Everything GREAT About Mulan!

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Mulan 2020 is out! And it will only cost you a kidney to see! I guess it's not that bad. We're all trying to adapt. But it felt like a good time to go back to the original 1998 version and see what's up, what's good, what's happenin'. Here's everything right with Mulan!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 17:53


CinemaWins - Måned siden
Next week will not be animated, I PROMISE!
ggamer77 - 18 dager siden
Whats wrong with animated?
Neko - Måned siden
You shouldn't do Brother Bear! Such a under rated movie
joi hon
joi hon - Måned siden
So true.😔💕💕💕💕 love this animation.
HerrAuron - Måned siden
I dont think the new has enough wins for a video
Master TopHatter
Master TopHatter - Måned siden
Well that was a lie or was it but I kinda don’t care if it animated or not
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann - 5 timer siden
It just gets more depressing every year how disney is taking everything that once was of value, strips it of the good and just sells an empty hull
happy spy guy
happy spy guy - 6 timer siden
You missed how could you miss he was tree feet away from you
Insanity Everafter
Insanity Everafter - 6 timer siden
I always expect the emperor to continue with "believe me, I've looked," but that's actually a genie line.
"You dont meet a girl like that every millenial, believe me I've looked."
hrpang - 16 timer siden
I think what should be a big win is Khan. Khan is expressive, beautifully animated and is with Mulan. He is seen bringing her everywhere, covers her when she's leaving the lake bath, carries what seems to be a portion of the army's supplies and almost died trying to keep Mulan above the waves of the avalanche. He is the Maximus of 1988.
Renai Circular Motion
Renai Circular Motion - Dag siden
What if Mulan is a non binary girl :o
Mann of Dober
Mann of Dober - Dag siden
Win 1: It's not the remake.
Jill Sorise
Jill Sorise - 2 dager siden
I still need an Everything Great About Brave vid! It gets a lot of hate and I love it 😭
Floofy - 2 dager siden
I mean he is right, he doesn't squeal like a girl. He squeals like a chimpanzee to me 😅
Soldier For Christ
Soldier For Christ - 2 dager siden
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jonahs games smith
jonahs games smith - 3 dager siden
Emp don't give a -
Me: a flying flip
Gabriela Itzel Nuñez
Gabriela Itzel Nuñez - 4 dager siden
I wish you had spent some time on that transition after " A Girl Worth Fighting For", or given it more wins. It marks such a huge transition in the movie, symbolizing the loss of innocence. It really is the turning point of the movie.
J verse
J verse - 4 dager siden
I honestly think that a girl worth fighting for is a good song but it should of been someone worth fighting for
Breno Oliveira
Breno Oliveira - 4 dager siden
Cartoon Mulan: GREAT
Live Action Mulan: Sucks
Gokartinsquid - 4 dager siden
Spoiler alert. The remake doesn't expand on any of these concepts. It completely disregards them in favour of making mulan a born fighter
beni anti
beni anti - 4 dager siden
you wanna know how much i liked this movie as a kid?
my cousins daughter calls me Mushu
Paintbrush the Painted Dog
Paintbrush the Painted Dog - 5 dager siden
I DEMAND AN “Everything GREAT about Coraline”
Ellie Kerstiens
Ellie Kerstiens - 5 dager siden
As a non-binary trans gal, I always see the struggle of mulan are to be failing to meet both masculinity of femininity and in the end of the movie the way she wins the day by just giving up the need to fit into either and just being herself and saying fuck it. Very trans I must say. I hate the drag scene tho, it’s kinda transphobic, just ugh I don’t like it.
Adam Scott
Adam Scott - 6 dager siden
Fact from the professional musician among your listeners. You'll Bring Honor to Us All is mostly pentatonic (except the bridge) as is the main orchestral theme in the horn part. Which is a nice hat tip to the score and culture.
Captain Rex
Captain Rex - 6 dager siden
5:05 i believe this is a joke, but the chant that chien-po was saying is a chinese buddist chant, it doesnt have anything to do with him being fat or singing about food. there are many ways of saying it like amitabah (sanskrit), amituofu (chinese), a di da phat (vietnamese), amita bui (korean), and etc just to say a few
Anna Moss
Anna Moss - 7 dager siden
I kind of always figured the 'Black and White' oanda joke was Mushu being audacious and trying to convince Chin that a panda was a perfectly ordinary horse that was not worth a second look.
Max Williams
Max Williams - 7 dager siden
The music when she decides to go instead of her dad gives me shivers every time.
Forgiven Sinner
Forgiven Sinner - 7 dager siden
My daughter followed Mulan for 2 years. She read the original story off the internet and got two knock off versions she watched as well. She went from that to being a Donny Osmond fangirl, but that's another story.
Djooodie Amazeballs
Djooodie Amazeballs - 7 dager siden
I go to CinemaWins when the internet is being too mean and I just wanna watch a video about a guy who just genuinely enjoys movies no matter what the rest of the internet says
Leah - 8 dager siden
She’s a real person who lived in ancient China!
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford - 9 dager siden
make an everything bad about mulan 2020 and you wake up in a disney land gulag
sam Grosky
sam Grosky - 9 dager siden
Please do Whale Rider!!
Quang-Long Dinh
Quang-Long Dinh - 9 dager siden
You didn't win the part where Grandma says "Sign me up for the next war!" when she sees Shang.
Vaidehi Deshpande
Vaidehi Deshpande - 9 dager siden
That's a reference to Batman and Robin😌😂
The13th Rose
The13th Rose - 10 dager siden
Alright, you made me chuckle with that "she's from a different dynasty, you wouldn't know her" joke
rockyblacksmith - 11 dager siden
I am severely disappointed that neither General Li NOR the Emperor got a beautiful beard win.
ChicaPizza29 Foxyburito15
ChicaPizza29 Foxyburito15 - 11 dager siden
13:40 i can't too cute that sounded adorable
alex_ze_awsum YT
alex_ze_awsum YT - 11 dager siden
Spoiler alert! Apparently, the 2020 remake absolutely sucked. I don't know myself, because I never watched it...
Tristan Guzman
Tristan Guzman - 11 dager siden
Please do hunger games- a very loyal fan
Ghost_Lead - 15 dager siden
That is the most THIC horse i have ever seen, looks like its on steroids and works out 24/7
Jon Lopez
Jon Lopez - 15 dager siden
Do Nacho Libre!!!
Zødiac - 15 dager siden
Could you please do Tangled next?
cazuto claw
cazuto claw - 16 dager siden
He should do seven deadly sins
Pumpkin pie Boi
Pumpkin pie Boi - 16 dager siden
Fun fact i learned : at 4:37 it showed the two guards getting shot

I don't know if its true but at the theaters my mother told me that it show it so... correct me if I'm wrong
Ben Gartly
Ben Gartly - 16 dager siden
The Cooler Satan
The Cooler Satan - 16 dager siden
This is my form of Eye bleach after watching the the live action movie
QGacha_Katlyn_GachaQ - 16 dager siden
Fun Fact: Mulan is based on a real story!
Ayesha Hosein
Ayesha Hosein - 17 dager siden
when i saw this i thought the video was gonna be the entire movie is a win
Stacy Lewis
Stacy Lewis - 18 dager siden
One more win for that moment when Mulan's father and mother are silhouetted against the rice paper window - he tells her she's leaving to go to war, she turns away distraught and he blows out the oil lamp. Gorgeous moment and the perfect lead in to Mulan's moment of decision!
Ronan Coster
Ronan Coster - 19 dager siden
Orcs at the bottom of the hill? They were Urak-Hai!!! From other B list creators I understand BUT YOU!?!?!?!
Mark12 Strang
Mark12 Strang - 19 dager siden
The bad guy isnt upset that his army was defeated by a girl. He doesnt say "Oh a woman". He fights her without any hesitation.
Matthew Snerbble
Matthew Snerbble - 19 dager siden
And now cinema wins is sponsored by the ccp.....🤣!,,,,
Life With Matthew
Life With Matthew - 20 dager siden
Get off the roof! Get off the roof! Get off the roof!
Pine Dragon
Pine Dragon - 20 dager siden
Disney’s post renaissance art style is considered semi realism
Yichen Lv
Yichen Lv - 20 dager siden
5:05 "tofu" is the last two characters of the name Buda (Nāmó Ēmítuófó), not tofu the food.
MrSrtdan - 21 dag siden
I think the reason they leave their personal companions at home, instead of dragging them along on a serious life experience, that they didn't sign up for, is because the main character would come across as self centered and careless of others.
I'm an otter with a dark side
This was an amazing movie and it still is but

It could use some Szechuan sauce
HerHollyness - 21 dag siden
"Who's going to bear all your sons if they only bear sons, Ancient China, huh?" A problem that is still surprisingly prevalent in modern China, in part due to the (now-redacted) one child policy. Families tended to want sons so daughters were given up for adoption or, horrendously, abandoned to die. Now China has a very skewed male to female ratio...
OK Peachie
OK Peachie - 21 dag siden
If the emperor is the mountain Mulan would be the blossom of course ☺️
DJ Burge
DJ Burge - 22 dager siden
The movie is based on real life Mulan was a real woman
neshapink17 - 22 dager siden
Extra point for how smooth The Emperor stepped out the way when Shang popped up to save him.
Duane Molina
Duane Molina - 22 dager siden
Mulan, the only Disney princess with a kill count. Beast
Derp Gail
Derp Gail - 10 dager siden
VegetaLF7 - 17 dager siden
And not just a couple. She wiped out an entire army.
Saige Hope
Saige Hope - 23 dager siden
I only recently noticed how much dragon symbolism there is in the scene in which Mulan decides to go to war. You see constant flashes of the stone dragon as she's donning her father's armor, weapons, and cutting her hair. It's meant to represent that SHE is the dragon reawakened.
Bashing Blur
Bashing Blur - 24 dager siden
There’s a reason this doesn’t have a rotten tomatoes rating it sucks do you not have standards if you want a good Disney movie go to the best rated one idiot lilo and stitch Mulan is weak yes it’s funny but doesn’t compare well to any Disney classic movie but hey at least its a lot better then mars needs moms
scarylion.roar - 24 dager siden
So the "You've never seen a Black and White before?" joke is because Mulan's horse wouldn't help Mushu, so when Si-Fu is like "WTF? It's a bear." Mushu has to take refuge in audacity and insist the bear is a horse.
lover of big ninnies
lover of big ninnies - 24 dager siden
Review Your Name please it’s beautiful
Sam Owen
Sam Owen - 25 dager siden
little fun fact, the reason the dragon spirit didn't wake up from the statue is because it was already awake and giving mulan strength
Lunalgaleo - 26 dager siden
Actually, the cockroach from WALL-E DOES have a name: Hal!
ChiliPeppah 21
ChiliPeppah 21 - 26 dager siden
Its kinda sad that a real ancient Emperor of China wouldn't potentially self sacrifice
Ariana Lussier
Ariana Lussier - 26 dager siden
You missed a win...

Mrspeppery car
Mrspeppery car - 26 dager siden
Wall.e's cockroach is named Hal after Hal roach.
BZgA - 26 dager siden
This movie is not for trans, kid. Haha, lol
BZgA - 26 dager siden
'6:50 War Propaganda'. . . This kid..
Prety Love
Prety Love - 26 dager siden
Mulan (2020) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E | Movies
----------------------- bike to work -------------------------------
ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ᴏʀ ᴅᴏᴡɴʟᴏᴀᴅ ɴᴏᴡ ✦☞☛ mulan-black.blogspot.com

I loro stati di salute
rispettivi prevenirli
Ši traka filma ir tik forša, tik neticama. Es tikko pabeidz
Yasmin LetsPlay
Yasmin LetsPlay - 27 dager siden
Zuko: 💧👁️👄👁️
ProdigiX12 - 27 dager siden
it wasn't until i watched the training montage in this movie that I realized its 100% the inspiration for the similar scene in Kung Fu Panda
DualDestry - 27 dager siden
"How many men are necessary to deliver a message" is easily the best line in this movie. It instantly establishes how dishonorable and simultaneously evil the main villain is and raises the stakes at play.
Antphoneigh - 28 dager siden
Haha she never stroked a good match.
Alex Barber
Alex Barber - 28 dager siden
Mulan's transformation is hands down the best scene of the movie and "Short Hair" is a godlike track.
CrystalOtaku93 - 28 dager siden
The huns are surprisingly accurate in this movie. I often voutch saying that *as long as the core message is intact and the movie/characters are enjoyable then I don't mind that Disney alters history, but every so often I find a movie I'm pleasantly surprised by in terms of accuracy.* Good job mulan
Aj Ajaj
Aj Ajaj - 28 dager siden
Japanese AMERICAN. Not japanese. There IS a difference. Otherwise, nice video.
_ASurprisinglyAwesomeWitch_ - 29 dager siden
Everything great about Mulan 1998: *That it’s not Mulan 2020*
adrineh smith
adrineh smith - Måned siden
hey ahaha i think you should maybe possibly do the adventures of tintin from 2011 plz lol
TheJediSonic - Måned siden
"Everything great about Mulan 2020"
video length: 0:00
Caleb - Måned siden
What I love about Mulan is that unlike a lot of disingenuous modern stories that try to look woke by basically (or literally) re-skinning a male character as a woman, it's Mulan's womanhood specifically that gives her unique strengths. If she'd had a man's physical strength and at least typical man's mindset she wouldn't have come up with those creative solutions she used.
Hun Lim
Hun Lim - Måned siden
Edward Knave
Edward Knave - Måned siden
5:09 Ah. I get it. It can be a homophonic pun. One meaning being that you explained, another being Amida Buddha, also known as Amitabha, whose name is prevalently chanted by Buddhists as a practice of mantra.
my display picture doesnt share food!!!
I cant believe you didnt put a win on granny's "Woo! Sign me up for the next war!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Michael Zahabi
Michael Zahabi - Måned siden
Justin Cruz
Justin Cruz - Måned siden
2:03 *Zuko has entered the chat.*
11:02 I haven’t seen this movie in years and this one line has stuck with me for years.
James L.
James L. - Måned siden
When Chien Po is calming down Yao, he might be saying 阿弥陀佛 (ah mi tuo fo) which is a chinese buddhist prayer saying. Or it could be a mix of that and tofu
Night Sky
Night Sky - Måned siden
Im sad that The emperor just casually walking away while Shang fights shaun yu isn’t a win :(
Ric-o Co
Ric-o Co - Måned siden
This is way better than the live action
Rebecca Michael
Rebecca Michael - Måned siden
5:39 - No! No sauce! Especially that one!
Hammerschlag - Måned siden
5:07 didn't say anything about Tofu. He was actually reciting the meditative Buddhist chant "Namo Amituofo". Learned that from MK Legacy II.
Mysterious Nobody
Mysterious Nobody - Måned siden
Priest would probably make a good video for you.
Eddie G.
Eddie G. - Måned siden
Too bad the live action movie sucked
Bara S
Bara S - Måned siden
“Is mulan like the rain? Like erosion?” definitely the funniest line
sam harris
sam harris - Måned siden
5:12 "Namo Amituofo" is a Buddhist mantra!
Joshi - Måned siden
17:32 looks like the 2012 shop in the begining
Ayo hitman Bang
Ayo hitman Bang - Måned siden
Drag saved China
Cheung Cheung
Cheung Cheung - Måned siden
Everything GREAT PROBLEM About Mulan!
Thomas Kole
Thomas Kole - Måned siden
6:59 I mean this didn't matter that much in the original Chinese ballad. There they're just archetypical savage hordes (from an ancient Chinese perspective). 'Barbarian' raiders from the steppes are a constant factor throughout Chinese imperial history, be they Huns, Xiongnu, Mongols or Manchus; for the audience of the ballad it must've been a recognizable stereotype.
Eamon O'Toole
Eamon O'Toole - Måned siden
Can you do EGA Disney's Hercules or Aladdin (the animated version)
Thot Police
Thot Police - Måned siden
Please do tintin