Everything GREAT About Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation!

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Mission: Impossible Fallout is finally here! I'm sure I'm just extra amped up because I've been watching all of these for past few months, but the 97% RT score doesn't hurt. Although to be honest it's tough not to like a Mission Impossible movie. So here's everything right with the one that directly set up Fallout, Rogue Nation!
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Outro Music: "Rise of the Heroes" by Jon Wright
Film og animasjon
Runtime: 19:09


Bene Sieper
Bene Sieper - 2 dager siden
Why in the seven hells do you even know who Steven Gätjen is? Hes just moderating some Gameshows here in Germany? Did I miss something?
Tristan Lane
Tristan Lane - 4 dager siden
My surname being Lane makes this film and the next one just a little odd.
I never really got Solomon Lane's character, he's all sad because he presumably considers himself responsible for the Iraq War, the evidence on Saddams WMD's coming from MI6 being directly responsible for that war and the civilian casualties. But in comparison to other wars it was much less collaterally damaging, and the things he'd have done as a spy, pale in comparison to the hard choices people at Bletchley Park had in WW2 for example, or those who flew on the Enola Gay. He just seems like a big crybaby with some vague plan to run an all knowing organisation that seems to want to kill his way into starting a New World Order.... somehow.... it's never really cleared up.
But you've just got to give it up for Tom Cruise, I don't think I'll see another actor quite like him in my lifetime.
Jawadi ahmad
Jawadi ahmad - 6 dager siden
CinemaWins : "Riding a bike down a hallway at high speeds with no helmet, no pads, and no leather..."
Me : Well in Indonesia we just deal with it
Corinna Sedlmeier
Corinna Sedlmeier - 19 dager siden
Ilsa is the perfect proof that a female 007 can work.
Ben Martin
Ben Martin - 28 dager siden
When the six months later tag popped up I fucking lost it. Also, I love that this film imply that Lane isn’t very physical but it never states it. Then in Fallout, he absolutely kicks the shit out of Benji and holds his own for pretty long against Ilsa.
Loud - Måned siden
mechanical sarlacc pit of death i'm stealing that
Aditya Ray
Aditya Ray - Måned siden
This was my favorite mission impossible movie. And yes, I've seen all of them
CraftingBlue - 10 dager siden
Nice, I like the new fallout one but its just preference.
jalabi99 - Måned siden
11:35 yes, that is a musical cue from _Turandot_ -- a snippet of "Nessun dorma". They play it again at the end of the movie when Ilsa says goodbye to Ethan one last time.
jalabi99 - Måned siden
9:29 should add an extra win for Ilsa's leg day
Enrique Alexander
Enrique Alexander - Måned siden
So I've been watching the MI Series now and I just finished this one.... Didn't know I'd love it as much as I do now holy crap did I underestimate this film!
My Rankings are:
MI 1(Not convoluted I swear🙏🙏)
MI GP/Fallout(Honestly I feel the same about both at the moment would have to think about it more)
MI 3(Decent just not good enough for to be with the ones above)
MI 2(Not bad, just okay and that's "Bad" for this series since the rest are so good)
Agree or disagree?? Let me know!
DeathKnightofAnime - Måned siden
For me it’s 1. MI: Ghost Protocol 2. MI: Rogue Nation 3. MI: Fallout 4.Mission Impossible 5. Mission Impossible 2 6. Mission Impossible 3
Arjun Wali
Arjun Wali - Måned siden
Ilsa is such a cool addition, especially since she is both a magnetic love interest but also a RIVAL to ethan in terms of skill and determination. Ferguson and Cruise have such a great chemistry together. Such a great new part of this franchise.
Harry White
Harry White - 2 måneder siden
I watched every M:I on a flight to Hong Kong- I forgot this one!
Appleslur -
Appleslur - - 2 måneder siden
8:34 so im not the only one
john smead
john smead - 3 måneder siden
Emily S
Emily S - 3 måneder siden
8:29 wait, you do that too? I thought I was just weird!
Ivan Walters
Ivan Walters - 3 måneder siden
6:11 - "Killing two birds with one stone" - no it means Ethan watched "Speed" - remember - "shoot the hostage"
ginsengjin - 3 måneder siden
This movie was shit. Story was put together by idiots.
Matiiieee - 18 dager siden
You are shit
Julia Johnson
Julia Johnson - 3 måneder siden
I do the breath holding thing too... haven’t passed out yet, but I rarely succeed.😕
Smitty Plays
Smitty Plays - 3 måneder siden
12:19 is that Cutler Beckett??
Smitty Plays
Smitty Plays - 3 måneder siden
Is it just me or is Nessun Dorma like the best Opera song ever? Like it was beautiful when they used it to promote Godzilla King of the Monsters. Then literally like a week after I watched Godzilla and was obsessed with the song this film called the upside staring Kevin Heart and Brian Cranston (absolutely hilarious) also had nessun dorma in it as well. It’s such an awesome song.
Randoms Stuffs
Randoms Stuffs - 3 måneder siden
Call it U.R.T.B.T.C.D.T.H.U.D.T.R. That is an acronym of... Unnecessary Risks Taken By Tom Cruise Due To His Unimpeded Devotion To Realism.
Allgaming - 3 måneder siden
They wanted to bring Renner for Fallout but the film was supposed to start with his death, thats why he didnt wanted to join
Mom Mem
Mom Mem - 3 måneder siden
One little win - In the motorbike chase scene, as Ethan does a sharp turn on the bike, his knee nearly touches the floor and you can see the genuine reaction of 'oh that's close' and then he pulls his knee away :)
Robert Salisbury
Robert Salisbury - 4 måneder siden
Instead of "Hunt girls" call them "Huntresses"!
Audrey Kim
Audrey Kim - 4 måneder siden
Brandt's "I can neither confirm nor deny" phrase is what I say when my siblings want info.
Alien Chatter
Alien Chatter - 5 måneder siden
A Quick thing I noticed and I guess she mentions it later but Ilsa was aiming for that world leaders other shoulder. Opposite the one Ethan shoots. It's another clue she isn't a baddie.
Raof Abdullah
Raof Abdullah - 5 måneder siden
Intro: Ethan got smoked in the room
Ending: Lane got smoked in the box
lya cherry
lya cherry - 5 måneder siden
3:05 I KNEWWW ITTT !! That's why i feel familiar with that words 😭🤣
Franklin Kidenya
Franklin Kidenya - 5 måneder siden
Olympic and professional free divers can hold their breath for nearly 30 minutes.
Potato Biagi
Potato Biagi - 6 måneder siden
Jackson Burkholder
Jackson Burkholder - 6 måneder siden
Which Jack Reacher because the one in the book is much bigger than Tom Cruise
J Bizzle
J Bizzle - 6 måneder siden
YT thinks that cause I'm subbed to you and watch like every single vid that it's ok to recommend CinemaSins to me and that's proof that algorithms aren't ever as intuitive as people because *obviously I would not want to watch a video like that if i'm a huge fan of yours*
Im_MeK - 6 måneder siden
I did not know this movie existed until now I was sure I had seen them all
Yuval Birman
Yuval Birman - 6 måneder siden
Not "Hunt girls", "impossible girls".
Flame Stunts
Flame Stunts - 6 måneder siden
I held my breath during the under water scene, and let me tell you, I barely made it through. I'm so out of practice.
Fun fact: diving/holding your breath is much easier with your eyes closed since vision uses a lot of oxygen.
Jack Cole Miller
Jack Cole Miller - 6 måneder siden
Thank you for the video cinemawins
Boots Busang
Boots Busang - 6 måneder siden
At this point, I want Ethan to meet Mr. Wick...
Jack Smith
Jack Smith - 6 måneder siden
Do the hobbit trilogy
Kirby Overlord
Kirby Overlord - 6 måneder siden
Doors are for people with no imagination
Q S - 6 måneder siden
The question is if Ethan Hunt would win against the Jack Reacher from the books.
Edit: Grammar
Andrew - 6 måneder siden
I LOVED that scene of Benji playing Halo 5. Also note that Halo 5 still hadn't been released yet. Benji 100% hacked Microsoft to get that with his super high-tech computers.
Team VLCN - 6 måneder siden
11:45. If you go frame by frame and look over the shoulder of the glasses-wearing man in grey, you can see Ilsa get up and leave.
Sam Menhinick
Sam Menhinick - 6 måneder siden
Please do the DaVinci Code!
El Hopper
El Hopper - 6 måneder siden
Tom Cruise is so badass!
Bigby Wolf
Bigby Wolf - 6 måneder siden
Jack Reacher vs Ethan Hunt
I think its a tie
Barry Goodwin
Barry Goodwin - 6 måneder siden
Just watching this and Fallout for the first time, in consecutive days, I liked this one better. What may I have missed? It seems almost unanimous that Fallout is better, but I didn't think so
Muhammad Siddiqui
Muhammad Siddiqui - 6 måneder siden
11:45 nice jab at cinemasins lol
Nemo_Veritas - 6 måneder siden
Ilsa is the only name she could have, AFAIK she even has that same "mixed" nationality background as Ingrid Bergman... Or the character has, I don't remember...
Paulo Naval
Paulo Naval - 6 måneder siden
I noticed... Ilsa was aiming for that spot in the chair as shown by the scope, so... that got me thinking... she might be telling the truth in the car that she is doing the same thing as Ethan...
Mo The Vision
Mo The Vision - 7 måneder siden
This channel makes me enjoy films on a whole new level
wolfsong450 - 7 måneder siden
Love this channel and you Casablanca references. One of my favorite movies with some of my favorite all time actors and actresses
Michael Delvalle
Michael Delvalle - 7 måneder siden
7:47 i was thinking the same thing
don't care
don't care - 7 måneder siden
Tom cruise may be a nutcase irl but damn he is an exciting actor to watch. He is an incredible actor. Keep up the crazy scientology!
Aditya Rao
Aditya Rao - 7 måneder siden
14:41 You made a mistake and said fallout instead of Rogue Nation
Imported Wasabi
Imported Wasabi - 7 måneder siden
Haha Margot Robbie can hold her breath for 8 minutes
joshua hand
joshua hand - 7 måneder siden
Reacher, as much as I love him, would get his ass kicked.
dun dun dunna...
Black Ninja
Black Ninja - 6 måneder siden
Yeah Ethan is faster and more agile
S E - 7 måneder siden
4:25 As an Austrian, I didn't know that! You never stop learning, I guess
Alfie Reid
Alfie Reid - 7 måneder siden
I honestly thought I would hate this movie, but I actually ended up enjoying it
1:40 🔥💟
SPIN ALL DAY - 7 måneder siden
please bring hawkeye back
Doubtful Guest
Doubtful Guest - 8 måneder siden
Idk if Tom Cruise is necessarily devoted to realism or if he's just thinking 'hey that's cool, I wanna do that! film? what film? oh the film.. sure, we can record me doing it and put it the film.'
Doni Dino
Doni Dino - 8 måneder siden
This was fantastic. Thank you! :)
Daniel Pease
Daniel Pease - 8 måneder siden
And let's not forget around the same time he was narrating Thomas the Tank Engine
Fuad Awad
Fuad Awad - 9 måneder siden
What about Lane's manners?
Renzokuken Leneyoyo
Renzokuken Leneyoyo - 10 måneder siden
GP>Fallout>RN>MI2>MI3>MI... for me there is nothing in MI and little to nothing in MI3... as silly as it is I do have a weak spot for MI2 and while Fallout is better than RN and RN is better than GP... GP is my fav as it revitalized the whole series.
Dj WayNorth
Dj WayNorth - 10 måneder siden
I call bullshit 2:34 he did not really do that
PhantomShadow - 10 måneder siden
“I can neither confirm nor deny without permission from the Secretary of State.”
Scanline _Thoughts
Scanline _Thoughts - 11 måneder siden
11:47 - If you slow down the video, you can actually make out Ilsa walking away with the crowd.

Yup - they really did it on camera!
alwaysxnever - 11 måneder siden
5:50 you are a class act sir. Well done. lol
alwaysxnever - 11 måneder siden
With my first viewing I was severely disappointed in this film the first time around so much that I decided to buy it on dvd instead of blu ray as I wanted to have the complete set but didn't think it was worth the added ducats. After seeing fallout, it is a welcome companion piece as that film is not only a direct sequel but such an effective call back to many elements of the series. Without the main villain in this film , Fallout wouldn't be able to exist .
VonWenk - 11 måneder siden
The first Mission: Impossible is my favorite of the series, but Rogue Nation moved up to my second favorite when we found out the Syndicate's origins. Also, I really liked, if I recall correctly, that there was no music during the initial car chase. I downloaded the soundtrack mainly on the strength of "Meet the IMF." And having seen Hitchcock's Notorious, I have no problem disliking M:I 2.
sumedh waryam
sumedh waryam - 11 måneder siden
I love that when Ilsa pulls the vanish trick you can actually see her getting up through the people.
Dee Jaay
Dee Jaay - 11 måneder siden
can't be everything GREAT, iirc the movie is over 2h long
Dimorix - 11 måneder siden
“Coolest paper laptop ever,” as if there’s other paper laptops out there to compare it to 😂😂
N cM
N cM - 11 måneder siden
Imagine if John wick was in this movie in place of Ethan hunt.
Sarat Chandra B
Sarat Chandra B - 11 måneder siden
2:32 Are you fucking kidding me with that shit bro?.....at 53......
Peter Degtjarewsky
Peter Degtjarewsky - År siden
The plane stunt was extremely dangerous, not just because of falling. Tom Cruise mentioned that a fly hit him and at that speed it felt like a rock or bullet taking a wack at his face. Also he’s positioned right behind the propeller/jet exhaust which he was breathing in. The opening is a great stunt, especially an actor doing it.
Hugo - År siden
4:18 That's actually how you're supposed to do the "hand kiss". Nearly everybody does it wrong by touching with the lips.
Rubble Rage
Rubble Rage - År siden
4:12 Why do people not put phones up to their ear when they talk through an ear piece like this? They could at least pretend to be on the phone. It's like their trying to get caught.
Anna Thomas
Anna Thomas - År siden
@11:03 - thematic reference to the first Mission: Impossible, the Debrief scene at the end of the first act, with Kitridge. Particularly the expression on her face when Lane explains that aspect of his plan. Also, the plot twist with the memory stick echoing the verification scene with Max.
Brennan Hearn
Brennan Hearn - År siden
Watching this again reminded me, I didn't ask when this video was new...Casablanca when?! My favorite movie, and I don't even like romance movies.
Majima Construction
Majima Construction - År siden
How that worked out with Nemo?
[Also glad i wasnt the only one]
PDX LockPicker
PDX LockPicker - År siden
1:10 oh snap! Solomon Lane is already in the music store?!?!
Patrick Fouhy
Patrick Fouhy - År siden
Rogue Nation and Ghost are my two favorites for sure. I liked the Hoffman and his work as such a great villein. The short time after Ethan's "death" when he was disorientated was one of the most unexpected and surprising parts of the series. Tom doing physical comedy, something new for the series and it was grea.t
Geoffrey Barber
Geoffrey Barber - År siden
I personally add a win for the briefing method in this movie because this was how the first episode of the original series began: using a record that self-destructed
namelesschnitzel - År siden
4:24 as an austrian, that´s not true. not true at all unless you deal with politicians or something dumb like that. people here even kiss both your cheeks as a welcome.
Monochrome - År siden
11:48 if you watch it frame by frame, you can see her getting up and leaving. Really neat that.
We made it well.
Josh Bautista
Josh Bautista - År siden
There will never be anyone as crazy and ballzy as Tom mother fucking Cruise
kamenriderreaper - År siden
Chasing a car on a motorcycle is ridiculously stupid 10:10 proves that, but using a motorcycle to get away is actually smarter as it can fit through alleys and streets a car couldn’t necessarily fit through
Ducky - År siden
Why is Simon Pegg not always a win?
Ali San
Ali San - År siden
Here's why Tom Cruise is the best Actor in the world
and better than Sharukh Khan!!!
Believe that!👊👊
adamsbja - År siden
Something I remember from back in the theater; at the time of this movie a lot of folks were really getting into shakey-cam. In contrast every action shot here is silky smooth and easy to track.
SPQSpartacus - År siden
I read about Cruise’s breath-holding techniques and have done some experimenting when possible. My record underwater is now 2,5 minutes, although that’s without moving. It’s harder psychologically than physically, as my dad body proves. When you believe you don’t have to breathe in yet, you find out you really don’t.
Sam Menhinick
Sam Menhinick - År siden
Please do the DaVinci Code!
Braeden Leland
Braeden Leland - År siden
What of M.I 7 takes an Infinity War twist and the IMF loses for once
Minh-Kha Nguyen
Minh-Kha Nguyen - År siden
“This one is special, opening the film with Ethan captured.”
Er - are we forgetting that Ghost Protocol literally opened with Ethan in Russian prison?
Doug Stewart
Doug Stewart - År siden
Rogue Nation was my favorite. Then they brought him back for Fallout and oh hey new fav!
Katherine Seward
Katherine Seward - År siden
Ethan is king! Reacher's duel with Courtney would've looked less cheesy if his gun had jammed instead of throwing it down on the ground as a challenge to see who's "the best man". Still an amazing fight scene;D
celticwolff - År siden
Hermione Corfield is definitely a win.
Gold Just Gold
Gold Just Gold - År siden
Hey, have you done "Everything great about Looper"? Yet? No?