Everything GREAT About Shazam!

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Shazam! Shazam!!...? Hmph. Didn't make a ton of money but it seems like everyone how saw it was pretty happy with it. Let's get into why it's good err great! Here's everything right with Shazam!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 24:08


PirateGhost - 17 timer siden
So, DCEU heroes so far: Superman - Orphan adopted by Martha and John Kent, Batman - Orphan (effectively) adopted by Alfred Pennyworth, Wonder Woman - immortal demigoddess, Aquaman - raised by a single father, The Flash - Raised by an adoptive father while his real father was wrongfully jailed for his mother's murder, Cyborg - raised by a single father, Captain Marvel - Foster Kid. Like, a lot of those folks were raised in non-"standard" family arrangements.
Mexican Spice
Mexican Spice - 23 timer siden
I like how the bullies use an f-150 thats kitted out like a raptor just to add to the point that you should hate these guys
Charlie Memmo-DeCesare
Charlie Memmo-DeCesare - 2 dager siden
14:00 shazzz agzhzh zhzzz
DevilJinKazama - 6 dager siden
Speaking of Djimon Hounsou...
Could you look into the movie "Push"?
It's a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. It's not great, but it's not horrible either.
And it's got Chris Evans in it!
TheRavenfish9 - 7 dager siden
The best movie DC has made in a while.
ZandalarTHESTAR Studios
ZandalarTHESTAR Studios - 7 dager siden
6 Hero's 1 Vilnian 6+1=7
Norah Stewart
Norah Stewart - 8 dager siden
24:08 when i first saw him i was like OMG that is Linel Luthor from smallville and was like he is always a bad dad
Go Away
Go Away - 8 dager siden
I should be doing something better with my life then watch these videos. But I'm now sitting here on my bed watching this at 10:12 pm. I know
Damon Clapper
Damon Clapper - 9 dager siden
7 is God’s number. It is mentioned several times in the Bible as almost the numerical standard. So it would make sense that it is integrated into the movie since they are basically gods.
Bigboy Roy
Bigboy Roy - 11 dager siden
animated dc movies are best no cap
Lady Onikara
Lady Onikara - 11 dager siden
Yeah, I agree about sidekicks being important. Kato, Luigi, Tonto, Robin, Launchpad McQuack..... all examples of being number one at being number two.
Vincent Grajeda
Vincent Grajeda - 13 dager siden
Everything GREAT about Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated movie anybody? :D 😉
Hunter Elliot
Hunter Elliot - 13 dager siden
Zachary Levi is, of course, ALWAYS a win. But, did you know he was in the RocketJump series “Video Game High School”?
Conviction - 14 dager siden
I really didn't like this movie. I understand Shazam is a kid but this felt like a cartoon than a dc movie. Bet if this was written by the Russo brothers it would have been amazing.
Ms.Queue - 15 dager siden
Both this movie and this channel have made me happier than I've been in a long time, and hearing you talk about it has me choking up with the biggest, stupidest grin on my face and I don't know where i was going with this comment but thank you, CinemaWins!
KZ - 16 dager siden
i was in the foster system thing when i was born all the way to 14 months and now im 14 and live with my grandparents who i can now say have adopted me
Rookmations - 18 dager siden
personally i am disapointed this is in the dceu... honestly i kinda am hoping they just do a full dceu restart and just have shazam be apart of the new cannon so they dont have to make another shazam origion and possibley ruin the amazingness we got from this one...
Rookmations - 18 dager siden
also out of all the comics i hate superman and i can like batman but it is very choosy on when i do or dont but i love harley quinn when she ran with the harley gang in injustice and honestly i just love harley quinn and i love red hood in the same way although my most favorite time seeing him was when he made his teams because it just worked so well having him paried up with other misfit superheros who unlike him had actual powers and werent basically just assassins trying to be heros even tho i loved that about him with honestly i loved more the normal guy having to keep up with his super powered team like robin in teen titans even tho i didnt watch that even tho raven is another one of my absolute all time favorites and like in my opinion probably the hottest character in the dc universes but still yea
WritingWarlock - 19 dager siden
no thanks on beer. Root beer is fine.
Charlie Mont
Charlie Mont - 22 dager siden
I love it how John Glover has been in a lot of DC stuff
piter lozano
piter lozano - 24 dager siden
1:25 more like human bean juice
Jack Meehan
Jack Meehan - 25 dager siden
hey man i really respect you and your channel and think you make great content but “they mean it” just because i play call of duty does not in the slightest mean i want to kill anybody and that is only a select group of unstable people who get represented as the whole of players by the media.
Lam Evan
Lam Evan - 27 dager siden
now i know why they said mercury, i got so angry when they said "mercury instead of "hermes"
ArtE - 27 dager siden
am I the only one who does not know what the college girls' power is
TheRManProds - 29 dager siden
Matthew Johnston
Matthew Johnston - Måned siden
Dylan Boot
Dylan Boot - Måned siden
Thanks for using person first language.
Joshua Ortega
Joshua Ortega - Måned siden
Shazam/Captain Marvel can feel so cheesy so Leave It To Beaver but in this movie he had to learn how to be a good guy instead of just starting out so Supermanish. Makes it feel more real. Darla is alot more like the typical portal you see out of Billy and it makes sense shes a sweet kid who has a family that loves her but Billy "lost" his mom so of course he's gonna be more jaded and keep people at arm's length. And I think thats my favorite part of this movie it's more light hearted like most versions of Shazam/Captain Marvel but it feels more real. Billy's been through a lot so family is gonna be difficult for him and being unselfish is gonna be hard. For the other kids the new powers and being heroic and team work are gonna come easier to them because they came from an environment that (pardon the pun) fostered those kids of values. Billy is still new to this.
Hell Storm
Hell Storm - Måned siden
I may be mistaken but I think that they do wear their Shazam only colors in one form or another through out the entire movie
Bluethebear - Måned siden
I fell in love with this movie and it really makes me want to foster kids in the future.
Jordan C
Jordan C - Måned siden
the audible transition was good, i have to give you that
thecuddleboss uwu
thecuddleboss uwu - Måned siden
Cinemawins: darla is quickly becoming my favorite
Me: darla IS my favorite.
Caitlyn - Måned siden
Do fight Club
Stephen Anderson
Stephen Anderson - Måned siden
Batman is a foster parent to 4 Robins, so...
Also, 13:55 is an insult to the Bat
Likefakk - Måned siden
imo this movie is a comedy superhero movie with some jokes and funny bits, but still enjoyable with a good story and emotional
Rhado - Måned siden
I love you dude, and you’ve really redeemed my anger over the pessimistic views of most critics, but for the love of God....
Kronos. - Måned siden
I noticed that you winned the fact about both the hero and villain had balls that can guide you in life.
Also worth noting that the hero had a compass (aka moral compass) that always pointed the “right” direction.
The hero had a children’s toy that makes vague statements that aren’t really supposed to be listened to.
CRAZYCHRIS291 - Måned siden
I just noticed this note in Freddy’s notebook “Don’t try it at home like an idiot” and I love it and 100% agree!
Racingboom The Pleb
Racingboom The Pleb - Måned siden
I know I’m late but I can explain the F150! And it kinda fits into the theme of the bullies. It’s not a raptor. It’s a normal F150 that someone put arches on and a large portion of the raptors identity is saying FORD on the grille. People want to replicate it to play their truck off as a raptor. Problem is that Ford obviously doesn’t want that to happen so you have to buy the grille aftermarket. Aftermarket companies can’t sell a grille with the word ford on it because of copyright. So they put placeholder letters on it and sell individual letters separately so you can spell out Ford yourself. They just never replaced the placeholder letters.
BuildUp - Måned siden
This video is exactly one years old today
Moon Awesome_gotcha
Moon Awesome_gotcha - Måned siden
UnderThatTaz - Måned siden
For a second I thought he said that Andy Samberig voiced the caterpillar but I was cutting fruits from across the room and got so hyped up for Andy to finally be in a superhero movie. But the it was actual Freddie Samberg. #IwantAndySambergInDC
video playz
video playz - Måned siden
Isn't batman a foster parent, he adopted like 4 kids and made all of them fight crime
Stoyan Dimitrov
Stoyan Dimitrov - Måned siden
This movie is more trash then green lantern.
Totally Tori Videos
Totally Tori Videos - 2 måneder siden
Anything Zachary Levi‘s performance was really good but he did not say one thing about Asher Angel‘s performance is Billy Batson and I think Asher did a really really great job of portraying this character
Phoenix Lennard
Phoenix Lennard - 2 måneder siden
5:16 Don't forget Constantine!
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel - 2 måneder siden
Yes, there are some Logic Holes in this, we can all admit that and be honest about that.
BUT i genuinly believ ethis would be the right direction for Movies to go nowadays.
I'm sick of all this Sex Sells Trash and Trash-Trash and what else Trash. Plus Variations of these.
I want more Movies like Shazam, much more, but better thought-out.
Who agrees?!?
Robert Bullard
Robert Bullard - 2 måneder siden
How about a win for Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman.
Jennifer Pyrce
Jennifer Pyrce - 2 måneder siden
Ha, Ha, don't tell me YOU wouldn't try that out!
Hugh Calder
Hugh Calder - 2 måneder siden
404 dislikes not found
Karan Balwani
Karan Balwani - 2 måneder siden
The best thing about Shazam is that Zachary Levi finally got his big break. Loved his work in Chuck.
Taylor Charlie
Taylor Charlie - 2 måneder siden
Daniel Reynolds
Daniel Reynolds - 2 måneder siden
I watched this movie in the same mall it was filmed so when I saw it it was a mindfuck
Gun Monkey Mark
Gun Monkey Mark - 2 måneder siden
Awesome breakdown of the movie, but I was a little disappointed there was no mention of Mary Marvel in the video.
Ko Zero
Ko Zero - 2 måneder siden
This movie is really childish including all the lines, scenes, and characters. Waste of my time
Raseruuu - 2 måneder siden
Superheroes are for kids. Well this one is maybe not all
Tom Balls
Tom Balls - 2 måneder siden
I love how at 3:40 there are chips on the table it makes it look so much more like a real cafeteria
Galaxy Doggo
Galaxy Doggo - 2 måneder siden
I myself would’ve also added a point for the fact that they had slow hands by Niall Horan playing in the background of a dinner time scene. I just love that
Vinity - 2 måneder siden
Wait... Is that the Asian kid from 13 reasons why?
Amaganic - 2 måneder siden
I think I found a positive channel.
Red Planet Studio
Red Planet Studio - 2 måneder siden
Everything great about John Carter
That1RandomWeeb - 2 måneder siden
They probably didn't show Superman's face due to the mustache
Dingledongus - 2 måneder siden
You pronounced Reese's incorrectly
Ender Wiggins
Ender Wiggins - 2 måneder siden
Gotta love the Toshiba "gaming" laptop combined with the razor gear.
Skyler Pulattie
Skyler Pulattie - 2 måneder siden
so this is what happened to CHUCK
Heather Campbell
Heather Campbell - 2 måneder siden
Well said.
David Cano
David Cano - 2 måneder siden
Add me on fortnite
sideslick1024 - 2 måneder siden
8:20 That's actually *not* a Raptor. It's just a plain-old F-150 with an aftermarket grill that only looks similar to the big "FORD" lettering found on Raptors (among other mods).

An *actual* Raptor would have much more drastic fender-flairing, and a completely different hood, among many other details (Raptors and other F-150's actually share very few parts).
Kryptoskillet - 2 måneder siden
5:34 Why would Shazam dub Billy “Captain Marvel”? He should’ve just dubbed him “Shazam”, and Billy or Freddy should have made up the name “Captain Marvel” to avoid transforming when he says his name.
Braedon Leshe
Braedon Leshe - 2 måneder siden
I really hate to rain on the parade but that wasn’t a raptor it was an ordinary f150 with a bunch of cosmetic mods
Kryptoskillet - 3 måneder siden
This movie is goddamn awesome. I showed it to my stepfather, who I have a usually difficult time getting along with and who isn’t all that much of a superhero fan in general, and he said it was the best superhero movie he’d seen in a long time. Also, he laughed his ASS off at the Santa profanity at the end. Probably the second most I’ve seen him laugh.
Kyle Becker
Kyle Becker - 3 måneder siden
No thats a ripoff ford grille thats often nicknamed the dood grille. For people that don't want to pay for the oem ford grille
Chase Henry
Chase Henry - 3 måneder siden
"queen is always a win"
"You're god d*nm right"
spider kid
spider kid - 3 måneder siden
CinemaWins: Queen is always a win.
Me: no Queen is always a hundred wins.
Jeff Shen
Jeff Shen - 3 måneder siden
14:42 was pretty much a jump scare to me
Ky. - 3 måneder siden
seventh throne is for King Kid
Cryo Gami
Cryo Gami - 3 måneder siden
Only thing that would make this better is if we got Sivana singing Country Roads xD
Tassoss13 - 3 måneder siden
Ford we are the crowd killers
Daisie Cardona
Daisie Cardona - 3 måneder siden
As Someone whos lived in philadelphia my whole life. WELCOME TO PHILLY!!!!!!!
Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee - 3 måneder siden
Could have been sponsored by the Shazam app. Hahaha missed opportunity
Links's True Power
Links's True Power - 3 måneder siden
Gonna have to disagree with you on that bit about no one in the DCCU having the Power of Foster Parenthood.
It a big part of Batman.
Lord Groudon
Lord Groudon - 3 måneder siden
19:37 well... I Already got dat.
Mabra - 3 måneder siden
What do you mean by both version of captain marvel?
OG name
OG name - 3 måneder siden
Btw the 7 theme is because 7 is known to be the 'magic' or 'most powerful' number
Celestial Being
Celestial Being - 3 måneder siden
Bless you
KingCloudJumper - 3 måneder siden
why does zachary levi look like jimmy fallon
KFC Junior
KFC Junior - 3 måneder siden
I honestley like the cinema sins person more, he sounds more negative. But ur stll awesome
Amanda Wade
Amanda Wade - 3 måneder siden
I saw this for the first time on a plane, so when I heard the hero name "Thunder Crack", it was the most painful thing to not burst out laughing in the middle of a quiet plane with sleeping people around me.
Thomas Hodge
Thomas Hodge - 3 måneder siden
Actually the shazam family was around before the new 52
The Shaman
The Shaman - 3 måneder siden
Queen is, indeed, always a win.
Vend*exe - 3 måneder siden
Mr clean is always a win
Dr Mystic
Dr Mystic - 3 måneder siden
I always watch cinema wins and sins after eachother so I can compare their thoughts.
Fogo - 3 måneder siden
I know this is a Really deep cut, but the school security guard was named "Moran" Which is most likely a reference to Micky Moran. Who was the alter ego to Marvelman, who was a British knockoff of Captain Marvel (who is now known as Shazam)

Or it could've just been so they could make the Moron joke, but I like the other option better
Fanatic Proxy
Fanatic Proxy - 3 måneder siden
Wait a sec. I have ASD and I love superheroes. Is this a common thing with other people on the spectrum?
Rayla 957
Rayla 957 - 3 måneder siden
I'd like to suggest the very win-worthy movie 9. It's a post-apocalyptic animated PG-13 horror movie with sentient doll things as protagonists. It's weird, somewhat terrifying, beautifully animated, and tragic as hell. Seriously, I was crying over those doll thingies.
Of course, there's no obligation to make this video, but I wanted to put this out there. :) I love your videos and your positivity, have a great day!
databunbun - 3 måneder siden
I've a small educational channel and
it will mean the world to me
if you would be a part of my channel
Nyah Gotcha life
Nyah Gotcha life - 3 måneder siden
In the start of the movie in the cinemas I cried because the start was scary🥺
Blue J
Blue J - 4 måneder siden
IMO John Glover is always awin, he'll always be Lionel Luthor to me but i love seeing him as other roles
Gr00vy Frog
Gr00vy Frog - 4 måneder siden
Jack Dylan grazer and Zachary Levi caries
this movie
TotallyAwesomeMcknz - 4 måneder siden
That tiger moment made my heart swell with happy/sad feelings
Asher Lauderdale
Asher Lauderdale - 4 måneder siden
Fight club
Johnathan her
Johnathan her - 4 måneder siden
This movie was funny and great to watch. I'll watch it again! I just realize that the boy who play billy was the kid in andi mack, and I was wondering why they didn't add the girl in the movie!