Everything GREAT About Pokémon Detective Pikachu!

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Pokemon Detective Pikachu was a surprise for Pokemon and non-Pokemon fans I like. Ryan Reynolds can have that effect on things. If you hated, this is why people liked it. Here's everything right with Pokémon Detective Pikachu!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 20:51


Peyton, Talented but Lazy
Oh my god... the R is a form of the Berserker Gene! Raises Attack but leaves a Pokemon confused, like they're rampaging. Damn, this movie nails it all!
Peyton, Talented but Lazy
Eh, to be fair, I never saw the word hoosegow written down, just said. You've taught me how to spell it
J verse
J verse - Dag siden
I wish pokemon was real I wouldn't be dealing with the overpowering expectations and over all being a disappointing person because of school
playz style
playz style - 2 dager siden
There's red, no Blu
There's no ash
Has parents (red)
No dad (ash)
No parents (Blu)
MysticalSpaceCat ッ
MysticalSpaceCat ッ - 2 dager siden
MysticalSpaceCat ッ
MysticalSpaceCat ッ - 2 dager siden
My favorite Pokémon is gangar for sure
Kemper McGhee
Kemper McGhee - 3 dager siden
One thing where’s Ash Ketch,em
the MAD ENGINEER - 3 dager siden
9:14 that's a G-Wiz, no way two people fit in there, and that thing is going way too fast,
Did nobody working on this movie watch top gear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
William Rohlfing
William Rohlfing - 4 dager siden
I’m so confused, me and the Pokémon anime call it ar-key-us but they call it ar-ce-us... what?
agung raytora
agung raytora - 7 dager siden
soooo uh i watch detective pikachu in the cinema xxi and i dont regret it is so good
edit : i watch the movie 1st before i watch this :D
Sahira Lopez
Sahira Lopez - 7 dager siden
Ryan Reynolds *IS* an adorable yellow detective creature
Shinobi The Puppeteer
Shinobi The Puppeteer - 7 dager siden
Ya know when the detective pikachu game first came out, i had jokingly said to myself after finishing it "what if pikachu was tim's father?" And i got so excited in the theatre when it was revealed that was the case in the movie, over all i really loved this movie and enjoyed watching it 10/10 would watch it again:) great video aswell mate
Sahira Lopez
Sahira Lopez - 7 dager siden
Henry Jackman...

Henry Jackman everywhere
Quinn vanaselja
Quinn vanaselja - 8 dager siden
and at that moment only Ryan Reynolds voice is heard
Karen Bonds
Karen Bonds - 9 dager siden
I love the idea of human-Pokemon merging. There's a lot of implications that could be expanded upon. Like an evil team who uses this ability as easily as Mario in Odyssey. What about the stories in Canalave library that states humans and Pokemon were one in the same? Are the humans in the Pokémon world originally a piece of a Pokemon that got detached and by merging, they bring a Pokemon back to it's fullest potential? There's so many things we can go with this, and I have several ideas surrounding this phenomenon.
fortwars starnite
fortwars starnite - 9 dager siden
when i heard the weird pika noise i almost choked on water

this is real
Cole James
Cole James - 9 dager siden
Ye the pokemon fan base is very nice
Cole James
Cole James - 9 dager siden
Do I get a always a win?????
WhoTookMyCheese - 10 dager siden
TL;DR guy lost dad and meets yellow dog and it turns into deadpool
Colby _1977
Colby _1977 - 11 dager siden
A reference I really liked was when Pikachu mentioned all a Magikarp needs to evolve into a Gyarados is a little kick, which was a nice call back to the moment in the original season of the anime (from like around episode 20 of the Indigo League season) where James of Team Rocket kicks a Magikarp and it evolves.
『Alt-F4』 - 11 dager siden
I consider myself a pokemon fan (a casual one) yet I didn't catch those type advantage/disadvantage tidbits until you pointed it out.
Shreyas Kuniyil
Shreyas Kuniyil - 12 dager siden
Cod could probably make a war movie
Drizzle Cake
Drizzle Cake - 13 dager siden
As someone who ins and outs in the pokemon fandom i love this whole thing and can confirm: most pokemon fans are sweeties
Lane Minor
Lane Minor - 13 dager siden
I loved seeing all the side pokemon that most people don't care bout. Gen 5 has some of my favorite pokemon designs, but some, like Golurk and Garbodor, are made fun of for sucking. But I like em, so thanks.
That Asian boii
That Asian boii - 13 dager siden
I would love to see every Pokémon’s live adaptation
Turginator - 16 dager siden
I personally would have enjoyed more pokemon cameos...it hurt a bit to not see lucario or luxray(mainly luxray)
Australia Will
Australia Will - 18 dager siden
It's too bad that they going to add any Deadpool references but I don't care we got a live action movie and it was good I love it I want more even if it was bad
GAVINLETSPLAY109 Gaming - 20 dager siden
Aipom is one of the last pokemon you would call unsettling but after their infected d***. Also why did they have to make Toterras force a gigantamax and turn Greninjas into assassins.
Noha Adawy
Noha Adawy - 20 dager siden
ツPlasma - 21 dag siden
I love this movie but somehow periodically forget it exists
warriorchick127 - 22 dager siden
As an autistic person who avoids lingering eye contact even i can confirm id probably stare this long at a talking Pikachu even if it wasn't directly in his eyes
shadow_of_ Origin
shadow_of_ Origin - 23 dager siden
This movie makes me want a joltik
Josie Parker
Josie Parker - 23 dager siden
Omg I really liked this movie! Hopefully if they make a sequel, they won’t mess with the character development of the first one
Lucas Lang
Lucas Lang - 24 dager siden
I am mad that the bulbasaurs didnt get more wins
Ultimate Ghostfreak
Ultimate Ghostfreak - 25 dager siden
I'm not sure if I'm a huge fan of the plot, I guess that I'm just too suited to ash and his gang.
edit: isn't arceus pronounced "ar-key-us" and not "ar-see-us" or am I wrong?
Turginator - 16 dager siden
I think it is ‘ar-key-us’ as mar-see-us’ sounds a bit too much like arse...which would not suit the god pokemon
Rdskinsfan27 - 28 dager siden
4:00 Will this pic make it easier? https://images.app.goo.gl/7jZXju3JChyf7EHX6
ShutmonMayhem Neo
ShutmonMayhem Neo - 28 dager siden
Stop bullying Garboder, he's cute and special in his own right.
Like his 95 based ATK stat and Gigantamax form.
Dylan Dickerson
Dylan Dickerson - 28 dager siden
CinemaWins, you said Lucy stepped out of anime with the fast talking and pink. How did you miss that this was a noir nod (fast talking femme reporter) filtered through anime?
Micah Lasater-Cohen The Fox
Micah Lasater-Cohen The Fox - 29 dager siden
No It must be called detective pikatwo
Roderick Aquino
Roderick Aquino - 29 dager siden
Sawyer Paul
Sawyer Paul - 29 dager siden
3:15 Screw You Garbador for Mayor
Uproar01 - Måned siden
For every good scene of justice smith he's got 9 bad ones
Gradient. Exe
Gradient. Exe - Måned siden
6:55 is my favorite scene
DatGuy Miller
DatGuy Miller - Måned siden
Hey the reason the music harkens back to 8bit video games is cuz technically that's 8-bit music
Aquaticfilly0 - Måned siden
Someone and I were chatting about this movie, and they had said they thought the movie lacked a deeper lesson. I understand where they were coming from, but I let them know about my views on how the big business corruption, animal testing, and hardships by working a job as a female journalist are all well written, and they seemed to want to possibly rewatch it to look farther into it. Its sad I felt more pride in that then I do myself, but eh
JEQUIICE - Måned siden
How dare pikachu say arceus like ‘ar-see-us’. Everyone knows it is pronounced either ‘ar-kee-us’ or ‘ar-KOOS’.
Turginator - 16 dager siden
Blake Dao
Blake Dao - Måned siden
If you think the elevator is fast, you probably don't know Abra (or Ralts) with teleport :)
Michaael B
Michaael B - Måned siden
Pokemon detective pikachu is my favourite movie
Beep - Måned siden
"Dark type Greninja gets hit with psychic type attack...must have protean..."
"I'm not at all an expert"
Pixel Boi
Pixel Boi - Måned siden
ok growlithe is my favorite pokemon and i wish it was included in the movie more but im happy it was there at all
Turginator - 16 dager siden
Ye I felt the same about luxray...as there was no appearances.
Jeffrey Campbell
Jeffrey Campbell - Måned siden
I considered the twist after the first trailer
common youtube channel name
... *holy shit he does sound like ryan reynolds*
crub muf
crub muf - Måned siden
I want new pokemon movie
HiddenEchoes - Måned siden
I love this wins episode 💖

I would love Pokemon movies to turn into their own expanded universe. Just start with individual movies like this, then maybe someday they can guest in each other's stuff. But I really root for the independent Pokemon films before another detective Pikachu one.
Blue Ice Frostyy
Blue Ice Frostyy - Måned siden
I just want to see a cgi Rayquaza, maybe groudon and kyogre too
TheVoidLord - Måned siden
Hey, great video, but since you called dialga dialgo, i'm gonna have to unsub and report you to mr. masuda
gallade samurai
gallade samurai - Måned siden
One pokedex entrie says that lickitung's salvia can cause a serious rash if it came in contact with skin so tim should be feeling REALLY itchy and uncomfortable for the remainder of the movie
》X1AN《 - Måned siden
I must say that you sound like the one in cinemasin
Trande - Måned siden
*Howard taking control of MewTwo.*
“Back to formula?”
*Fighting on parade balloons.*
“OUT AM I!?”
Just be glad I’m not making a Batman Begins reference.
ForestofTooMuchFood - Måned siden
Don't forget green lantern 😂🤣😂🤣
LiziLLusioN - Måned siden
GoldenTrinity 500
GoldenTrinity 500 - Måned siden
But I wouldn't mind a force unleashed movie
Tortessa The Tortoise
Tortessa The Tortoise - Måned siden
Wait a sec, what gender is mewtwo? Sorry I don’t know much about Pokemon but I’m curious
Itay_ - Måned siden
he is genderless
theunholyoreo gaming
theunholyoreo gaming - Måned siden
I wish pokenon were real
Pyro The Engineer
Pyro The Engineer - Måned siden
So glad they have a whole scene around my favorite pokemon: Torterra. I'm happy.
Marley Wicker
Marley Wicker - Måned siden
I was never able to get into pokemon (since you could only make one save file and my sister always got the games just for herself) and even while actively trying as an adult I still can't really get into it, but man was this movie magical. My friend, someone who is a huge pokemon fan and me, someone who knows next to nothing about it were both equally engrossed and in love with the movie from start to finish. Even if someone who didn't know the pokemon franchise even existed watched it, I feel that the worldbuilding is done so perfectly that It creates it's own believable and interesting world, much like that of other fantasies like harry potter or star wars. And maybe I'm just a sucker for colorful visuals and Ryan Reynolds, but this movie has absolutely landed on my favorite movies of all-time list.
Dr. NinJake
Dr. NinJake - Måned siden
I've always been curious how literally no one for the rest of the runtime even mentions the several mountains that raise to twice their height and immediately resubmerged.
Cooper Kirby
Cooper Kirby - Måned siden
There all cute
carlosfer2201 - Måned siden
If they make a sequel, maybe just keep Ryan and Pikachu separated.
Scott Peltier
Scott Peltier - Måned siden
Like just for hypotheticals by i Wanna see movies similar to this with other pokemon. Police squad, code: squirtle. Prosecutor trubbish. Judge chingling. Falanks battalion. Jbi (joltick Bureau oc investigations) etc
crcoghill - Måned siden
i just heard this and it just hurt you said the DS was in the 90's. yikes~
CryCloud - Måned siden
technically its an anime movie not a video game movie dumbyhead
Turginator - 16 dager siden
The anime came after the game you ‘dumbyhead’
Itay_ - Måned siden
but it is based of the video game, that is a spinoff to another video game...
thecouchpotatocom - Måned siden
Finally, videos about spreading the love. Subscribing now.
The Jesstr
The Jesstr - Måned siden
Dont talk to me or mh trash ever again
also dialgo, xD
Emperor Constantine 1.
Emperor Constantine 1. - Måned siden
I want a Eevee in this world...you never really know what they will turn into...

The Guy
The Guy - Måned siden
Bulbasaurs were always my favorite pokemon, and to see them irl.
That gave me the happy joy feeling, because irl bulbasaur is what I saw when I was picking my starter in pokemon blue.
Blaze of the Razgriz squadron
I personally think that the biggest win with this movie is that it didn't pull a Shaymalan
Like a certain movie based off of an amazing universe turned into the insult of all insults that shall not be named..
Turginator - 16 dager siden
Ahh I see you are a person of culture as well.
[ R E D A C T E D ]
[ R E D A C T E D ] - Måned siden
the movie brought a lot of nostalgia. And i loved it.
[ R E D A C T E D ]
[ R E D A C T E D ] - Måned siden
Id love more pokemon live action movies
deviltriger9039 - Måned siden
We got the jellies
HOLM _ - Måned siden
The movie as a whole is ok but I thought it was so obvious the first time watching it that pikachu would be his dad idk if other people thought that I just wanted to say
that one guy on the internet
Well mewtwo could have put Pikachu in a crazed state right when he transferred him.
just rose
just rose - Måned siden
The Torterras were my favorite part in the movie, just gorgeous
just rose
just rose - Måned siden
My one gripe is that didos don’t keep their derpy face when they transform. That was just for one episode of the anime where one dido couldn’t completely transform. And in the end I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) they helped the dido to transform completely. Although it is adorable and I love all the dido plushies and their derpy faces, it doesn’t make sense on the movie.
just rose
just rose - Måned siden
5:51 it’s Arc-oos!

Shoutout to anyone who got that reference.
QueenofSnarks - Måned siden
If you've seen Justice Smith in The Get Down then you know Jurassic World was barely a blip. He is a phenomenal young actor and I hope he sticks around
Tasty - Måned siden
Ryan's voice doesn't suit pikachu
Casey Coolican
Casey Coolican - Måned siden
Fun fact, Red’s actor is also the voice for Tim in the Japanese dub! (He was also Kamen Rider Drive but that’s just me being a mega geek)
Taim Farhat
Taim Farhat - Måned siden
As a pokemon fan I get annoyed every time I hear ryan Reynolds calls arceus (arc eus) arceus (ar ceus)
jazethpogi22 - Måned siden
You missed Ludicolo's meme face...
ONI employé #343
ONI employé #343 - Måned siden
I was never a big Pokémon fan because it never really made sense to me, but seeing this movie and the work that went into making the Pokémon look so good makes me want to live in that world.
The smaller, fuzzy Pokémon deserve all the hugs and the bigger Pokémon are some of the most bro-ish beings I've seen.
I'd definetly be *that* guy that walks around with all his Pokémon outside of their pokeballs. Ain't none of these deserve to be locked up.
Laggervald Boius CXXI
Laggervald Boius CXXI - 2 måneder siden
1:15 The gamefreak logo? Anyone? *Ding*
Aren’t the new bots annoying
Aren’t the new bots annoying - 2 måneder siden
Wish undertale had a fandom like pokemon .-.
Aura Neko
Aura Neko - 2 måneder siden
I'd like to add two more wins for how the pokemon is actually shown working with humans in the food stall area Pika/harry and tim escape too. there is a charmander using its tail to help with stir-fry and an Octillery making what seems to be sushi...
Mesozoic_Gamingsz - 2 måneder siden
Hey hey HEY!!! Garbidor is a precious little boi
Hawk Wilson
Hawk Wilson - 2 måneder siden
Not to be rude, but Dialga was pronounced incorrectly at 17:57 it's not a big deal, but it bugged me cause gen 4 is my favorite.
Viking Jack
Viking Jack - 2 måneder siden
kinda wanna watch this, just cause of ryan . and im a 90s kid so OG pokemon
Beenux - 2 måneder siden
“Smell my finger”
*”I will never smell your finger”*
Irish EnderMan
Irish EnderMan - 2 måneder siden
I haven't seen the movie yet unfortunately but the only problem I've seen so far is how they massacred my boy greninja ITS TOO CREEPY
Shelli Blossom
Shelli Blossom - 2 måneder siden
i love the little nod to a theory that ditto was a fail experiment of them trying to create mew
Swarm Queer
Swarm Queer - 2 måneder siden
Why does everyone sleep on Garbodor so heavily