Everything GREAT About Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol!

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Ghost Protocol is top of the list for a lot of you and others thought it was just the pits. I've flip-flopped through time, always liked it…now I…well you'll just have to see, won't you? Here's everything right with Mission: Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol!
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Outro Music: "Rise of the Heroes" by Jon Wright
Film og animasjon
Runtime: 19:28


Ívar Hrólfsson
Ívar Hrólfsson - 2 år siden
warriors way!!!!
Bethany Lemonade
Bethany Lemonade - 2 år siden
Hey, can you do Everything GREAT about My Little Pony: The Movie? Thank you.
Porygon-Z - 2 år siden
I'd give a sin for this sandstorm. I lived in Dubai for three years, and not even once sandstorm actually had significant wind, more like sandy fog.
EALM95 - 2 år siden
I watched this on 4DX and it really was quite the experience. That "nooooooope" of looking at how far down the floor is when Ethan first goes out the window? Yeah.
saska - 2 år siden
-infinity stones- nuclear war
James Zack
James Zack - 2 år siden
I love MI:GP , my favourite
Tania R
Tania R - 2 år siden
For me it is the best MI movie. It is also insane when you think it is the 4th movie in the franchise and it is rated as the best. I really should go see Fallout since it is being hailed as the best action movie ever and kudos to Mr. Cruise and his INSANE stunts.......I really should go see Fallout.....
Tia Hogan
Tia Hogan - 2 år siden
Please do some of the retro trek movies!!!!!! Please.
Brittany Eastep
Brittany Eastep - 2 år siden
And this is how i learned Brad Bird, one of my favorite directors, directed this move (or anything live action) and he is amazing.
sam angra
sam angra - 2 år siden
happy birthday lovely jude! may you have many many more.. love from pakistan
Jennifer Wright
Jennifer Wright - 2 år siden
The glass climbing ALWAYS makes my hands prickle...
Hannah McHugh
Hannah McHugh - 2 år siden
Everything great about Rise of the Guardians
TheGameBoy - 2 år siden
as a person who lives in Dubai i can say sandstorms are not nearly that bad in fact most the time the sky just looks slightly orange and you don't really see the sand it just gets in your eye and is really annoying but apart from that it doesn't create massive dust clouds or anything that bad in fact sandstorms that bad are more like Kuwait. Still a good movie though
Recnid - 2 år siden
Why does the villain kill himself?
Eddie G.
Eddie G. - 2 år siden
Great vid
Hope you had a good
TAG was totally worth a watch.
Angela Hagerman
Angela Hagerman - 2 år siden
Tom Cruise is a perfect man...from head to toe...His face is geometrically formed...his profile is also very nice...
Jorge Carnero
Jorge Carnero - 2 år siden
3 Giacchino's scores in a row?
Sam Bridgers
Sam Bridgers - 2 år siden
Jorge Carnero He did The Incredibles, Jurassic World, and Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol in consecutive weeks.
Miguel Mata
Miguel Mata - 2 år siden
Is that Thanos??
Danielle Rush
Danielle Rush - 2 år siden
I love the stunt outside the hotel building. It's my favorite one in the franchise.
BELENOSSi - 2 år siden
Does anyone know which CinemaWins video have a part where the movie scene is so badass that the narrator faints (sorry, don't know his name :/ )
PotatoMC - 2 år siden
10:37 it's not but sure.
WJ Studios
WJ Studios - 2 år siden
Best in the series
SippiDaTadpole - 2 år siden
My ranking
Haven’t seen fallout yet
Flats - 2 år siden
Please do transformers (1986)
TheGalacticCrafter - 2 år siden
This channel is so uplifting and inspiring and reminds me why I love movies every time I watch a video. I'm just really glad that it exists and that it's finding an audience. Thank you for making them
Caio Rabbi
Caio Rabbi - 2 år siden
And now we have Fallout, the 6th movie...and is probably the best one.
Sathu - 2 år siden
7:28 thanos reference and happy late birthday
Chessur - 2 år siden
TAG - That Archer Guy?
Jerard Deal
Jerard Deal - 2 år siden
So did Paula Patton’s character get replaced with Rebecca Ferguson’s in Rogue Nation?
mrhypnagogia - 2 år siden
I think this is the best one but the chases in the past 2 are fucking brutal and magnificent
Harish Panikar
Harish Panikar - 2 år siden
No arguments MI:5 (Rouge nation) is millions time better than MI:4 (ghost protocol)
Dipan Patel
Dipan Patel - 2 år siden
Please do The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Please!
Garrett K
Garrett K - 2 år siden
That Sandstorm plug was perfect 👍
alec knows
alec knows - 2 år siden
Please do into the wild directed by Sean penn
Sam Menhinick
Sam Menhinick - 2 år siden
I love his dad humour
Gary L. Street
Gary L. Street - 2 år siden
Mission... Accomplished! 😂
CinemaGraphic - 2 år siden
9:27 -
*Ethan Hunt:* "No SHIT!!"
Tom Krys
Tom Krys - 2 år siden
MackAttack - 2 år siden
Ghost Protocol remains my favorite. Fallout like rogue nation were predictable
Fleato - 2 år siden
Toms a cool dude. No hes not pumping out perfect movies but theyre fun and what you expect and of course theres a suspension of disbelief. But thats what the movie is.
Paperfiasco - 2 år siden
y'know...now any time a movie mentions 'sandstorm' ...you're gonna have to use that same gag lol
WolfGangSchumacher85 - 2 år siden
How can you say that Jeremy Renner was always a sidekick, never a main spy, when you previously made an Aaron Cross reference earlier, his first literal main spy character?
Potato - 2 år siden
Do Bolt plz
J money
J money - 2 år siden
Sandstorm!! Darude sandstrom!! Lol that was good dude! And Happy late birthday to Jude
Ívar Hrólfsson
Ívar Hrólfsson - 2 år siden
Dark tower please
Daniel Jiménez
Daniel Jiménez - 2 år siden
Nobody gives recognition to 8:42, laughed my ass off XD
Eric Wu
Eric Wu - 2 år siden
Nice work. Now how long until we see rogue nation?
J Sharp
J Sharp - 2 år siden
It's "sleight of hand." Not slight. Don't ask me why.
James Ray
James Ray - 2 år siden
I'll be honest I didn't care for this movie... The main bad guy just really didn't have any build up. The sequel was much better.
Joe Mcnerny
Joe Mcnerny - 2 år siden
The battle between Hendricks and hunt is the most brutal of the series
Gmoneytrain - 2 år siden
The chick in this movie is so damn hot
Jason Brown
Jason Brown - 2 år siden
Movie recommendation: To Save A Life. One of my all-time favorites.
Ben Cutts
Ben Cutts - 2 år siden
Ahhh Darude Sandstorm, it’ll never get old
Daphne Ruis
Daphne Ruis - 2 år siden
Likely crazy gasoline travel mechanism Arab mild church depth Olympics
Puffy WuffyDuffy
Puffy WuffyDuffy - 2 år siden
Iron giant and I know I’m late but happy birthday Jude😀
Kaylee Johnson
Kaylee Johnson - 2 år siden
Okay i have seen this one way out of order oops... Thank you so much for every video you do. Could you do Saving Mr. Banks?
André Bastos
André Bastos - 2 år siden
Interstellar please!!
Cydnee Howard
Cydnee Howard - 2 år siden
I live in dubai and I remember the huge hype around getting mark of m:i filmed there. me and my dad always laugh watching the shamal scene cuz the geography is so off...Ethan did a full circle around dubai in about 4 minutes
Tom Friel
Tom Friel - 2 år siden
do the Bond movies
Strongest1thereiz - 2 år siden
One sin for you for not making Paula Patton an automatic win.
King 2202
King 2202 - 2 år siden
Am I the only on who likes this "lets go to the middle east", bit better than Furious 7 ? I don't hate the movie, but the " lets go to Dubai, throw a car through 3 windows and leave", thing, what a waste, lol.
cdplayer411 - 2 år siden
2:16 aha I get that all the time when I play football people that are like 5"9 think their huge cus im 5"7 😂
Mr TomAW
Mr TomAW - 2 år siden
Man cinemawins could make me want to watch any film
RicardoHipper - 2 år siden
Happy Birthday, CinemaWin Jr.!!
A fine addition to my collection
Paula is one of the hottest MI actresses. Oh, and happy birthday, Jude!
StrippedChicken - 2 år siden
Illya Bravo
Illya Bravo - 2 år siden
SpeedingDemon 1738
SpeedingDemon 1738 - 2 år siden
Win Rouge Nation.
24 Carrots
24 Carrots - 2 år siden
Please do a win count on Rango
Grace Bishoff
Grace Bishoff - 2 år siden
EGA Napoleon Dynamite!!!!
Chino Cocoa
Chino Cocoa - 2 år siden
Obligatory 'Darude-Sandstorm' joke. :D
Robert Walpole
Robert Walpole - 2 år siden
Do about Princess bride please
GhostCode RG
GhostCode RG - 2 år siden
This is by far my favorite Mission film
Jigsaw407 - 2 år siden
One of the best action movies of all time! So many excellent and varied set pieces executed perfectly. Love it!
Karl666Smith - 2 år siden
do hansel and gretel witchhunters wins, brilliant movie. Dont get why scores so low.
P.S. You definitely should see Tag
Багетная мастерская
This russian phrase at the beginning roughly translates as "Your mother!" and doesn't really mean anything, just an emotional exclamation.
NooFlow - 2 år siden
Could you do the hobbit movies?
N00BNATI0N GAMING - 2 år siden
Anyway we can get an Everything
GREAT About King Arthur: Legend of the Sword? Please??
SquareOne - 2 år siden
Please do “the outlaw Josey Wales” it was one of my favorite movies when I was little.
Neighborhoodgay tm
Neighborhoodgay tm - 2 år siden
I know you're not all that into musicals, but you should win Dreamwork's Prince of Egypt just because 1) It's beautiful as I'll get out, and 2) Hans Zimmer and Stephen Schwartz worked on the soundtrack which is just, chill-inducing to me, like, really, it's not even just the songs, (though Deliver Us is an amazing opening number) The scores are amazing, things like The Burning Bush or Death of The First Born absolutely astound me. It's a beautiful twist on a religious story that I feel even the most secular of people would like. Also, 3) No One Talks about this OG Dreamworks Classic.
bumblebee790 - 2 år siden
Can you win 1995 power rangers movie
Will Weichman
Will Weichman - 2 år siden
You probably already have everything ready for this weeks review, but I would like to recommend the movie Glory. It is a historical movie about the 54th Massachusetts from the Civil War. I recommend it now because the battle they are famous for, the second battle of Fort Wagner happened on July 18th just a few days from now
What the Truck?
What the Truck? - 2 år siden
Happy birthday Jude
Where are you going?
Aman Ahmed
Aman Ahmed - 2 år siden
Please do it 2017 next ok?
MBFL3X - 2 år siden
Please Please do southpaw staring Jake Gyllenhaal its a really good movie and one ive been wanting to see on this channel for a while
Ryan Paye
Ryan Paye - 2 år siden
Everything Great About Ratatouille
Alex Mee
Alex Mee - 2 år siden
Do everything great about Terminator
Twinkeez; - 2 år siden
pls do the equalizer in honor of the second one coming out next week!
Samuel Gottlieb
Samuel Gottlieb - 2 år siden
could you do IT? it's my fav movie
harry thorpe
harry thorpe - 2 år siden
please do the Last Samurai. I love that film
Ahzr - 2 år siden
Interstellar pleeeeesse
Sophie 68
Sophie 68 - 2 år siden
Everything great about good will hunting? 😍
Angus Maxfield
Angus Maxfield - 2 år siden
Please do Dunkirk at some point
Tobias Josef
Tobias Josef - 2 år siden
Can you make Monsters vs. Aliens by Dreamworks from 2009? I really liked it but it is one of these Dreamworks gems, that sadly not enough people liked for it to get a sequel.
Player Zer0
Player Zer0 - 2 år siden
Please may you do the movie moon?
It’s really good,interesting and physiological
Will Ferris
Will Ferris - 2 år siden
Please promise me one thing... DO NOT DO PACIFIC RIM 2!... I finally got a chance to watch and I... I dont think I have ever been so disappointed by a film. The series lost its originality and just ended up feeling like a transformers movie. I think you should do bad movies every now and again for something interesting... like finding the best of the worst but Pacific Rim 2 no one should watch. If I could take back watching that movie I would :( also when can we expect DP2 ;)?
LordKeizer - 2 år siden
Do "Now You See Me" and "Now You See Me 2"
knight masamune
knight masamune - 2 år siden
everything great about power rangers (2017) i feel it was better than people gave it credit for
KeepItEasyBruh - 2 år siden
Please make a video on Mad Max Fury Road!
Angela Oyebola
Angela Oyebola - 2 år siden
Please do twilight!! I actually really liked it.