Everything GREAT About Onward!

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Onward! One of the first movies to struggle because of 2020 just pummeling us into the ground repeatedly. But some people still put a lot of work into it and it was more enjoyable than I expected. Here's everything right with Onward!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 14:52


KaTrina Jackson
KaTrina Jackson - 50 minutter siden
Speed Racer and Sorcerer’s Apprentice please.
Noble Herring
Noble Herring - 3 timer siden
Barley was **definitely** written for Jack Black. Absolutely everything about his design screams 'custom designed vehicle to transport the essence of Jack Black'
Random Ghost
Random Ghost - 3 timer siden
I thought I was on LSD when I watch this movie am I tripping balls rn or is everyone tripping rn
Jett Chaney
Jett Chaney - 4 timer siden
Is that a Red vs Blue reference!?
Tobbe9975432 - 7 timer siden
If I could change one thing about this movie it would be including the step-father in the final battle.
They mentioned that Centaurs could run really fast so maybe the mother (sorry, I only watched the movie once yesterday and can’t remember the names) stands on his back and then jumps of him and up on the dragon with the sword.
As it is I think he is under used.
WarmMilk - 7 timer siden
I cried so hard at the van part. It was the most I cried watching this film. Love you Gwniver!!
DA PRO GAMER - 11 timer siden
Hey my names barley 😂
Game Erica
Game Erica - Dag siden
I absolutely loved this movie!! Probably because I love magic and D&D... But it is probably my favourite movie right now
Ab Cd
Ab Cd - Dag siden
I actually disagree that those others movies tell the story of dealing with loss or family better then this one. Those movies often have an aspect of discovering something hidden or growing closer to new people that lets you deal with and move forward while still grieving. This movie has a different core premise. Ian makes a few new friendss along the way but his relationship with his brother is more about recognizing who and what his brother already was and what he had been and appreciating that which is a really different narrative
Another Normal Canadian
Another Normal Canadian - 2 dager siden
Definitely my favorite pixar movie which is going against classics like toy story
kaekae sam
kaekae sam - 2 dager siden
While on the subject of magic... “Strange Magic” the movie please!
It got a lot of hate when I strongly disagree, it had great animation and voice acting, stereotype reverse roles, and a waaaay better musical film then most others in my opinion, it was George Lucas film brought to life by TouchStone Pictures and deserves a win under all those factors anyways. I’m not saying there was really a lesson in this movie but it stuck out to me as a feel good/whimsical type film, I’d love to see a win video on this film since it’s in my top 5 favorite movies, it just be amazing!
VolutedSauce - 3 dager siden
Okay defiantly a sin for why he did not wait for the next day since there is a full Phoenix gem not half of one
Joaquin Zelaya
Joaquin Zelaya - 3 dager siden
Wow cinema win how original also how are you not copying cinema sins
Mason Harvey
Mason Harvey - 4 dager siden
its bascally diary of a wimpy kid the main dude gets bullied i think older brother has a van and idk
D K - 6 dager siden
I’m used to seeing channels pick apart and critique movies, it’s nice to see someone focus on what makes movies great 👍🏼
Dinesh Kumar . S
Dinesh Kumar . S - 6 dager siden
Can you just make a ega video for toy story 4
Sigrid Skov Asmussen
Sigrid Skov Asmussen - 7 dager siden
You forgot to metion the cool DnD is our history, thing!
hotoverchocolate - 7 dager siden
title: Everything Great About Onward
youtube: *sonic the hedgehog*
Teddy Bastet
Teddy Bastet - 8 dager siden
I like to mention my headconnon of there being a sub-, sub-, subplot about preserving historical architecture. This world, with all the high skyscrapers and highways, used to be a place where daring groups adventured as a way of life.
Thanks to the in-film d&d, some creatures won't forget it, but the fact that the older brother tight himself to the historical fountain really sticks with me.
This world was once magical and by removing those things that still keep the historie alive, might make people forget or feel disconnected to a time where there was magic. You can actually see it with the manticore and the fairies who lose their sense of self and what they are capable off, or atleast part of it.
It's important to preserve history. Thank you for reading my TEDtalk.
Clampzy - 10 dager siden
You love to hear the gotg and avengers references
Jon Lopez
Jon Lopez - 15 dager siden
Do Nacho Libre!!!
cazuto claw
cazuto claw - 16 dager siden
He should do seven deadly sins movie
Saint Dane
Saint Dane - 16 dager siden
My question is when are we getting an EGA Redvs.Blue series??
Lilly CA
Lilly CA - 18 dager siden
just like coco when miguel runs away from his family than comes back home
Lilly CA
Lilly CA - 18 dager siden
just like pinocchio and coco
ICMnow - 19 dager siden
Lovely wee RvB shout out
Thomas Bramer
Thomas Bramer - 20 dager siden
Extra points for the representation of a gay couple.
Lyadan Jekyll
Lyadan Jekyll - 20 dager siden
I think when Barley will have his own kids one day he will be the best fucking father ever
Billy Bob
Billy Bob - 21 dag siden
5:33 I'm adding 10,000,000,000 sins for not saying "roll credits"
Star Mix
Star Mix - 21 dag siden
We gonna skip the fact that that tall cop was the first gay character in Pixar?
Chips Are-Yummy
Chips Are-Yummy - 21 dag siden
Is the cyclops officer lesbian? Because if sooooo.

I have nothing to say
Chips Are-Yummy
Chips Are-Yummy - 21 dag siden
I know this *is* an odd place to put this but, if there was a good Disney Remake, it would have to be of the Emperors New Groove, as long as Patrick Warburton plays Kronk, of course.
Sarah Ellwood
Sarah Ellwood - 21 dag siden
I've had this video on my list waiting for if to come out and all I can say is, I wasn't disappointed.
angrybrony - 21 dag siden
i don't know if the lesbian cop diverse a point for reptation given she's in the movie for like one scene and she's only confirmed she was gay though a line that could be cut out.
Natalie Nicole
Natalie Nicole - 22 dager siden
when I first saw the movie and saw how the group of friends were actually nice and were completely up for going to Ian's party filled my heart with so much joy. First off, they aren't the "stereotypical teenagers" that almost every movie portrays us to be! They are actually nice and didn't care whether they knew Ian much or not, they were up to do what he invited them to do. Second, it definitely portrayed social anxiety perfectly and how Ian ended up getting in his own way when getting others to join him for his birthday party! (as someone with social anxiety, this brought me joy as well since this is being recognized!)
KatieMay Williams
KatieMay Williams - 22 dager siden
When you cried over the van but not the dad 😂
SpaceyMad - 22 dager siden
Just watched this movie on Disney plus today, I really enjoyed it
Daisy May
Daisy May - 27 dager siden
i couldn't say goodbye to my dad either 😞
Michael Rieker
Michael Rieker - 27 dager siden
this for me was a return to what pixar does good after what i saw as mediocre though popular movies
UnMarble ,
UnMarble , - 27 dager siden
5 words: I cried for a van
TheWolfboy180 - 29 dager siden
please don’t idolize chris pratt, he’s a bigoted christian
THE IRELAND IDIOT - 29 dager siden
FUck yeah, Red vs. blue reference. 6:00 made me super happy.
Sincerely Defiant
Sincerely Defiant - 29 dager siden
Cars ,Ishtar do world building better but this one is definitely more emotional
Sincerely Defiant
Sincerely Defiant - 29 dager siden
I cried in this movie. A few tears. But that’s more than most Pixar movies tbh
Sincerely Defiant
Sincerely Defiant - 29 dager siden
This movie is soooooo underrated . Honestly after coco, this is the only Disney movie I’ve cared about
Yakom - Måned siden
One thing I thought was amazing about this movie is that everything in this movie had consequences. If the main characters did something, they'd experience the effects of it or it would ripple off to the side characters.
Cuckoo Kukri
Cuckoo Kukri - Måned siden
I hated the world of this movie from the first trailer, but it still pulled me in and made me cry because the brother relationship was SO good.
Jazzed Crusader
Jazzed Crusader - Måned siden
6:03 ...you have my respect for mentioning red vs blue...
Its Just Ty
Its Just Ty - Måned siden
That gum song is from the movie inside out. 5:26
Dawnbreaking - Måned siden
The one thing that really hit me hard was that when you saw barley hug his dad, you feel happy for him that he finally got the closure (i think thats right). But what got me was when barley hugged ian, saying, ‘and he told me to give you this’ (or something down that line), and he then hugged ian. To me, that was so sad because insted of keeping that hug to himself, he gave it to ian like his father said, insted of getting one last hug from him. And that... i cried. I don’t cry often from movies, but i cried.
Angelisa Craig
Angelisa Craig - Måned siden
I loved this movie. I'm the oldest child and the next one down is 8 years younger than me. She gets nervous easily, so I end up being similar to Barley to loosen up and have fun with her. Amazing movie that hit me in all my happy spots.
Emanuel Rojas
Emanuel Rojas - Måned siden
Am I the only who feel like this movie would of done better as a tv series than just a stand alone movie?
Paloma Roggeri
Paloma Roggeri - Måned siden
This movie truly spoke to me in a perssonal level, I lost my dad when I was 5 and watching this for the first time with my mom made it all more emotional, I have 4 memories of him also: giving him orange painting water telling to him it was orange juice, cleaning my mouth full of pasta red sauce in his pants wille he was wearing them, him painting a madagascar banner for my third birthday and... him screaming to my mom confused asking who she was and to give me back to him wille she hugged me tight. He had a rare illnes that made his brain slowly stop working and forgetting things. I never saw him in the hospital, i couldnt bring myself to, my mom said that she didnt want me too see his body becuse it didint look like him. I just get scared of how much parrelels I have with this movie, the only difference being that I dont have siblings. I loved Coco and Up but this movie maybe spoke more too me then the other movies did. As I dont have siblings I dealed with grief in a very different way, it was very hard, but Im happy to say that Im in a better place now, I have a step dad that loves me and my mom alot and a best friend that has been there for me since i was 6. I loved this movie.
Flower Soul
Flower Soul - Måned siden
Everything _GREAT_ about Onward: *EVERYTHING* ✨💙
Brian the Trainer
Brian the Trainer - Måned siden
This movie hurts me more cause I'd never meet my dad 😭 I'd wish for the same thing he did
The Cooler Satan
The Cooler Satan - Måned siden
This is like if Trollhunters had actually tried to right a good fantasy story
JellieFish - Måned siden
i demand to see a funeral for the van!
Perigraph - Måned siden
On a trivial note, Dance Dance Revolution was generally easier on Double (eight arrows) than Single (four) in one regard: lower step counts. I also found most of them to be more fun, especially when you figured out the places where the most efficient route involved skipping, spinning, or stepping backward.
I suspect it would be different for this movie's Prance Prance Revolution. Instead of Single and Double, they may have had Elf and Centaur. Tricks involving stepping on two (or more) different arrows at the same time in rapid succession would also have increased the challenge for Centaur, even at lower step counts. That would be where the central pad would start to come into play.
Tyler Curtright
Tyler Curtright - Måned siden
Can you do The Little Prince
Jessica Victoria Carrillo
Jessica Victoria Carrillo - Måned siden
I really love how they depicted middle-aged women
LilyQueenOfPurple - Måned siden
pls do cloudy with a chance of meatballs its very underappreciated
Jake Kayden
Jake Kayden - Måned siden
The splinter scene was epic
Jan Pokorný
Jan Pokorný - Måned siden
God man I love you mentioning RvB! :)
prod. ARAYEM
prod. ARAYEM - Måned siden
Onward feels more like a disney movie then a pixer movie still great tho
Some random person
Some random person - Måned siden
Nobody said that, so I will. For a pair of legs their father is an AMAZING character. I mean, he loves them so much, he always tried to know where they are, he somehow comforted them when they argued. Again, he is a pair of legs, he doesn't even say a word in the whole movie.
Hanatachi Dream
Hanatachi Dream - Måned siden
This movie is always going to be my personal favorite. Not because of the fantastic story, amazing animation, or lovable characters, but because of the relationship between Ian And Barley. Growing up, I didn’t know my dad. Not because he was dead, but because he left. My brother and I also had the same relationship that Barley and Ian have. They can get along sometimes, but Ian is often put off by Barley and wishes he wasn’t around as much. And Barely is an outcast and gets in trouble a lot. Seeing the dynamic between the characters and just immediately seeing my brother and I the entire time, had me in tears by the end of the movie. The whole time it felt like it was the two of us there, like they were telling our story. Onward is always the best movie to just rewatch over and over because I can see all of that happening. I get to see myself and my brother life an amazing life. To this day I still don’t get along with him all the time, but we’ve been a lot closer. And that is in part due to Onward. It’s absolutely monumental to me and one of the most moving experiences I’ve had in my life.
DrCrazyEvil - Måned siden
Star lord didn't start the cassette trend that was supernatural ;p
Hannah Kiwi
Hannah Kiwi - Måned siden
I think that character design was the highlight. Ian was supposed to look more "nerdy", with curly hair, flannel, and skinny bones. Meanwhile, his more influential brother is bigger, straight frizzy hair, and denim jacket. The Manticore's hair and fur seems frazzled, seeming how she was overworked before she realized her destiny. The detail is great.
ForestofTooMuchFood - Måned siden
I am boycotting Disney, so this is as close to watching a Disney movie is going to be.
Mule The Donkey
Mule The Donkey - Måned siden
A lot of people really liked this movie, including me.
Jesse Sisolack
Jesse Sisolack - Måned siden
This movie was not well liked? Why? Did it make them feel too much? This is a very well done and very emotional movie. I thought it was top notch.
Constance Miller
Constance Miller - Måned siden
The last movie we went to see before 2020 went tits up.
Jair Morales
Jair Morales - Måned siden
I almost cried when they danced with their dad. Ok I cried. Anyone else?
Oaken Shadow _Harpie_
Oaken Shadow _Harpie_ - Måned siden
My mom loved this movie. First thing she said after it ended was say we should buy it. We had gotten it from the library.
Erilobar - Måned siden
This is the sort of film where I wonder if, something like ten years from now, people will be looking back and calling it an 'underrated masterpiece'.
Theeditor28 - Måned siden
I had absolutely no clue octavia spencer played the manticore. That just makes me love the character so much more
Animeguy01 - Måned siden
You know, you missed the perfect moment to "Win" the fact that the dancing was dumb, but it made what the man in the burger Shire said to Ian being that "When he came into a room people noticed" probably meant that he was likely a big goofball that and he didn't care what people thought of him.
Jon Cuellar
Jon Cuellar - Måned siden
Loved this movie. Reminded me of my brother and myself. I'm younger he is older but I see each of us in both characters. I agree with this video. Great movie released at the wrong time.
Stephen Jacewicz
Stephen Jacewicz - Måned siden
Haha Julia's character should have done The Little Kicks in the film. And i'd like to see my High School I went to turn into dragon that would be cool. Anyway this movie I gave a 4 and a half out of 5, I wasn't the biggest fan of it but then it got quite cool. In the main house in the film and more alot of the things look non animated, making a nice blend of live action and animation, which Disney seemed to do with the rain in Toy Story 4 and if I'm correct the ocean in Moana. More cool stuff comes, and it is a great rendition of The Bible, talking about trust and warning about hell, relating to our need to accept Jesus as our savior, our only hope. Onward, good stuff! What I just put about how I felt about the film is also my review on Google, Google Play, and Rotten Tomatoes.
Alejandro Salas
Alejandro Salas - Måned siden
That Red vs Blue comment deserves a win.
Ringlord - Måned siden
I saw this movie with my dad. At the end I just had to give him a hug and tell him I loved him.
Lady-Nina - Måned siden
My friend and I watched this movie and we were both sobbing towards the end, great movie!
Jessica Reuter Castrogiovanni
I am not afraid to say that this movie made me cry multiple times.
Ugandan Knuckles
Ugandan Knuckles - Måned siden
I like to think that we've only seen one type of elf in this movie. It gives me hope that, if Pixar does eventually make a sequel, that they could add in other types of elves, mirroring what Wizards of The Coast did for their version of the Elf and it's subraces
Heather Roberts
Heather Roberts - Måned siden
Who else plays D&D
Gabija Jaseliunaite
Gabija Jaseliunaite - Måned siden
I cried like 3 times during the movie wich is wierd cuz I like NEVER cry durring movies J just....idk man.
h . ad
h . ad - Måned siden
Me and my older sister watched this together with a friend and she couldn't understand why we were crying so much. It's because it was us in the movie. And even though we've had our differences with me growing up and being a bratty teenager, we still cried and hugged during this movie cause it made us realize how much we loved each other. That alone was the biggest win for me.
Bono Lover Ortega
Bono Lover Ortega - Måned siden
How did the dad die?
Ivy - Måned siden
Some sort of illness; he just sort of wasted away in a hospital
Manuel Hernandez Gil
Manuel Hernandez Gil - Måned siden
Ok, Pixar loves to make us cry, and it feeds on wipes tissues
NS CaijinKILL - 2 måneder siden
I didn’t hear much about this movie before watching it so now hearing that apparently people had problems with this movie and that it didn’t do well is baffling to me I loved this movie and as someone who lost their dad this movies finale hit like a fuckin truck and there were so many funny moments too idk why people are so critical
Dragon Blast
Dragon Blast - 2 måneder siden
You forgot about the fact that barley slapped the van like a horse or I guess Pegasus?
Cpt Babyface
Cpt Babyface - 2 måneder siden
Was the other cop a one eyed one horned flying purple people eater?
shruti shukla
shruti shukla - 2 måneder siden
Everything Grfat about onward!
Zo - 2 måneder siden
I think the thing about coco, up and onward is they all deal with certain kinds of deaths. Like onward deals with having grief for a parent you never met. Up deals with grief of losing someone who you were with for decades and coco deals with remembering, learning and celebrating those who have passed
But that’s just my own opinion idk
Dylan Sullivan
Dylan Sullivan - 2 måneder siden
Before watching this video I had no idea this movie even had negative criticism like what??? This movie is beautiful in every way.
Angel Dust
Angel Dust - 2 måneder siden
Can we talk about the fact that in the thumbnail, the word GREAT looks like GRFAT
Rhys of Sneezing Dragon
Rhys of Sneezing Dragon - 2 måneder siden
I like the message this movie sends. That you don't need a dad to have a father.
My father is abusive. Terribly so. And his role has always been filled by my big sister. She's done everything he should've done, and so much more.
LiAuN XeNON - 2 måneder siden
fyi it's not fairy dust it's pixie dust
Doctor Upset
Doctor Upset - 2 måneder siden
I haven't seen the movie, but I do recall from the one commercial with the centaur cop saying "I'll count to three" and starts stomping his hoof. It might seem a bit weird, but I think it's a reference to Clever Hans, the horse that was thought to be able to count through stomping his hoof, but really he was just conditioned to pay attention to people to know when to stop counting. If the reference was intentional, then that's just a really clever joke.
Delsar Vakkius
Delsar Vakkius - 2 måneder siden
The director was Ian in real life, right down to talking to old recordings of his own dad which is why they put it in the movie. The thing is, he never told his brother what he was working on and when he showed him the completed movie apparently his brother got pretty emotional