Everything GREAT About Solo: A Star Wars Story!

11 022
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Solo! A movie with not terrible reviews, but a pretty terrible box office. Still some good in it? You'll just have to see and other watch-baity statements. I didn't sleep last night. Here's everything right with Solo A Stargate…no…Star Trek…no…Starkiller Story! There it is. I won't think this is nearly as funny tomorrow.
Also, I am doing The Last Jedi before the end of the year.
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Space Taste
Space Taste - 2 år siden
Thanks for the shoutout!! Cinemawins is #1!!
Hope everyone enjoys our videos! This week we covered:
Solo: Is ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Ethical?? https://youtu.be/mnCswbUu1zM
Beren Gustav
Beren Gustav - 6 måneder siden
1,500 like.
Shelby Kraut
Shelby Kraut - År siden
Are you going to do Avatar?
Luke Hedlund
Luke Hedlund - År siden
@Achilleas Valioulis Ethics should not be ignored in the name of progress. When we lose our ethics, we lose our morals. And when we lose our morals, we lose what made us human
The Logomaker
The Logomaker - År siden
Was firing Lord and Miller for one’s personal gain ethical?
Mars Reel
Mars Reel - År siden
@Hamakua Sledgehammer Sorry for the late reply, but that would be unethical of me! Dragon Ball Evolution is best left forgotten in a dark corner of Dragon Ball Hell.
TubaBrot - Dag siden
Oh boy did the giant bat roast joke not age well ...
shira pelleg
shira pelleg - 3 dager siden
Honestly solo is probably my favorite Star Wars movie
Numbers Of Bndl
Numbers Of Bndl - 6 dager siden
Wait I really liked this movie, why’d everyone hate it?
One of the reasons I like it so much is because like for no reason whatsoever, Darth Maul is the funniest goddamn Star Wars character ever.
Also has anyone noticed how similar Ahsoka and Maul are? Unique lightsaber styles, don’t agree with Jedi or Sith, non human main character, survived order 66 I think
Rishad Ahmed
Rishad Ahmed - 8 dager siden
“I’m solo Han Solo”
Garin Hash
Garin Hash - 12 dager siden
i loved this movie, the reason i think it "flopped" was because it came out AFTER "The Last Jedi", TLJ movie broke the Star Wars fandom in two, and made alot of people lose interest in the Star Wars franchise.
Bucket Muffin
Bucket Muffin - 16 dager siden
Stop saying Beckett, it's so weird for me...
My name's Beckett.
Alejandro Exequiel Taborda
Alejandro Exequiel Taborda - 17 dager siden
getting mad for game of thrones been pushed away, that did not age well, they could have push got 4 years if that would have make it a good show in the end
The Fandalorian
The Fandalorian - 18 dager siden
I’m so pleased that the win count is bigger than the lose count
Ben Solo
Ben Solo - 18 dager siden
Han Solo is my father.
Lois Wilkes
Lois Wilkes - 21 dag siden
The problem was most people knew Hans back story but they went and changed it
arosequartz - Måned siden
"That's worth a couple wins" *ding!* 53
Osbaldo Cruz
Osbaldo Cruz - Måned siden
If this were made in Mexico he would've been called: Han Alone
Zack Leflar
Zack Leflar - Måned siden
Han and Chewie are independent together
Tom Balls
Tom Balls - Måned siden
I feel that the actor who played Han's face was a little off as he was trying to imitate Harrison Ford which is completely useless
The two GUNK droids make the same sound because they're both GUNK droids
FoolishUwu - Måned siden
Imagine caring that much about GOT lmao
Danyn Fine
Danyn Fine - Måned siden
In the chewbaca comic he gives it away to a kids
JaedenRed - Måned siden
wait, people hated L3?
Jeremy Ortiz
Jeremy Ortiz - Måned siden
I enjoyed it. It was a decent enough move.
Aaron Koch
Aaron Koch - Måned siden
Has anyone else noticed that when Chewy is pushing Han into the mud it looks a lot like carbonite?
Joel Mills
Joel Mills - Måned siden
It's was even more cannon since rogue one, saw was an original creation of clone wars
Absolute Carnage
Absolute Carnage - Måned siden
I noticed Dryden Vos's office details with the Mandalorian armor and Sith holocron in theaters and got so hyped when Qi'ra called somebody cause I knew what was about to go down.
Breznknedl - Måned siden
this movie failed because of the last jedi. people thought they're gonna get a big fail.
randommantosaftey - Måned siden
As a Star Wars fan. I feel this movie didnt add much to what we didn’t already know. We didn’t know the origins of the dice and why they would be important. Maul being shown cool.. but we knew that thanks to clone wars and rebels. So this didn’t add anything. Rouge one picked off right were it needed and ended in episode 4. Answered the biggest question on how she got the plans. Amazing but this.. it didn’t. Just filler
BODEN BRODEUR - Måned siden
In the word of the great edna mode
N3RD STUFFZ - Måned siden
You forgot when Han got his pistol
Rayen Aouadi
Rayen Aouadi - Måned siden
I cant tell if lando flipped off han at 13:07 or not
Retr0 - 2 måneder siden
16:00 also the TLJ hate train and Solo only coming out 6 months after definitely drastically affected interest and faith in the film's ability to deliver
Mat Fox
Mat Fox - 2 måneder siden
I can't believe you mentioned the music here and there but DIDN'T mention the best musical callback of the asteroid chase hook popping up in the escape from the TIE fighters. goosebumps every time. every. time.
Rwoarrr - 2 måneder siden
I am so sad that this movie failed! I know to a lot of people didn't go to see it because " well Han is going to survive and we know whats going to happen" but I think they really missed out! This is one of my favorite star wars movies and it bums me out that Disney most likely won't be making another one. I know too there was some other controversy rolled up in this movie, I don't remember what it was but regardless I think this is an excellent movie!
Der Bosswels
Der Bosswels - 2 måneder siden
Rio is responsible for Covid 19
Screw that dude
Real Mike Troyer
Real Mike Troyer - 2 måneder siden
Redgrin Grumboldt (R&M!)
Real Mike Troyer
Real Mike Troyer - 2 måneder siden
Rick and Morty joke!
Josh Dionne
Josh Dionne - 2 måneder siden
"That deserves a couple wins"
*adds 53*
Me: "Hey wait, that's illegal"
dragonlogos1 - 2 måneder siden
Yeah this was a casualty of the new Trilogy and why I disliked the new trilogy because of what they did to the heroes it makes the though story bad because Han ends up a dead beat dad truck driver who accomplished nothing lasting why are we supposed to care about this stuff?
Cqstqr Lqngueville
Cqstqr Lqngueville - 2 måneder siden
Cinemawins:”The trashcan droid the Jawas had”. *Sad gonk noises*
Mickey 256
Mickey 256 - 2 måneder siden
5:28 lol that’s a rick and morty reference and I’m the eyeball man only I can have eyeballs
Darth Rock
Darth Rock - 2 måneder siden
This didn't deserve all the backlash. This and Rogue One gave me a little hope that Disney wouldn't f*k up SW... Then the sequel trilogy happened.
The Logomaker
The Logomaker - 2 måneder siden
Phil Lord & Chris Miller were fired in the middle of filming and Ron Howard remade it into a soulless bore. Of course, it deserves the backlash. It's the worst Star Wars film of all time.
porgzs - 2 måneder siden
One of the reasons it was a flop was because it was out the same time as infinity war.
It should've been at Christmas instead
TIMO DE LAENDER - 2 måneder siden
Exactly I didn’t watch this movie in cinema because of infinity war
g kidd44
g kidd44 - 2 måneder siden
This and rogue one are the best Star Wars movies
Rigz Movie Diaries
Rigz Movie Diaries - 2 måneder siden
What if the movie ended with the cantina scene, right before Luke and Obi wan came in, revealing the whole movie was just a flashback from Han?
Eddie Jonson
Eddie Jonson - 2 måneder siden
17:14 you also have to think about the fact that "solo" means alone in Italian as if he was destined for that
Chris T
Chris T - 3 måneder siden
Umm what how dare you call the gonk Droid a trashcan Droid you heathen
Peter Vitkov
Peter Vitkov - 3 måneder siden
My biggest beef with this movie was Qi'ra's character, and more importantly - what she symbolizes. I've always seen Han Solo as a selfish survivalist guy who eventually changes, not as a good-guy-turned-cynic-turned-good-guy-again. Sure, he has a sense of honor, but as far as the OT is concerned, Han Solo is a selfish scoundrel who learns that there's more to life than himself, he joins the rebellion and genuinely cares about Leia and Luke. This is something he finds anew about himself, not something he's had all along and then let go because of Qi'ra's betrayal and other factors, only to embrace it again. When I see that guy from "A New Hope", in the Cantina or in the Millennium Falcon, I don't imagine a guy who got cynical over his childhood sweetheart dumping him, and from what I learned, I'm hardly the only one who thinks that. It screws with his character ark.
Berend van Straten
Berend van Straten - 3 måneder siden
I really think that Enfys Nests crew is going with the gang of Soul Garrera. The small human and some of the aliens can be found in roge one. Really cool detail to me.
zebfireHD - 3 måneder siden
Honestly Han need a movie like this when we first Meet Han hes in debt to the Hutt Jaba hes trying to make a living and staying around to help fight a rebellion would have been the last thing on that list. To me in "The New Hope" Han doesn't seem like the type of person that would of stay around to help out a rebellion more like a serious dude whos in it for the reward and that is all. This movie Help to bring out the key points surrounding Han's character like is good guy trying to be bad. He is given a chose in this movie to join a rebellion but at this time a rebellion was so minor that they only since grunts and lower level officers to deal with them so the chances of success against it wouldn't have been fruitful for Han to try and stay around for its formation. Years later when he meets Leia and Luke the Rebellion had gather large support that they had to send many great assets like Grand Moth Tarkin and Darth Vader to end them. Han recongizes that there is a chance to actually be a good guy rather than a straight up outlaw and really how he did in the New hope at the battle of Yavin was shoot one of Darth's tie fighters and Luke was able to get a clear shot into the death star to destory it and win a huge victory for the rebellion.
Luka Ju
Luka Ju - 3 måneder siden
I thought this video would be about 2minutes long
Roy Leatherby
Roy Leatherby - 3 måneder siden
Ha ha ha ha...53 - 0 - 53 again; literally, lol'd...
DKCreeperCraft - 3 måneder siden
This movie is legit my favourite SW movie.
Jernaro Grün
Jernaro Grün - 3 måneder siden
This is my second favorite Disney era movie behind rogue one ... This movie also needs a sequel for the jabba stories .. we also need some more lando stories..
Jaker The Snaker
Jaker The Snaker - 3 måneder siden
This is my favorite Star Wars movie, I can’t really explain it, it’s just the only movie that doesn’t make me thinking I’m going to go into cardiac arrest, due to special editions, prequels, or backlash. Star Wars always find a way to make me angry, but this one just doesn’t.
ggsjags - 3 måneder siden
Solo failed not because people didn´t care.
But because the fans still had the aftertaste of TLJ in their mouths.
It´s basically like this: If you got terribly and brutally raped, you take a while to enjoy casual sex again. May not even enjoy it ever again. Depending ofc.
Joel Reis
Joel Reis - 3 måneder siden
The only real reason i can see for the "hate" this movie has is because the sequels were utter dog shit and its bad that the spin off movies where the next best thing since the original trilogy. Im not a greedy guy, so i would just want the money they spent on drugs and booze when they wrote the sequels.
philz2002 - 3 måneder siden
Now, now, we all know the reason game of thrones was pushed back a year was because they wanted to take their time and come up with a satisfying conclu….hahahahahahahaha. hhahahahahahahhaha. Who am I kidding? they wrote that thing on the bog!
What was it, weather or something?
fulmarmusic - 3 måneder siden
This film should have been called "The Grower - A Star Wars Story".
SigardProductions - 3 måneder siden
«You could say this deal is getting worse all the time»
Movie Hermit
Movie Hermit - 3 måneder siden
Something else that was great was in the scene where Qi’ra was telling Han to go after Chewie and Beckett. The shots framed it as if she was going to loot the place, but after the doors closed we shift into a darker and more sacrificial/only real option tone as she takes the ring and contacts Maul
Movie Hermit
Movie Hermit - 3 måneder siden
Fun fact: that explosion was actually real. It’s from a channel called _the slow mo guys_ in a video where they made a small explosion underwater (Gavin has done work on movies before, which is how this explosion was brought to life in a much grander scale)
winston smith
winston smith - 3 måneder siden
Nothing was great about this POS movie. I couldn't even finish watching it.
Wesley - 3 måneder siden
sorry you couldn't get into it. I really liked han's relationship with chewie and I thought the film had really nice cinematography. it dragged a bit at the beginning though but that's just my opinion
Elite Clone kid
Elite Clone kid - 3 måneder siden
I insanely loved Solo. Just because it was so different. There’s no real villain, everyone is betraying themselves. I also really love how the Empire does play a role in this, but it’s just so minor. It really gives you a grasp how big, and yet how small the Empire really was at the time.
I also love how they added upon Maul’s criminal underworld arc from the Clone wars. Makes me wonder what happened to it between now and Rebels. Even if it was just a little cameo, and really felt it had no place here... it honestly did, and fit really well. And since this movie was also trying to set up the next one, it did a subtle job. It’s not big enough that it’s a hundred percent frustrating that we aren’t going to see the continuation of that story, but it’s still small enough that it works on now leading to nowhere.
I really hope at one point we get a sequel to this movie. The time gap between Solo and ANH is pretty big, and there’s a few holes to fill. Even if this story wasn’t necessary needed for Han’s, it was incredibly welcomed on my part at least. The vibe itself is completely different from all the other Star Wars movies we’ve seen. It’s like Ant-Man, or Guardians of the Galaxy in the marvel universe. It’s just so different, and that’s what’s great about it!
Iain Sinclair
Iain Sinclair - 3 måneder siden
Pheobe Waller Bridge’s character sort of decreased my enjoyment because it felt like a forced narrative, which is a real shame as she is one of the most talented writers and actors up and coming, with fleabag and killing eve both insanely good. Wish the marketing and timing was better too. Like I don’t know a single one of my friends that went to see it in cinemas, a group of people that booked ages ahead for the force awakens. All in all, a little disappointing. Fingers crossed for a Ewan magregor obi wan movie
Aver 187
Aver 187 - 3 måneder siden
In all honesty, this is my favorite movie period
Voltaic Fire
Voltaic Fire - 3 måneder siden
Good ol' Han, he's a rogue one.
Matt Carroll
Matt Carroll - 3 måneder siden
Clone Wars is Cannon because it's made by Lucas. Not saying anything not made by Lucas isn't. I'm just saying that's why Clone Wars is specifically.
Andrij Evans
Andrij Evans - 3 måneder siden
I wish people would stop blaming the editor for the perceived darkness in films. That's the colourist/DP job not the editor!!!! Even then, If you're watching on a streaming service/blu-ray of a modern film, it's probably an incorrect conversion from HDR to SDR.
Drake Douglas
Drake Douglas - 3 måneder siden
I think star wars movies being released in December is very important. It’s weird because the have nothing to do with the holidays but I honestly think I, and many more people would have went to this movie if it was released near the holidays. I think the reasoning for that is Star Wars is a franchise enjoyed by 4-40 year olds, equally. So when it’s the holidays and your whole family is hanging out, it’s a movie that you can enjoy as much as your parents, siblings both older and younger, cousins or anyone else you might be around. And after watching it’s something you can all talk about, and be equally excited about. Even as I get older there’s no other movie franchise that me and my dad can enjoy in the same way, and it’s really nice to go to a movie franchise we both love on holiday break, a time where most people spend the most time with their family.
DesignTheMessiah - 4 måneder siden
What's lamer.... this channel or this movie...? Can't tell
DesignTheMessiah - 3 måneder siden
@Wesley then it's you... you're lamer than both....🖒
Wesley - 3 måneder siden
me neither. I enjoy both equally!
Marko Dubajić
Marko Dubajić - 4 måneder siden
Why i hear so much sarcasam in your voice
sal colon
sal colon - 4 måneder siden
I agreed with you for the most part with Rogue One. But on this one, no way. This movie could
have been so much better.
YEET BOI - 4 måneder siden
This movie was great from start to finish loved the feel of it
EightNickel151 - 4 måneder siden
In my opinion, Solo wasn’t a bad movie. It’s just that Han (IDK who his actor is) didn’t feel like Harrison Ford, but he’s young at this point, so that’s means he doesn’t have his 10 year later personality.
Matt - 4 måneder siden
I can’t believe you skipped the part where the wookie chewie rescued pats Han on the head like ‘aw cute hooman’
Fran Gorno
Fran Gorno - 4 måneder siden
Did you just disrespect our lord and savious GONK DROID???
The Elliot
The Elliot - 4 måneder siden
I honestly loved Solo. Saw it first day in theatres.
Goldblood 101
Goldblood 101 - 4 måneder siden
There was also the huge “let’s boycott the movie cuz the sequel movie sucks”
my tits
my tits - 4 måneder siden
You're very right about how this movie is "only good" and didn't need to be told, but honestly you make me appreciate it decently! It's neat. Not horrible.
Also as an Arkham Origins fan, i am perfectly able to appreciate new actors in roles, but dude, Han and Lando in this movie are great! From these clips alone I hear the same inflections and manerisms that they have in the OT! Great work there.
Charlie Ogden
Charlie Ogden - 4 måneder siden
this video shoudve just been 23 minutes of a blank screen
David Bergfors
David Bergfors - 4 måneder siden
As a fan of the canon (TV-series, books, those sort of things) I know that the Imperial March is the Empires National anthem, so I think having it played on a recruitment video is on par with what the empire is doing.
Personally, I really enjoyed the musical ques in this movie, the eeriness of the Imperial march as the horrors of war is revealed, the dreamy tone at the reveal of the Falcon. The Enfys Nest to the rescue, gorgeous work
If Warwick himself says it's Weazel, it's Weazel for me.
This was a really fun film, and given the distance to the weird behind the scenes stuff that went on, it's a real success in my opinion.
I honestly had forgotten the problems with the movie until i saw both this video and the bonus features on my Blu-Ray today.
Wesley - 4 måneder siden
Solo and The Force Awakens are my favorite Disney Star Wars films. The other 3 are sort of hit and miss for me although I do like some of the concepts presented in the Last Jedi.
M.V. Shulman
M.V. Shulman - 4 måneder siden
I know
Bowen Orcutt
Bowen Orcutt - 5 måneder siden
Honestly, I could go on about why I like this movie, but instead I just want to point out that we FINALLY got to see Corellia in a Star Wars movie. And outside of comics, that's pretty much the same thing as getting to "see" it at all.
JBear Antonicic
JBear Antonicic - 5 måneder siden
This movie is very underrated it only failed because of bitchy blue milk virgins having a hissy fit after the last Jedi
G77 Media
G77 Media - 5 måneder siden
3:46 that didn’t age well, did it?
Meadmaker 452
Meadmaker 452 - 5 måneder siden
I really like this movie. It was definitely an interesting story I wanted to hear/see told. But I agree about it being too dark. It was downright hard to see what was going on in some places, which was annoying.
Chulump Gehring
Chulump Gehring - 5 måneder siden
Han is technically lying when he talks about the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, because after he tells that guy what he just did Chewie corrects him and Han talks about rounding down
You can also look at him saying the ship did the run during episode 4 as him realizing he couldn’t have done it without help and being slightly more humble as time goes on
I could just be full of crap though
Basil Gysel
Basil Gysel - 5 måneder siden
I think the movie just flopped because people got fed up after tlj
GrimmFilmEnt - 5 måneder siden
14:40 I pity a fool who thought as I did that the Clone Wars was a kiddie show. I mean, it does feel like it for a better part of four seasons, but then it delivers like the sequels could only have hoped for.
Staples Giftbag
Staples Giftbag - 5 måneder siden
5:14, understand this vid is old, but here’s an extra win for this explosion that was done practically but putting a very small bomb like thing in the water to get that sick effect
Henry Hammond
Henry Hammond - 5 måneder siden
I went into this wondering “Can he make me like the bit where Han gets his last name...”
Not quite. But close. Well done.
Ashleigh Elizabeth
Ashleigh Elizabeth - 5 måneder siden
Honestly there were two things going against this movie that caused me not to see it at the theater.

1. It had too much competition. Deadpool 2 premiered the same week, Avengers Infinity War had only been in the theater for a few weeks and The Incredibles 2 and Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom came out a couple of weeks later. By July Ant Man and The Wasp had made it into the theaters. I saw all of those films in a year where I watched a lot more movies in the theater than I usually do. I wanted to see Solo as well but I had favorable opinions of the other movies I mentioned based on the previous movie in those franchises.
2. Which brings me to my second reason I think this movie failed at the box office. I think The Last Jedi is by far the absolute worst thing ever made with a Star Wars name slapped on it and I'm including the Christmas Special on that list. Last Jedi left an absolutely rancid taste in my mouth that still hasn't been completely washed clean yet. Thank God The Mandalorian and the 7th season of The Clone Wars has started to remove some of the caked on shit left by Last Jedi on the Star Wars brand. Sadly that shit was smeared all over Solo and it took it down in flames IMO.

When I finally did get to see Solo on Netflix about a year later I really really liked it. It's not a perfect movie but it's a lot better than it gets credit for if you ask me.
The Logomaker
The Logomaker - 4 måneder siden
Or...firing Phil Lord & Chris Miller was the reason why it bombed at the box office. We as a community need to stop defending Lawrence Kasdan for his shitty actions as a screenwriter.
The Chill Viking
The Chill Viking - 5 måneder siden
Last Jedi in my opinion is the best thing that happened to Star Wars, although I can respect your opinion if you hate it but that movie really isn’t seen for what it is. People want Luke to be super OP and they hate canto bight and holdo. Well that’s the point, your not supposed to trust holdo, and canto bight was supposed to be a failure. The movie is about theme not about the small details and plot continuity. I like that and I really don’t understand the nitpicks
Henry Naughton
Henry Naughton - 5 måneder siden
am I the only one that actually liked this movie
The Chill Viking
The Chill Viking - 5 måneder siden
No a lot of us do, this movie is underrated tho
Onyxiate - 5 måneder siden
I kept seeing the “Equal Rights” line from L3 in YouTube videos and it really struck a nerve with me and made me dislike the movie for having a feminist motive, but when I watched the movie and saw it in context it was one of the funniest jokes in the movie.
Heather Riley
Heather Riley - 5 måneder siden
I always thought this movie flopped because it didn't come out in the school holidays, like all the other new Star Wars movies have. Everyone I knew liked it, it had a good reputation at least in my circles. It was just hard for people to find time to go and see it.
MCJon C3R34L K1LL3R - 5 måneder siden
my only pronlem with this movie is qira. totally unecessary and i didnt get the ending
Patrick M
Patrick M - 5 måneder siden
The amount of Rick and Morty refrences
Rougarou - 5 måneder siden
It didn't help that this movie had to compete against Infinity War at the box office, while fans were still raw and worn down from The Last Jedi.
Eyedeas Never Die
Eyedeas Never Die - 5 måneder siden
Quite possibly the most fun Star Wars movie there is. I went into the cinema with low expectations but left with a smile on my face. I thought the acting was quality, and really captured the fun and the adventure the Star Wars should also have. Shame we never got a trilogy of this.
Kristian Spasov
Kristian Spasov - 5 måneder siden
I am really sad I didn't go to watch it in the cinema. I was so mad at them for TLJ and missed seeing a good movie.
Helmetness - 5 måneder siden
3:45 I feel like someone could make a covid-19 joke here
Tristan Johnson
Tristan Johnson - 5 måneder siden
Chewbacca was in the clone wars