Everything GREAT About Joker! (Part 1)

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Joker! Another one of those movies where everyone agrees and I can't even imagine a single person getting upset! Here's everything right with Joker!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 13:06


Melon Shimadaa
Melon Shimadaa - Dag siden
I mean it’s a good movie, but it’s not THE joker, we will get a perfection rendition eventually and it will be awesome
Aakruti Patel
Aakruti Patel - Dag siden
hey did anyone realize "joker" is "poker" with "j"...
TheChosen One
TheChosen One - 2 dager siden
Honestly didn’t like the movie in any way.
YoungOasis - 2 dager siden
My brother made jokes in every depressing, violent, or quiet scene and everyone else in that theater thought I was crazy because I laughed at my brothers jokes.
SmokeyOwOs - 3 dager siden
I hate that people attacked this film about a mentally ill man, and also attacked the lead actor, a mentally ill man.
Guy is doing his job and youtubers and the media kept trying to attack him
vamshi gundamraj
vamshi gundamraj - 3 dager siden
Win 32: You forgot to notice the gun misfire in his apartment before the shooting which makes total count to 9 rounds.
Keven Maringa
Keven Maringa - 3 dager siden
Rather whach cinema sins
Stickbug Boi
Stickbug Boi - 5 dager siden
*all English teachers would like to know ur location*
maria penjam
maria penjam - 5 dager siden
Omg the flashback i had when i dressed up as the joker last year. I had everything on point but the only thing missing was the yellow cardigan
Kaneki or Juuzou
Kaneki or Juuzou - 6 dager siden
Joker deserves all the Oscars in the world, it's SUCH a good movie, it has such a good lesson in it, I love it so much... SO DON'T FUCKING HATE ON IT, LET'S SEE, CAN YOU MAKE A MOVIE? THE ANSWER IS FUCKING NO
Astr6id - 9 dager siden
ok are you cinema sins?
Bard of Void
Bard of Void - 11 dager siden
10:54 damn, you can really say all that again- you can even get a really unique, really-makes-sense feel on joker by looking it through the lens of a dream, or a game- or both. It feels like the consequences of his actions- he has no emotional attachment to, everything is just a events that are happening, some he mildly enjoys, others simply challenges that he doesn't mind, and would make sense and perhaps even necessary in a certain dream/fantasy/game. Which you could even interpret that on some level perhaps he's accepted reality as a complete fantasy- he doesn't take accountability or seriously any of his actions, and perhaps believing like it's a permenant drug trip, in real life he's living a normal life while in this world he lives a fantasy.
Though this also does make interesting a few factors- one is simply how joker canonically has a *very* high IQ. Will they play into that at all? Was it simply a situation of he did have it, but he was in no position at all to use it? Or something else
And another. Simply a reference to the arkham series, in arkham city- about Joker's interview, and about how his origin varies so much, but there's always only one consistency: the batman. So might there at some point be a playing into that? Where he transforms even further beyond, with the inclusion of batman? Or even if they are following that in the slightest (cause yeah, I know, the arkham series is more of it's own self-contained batman universe rather than being based off the wider canon universe as a whole) was that bruce wayne reference perhaps counting?
Gak R
Gak R - 12 dager siden
That’s definitely not joker where’s his purple suit!
Vincent Grajeda
Vincent Grajeda - 12 dager siden
Who else wants CinemaWins to make Everything Great about Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated movie? ;D 😁
Jon Lopez
Jon Lopez - 15 dager siden
Do Nacho Libre!!!!
Katylyn Williams
Katylyn Williams - 16 dager siden
My guy licked that paint with a passion 😂
Deadpool's lil Sister
Deadpool's lil Sister - 19 dager siden
''That's perfecly Joker. Every other murderer would be worrying about Gary talking, considering killing him, so we're freaked out that the chain lock was a ploy just to mess with Gary but he's full Joker now, he likes Gary and only kills awful people. Nothing else matters.''
The8bitClicker _
The8bitClicker _ - 26 dager siden
I think this was the first movie they made about a villain that was not only iconic, but mentally scarred and crazy. My parents watched this as well and we agreed that the movie portrayed it well. We were uncomfortable but interested.
My dad noted how this must be an illusion when Joker's relationship with the girl was revealed to be fake.
This is a story of a villain, after all. Whoever says that it was uncomfortable and they hated it is exactly what the movie wanted to portray: he's a villain, a man who fell into the deep end.
To be honest, we felt bad for Joker lol, he just lived in the wrong place at the wrong time - no proper help and living under a harsh year of Arkham.
P3NCIL - Måned siden
it took 2 parts to explain everything good about this movie
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson - Måned siden
Joker's laugh is pain, and he has no control over it. His dance is his true expression of joy.
dreamer - Måned siden
5:24 I never noticed it before but was he thinking of shooting himself here?
SNES Head - Måned siden
Anyone thinks he looks like Phil from modern family?
MLGTronic - Måned siden
It was a good movie but for the most part pretty boring.

But the point of the movie is to tell the story of how joker became to be.
N_MAN TV - Måned siden
The first time I was introduced to an "unreliable narrator" was this movie, but then it returned to me with Hotline Miami, and nownI want a movie version of the series...
Aru Kun
Aru Kun - Måned siden
I love hearing dark jokes
When it gets even darker, I have this unsettling grin on my face
The joker
The joker - Måned siden
This movie did I great job of representing me.
Gabriel Munos
Gabriel Munos - Måned siden
Arthur’s fantasy of him being on Murray’s reminded me of Requiem for a dream
Twisted Pears • 9 years ago
This movies so good theres 2 parts
Kalani S
Kalani S - Måned siden
4:28 9:47
Dregoth - Måned siden
Masterpiece and though i love Hans Zimmer, Hildur truly nailed the score here
Dregoth - Måned siden
Joaquin: all i have are negative thoughts
Leto: all i have are negative reviews
mariam musavii
mariam musavii - Måned siden
Funny story so I have a bad rib that hurts really bad so when I laugh or breath heavily it hurts to the point it hurts some time I cry soooooooooooo I feel the joker to some levels
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller - Måned siden
I absolutely love this depiction of the Joker it's unique, powerful, extremely intriguing, mysterious,scary to a certain degree and very very unsettling when it comes to his performance 👏
Drake Loki
Drake Loki - Måned siden
Step brother and half brother are two different things. For a time the movie suggested that Bruce was Arthur's half brother by suggesting that Thomas fathered both of them so they would share some blood (before revealing it isn't true). A step brother has no blood connected to each other.
Nate Gates
Nate Gates - Måned siden
What makes joker so good of a villain is
He’s right
(Ledger is still better)
Frisked Raccoon
Frisked Raccoon - Måned siden
I remember laughing when he started killing randall in the cinema
Shane Olson
Shane Olson - Måned siden
This movie is so great it needed more than one part on why it is amazing.
Claye Coad
Claye Coad - Måned siden
What if the mistakes in the movie is just joker illusions
hamza malik
hamza malik - Måned siden
Hold on...the part where Arthur has a flashback to Murray(the one where he is hugged) was a fantasy? I thought that actually happened in the past.
Edit: The entire thing with the neighbour was his fantasy? Holy shit I need to go watch the movie again.
Jaden Jost
Jaden Jost - Måned siden
Jokes no
NIGHTPROWLER 20 - Måned siden
When DC doesn’t try to copy marvel
Jamie Goodwin
Jamie Goodwin - Måned siden
With Tom hardy always being a win, please win Legend, it is too good not to
Craig Taylor
Craig Taylor - Måned siden
Joaquin's performance is disgustingly overrated. smh You bozos were already yelling to give him an oscar before the movie even came out. The Oscars was FIXED by YOU guys.
the scientist formerly known as rick
Arthur started the movie in a chair pretending to smile
Joker finishes the movie standing on a cop car with a genuine smile
Jodie G
Jodie G - Måned siden
My opinion is people were hard on this movie because the depiction of someone who is profoundly mental ill was too real. Like you said, Arthur is the architect of his own reality now and that is exactly what being psychotic means, a detachment from reality. True crazy isn't romantic like Harley/Joker ships or philosophical like Dark Knight's Joker, it's terrifying.
Silan’tharis - Måned siden
I went into this movie knowing the subject and I loved the film.
My parents went into it not liking Heath Ledgers performance in The Dark Knight. They hated this film. Too much mental drama for them. Subjective, like a joke, it seems.
Luc A
Luc A - Måned siden
I hate this film
Go on roast me
Robert Cortez
Robert Cortez - 2 måneder siden
Ngl, when Arthur accidently fired his gun in the apartment and panicked, I laughed
Jason Galipeau
Jason Galipeau - 2 måneder siden
I remember that the moment at 10:51 put such a big stupid grin on my face in the theaters. The music and finally seeing the full joker look made it the most memorable scene in the whole movie for me.
L G - 2 måneder siden
Hey, CinemaWins narrator. Regarding the scene where Arthur's attacked on the subway and shoots his assailants, look up "Bernard Goetz" (another nod to the movie's time frame.)
Aaron Pryor
Aaron Pryor - 2 måneder siden
You missed one. When young Bruce Wayne disembarks from his jungle gym to investigate the weird stranger outside his gate, he slides down a pole to the ground. This is clearly a nod to the 1960s series.
Fabrizio Roveda
Fabrizio Roveda - 2 måneder siden
This film was a masterpiece.
That one missing plane in bermuda
Like this comment if y'all like the dark humor
The KGB - 2 måneder siden
Trey - 2 måneder siden
Part 1😂
ohh_gee10 - 2 måneder siden
this movie sucked big cheecks
Lloyd Petersen
Lloyd Petersen - 2 måneder siden
Does anyone else feel like Joaquin phoenix joker feels like a prequel leading towards Heath ledgers. with Joaquin's being the inexperience criminal which only took one bad day for him to fully snap and live in a fantasy, to Heath which has expected that his Fantasy is realty and now wants to prove to the world that it only takes one bad day for someone to go a batshit as himself.
Yes i know that the stories aren't linked, but it would be cool if the joker film was connected to Heath and that the irregularity to the story as well as the fact that both jokers look different to each other were cause from Arthur's Psyche it's warped.
Samuel Knight
Samuel Knight - 2 måneder siden
I have to disagree about the whole "murdering" three people bit. According to US law in the vast majority of states, you are legally allowed to kill someone if they present a clear and present threat to your life. Now there is no denying that three people kicking the shit out of you can mess you up good, like breaking your nose, cracking a rib, I mean, any kind of blunt force trauma injury can be achieved INCLUDING skull fractures. But he shot the one guy who was running in the back and executed him. So that, to me, is 2 justified killings, as he could have been very seriously injured and/or had a slow death, and one ruthless murder born from a moment extreme distress.
Rosa Guerrero
Rosa Guerrero - 2 måneder siden
I love that this video is a thing because I've been wanting to watch Joker and this video let's me see most of the movie (even though I'm underaged)
TheChosen One
TheChosen One - 2 måneder siden
Actually didn’t like the movie
Landon Ujimori
Landon Ujimori - 2 måneder siden
The worst part is he’s kind of right. This modern society could and has brought many people to their knee with depression and makes them insane
Mor Rari
Mor Rari - 2 måneder siden
this episode is sponsored by Oscars ;)
Mor Rari
Mor Rari - 2 måneder siden
@Bats ArePeopleToo I think the actor might be great, but the acting was bad because director and such, but I dont know, I was not there during the making. all I know this movie is a waste of time and money
Bats ArePeopleToo
Bats ArePeopleToo - 2 måneder siden
Yes it's a horrible movie z so dumb the acting . Bad actor
ShaYn - 2 måneder siden
4:10 I think the Paper says obzervashins instead of what u said in the Video.
Whether it is dyslexia I let it open for u to discuss.
Big george fan
Big george fan - 2 måneder siden
You get what you fucking deserve, it rlly does give me goosebumps every time
Red Planet Studio
Red Planet Studio - 2 måneder siden
John Carter 2012 it's on Disney plus you have no excuse
Evan Griffin
Evan Griffin - 2 måneder siden
I like this movie but I don’t think I’ll ever watch it again. It’s so depressing and dark
Bats ArePeopleToo
Bats ArePeopleToo - 2 måneder siden
You will in 20 years . I guarantee it. When things get depressing and dark .
Greg - 2 måneder siden
I’ve had dyslexia for 32 years and never knew or had been told of research into it being linked to neurological disorders.. I don’t doubt its possible links. I’m just speechless that I found it out from this video..
Creative Title
Creative Title - 2 måneder siden
*Looks at raycons for like 10 seconds* GETS 14 ADS AND COUNTING
Gergő Piroska
Gergő Piroska - 2 måneder siden
Don't like this Joker (because i can't imagine this guy being the clown Prince of gotham) but Joaquin Phoenix killed this role
He is talented asf
Gergő Piroska
Gergő Piroska - 2 måneder siden
@Bats ArePeopleToo um?
Bats ArePeopleToo
Bats ArePeopleToo - 2 måneder siden
That's silly cos it's only a story . There is no Batman in real life 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Aidan Gardner
Aidan Gardner - 2 måneder siden
"1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8! I don't think this guy is reloading?" how the heck is that a win?
Lime Green
Lime Green - 2 måneder siden
This movie was garbage. It was so damn boring. Nothin violent or dark about this garbage.
Bats ArePeopleToo
Bats ArePeopleToo - 2 måneder siden
This movie is lime green and not for Thomas Wayne sympathizers
Jake Davis
Jake Davis - 2 måneder siden
I like all the symbolism and metaphors in this movie.
Kratos - 3 måneder siden
5:07 the first time I saw this scene I was like: how many bullets does that gun have? When did he reload?
Bats ArePeopleToo
Bats ArePeopleToo - 2 måneder siden
Oh my your perceptiveness ... It's.... It's ... Off the charts ! Batman!?
Splitstream 4920
Splitstream 4920 - 3 måneder siden
I can’t wait for the sequel with batman in it
Remo Dluna
Remo Dluna - 3 måneder siden
Like for Cinema Sins. Comment for Cinema Wins
Darkrye231 - 3 måneder siden
4:25 F1 reference! As a Formula 1 fan I am happy
Jay Obrien
Jay Obrien - 3 måneder siden
He did the fridge scene off script
ButtoningPuppet - 3 måneder siden
Gary Glitter's Hey Song is the original track in the movie, not a slowed down version. Easy to confuse since every marching band ever always plays it in a different key to better resonate with the instrumentation of most marching bands.
richard cranium
richard cranium - 3 måneder siden
"Everything great about the Joker part 1:"- plays first half of the movie
"Everything great about the Joker part 2:"- plays second half of the movie
Abby Wolffe
Abby Wolffe - 3 måneder siden
I can't be the only one extremely satisfied that the opening note of the theme matched the choir of the CinemaWins intro
Emotional Basketcase
Emotional Basketcase - 3 måneder siden
You guys are chasing CinemaCins? How sad is that?
Sylvia Marie
Sylvia Marie - 3 måneder siden
Relatable to those with mental illness. . Joker 🤝 Frozen 2 .
era gon
era gon - 3 måneder siden
Geeta Dhumane
Geeta Dhumane - 3 måneder siden
I used to think that I cannot choose between Heath ledger and Joaquin Phoenix..... Now I understand, I don't have to
MA NUKA - 3 måneder siden
You said curiosity streams and nebula one too many times where it was obvious you trying to pound it into our brains... one too many times
Max Grozema
Max Grozema - 4 måneder siden
When he first fires the gun in his mothers apartment, no police show up or it is not shown. Except for his mother nobody reacts initially on the gunshot showing Gothams descent into crime I think.
MA NUKA - 4 måneder siden
One of the best movies Ever made.... Period
Nade Coles
Nade Coles - 4 måneder siden
Joker is a phenomenal movie! Nearly perfect in every sense of the world.
Harmonee Wang
Harmonee Wang - 4 måneder siden
I wanna see this joker and margo's harley met like best buddies in harley's show.
Tad Acuto
Tad Acuto - 4 måneder siden
1. It's not called "Hey", it's called "Rock and Roll (Part 2)".
2. Since Bryan Singer's name was censored in EGA "X-Men", why wasn't Gary Glitter's? And since when were predators being censored out of existence, btw?
HowToNotBasic - 4 måneder siden
Thank god,remember the "everything wrong with the joker" God we had some toxic joker Fanboys and fangirl cry about it on comment about how ciminasin didn't get the the movie story or what it's trying to tell us.
Phrog - 4 måneder siden
8:10 because its not meant to be a clean transition. None of this movie was meant to look good, to show his state of health. I actually noticed the camera angles and choppiness etc get worse throughout the movie. That's just my two cents though.
Jade Julien
Jade Julien - 4 måneder siden
I like watching cinemawins and cinemiasins but it gets a little annoying when he sins the same things he wins and vice versa
Cactus Jack
Cactus Jack - 4 måneder siden
Anyone else here live in New York City? I live in Brooklyn.
Oogly Sproggs
Oogly Sproggs - 4 måneder siden
The only way to show everything great about Joker is to just show the film in it's entirety
Rh Hr
Rh Hr - 4 måneder siden
Cinemasins the same people as this?
Disappointed creepy AJ
Disappointed creepy AJ - 4 måneder siden
Bruce would be a half brother not step brother
Jordan Campsmith
Jordan Campsmith - 4 måneder siden
Dancing helps some people who have mental illness to come back to reality. So I guess for aurter it gives him conference! :3
bee - 4 måneder siden
the joker is a fucking masterpiece
Jackson Kendall
Jackson Kendall - 4 måneder siden
I was counting bullets too when watching 😂