Everything GREAT About John Wick!

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John Wick 3, or Parabellum I guess is coming soon. So it was a good time to do one of the more requested movies I get from you people. And after 3 weeks of putting it off, here's everything right with John Wick!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 18:41


Bubsy - 28 minutter siden
My dogs do not hold as much weight symbolically like Wick’s, but I imagine I’d try to do the same thing if someone killed mine
Ben Lai
Ben Lai - 16 timer siden
“He wasn’t exactly the boogeyman. He was the one you sent to kill the fucking boogeyman.” Chills. Just pure chills man.
WatchDog - 20 timer siden
Kudos to you for crediting those who influenced your review, which one of the best I’ve watched.
rocky handsome
rocky handsome - Dag siden
What's his age..???
Anonymoose - 3 dager siden
he actually says "over twenty kilograms"
David Kim
David Kim - 4 dager siden
Everyone is just TERRIFIED of John
Lennart Geiping
Lennart Geiping - 4 dager siden
7:46 isn’t that the „mozambique drill“
Tormuse - 5 dager siden
One thing that makes the action sequences of this movie such a pleasure to watch is the efficiency with which John Wick works. In addition to always going for head shots in 100% of his victims, (that hitman instinct to get confirmed kills) he prioritizes his targets. There are a few points that he incapacitates a guy to give him the chance to shoot others who are more of a threat, before returning his attention to the incapacitated guy. I dunno, something about that really reinforces his tactical mindset, and drives home the fact that this is something he's *really* good at.
cool i am
cool i am - 6 dager siden
quick explanation of who john wick is: a guy that killed 3 guys in a bar with a pencil, with a fucking pencil
Gr8 M8
Gr8 M8 - 7 dager siden
I knew the body guard was an Agent, but I had NO idea that the Doctor was the goddamn KEYMAKER!
daniel johnson
daniel johnson - 7 dager siden
The correct term for why the bullets missed going through the glass is called displacement
zander chiasson
zander chiasson - 8 dager siden
gotta say, it's really cool to go back and rewatch all these movies after your videos, having gained a whole new appreciation for everything about it
Cody Garrett
Cody Garrett - 8 dager siden
he keeps calling Alfie Allen, Theon, hahaha
Dane Shipway
Dane Shipway - 9 dager siden
1:35 "nailed home by daisy calling up to John to die near him", I was always under the understanding it was the other way around.
The Ashman
The Ashman - 9 dager siden
Love how in this scene he’s like:
“Why did you hit my son before I kill you?”
And after he’s like:
“Understandable have a great day”
kia rash
kia rash - 9 dager siden
The fact he is not weak
Ryan M.
Ryan M. - 10 dager siden
The scene of John smashing the concrete was such a beautiful scene
Minimalist and simple, yet complex and deep
Honestly one of my favourite all time scenes, even though it’s very short
Hello2215 - 11 dager siden
I am disappointed this not just the movies back to back
It's Stef
It's Stef - 11 dager siden
Fun fact at 10:57 they were playing "Dust 514". A free to play first-person shooter developed by CCP Games on the ps3
Butterbean - 12 dager siden
doesn't cheap vodka hurt more when it comes up and he takes out another bottle that is expensive and nice to drink cause why would you waste expensive vodka
Duder - 14 dager siden
You Forgot The Is
pbh23 - 15 dager siden
Randy Hate
Randy Hate - 16 dager siden
Sounds somewhat based on Jack Ketcham's "Red".
Panda Bandit
Panda Bandit - 16 dager siden
"only 77"
Night En Zack
Night En Zack - 18 dager siden
Anyone sad for daisy
Brenonon - 18 dager siden
You don't even need to list off the reasons, it's just a legendary film. Nothing more to it.
Kory Carterby
Kory Carterby - 18 dager siden
Babayega and babayaga are two different things. Like Viggo says, babyega kills babayaga
Max Silvernail
Max Silvernail - 19 dager siden
MOVIE SUGGESTION atempted number:80
Max Silvernail
Max Silvernail - 19 dager siden
kshamwhizzle - 20 dager siden
Keanu Reeves only getting hotter. and. hotter. *ding*
Lord Shrimp Ramen
Lord Shrimp Ramen - 21 dag siden
“It’s not about the dog per say, it’s about what the dog represented.” No, it was all about the dog. He’s the dog man.
Shamaila Imtiaz
Shamaila Imtiaz - 22 dager siden
We know u dont need to say
John Le
John Le - 22 dager siden
did i just hear you say this is your first keanu movie? matrix was huge you must be hella young
tnt lighter 878
tnt lighter 878 - 23 dager siden
Everything wrong with John wick
It's blank
Marshall Rost
Marshall Rost - 25 dager siden
I really want to see a prequel to this movie series to get to know-how John got into the whole assassination job
Rizal Pambudi
Rizal Pambudi - 27 dager siden
Everything Great about John Wick
The whole movies are GREAT
Minnesnowdan Sniper
Minnesnowdan Sniper - 29 dager siden
Basically a guy shoots a bunch of people in a movie cause they killed his dog. Who the honk came up with this movie idea anyways?
Zann Newman
Zann Newman - 29 dager siden
about the headshots - in Jw2 the tailor talks about tactical armour lining sewn into suits, it's flexible but will stop a pistol bullet dead. So a lot of the body hits hurt but may not kill, so the headshots are needed
Atx-Jonathan - Måned siden
I want to see the movie about the job John did
Nicholas Ziemba
Nicholas Ziemba - Måned siden
"What'd he say?"
I freaking love this movie. The dialogue, the action scenes, the score!
Yoohoo - Måned siden
Alexander - Måned siden
Crazy question and I know this video is over a year old but there is a song played at the very beginning of the intro underneath the Cinema wins choir sound it's only 3 seconds long does anyone know what that song is?
Science Snap
Science Snap - 28 dager siden
I think it's from the movie, I recommend searching for the John wick theme.
Mike F
Mike F - Måned siden
Just popped over from Jack Reacher; hands down the baddest movie dude in all of cinema is James Remar who played "Ajax" in the 1979 movie "The Warriors." I mean, he got into a fight with a park bench wearing only handcuffs. He called it a wimp and proceeded to tear it to pieces. I love that movie.
Soney Liston
Soney Liston - Måned siden
So thats why your on youtube and not TV........
Merdl 1
Merdl 1 - Måned siden
It costs millions of dollars to raise a recently fertilised embryo to a 25 year old human millions of dollars since John wick has 1000s or kills he’s has costed the world at least 20 billion dollars in debt Math
Zero Maddoc
Zero Maddoc - Måned siden
Loving the Puppy Daddy energy early on for Daisy.
Nate Culver
Nate Culver - Måned siden
The reason that the assassins wear suits is because a suit never looks out of place. Whether you're in a fast-food joint or 5 star restaurant, coffee shop or opera, unemployment line or penthouse gala, you can find someone in a suit, and they look like they belong. It's the ultimate disguise for hiding in plain sight.
KHMSON Production
KHMSON Production - Måned siden
I hate cinema sins Channel you feel like they trying to find any Ridiculous mistakes. love you cinemawins❤️
DarkWatcher - Måned siden
R6 Siege players arent even as obsessed with headshots as Keanu Reeves dude
A Giant Cub 8 it
A Giant Cub 8 it - Måned siden
Your first Keanu movie?? The Matrix.... Constantine.... what....
Brick Fox Productions
Brick Fox Productions - Måned siden
hehe, the John Wick series features a slew of insane "criminals" making poor life choices. They all know what he's done and they all think THEY can finally end him...morons, crack a statistics book.lol
Kirito T
Kirito T - Måned siden
Daisy is pushing up Daisies. :0
Rusty Gamer
Rusty Gamer - Måned siden
Dude how did you not see Matrix before this movie? :O
Darshan Pars
Darshan Pars - Måned siden
Amazing breakdown! Enjoyed every second of it!
Jesse Yazzie
Jesse Yazzie - Måned siden
He OnLy MuRdErEd 77 PeOpLe
Kalani S
Kalani S - Måned siden
14:00 she.
Kalani S
Kalani S - Måned siden
14:00 she.
How NOT - Måned siden
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy - Måned siden
John Wick = The Bill & Ted Alternate reality where Ted went to Military school. And Excelled. Excellent.
Alexander Augustus Aurelius
*Fantastic movie all around, but that "oh" from Viggo will always be my favorite part. It's rare for so much to be said with so little.*
Logan Keck
Logan Keck - Måned siden
If this happened to me I would take a rifle and knife and kill that man
Paul Trahan
Paul Trahan - Måned siden
I would love to see a John Wick prequel.
Paul White
Paul White - Måned siden
The only bad thing is the running commentary!!
Jerry Lifsey
Jerry Lifsey - Måned siden
6:15 The Castle Doctrine makes it all good.
Clayton Goode
Clayton Goode - Måned siden
You should review the original Point Break. Absolutely ludicrous concept, but fantastic action.
Also Gary Busey.
Van der waal’s Force
Van der waal’s Force - Måned siden
Everything IS great about John Wick
Nicholas Potyok
Nicholas Potyok - Måned siden
Why is this video not an hour and forty two minutes?
Leon H
Leon H - Måned siden
The biggest fail of this movie I can't seem to get over is that those car stealing, dog killing punks manage to surprise John in his home and almost kill him. Instead or all those hit men and trained assassins, they should have just sent Theon and his thugs they came the closest to killing him to date.
chhand - Måned siden
little movie fact the guy who holds his own with john in the club is the guy from future war.
grifterman1 - Måned siden
One thing you did miss was where the story of killing Mr. Wicks dog came from. Some punk kids killed the dog of Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell. there is a really good 911 call from Luttrell where he tells teh 911 operator that he's chasing the kids across the entire county at 100+ mph and has his guns and if they don't get to them before he does ....
Abhisheyk Menon
Abhisheyk Menon - Måned siden
I love Keanue Reeves so much, that I even did my final psychology presentation and research paper about why I idolize him and the similar characteristics
Andrew Foden
Andrew Foden - Måned siden
Would have been good if the guy doing the talk over shut up.
KnyF - Måned siden
First Keanu Reeves movie? What is wrong with you my friend? :D
KrakenJM - Måned siden
About the tactical shooting, he does that for sport, there are multiple videos of that online.
J-Key 1
J-Key 1 - Måned siden
Did john wick kill the francis?
Gary Lang
Gary Lang - Måned siden
I would of added the vodka punch to the brutal counter
JTishere - Måned siden
The perfect game to play after this is Hotline Miami
RandomPerson - Måned siden
Fxz - Måned siden
How have you lot seen the video I’m still skipping to 0:00
Prindizzle Foshizzle
Prindizzle Foshizzle - Måned siden
Your first Keanu movie!? (5:43) no Speed, Matrix or Point Break? I'm old I guess 😞
mr jingles
mr jingles - Måned siden
how dense is this guy that he thinks the action scenes didnt get any "hollywood treatment"
Sontar - Måned siden
@mr jingles Yeah, the knife scene you mention isn't the greatest, I'll grant you that. As to the wrist stress, I shoot one-handed, and with my weak hand as well (sucks to need a cane, lemme tell ya), yet I don't have any trouble until around 400 rounds or so. Then, I'll admit, I do need to give my wrist a break for a bit. Head shots tend to kill instantly. And of course it's choreographed. What action scene isn't? Don't know if you've ever fired a weapon, but a 9mm JHP (jacketed hollow point) does a LOT of damage. While I've never had to defend myself with my firearm (thank god) I've shot a variety of targets, not just paper ones. It's sickening what they can do. Now, in JW2, we do see him functioning with a couple of rounds in his guts, and as there didn't seem to be any exit wounds they almost certainly would have been JHP, so it is kind of likely he'd have bled out from that, but then the movie and franchise would end, and how much fun would that be? As for the constant action, well, adrenaline is a thing. Don't know about you, but if I had the Russian mob trying to kill me, I'd have a lot if adrenaline flowing, you can be sure.
mr jingles
mr jingles - Måned siden
@Sontar also the scene where he's on top of the masked guy ramming the knife into him is such bad cgi it removes all suspension of disbelief. The knife easily moves around through the guys chest like nothings there, the blood appears instantly from one frame to the next, and the cut wound where Keanu is supposed to aim at is already marked out before hes attacked. Sad.
mr jingles
mr jingles - Måned siden
@Sontar hes still dancing around, showing no combat stress, not a hint of stress against his wrists when shooting, highly choreographed like a kung fu movie, enemies fall back and die instantly when shot, etc. Watch the shootout finale in Taxi Driver for contrast.
Sontar - Måned siden
I suspect you misunderstand. The 'Hollywood treatment' of a gun fight is endless ammo, or at least 2 to 3 times more than the shown weapon can hold. Like a full auto with 30 round mag firing for more than 2 or 3 seconds - nope, ran out somewhere around 2 seconds, or 50 shots from a pistol without a stupidly long magazine. Modern 9mm pistols hold 17 to over 21 rounds, even my compact 9 holds 13+1 and it's not a lot bigger than my hand, and I can get 17 round mags for it, if I wanted. Note that the extra 4 rounds makes the mag stick way out of the mag well, which would make the pistol hard to conceal. Additionally, the reloading is very accurately shown, as it is then you are most at risk, since you can't fire until the slide drops (or the mag is in, if you're shot-counting - so if I don't rack and reload [that's the +1], I have 13 shots, but if I stop shooting at 12, I don't need to rack the slide to keep firing). Furthermore, if you watch, you'll see John usually does 2 to the body (stuns and incapacitates) and 1 to the head (no need to watch that one, he won't sneak up on you any more). Finally, the shots to his bullet-proof suit HURT, and you can see the pain. He gets wounded in one scene, and he's still wounded in the next scene. I remember one film I watched where one character was skewered completely through the scapula with a 2" or larger hole, but just a short scene later, with no medical attention, the character threw both arms up over the shoulders of her companions, without even a wince. No bleeding, either. Totally trashed the suspension of disbelief for me.
Trevor Sanders
Trevor Sanders - Måned siden
The narrator is a complete wanker and totally spoils this 🙄🙄💩💩
Proofesure - Måned siden
18 minutes??
perhaps the archives are incomplete
imyselfish - Måned siden
First Keanu movie? What the hell happenend with Matrix.
Jae In
Jae In - Måned siden
Its the noir aesthetics that ties this movie together and gives it a sense of being better than the average action movie. Of course professional assassins will dress in suits and what-not, they are professionals and dress and act like such professionals everywhere else.
Kenneth Racoma
Kenneth Racoma - Måned siden
I just noticed this but in 5:01 if you look carefully John was smart enough to shoot under the body armor
ともれいとけいお - Måned siden
Surprised he didn’t reload after every single shot
Ewokdogg - Måned siden
I'm convinced John didn't accidently miss, while, leading his shots, shooting at Iosef in the bath. Despite his single-minded focus John would not have missed all of those shots. He was putting the fear of 'Baba Yaga' into that child, before he was fully commited to exacting his revenge. One of the few moments in the film, I would argue, where John was not being purely logical and methodical. This is an example of John Wick being emotional about what was taken from him, and it's subtelty deserves some respect.
Joe Regan
Joe Regan - Måned siden
John Wick vs. The Punisher wwd?
Susan Dinosaur
Susan Dinosaur - Måned siden
This is your 1st Keanu Movie? Thats a Sin of the Highest order.
What’s Poppin
What’s Poppin - Måned siden
Can’t believe he didn’t add the bathhouse music as a win that sh*t was lit 🔥
Lyle Austin
Lyle Austin - Måned siden
One of my favorite scenes is when Jimmy the Cop is at the door. He's all polite and professional, sees the body on the floor. Then he takes his hat off (not in cop mode) and asks him if he's working again?
That simple motion reveals the thin line dividing the everyday world and John Wick's world.
Sh Jatico
Sh Jatico - Måned siden
Why is old Jimmy Kimmel in this movie?
[HH]General Burkhalter
[HH]General Burkhalter - Måned siden
cop probably shit himself when he heard the address of the place he had to go
Michael Mace
Michael Mace - Måned siden
If you’ve never seen that love for headshots, you must’ve never played call of duty 🤣🤣🤣
the running man
the running man - Måned siden
I would love to see a Battle between John wick and agent 47 In a crossover movie someday that would be the best crossover I've ever seen
PhoenixofSun - Måned siden
How come John Wick is such a badass assassin but he gets taken out in the beginning by 3 punks? I mean I know he didn't have a weapon but this is the guy who can kill 3 men in a bar with a pencil...surely he could have defended himself from 3 wannabe gangsters.
TiredLess-Jadon - Måned siden
You know you've done something right when your name strikes fear into people
Matt Drucker
Matt Drucker - Måned siden
It Gi not Gi
Orthus Games
Orthus Games - Måned siden
I like how the description for Hades said "is just William Defoe"
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan - Måned siden
Marcus shot next to John to warn him about the assassination lady