Everything GREAT About Paddington!

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You should actually watch this movie. I probably wouldn't have listened if someone told me, but here we are. Christopher Robin has a bear in it, Paddington has a bear in it. So that's that. Also the Doctor, Peter Capaldi is in both. So here's everything right with Paddington!
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Film og animasjon
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joshua walcien
joshua walcien - 2 dager siden
Bruh I like how there is no cinema sins episode for paddington
general bacon
general bacon - 16 dager siden
Should’ve winned Simon Farnaby
HDoesminecraft - 24 dager siden
Please do Paddington 2 it’s an amazing film
Daniel's gaming universe
Daniel's gaming universe - 24 dager siden
Omg i love this movie i lobe the characters for once I like cgi and the villian is really great and the fact her father were friend with Paddington paddington parents makes her so insane
Italian Pasta
Italian Pasta - Måned siden
SasySays - Måned siden
6:01 I'm literally crying from laughter. "Doctor Curry" 😂😂😂
ADKY - Måned siden
I love both paddington movies
Knight of ren 101
Knight of ren 101 - Måned siden
Do padington 2
Chris-Nostalgic VS GoFadamite Productions2020
a true family experience than Peter Rabbish.
Giancarlo San Miguel French
Giancarlo San Miguel French - 2 måneder siden
Do Paddington 2!!!
Sputnik Nova
Sputnik Nova - 2 måneder siden
You forgot the Micheal Bond cameo. May he rest in peace.
Sputnik Nova
Sputnik Nova - 2 måneder siden
The earthquake was so sad, I cried for the rest of the scene. Honestly, this movie is beautiful
Fraser Laird
Fraser Laird - 3 måneder siden
Everything Great About Rango
Lews Therin Talamon
Lews Therin Talamon - 3 måneder siden
Fun fact! The sequel to this movie, Paddington 2, is the highest rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes. Ever. Like, it's 100%, and of the 100% films it has the highest positive to negative review ratio.
Dank Vector
Dank Vector - 4 måneder siden
I Would add a win for the extra realistic thing, that the cab driver has an Arsenal logo in his car
Mirza Ahmed
Mirza Ahmed - 4 måneder siden
You don't have to make videos just to counter CinemaSins. I agree Paddington is a great movie, but I don't see a point to videos like this (and I actually enjoyed CinemaSins' video, despite liking Paddington).
Shadow Hunter_227
Shadow Hunter_227 - 4 måneder siden
Tbh thies si beautiful i also like the sequel its as beautiful and cool
couch potato
couch potato - 5 måneder siden
Now look whose coming back to the good side 😾
Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall - 5 måneder siden
When is Paddington 2
Jennifer Schillig
Jennifer Schillig - 5 måneder siden
Hey, you skipped the cameo by Paddington creator Michael Bond!
Kaboul's Cabal
Kaboul's Cabal - 5 måneder siden
Everything great about "Paddington"?
Well ... everything.
Rosaline Martha Demelza
Rosaline Martha Demelza - 5 måneder siden
I haven't seen anyone mention yet, but 'Paddington Bear' is cockney for Hard Stare
Dianne Marfil
Dianne Marfil - 6 måneder siden
I fell in love with this bear who has impeccable manners and kind heart, just like Mr. Brown said, “he always tries to see the best in everyone. Always has”. I also love his angry stare!
SuperSongbird21 - 9 dager siden
Every time I stare at someone like that (or I see someone else do it), I call it a "Paddington stare"!
Harry Potter
Harry Potter - 6 måneder siden
The relaxi cab friends reference was so easy to get because i literally have watched the whole show 5 times and im only 12. I have TMFT.
Lindy Moon
Lindy Moon - 6 måneder siden
Third time watching, only just got the Downton Abbey reference
The Bakeosaurus Rex
The Bakeosaurus Rex - 6 måneder siden
This film is a mum win
Miss L
Miss L - 6 måneder siden
Thank you for helping me fall in love with the movies and the childhood classics, and the combined future they have now, all over again
Jack Smith
Jack Smith - 6 måneder siden
Do the hobbit trilogy
FrankieBMusic - 6 måneder siden
Love this movie!!
Disloskater - 6 måneder siden
In the escalator scene when Paddington is carrying the chihuahua, both his and the dog's tail wag in time to the music (and in the same direction). Perfect example of small details being paid their due attention!
Cool Beanz
Cool Beanz - 6 måneder siden
6:13 did he jus-
Knowing that he likes drew Gooden has made me like him even more
Bigby Wolf
Bigby Wolf - 6 måneder siden
I thought Paddington said"Thats not right"
Cascade Flims
Cascade Flims - 7 måneder siden
It's paddington bear he's one a kind...............dun!
Matilda Bishay
Matilda Bishay - 7 måneder siden
I just realized the taxi driver is the same guy that plays tweedledee and tweedledum in alice in wonderland
Jesse Latrell
Jesse Latrell - 7 måneder siden
I love the seal watch it’s white to
Con Breen
Con Breen - 7 måneder siden
One word: Everything
Magical Luke
Magical Luke - 7 måneder siden
Matt Lucas as they cabbie is a tenfold win
Cameron Spalding
Cameron Spalding - 7 måneder siden
The thief is super Hans from Peep Show
Jay Hussain
Jay Hussain - 8 måneder siden
I took out my notebook from class tonight and even took notes
1:55 💞💘
👇 👇
Fraser Laird
Fraser Laird - 8 måneder siden
Everything Great About The Shape of Water.
Fraser Laird
Fraser Laird - 8 måneder siden
Everything Great About The Shape of Water.
I'm part of too many fandoms
I'm part of too many fandoms - 9 måneder siden
Please can you do Legally Blonde and Coraline? Thank you, love your channel 💜
I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that
Your wife is sounds like a really nice and positive person.
I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that
1:31 Even CinemaSins thinks the same
I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that
This film was basically forgotten when the sequel came out. I know it was as good or even better but the original is still an instant classic.
youdefinitelysuck - 10 måneder siden
He mentioned Drew Gooden!
Commodore Stargazer
Commodore Stargazer - 10 måneder siden
"I still get wildly enthusiastic about little things... I play with leaves. I skip down the street and run against the wind."- Leo Buscaglia
Lucy Matthews
Lucy Matthews - 10 måneder siden
I'm fond of this movie because 1) I took my little cousins to see it and seeing kids' movies with kids doubles the delightfulness, 2) Michael Bond, the original author, is from my hometown, and 3) the movie exaggerates all the best parts of London in a charming way. A note for non-Brits: London sucks. People in London are very very rude. The traffic is awful and it's too busy. But it does have a sort of magic because it's such an old odd city.
Aj Rivera
Aj Rivera - 11 måneder siden
I have no shame for this movie. I love this movie we need for you to do the sequel
Keith Pixton
Keith Pixton - 11 måneder siden
Could you review Man of the Year?
Karsyn zzstu Beauchamp
I always love it when actors from the same movie are in another movie together. We got Umbridge, Dumbledore, Molly Weasley, and Slughorn.
Joshua Critchfield
Joshua Critchfield - År siden
Fun fact: In the London montage, the man toasting Paddington as they pass was the character's creator. Sadly, he passed away before the release of the second film.
Kathryn Ashworth
Kathryn Ashworth - 6 måneder siden
Joshua Critchfield He actually died in the last day of filming of the second film. Just makes the dedication “To our friend Michael Bond” all the more poignant.
Alex Geddes
Alex Geddes - År siden
I remeber going to see this movie with my primary school as a treat. I loved it them and I love it now
Rodrigo Santos
Rodrigo Santos - År siden
Good thing Paddington didn't meet the *other* British stereotype and fall in with a gang of Millwall hooligans.
Allyson James
Allyson James - År siden
torch is used for solder
Jonah Yogman
Jonah Yogman - År siden
I haven't watched the video but I bet Paddington will be a wife win.
Edit: I KNEW IT!
Yedidah Vergara Olivo
Yedidah Vergara Olivo - År siden
I can't believe you mentioned Drew Gooden...I'm proud
Vector And Son's
Vector And Son's - År siden
6:15 looked a bit... *cough* sexual..
ღ Sushi Doodles ღ
ღ Sushi Doodles ღ - År siden
As a British person all the humour is damn hilarious, pretty good that Americans find it funny too
erin krizak
erin krizak - År siden
Thank you for covering this movie!! It will always have a soft spot for me and it was sad seeing how little love it was getting
Manubibi - År siden
Paddington really shocked me with how warm and soft and nice it was. I’m a grown ass adult, but wonder and sweetness are for all ages.
Still gotta see Paddington 2 but now that you mentioned Hugh Grant is in it I’m definitely putting it at the top of my watchlist.
Iron Hide
Iron Hide - År siden
How could you not ad any wins for that band?!
The Wolf pack
The Wolf pack - År siden
Please do Paddington 2.
The Lucky Purse
The Lucky Purse - År siden
Please! do Paddington 2 & Shape of water!!!
Jalen Moody
Jalen Moody - År siden
Can you please do hereditary
Kellin Klein
Kellin Klein - År siden
John Smith
John Smith - År siden
Please do V for Vendetta~!
Danjoker - År siden
Enjoyed this film so much!
Catz Gaming
Catz Gaming - År siden
3:35 I knew you'd have a Downtown Abbey joke in there
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez - År siden
Hey I know this might be a bit different than the type of movies you usually do but can you do an episode on coach Carter?
TheOmegajuice - År siden
So do a lot of Americans only recognise famous British actors and actresses from their Harry Potter roles?
Haydn Anderson
Haydn Anderson - År siden
Unpopular opinion!
I hate marmalade, but I love most other jellies.
Big Smoke
Big Smoke - År siden
They used to be nicer but they were colonists
G-Rated - År siden
Went out and watched this movie after watching this video. Best movie purchased I have made in quite some time
Станіслав Костюк
The Wolf pack
The Wolf pack - År siden
Please do the James Bond movies.
Blueberry Car Wreck
Blueberry Car Wreck - År siden
While I find your joke on Saw to Mission Impossible hilarious, you may have seen that scene in a variation in a Saw film. In Saw 2, the character Obi (Not the Kenobi) crawls into a horizontal furnace (not the vertical one in Paddington) to retrieve an antidote....before being locked inside and burning to death....wow, starting to see why you don't win a lot of horror movies
TheBobBrom - År siden
That taxi scene is actually even funnier if you realise those places are literally in the opposite direction as The Browns House (32 Winsor Gardens)
The taxi driver turned a half hour walk into a 1 and a half hour taxi journey.
This is the route for anyone not familiar with London:
The Republic of Ustio.
12:19. Always gets me each time I watch it!
Kangaroo Chimp
Kangaroo Chimp - År siden
Please do Paddington 2
Chaostia 66t
Chaostia 66t - År siden
Chaostia 66t
Chaostia 66t - År siden
I used to have a Paddington bear plush. Life-size too. I love it so much because of the coat and small luggage it came with. Now I really miss it since O saw this movie..😞
Dave B
Dave B - År siden
B-Rod hahahh my fav pro haha
Rogue Guardian
Rogue Guardian - År siden
8:22 eh.....just eh
Gravestone999 - År siden
Actually, mrs bird is repairing the tub. Youll notice 3 of the 4 legs are gone and they may have all been knocked off.
Cat Gunner
Cat Gunner - År siden
2:07 Add a win since it's like Paddington also heard the 'naked' and reacted to that just as much to the pigeon on his sandhich.
Timothy Darden
Timothy Darden - År siden
Please do Everything Great about The Peanuts Movie. It's another adaption that treats its source material with dignity & respect.
Adam Blakeman
Adam Blakeman - År siden
Do EGA Mary Poppins
Opal Wolf
Opal Wolf - År siden
My family absolutely loves this movie, especially my nan
HeyYoBighed - År siden
May you please do How To Train Your Dragon 2?
Mr.Panda Man
Mr.Panda Man - År siden
Everything great about remember the Titans
Donna Kelly
Donna Kelly - År siden
Do Paddington 2!!! So wholesome it hurts!
Athena Jaxon
Athena Jaxon - År siden
I just saw this movie it's really cute and sweet! Also while watching my mom told me that Paddington was my first stuffed animal and now she finally knows where he came from
Raghav Mehta
Raghav Mehta - År siden
Both Nardole and the Doctor!?!?!??? Why is there no Doctor who reference!???!?
ldmt1995 - År siden
It's movies like Paddington that remind me I used to be innocent, I love that feeling.
Oppo Mobile
Oppo Mobile - År siden
Oppo Mobile
Oppo Mobile - År siden
Good is mejing
46th king panda
46th king panda - År siden
Ummmm...... we don’t say brolly buster or half the things Paddington says FYI. That’s not an English thing.
Dreamodeon - År siden
Everything great about Mary Poppins
Dreamodeon - År siden
Every movie has a win
Oli Rayner
Oli Rayner - År siden
Christ I love these movies and these videos so much. Everytime I watch both of these films I cry tears of joy and my heart feels like its wrapped up in duvet with a cup of hot chocolate on a winter evening. Its a family tradition now for me and my family to watch this at Christmas. We just finished it today on Christmas Day 2018. And I thought id return to this video for the 3rd time because watching and listening to your positivity warms my heart even more. Thank you.