The goo that is supposed to become Venom is awful, it looks cheap
Umbra Mortis
Umbra Mortis - 2 måneder siden
I saw this video in recommended and I honestly expected it to be about 3 minutes long lol
The Kodex
The Kodex - 2 måneder siden
This does put a Smile on my Face
ken boyd
ken boyd - 2 måneder siden
Peter backhanding MJ would never make it to cinema today. Crazy how different things were
TK Mothebe
TK Mothebe - 2 måneder siden
Old comment alert. I ADORE the Saturday night fever sequence
KC Studios
KC Studios - 2 måneder siden
It’s not his last time up to bat
bipluv nakarmi
bipluv nakarmi - 2 måneder siden
I liked the movie I don't know why people hate it
Olahell023 - 2 måneder siden
how can this movie be good
Mia Telesco
Mia Telesco - 2 måneder siden
The Anakin comment is one of my favourite parts of this video. I LOVE IT!!
ToxicGamer - 2 måneder siden
Is anyone going too point out that the ending scene of endgame with peggy and cap getting their dance is the same as the ending scene from Spider-Man 3 where Peter and MJ slow dance? Just saying.
James Manderson
James Manderson - 2 måneder siden
I dont care what people say i love spider man 3
Stupendously boring Man
Stupendously boring Man - 2 måneder siden
15:32 how did he know
koubee playz
koubee playz - 2 måneder siden
suprised the vid lasted longer than 9 mins
gamer SMSG
gamer SMSG - 2 måneder siden
Is it me or when I was a kid I found the final battle scary when seeing venoms design
Aamir Austin
Aamir Austin - 2 måneder siden
Happy National Spider-Man Day!!!!!
Jackson Reaka
Jackson Reaka - 3 måneder siden
R.I.P Stan lee
Infinite - 3 måneder siden
Been saying that -like venom doesn’t look so bad , sure the voice isn’t the best but venom in the comics wasn’t always extremely big like everyone complained about it. I still think this movie was cool - and I got the black suit Spider-Man and some cool ass shots but that’s just me I enjoyed myself period
Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!
Emo Peter is cringy because it's supposed to be. He's a college kid trying to look cool.
Ya Boy Guzma
Ya Boy Guzma - 3 måneder siden
Fun fact: Bruce Campbell's character (The one who had all the different Jobs) Was going to later be revealed as Mysterio, Quinton Beck.
The SHIZAMuel - 3 måneder siden
Was this movie as good as the last 2? No. Does that make it bad? NO. It's still fun to watch and still has a lot of meaning to it. The main problem was just too many characters and backstories, which leads to too much going on throughout the film. If it only had Sandman OR venom, not both, as the main villain, it'd be great. But still, this is totally worth watching.
Super Goose
Super Goose - 3 måneder siden
I liked this movie. 'Nuff said.
ghostkilla93 - 3 måneder siden
I first saw this movie. Didnt know who bruce campbell was. I saw the opening credits with bruce campbell and i said "HES IN THE MOVIE?"
Luigiboy11807 - 3 måneder siden
Could just be everything
Faith Paraboo
Faith Paraboo - 3 måneder siden
"I refuse to accept that this is J.K. Simmons last time up to bat as J. Jonah, but only time will tell."
*Welp, time has told*
AbdulRahaman Abdullah
AbdulRahaman Abdullah - 3 måneder siden
Everything that great about spiderman 3
Spider man with venom:EVERYTHING!
King Pepsi
King Pepsi - 3 måneder siden
Is nobody gonna comment on how synced the beginning of cinema wins and the spider man 3 intro
w41duvernay - 3 måneder siden
Why does this movie get hate? Fight scenes and Peter's character change by Venom are awesome...
Te Kaha Broadbent-King
Te Kaha Broadbent-King - 3 måneder siden
So the Sandman didn’t have as much screen time as I remember but hes still one of my favourites of the film
Нурик Умаров
Нурик Умаров - 3 måneder siden
Jake Andrew Senpai
Jake Andrew Senpai - 3 måneder siden
I'm sure that the people that design the CGI and Danny Elfman were like "All right, we are going to fix these movie as much as we can".
The Outsider Games
The Outsider Games - 3 måneder siden
wow i love to rewatch these videos even now
Mr Heru
Mr Heru - 3 måneder siden
the problem with this movie only a venom.... yep that skinny venom 😬
dildo swaggins
dildo swaggins - 3 måneder siden
How is saying "also spooiiileeers!" a win about the movie? That's just a dumb quip you said.
captlaserrage - 3 måneder siden
Even years later this movie is still hip, it's wow, it's now
mr aleksi
mr aleksi - 3 måneder siden
I loved how they hanled venom
Jerrod Tibor
Jerrod Tibor - 3 måneder siden
Why I don't like Spider-Man 3:
- Too much story crammed into one movie; namely too many villains. Sandman could have been an epic character, if his story had more room to expand. I just didn't get enough to make me feel invested in the character. Also James Franco's not-Hobgoblin felt under-served. It should have been the focus of its own movie. This one should have been just Venom, or even HarryGoblin & Sandman.
-Honestly, I didn't want to see Peter Parker's dark side. Reversals can be very interesting, but you have to be careful not to reverse too much, or with the wrong character. Peter Parker, for me, is defined by his good heart & lack of ego. Take those things away, and it's not only a character I don't like (which would be ok), it's a character I don't want to watch a movie about. For me seeing Peter act like that wasn't funny, it was cringe-inducing. It took me right out of the story & had me wondering, not why is he acting like this, but why did they write it like this? That's kind of a deal breaker all in itself.
Ender503finall - 3 måneder siden
"I mean, i don't know if i'd go that far. Brutal is a strong word."
*Literally 5 minutes later*
Wolf warrior
Wolf warrior - 3 måneder siden
Sam loved his train fights
Morgan Smith
Morgan Smith - 3 måneder siden
I kinda thought that this video would be just a black background with white block letters saying "NOTHING" for a few min.
Serena Stan
Serena Stan - 3 måneder siden
This movie is the best type of bad to where it’s just so weird and goofy that you can’t help but love it
Pekar 43
Pekar 43 - 3 måneder siden
Marvel in 2019: well acrually, no
Isaac Wale
Isaac Wale - 3 måneder siden
I love Spider-man 3, and I don't care what anyone says
Nestle Crunch
Nestle Crunch - 3 måneder siden
Tough to find good in this film 😂