Everything GREAT About Joker! (Part 2)

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And here is Joker Part 2! Now we get into the real divisive stuff. Yay!
Here's EGA Joker Part 1 if you missed it: noburn.info/id/video/qXbOedZpnIiJqXI.html
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 13:32


Ahab Dragonos
Ahab Dragonos - Dag siden
I see this movie as a good movie. It points out a good joker! The Unreliable Narrator trope is perfectly used! It also points of mental illness! It’s funny people try to use Joker as a violence inspirer when it’s actually yelling and teaching people of what could happen if we treat each other bad. Arthur is human and there are Arthur’s all around us. We should be using Joker as a lesson not a threat. If there’s message of this movie is that anyone can be capable of violence but we can’t push them to do it we need to show love and admiration. Not bring them down. Arthur is a good guy maybe he’s weird but he loves laughter and he loved his job because he was free. But we don’t know cause the joker tells us the story. My point is we don’t know who or what issues other people have we have to treat people nicely.
Griffin m
Griffin m - 2 dager siden
There was a shooting at this move though 😳
SmokeyOwOs - 3 dager siden
Wasn't there a machete death during frozen 2 while nothing happened during The joker's time in cinema
SmokeyOwOs - 3 dager siden
The media doesn't like being called out lmaoooo.
They hate the mentally ill
Human Being
Human Being - 7 dager siden
The reason the movie wouldn't be the same without Joaquin is that he is the main character and if the movie didn't ave him it would be like 20 minutes long.
Ok someone who is funny, please make a good version of that joke though...
Koichi Hirose
Koichi Hirose - 8 dager siden
173 / 296 is about 58.4%. + 20% for each Big Five Oscar, +10% for each Oscar and + 5% for each nomination. 58.4% + 20% + 10% + 45% = 133.4%/100%. I'd say that's a good score.
Vincent Grajeda
Vincent Grajeda - 12 dager siden
Everything GREAT about Batman vs Teenage mutant ninja turtles animated movie please CinemaWins.
Emily Chandler
Emily Chandler - 13 dager siden
i feel like the last bit in the hospital where the lady asks him “what’s so funny” and then he says “you wouldn’t get it” is a parallel to him saying he killed those three wall street guys and murray asking him “u think that’s funny” and he says yes. bc then he kills the lady
thunderhammer29 - 14 dager siden
NGL, I would love to see Penguin from the same creative team.
Jon Lopez
Jon Lopez - 15 dager siden
Do Nacho Libre!!!!
Classic Ghost Rider
Classic Ghost Rider - 17 dager siden
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t one of the people who thought this movie would bring out the psychos’ around it’s release, or at least people who would try to use the film as an excuse to be terrible... I’m glad I was wrong and this movie is Phenomenal.
Thocerwan - 17 dager siden
"Not every movies has to pick a side, so I think it works here."
Except that, by not picking a side, the movies does pick one. Not picking a side means you're OK with the dominant idea and/or system currently in majority and/or power, so you technically pick one.
Rakha Ananta
Rakha Ananta - 21 dag siden
So what your saying...
Is that the Joker is unpredictable...
Taylor Salim
Taylor Salim - 23 dager siden
I sure hope we get everything about taxi driver
ツPlasma - 24 dager siden
Not-so-Fun fact: people who are planning to commit self-deletion are usually shown to be happier the days leading to their deaths because they're glad their suffering is not going to keep up for much longer.
Arthur lets the Joker out the days leading to his appearance on the Murray Show, where he was planning to kill himself.

Does that count as another win?
Diana C
Diana C - 24 dager siden
lone digger
KRKDraws - 27 dager siden
...this movie did terrify me. It made me feel horrified that in a way this could have been me or a person I love if they are pushed hard enough. Mental illness IS a valid problem that people need to treat like a physical injury.
Josh The Red Pen
Josh The Red Pen - 29 dager siden
Exactly 100!? Wow!
Dylan Rivera
Dylan Rivera - 29 dager siden
Joker, Batman Begins, and Arkham Origins all did an excellent job showing how broken Gotham was without Batman.
TomBrowniee - 29 dager siden
I’m gonna be honest, this film really isn’t that great, I was really disappointed with this movie
CobraChicken - Måned siden
Also coming back to this
4:19 on the wall, "No Unsupervised Patients Allowed" is cut off to turn it into "No Un-Super Patients"
Billybob - Måned siden
I think the ending where he is in the mental asylum is before the movie, because it doesn’t seem like he got captured after his henchmen took him out of the cop car
Jacob Ladd
Jacob Ladd - Måned siden
I love this movie, I love this video
Opinunate ted
Opinunate ted - Måned siden
The basic plot structure is an old one. Some innocent person gets picked on so badly for so long that when he finally erupts into violence, the audience feels good about it.
But I agree that the movement he inspired has a more left-wing focus. Here is why.
Had he shot those dark-complexioned young gang members, it would have given us a right-wing message. But instead, he shot white stockbrokers, turn it into a class struggle, not a race-based struggle, since they were the same race as him, as were all his victims. Plus, the woman he had a fantasy relationship with was black. So, Joker is not a racist, and the people he kills seem to be people with money, while he himself goes from being poor, put upon working-class shlub to completely unemployed. His victims are bosses, cops, stockbrokers celebrities,, etc. not random low life criminals.
The White Wolf
The White Wolf - Måned siden
2:01 courtesy of EFAP 😆
Cyrene the Cat
Cyrene the Cat - Måned siden
This movie was kind of prophetic.
Ursaring - Måned siden
Am I the only one who really dosnt like the fact that movies use the “this never happend” cliche. I hate it. Idk why but I don’t like it
Faris Wasique
Faris Wasique - Måned siden
I think in the ending he’s thinking over his life thus far, he said earlier the the movie that his life was a comedy, that’s what he’s laughing at.
Gianluca Tartaro
Gianluca Tartaro - Måned siden
This is a fantastic movie, but your analysis of it is just way off. I already mentioned one problem in another comment, but this part 2 really highlights many of the false takeaways. My first comment mentioned the overuse of the fantasy world instead of recognizing that the end is him finally being in reality, but I also feel the need to mention that you highly downplay the significance of the scene on the Franklin Show. It represents the tipping point of him going down that path. His plan was not to take Murray out with him. He only knew that, by the end of the night, one of them would be dead. His decision to kill Murray instead of himself represents himself taking on the role of the Joker and going into anarchy. I’m sorry, but this video’s analyses are just too far off.
Gianluca Tartaro
Gianluca Tartaro - Måned siden
You took the fantasy world analyzation way too far. The ending is him coming out of fantasy and coming to realize the horror of the true world and how fake his view has been. Your view of it has the Joker still being hallucinogenic and not with reality. We know that, in reality, the Joker is a very smart villain who works in very anarchical ways. He ends this movie as finally being in reality.
Donkey Danny
Donkey Danny - Måned siden
One thing about this whole class controversy is the divide. I don't think I ever heard my friends or family say that this movie would cause riots or incel rage. Only critics and establishments. They stupidly feared that a movie like this would be the spark to cause a massive rebellion against social order. If they fear a riot doesn't that sorta mean the messages in joker about social safety nets, unfair wealth distribution, etc. have some merit to them. But sadly people are to stupid hating what's given to them, what doesn't belong to them and each other to notice the rich guy ironically picking their pockets.
Cyrene the Cat
Cyrene the Cat - Måned siden
It was kind of prophetic though.
TheHeavenly FB
TheHeavenly FB - Måned siden
The mad lad wanted to make his own version of Taxi Driver and Kings of Comedy, threw in a popular character to entice people, and BOOM! Amazing homage/ inspired movie.
Slim Solo 13
Slim Solo 13 - Måned siden
yo, there has never been a more face to face movie about the characters. Like low key, this could be any person in life. Minus the whole killing thing. Joker isn't a villain. He is a person wronged by his own society. Social media better watch out for shit like this.
Drake Loki
Drake Loki - Måned siden
When you break down what this movie is about and how the media got it wrong, you're right but you glanced over why they got it so wrong. It's because they constantly label people who try to bring up these issues as being in incels, alt right, or whatever. Because often they try to point out the cause of the problem or suggest a solution that goes against whatever narratives the bulk of media seems to have.
Henry Forester
Henry Forester - Måned siden
The song Legion of Monsters by disturbed remind me of this movie. Regardless of taste of music, the lyrics reflect this well in a way. This is a very loose claim but the reminder of song and movie is true in my opinion and doesn't need to be shared.
Lus Verma
Lus Verma - Måned siden
I think the whole "characters don't treat mentally ill people well" is one of the points of this movie because it serves as a warning of what happens people just treat each other like trash.
mathiashls - Måned siden
"Flawless movies don't exist, and whether those flaws bother us depends in large part to how we feel about the movie." I need to quote this right now because this is ridiculously accurate.
Isaac Altman
Isaac Altman - Måned siden
Honestly i have a theory very unlikely but possible but some parts of this could be Joker from dark knight's origin he kinda looks like a young joker from that movie and we don't know how much Arthur explained was true and that would fit really well and there the only live action joker's to use makeup its most likely not possible because they want to keep that joker a mystery but who knows.
BasementDude - Måned siden
Haha CinemaWins censors the blood on the wall but not the bullet in Murray's head haha 3:25
ZY Swanson
ZY Swanson - Måned siden
Oh come on only 100?!?!?!! You literally over explained shit in the end giving at least 20-30 more points to this movie, not to mention that this joker movie is a window to today's society giving it probably another 10 points if you go to specific details in the movie where it shows.
William Winder
William Winder - Måned siden
"If i'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice"
Miss Draco
Miss Draco - Måned siden
Another win, he got body slammed by security, which is likely overlooked by a lot of people. Idk why, the security dude just looked freaking hilarious being the air like that 😂
francis board coppola
francis board coppola - Måned siden
It’s so funny that they think if arthur got some pussy, he wouldn’t do what he did. Isn’t that kind of misogynistic?
jack g
jack g - Måned siden
Arthur was inspired by Antifa
that one guy
that one guy - Måned siden
Max Grozema
Max Grozema - Måned siden
About the clocks reading 11:11.
In Dutch Carnival, maybe other places too, 11 is the crazy number. With carnival everyone is partying masked in the streets too.
julie henriksen
julie henriksen - Måned siden
I didn't like the mental illness represented in this movie.I just felt like the movie potrays psychotic people as dangerous and I get that it's the joker and that he'll always be extreme and murder people, but for the first half of the film, the potraying of jokers illnesses seem almost realistic and when they turned into murder, all I could think was yikes.
Kds Cool
Kds Cool - Måned siden
It's honestly very annoying when even CinemaWins low-key shits on the movie in the last third of the video just because it's cool to hate it on the internet, parroting the same empty garbage arguments as filmtwitter hive mind which are very subjective at best, but stated as some objective fact which is not.
Taxi Driver comparisons are mostly far-fetched and very surface level, you can criticize many movies with that logic, especially above mentioned Logan which also "heavily relies on story beats and homages to older movies".
I suppose you are criticizing its portrayal of mental illness without actually having any experience with mental illness or people with it, right? Because you're actually wrong here, it's portrayed very accurately, from condition that does exist in real life and looks exactly the same, to problems those people face every day (from lack of empathy/understanding from people around and depression/loneliness to underfunded/closed institutions, drug distribution and even overworked social workers who don't give a shit)
The same thing about the fact that you're saying multiple times that this movie doesn't say anything (while ironically saying the entire video that it does say something), especially making it a shitty conclusion to this video, which is also not true at all. You may not like its message or the way it's executed, but it's there and it's obvious to most people.
There are good observations and good thoughts in this video, but most of the last third of the video ruins it.
Jason Galipeau
Jason Galipeau - 2 måneder siden
This movie made me uncomfortable and I absolutely loved it. It was raw, brutal, sad, and politically charged. It was honestly exactly what I was hoping for going into it. Arthur is a sympathetic character, but he is also awful. His backstory makes sense, but it’s also full of holes and things that we don’t actually know the truth about.Thomas Wayne and the wealthy elite are depicted pretty negatively, but the alternative presented is violent rioters. Nothing is black and white; it’s all grey. It was exactly what this film needed to be.
CyniCat - 2 måneder siden
You're missing the fact that a lot of those claims that Joker inspires alt-right groups, and incels, come from corporate media. Joker is a film that actively speaks out against people caring more about money, than the well-being of other people, saying that kicking people around will come back to bite you in the ass. All media corporations do is kick people around. It's just slander to try and inspire outrage against this film.
helloitsme - 2 måneder siden
everything about this movie is amazing period
ohh_gee10 - 2 måneder siden
this movie is garbage its not even the REAL joker he just inspired him. this joker would be like 60 when bruce would be batman
Lloyd Petersen
Lloyd Petersen - 2 måneder siden
what i find funny when someone say people are so violet today and blame either video games and movies, yet they don't mind that school teach you about multiple counts of genocide, wars, extinction that human being cause before they were even invented, when i comes down to the use of drugs and violence some books and novels are way more graphic than video games and movies ever could be, yet the only reason they don't get complained about are because of the visuals.
also most of the people that do complain about this are the parent/guardians of the kids that were allowed to play/watch the media to begin with.
Jordan Wolfson
Jordan Wolfson - 2 måneder siden
Gotta be honest, man. I've watched a LOT of your videos, because while you are the clear antithesis of Cinemasins and their almost constant narcissism and pessimism with films, you also try to play both sides of the coin and admit the negatives of a movie when they appear.
Your video covering this movie is your best work yet.
You pointed out what was awesome about this film, while also pointing out some grievances. And that, to me, is why your channel has gotten the success it has. It's a lot easier for people to only focus on the negatives with things, which is why Cinemasins has been so widely popular for eight years. But you offer something else entirely and really made me think about things with this movie my simple little brain never could have conceived before.
Keep up the great work. Love your content.
Kds Cool
Kds Cool - Måned siden
Those "negatives" are completely subjective and the guy doesn't bring them up in most of his other videos, it's just cool to hate Joker on the internet for no reason.
Austin Berry
Austin Berry - 2 måneder siden
I just realized something watching this video, at the end when he is being interviewed in Arkham and kills the psychiatrist, peek the writing on the wall. "No Unsupervised Patients Allowed", meaning that there had to be someone else in the room with the psychiatrist, or at least someone else on the opposite side of the glass window watching the interview. I have always thought this scene was real, but really think about it. Arthur wouldve had to somehow get to the psychiatrist, presumably knock her down and stomp on her head multiple times to the point blood was covering the entire sole of his shoe, escape the room which shouldve been locked down by the supervisor at this point, and then was able to walk down the hallway to engage in a chase. I think maybe the interview did happen, but him killing the psychiatrist and escaping was another part of Arthur's imagination just because of the fact that there is no way that a violent patient like Arthur would be left alone with someone else with the door unlocked. Just a quick little detail i thought was interesting.
ilia katritch
ilia katritch - 2 måneder siden
I loved the Joker, but the amount of people who saw it, refused to see Parasite and went apeshit when Parasite took the oscar is bananas. Joker is fantastic, but it doesn't hold a candle to Parasite.
Asmodeus - 2 måneder siden
the fact that you think Ledger's joker had a mental illness proves you don't understand that character at all
Serah Olivia
Serah Olivia - 2 måneder siden
I kept telling people that this entire movie was a death note to capitalism, elitism, and corrupted society where leaders refuse to actually take money paid by the citizens via taxes to actually HELP its citizens. It was a beautifully painful plea for socialism, and socialism ran by people who care. This entire movie, to me, was Arthur lashing out, unleashing, and spiralling because no matter how he spoke up/who he talked to/what he did, no one acknowledged his existence and/or genuinely wanted to listen and help. Aside from his glaring mental health issues & needs, he also needed social safety nets like decent unemployment to pay for a better apartment. State/govt run health insurance to go to regular visits, get treatments/therapies, and have his meds. He needed to be treated as a human being and no matter what he did according to society, it never worked and often made things worse. So he decided to stop giving a shit. To stop caring, stop reining himself in. He struggled to walk up those stairs as a symbol of his struggle with society but he happily danced down those same stairs as he essentially experienced a "freefall" into his break with reality. All of this wouldn't have happened if capitalism weren't so evil: "because they don't give a shit about people like you, or me."
Landon Ujimori
Landon Ujimori - 2 måneder siden
The clown prince of crime needs his harlequin I’m calling it joker 2 is a Harley origin story
Dylan Fair
Dylan Fair - 2 måneder siden
I love what you said at the end there, that every movie, no matter how masterful, has flaws all over! Almost like....no movie exists without sin *ding
bridey - 2 måneder siden
for some reason the riot scene always gives me goosebumps
bridey - 2 måneder siden
I’m so glad you brought up that this wasn’t a film to incite incels but focused more on mental health and class because literally nothing in the movie hints at Arthur being an incel
Red Planet Studio
Red Planet Studio - 2 måneder siden
Everything great about John Carter
Tucker Kinney
Tucker Kinney - 2 måneder siden
11:20 you could say no movie is without sin?
Thomas Schrank
Thomas Schrank - 2 måneder siden
Finally someone called out the number of shots out of the revolver
jeremy zollars
jeremy zollars - 2 måneder siden
nbc sports
OrtegaSauce1910 - 2 måneder siden
i like the idea that this story is just a story that joker told to get either the audience or the therapist to feel bad for him because in the comics hes a lot smarter, and if hes telling this story then its probably just that, a story and fake, so he is still The Joker and his true identity and/or backstory could still be a mystery
Caleb Short
Caleb Short - 2 måneder siden
I've always loved Joker's line from the Killing Joke, "If I'm going to have a past to remember, I'd prefer it to be multiple choice!"
Tom Thomas
Tom Thomas - 2 måneder siden
There's a bunch of mistakes in this video. Arthur doesn't get a gun the same way Travis does at all. Arthur's colleague gifts him a loaded gun at work while Travis intentionally buys a bunch of guns from a gun salesman. Hair change is quite far-fetched similarity, of course Arthur will change his hair to become Joker, how's gonna become him otherwise? And there's no blurred line between hero and villain, he's a villain, he just killed people who were mean/cruel to him, there's no justification like Travis saving underaged prostitute and killing pimps/pedos. Also "slow start and brutal ending" is even more far-fetched similarity, there are many movies that fit this description that are not related to Taxi Driver. But to be honest at least half of listed similarities, if not more, are far-fetched.
Geckals 30
Geckals 30 - 2 måneder siden
Every one who says "the reason the clocks are all set to 11:11 is because it's all his fantasy" but I think it's purposely done to reference 11:11 in the bible
DieselHaven - 3 måneder siden
I think it's a good movie, if you take everything DC out of it. Change the names of the Waynes, take it out of Gotham, and name the asylum something other than Arkham.
This isn't coming from a DC fanboy perspective, but from your average filmgoer. To a lot of people, this is now the definitive joker origin story, no ACE Chemicals, no scars, no Red Hood.... Just a guy who's had a bad time of it.
Eroxi3 - 3 måneder siden
“Not separated by race lines,

But by class lines.”
I wish people understood how deeply this reflects our own reality.
Dillon Peters
Dillon Peters - 27 dager siden
Dan Singh Saunders
Dan Singh Saunders - Måned siden
King Reo
King Reo - 3 måneder siden
And yada yada yada, it was a great flick
Kiki Bee
Kiki Bee - 3 måneder siden
And then Joker 2 he gets a new psych in the asylum called Dr Harleen Quinzel
James Rountree
James Rountree - 3 måneder siden
Appreciate the grounded monologue bout the outrage in media, great video!!
T. - 3 måneder siden
We live in a society of "critics".
era gon
era gon - 3 måneder siden
MrShadrack - 3 måneder siden
Love how the media reacted to this movie, they are like “crap these people actually like this?” And they were probably scared that we might not take all the hate and might actually do something about it, really says something about our society.
The Goldenbro
The Goldenbro - 3 måneder siden
I think that the hole movie was in Jokers head but that Aurthur is the way DC want to take Joker now
Blank AP
Blank AP - 3 måneder siden
I mean, what'd you expect from the media.
They seem to make drama about anything these days.
If it can even SLIGHTLY be thought of as a political statement, then it will be.
James Vander Velden
James Vander Velden - 3 måneder siden
Censors the cursing but not someone getting shot in the head
Geeta Dhumane
Geeta Dhumane - 3 måneder siden
Say whatever , I can't appreciate the Thomas Wayne character .... Can't forget the one in dark knight triology
SlenderFox - 3 måneder siden
I love the parallels to the current events in the US
Jukic 123
Jukic 123 - 3 måneder siden
Only 100 wins ?
This movie deserves way more wins than this
Ryan Underwood
Ryan Underwood - 3 måneder siden
I kinda think they should make a sequel with both the Joker and Harley and call it "The Joker and Harley" or perhaps take the one nickname Harley calls him and call it "Harley and Mr.J"
Ryan Underwood
Ryan Underwood - 2 måneder siden
I agree with ya
Tamás Pákey
Tamás Pákey - 2 måneder siden
Or just call it Mad Love. Although I think a sequel shouldn’t be made. But if they'll make it work, I'll watch it
MH3Raiser - 3 måneder siden
To be honest, it doesn't matter what the point of the film was. There was no point. Life... is pointless. It doesn't HAVE to be, I mean, you can *give* it a point, but if you dont... pointless. Life seeks to sustain itself and that's basically it. As you grow older, things either become important to you personally or culture defines things to have value for you to pursue; natural selection dictates that more value is better than less value, and depending on what you believe, your life goes as you seek to 'increase' value. And then you die.
To be honest, I understand why that scares people, pisses them off etc. I get that a lot of what gets you through the day is wanting things and working towards getting them, and those sort of things can seem intrinsically important... but they're not. They're important to you... and that's fine. That's what makes life worth living. But the same isn't true for everyone.
Some people don't want... anything. Or what they do want seems so impossible or such a struggle to achieve that it just isn't worth it. Other people are handicapped from the get go with either living situations or mental/physical conditions that either stop or drastically hinder their pursuit of those wants. We live in a Capitalist society: the thesis statement is you pursue your dreams, your wants. Whoever gets them deserves them because they put in the work.
But people aren't born equal. Privilege goes down to our DNA, to our gender, to our race, to our family.
We live lives where survival isn't a struggle. Where the one thing people usually fight to preserve, their own life, is never called into question. When your life is a given, and your life is terrible, it's easy to wonder if it's even worth living. Usually those struggling to survive aren't as worried about what survival means. All we can do is find things to hang our hopes on, until one day the lights go out. And, as hard as it can be to watch, that's the life of Arthur in Joker.
A lot of people live a charmed life: they never consider these truths, they never have to see them. And to be honest, as much as someone who's suffered depression like me may identify with a lot of this films messages, it's not really for me. It's for them. Because when people who have been mentally or physically abandoned and tortured for years go 'werewolf' and cause harm to others, the simplest solution is to remove them. Put them in a place which amplifies their issues rather than helps them, a place so horrible that it serves as a universal motivator not to lash out.
And it's easy to do: a minority suffer from issues like this, and those who do often cope for years with constant pain before they either kill themselves or die naturally. And if that happens, those 'charmed' people get to live their happy lives unburdened with understand the people they stood over. The people they bullied. The people they dismissed. The people they locked away just because they couldn't be bothered to look.
I feel better nowadays personally. I have a dream I'm pursuing, friends and family I love and would do anything to protect. But I will never forget how it felt, or what it almost drove me to.
So to all those who take advantage of people like Arthur, I have one thing to say:
"Beware the nail that get's hammered down. You might end up hammering it into your own chest."
Shock Animations
Shock Animations - 3 måneder siden
How did he shoot those 7 or 8 shots in part one
Alexis Youle
Alexis Youle - 3 måneder siden
I find this film fun also I have never seen taxi driver so if there are similar beats I don't know them and I can enjoy this film.
Best Mario Game Clips
Best Mario Game Clips - 4 måneder siden
So you can show a bullet hole in Murray’s head, but you can’t show the blood splatter?😂
YouTube is a weird place.
TikkiToxin - 4 måneder siden
Another detail I noticed is that any woman he has a connection with apart from his mom look like his therapist in Arkham. It helps to even further solidify the unreliable narrator.
Nade Coles
Nade Coles - 4 måneder siden
Joaquin plays a villian unlike any I've ever seen other than Ledger's Joker. His performance is so real it's scary.
Suspicious Potatoes
Suspicious Potatoes - 4 måneder siden
If the Joker is supposed to be a force of nature, Arthur as Joker could just be a force of chaos, the epicenter of change, transformation, and that line between life and death people occasionally cross. I think, artistically, this movie was summed up in Joaquin's "Isn't it beautiful" line, showing that all it takes is one perspective to make Arthur/Joker anything other than a force of nature, but as far as his actions unravel through his fantasy spreading into reality until he makes it reality, he still is a chaotic force, just with a personality on the surface like a mask.
Floppy Porpoise
Floppy Porpoise - 4 måneder siden
You say they don’t get help but like help can’t be forced onto you you have to want to change to change you think any of Batman’s villains really want to change in the asylum
BMK - 4 måneder siden
It's been ages but my two cents is the movie by itself is fine and not morally bad at all. It's just that some self piteous people who want an excuse for violence would see this and think oh that's me. So I think it's more of a coincidence that the character in the movie has that similarity to incels than anything malicious. Anyway the movie is great and i get why people were concerned but they read in too deep
J a y d e n
J a y d e n - 4 måneder siden
2:00 censores the blood but not the wound in his head bruhh
Antonietta Bombardelli
Antonietta Bombardelli - 4 måneder siden
The movie was so good the Cinema Wins had to make two videos of it. That's how good it is.
DSFalcon - 4 måneder siden
So no mentioning that Joker would've been 60 when Batman started, so that Arthur could've inspired Jack Napier, because then Arthur would've been too old to fight Batman a million times,
*Reverse ting!*
Jordan Campsmith
Jordan Campsmith - 4 måneder siden
"The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don't" this is my favorite qoute! And it's sadly true.
Lady Onikara
Lady Onikara - 10 dager siden
Definitely absolutely true. Just because your mind works differently does not mean you are a bad person. (Well, if you start killing people because of it..... yeah, that's not very nice. Shouldn't take someone's life without permission.)
happy meal
happy meal - 4 måneder siden
ive seen joker
Kory Tschida
Kory Tschida - 4 måneder siden
If you liked this PLEASE go watch Ryan Reynolds in The Voices. It's a jarring movie about mental illness that is probably Ryan Reynolds BEST film.