Everything GREAT About Oblivion!

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Oblivion! It's been on my list since day 1 and since all the movies have in theatres have been delayed, it felt like a good time to do it! It gets picked apart a lot, so here's everything right with Oblivion!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 20:17


Aeshika Gupta
Aeshika Gupta - 14 timer siden
16:39 or maybe we can say that memories can be erased but not the feelings associated with those memories
Michael Pullins
Michael Pullins - Dag siden
I liked it a lot better than Edge of Tomorrow.
YeOldeOgre - Dag siden
Really liked this movie.
Simp t i m e
Simp t i m e - 3 dager siden
1:37 he has a New York City hat tho
Kabalyst - 3 dager siden
What's that song at 19:57 ? It sounds familiar but I can"t remember whose it is. I've been listening to M83, Boards of Canada and going mad because I know I listened to it somewhere but I can"t remember where.
Win Kerby
Win Kerby - 5 dager siden
Reminds me of insest!!
Jon Cocks
Jon Cocks - 5 dager siden
It's a great film
MindCraft - 6 dager siden
5:28 - Another serious Win here is the reference to Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities, which foreshadows the ending of the film. In the book (spoilers), the protagonist ends up sacrificing himself to save a man who looks like him and loves the same woman he loves. Pretty neat.
Noah Clauß
Noah Clauß - 6 dager siden
Idk if it's just me but, did anyone else realise that Vikas eyes look a bit technical like... very realistic looking robot eyes? There is one close up shot from Vika and her pupils are so big, not just in that shot. Every other person in that movie has "normal" pupils but Vika.
Mute - 9 dager siden
2077.... is it October? Specifically October 23rd 2077 with a nuclear apacalypse
Sean Kaneshiro
Sean Kaneshiro - 11 dager siden
Jared Budler
Jared Budler - 11 dager siden
I thought this was gong to be satire, but then I realized, nope you just have bad taste in movies. Wow, god help you.
Darrin Beckum
Darrin Beckum - 11 dager siden
Browse the rest of the comments, dude. Lots of people thought this was an entertaining movie
Jon Lopez
Jon Lopez - 12 dager siden
Do Nacho Libre!!!
cazuto claw
cazuto claw - 13 dager siden
He should do seven deadly sins movie
Kg - 13 dager siden
This is probably my second favorite movie (after king Arthur legend of the sword) and I’m so glad that you’re covering it and giving it the recognition it deserves. It’s such a beautiful movie in addition to a pretty neat sci fi premise, i’m just glad to see evidence that I’m not the only one I liked it.
Tycavax MD
Tycavax MD - 14 dager siden
i watch you to see a little bit of movies
Happy Shaver
Happy Shaver - 14 dager siden
It's nice to watch a video that is promoting "all the things great" instead of criticizing all the faults. That's refreshing. As Renoir said, “There are quite enough unpleasant things in life without the need to manufacture more.”
Constadine Mavromatis
Constadine Mavromatis - 15 dager siden
Man you said exactly what I was thinking watching this movie . I love it but I don't know why. After I saw how the visual was made and listen to the ost of m83 I knew .
Noelle Richards
Noelle Richards - 16 dager siden
I don't understand the reference to 2077 and Titan. Can anyone explain?
Ben isms
Ben isms - 16 dager siden
12:28 I remember my first time doing mushrooms.
Shrezii - 16 dager siden
His hat was actually very earth related, it’s a New York Yankees cap
Wunder - 16 dager siden
Tom Cruse a great actor for sure and is dedicated to that craft. He is also one of the leaders of a cult that hurts and deceives people. And yes it is 100% a cult and yes does hurt and deceive people. I don't care about actors personal life to a point but Tom is way past that point. I wont ever give money to or support anything he is involved in because when you do you support the cult he is a leader of. I don't know if he is aware of all the bad shit his cult does or is involved in. He could be a genuinely good person. But he is still the figure head for it. And if you support anything he does you are supporting that cult.
HerHollyness - 17 dager siden
My question was always why they built the helicopter things with two seats if only Jack was ever allowed to go down to the surface. Sure comes in handy when he’s flying Julia around but otherwise there’s no purpose to the second seat! 😂
Carlos Emilio Rivera Warner
Carlos Emilio Rivera Warner - 18 dager siden
I don't like Tom Cruise. I didn't want to like this movie. But I did. I liked it. A LOT. Acting, effects, score, story . . .
It made me reevaluate my Tom Cruise aversion. Good thing, too. Cos then Edge of Tomorrow came out and I fell in love.
skyhawk551 - 19 dager siden
there's an idea that our DNA stores memory, and is the source of instinct, so as the clones were getting closer to original jack the genetic memory was coming forth. vitally important memories may not only be burned into our minds, but into our genetics. basically the plot for assasin's creed. Buuuuut this isn't just conjecture, there have been experiments proving the idea of genetic memory, an interesting thing to look into.
Kenny Patts
Kenny Patts - 20 dager siden
Just not enough argonians for me
lacudafrost - 20 dager siden
Can you do sorcerer's apprentice
Zamolxes77 - 21 dag siden
Hi, I'm Jack Harper. Hi, I'm also Jack Harper. Hi, I'm Jack Harper too. Hi, I'm Jack Harper. Hi, I'm also Jack Harper. Hi, I'm Jack Harper too.
"Mommy, are all those men my daddies ?"
Marinebattleships 1
Marinebattleships 1 - 21 dag siden
Unpopular opinion: Jack has more chemistry with Victoria than with Julia
My RC Channel
My RC Channel - 22 dager siden
I totally got it and loved it from the first watch... definitely on of my favs!
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis - 26 dager siden
Reminds me of Aeon Flux
Ultrababypunchr - Måned siden
Thank you I was searching for this movie for years I was starting to think I was crazy and I imagined it
infamasgam3r - Måned siden
That sponsor transition was smoother than the thrust vectoring on the dragonfly lookin ships
Clayton Thorn
Clayton Thorn - Måned siden
Good movie. But this review that just goes on and on and on about every little God damn thing sucks.
Stump 0806
Stump 0806 - Måned siden
One I want to to is Fury
Live Life Freely
Live Life Freely - Måned siden
I've always been a fantasy of Tom's work and this movie works because of him.
KrakenJM - Måned siden
“You can see there is nothing earth related on him” he says whilst showing a yankee hat on screen smh.
VAMBRIC - Måned siden
2077? CYBERPUNK 2077?
Otto Vandevelde
Otto Vandevelde - Måned siden
Seen it three times on the way to Europe from Australia and only getting my head around the premise. Still good and will probably watch it again next trip assuming both trip and film are available and serum loaded into Covid will destroy it like the Tet.......amen!
Luxurious Stain
Luxurious Stain - Måned siden
Oh hey I recently watched this.
steft horman
steft horman - Måned siden
i bet they will go back to tribalistic wars, since limited supplies.
dmaxcustom - Måned siden
I love this movie. With its faults and all.
Andor Radnai
Andor Radnai - Måned siden
2077..? What are you planning CD Project Red..?
Casey Koons
Casey Koons - Måned siden
I love this film. It's one of my watch-many-times. The sound! (chef's kiss). I have a bit of a theory/head-cannon that solves some puzzles in the plot.
It all hinges on a question: what's with the two-week's left? Based on what we see from the end of the film, the Tet is just going to kill them after they cease to be useful. Why not a ten-year mission. There certainly isn't a place for them on the Tet. And given the number of clones we see in storage, I doubt they are recycled, i.e. mind-wiped and sent back down.
I think that ALL the Jacks go bad. The length of the their mission is the average time they can get out of a Jack before he goes bad and the memories break through. Like you argue, it's Jack's humanity that allows him to be good at his job, but with that comes his 'genetic' memory and rebelliousness. On a long enough timeline, they would ALL do as 49 and 52 do.
One thing that kinda bugged me about the film was the house in the valley. It was so nice, with so much stuff (the number of records) that it seemed incredible he could have assembled it all, while sneaking off without Vikka noticing. My idea has an answer for this. Jack found the place largely as we see it, with many of the things there, brought there by other Jacks. He added to it, but 're-discovered' some of his favorite things in this incredible cabin that was preserved in the valley.
Rushav Kumar Panda
Rushav Kumar Panda - Måned siden
He said 2077 and you didn't think Fallout? Shame, man...
Sofialu - Måned siden
I haven't watch this movie in years, but it always was one of my favourites, I rewatched it many times becasue is just awsome
Daniel Blowes
Daniel Blowes - Måned siden
"Ever heard of any other shapes, Sally?" 😂
Dutch Mr.V
Dutch Mr.V - Måned siden
as a Life long eletronics Tech having a test drone in the house makes perfect sence to test repaired mods. :)
David R
David R - Måned siden
Great move. great review!
Luey Sixty-six
Luey Sixty-six - Måned siden
17:00 I have always thought this about Christians/other religious deity worshippers.
It is arrogant and plain lazy to presume omnipotence and omniscience of your God. A lot of power and a lot of knowledge do not equal infinite power & knowledge.
Imagine being a people's champion who expect infinite power & knowledge of you, and that you deploy said powers on their behalf...! *The height of entitlement !!*
DurdenTyler21 - Måned siden
The Metal Gear Solid reference was..... Solid.
Durrin ofthe Ozarks
Durrin ofthe Ozarks - Måned siden
The tet is a von Newman probe that was meant to wipe the galaxy clean of alien's that it's creator's were so afraid of they wanted to commit genocide on the galaxy but were to lazy to actually go out and do it.
Warren R
Warren R - Måned siden
Dayum, Vicka was high AF, her pupils were extremely dilated.
Stephanie Murray
Stephanie Murray - 2 måneder siden
The first thing I thought of was WHO made all the decor, the clothes, the make up the nail polish, who cleans the pool, who makes their food ? Do they have sewing machines in the TET and a drugstore and kitchens ? I mean shampoo folks and tweezers for eyebrow hair and rasers for leg hair and toilet paper and all the 'stuff' of life !
Ernar Jandos
Ernar Jandos - 2 måneder siden
A luxurious futuristic house with everything in it and a Victoria. i’ll stay with the aliens
Ernar Jandos
Ernar Jandos - 2 måneder siden
I can say that this movie’s score was the best ive heard even better than Hans Zimmer’s ones.
AuraZX - 2 måneder siden
Since you mentioned The Island..... You should do a video on that. Please.
Tomasz Głowacki
Tomasz Głowacki - 2 måneder siden
did no one noticed how much water was consumed during Tet domination time? Dos not look like it was consumed straight away. Most likely transported somewhere else. A sequel device? just like in Independence day 2. Bigger Tet? Or maybe moved to mars :P
Jim McClarin
Jim McClarin - 2 måneder siden
One of my favorites. Contained angst, longing, recognition, eerieness, defiance of authority, multi-self, and self-sacrifice in addition to future-tech and action. Hard to beat.
willzy75 Rivero Ranger
willzy75 Rivero Ranger - 2 måneder siden
great breakdown of a stunningly clever story.
UnkinkedSleet61 - 2 måneder siden
no the pyramid ships from destiny are already here run
Jalcome - 2 måneder siden
Arthur Legend of the Sword!!!
Rowe Productions
Rowe Productions - 2 måneder siden
As much as I love movies like this, Tom Cruise is not always a win.
Publius Velocitor
Publius Velocitor - 2 måneder siden
A lot of great things about this movie, but on a more primal level: Olga Kurylenko Olga KurylenkoOlga KurylenkoOlga KurylenkoOlga KurylenkoOlga Kurylenko!
Zach Miller
Zach Miller - 2 måneder siden
❤️ Tom Cruise ❤️
Rick Hart
Rick Hart - 2 måneder siden
Why does the flying machine need a tail rotor, which is used on helicopters to counter the torque from the main rotor to keep it from crashing? The machine doesn't have a main rotor and therefore no need for a tail rotor.
ardvark84 - 2 måneder siden
17:20 about that gum thing. If you undo some bolts inside your computer and replace them with something sufficiant to hold the parts in place, computer will still work just fine. But when you have a malfuncion in something made by AI and you bodge the repair it's gonna notice. It's like you wake up one morning on the flor an there is no bed. You go to the kitchen, make a coffe and come back to the bed room where your bed just reappeared. You don't know what happened so you want to know. That's why the AI in this movie was quite unitnelligent.
john rosenskjold
john rosenskjold - 2 måneder siden
I remember when i saw it, i was blown away how the music really lifted it to insane heights..
Aedrion - 2 måneder siden
This movie is original, thought provoking, strangely messed up and both tragic and inspiring.
The score underlines the extremely fantastical yet horribly tragic reality of a cold, sterile AI using humans as tools to exterminate their own species and drain their planet dry - the army of Jacks remains one of the most haunting things that can be done to an individual.
There's something majestic and fatalistic about humanity in this movie. We're already doomed, we've already lost. A most gruesome extermination took place and we're in the later phases of extinction. Then the unthinkable happens because humanity shows it's greatest potential virtues, courage, compassion and self-sacrifice in Jack Harper 49 at the cusp of Oblivion.
And suddenly, there's hope again.
Red Planet Studio
Red Planet Studio - 2 måneder siden
Do everything great about John Carter
RiskFactor - 2 måneder siden
This is one of the most underrated science fiction films in modern history. The twist is shocking and I never saw it coming. Absolutely LOVE this film...one of my all-time favorites.
H K - 2 måneder siden
Can I hope for EGA Vanilla Sky?
gustavomz88 - 2 måneder siden
so boring film. this and "knight and day" are the worst films of tom cruise
Bthsr71 - 2 måneder siden
I felt like there was just some missing piece or one that didn't quite click into place.
ECP Nothnagel
ECP Nothnagel - 2 måneder siden
One if your best.
QuinnCyLo - 2 måneder siden
the score alone should've been 100 win point
Anonymous17191 - 2 måneder siden
I have watched this one. Multiple times. Thank you for the video!
Joe Sycamore
Joe Sycamore - 2 måneder siden
Great film
Gbomb31 - 2 måneder siden
The twist to this movie was fucking crazy to me when it came out.
Terry Cole
Terry Cole - 2 måneder siden
I’m with you. I’ve this movie and have watched it several times. I watched all the extras and was particularly taken by the wraparound projections of Haleakala. Incidentally, I have been to the top there and ridden a bicycle down. The view is quite spectacular. The ride starts at sunrise and as you descend, the day begins. It’s definitely something I recommend!
MarioProz - 2 måneder siden
he crashed that motorcycle on set actually
Nicola Britton
Nicola Britton - 2 måneder siden
Damn I love this soundtrack so much!!! Such a win!! I'd love to put LIFE forward as a flick I'd like to see Cinemawins on - loved it! Becoming a fast fave. Wish I'd taken the time to see it in a packed cinema.
Old Fella
Old Fella - 2 måneder siden
I love Tom Cruise. He's the king of scifi. Vanilla Sky, Live Die Repeat, Oblivion, Minority Report, War of the World. Not to mention legend,interview with a vampire. I haven't see the mummy yet but if he's in it, im pretty sure it's not a bad movie
firebird65 - 2 måneder siden
Great video!
Chernobyl Charles
Chernobyl Charles - 2 måneder siden
I saw the title and thought you were talking about the game for a sec
nick fitchner
nick fitchner - 3 måneder siden
Glad to see I'm not the only one who enjoyed this film! Out of curiosity anyone else get a half-life 2 vibe? I feel like if you combine oblivion and children of men you get half-life 2
Edmund Dantes
Edmund Dantes - 3 måneder siden
2:49 "Bike, or I Run"
Phineas - 3 måneder siden
Thank you for introducing me to this movie. Paused your review 10s in to go and watch it... just awesome
Jonathan - 3 måneder siden
I LOVE your analysis! Bravo!
Brendan Wood
Brendan Wood - 3 måneder siden
AI that is actually intelligent would immediately incorporate redundancy into it's survival. Like backing up your phone is obviously a good idea.
Fran Gorno
Fran Gorno - 3 måneder siden
What I love about this film is the obvious cliché 'sci-fi action epic disaster tragedy' backstory it has, almost throwing it in your face that there's something iffy about the whole situation already from the start.
deidara san
deidara san - 3 måneder siden
I just don't get it, why in the Hollywood movies, all the man is called jack or John? Don't they have another names than this two? Frederick- Jimmy- carl- Tim..how about those?
Luckiness - 3 måneder siden
I remember finally deciding to watch deja vu not knowing anything but what the meaning of the name is. And it turned out that they both pretty much had the same ending.. amazing
Ryan Hamstra
Ryan Hamstra - 3 måneder siden
Do moon!! Same kind of movie
weldonwin - 3 måneder siden
So, everyone down below, commenting about "No US Flag, no UN Flag, nothing from Earth at all" then going "Aaaaaaaactually..." about the Yankee's cap. Yeah, I'm saving future viewers/commenters, from pointing out that CinemaWins is talking about the *UNIFORM* Jack is wearing, not the *CAP* which he obviously found in the ruins and is *NOT* part of the *UNIFORM*
Yellowkid - 3 måneder siden
My favorite part is when you can combo a spell with precise movement and glitch through the grou- oh, wrong oblivion
DJ Programer
DJ Programer - 3 måneder siden
I bet you it would've been an excellent VR story telling game. "Fly here, fix this, fly here, explore this cave, shoot these things, do this, do that" and then be given the option to fly around an incredible world or even the sky with just the house within view.
Anonymous17191 - 3 måneder siden
Thanks for the video!
Aaron Schwing
Aaron Schwing - 3 måneder siden
Why would you extract hydrogen from a planet when it is so much more abundant in space?
kevin loy
kevin loy - 3 måneder siden
I watched the film with Finnish subtitles on . I was amused that their word for "team" is "tiimi' . We always joke that there is no "i" in the word team . but in Finland they apparently have THREE !