Everything GREAT About Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl! (Part 2)

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The last hour of Pirates might be the best of the last hours of a pirates movie. Here's everything right with Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl! (Part 2)
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chubbywubby - 17 timer siden
Hopefully we get dead mans chest soon
Susanna - 23 timer siden
I’ve always enjoyed the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I agree the first ones are better than the others. But I enjoyed some of the later ones as well
Pink Qrow Productions
Pink Qrow Productions - 3 dager siden
One thing you didn't explain that I was kind of hoping you did that I'm still confused about to this day is why the heck and Jack Sparrow not get permanently cursed with the treasure if he stole it
Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson - 4 dager siden
you should do at world's end
Mission: Possible Studios
Mission: Possible Studios - 4 dager siden
kman 0_0
kman 0_0 - 5 dager siden
When are you gonna do pirates 3?!
Henry ESJ
Henry ESJ - 6 dager siden
When are you going to do the other movies?
Jesse Schoedel
Jesse Schoedel - 7 dager siden
Another great setup and payoff that I never noticed until now:
At the beginning of the film, Will has to watch as his boss takes credit for making Norrington's sword.
At the end, when Norrington gives Will and Elizabeth his blessing, he acknowledges that Will is the one who made the sword.
Jacob Stern Io
Jacob Stern Io - 8 dager siden
One detail I picked up on is at the beginning on the movie, Will’s hair is tied back, symbolizing being bound by his beliefs and laws. By the end, his hair is free and loose, as he’s been freed from his beliefs and ideals somewhat.
Dian M. Khan
Dian M. Khan - 8 dager siden
i am a cabin boy also slytherin you
Asriellian - 9 dager siden
Bruh I got all excited watching this thinking he was gonna do the whole trilogy at least but then he hasn't done the other films yet wtf ?
Ugle Beffus
Ugle Beffus - 10 dager siden
Everything GREAT About Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is something I seriously need to see! Your admiration of Johnny Depp and amazing scores and continuity and setups is going to pay off very well when that video is created.
Nathaniel Pease
Nathaniel Pease - 10 dager siden
Well maybe the screams of agony of the cursed pirates actually make sense, because well, they are stabbing at each others BONES. That should really hurt to be honest..
Maddyson Campbell
Maddyson Campbell - 10 dager siden
Will we be learning the next Pirates of the Caribbean??
sam Grosky
sam Grosky - 11 dager siden
Please do Whale Rider!!
cain - 13 dager siden
Rewatching this I think it's noticable that while Barbossa says they can't feel anything (or, more specifically, that _he_ can't feel anything) it does make sense that they can still feel pain. After all, it _is_ a curse, and they can clearly feel other things like hunger, thirst, ect. Multiple times in the film we see them exhibit signs of pain, like the hot coals from the bedpan, Ragetti complaining about his wooden eye splintering, ect.
It's possible Barbossa himself feels nothing, maybe the curse affects him more prominantly or something? But they can definitely feel pain.
Cryo Sound
Cryo Sound - 13 dager siden
I hope you do the other two. They're just as good.
Gian Gwen Louied Arligue
Gian Gwen Louied Arligue - 14 dager siden
Barbossa's eyes and voice when he says "guidelines"😂
Ghost_Lead - 16 dager siden
FUN FACT- pirates DID NOT do “walk the plank” its a myth, if it did it was never reported
Jon Lopez
Jon Lopez - 16 dager siden
Do Nacho Libre!!!
cazuto claw
cazuto claw - 17 dager siden
He should do seven deadly sins movie
Eleanor - 19 dager siden
The funny thing about piracy being considered “good” by this movie is that, historically, life in the Royal Navy was far worse than life on a pirate ship. Unless you were on Blackbeard’s crew. As told by a very catchy Horrible Histories song, yeah, he was a psycho.
Kaylie MacKenzie
Kaylie MacKenzie - 20 dager siden
This was great. I hope you'll carry on to do At World's End, which I think is a fabulous movie even though most people seem to disagree. Your positive take on it would probably help me verbalise what about it I think works.
GalaxyStar - 20 dager siden
More Pirates movies
Alexander Gaal
Alexander Gaal - 21 dag siden
Please, do Oslo dead man’s chest and at word’s end😁👍
I C - 22 dager siden
Please do the other Pirates movies (at least 2 and 3)! I know you have other movies you want to do. By the way(sorry if I’m wrong) ‘savvy’ which may just be a British thing (sorry to those native English foreign speaking countries such as USA and Australia) may be from the french ‘savoir’ meaning ‘to know’ this, in this context ‘do you understand’. Please correct me if I’m wrong! I’m a french and film student at university so please correct me if I’m wrong (the second part is for anyone!)
Elzi - 24 dager siden
i feel like all the eunuch jokes deserve wins because of how just DEDICATED will is to protecting elizabeth and if i remember correctly some eunuchs in history have well. . . become eunuchs for avoiding a more explicit description to protect women without any worry of impregnating them? EITHER WAY eunuchs are such a historical thing you don't really hear about that it at least shows how much research people did on the film's setting.
Batmu 88
Batmu 88 - 24 dager siden
We need the others
Cavegoblin EXTREME
Cavegoblin EXTREME - 25 dager siden
Yaddak Mela
Yaddak Mela - 25 dager siden
Please do the Jaden Smith Karate Kid
James Burch
James Burch - 25 dager siden
you should do The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
mg19cal - 27 dager siden
You know, you really gotta hand it to those people at Disney. They put EVERYTHING in this movie you want kids to see: a grown man grooming a young girl to be his wife later; a pirate backhand slapping a woman for speaking out of turn; a cavorting dude carousing with prostitutes; potential gang rape; dismemberments; public executions. I'm not sure they left any stones unturned here
Jason Galipeau
Jason Galipeau - 27 dager siden
Please PLEASE *PLEASE* do Dead Man’s Chest
『Alt-F4』 - 29 dager siden
Can't wait to watch you do Dead Man's Chest. That one is actually my favourite. They really had fun with that one.
Gojirawars 03
Gojirawars 03 - Måned siden
Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End?
Lubble-1397 - Måned siden
You should do Your Name / Kimi no na wa
adrineh smith
adrineh smith - Måned siden
please do adventures of tintin 2011
Matthew Conrad
Matthew Conrad - Måned siden
Did you intentionally make both parts the same length at 15:45 or was it coincidence? Either way I enjoyed them.
Eric Dudley
Eric Dudley - Måned siden
An absolutely wonderful joyride! What a pleasant surprise it was with extraordinary, imaginative performances!
Novagats - Måned siden
the end of this movie makes me wanna cry every time I watch it
njh - Måned siden
I have already rewatched these videos thrice can u just make dead mans chest already?
Tania - Måned siden
As a fashion history nerd, one thing that does annoy me is the way the much villainized corset is used in it - firstly that's not a corset, those are stays, and -everyone- wore them; they were just that time's version of the underwire bra. Tightlacing the way we know it now wasn't really a thing, and though it did alter the appearance of your body its main goal was to support the wearer - encouraging proper posture, as well as providing support for the intense weight of the dresses women wore at the time - especially those worn by nobility were very heavy, you wouldn't want to wear those without a proper pair of stays. (One reason actresses complain about corsets so much is because movie makers don't allow the time to have a proper corset made to measure nor give the time to have it broken in - a proper corset should not be uncomfortable!)
James Flynn
James Flynn - Måned siden
It is naught. As in nothing
Treetrunk 101
Treetrunk 101 - Måned siden
Please do the next Movie!!!!!!!!!!!
Abby Gail
Abby Gail - Måned siden
I know I know.... the last 3 movies suck balls soooo hard BUT I still need a NEW ONE but with the old cast!!!!!!
Nerfboss205 - Måned siden
Up there with classics such as "Seahawk" and "Captain Blood"
Anton Herbert
Anton Herbert - Måned siden
so can't wait for you CinemaWins to do: Pirates Of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest if there is one Win i hope you do... well two, is Jack falling down the Stairs before saying his fine, and when he sees his "leverage" didnt work as the Cannons got ready to hurt his Pearl, he just quietly says "hard to starboard?"
Michaael B
Michaael B - Måned siden
Me and my brother watched every pirates of the Caribbean films and we loved it
angelofdusk13 - Måned siden
I remember watching the Jack/Barbossa fight where they're both curse with the BIGGEST EYES. It was fucking NUTS for it's time! I'll always love the imagination of the writing in this movie.
MW Playlist
MW Playlist - Måned siden
Quick Comment: A while ago (I think it was this video, might be the part 2) I was watching one of your video as you used the word "toe-headed" to describe someone with blonde hair. That's actually a common spelling mistake. The correct word is "tow-headed."
Why is this used to describe blonde people? Because it references tow ropes that were uses to tug boats and had a similar color to blonde hair, hence "tow-headed."
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson - Måned siden
Pirates of the Caribbean is atop the list of films that should have been left to stand alone - no sequel warranted, and the execution botched. Followed closely by The Matrix.
But, Hollywood will always value profit over art.
Julia Mossy Bones
Julia Mossy Bones - Måned siden
Tbh one of my favorite aspects of the PoC trilogy is the action in it. Usually actions movies and most fight scenes are very boring to me. They're just lack luster to me but in this series they're all so much fun!!
Also can't believe they tried to top Barbossa's absolutely perfect death scene with that shitty fall. Sure, it was still good but they never could've topped it.
Evan Chung
Evan Chung - Måned siden
Please do more
Charles Nottingham
Charles Nottingham - Måned siden
6:54 I knew from part 1 you would say "Ingenuity" there because I big brain
CthulhUa - Måned siden
Even if you don't cover the 4th and 5th movies, I would still love watching your review of the series. Pirates is one of those series that isn't that amazing but everyone still likes the og trilogyu
Holly Rose Wood
Holly Rose Wood - Måned siden
love tom see the rest of the Pirates of the Carribean films, also one day to see Catching Fire and the Mocking Jay films
John Lapinski
John Lapinski - Måned siden
So now we do the sequels or at least some of them
Ashley Bowers
Ashley Bowers - Måned siden
Those flutes i think are actually oabos
Jada Harvey
Jada Harvey - Måned siden
Please do The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, the rest of The Hunger Games and Interstellar!!!
Fatalpopcorn ,
Fatalpopcorn , - Måned siden
I first watched this filmmaker when I was 3 ...
Kostasolol rockie
Kostasolol rockie - Måned siden
Shivashish Kar
Shivashish Kar - Måned siden
In the End, you did not credit Gareth Keenan the pirates comedy duo for his role in these movies without him this movie is completely different
WarriorBoltz - Måned siden
Regarding jack’s syphilis getting worse throughout the movies, it actually does. While in Davy Jones’ locker he’s missing it, implying that since he already died, he’s free of any diseases and it remains missing for the rest of the movies.
Idk I just found it really cool to add that small detail
Elo Let
Elo Let - Måned siden
First movie with fan consnces? Cries in Megamind
Pine Dragon
Pine Dragon - Måned siden
I hope he does 2
Thunder Hunter
Thunder Hunter - Måned siden
It could've been 200 wins......sAvVy?
Bando Noe
Bando Noe - Måned siden
Fake cinema sins?
Jack Newberg
Jack Newberg - Måned siden
you should do the whole pirates series
Jen C
Jen C - Måned siden
There’s a deleted scene for this movie you can look up where it’s after him and Elizabeth are marooned and she’s like is any of the legends about you true and he shows her a lot of scars and marks and brands and he says “not a word” and it’s probably one my favourite scene and I wish they kept it
BloodyFlowerFilms - Måned siden
The video is back! Thank Davy Jones! The one CinemaWins video, THE ONE VIDEO I said “I love Pirates! But I’ll wait and finish Part 2 when the time is right” and then the video vanished! And I was sad and now it’s back... thank you CinemaWins for fighting the cursed YouTube claimers.
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel - Måned siden
3:23: Uh, no, babe, no.
He had thousands of epic adventures, enough to make him a Pirate Emperor, before he ever met you.
BEFORE the FIRST Movie. Yeah?
Just because this one adventure wasnt up to code doesnt mean he never had any adventure, stupid.
Mickey Love
Mickey Love - Måned siden
Personally, I think the screams of agony in the fight is them going "my go, I've been stabbed! But I don't feel anything!!"
Treaj Wortham
Treaj Wortham - Måned siden
Whose here of cause part one
AJB Animated Studios
AJB Animated Studios - Måned siden
Have you thought about:
Ben Walker
Ben Walker - Måned siden
halfcafian - Måned siden
Any chance we can get Doctor Sleep, despite how long it really is?
Roa Linderson
Roa Linderson - Måned siden
This is the true Pirates film. CGI be damned, but the story and characters pull you in and you feel it all. That´s why it makes me so sad to see what the Pirates 5 (and maybe 4) did to this awesome franchise
Roa Linderson
Roa Linderson - Måned siden
@chris sonofpear1 I think the reason why Jack wasn't himself was (at least lorewise) he got cursed by Barbossa's witch. But this was probably the least of my concerns when I watched the film. If they have made some kind of payoff later, maybe it would be worth it. But seeing Jack lile that the entire time was just depressing
chris sonofpear1
chris sonofpear1 - Måned siden
4 had potential, and I kind of like it. 5 just got lazy, though. (and made Jack suddenly so dumb)
Akatsuki Nate
Akatsuki Nate - Måned siden
I wanna see you review Transformers 1986!!!!!
Tyler Peacock
Tyler Peacock - Måned siden
Since you say we shouldn’t expect you to do videos asked for in the comments, then how should I recommend a movie to you so that it matters?
LucioGT - Måned siden
The way he said 𝙜𝙪𝙞𝙙𝙚𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙚 though.
Michael keaton
Michael keaton - 2 måneder siden
Now we need video on the ONLY 2 sequel!!!!
Tammy T
Tammy T - 2 måneder siden
A guy who had a brush with the East India Trading Company and a fear of Pepper... it makes sense.
DiamondStudded PunchingBag
DiamondStudded PunchingBag - 2 måneder siden
Personally I enjoy these first 3 MUCH better than the following few. They just aren't as memorable to these 3...their story is just so perfect and finalized. This is one of those times that the studio just wanted more money and it has gotten on my nerves!!
Frigg Fluff
Frigg Fluff - 2 måneder siden
Please watch Rango!
Yoda - 2 måneder siden
that flip at the end by will
Caleniel Thranduillion
Caleniel Thranduillion - 2 måneder siden
4:37 Orlando Blooms acting is impeccable WOW man I could feel my heart break when i saw that expression in his eyes
Joey Hirzel
Joey Hirzel - 2 måneder siden
Do ford vs Ferrari it’s my favorite movie
fishpop - 2 måneder siden
NGL: "Commodore Barbossa" does sound pretty cool as a title.
The IceBolt
The IceBolt - 2 måneder siden
please do bohemian rhapsody
Ben Peters-Brown
Ben Peters-Brown - 2 måneder siden
We must do the trilogy 😤😤😤
XDarkLordXP - 2 måneder siden
You mentioned it:
You should do The Last Samurai
Thomas C
Thomas C - 2 måneder siden
Pleeeaase do the rest
Дмитрий Киселёв
Дмитрий Киселёв - 2 måneder siden
I thought some sailors wore thicc blacc eyeliner to look at shiny water more easily
Spartan 432
Spartan 432 - 2 måneder siden
Please do the other pirate of the Caribbean films at least dead mans chest and worlds end
Rat_Lover 007
Rat_Lover 007 - 2 måneder siden
Do merlin
《 1GN1T10N 》
《 1GN1T10N 》 - 2 måneder siden
The pirates screaming in pain could be that they dont feel anything at all it is just the reflex of having to scream in agony when stabbed by something esepecially by surprise
The end Gamer
The end Gamer - 2 måneder siden
Its called anti hero. The do bad things but for a good resson
Nate G
Nate G - 2 måneder siden
I always viewed the “can’t feel nothing, taste nothing” as a primitive or pre-psychology way to describe and explain depression. Which would fit for a cursed pirate.
Hadari TM
Hadari TM - 2 måneder siden
I really wish hed revisit the other pirates movies
Jay Tominez
Jay Tominez - 2 måneder siden
"why's the rum gone?" and "I love weddings drinks all around" always win