Everything GREAT About John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum!

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Parabellum! Everyone was both surprised and not surprised that John Wick 3 is as good as it is. Fingers crossed moving forward! Here's everything right with John Wick Chapter 3!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 24:02


Nythegreat1046 - 11 timer siden
0:54 is that the NBA player Boban?
Surge Dex
Surge Dex - Dag siden
I find it cool how the events of all three movies happen throughout a week or 2, I thought before parabellum that they happened months or years apart
Pluto - 3 dager siden
still waiting for Kung Fu Hustle
Михаил Сказко
Михаил Сказко - 3 dager siden
watch the movie for the first time just yesterday, and here I am for the "dog-fu teamwork" bit))
Михаил Сказко
Михаил Сказко - 3 dager siden
aaaaand 8:19 dog teamwork! *ding*
Apocalyptic Champion
Apocalyptic Champion - 3 dager siden
Is it just me or does anybody else absolutely despise john wick as a person. The movie is great and sure he does cool things but hes not a cool dude at all
Jiojio Lachance
Jiojio Lachance - 6 dager siden
Ryan Yang
Ryan Yang - 8 dager siden
You said you were going to do Kungfu Hussle.
Sam - 9 dager siden
I'd love to see Keanu Reeves as Ghost Rider or Wolverine in the MCU.
Ghost Rider because could you imagine the Angel of Death that is John Wick playing the Spirit of Vengeance?
Wolverine because I could totally see Reeves doing the more foul mouthed gruff exterior Logan.
Cazzputer - 9 dager siden
I am a little surprised there was no win on the helmet, too many movies try make the main character look more badass by leaving it off but our boy John always takes the sensible route to his slaughterfest.
Gaming With This Guy
Gaming With This Guy - 10 dager siden
In a world of body armor suits that work, going for the head is mandatory for any non chump assassin.
DuckDuckGamer - 10 dager siden
Wait what does J triple U stand for
Yeetus-that-feetus465 69
Yeetus-that-feetus465 69 - 11 dager siden
Seeing kianu as the punisher in a marvel film would be cool
Thomas Rice
Thomas Rice - 11 dager siden
did you not play assassin's creed origins because Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, the hero of the first Assassin's Creed, was missing a finger and in Assassin's Creed Origins, we witness the inception of this abandoned tradition( cutting off their ring finger to make way for the hidden blade and as a symbol of their commitment to the creed.): Bayek Of Siwa, an Egyptian progenitor of the Assassin Brotherhood, accidentally cuts off one of his own fingers while struggling to kill a mark.
Dustin M
Dustin M - 12 dager siden
Everyone: parabellum is the 9mm bullet
Me: it means prepare for war in latin???
Jon Lopez
Jon Lopez - 12 dager siden
Do Nacho Libre!!!!!!
Aarit Gupta
Aarit Gupta - 13 dager siden
My parents didn't let me watch this movie so I watched it during the plane ride on my school trip
Starbuck - 13 dager siden
ChocoTaco and Lurn duos in PUBG
Irishboy06 - 14 dager siden
Sophieas dogs tended to bite the hand so that the people could not shoot
v0ffka1 - 14 dager siden
They screwed up the franchise really bad - first part was absolutely amazing, second was pretty good with some problems, third was plain terrible with stupidest plot twist imaginable, I was actually struggling to finish watching it. Also many action sequences were plain dumb.
SSShotgunFox - 15 dager siden
Hearing this man say Ruby Rose is making me stupid happy. I want Ruby to fight RWBY Ruby
Ocean Man’s Breakfast
Ocean Man’s Breakfast - 15 dager siden
I may just be stupid but at 6:32 when Sophie's dog gets shot, why can we see the 2 dogs at 7:57? Did the dog not die? Or did another Sophie have another one?
MetallicAshes - 15 dager siden
9mm parabellum bullet? As in, Setsuna Drive featuring IA 9mm parabellum bullet?
Chris Foster
Chris Foster - 15 dager siden
J3U.....I can’t work it out.....little help please....thank you
Kim B
Kim B - 15 dager siden
Kungfu Hustle is in my top 10 too❤️
Todd Price
Todd Price - 17 dager siden
another win is not bending to the trope of a small woman beating up trained male solders. in this movie we see the dogs doing most of her hand fighting with her only doing grapples when she has the clear leverage. its one reason i love the dog seen so much because of how real that made it
Noah Bolton
Noah Bolton - 17 dager siden
John Wick, was definitely using wall hacks and aim bot, I’m calling it.
MaddyFR - 17 dager siden
It’s epic!
Flyin High
Flyin High - 18 dager siden
Holy cow he’s 56 years old. Doesn’t look even close to it
Shinji Schneider
Shinji Schneider - 19 dager siden
A bit late but something i'd like to add. Count how often they go for the nuts and then remember that during the ballet-scene you hear music from the nutcracker-suite ;)
Ghost Speaker
Ghost Speaker - 20 dager siden
Kevin Vo
Kevin Vo - 20 dager siden
So where is kung fu hustle?
Headless Chicken
Headless Chicken - 22 dager siden
Halle Berry looks good in desert attire. Tell me something she doesn't look good in.
risker 2005
risker 2005 - 22 dager siden
It has Keanu Reeves
bcvv - 22 dager siden
john wick is an actual fucking badass
silver Phoenix
silver Phoenix - 24 dager siden
the pencil story is about a beer
Hoosier Hell
Hoosier Hell - 25 dager siden
Poor Boban.
XGrim ReaperXx0
XGrim ReaperXx0 - 26 dager siden
Wait he’s 50?
Four0for - 26 dager siden
Haha ONLY 24 minutes
prince bogo
prince bogo - 26 dager siden
8:32 this would make the water way more satisfying to drink let’s be honest😂😂😂🥴🥵
Tad Acuto
Tad Acuto - 27 dager siden
Win 89: A weird time to bring up a Japanese rock band... or a Seether album.
wavyDR - 29 dager siden
“Yeah sweep the leg Johnny! Give him a body bag!”

Wordsman2104 - 29 dager siden
Next thing you know, john wick 4 will see john be released to a life of peace and allowed to become a trainer other assassins because the higher up sympathizes with John's "I just wanted to mourn in peace." Then an end credits scene goes like
"Mister Wick, will you train me?
What's your name?
Thomas Wayne."
Lora ZENTA Brown
Lora ZENTA Brown - Måned siden
*watches John Wick kill a bunch of people*
*his dog comes on screen *
Abinash Tripathy
Abinash Tripathy - Måned siden
Did we ever get one for Kungfu hustle ?
TacComControl - Måned siden
Movie: "Si vis pacem, para bellum"
Me, a City of Heroes player: "AYYYYYYYYY"
vix smoke
vix smoke - Måned siden
Mr,Keanu is so sweet and gentle it’s startling to think
Kalani S
Kalani S - Måned siden
4:16 14:58
Donald Old McDonald
Donald Old McDonald - Måned siden
Is anyone else hyped for John wick 4 cinema wins
John Brown
John Brown - Måned siden
I never notices but the bus has "si vis pacem, para bellum" on the door. Well played. Details!!!
Vaniellis - Måned siden
"This isn't Team SWAT with no shields anymore; this is just Slayer. Or maybe Team Regicide." Was that a Halo reference ???
Jun Kitami
Jun Kitami - Måned siden
You have to know why the fights John (Keanu) has vs Zero's guys in Parabellum seems slow and that has got to do with the whole plot of the series, even back in Part 1.
Wick has been out of the game for a long time since he was married and that can rust your skills tremendously especially hand-to-hand combat. Firing a gun for someone who doesn't train since the past won't make it anymore rusty but martial arts is just like exercising of let's say.. Running. You don't run for 3 month straight, you won't have the stamina to continue the routine you do consistently anymore.
Now Wick being rusty isn't a big part of what happened. He's rusty, yes but he still could pull moves out. However, it's his fatigue level that's being played around now. What people don't know is that the whole movie since Part 1 just span within a matter of a month and with all those chaos happening to Wick including the stabbings, shootings and running around from New Jersey to Morocco, his fatigue level is at an all-time low even if he's an Duracell bunny. That's why even when he has the technical and mastery skill to handle all of Zero's goons, it looked like he was way slower than what he was pulling in both 1 and 2 is that he's waaay fatigued and all in one and two was that he did it to disarm or to impede someone but in three, he need to do it to kill and that skill hasn't been "warmed" up yet and then he's tossed into killing everyone of Zero's goons in blade fights which, doesn't suit his style of hand-to-hand coupled with his energy level at that point.
That being said, it doesn't mean Wick would be weak. He's tired and not very proficient with what Zero's men are pulling but still, he's extremely efficient in what needs doing and pulling it all off despite being just a tad slower.
DeAgleGamer - Måned siden
11:12 I had a stroke after this
Vincent Vega
Vincent Vega - Måned siden
omg your little AC joke was like the best idea for a AC title in modern day. Make it a John Wick simulator. Please Ubisoft!
Weasel Fartood
Weasel Fartood - Måned siden
The fact that morphiuss umbrella is tattered really showing even the king of the city is no better dressed or equiped then all the homeless assasins he has running around the city
Douglas Brown
Douglas Brown - Måned siden
Finally watched this today (Source and EGA: JW3). I was originally irked with the Halle Berry fight scenes she shares with Keanu, because I thought side-by-side Halle's character seemed a touch slower and less structured(?) but then I realized the character had probably been in management longer than John had been retired. beyond that, my only 2 criticisms would be AP shotguns and the teleporting ninja tricks.
John Wick 4 should be about bringing it back around, go back to the source material (maybe not the dead dog/stolen car part) and make the gritty realism kick in again. Alternatively a long range sniper duel might have some appeal, but I wouldn't have the first clue on how to make that gun-kata interesting.
Tyler - Måned siden
Where was the after credit scence man
giorgos psixramis
giorgos psixramis - Måned siden
If you want peace prepare for war.
I don't know where it is from but there is a line that says peace is only a time to prepare for war
Michael Sloan
Michael Sloan - Måned siden
Where is the John Wick video game?
Henry Alejo
Henry Alejo - Måned siden
7:45 to 7:56
Me and my pet wolf on Minecraft be like
Jonas Goldin
Jonas Goldin - Måned siden
Fan fact Si vis pacem, para bellum (if you want peace, prepare for war) is the motto of the British Royal Navy
Cret Jeng
Cret Jeng - Måned siden
I love how checkove was in the middle yawning while being pet
ben streutker
ben streutker - Måned siden
The dog did survive the dog was wearing a bullet proof vet and was faking it
SadisticLee - Måned siden
Im waiting for that King Fu Hustle video
Meatballs for life
Meatballs for life - Måned siden
The part I always love is the master assassin who moonlights as a Chinese takeaway owner. Like this guy kills people during the day and skins chicken at night, shows how truly backwards the John wick universe is compared to our own
I hate furries
I hate furries - Måned siden
At 8:54 you say that you had to slow it right down to notice the camera cut, but this is almost the exact same comment that CinemaSin's made so..... that seems like more than just coincidence.
Edit: That was a little harsh and while I stand by my statement the video was really well done and I enjoyed the other points, I loved the inclusion of the Assassins Creed references.
Miloš Stojanović
Miloš Stojanović - Måned siden
Boban 😏🇷🇸
Ian Hinkle
Ian Hinkle - Måned siden
When u called hin Rafi on the roof. He will always be Rafi
Moss Man
Moss Man - Måned siden
The dogs in the desert temple was honestly kinda boring. I wish they hadn’t reused the exact same move 7+ times. Could’ve made the shots more varied or the bites. Either way. Still solid film but John wick one and two didn’t have that kind of extreme repetition and it’s part of why I loved them he killed each person different because every fight was different
Steven Moncivais
Steven Moncivais - Måned siden
I'm loving they're referencing the Latin adage, "Si vis pacem, para bellum." Might be antithetical statement, but it's proven here.
Arcadecomponents.com - Måned siden
Loved the movie.... until the cheezy obvious CGI fall from the top at the end. That cheapened the whole thing.
GKdunch - Måned siden
this movie ust makes me happy
James McCormick
James McCormick - Måned siden
When I watched this movie for the first time in the cinema, when John throws that hatchet at 3:18 everyone was audibly surprised
Venom Gaming
Venom Gaming - Måned siden
everything great about john wick

it exists
twobiased -
twobiased - - Måned siden
The dog being named Chekvo is the wittiest thing I've heard year
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan - Måned siden
Can’t wait for a new one to come out
TheRedneckGamer1979 - Måned siden
As a former combat dog handler.... that is not how you work with combat dogs.
Also as a former combat dog handler, that is good training, good command structure, and good targeting.
Chups Chups
Chups Chups - Måned siden
More Wins For Cheron Getting Involved In The Action Were Needed
ImNotMatthew - Måned siden
John Wick should really look both sides of a street before crossing. He go hit by a car in Rome and NYC.
Reynaldi Widjaja
Reynaldi Widjaja - Måned siden
Whoa that Cecep and Yayan pronounceiation are really good lol
I SMASH TO REDBONE - Måned siden
Watching the John wick films is like watching a guy who’s mastered a game fully playing through a campaign on max difficulty without dying and killing everyone each level. It’s that sort of mastery you just sit in awe when you see it it’s awesome
Bullet Club
Bullet Club - Måned siden
I get I'm late to the party, but as a wrestling fan, watching Keanu Fuckin' Reeves hit somebody with a Belly-to-Belly takedown and then an Angle Slam, which are actual takedowns if you have the strength for them and your opponent is off-balance enough, made me lose my fuckin mind in theatre.
sofiyan ali
sofiyan ali - Måned siden
One detail I really like: Unlike the other rifles he used, the MPX Carbine that John uses in the lobby scene doesn't have a foregrip, since he chopped off his finger and wouldn't be able to hold it properly.
viceroy1980 - Måned siden
still waiting for ega kungfu hustle
PizzaKing25 - Måned siden
There is a version of the bike scene where all the swords are light sabers would recommend
Evan Boubouka
Evan Boubouka - Måned siden
Still waiting for EGA Kung Fu Hustle!
Luke Zhou
Luke Zhou - Måned siden
3:22 That could totally be a reference to the Hitman games... or it totally could be not that.
Nate Spring
Nate Spring - Måned siden
In previous videos about John Wick, he mentions the pattern of seeing stuff and people in reflections before they come onscreen. I noticed that one of the assassins is visible in the mirror at 5:40 just before they kill their target.
Epicgaming27 - Måned siden
For John it’s no longer a battle it’s a shooting range
selensewar - Måned siden
I've never played any Final Fantasy games.
Ryan James
Ryan James - Måned siden
God 2 years till the next movie, I cannot wait
Rand0mlyTh3re - Måned siden
He’s getting slower as movies go on. Both Keanu’s, and Wick’s age are catching up with him
Literal Sarcasm
Literal Sarcasm - Måned siden
Keanu Reeves is the kindest man you don't want to f*ck with.
Emharly Roquel
Emharly Roquel - 2 måneder siden
still waiting for kung fu hustle hahah
David Bloomquist
David Bloomquist - 2 måneder siden
When Winston says “si vis pacem, para bellum” he correctly pronounces the “v” as a “w” sound. Shows study of Latin, not just throwing out phrases.
Mario HS
Mario HS - 2 måneder siden
9mm parabellum bullet.. that's a great band
Robin Singh
Robin Singh - 2 måneder siden
This is the only movie I have ever watched were everyone went oooooh during the fight
Braydon Moncivais
Braydon Moncivais - 2 måneder siden
Watching the camera focus on John's face after he cuts off his finger, rather than focusing on the removed finger and ring, is to show how much the line has blurred. How he has gone from the life he lived with his wife to the life he is now choosing to live. Kinda creates a sense of absolution.
Actual Real Jesus
Actual Real Jesus - 2 måneder siden
hearing you respect pronouns with the actors was really comforting. props to you!
Donnie Sizemore
Donnie Sizemore - 2 måneder siden
Bruh i was in the theater with my homie by myself and we were laughing whenever he would destroy some dude
Ronald Vergara
Ronald Vergara - 2 måneder siden
Did anyone else saw how John catches a thrown knife mid air on 2:35 ?