Everything GREAT About Mission: Impossible - Fallout!

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Fallout! A movie that by all rights should be just awful. Tom Cruise and Chris McQuarrie refuse to make a bad movie for some reason. Let me know you're ranking…I'm still thinking about mine. Here's everything right with Mission Impossible 6 Fallout!
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Outro Music: "Rise of the Heroes" by Jon Wright
Film og animasjon
Runtime: 24:07


Mathew - 4 timer siden
When the main protagonist and the main villain got smacked on by a side character 👁️👄👁️
eschdaddy - 16 timer siden
You all know Cruise going to the ISS is for MI 7... right? Right?
Stoyan Dimitrov
Stoyan Dimitrov - Dag siden
No CGI was heart during the make of this movie (if you know what i mean ) troll face
Vyctor Draco
Vyctor Draco - Dag siden
pure imagination from the original willy wonka if your old enough.
Vyctor Draco
Vyctor Draco - Dag siden
Twinkle tones remind me of the original willy wonka movie I think.
Fizzy - 7 dager siden
*Lemme just reload my fists real quick*
animeboy462 - 8 dager siden
TJ G - 12 dager siden
The twinkle 6:55 reminds me of the ending of game of thrones before the night kind died.
doctor 923
doctor 923 - 12 dager siden
My favourite film
Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma - 16 dager siden
U think that bike accident was real! How old are you?!
Shutter Dragonfly
Shutter Dragonfly - 19 dager siden
Cavil reloading his guns, bro!
Mathakk - 21 dag siden
7:00 I'd say Now you see me. The main "Mystery/Magic"-Piano-Lick sounds very similar to this
Higgs829 - 23 dager siden
Rebecca Ferguson 💗💓
The Sixth Dimension Podcast
The Sixth Dimension Podcast - 26 dager siden
*twinkly piano @7:20 could be allusion to KLUTE (1971)
Matthew Gonzales
Matthew Gonzales - 27 dager siden
Is Tropic Thunder next on your list too? It has Tom Cruise on it. ;)
Ashar Saleem
Ashar Saleem - 27 dager siden
The twinkly piano bit is reminding you of Light of The Seven from Game of Thrones. The music that plays when *spoiler* Cersei burns the Red Keep
Daniel Lester
Daniel Lester - Måned siden
this guy wouldnt know great if it landed on his head
Carmine Bokesch
Carmine Bokesch - Måned siden
PIANO TWINKLE. Search Youtube for ‘Murph the Surf’ & move to the 44:10 mark. THAT is the same piano line as in Fallout. It’s a jewel heist movie, & it plays in Fallout during a heist sequence.
Score done by Phillip Lambro, and Hanz Zimmer’s music BORROWS from Lambro.
Dayland Wolf
Dayland Wolf - Måned siden
nah bull shit at 10:10 is says that Ethan drawing on and killing 4 people before they shoot a bullet bull shit last guy gets a shot off
Samuel Barber
Samuel Barber - Måned siden
Second base Mission Impossible just behind the first one.
Ben Swadling
Ben Swadling - Måned siden
sounds like the Halloween theme
the X Mask
the X Mask - Måned siden
The plutonium scene in Berlin is the same place in the song never gonna give you up
Samuel Barber
Samuel Barber - Måned siden
The first real sequel to a Mission Impossible film.
Scoutchu Johnston
Scoutchu Johnston - Måned siden
That little piano tinkle at 7:06 reminds me of the harry potter score for the Marauders map/mischief/anything mysterious
Jonathan - Måned siden
The sound reminds me on The legend of Zelda ocarina of time in the dungeons.
Isaac C137
Isaac C137 - Måned siden
A little late haha, but the piano reminds me of goosebumps theme song from the show not movie
Choikesta - Måned siden
That piano part reminds me of GOT “light of the seven” and the trail in the sept of Baelor.
Leo Nielson
Leo Nielson - Måned siden
6:57 "Alright, I need one of you soundtrack aficionados to help me identify what this twinkly piano line reminds me of."
I'd say . . . Ghostbusters (1984)
Pyro The Engineer
Pyro The Engineer - Måned siden
the twinkle reminds me of the sound from zelda games when you find a secret
Eric Stahl
Eric Stahl - 2 måneder siden
The twinkly song reminds me of the COD: Zombie theme
Dom Brown
Dom Brown - 2 måneder siden
The twinkly piano reminds me of some of the score of The World Is Not Enough... Could be wrong but I'm sure I've heard it there....
Giovanni German
Giovanni German - 2 måneder siden
That hook to the head *GAVE me a Splitting Headache
Jager - 2 måneder siden
0:29 Joseph seed irl? :p
Robert Shields Jr.
Robert Shields Jr. - 2 måneder siden
I appreciate Tom's dedication to the craft, honestly I do and that is where it ends for me. Everything his Ex's have said once free of him and the church makes me uncomfortable when he is brought up. Scientology is dangerous.
If he weren't part of the cult and allegedly terrible to his partners and kids I'd be singing the praises of Tom. It's because o that connection that I have a hard time and can't be in his corner.
Robert Shields Jr.
Robert Shields Jr. - 2 måneder siden
The twinkly piano is a hint of the Dies Eire aka ode the death...
Jake Despres
Jake Despres - 2 måneder siden
7:18 black ops zombies
JM Lav
JM Lav - 2 måneder siden
the most skilled fighter in the room being female? it's always like that now, it's fake, it would never happen... just a girl power crap. Why do you think we have male and female fighter separated. NO CHANCE she win.
Joshua Leisner
Joshua Leisner - 2 måneder siden
twinkly piano = willy wonka theme
Sebastian Taylor
Sebastian Taylor - 2 måneder siden
Twinkly piano reminds me of Ghostbusters
CentiSZN - 2 måneder siden
I hate that they made this movie with the most stupid police laws :/ If you're a Police in France you CERTAINLY CANNOT SHOOT unless your enemy has already shot or attacked you.
What was going on in their heads when they made this a law? We have No idea.
Alex Dana
Alex Dana - 2 måneder siden
We need a movie with Ethan hunt and John wick. Super spy vs the boogeyman.
Roy McMasters
Roy McMasters - 2 måneder siden
Tom Cruise is always a win
PREDATOR'S VALLEY - 2 måneder siden
Did you know that Vanessa Kirby is actually playing the role of the daughter of Max(Venessa Redgrave).
Theo Gillan
Theo Gillan - 2 måneder siden
Ooft this film is crazy high quality
We are lucky to have a person who can match it's quality with their YouTube content :)
marin patje
marin patje - 2 måneder siden
7:22 sounds a bit like michael meyers theme
Henrik Larsen
Henrik Larsen - 2 måneder siden
There is something hitchcockian about those piano keys....
Winston Churchill's Ghost
Winston Churchill's Ghost - 2 måneder siden
Im very hard on modern movies. In fact, they completely suck and they are censored by the woke Taliban. That said, this is one of the greatest movies--never mind action, never mind summer fun--I have ever seen.
Math123432321 Farawila
Math123432321 Farawila - 2 måneder siden
7:07 - it reminds me of game of thrones music after they blow up the sept. Just me? Ok
arb 348
arb 348 - 2 måneder siden
At 6:57 not certain but to me it kinda sounds like Catwoman's theam from the dark Knight rises,
Khorfax Clegane
Khorfax Clegane - 2 måneder siden
Twinkly piano was also the bomb vest defusal scene in rush hour 1
Burhan Farhad
Burhan Farhad - 2 måneder siden
I think the twinkley music reminds me of the catwoman theme from the dark knight rises
LFielding07 - 2 måneder siden
As awesome as Tom's HALO jump is, the real MVP is the cameraman that went with him, falling out of the plane backwards and keeping Tom centered the whole time!
KYCrusher1 - 2 måneder siden
Honestly, if Ethan wanted the payload to hit the chopper, I don’t know why he didn’t just lower it onto it
LessCommonKnowledge - 2 måneder siden
Am I (and my best friend) the only one(s) who didn’t like the final action scene? I had felt that all other action scenes in the film were exhilarating yet restrains, not completely over the top and ridiculous. The helicopter cases and over long fight on the cliff almost ruined the movie for me. If it wasn’t for the Paris chase being my favourite in the whole series, the finale would have ruined the movie for me.
Indigenous Ice Staff
Indigenous Ice Staff - 2 måneder siden
The piano kinda reminded me of the piano “pure imagination” but idk
Shayan Mandal
Shayan Mandal - 3 måneder siden
6:55 League of People Dealing Out Justice 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣or just say JUSTICE LEAGUE
Willy 1
Willy 1 - 3 måneder siden
This way too late but I just put it together. At 6:58, the piano reminds of the scene in Star Trek: Into Darkness when that guy is trying to save his daughter so he makes a deal with khan and blows something up in exchange for khans blood.
kasra royalblood
kasra royalblood - 3 måneder siden
The music reminded me of House of Cards
Barnabás Decsi
Barnabás Decsi - 3 måneder siden
I really miss the wins for Henry Cavill doing his own stuns as well, except the HALO jump
Malak Taha
Malak Taha - 3 måneder siden
Aniket Patil
Aniket Patil - 3 måneder siden
In the scene where Ethan is given the mission and briefed of the Apostles, there is an image of soldiers with blacked out eyes. You can see that one of them is August Walker, due to the distinct moustache. Such attention to detail.
Is that an obvious thing that everyone noticed or am I the only one because no one ever mentions that in any video about fallout?
ShadowReaper2006 - 3 måneder siden
7:02, it reminded me of Maze Runner: The Death Cure, the scene where they infiltrate the W.C.K.D. building.
SparkyDane - 3 måneder siden
The twinkly piano reminds me of ODST
Icicle_AI - 3 måneder siden
7:06 I'm no musical expert but to me it sounds like the opening from "right behind you" but a bit deeper
Pearl Woodson
Pearl Woodson - 3 måneder siden
I have no idea what’s going on. I’m just waiting for Henry Cavill.
connor mcguire
connor mcguire - 3 måneder siden
Pretty sure the twinkly piano bit is like world war z?
supastar - 3 måneder siden
Win 130.....absolutely beautiful shot
Josh Hetzel
Josh Hetzel - 3 måneder siden
You should do burnt
boris myers
boris myers - 3 måneder siden
The twinkly is similar to the movie The Game
Julia Johnson
Julia Johnson - 3 måneder siden
Please make ega the hobbit movies... or Hamilton!
Hammer Black
Hammer Black - 3 måneder siden
24 piano sounds
David Nelson
David Nelson - 3 måneder siden
Please please please please please do STARDUST!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
iGoat - 3 måneder siden
The twinkle sounds like the one from Back to the Future.
Freddie Fullerton
Freddie Fullerton - 3 måneder siden
Hi, the twinkling music sounds a lot like 'Elektra Turns - Renard's Plutonium Gift' from The World is Not Enough - James Bond
JustMyOpinion - 3 måneder siden
The twinkly piano thingy might remind you of cat womans theme from Batman the dark knight rises
asdf ghjkl
asdf ghjkl - 3 måneder siden
I think it's worth mentioning, even a year later, that you know that Walker is a bad guy because while the phone is clearly an Apple phone, the logo is covered. Given what Rian Johnson said about bad guys not being able to have iPhones, one could infer that that's basically the movie telling you that Walker is evil.
MissKiwi - 3 måneder siden
tom cruise jumping out of an actual plane is badass as all hell but lets have a moment of acknowledgment for the camera guy who jumped out of the plane BACKWARDS while focussing on getting the shot right. what a legend
Enyeez - 3 måneder siden
Did I miss the third archer reference or was it not in put in there?
Karl Heinrich Marx
Karl Heinrich Marx - 3 måneder siden
Lorne Balfe is MW2 2009 score. He is awesome!
Coolbrith - 3 måneder siden
This movie blew my mind.
Chuck Kirby
Chuck Kirby - 3 måneder siden
The piano progression sounds like something from “The Nines,” music by Alex Wurman. You can hear a bit of the theme in the opening credits, I think the piece might be called Knowing. The particular riff variation that reminds me of the one here is later in the film though, I think in the third chapter?
Ethan Chenoweth
Ethan Chenoweth - 3 måneder siden
dont know why, but the piano twinkle reminded me of the portal games.
Jesse Lee Humphry
Jesse Lee Humphry - 3 måneder siden
I know I'm super-duper late on this, but I wanted to note something. When Ethan turns the hit out on Lark against White Widow and makes it seem like it's on her...he stays behind her. So all of the glares look like they're at her. The first attack looks like it's at her.
He sells it to her, and it's super-duper subtle to the point that you actually forget Lark is the target, not the Widow.
FISHY general stick
FISHY general stick - 4 måneder siden
6:58 i think it was just an icecream truck in a deeper thone
David Macaulay
David Macaulay - 4 måneder siden
Hey Cinemawins. The music thing has been plaguing me for ages (the piano bit). My wife and i were watching rush hour and heard it there! Lalo Schifrin worked on both movies. Here's the track from Rush Hour, around the 30 second mark
Dynasty2201 - 4 måneder siden
The cars and Tom crashing the bike in Paris are clearly cgi.
Pawar Abhishek Dwarkanath
Pawar Abhishek Dwarkanath - 4 måneder siden
What did Ilsa Faust whisper in Julia's ear ? 🤔
ItsMad Lad
ItsMad Lad - 4 måneder siden
Ah yes. I have yet to see Ethan go one on one with ISIS. But I’ll watch it.
ItsMad Lad
ItsMad Lad - 4 måneder siden
Ethan disarms nuclear bomb that was about to detonate
*Tom Hanks actually did that one.*
Yokeshwar B
Yokeshwar B - 4 måneder siden
There is no soundtrack named "loves Reduced"..
What are you referring to??
Oliver Hernandez
Oliver Hernandez - 4 måneder siden
Why was the last video for kids
Michael Lidster
Michael Lidster - 4 måneder siden
Shut up. And you're pleasure is phoney
doktorwer - 4 måneder siden
that light piano thing sounds a little like the pause in Moon
JT S. - 4 måneder siden
Dud you need to to an EGA Sneakers, It's such a good movie, and a CLASSIC spy movie that still holds up in my opinion.
Maximillian Osaben
Maximillian Osaben - 4 måneder siden
The piano score at 7:02 reminded me of the Mr. Hinx theme from Spectre, though this M:I score is faster.
The Spectre scene - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eosfNwMpMs
Michael Tessier
Michael Tessier - 4 måneder siden
Isn't the twinkly music the music from the game? I seem to remember the same phrase in both movies clearly...
logan swartz
logan swartz - 4 måneder siden
It’s honestly my favorite Mission Impossible movie
William Towson
William Towson - 4 måneder siden
Late to the party but that twinkly piano reminds me so heavily of the “Light of The Seven” piece from s6 GoT finale when Cersei blows up the Sept.
HorridObsessions - 4 måneder siden
When he was listing all those different TC movies and actually mentioned that Rock of Ages... yeah, that just made me smile a bit. I hear people say, "yeah, Tom Cruise was in that one" but I rarely hear someone throw it in with his best ones, which sucks cos it's one of my favorites, right up there with The Last Samurai
Sectionzz Echo
Sectionzz Echo - 4 måneder siden
6:42 that guy is Bobby Holland Hanton: Thor’s stunt double, who deserves way more recognition 😊