Everything GREAT About Kung Fu Panda!

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Kung Fu Panda! To call this a re-upload is sort of unfair because there is barely anything left of the original except for some re-worded wins. My style has changed so much you'll probably notice those ones. But this has been the most requested redo that was blocked, so I thought it was time! Kung Fu Panda 2 is blocked in some countries still. The plan was to do both this week, but then this one became a full weeks work. Soon!
Originally Published 1/29/2016 (6 minutes shorter)
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Outro Music: "Rise of the Heroes" by Jon Wright
Film og animasjon
Runtime: 16:25


Nihar - 8 timer siden
Can you please please please please please please please please please do kung fu panda 3🙏😬🐼
Ghøst - 12 timer siden
Everything sounds sarcastic and I love it
Irish_ Starfish
Irish_ Starfish - Dag siden
Ara May
Ara May - 2 dager siden
I squealed at the himym reference
Matthew Delianov
Matthew Delianov - 2 dager siden
Either Po is just THAT enthusiastic about Kung-fu, or he's a Masochist.
You decide.
Tamara Stroyan
Tamara Stroyan - 2 dager siden
I love how some of the strongest hits have this mystical glow, like the blue of Tai Lung's nerve strike or how both Po and Oogway have a golden glow when defeating him. The fight with Shifu vs Tai Lung is filled with blue glows.
jacob warkentin
jacob warkentin - 2 dager siden
Why... did I dislike this before?? And if I did why did YouTube re-recommend it? Ahh screw it, I love it now so I swap to a like I guess.
Sis&Bro Gaming
Sis&Bro Gaming - 3 dager siden
So basically to cure depression is
To have an uncle iroh and a oogway
Funny Chips
Funny Chips - 3 dager siden
Shifu is a possum
RandomGamer48 - 5 dager siden
Also airbending
Wolfmaster76 - 5 dager siden
So basically Po is the Chinese, Kung Fu, Panda version of Izuku Midoriya. You can't prove me wrong
Leo Cory
Leo Cory - 5 dager siden
8:30 Look At The Win Counter Nice 😎
Quang-Long Dinh
Quang-Long Dinh - 5 dager siden
Tai Lung didn't disintegrate, he got sent to the spirit realm.
Arjun Singh
Arjun Singh - 5 dager siden
Correction : Everything was great about Kung fu Panda
Rubik 90
Rubik 90 - 6 dager siden
Ah yes. Famous Fung fu.
Fish God
Fish God - 7 dager siden
Also its fun to note when Tigress is sky diving down befoe landing her pupils widen. Cats often widen their eyes to gain a better view of their surroundings, especially when in a dangerous situation.
daft banna
daft banna - 7 dager siden
Fung fu
Just Some Guy without a Life
This is beyond science
MunkyZach - 9 dager siden
One thing i want to point out is that craine keeps his broken neck for the rest of the film form the ti lung fight and i think that should be a win
LiziLLusioN - 10 dager siden
He was in the lore long before the third movie?????
水生葉 - 10 dager siden
8:01 In china there are lots of places like this and the first two that come to mind is guilin and zhangjiajie
Jen C
Jen C - 10 dager siden
I got to see this in theatres for a field trip and I have loved it ever since Po saying every day being him hurt more than being called names or getting beat up hurts my feels and the it’s just you feels so right and so earned at the end
Jake Farrer
Jake Farrer - 12 dager siden
Pail Horse Gaming
Pail Horse Gaming - 12 dager siden
Please please please do Kung Fu Panda 3!
Shadow Hammer235
Shadow Hammer235 - 13 dager siden
Everyone gangster UNTILL kunfu panda shows up!!!!
Matthew Dunham
Matthew Dunham - 13 dager siden
You have a wonderful way with words!
Young Clueless
Young Clueless - 14 dager siden
"Our battle will be legen... wait for it... dary!"
Aseel Aadossery
Aseel Aadossery - 14 dager siden
Oogway , you are the real gift
Anurag Chaudhary
Anurag Chaudhary - 14 dager siden
You are too concerned with what was and what will be
Jade Maverick
Jade Maverick - 15 dager siden
7:22 that ear flick.
Ryan M.
Ryan M. - 15 dager siden
I have a complaint: you didn’t upload the entire movie because let’s face it, the entire movie was a win
Lil'Gojira - 15 dager siden
will we get "everything great about Kung Fu Panda 3" or nah, plus I see a node to the third movie in the first one not sure if it was planned, go to 0:42 and you can see that Po is throwing stars at a drawing that looks like Kai
Comrade Arthur
Comrade Arthur - 15 dager siden
Dosnt shifu mean master so they call him Mastter Master
L K - 16 dager siden
The 90th win is the best one, the level of detail in Tai Lungs eye twitching, his chest puffing, as if for a second he felt something from Shifu's words; But shook it off and turned back to the Dark Side.
He was too far gone, 20 years too late.
cop11500 - 16 dager siden
5:36 was it me or did you edit ir or am I going crazy and thought it was "The only souvenirs we collect here are bloody knuckles and broken bones"
I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that
This is one of my favorite reviews on your channel. If any movie deserved a video like this, it is Kung Fu Panda. As a kid, I liked it because of the fighting and humor, but now as an adult, I see so much depth in it that I keep learning from it to this day
Aaron Mauthe
Aaron Mauthe - 18 dager siden
I love how everybody seems surprised when Po gets his ass kicked by the furious five, but just bounces back and is like “dude that’s awesome!” Like, you guys are surprised? This dude literally fell 1000 feet onto a stone surface and popped back up without a scratch when he got picked as the dragon warrior. His whole thing is ridiculous durability.
Pumpkin pie Boi
Pumpkin pie Boi - 18 dager siden
im pretty sort of sad about how you did not talk about the shell on Tai Lung and how it restricted him to breath and how it is well made
PixelRex - 19 dager siden
11:14 King K Rool in Smash Ultimate
Marmar Classic
Marmar Classic - 20 dager siden
9:08 Love some HIMYM. Also I know it is a year old but I love your videos man
ımsuc KATLIFE - 21 dag siden
The animation style at the beginning is made by the guy named James Baxter! He is god like his animations are so smooth..
Corvus Morve
Corvus Morve - 21 dag siden
Gods, I thought this movie was good before. Now I recognize the fact that it's fantastic!
Moe Farmer
Moe Farmer - 21 dag siden
The nostalgia shot from this video...
Wood Skeltal
Wood Skeltal - 25 dager siden
Putting it out there that all of the furious five use their respective Kung-Fu styles, and Po, of course, uses the Dragon style
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil - 26 dager siden
4:58 Thats Ian McShane as Tai Lung, actually. Just thought I'd let you know.
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil - 26 dager siden
5:07 Oh yeah. Don't worry. XD
bodenking - 26 dager siden
I love this movie and I love the fight between Po and Tai-Long at the end. A detail I love is the difference between the two when it comes to the shuffle game. Po found the dumpling under the bowls after Shifu mixed them up, Tai-Long couldn't find the scroll under all the woks so he just sweeped them all up to find it. Beautiful way to show the difference between them.
Also, Po made Secret Ingrediant Soup for the Five (Four I guess, Tigress didn't have any) and while he stated himself he doesn't know what the secret ingredient is the others LOVE it! Does it count as foreshadowing if we don't know the Soup is the key to helping Po understand? Man I love this movie! I'm watching the sequel tonight!
habib akbar
habib akbar - 27 dager siden
i LOOOOOOVE the Wuxi finger hold/wushu finger hold scene
New world Rathalos
New world Rathalos - 27 dager siden
Shifu is literally a fancy raccoon
TheFoxyPal - 27 dager siden
"We do not wash our pits...in the pool of sacred tears."
Noah de Vera
Noah de Vera - 27 dager siden
11:39 Fung Fu Master
Ihtesham Khan
Ihtesham Khan - 28 dager siden
best Dreamworks movie ever made. period
Shroud The Wolf
Shroud The Wolf - 28 dager siden
I love how the dislikes are/were 777
the contrast to 666
iTzYasuOfficial - 29 dager siden
Did anyone realized, that if oogway never said “Tai lung, will return”, Kung fu panda 1 should’ve never happened, a different dragon warrior will be chosen, and many more
First of all, if he never said “tai lung will return”, Shi fu would’ve never sent the duck to the prison to double everything, if the duck was never there, the rhino never would’ve smacked the duck and the feather that freed tai lung never fell to him. Sooooooo
0ctopus1nk - Måned siden
Anyone else notice he threw his throwing star at a drawing of the antagonist from the 3rd film?
naan - Måned siden
Kung Fu Panda is so underrated
Esteban Pineros
Esteban Pineros - Måned siden
I actually love when Shifu kicks Po through the gates, and Viper and Monkey both comment on how Po's gonna come back. To me, there's almost a modicum of respect in their tone, like they are starting to realize there's more to someone than what meets the eye when they're able and willing to take such a monstrous beating and come back for more. To me, it's because of this that Viper scolds Mantis over his poor joke, because they see that even through the goofiness and what they perceive to be his complete inadequacy, there's something to be admired about the guy with the card stacked against him still putting up such a fight.
Onur Yirmibes
Onur Yirmibes - Måned siden
Oogway didn't break his character. You are just impatient like Shifu. :D Just listen rest of it.
"That is bad news IF you do not believe the dragon warrior can stop him."
Shadow - Måned siden
That is bad news....if you believe that the dragon warrior cant stop him.
Oogway was always wise and had a plan. Im so hyped for Everything Great about Kung Fu Panda 3!
I..I...In...Inner peace.... Shifu Stuggled with it and so did Oogway there! Now WHAT!
Yoram Huson
Yoram Huson - Måned siden
Giving him that like only for the wait for it
Pramod ch
Pramod ch - Måned siden
R we just gonna ignore the transition at 14:04
shreyash agrawal
shreyash agrawal - Måned siden
A movie is always good when its win count is more than its sin count
Clart dem
Clart dem - Måned siden
So if shifu is a red panda why is he always calling po panda as an insult not hating I just wanna know
Luke Schroter
Luke Schroter - Måned siden
ooohhhhhhh oohhhhhhhhhh
everybody was kung fu fighting, those kicks were fast as lightning, it was a little bit fighting
Hell Storm
Hell Storm - Måned siden
Ok so at one point Tai Lung asks Po "what are you going to do sit on me?" and Po actually does on the way down the stairs
Emma Huq
Emma Huq - Måned siden
Iroh and Oogway would be best friends honestly
Shadow Main16
Shadow Main16 - Måned siden
When I clicked on this video I was disappointed that he didn't put the whole movie in cause absolutely nothing is bad about kung fu panda
Stephen Anderson
Stephen Anderson - Måned siden
10:17. Look at Tai Lung. He thinks he's an earthbender!
Stephen Anderson
Stephen Anderson - Måned siden
2:12. He just told us the main lesson behind Oedipus Rex
Mitch Reller
Mitch Reller - Måned siden
I believe you forgot that after Tai Lung’s backstory, Po’s face is the perfect comic relief
Lazy MSP
Lazy MSP - Måned siden
I thought Shifu was a fennec fox
Macias712 - Måned siden
There’s only one good thing about this movie:

It exists
I-Lusius - Måned siden
the entire Tai Lung fight is one of my favourite sequences in any movie. all of Po's moves... it's basically a reverse of the entire movie. training: first chopsticks fighting for the item, then shifu shuffling the bowls. fight: first shuffeling the bowls, then fighting for the item itself. the dummy return attack. the finger hold. all of those moves are used in reverse order from the movie. it's SO genius. this is BY FAR one of my favourite movies ever
DeoNynx - Måned siden
Me: yo you know where is my phone
Oogway: I dont know
Me: Yeah why should you
Oogway: *i dOnT knOw*
Julio Delarosa
Julio Delarosa - Måned siden
2020 is not a gift
Nick Malachai
Nick Malachai - Måned siden
Honestly, I always thought Oogway didn't have control over when he died, he just knew it was going to happen, so he did what he could to prepare (find the Dragon Warrior, encourage Shifu, etc) and then accepted his death as it came.
Alpacalypse - Måned siden
Trivia: the below leapord (Tai Lung) is a predator of red pandas and giant pandas
Alpacalypse - Måned siden
This movie has no right to be this good and this beautiful
JM Lav
JM Lav - Måned siden
legen - wait for it - dary - Barney stinson
Nani Taai
Nani Taai - Måned siden
"Mr. Shifu I don't feel so good.."

I can't.
Anoop - Måned siden
Did Tai Lung just...die?
Ya know, it was really unclear
OrbitDoesStickNodes - Måned siden
I can not see the Tortoise as not Iroh
katzklaw - Måned siden
apparently Shifu was a red panda because when they approached Dustin Hoffman with the role, he was like "Kung Fu Panda? i need to be a panda too"
DragonKiwi Studios
DragonKiwi Studios - Måned siden
This is why animated movies are made- no ANY movie is made. For people like him, who really enjoy and love movies and notice the little details. It's awesome.
Yoon Cheonsa
Yoon Cheonsa - Måned siden
EVERY. SINGLE. POINT you mentioned were the exact same thoughts i had during my own watch. Great analysis. Thx and keep up!
MrFancyPanCook - Måned siden
*The only animation studio that actually cares*
MrFancyPanCook - Måned siden
*The only animation studio that actually cares*
Blue Rodan
Blue Rodan - Måned siden
Anybody else cry with Oogway's leaving?
Captain Raichu
Captain Raichu - Måned siden
4:03 Wow... You weren't kidding when you said that everything that comes out of Oogway's mouth is a gift...
Commissar Purity
Commissar Purity - Måned siden
Everything about this movie was PERFECT, especially oogway
TOAHSIRIM - Måned siden
So, to answer your question. Tai Lung was sent to the spirit realm, so he isn't really dead, but rather in another realm beyond the physical one.
Earthquake William
Earthquake William - Måned siden
The dragon scroll is actually savage. If you work hard you see the amazing person you’ve become. If you cheat, you see the monster you’ve become.
Eastwind4869 - Måned siden
po: "you wanna get something to eat?"
shifu: *quick sigh* "yeah"
god i love that bit
DragonActive - Måned siden
9:24 sounds like a Desiigner song or somethin
srijan sahni
srijan sahni - Måned siden
11:35 the subtitle is Fung-Fu warrior 😂😂
JJ - Måned siden
I love Oogway in these flims. He's the best part of every scene he's in.
Luke Schroter
Luke Schroter - Måned siden
I wish he was in them more
Ghostflame92 - Måned siden
the fact that you inserted and won a himym quote is why i love this channel
Lars Aarton
Lars Aarton - Måned siden
i love these videos so much
GUITAR - Måned siden
Am i the only one that is binge watching all of these videos during quarantine
Am i also the first one to only just now know about the panda shadow at the start
Sam Lindsay
Sam Lindsay - Måned siden
I could not disagree more.
mary medd
mary medd - Måned siden
I forgot how much ugua (the turtle idk how to spell it) he reminds me so much of my grandad tbh...