Everything GREAT About San Andreas!

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Skyscraper is out, so I figured I redux one of my first videos ever. San Andreas was a generic disaster movie that wasn't really all that generic. I enjoyed it, and enough of you did as well since it's getting a sequel. First, The Rock has other heroics to perform.
*Side Note* In a video where I make fun of how I used to sound monotonous and unenthused, (I wrote the script in end of June) I sound a little…melancholy...at best. Apologies for that. It's not something I really noticed until it was too late to re-record. I swear I'm doing alright and plan to be back to my chipper self next week. Thank you all for your kind words on last weeks video and the encouragement to take some time off. For me, work is a good distraction. Especially trying to find the positive in something when everything around us feels like the opposite.
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Outro Music: "Rise of the Heroes" by Jon Wright
Film og animasjon
Runtime: 14:21


RNG kryze
RNG kryze - 2 dager siden
how can you make a flexibility joke with

Ioan Gruffudd on screen and not mention mr fantastic
TheRoseAndTheCross -
TheRoseAndTheCross - - 4 dager siden
10:15 Just like that guy from Atlantic Rim
GrimmFilmEnt - 9 dager siden
One word: bewbs
Krishna Koturwar
Krishna Koturwar - 26 dager siden
Hey , awesome content ! Love your observations and take on movies .🔥
PS - how far is Magnificent Seven in the list (if at all )
yeetmaster - Måned siden
At first I thought this was about gta san andreas
MarvelManiac - Måned siden
Anyone felt this film was underrated, or just under appreciated?
Kanye East
Kanye East - Måned siden
That elderly couple with the tsunami scene is so sad
bittgrundy - 2 måneder siden
9:50 fun fact I actually asked my grandma is this the proper way to get over a wave and she is a navigator expert she actually taught navigator school for the power squadron and she said yes this is the correct way you want to get over the crest before the wave actually physically forms to avoid being capsized
Through The Eyes Of A Sage
Through The Eyes Of A Sage - 2 måneder siden
The the Rock wins😂🎉
RenGraes - 2 måneder siden
I actually heard about a story regarding this movie....
A young boy managed to save his father's life when he had a cardiac arrest/heart attack, can't remember which, and he remembered watching this movie and learned how to do impromptu CPR from the movie, using what he learned to save his father.
He credited the save to the Rock himself... and the Rock himself visited the young boy. Now that's a star-salute.
Def Joey
Def Joey - 2 måneder siden
Darren Rossler
Darren Rossler - 3 måneder siden
I am a little sad he did not talk about the old couple
Maria Lima
Maria Lima - 3 måneder siden
I'm so grateful I live in Brazil when I see stuff like this
Bryce Border
Bryce Border - 3 måneder siden
It was totally apple advertising. If those computers were actual computers, they'd be peppered with art and stickers.
Sharrowkin - 3 måneder siden
Entertaining vid. But too much feminazti. Expected from Hollywood. It sickens me really. Prove me wrong
Sharrowkin - 3 måneder siden
This film has too many circumstances where a wahmens way of doing things would result in more fatalities
Not Garfield
Not Garfield - 4 måneder siden
One time i saw th8s weird knock off version of this movie.
Judit Carlaw
Judit Carlaw - 4 måneder siden
This is a very good movie i mean come on the action scenes are happening so quickly... :3
Pheonixflyer14 - 4 måneder siden
When he pronounced "Merica" like "Marica" I said "No no no, it's 'merica."
waterywingz - Måned siden
It’s ‘Murica ~~~
Josh Hetzel
Josh Hetzel - 4 måneder siden
You should do the impossible
julio - 5 måneder siden
3:47 man..
K Savv
K Savv - 5 måneder siden
I went to see this with my reluctant dad and after the first 10 minutes he was in tears for some reason.

He claims it was due to him being hungover, but I don’t buy it.
Hatake Kakashi
Hatake Kakashi - 5 måneder siden
I didn't understand the taking your little brother to war reference till I remembered that the kid was Reckon in GOT...... Ouch
ssosmcin - 5 måneder siden
What? No real words about Andrew Lockington's amazing score?! He gave this film so much more beauty than it really needed and it's all the better for it. The skydiving scene alone is worth picking up the soundtrack for. It's such a lovely theme, not heroic or tense but reinforcing the love and reliance on each other between them. Redo this video again. For the music! :D
Christian Perkins
Christian Perkins - 5 måneder siden
" who needs the jaws of life when you've got the rock of life"haha I'm dead🤣🤣
Abigail Amundsen
Abigail Amundsen - 5 måneder siden
Do one of the Scooby Doo movies please.
Wraths Reign
Wraths Reign - 6 måneder siden
I wonder what Daniel is up too...... ahh good bye 😆 🤣😂
Book7BrokeMyBrain - 6 måneder siden
This was a terrific entry to your library. I like that you redid this video.
I love this movie. It does turn so many tropes on their heads.
The very greatest thing about this movie, though, has to be that a young boy who watched this film over and over saved his drowning little brother's life. He did CPR on the toddler (?) and remembered from the movie that you never give up. He never gave up, and he brought his brother back.
W hen The Rock found out what a hero this kid was he brought him to the set of his current movie and treated him like a king. That's the best thing about this film.
I'm not crying, you're crying,
Santiago Giraldo
Santiago Giraldo - 6 måneder siden
I feel ofended more people dont know about arrow, how dare all of you
Official kingawesome113
Official kingawesome113 - 6 måneder siden
I would actually add a win to the religious scene, as this scene recognizes the idea of hope in a refugee camp, which you don't see a lot of. While there are multiple people who miss their relatives, friends, or whoever they lost in the earthquake, specific individuals do find hope. And speaking from a religious point of view, I actually love that scene because not only does it represent the unification of a community with the same ideal beliefs, but also for a hope of a future knowing in which who they're praying to, they know He'll be in complete control of any given situation.

So good job on that scene, movie.
Jack Smith
Jack Smith - 6 måneder siden
Do the hobbit trilogy
danteelite - 6 måneder siden
You should do one of the early and lesser known DTRJ movies, like Walking Tall or The Rundown.
I really liked those as a kid/teen and it would be cool to review them now, seeing how far he's come... or has he always been awesome?
Only one way to find out.
Aric R.
Aric R. - 7 måneder siden
Team Arrow!
Hatake Kakashi
Hatake Kakashi - 7 måneder siden
9:13 wait what... What's that guy in the background doing? 😂..... I didn't even notice the first five times I watched the movie.... Only now I did
Rezn8r - 5 måneder siden
That’s a statue
Hatake Kakashi
Hatake Kakashi - 7 måneder siden
7:29 a missed win (for the lols of it) her screames sound exactly like the helicopter alarms lol
Jacob Lomoth
Jacob Lomoth - 7 måneder siden
Nobody thought this was on GTA San Andreas. Just saying I though it was until i watched this entire videp
MCU FAN - 7 måneder siden
Extra Win for the Transformers reference. ::ding::
Also an extra win for the Race to Witch Mountain reference. ::ding::
Mr. Awesome
Mr. Awesome - 7 måneder siden
If you like the destruction in this movie, you should watch 2012.
Chloe Snow
Chloe Snow - 8 måneder siden
Please review resident evil vendetta
The Awkward Gamer
The Awkward Gamer - 8 måneder siden
3:33. Ah, the Mr Fantastic jokes. Honestly, that's the only other movie I actually know him from though, so I understand completely.
white diamond
white diamond - 8 måneder siden
I watched this in geography class
Silent Reaper
Silent Reaper - 8 måneder siden
I haven't watched the movie in full so I may be mistaken but a fun tidbit I learned was that when you're performing CPR on a drowned victim, the act of CPR would force water to come out with each push before reviving and spitting all the water out. Of course, this may be incorrect since I have very little IRL experience in this field but I found it a fun detail to notice that when the Rock is pushing down you can see a trickle of water come out of her mouth before she comes back. A lot of movies tend to simply show the drowned character to spit out the water all at once when they're revived.
Frizzleman - 8 måneder siden
Hey man do Poseidon adventure or the newer one from like 2006 or something. Love you stuff and I keep coming back
Tabby Cat
Tabby Cat - 9 måneder siden
i love Arsenal and Jackson as a Kanima... but Arsenal is just overall more lovable lmao
John Daltrocanto
John Daltrocanto - 9 måneder siden
Not much really
Tricia K
Tricia K - 9 måneder siden
I love what you're doing here (or at least *trying* to do, anyways) - but this really is/was a genuinely shit movie!😘
Beyond Reality [CD10]
Beyond Reality [CD10] - 9 måneder siden
Are you trying to tell me that this is a great movie? I....might have to see this one. It has the Rock, a lot of cliché-dodging and THE ROCK acting. I....probably have to see this one.
OneMosasaurus - 9 måneder siden
the only great thing about this movie was Style, and that’s on Taylor Swift 🤩🤩
Remember - 10 måneder siden
Congrats on 5 million subs - 2020
Sem. Jade Vincent C. Bornales
Sem. Jade Vincent C. Bornales - 10 måneder siden
Everything Great About THE BULK.
Ginga Ninja
Ginga Ninja - 11 måneder siden
I'm curious. When Paul Giamatti said 'No no no no no no' to the lady in doorframe and instead said get to cover and hold on and that was a dispelling earthquake myths win, is that real? Is the whole stay in a doorframe for safety a myth?
Aram Isaac
Aram Isaac - 11 måneder siden
I think this movie is mediocre at best. But that shot with those old people hugging, that was brilliant. Truly one of the best shots of the genre in modern disaster movies.
Tylet Rose
Tylet Rose - År siden
Cinemawins? If you're looking for another disaster movie to cover, I'd recommend either Into the Storm or Twister. Both had amazing visual effects, and an amazing cast.
julio - År siden
Stephen May
Stephen May - År siden
I DID NOT know ma boy Roy was in this movie. Arrow fans???
Althea Sirius
Althea Sirius - År siden
Love your channel!!
I love the movie but I just CAN'T watch the movie. It's a wake up call to those on faults, but I just can't handle the amount of destruction (even if it is mostly cgi). I actually first watched this in a Drive In in San Luis Obispo. To say I was scared would be an understatement, I was terrified. But At least I found out I won't watch movies like that again.
GodOfWar221 - År siden
I'm just gonna bring up, one of my favorite moments of this film....despite that there are so many. But, the scene when the older couple are part of an evacuation cue. And they turn, to see the incoming Tsunami...and rather than try to flee...they see the futility of it, and they chose to instead embrace each other....and chose to die together.
eugene8910 - Måned siden
I havent actually watched the movie but jesus that sounds so sad. That would hurt my soul if i saw it
GodOfWar221 - 5 måneder siden
Alyssa me too
Alyssa - 5 måneder siden
That part made me cry😭
Vincent - År siden
Dwayne Johnson is Always a win
Dregoth - År siden
It ended?
That's about it.
Some Dude84
Some Dude84 - År siden
They made GTA a movie?
OtakuMage - År siden
And just slightly under a year after this video came out, SoCal got it's biggest earthquake in decades! With a 1-in-20 foreshock that already broke the decades-long gap! I dread the day the San Andreas actually lets loose down here. Yes this prompted more than a few people in my family to start disaster prepping, but against a fault-line that runs almost the height of an entire continent, I don't think a couple Costco cases of baked beans and a Coleman stove older than I am are enough. Better than nothing, yes, but not enough to keep the house afloat in a liquefaction zone.
VegetaLF7 - År siden
This is also basically the movie that you were attending the filming of on the Universal ride Disaster, the reskin of the old Earthquake ride. In it you are visiting a failing movie studio specializing in disaster films and are cast as extras. Before your big scene, a select few volunteers from the beginning of the show film a few additional shots. After it is all said and done, you watch a video of what your shots were spliced into the other pre-recorded footage. The film, Motha Nature, had the Rock helping to save people in an earthquake in LA. When the first trailers of San Andreas came out, fans of Disaster practically cheered that Motha Nature was a reality.
Diamond Buddies
Diamond Buddies - År siden
I first watched San Andreas as a TV film. I was staying in a hotel and was going to check what movies they had on their streaming service, but my interest was piqued by San Andreas and it kept me hooked the whole way through. I love this movie. Maybe more than it deserves, but I don’t care. Good movie is good.
Simse - År siden
I dont get the difference between the earthquake do's and dont's. whats the second person doing wrong that the first one is doing right?
DW X - År siden
Was the Rock saying "Not Today" suppose to be a reference to Syrio Forel from Game Of Thrones and his response to the God Of Death?
David Kenway
David Kenway - År siden
How did you spot the Canadian flag??
John Smith
John Smith - År siden
Please do V for Vendetta~!
ItzRonin44 - År siden
Lol fantastic four reference 😂
Not_Sharky— - År siden
Roy Harper is always a win
Mitchell Phillips
Mitchell Phillips - År siden
The Rock is a great actor when you see the lengths some wrestlers go to to preform and express character it’s amazing don’t get me wrong some are terrible but when you find that guy/girl that puts everything into it’s magical
tactical channel and water and survival gear is 100 present real you should have give 15 win but took 1 win away because that glass in the man should have started a arterial bleed (squirting bight red blood) and that cloth wont do shit i don care if it is was acting as a tourniquet me as a medical perfection i use a battle test device named the sam XT tourniquet to stop that kind on bleeding side note this is why cops dont shoot people in the leg they some big blood vessels down there
Funny Penguin
Funny Penguin - År siden
Critics are calling it!
"Explosions and Screaming, The movie" !
Jump Man
Jump Man - År siden
Great= G
About= T and A
San Andreas
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez - År siden
Hey I know this might be a bit different than the type of movies you usually do but can you do an episode on coach Carter?
choboutube - År siden
There were two great things about San Andreas.
choboutube - År siden
But seriously, I like this movie more than I should and having Alexandra in it doesn't hurt.
username_unavailable - År siden
Brad Peyton is originally from my hometown, so seeing him and his movie getting praise like this oddly makes me feel really proud.
TheNitroG1 - År siden
but it's not the damsel in distress flipped on it's head. they both saved each others lives many times during the course of the movie. they are a good team. something to be celebrated even more then having a strong hero carry the movie.
LyricalXilence - År siden
LMAO!!! @ 6:10 when he said top billed I heard top "built" 😆 Which is funny because the actress is seriously built on top.
Aimlessly_ - År siden
San Andreas or Liberty City or Vice City?
Rogue Guardian
Rogue Guardian - År siden
Alexandria has beautiful eyes, just wanted to say that
Gheran Nor
Gheran Nor - År siden
You said flexibility for the guy that played Reed Richards and didn't even harp on it. Not a win lol
Roberto Cortez
Roberto Cortez - År siden
Please please please do Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium
in the sixth season of teen wolf, couldn't he technically be counted as a wolf kanima hybrid?
Anthony pineno
Anthony pineno - År siden
I know I’m horrible but when he said “ they’ve got me clenching” all I could think was clenching what though
Althea Sirius
Althea Sirius - År siden
I first saw this movie at the Sunset Drive in and... I was terrified.
By the time it hit the half way and near down point, I was crying silently and shaking.
I was next to my brother in the back of our parents truck, and in a rare touchy/feely moment for him, he put his arm around me for support.
What I'm trying to say is, this movie was great and it captured the true terror of a big scale disaster. That, and I won't be watching the movie any time soon.
Orange Minotaur
Orange Minotaur - År siden
Please do 8 crazy nights and joe dirt
Jonny Yoo
Jonny Yoo - År siden
大空 スバル
大空 スバル - År siden
Everything great\wrong with spiderman into the spider verse
Michael Wynn
Michael Wynn - År siden
I love the teen wolf references
Kawaii_ Potato
Kawaii_ Potato - År siden
Arrow: Like
Teen Wolf: Comment

not doing this for likes (all though its going to seem that way, I swear I'm not) I'm just curious
LavaDragon3 - År siden
Elena Christian
Elena Christian - År siden
I loved this movie.
Enrico Pucci
Enrico Pucci - År siden
R. H.
R. H. - År siden
I totally see the last of the mohicans comment :D:D
Alexander Adkins
Alexander Adkins - År siden
Man i love when the damsel in distress is flipped bc as a literal panicky baby man i can relate to a guy needing to be saved and helped out
HeyYoBighed - År siden
May you please do How To Train Your Dragon 2?
Ademina Memes
Ademina Memes - År siden
"You'd have to stretch pretty far to fill the Rock's shoes" I had to watch that again because I almost missed the Reed Richards joke. Original Fantastic Four win!
Mr.Panda Man
Mr.Panda Man - År siden
Everything great about remember the Titans
olivarry force
olivarry force - År siden
Arrow fan!
KeepUpTheGoodWork1 - År siden
As an EMT I can tell you rescue breaths are still a thing for all cardiac arrest, not just drowning. So you know.