Everything GREAT About Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol!

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Hey! Third time's a charm, right? Another reupload, this time to beat a copyright strike! Yaaaaaayyyyyy...
Ghost Protocol is Mission Impossible 4, but it's top of the list for a lot of you and others thought it was just the pits. I've flip-flopped through time, always liked it…now I…well you'll just have to see, won't you? Here's everything right with Mission: Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol!
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Runtime: 17:17


CinemaWins - 6 måneder siden
Yup, it's a re-upload. A company named MUST_CS decided to give me a copyright strike over the use of "the melody found in Give Her My Budapest." Oddly that track wasn't even in the section they cited, it's a situation where I have no doubt I'd win in court, but you could say I'm not trying to add more stress to my life right now. Are they taking advantage of that? Yup. They gave me 7 days to remove the video or get a strike. So here it is re-edited to remove the section they cited and once again give this the ole college try. There will be a new video next week. Thanks for all your patience.
Butterbean - 10 dager siden
Now that’s some bullshit
awesome sauce
awesome sauce - 4 måneder siden
Tag is a great movie
slcRN1971 - 5 måneder siden
CinemaWins : this is off topic, I just have to laugh at myself every time your counter makes that peeping noise. It sounds exactly like our home smoke detectors when they need a new battery. Even though I know that that sound is from your videos, I end up pausing them to check if it IS our alarms. Anyway, I really enjoy your videos and I like to rewatch them now. Thanks for all the time and effort that you put in these. 👏👏👏👍👍🙂‼️
Sam Guenette
Sam Guenette - 5 måneder siden
Know a movie with a commitment to realism? Kick-Ass!
TheGuruStud - 6 måneder siden
So....they committed a crime. False copyright claims are illegal...worthless fucking govt doing nothing.
Sergey Redko
Sergey Redko - 3 dager siden
As a russian fan I say you don't need to bleep it. He just said "Motherfucker" but without "fucker"
Vicarious Pasta
Vicarious Pasta - 10 dager siden
So, right after Benji scolds the Private for not being able to find Ethan's credentials as the General, they cut to the hallway and you can (if you watch for it - I think it's blink-and-you-miss-it) immediately see Michael Nyqvist turn around and walk the direction they are, and then you can see him ahead of them in the next room. No win for that??
Jon Lopez
Jon Lopez - 15 dager siden
Do Nacho Libre!!!
Nxxb Nxhdh
Nxxb Nxhdh - 24 dager siden
Roses are red violets are blue if you give a like God will forgive you 0:22xx
Zbzhhd Dnbxbd
Zbzhhd Dnbxbd - 25 dager siden
Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like
DayStorm - Måned siden
I can't dance out of my shoes like that either lol but to be fair, I get the feeling he's wearing silk socks. Makes it wayyyyy easier.
Dean Wellik
Dean Wellik - Måned siden
7:30 brilliant
CamillaLaentver - Måned siden
Tag is so fucking funny ❤
jalabi99 - Måned siden
Brad Bird did an excellent job of his first-ever action movie, I'm so proud of him!
jalabi99 - Måned siden
8:33 it's sleight of hand, not "slight of hand".
XzcutioneR2 - Måned siden
2:35 good reference lol
The Unoriginal Dr. Corgi
The Unoriginal Dr. Corgi - Måned siden
This movie is amazing yeah, but imma have to make you delete 350 wins for the destruction of the super rare Russian 350z at 4:40 seriously who does that?
Vivian Lun
Vivian Lun - Måned siden
Tbh Tag was surprisingly good so u should go watch it
Commander_Appo10 - 2 måneder siden
5:33. Why is there a Pixar reference???
JM Lav
JM Lav - 2 måneder siden
TAG was awesome. check it out.
Michael Theos
Michael Theos - 2 måneder siden
I enjoyed MI:2 but I wouldn't say it was a good movie (it was OK), MI:1 and MI:3 I did not enjoy at all.
MI:4, 5, and 6, on the other hand, have been fantastic. True to the spirit of the franchise, with moments of real tension, and the practical effects cinematography is the benchmark other movies should be aiming for. I watched 4 with mediocre expectations and was blown away.
I'm glad they didn't reboot the series with 4 but my God does the quality of 4, 5, and 6 feel like a world of their own separate from the first 3.
Harper M
Harper M - 2 måneder siden
That sandstorm bit had me legit LOL-ing
Mohadeseh Shahoseini
Mohadeseh Shahoseini - 2 måneder siden
Pls do some Scott Adkins movies. The Boyka/undisputed franchise is awesome
Fizzy - 2 måneder siden
I have so much respect for Tom Cruise. Dude’s like 60 and still hanging on to fricking airplanes and climbing up the damn Burj Khalifa.
Alena - 2 måneder siden
My fav movie in the series for sure. I love that they showed russia well without WINTERGULAGBEARS-shit + a great russian actor Mashkov is on of the big characters, so cool to see :)
Red Planet Studio
Red Planet Studio - 2 måneder siden
Do everything great about John Carter
Red Planet Studio
Red Planet Studio - 2 måneder siden
Please do everything great about John Carter
Collin Tournat
Collin Tournat - 2 måneder siden
BMW i8 “hybrid BMW” 🤦‍♂️
Bonnie_ Sumers_
Bonnie_ Sumers_ - 3 måneder siden
7:02, best line of the movie.
Sonal Shekhar Bhoi
Sonal Shekhar Bhoi - 3 måneder siden
Anil Kapoor is immortal. He's 64 and looks like he's 30-40.
Jordan Price
Jordan Price - 3 måneder siden
9:35 Has got to be one of the most badass moments of this movie
Connor Brotcke
Connor Brotcke - 3 måneder siden
I feel like Tom Cruise is just an adrenaline addict and everyone else on site is just enabling him at this point LMAO
Josh Hetzel
Josh Hetzel - 3 måneder siden
You should do burnt
David Nelson
David Nelson - 3 måneder siden
Please please please please please do STARDUST!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Akash Rodge
Akash Rodge - 3 måneder siden
Anil Kapoor is Jack Bauer of India,🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳......But Sonam Kapoor is Not even Anything
Gunga - 3 måneder siden
Bro idc I would’ve dislocated my arm saving her from that fall
Jesse Lee Humphry
Jesse Lee Humphry - 3 måneder siden
Duuuuuuuude I TOTALLY FORGOT that the Syndicate gets mentioned in this one!
Pat Ocall
Pat Ocall - 3 måneder siden
How about a win for using the exact same Hood to cover his face that's used in the 1st MI when he goes to meet Max? Brad Birds other credit was directing Angry Birds and he pulls off this masterpiece, pretty impressive stuff
Norad One
Norad One - 4 måneder siden
Just a fun fact, all the parts that were inside the "Kremlin" was actually a location in Prague. You can see all the Czech republic flags in the background. So @5:20 very well could have been the same ledge lol.
daniel j aust.
daniel j aust. - 4 måneder siden
I refuse to believe Tom Cruise is 57 - nearly 60 years old.
Then again, Jackie Chan.
Christian Joseph Englert
Christian Joseph Englert - 4 måneder siden
Can anyone tell me how CinemaWins (or anyone for that matter), gets their footage for their commentaries. Does they rip a DVD?
How about other Youtube videos? Do videomakers have to stream and record to get footage of other videos?
It's always bothered me that I have no idea how something I love so much is made.
Nishid Gaikwad
Nishid Gaikwad - 4 måneder siden
Anil Kapoor is the Jack Bauer of India ❤️🔥. Always a win 💪🤣
Kareem Harper
Kareem Harper - 4 måneder siden
"I can't dance out of my shoes like that."
Real talk.
Thomas O'Callaghan
Thomas O'Callaghan - 4 måneder siden
Brad Bird, who's biggest movie was Angry Birds, does a spectacular job of directing, all of the super tech stuff doesn't work and still the mission is a success.
Ecoblade X
Ecoblade X - 4 måneder siden
12:12 The freaking numbers on the countdown the last time it shows is *113*?!!!
Varun Tyagi
Varun Tyagi - 4 måneder siden
My favourite MI movie
Dante Kiyoshi
Dante Kiyoshi - 4 måneder siden
You should do Tag. I thought it was hilarious and touching
Abby Wolffe
Abby Wolffe - 4 måneder siden
"I guess blue _isn't_ the warmest color"
I swear to God...
Mandalorian 5abi
Mandalorian 5abi - 4 måneder siden
Have you done the planet of the apes movies ?
Isaac Clodfelter
Isaac Clodfelter - 4 måneder siden
Yeah I actually do know what tom cruise is thinking all the time.
ᄉ서강 - 4 måneder siden
3:28 cus he be on that scientology shit
EclipseShard - 4 måneder siden
Another tom cruise movie, Last samurai!
United Nations Rep. Lipton
United Nations Rep. Lipton - 5 måneder siden
The M:I Modern Warfare 2
Mills - 5 måneder siden
please win coraline! i love that movie, and your channel!
Fabrobin - 5 måneder siden
Did u reupload this JUST TO add that snarky comment about regretting watching Tag?
Кейт Арчер
Кейт Арчер - 5 måneder siden
11:56 Those were my exact words. Like "wow, you're committed" and then "wow, you are too". Well, for Ethan there was no other way, if he doesn't put everything including his life into completing this mission the world will just end. So no price is too high. This was the moment I felt it, of all the franchise.
Summoning Dark
Summoning Dark - 5 måneder siden
So IMDb just posted a 1.13 minute video entitled ‘Tom Cruise Likes To Run’. Now, I’m CERTAIN I heard somewhere that Tom Cruise running is always a Win...? Looks to me like the rest of the world is catching on.
WillJ R
WillJ R - 5 måneder siden
You should do mad max fury road
JetLegends - 5 måneder siden
Please do Ice Age franchise
BJS99 - 5 måneder siden
Please do everything great about Speed Racer (2008)
SYOTOS GC - 5 måneder siden
Agent 47 hitman pls
Aaron Toner
Aaron Toner - 5 måneder siden
dont worry tom Wants to go on ISS!
Jacob Armstrong
Jacob Armstrong - 5 måneder siden
Hope they bring Paula Patton back at some point! and Jeremy Renner! (even though he might be crazy irl)
Podrick Targaryen
Podrick Targaryen - 5 måneder siden
You are such a positive force dude. Smart, funny and knowledgeble. For us movie lovers this channel is just simply amazing. Thank you.
Mayur Pillay
Mayur Pillay - 5 måneder siden
I had to pause the video because of how much I was laughing at the sandstorm joke :D
Jack Black
Jack Black - 5 måneder siden
Why do I get the feeling that in ever video he is being sarcastic.
Jenna Phillips
Jenna Phillips - 5 måneder siden
Please do Everything Great About Brave!
Infamous Ryan.mp4
Infamous Ryan.mp4 - 5 måneder siden
Hey You should do Legends of the Gaurdians: Owls of Ga’Hoole.
Adrian Petrillo
Adrian Petrillo - 6 måneder siden
Do clone wars
Mathias Bakke
Mathias Bakke - 6 måneder siden
Can you do Max manus man of war?
Anna Banana
Anna Banana - 6 måneder siden
Always appreciate a source of positivity!
Pascal Johnson
Pascal Johnson - 6 måneder siden
Mid 90s....... please I beg
Rooschka - 6 måneder siden
Tom cruise is definitely no always a win, was that a joke?
The Island223
The Island223 - 6 måneder siden
Tag is great
Mohadeseh Shahoseini
Mohadeseh Shahoseini - 6 måneder siden
Jeremy did so amazing in this. One of my fave part is his sass and sarcasm, he absolutely knocked it out of the part, along with the rest of cast👌👌👌👌
Peter Han
Peter Han - 6 måneder siden
You gotta do a cinema win on Crash (2004)!!
J - 6 måneder siden
I seriously would consider watching your review of a film before watching the film for the first time.
Benedikt Graf
Benedikt Graf - 6 måneder siden
Please cover David Fincher's version of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' the next time.
Alexis Cardenas
Alexis Cardenas - 6 måneder siden
Tag wasn't great, but it made me out loud cackle in the scene that introduced John Hamm, so I watched the whole thing. I enjoyed it.
Daniel I. Brizuela
Daniel I. Brizuela - 6 måneder siden
This was the first MI film I ever saw. Loved it!
Moses Moon
Moses Moon - 6 måneder siden
killed me on Da Rude, you are a man of culture ... you reference so many things in your other work, im always impressed... good stuff
Spider- Tobey
Spider- Tobey - 6 måneder siden
Everything GREAT about Once upon a Time in Hollywood😁
Praveen Jaladanki
Praveen Jaladanki - 6 måneder siden
You had said you love The Minority Report in the EGA video of M:I Fallout. Did you make a video on it. Would love to hear your opinion on it.
Luis Duarte Alves
Luis Duarte Alves - 6 måneder siden
You should do next Jumanji 2 or The Hobbit.
Em - 6 måneder siden
Is there a reason you haven't done Twilight yet? I know why people hate it so much but I still enjoy it and was hoping you might cover that one (or even the whole series).
ducktailtragedy - 6 måneder siden
Hey so maybe a weird request but I'd love to see a video on Pitch Black, I feel like Vin Diesel is another one of those actors who isn't very...idk, well received but it's clear that he's super passionate about the projects he works on
ND Godlewski
ND Godlewski - 6 måneder siden
Can you do Leap? The one about dancing set in France?
DerDarthenFritzster - 6 måneder siden
Hail Caesar! You need help with it? Omg! I will do it for free!
Allthegudnamesweretaken ok
Allthegudnamesweretaken ok - 6 måneder siden
I'd like to see everything great about Disney's Dinosaur, not the good dinosaur, I mean Dinosaur 2000. Sorry if I'm sounding greedy or entitled
Rory Cremin
Rory Cremin - 6 måneder siden
Do kingdom of heaven
Temirlan Snedden
Temirlan Snedden - 6 måneder siden
Hey do you do current movies? Plz do JoJo Rabbit or 1917!!!! Theyre AMAZING
Temirlan Snedden
Temirlan Snedden - 6 måneder siden
Do you do Rated R movies? If so PLEASE DO “THE USUAL SUSPECTS” its such a fantastic movie!!!!
Temirlan Snedden
Temirlan Snedden - 6 måneder siden
Do you do Rated R movies? If so PLEASE DO “THE USUAL SUSPECTS” its such a fantastic movie!!!!
J Rex
J Rex - 6 måneder siden
This is how many people want an Everything Great About Sonic The Hedgehog (2020)
Ybot V 16
Ybot V 16 - 6 måneder siden
Do Mrs Doubtfire! Some of Robbins best work
Jeremy Trees
Jeremy Trees - 6 måneder siden
Can we get a EGA Her 2013?
Andrew Kassab
Andrew Kassab - 6 måneder siden
Next movie: Killer Bean Forever
Dreamodeon Life
Dreamodeon Life - 6 måneder siden
Everything great about Cloudy with a chance of meatball next
coattanimous - 6 måneder siden
Is there a way you could do everything great about the mandalorian? I know it’s a mini series but it’s so great I feel like it would make a really fun video
Jessi Morgan
Jessi Morgan - 6 måneder siden
I would like to know when you’re doing The Crimes of Grindelwald? Or if you liked fantastic beasts enough to even do that one....
Junior Carranza
Junior Carranza - 6 måneder siden
Blader runner series
Super Sonic Laser
Super Sonic Laser - 6 måneder siden
Can you do:
Everything Great About Sonic the Hedgehog
Elise Jensen
Elise Jensen - 6 måneder siden
You should do Tangled!
Zeeqoah - 6 måneder siden
I’d love to see a video on south Central or menace II society, they’re both masterpieces.