Everything GREAT About Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom!

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Fallen Kingdom! You could say the Jurassic Park Kingdom…has…nevermind. People didn't love JW2 as I like to call it. And I get why, but I think a lot you actually did enjoy it. So that's why I'm here! Here's everything right with Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 16:40


Chase Sullivan
Chase Sullivan - 11 timer siden
I love Jurassic World I grew up with that franchise I’m a veteran I love dinosaurs!
Fluffy - 13 timer siden
the girl watched Brooklyns video of how to pick doors when you accidentally lock your self in your hotel room.
(camp cretaceous)
Hayden Begley
Hayden Begley - 21 time siden
6:15 fun fact thats meant to be the brachiosaurus (dont know of i spelled that right) from the first movie AKA the first dinosaur grant saw when he arrived at jurassic park
Victor Kwan
Victor Kwan - 7 dager siden
The Brachiosaurus was the first dinosaur ever seen by Alan Grant, Ellie Satler, and Ian Malcolm
Ismail Elbibary
Ismail Elbibary - 10 dager siden
they said triceratops instead of sinoceratops.

+10 SINS
The Poke'Saurus
The Poke'Saurus - 10 dager siden
I honestly love this movie. I may be biased for dinosaurs, but it's not a bad movie.
james ellis
james ellis - 13 dager siden
oh btw the raptor was small and feathered so was the rex it was feathered but not small and that thing you saw bodie the carno was a cinaceratops
allosaurus bruh
allosaurus bruh - 11 dager siden
T rex has been disproven to be feathered it was actually scaly,but the babies were feathered
Phoenix Skywalker
Phoenix Skywalker - 17 dager siden
Am I the only one who actually liked the Indoraptor smile? XD I like a little campiness
Declan Ziolkowski
Declan Ziolkowski - 21 dag siden
What happens if you point the laser at the indoraptor
Declan Ziolkowski
Declan Ziolkowski - 21 dag siden
Taylor Be Swag
Taylor Be Swag - 21 dag siden
ive seen this movie at least 48 times, literally, no exaggeration, its my second favorite movie of all time, after Logan that is
Beltrán Salas García
Beltrán Salas García - 22 dager siden
The ceratopsid that slash the carnotaurus isnt a triceratops is a sinoceratops
TIFFANY PERSAUD - 22 dager siden
Thanks for the vid. Just saw it and came here. I liked what they did with the movie. It could have breathed a bit more to establish the themes - but it's still good.
Masked Gamer
Masked Gamer - 22 dager siden
5:16 not a triceratops bc a triceratops has 3 horns that y it has tri in its name tri means 3 and that dinosaur is a sinoceratops lol k sound like a Dino nerd
psychoguyboi - 23 dager siden
That wasn't a Trike, that was a Sinoceratops
allbankbasalisk ___
allbankbasalisk ___ - 25 dager siden
My. Bet is that the next one takes place on isla sorna
Bucket Muffin
Bucket Muffin - 29 dager siden
I love this movie. But in my opinion, the movie's biggest problem is that it asks such an "ethical and moral" question that even relates to legitimate discussions in real-world time, and it just doesn't have the intelligence to answer it. It's a- now don't get me wrong when I say this- silly movie. All Jurassic Park movies are silly movies. They're just silly sci-fi movies. Now asking the cloning question in the first movie was one thing, but we've come to the point where they asking even more questions. 4 questions in one movie, and for some it distracts from the movie overall.
Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
The gaming foxu
The gaming foxu - Måned siden
Hol up a sec tho
The indoraptor made with a few things i bet but 2 scenes seemed off about it indo slowly reaches out to the girl instead of looking like its trying to grab her the bed scene she doesnt just jump on the bed like the something the other raptors would do from the other movies they see what they see and they want to kill it but not indo its like she is aware that the girl knows that shes there and it looks like she was only trying to take the covers off as if she only wanted to see the girl im not sure if im coming up with a theory or not but i think that indo was fascinated with the girl and maybe not wanting to actually harm her ugh it bothers me because of this thing how the indo acts so differently like sure its a whole new thing and im pretty sure 2x more intelligent then your average raptor so it acts differently but ita still new to this world like the i rex it was yes smart but didnt really know any better it was looking for its place in the food chain still new to this world im gonna stop talking now im getting distracted and loosing more of my sanity as if matpats fnaf theorys didnt do enough of that 😅
SehrBA - Måned siden
None of the JP sequels are perfect and each one has something about it that people can point to and say 'that's why this is the worst sequel' and they wouldn't be wrong. The characters and PETA-esque whining of Lost World, the characters and the fact that JP III has devolved to just a monster movie, the pandering, characters, and lack of logic in Jurassic World, the two different movies thing, some of the characters, and some ideas for Fallen Kingdom.
But, each of them has something awesome that people can also point to and say 'that's why this is the best sequel'. Lost World has sequences that rival the original, JP III is a fun monster movie, Jurassic World let's us see the park open and introduces new ideas, Fallen Kingdom expands on some of JWs ideas and brought back the horror feeling of the original and the novels.
Danny Dinnerboy
Danny Dinnerboy - Måned siden
I've seen this movie 18 times so far and counting, there's just something about it that sets it apart from the rest and I can't figure it out. Is it the plot? the theme? Something about it just seems to never get old for me. I can watch the scene of Blue on the table and still feel the same sentimental pang that I felt when I first saw it in theaters. The thing is, I don't even like horror movies. I generally think that they just exploit the survival instincts that we have just make a quick buck, but I don't get that sensation with this movie. Maybe it's just because I love dinosaurs so much that I'm intrigued by them instead of terrified. Maybe I'm just a biased fanboy pointlessly voice my opinion into the void of the internet in the hopes that someone will care. But either way, I can site this movie as one of the tools that made me the person I am today, and with that I leave you with this statement...
I always thought being magical was Harry Potter's thing, but *DAMN* apparently Jurassic World has it down too.
Fizzy - Måned siden
There’s actually a really fun Jurassic Park arcade game that came before this that also involved having to rescue dinosaurs from Isla Nublar before the volcano erupts. You also, you know, shoot down hundreds of raptors and other dinosaurs, but let’s just ignore that.
Jacob Rowe
Jacob Rowe - Måned siden
Besides the first Jurassic Park, this movie was the first to really scare the hell outta me, and that's why I like it.
crcoghill - Måned siden
is it wrong i want to fix this? 5:16
.... eh~ gonna do it anyway. that's not a Triceratops. it's chest is too ovaled and has many smaller horns over it, unlike a normal fan shaped and smoothed out crest of a Triceratops. no no, this, my friends, is a Sinoceratops. i also believe it only has one big horn at the nose unlike the Tri horns on a, well, Triceratops. just saying.
JustDave - Måned siden
Its Lpool
Its Lpool - Måned siden
That wasn't a triceratops in the eruption scene. It's a sinocertops
GhaniGaming - Måned siden
Did you really just call a Sinoceratops a Trike?
allosaurus bruh
allosaurus bruh - 11 dager siden
@GhaniGaming ok well I thank you for trying to let him know
GhaniGaming - 11 dager siden
@allosaurus bruh i know.......but i am
allosaurus bruh
allosaurus bruh - 11 dager siden
Chill,he's not that big of a dino geek
Downut Productions
Downut Productions - Måned siden
Me now: Aw, he said the wrong dinosaur name. Whatever
Roze Helm
Roze Helm - Måned siden
There's one part of the movie I don’t like guess what?
Sean Millette
Sean Millette - Måned siden
How did I not realize that was the explorer that Rexie trashed in the original?
Clone Trooper
Clone Trooper - Måned siden
I cried when I first saw the brachiosaurus die
LordCybot - Måned siden
Yeah no, the little girl releasing the dinos was fucking dumb.
These animals have killed dozens if not hundreds of people by this point, and she releases them onto an unsuspecting world because “we’re the same”
Its fucking dumb
allosaurus bruh
allosaurus bruh - 11 dager siden
Your opinion
R SLYCE - Måned siden
One difference about Clare in the film, she has an iPhone now instead of a samsung
YellowoboeThe - Måned siden
Honestly I'd love to see your take on the original trilogy.
malakai hewitt
malakai hewitt - Måned siden
People complained that Jurassic World was too similar to the original, and Fallen Kingdom was too different. Some people are never happy.
The Razielim
The Razielim - Måned siden
lmao I love how you hit so many point-for-point rebuttals aimed at CinemaSins
Titus Winslow
Titus Winslow - Måned siden
I was kinda p-oed that the little girl (forgot her name) let all the dinosaurs free, just because of how selfish it was putting all the human lives in danger. Hopefully dominion will be about that mistake.
The derpy Fox
The derpy Fox - Måned siden
You can hear your dog in the background
mathew davies
mathew davies - Måned siden
Best thing about this film? Daniella Pineda, absolutely stunning looking girl
Prypiat Shadow
Prypiat Shadow - Måned siden
im still dumbfounded.
in the ending scene, they could have keept the dinosaurs in their cages, and open the main doors to vent the gas. Sure some of them might have escaped, but its better than all of them.
Gnostic28 - Måned siden
@Prypiat Shadow What an amazing argument! I am convinced
Prypiat Shadow
Prypiat Shadow - Måned siden
@Gnostic28 you will see
Gnostic28 - Måned siden
@Prypiat Shadow 1) What exactly do you mean by "something"? 2) Them dying is not a problem either. There is literally nothing that could go wrong for people if the dinosaurs are freed
Prypiat Shadow
Prypiat Shadow - Måned siden
@Gnostic28 worst case scenario, they murder something, or die, and the other dinosaurs are pissed off
Gnostic28 - Måned siden
I still see no issue with the idea of releasing all the dinosaurs. Best case scenario, they hang out in the wild for a while. Worst case scenario, they get captured again. There's nothing to lose.
DARK PANCAKE - Måned siden
*pushes glasses up*
Excuse me but that dinosaur you called a triceratops is acutally a sinocerotops *tsk tsk tsk*
*pushes glasses down*
We're good now!
WegDhass - Måned siden
*video ends immediately*
U U - 2 måneder siden
12:28 funny, sad, and true
Marsha Hammack
Marsha Hammack - 2 måneder siden
i watch these instead of most reviews because you do research on your details
King Scrubby
King Scrubby - 2 måneder siden
Still waiting for the Jurassic Park films
Jordan Beckstead
Jordan Beckstead - 2 måneder siden
Whos excited for jurassic world Domination
Mr. Papaya
Mr. Papaya - 2 måneder siden
I loved this movie, but i feel the trailers spoiled way too much
Brooke V. Hale
Brooke V. Hale - 2 måneder siden

I HAD A 3 HOUR ARGUMENT WITH SOMEONE OVER THAT FACT OHMIGOSH. they stopped responding when i mentioned that the t-rex is a massive summabish for prbly the 30th time, and had to stalk, so... win?
Interviolet - 2 måneder siden
so at win:78 he says that this isn't the first time he used 'Goodbye Horses' in one of his videos. It's one of his Harry Potter videos I won't say which one just go watch them if you haven't already :3
Mason Wright
Mason Wright - 2 måneder siden
I personally really enjoyed the film, yeah there were some people who didn’t like it but there was also a good handful of people who did.
•iced cherry's•
•iced cherry's• - 2 måneder siden
why o i simp for Malcolm 😔
sly Combs
sly Combs - 2 måneder siden
That’s not a Jeep I looked it up and it’s ...of all things a Ford Explorer
Caleb Waddell
Caleb Waddell - 2 måneder siden
For me, this movie felt cheap. It wasn't in a cash grab kinda way, but just like they hadn't tried as hard because they did well with Jurassic World. I like this movie, but it falls in second to last favorite in rank above 3.
tyler moskosky
tyler moskosky - 2 måneder siden
5:16 that is clearly not a triceratops since it only has one big horn and holes on it crest
DahStateOfNate - 2 måneder siden
For the people who don’t understand why Maisie let the Dinos free:
The dinosaurs are clones of their past selves. Not exactly the same as before, but similar enough to keep their mindset. Maisie as just found out she’s a clone of her past self, now made to believe she was lockwood’s granddaughter. She is similar enough to her past self to, of course, keep her mindset. Just like the Dinos. They want to live, she wants to live. Just like any other living being. Maisie, realizing that she has this connection with the dinosaurs, sets them free, for she feels as if she survived, they should survive.
I know, pretty stupid, right?
lexh - 20 timer siden
@295Phoenix yeah maisie's body count has to be over 100k cause letting those dinos out caused so many deaths lmao
295Phoenix - Dag siden
Yeah, it's really, really stupid.
lexh - 25 dager siden
just gonna say this randomly but maisie's body count is hella high and also first time i watched i cried during that scene the second time i was mad at her sense by letting the dinos out that put millions of lives in danger
Swarm Queer
Swarm Queer - 2 måneder siden
Since its Jurassic World, I'm assuming that the natural reclamation of the park was by megaflora not just by regular plants
Gergő Piroska
Gergő Piroska - 2 måneder siden
That was a Sinoceratops not a Triceratops
Gnostic28 - Måned siden
Actually, it was a decrepid rhino abomination
CentiSZN - 2 måneder siden
Bloody Bee
Bloody Bee - 2 måneder siden
The only reason I hate this movie is because it makes me feel things by showing me baby death lizards being separated from their mama death lizards
Gnostic28 - Måned siden
Dinosaurs aren't lyzards
The Coolio
The Coolio - 2 måneder siden
This movie took the "humans making stupid decisions" trope from the other movies and cranked it up to 11. Like to the point of the "good" humans actually being bad people.
Marco Pohl
Marco Pohl - 2 måneder siden
about the smile: sure that it intentionally smiled? that was a tranq, right? maybe it was a muscle twitch in the back of the lips as the tranquilizer was wearing od again
Kya L
Kya L - 2 måneder siden
I hated the scene of the brachiosaur dying. It was very symbolic since it was the OG one and goddamn....it hurt so much to see that.
Ailin CS
Ailin CS - 2 måneder siden
I'm so late to this, but I wanted to point out that in this movie and the previous one (is more noticeable than in JP, I understand techno has advanced), the raptors move a lot like cats, they are so elegant and fluid. I love it!! Not sure it would be like that in "reality" but it looks awesome and imo adds to the perception of their intelligence. Cats are smarta**es xD
Gnostic28 - Måned siden
I mean, velociraptors were essencially the equivalent of cats for the dinosaurs
Bernard Guevarra
Bernard Guevarra - 2 måneder siden
I cried when I saw the brachiosaurus dying
JurassicGaming - 2 måneder siden
5:15 that, is a Sinoceratops. The chunky, Asian trike with one horn and a frill with holes. Still a win.
JurassicGaming - Måned siden
Ryan Hussain Yeah, the drill thing was a typo. And I know what your talking about, since Chasmosaurus also had holes, and it was covered, I know the Pachyrhino was originally going to be in, and the movie is Walking with Dinosaurs.
Gnostic28 - Måned siden
No, it didn't have holes in the frill (not drill). The holes are indeed in the skull, but the living animal would have flesh and skin covering those holes, like the other Ceratopsians. The only reason the one in this movie has the holes is because it was originally a Pachyrhinosaurus, and they wanted to make a reference to a Pachyrhinosaurus character in another movie, which had a hole in it's frill
FriskDeterminationSoul _CHARA
FriskDeterminationSoul _CHARA - 2 måneder siden
I love how wholesome these videos are rather then uh, sinning the movie..Thanks for creating this channel too!
Ramiro Robledo
Ramiro Robledo - 2 måneder siden
I give you a sine for calling it a triceratops
Dar the Star
Dar the Star - 2 måneder siden
Finally another video other than Shinobi-03’s video showing this movie in a POSITIVE light!
( Yeah I know That there are probably other ones that exist. But still, this movie has a surprising aboit if hate surrounding it)
Mr. Gemini
Mr. Gemini - 2 måneder siden
It was cool being in this movie, ngl
I didn't like dying tho
Dr.Raman Rao
Dr.Raman Rao - 3 måneder siden
It’s is actually a Sinoceratops
dyson57gaming - 3 måneder siden
5:16 thats a sinoceratops..
Benjamin Carter
Benjamin Carter - 3 måneder siden
In my opinion this was a great film
Standardgrapes - 3 måneder siden
I see why people don't like it but I really love this movie
Darran A
Darran A - 3 måneder siden
this is a good film :D
---but i have to admit near the end i kind of thought the final act was the before final act but this is still extremely fun to watch
juan Alvarez
juan Alvarez - 3 måneder siden
Idk why but i can wacht a movie than in like one weak i forget what happened but when i wacht it again i remember.
kingofmonsters14 - 3 måneder siden
i think the one question everyone has is: What about Isla Sorna? Are people forgetting about Site B? there's tons of Dinos there. unless... wait... *goes the the official Wiki* yeah, it still exists, so did everyone just conveniently forget the other island of dinos?
kingofmonsters14 - Måned siden
@Gnostic28 oh. well... maybe the Camp Cretaceous show will have at least some information- even if it's just a small throwaway line.
Gnostic28 - Måned siden
@kingofmonsters14 It's in the offficial DPG website (it was a canon website that was used to market FK). The information in it about Sorna isn't 100% confirmed, since everything is written from the perspective of in-universe characters, in order to leave things vague enough that if the directors wanted to come back to Sorna, they still can (which is a very real possibility, considering the set photos that have been revealed for the next film). What matters if that everyone in-universe thinks that Sorna is dead (Also, on a side note, the thing about animals from Sorna being transported to Nublar was also in The Evolution of Claire, which is a tie-in novel for JW, which I haven't actually read, tho I do know that it involves JP3 from Sorna being brought to Nublar and doing some shit)
kingofmonsters14 - Måned siden
@Gnostic28 well, shoot. you think they would've said that in the movie. on that note, where'd you find this info?
Gnostic28 - Måned siden
Most of the dinosaurs in Sorna died due to deceases and the introduction of invasive species like the Spinosaurus and Ceratosaurus. Then, the ones that survived were brought to Isla Nublar in order to kickstart Jurassic World
Devanshu Kushte
Devanshu Kushte - 3 måneder siden
The only thing that bothered me is the little clone girl releasing the dinos.
That girl was a human clone, they were freaking *DINOSAURS*.
But l, a great movie so let it be.
The Devourer of Gods
The Devourer of Gods - 3 måneder siden
His subtitles are very wrong. They say Rexie when it's Rexy. Plus he called a Sinoceratops a trike,
Roland Tembo
Roland Tembo - 3 måneder siden
I like/love this movie too.
The Insanist
The Insanist - 3 måneder siden
Honestly I loved this movie up until the point where they saved the dinosaurs and the girl said that cheesy line. Plus you shouldn't have saved the Dino's yuh big dummies
Str4ger - 3 måneder siden
Dont tell me I'm the only person who cried when I say 6:14
XxTheRealIndoraptorxX - 3 måneder siden
Oh, I was in this.

*Thanks for checking in I'm still a piece of garbage!*
Yeah nobody cares about me anyway..
XxTheRealIndoraptorxX - 2 måneder siden
@Benjamin Carter o thank boi
Benjamin Carter
Benjamin Carter - 2 måneder siden
I loved you indoraptor you were Arcady and entertaining
Flixey - 3 måneder siden
He called a sinoceratops, triceratops "Nuff said"
Michael Scott
Michael Scott - 3 måneder siden
Sorry if I sound rude, but a 5:17, thats a sinoceratops.
Black Boxer
Black Boxer - 3 måneder siden
Wonder is cinema sins and wins bump heads
Guy Ward
Guy Ward - 3 måneder siden
Did anyone else notice the bar Claire and Owen are in is the same one in jp3
Joshua Müllerschön
Joshua Müllerschön - 3 måneder siden
I freaking love your Content! 😂
Noah Shackelford
Noah Shackelford - 3 måneder siden
You know Owen getting licked awake by a dinosaur is actually a scene taken straight out of the second book, where Sarah Harding wakes up to a Stegosaurus licking her.
boredom2go - 3 måneder siden
The key falling onto the paper is a puzzle from Zork II. Oh, and spoiler alert for Zork II in case you've just arrived from the early 80's.
Keiron Knapp
Keiron Knapp - 3 måneder siden
Do one on the original film from 1993
Hunter Devaney
Hunter Devaney - 3 måneder siden
Do u and cinimasins know each other
Gnostic28 - 3 måneder siden
No, they don't
T Jenkins
T Jenkins - 3 måneder siden
12:19 Simi Valley is about to get messed up
Alistair Sharp
Alistair Sharp - 3 måneder siden
Tairis Tarapi
Tairis Tarapi - 3 måneder siden
do you know the dinosaur that flipped the carnotaurus, yeah that's not a triceratops, that is actually a sinoceratops - (sigh-no-ceratops) - your welcome
Agent719 - 3 måneder siden
So...when ARE you going to do Jurrassic Park? Didn't it just become the current "#1 Movie In America" again?
Sir Ragno
Sir Ragno - 3 måneder siden
"We're not compatible"
Says a guy who lived in a Pokémon world.
BooBoo Editz
BooBoo Editz - 3 måneder siden
Thank god they didn’t kill off Rexy. 🥺👉👈
Franchise Fanatic
Franchise Fanatic - 3 måneder siden
lego ninjago movie refrence!!!
Tally Tommy
Tally Tommy - 3 måneder siden
imagine during the T-REX roars at the end of a lot of the jurrasic park movies mattel actions life finds a way chorus is blasting during the rexy roars
Midtoker Marius
Midtoker Marius - 3 måneder siden
About time you did the original trilogy!!
Jack Striderr
Jack Striderr - 3 måneder siden
I feel like the first half of the movie was absolutely amazing but the second half was so stupid and I hate it for that