Everything GREAT About Ready Player One!

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Ready Player One! A REUPLOAD! Yes, it is, from 2018.
It actually has a better RT score than It's box office return would lead you to believe. Critics seemed to be pretty tough on it, so that’s why I'm here. ;) Here's everything right with Ready Player One!
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CinemaWins - 4 måneder siden
Multiple copyright claims and then a final block, it was time to bring this one back to life! So no, you're not going crazy, this is a re-edit and reupload. Sorry for the delay in the new one, but the copyright claims are out of control right now, even for new stuff.
Stan Henderson
Stan Henderson - 9 dager siden
I need the ppl who made this movie to make a SAO movie.
M MM - 14 dager siden
Btw 10:30 Ready Player One "We have the most ambitious crossover ever!” Marvel/Disney "Hold my Endgame" ArtSpear Entertainment: “Hold my beer...” noburn.info/id/video/uWrcfat6obF6hGk.html
M MM - 14 dager siden
you forgot the "is" Bro..."Everything IS GREAT About Ready Player One" would have been the correct Title...I am 41...This Movie did it...it dethroned Back to Future...something I thought would never happen...
Jeffrey Woods jr
Jeffrey Woods jr - 2 måneder siden
Could you do world war z next
optimegatrongodzilla - 2 måneder siden
@CinemaWins Please do "Everything Great About "Small Soldiers"".
Thine Taco
Thine Taco - 5 timer siden
Damn i wanna rewatch this now
NightWraith76 - Dag siden
My favourite movie of all time!!!!
Joel John
Joel John - 3 dager siden
What there is cinema wins and a cinema sins
FearrFN - 3 dager siden
i dont think anyone cares but my friends dad was the author of ready player one
Dhimas Haryo Wicaksono
Dhimas Haryo Wicaksono - 4 dager siden
Ready player one is honestly the most fun movie i’ve ever seen
Red - 5 dager siden
this movie was pretty bad compared to the book
Justin - 6 dager siden
Legend has it, that halliday and kayaba hang out together
Ethan_da_elmo - 7 dager siden
I just saw Director krennic
SuperAssassinGaming - 8 dager siden
Imagine Pokémon in this world
Valkarta Dreddknot
Valkarta Dreddknot - 8 dager siden
Bet people didn't see the sledges shotgun from borderlands 2 at 12:31
Corrupt Central
Corrupt Central - 9 dager siden
Yo, I cant be the only one that just realized that the black dude isn't a dude...
Oaklore Gaming
Oaklore Gaming - 9 dager siden
I really liked the movie, they packed in what they could from the book. I'd love one day to see a TV series (animated or live action) that is much more in depth with the book, like Wade going to school in the oasis, him finding the riddles and keys the way the book had (wargames, the holy grail) and seeing his time alone in the motel with his Max Headroom "butler" HIM being arrested and trapped in IOI and then him using Leopardon from "Supaidaman" haha
Jeazy - 11 dager siden
bro just imagine a BR game with every video game character and movie character !
Baronstone - 12 dager siden
So you're rooting for a sequel? Well, your wish is Ernest Cline's command because Ready Player Two comes out on November 24th! I have no idea how long it will take to make the movie, but based on the tiny hints we have about the book, it should be amazing!
HighGraphics13 - 12 dager siden
Honestly this entire movie is just a gamers wet dream
Markus Krakora
Markus Krakora - 12 dager siden
Ready Player One = best movie EVER
Hunter Wilder
Hunter Wilder - 12 dager siden
I wasn’t around during the 1980s, but the book had a strangely nostalgic feel to it. I didn’t grow up with movies like “WarGames” or bands like Rush, yet it had a timeless quality to it that made me feel as if it had always been a part of my childhood
Karine Fonte
Karine Fonte - 12 dager siden
Why does anyone still pay attention to RT?! They're a bunch of sell-outs pandering to big studios...
ExcellentRectangle !
ExcellentRectangle ! - 13 dager siden
Did not expect an rvb reference
Atomic Venom
Atomic Venom - 13 dager siden
200 dislike work from IOI
CRB CROUTON - 13 dager siden
I love this move
British lad looking for sigoretts
“KILL that n00b
Sauce Boss
Sauce Boss - 14 dager siden
Disappointed there wasnt any references to Need For Speed in the race but there were like 4 Tracers at random points in the movie.
Karine Fonte
Karine Fonte - 12 dager siden
It all depends of licensing. We both know some companies are stingy with their products (cof* cof* EA cof* cof*).
journal of a madman
journal of a madman - 14 dager siden
I just noticed the bl2 shotgun on pile of loot
Monica F
Monica F - 14 dager siden
Please do Interstellar!
Nicholas Neumann
Nicholas Neumann - 14 dager siden
May van halen rest in peace.
Gak R
Gak R - 14 dager siden
I get so pissed every tine they show tracer in the movie, why? I’ll let you find out for yourself
Maroon Eddie
Maroon Eddie - 14 dager siden
Favorite Book Adopted Movie ever. Period. Not 100% accurate but the changes make sense and are unique in their own ways. Still prefer the book but hey, it's still amazing. I've watched it for over 5 times and are still finding new Easter eggs.
PainLessRelic 36
PainLessRelic 36 - 15 dager siden
I just noticed aech has a halo assault rifle
Jon Lopez
Jon Lopez - 15 dager siden
Do Nacho Libre!!!
Warning 64
Warning 64 - 15 dager siden
Iron giant for smash
cazuto claw
cazuto claw - 16 dager siden
He should do seven deadly sins movie
RAPPEDup - 16 dager siden
I would love a sequel where some enemy entity maybe IOI tries to build themselves up again and try to take over
Maximo Delrosario
Maximo Delrosario - 16 dager siden
I just realized the scene with the Spartans has the old and new version of the grunt. (Old version behind the elite)
Shadow The Hedgehog
Shadow The Hedgehog - 16 dager siden
"How does Sonic get into every video game movie and I don't?"
that one salty pickle
that one salty pickle - 16 dager siden
The finale battle looks so much like endgame its creepy
Joshua Eaton
Joshua Eaton - 16 dager siden
Pin Pollo
Pin Pollo - 17 dager siden
Ready player one is the best movie ever
zarisX - 17 dager siden
this is awesome!!!
Cap10 - 17 dager siden
Such an underrated movie.
IYONA14 GranTurismo GT6,GT SPORT Legendary Racers
Lol...the camera underwater in the Shining scene!!?? How about Blood....
jeffery woods
jeffery woods - 17 dager siden
Gundam is what I am currently growing up with and when he put an emphasis on gundam it made my day for some reason
LforLight - 18 dager siden
One of my big criticisms regarding the movie's changes from the book: The first key was designed to be accessible by everyone, which was Halliday's whole shtick. The dude was a beacon of fairness and equality between the poor and the rich. He didn't punish the rich, but he gave those without resources ample opportunities. The first key, in the book, was hidden in a location literally accessible by everyone. As travel in the virtual world costs currency, the key was hidden where the most basic users - school children - are stuck without the money to leave the area. In the movie? You need to have disposable income to travel to a certain location and buy a RACING CAR and fuel it, then place it in an environment that could destroy said car and require further payments.
This is not fair. This does not represent Halliday's good and fair nature. It also doesn't help us perceive the main character as poor. Yes, he lives in a stack, yes, he games from inside a van in a scrapyard, but his virtual lifestyle status is pretty good if he can afford a pimped DeLorean. Only thing they show to hint at his financial situation is him collecting money to refuel, but even then it's not really significant in the face of the other riches. In addition to the point of the movie's Gunt being unfair, the final stage requires a bit of information no one possesses other than Ogden Morrow. Supposedly, if someone didn't physically talk with him and still reached the last level, they'd get actually stuck, gamebreakingly stuck.
My other criticism is the depiction of 1:1 movement input. People running in the streets to run in the INTERSTELLAR video game makes no sense. Neither does the 101 employees being grouped in the game as they are grouped in real life, such that a bunch being crushed to death is reflected in a zone being colored red in their workstations. The book said that subtle hand movements moved your avatar around. There is no reason or sense in 1:1 movements. People can easily run into objects in real life that aren't in the game.
Princessallstar 365
Princessallstar 365 - 19 dager siden
When I saw the Spartans I was going crazy. I love playing halo
Julia Beatty
Julia Beatty - 21 dag siden
2:03 hold up, why am I suddenly in charge of cinemasins guy's funeral?
Joe Schmuckatelli
Joe Schmuckatelli - 21 dag siden
Why Sorento pulling the gun is unrealistic: He pulled it in the United States in Detroit, jussayin.
AN_ANON_PERSON - 22 dager siden
11:44 iron giant was the imposter
lixelink studios
lixelink studios - 23 dager siden
Ngl, i want the oasis to be real.
City Watch Guard
City Watch Guard - 24 dager siden
If they make armada I’ll be down
Dominic Coppard
Dominic Coppard - 24 dager siden
SpartanOli - 25 dager siden
18:26 I'll pretend i didn't see that
lonecourierjoeyV2 - 25 dager siden
My avatar if this was real (and no i dont mean VRchat) would be the NCR Veteran Ranger
XScottishReaper OFFICIAL
XScottishReaper OFFICIAL - 25 dager siden
Ready player one was so underrated and needs a sequel
LaughingChild - 25 dager siden
"Camping, it's a legitimate strategy." Tucker 2003. Are you trying to make me watch rvb again?
Ghost 7352
Ghost 7352 - 25 dager siden
I LOVE THIS MOVIE, done...that's all you need.
Alexander Holm
Alexander Holm - 26 dager siden
Love the book and the movie is barely an adaptation of it, they should have made something new or changed the name at least if they where gonna make it so different. Maybe the movie is good but I can’t see it at all.
JadeFire 127
JadeFire 127 - 28 dager siden
10:25 heh, 101 IOI heh.
TheRManProds - 28 dager siden
I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!
Johan Biju
Johan Biju - 28 dager siden
I would be surprised if anyone this much into the future knew what Monty python was
Arvadiel Aurelius
Arvadiel Aurelius - 29 dager siden
I don't know why but the Gundam entrance scene always gives me the chills
Satoru Taiyo
Satoru Taiyo - Måned siden
I want to visit that universe, I could walk around as a Glaceon
David Gowers
David Gowers - Måned siden
I made the mistake of watching this immediately after finishing the book, so I currently HATE the changes, and couldn't enjoy it at all. Maybe in a few years I'll revisit it and might be able to enjoy it then
Jason Boyle
Jason Boyle - Måned siden
The iron giant was that “this is the best” moment for me
Sketch Morgan
Sketch Morgan - Måned siden
This video should just be the whole movie
Roze Helm
Roze Helm - Måned siden
Imagine if this is real imagine all the mods
Julien - Måned siden
Quite disappointed there was no one punch man tho.
Alex - Måned siden
Was I the only one to rember the friend being a guy
Tate Windom
Tate Windom - Måned siden
Idk if anyone has already said this, but one of my favorite details is that Parzival's DeLorean has K.I.T.T.'s red light bar on the front grill
OG Serpents
OG Serpents - Måned siden
They were doomed the moment master chief fought against them
TheNeoEnigma - Måned siden
This movie would’ve been better if the book didn’t exist. It’s one of my favorite books and I was upset that it wasn’t the same.
Ethan bradberry
Ethan bradberry - Måned siden
Video should have been "everything that the book did better than the movie"
Spider Mercenary
Spider Mercenary - Måned siden
I’d be running around as Optimus Prime
Alex Pilotin
Alex Pilotin - Måned siden
if that was real id be a character from phantom forces GUNS FOR DAYS
Funtime Freddy
Funtime Freddy - Måned siden
R2 - D2
R2 - D2 - Måned siden
my job is basically pushing buttons
John Henderson
John Henderson - Måned siden
bro i always root for the good guys to take the evil guys deal@!
CozyPyro - Måned siden
11:06 Excuse me, that’s grandpa to you!
Just watched the endgame v9ds
cameron edmondson
cameron edmondson - Måned siden
I thought h was a guy
Aaron D
Aaron D - Måned siden
watching this movie in 3D is one of the greatest decisions I have ever made
Jefferson Focbit
Jefferson Focbit - Måned siden
I think you forgot to mention kong and roberta the t rex
Why did you forget them???
Louis Chew
Louis Chew - Måned siden
Has anyone pointed out the ship on Aech's workshop bench is either Spike's shuttle from Cowboy Bebop, or the red fighter from Nausicaa of Valley of the wind
Twxi - Måned siden
One of the greatest movies of all time, if not the greatest. Absolutely love it, beyond the references.
Captain_ Cooch
Captain_ Cooch - Måned siden
Aaron. - Måned siden
In my opinion, after finishing the book yesterday, I think this is one of the times where the movie and the book are equals!
Aaron. - Måned siden
Twxi Fair enough! 😊
Twxi - Måned siden
Agree to disagree - too much 80s for me, but I still liked the book.
Beans Cottrell
Beans Cottrell - Måned siden
I agree on the iron giant thing, he would've crushed literally everybody
adam gustafson
adam gustafson - Måned siden
there was a gremlin in the huge battle 15:03
What the Leo
What the Leo - Måned siden
The only thing I hate about the movie is that the book and movie have a lot of different stuff, but I know movies are always different than the books but this is more than different, none of the keys are different and there are gates, and (SPOILER)

one of the main characters is dead in the book
What the Leo
What the Leo - Måned siden
@Twxi I was just responding, wasn't trying to be rude. Sorry
Twxi - Måned siden
@What the Leo What did I say that was confusing? Not trying to be argumentative, just giving my input.
What the Leo
What the Leo - Måned siden
@Twxi Okay, if you say so. i don't know what u talking bout
Twxi - Måned siden
I don't think they could've included the gates because of time constraints. Also, the book was nothing but 80s nostalgia, this had everything. I enjoyed the book, but the movie was better imo
M.G. - Måned siden
I feel like this movie is pretty underrated for how amazing it is.
Twxi - Måned siden
Scott McAllister
Scott McAllister - Måned siden
8:40 my dad didn't let me watch that scene..... I think I see why now
Karl The Fragr
Karl The Fragr - Måned siden
I remember an interview with John Carmack of ID Software (and nowadays Facebook/Occulus) where they discussed VR and how it could potentially be used as a way for the poor to be able to have experiences that they would never be able to afford in real life almost as if virtual experiences could replace real ones. Kind of chilling to hear those kinds of applications for VR/AR be discussed in real life, when the infinitely better alternative would be to to just try to ensure that as many people as possible can live decent lives instead of having to be poor an rely on fiction to not be miserable. The way he talked about it almost made it seem like he believed that by applying VR in this way he would be helping to improve people's lives. Which is of course only my interpretation of what he said and i could be wrong, but if that's really what he meant then that's pretty fucked up.
Retrowave boi
Retrowave boi - Måned siden
5:42 i mean im surprised sho picked a trans am out of all the possible vehicles you couldve picked... smokey and the bandit must be way older than him (plus the car literally blowing up due to how damaged it is is probably another hint to how young he is, considering hes probably an inexperienced driver...)
Daniel Shin
Daniel Shin - Måned siden
1:40 Halo assault rifle
Jaeyeon Kim
Jaeyeon Kim - Måned siden
What about Everything Great about Diary of a Wimpy Kid
TheSourLemon - Måned siden
Plot twist, there is acually a 2nd movie coming called Ready Player Two and its about their child
Eli Urban
Eli Urban - Måned siden
The most unrealistic thing about the Oasis is that nobody has a lightsaber. They should be all over the place!
And before anybody says anything, yes, I understand why. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t bug me when I watched the movie.
Eli Urban
Eli Urban - Måned siden
My point being, if the Oasis were real, Star Wars content would be everywhere. It’s at the forefront of recognizable pop culture worldwide, yet it’s barely present in this movie. By comparison, I didn’t recognize half of the stuff you just listed because it was more niche. Most people could identify a lightsaber in a lineup before a warthog from Halo. Star Wars tech is also very modular, in that you could carry a lightsaber to compliment almost any avatar build. It’s more modular than, say, an Iron Man suit or a Pokémon, which are also very recognizable, but also have certain identities associated with them. Plus, if you’re an OC in a sci-fi/ fantasy world where you can have anything, a screen-accurate laser sword is one of the first things a lot of people would want to get. See: any Star Wars RPG. You ignore other weapons when lightsabers are an option. Given Spielberg’s history with Lucasfilm, I was surprised more Star Wars content didn’t show up. Lucas and Spielberg have been known to reference each other in their movies. Of course, Star Wars doesn’t belong to Lucas any more, and I believe Spielberg was expected to minimize references as a non-compete with the SW sequel trilogy.
Retrowave boi
Retrowave boi - Måned siden
I mean theres millions of more stuff that i can think of in literally one scene (the race) I mean you could have james bonds DB5, General lee, Brians supra or skyline, Grave digger (although bigfoot is still awesome) The warthog. I mean the list could go on forever!
Ryder Heim
Ryder Heim - Måned siden
I loved this movie. No its not the greatest movie in the world, but as soon as i saw the Eagle 5 (winnebago with wings) on my first watch through, i realized how deep they dove on the references. Im also a massive gundam fan, so that was bonus points.
SUPER HOBO - Måned siden
Wait, wait ,wait, wait. The black person is a black gay girl. I thought it was a he.
Sawyer Thomas
Sawyer Thomas - Måned siden
the entire movie I was so disappointed because I'm a huge transformers fan and there were no transformers references I so would have Optimus prime as my avatar