Everything GREAT About Incredibles 2!

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Incredibles 2! Most people loved it, a handful hated it. Let's see if there are any wins! Here's everything right with Incredibles 2!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 19:13


CinemaWins - År siden
10:58 Annnnnd now this becomes the most important comment to pin. Julia and I are together, I see Jude every single day. I meant that I WATCH him once a week. Julia is home 2 days with him and my mother-in-law takes him 2 days. I usually have him on Mondays or Fridays. I was trying to put a positive spin on watching my son, thus, "I GET to be with him..." I see now that the wording would totally lead you to believe Julia and I are divorced. We aren't! Happier than ever! Sorry for the confusion!
William Nicholas
William Nicholas - Dag siden
Good job! Loved this vid and I agree with everything you said.
Calums random Channel
Calums random Channel - 13 dager siden
Jack jack is magneto
Sófis !
Sófis ! - 15 dager siden
@LamanKnight same lol
Lincoln Clay
Lincoln Clay - 28 dager siden
Pail Horse Gaming
Pail Horse Gaming - 29 dager siden
My heart dropped cause I misread that. Glad I reread it and I hope you’re both still happy.
DerpyFaceAnime-tions - 2 timer siden
There's a few spelling and grammar mistakes but I'll let my anger slide because I love this channel-
Wendy Foley
Wendy Foley - 23 timer siden
They could do a whole movie about Jack-Jack and I would watch it... the character they created for him is HILARIOUS!!! Oh, and make sure to throw in some "E" because... well... "E" *shrugs*
NightFox - Dag siden
8:20 “What are you waiting for?”
“I’m jumping out of a window!”
“What do you mean you’re... oh sorry I had it in 2D... good luck!”
Sushey - Dag siden
Violet looks so tired in every scene 💀
Xx Cinni Bun xX
Xx Cinni Bun xX - 2 dager siden
Cinema wins comment section: wholesome and nice
Cinema sins comment section: *Y E S D I E T R A S H*
Bear Bear
Bear Bear - 2 dager siden
This is my first time watching CinemaWins, and I really like it!
Soldier For Christ
Soldier For Christ - 2 dager siden
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Wolf - 4 dager siden
6:17 LOL I never noticed that, THAT'S SO CUTE!
Wolf - 4 dager siden
One of my favorite movies by far, haha. And really funny!
Victor Kwan
Victor Kwan - 4 dager siden
The Underminer was the next Bomb Voyage
armadragon1234 - 6 dager siden
I love the movie but in english is like complettely different try to watch it with polish dubbing and subtitles I mean the actors are soooo good
The Reverse Card
The Reverse Card - 6 dager siden
No no no no I don’t like this, CRITICIZE IT!!!
RedHeadPlayz - 7 dager siden
0:33 damn I just realised the 2018 animation is way better than 2004
gamingwithtacjhon - 7 dager siden
Yay, one of the cutes movie but baymax is cuter
Lori Wolfcat
Lori Wolfcat - 7 dager siden
15:56 Actually, it Is a cash grab. Cash grabs are movies that have 0 point to exist. The Incredibles was an awesome movie and had no cliffhangers to a second. Just because it’s cared for, doesn’t mean it’s not a cash grab. A perfect example is Toy Story. Toy Story has 4, and I Still doubt it’s over, but they were phenomenal in every way. Doesn’t mean Disney wasn’t just manipulating us to buy more characters for kids. Incredibles 2 was amazing, but sequels out of nowhere for no reason, is exactly cash grabbing. Good cash grabbing, but cash grabbing nonetheless.
Anders290 animals
Anders290 animals - 7 dager siden
No not the Incredibles two
RA Ewalt
RA Ewalt - 7 dager siden
Think you can do Toy Story?
Gengarzilla - 8 dager siden
People really thought Winston was the film's baddie? I had my eyes on Evelyn from her first scene, because of that moment she offhandedly dissed her father for relying on supers. The Screenslaver's speech about how supers "make us weak" subsequently gave the twist away. It was obvious on the first watch.
Captain Birch
Captain Birch - 8 dager siden
6:40 but violet has two powers, shouldn't be unusual
Stevie Branham
Stevie Branham - 9 dager siden
12:40 now youre thinking with portals!
Katherine Mitchell
Katherine Mitchell - 9 dager siden
Missed win, at 3:50, you can see Helen wince when she hears dash jump into the pool
Zeno Sama
Zeno Sama - 10 dager siden
I know screen slaver was predictable but other than that I loved him as a villan
Zeno Sama
Zeno Sama - 10 dager siden
Honestly I loved this movie
Matthew Twitchell
Matthew Twitchell - 10 dager siden
I didn’t notice that bob keeps dropping the broccoli
neshapink17 - 12 dager siden
I start tearing up whenever we talk about Violet's growth and acceptance. It just hits me.
Jake the destroyer
Jake the destroyer - 15 dager siden
The only cashgrab is the underminer
Nikko2536 - 15 dager siden
when elastigirl was following the helicopter its looked like gotham city
Nikko2536 - 15 dager siden
Kids?You mean the adults the first movie came out a while ago 1:36
UnfriendlyDan - 17 dager siden
Cash grab while underminer is litterally grabbing cash. thank you CW
Wolf jacket 5
Wolf jacket 5 - 17 dager siden
I like how Evelyn tried to save Winston by pushing him in the escape plane only for him to jump out (putting himself in danger) to save the heroes, showing that Evelyn the villain still cares about family and Winston a regular person can also save people
Neon Spider Fan
Neon Spider Fan - 20 dager siden
You just HAD to bring up Aerith didn't you? Now I'm gonna cry again
Nicholas Morgan
Nicholas Morgan - 20 dager siden
" I eat thunder and crap lighting! " makes me laugh🤣😂🤣😂
Elliot Briggs
Elliot Briggs - 20 dager siden
ok so i watched this film a couple days ago and noticed in the shot from 9:55 the two skyscrapers she is flying towards have 1 and 2 on them, This has got to be some sort of relevancy right?
Elliot Briggs
Elliot Briggs - 20 dager siden
if u pause just as it turns to the shot after her stretching back you can see the bottom of the numbers, its much easier to see in the film
Bashing Blur
Bashing Blur - 20 dager siden
Absolutely nothing
Hades Of The Underworld
Hades Of The Underworld - 20 dager siden
14:08 why does she look like kristin stewart?
FriedUpFries - 22 dager siden
Disney: if you upload more than 5 seconds of a movie you will be taken down

Cinemawins: hold my 20 minutes
Thomas Coppin
Thomas Coppin - 22 dager siden
you give him a big stick
Error - 22 dager siden
I used to think that this movie was a cash grab until I watched this video, mainly because Disney has been releasing a lot of reboots and remakes lately and around the time of this movie, my biggest critique for the movie is the twist villain, didn’t really like it... generally Disney’s twist villains don’t work that well. I enjoyed Bob’s Mr Mom arch a lot, found it entertaining
tl;dr- I thought this movie was mediocre, wasn’t bad but wasn’t good, until I watched this video
Matt Rivera
Matt Rivera - 22 dager siden
Some of these are both sins and wins
Matt Rivera
Matt Rivera - 22 dager siden
0:24 that should be a sin
Carmen B
Carmen B - 24 dager siden
Tony should have stayed the way he was :( They tried to make him cuter, just like Andy from Toy Story
Carmen B
Carmen B - 24 dager siden
15:00 OMG, I never noticed that. I love their attention to detail.
Abrar Siddique
Abrar Siddique - 26 dager siden
Man, how do you even notice these things? I could watch this movie 100 times and still not notice all the details you listed.
Vinícius Monteiro
Vinícius Monteiro - 27 dager siden
12:40 i just want to now one thing
where is the cake
Cole Smith
Cole Smith - 27 dager siden
there's 6 A113s ones on the office that elastigirl goes into when she gets hypnotized
Jacob keyser
Jacob keyser - 28 dager siden
i still think that there should have been a time jump of 15 years.
Anya Kelish
Anya Kelish - 28 dager siden
How to know Violet is Elasta girls daughter

they both have the lisp and slur in theyre talking
J Bethwaite
J Bethwaite - 29 dager siden
This film is just great
General__memeous - 29 dager siden
Please make a video on Arrival (2016)
EquestrianAngel:Curt - Måned siden
No i didnt buy saul being the villain for a second-the film was trying too hard...then i saw his sister and literally 2 seconds on screen was all i needed to say "omg...they cant be this obvious...nope-its her". Seriously from the way she enters in-to her costume design-everything-was really hoping SHE would be the red herring cause they didnt even try to make saul a red herring after she shows up-and i didnt fall for him for a second-and i know im not the only one. Some it took a few minutes other like me...it was literally the first two seconds....
Rebecca Michael
Rebecca Michael - Måned siden
This movie needed a seizure warning.
PhoutianPhill - Måned siden
You missed the conversation about taking the job. It shows hor far Bob and Hellen have come in their communication. Bob openly admits he wants to do hero work again, but also makes good points about his family being labeled and their financial situation. Helen may not be 100% on board, but she considers Bob's side, now with no 'hidden' agenda, and compromises.
Error. exe
Error. exe - Måned siden
Anyone notice that Evelyn's outfits get progressively darker with each appearance
Blobbert Mcblob
Blobbert Mcblob - Måned siden
Helen isn't as thicc in this movie as she was in the first and it makes me sad.
Super Saiyan Michael
Super Saiyan Michael - Måned siden
I need a Pixar short with jack jack beating up a bad guy and the raccoon is his side kick
chase t
chase t - Måned siden
I feel the pool scene is done well mostly because, blue represents sadness and that reflects off of bobs face shows how down he is not being able to be a super hero the bright red ish stands for happiness and excitement for her
Aquaticfilly0 - Måned siden
I thought, if he points out all the attention to detail, that he would show the scene of Jack Jack eating the ice sphere. The distortion of his mouth and the magnifying effect it would actually have is on point
MasterChief aka John117
MasterChief aka John117 - Måned siden
I really want to see james cameron's avatar
cale lively
cale lively - Måned siden
You convince a toddler he/ her doesn’t need his/her rain boots with snuggles and trickery. Rain boots lose there powers of rain protection if the are worn in bed. Now stopping them from stealing your food....have not figured that one out
have fun
have fun - Måned siden
I have noticed that jack jacks mom has a bike that looks like the oppresser in gta online
Danny_jh137 - Måned siden
Just now realised the continuety from 1 in the color pallette of the city, its always been washed in warm glows compared to the suburbs and the Island, and that carries on here
2neilas - Måned siden
Ayden Shurley
Ayden Shurley - Måned siden
Dude when I first watched this movie and saw Void’s powers I instantly thought of Portal lol
photondebuger45 - Måned siden

I’m sorry, secret “win?” Elasthicc girl...
Again sorry...lol
thecuddleboss uwu
thecuddleboss uwu - Måned siden
I literally didn't even THINK,that deavor,was a villain,not at any point.
the squirrel den
the squirrel den - Måned siden
Every one of the multiple jack jacks have a different emotion
SNDRS - Måned siden
I’m in marathon and rewatching all the old videos and looking for more stuff like a training...
There is a nod here to the differences between Mr Incredible and ElasticGirl
They both had to stop a train in their movies
He does it by facing it directly and she does it with more tactics using their powers efficiently
Tom Balls
Tom Balls - Måned siden
Kids who are now in there 20s
Tadeu Cunha Miranda
Tadeu Cunha Miranda - Måned siden
I am honestly so tired of everybody on the the Internet telling me I shouldn´t like this movie.
Turtle Master 24
Turtle Master 24 - Måned siden
This is an alternate timeline of My Hero Academia where Quirks stayed rare
Topaz - Måned siden
Even though i think this movie is...okay, i can't deny how much love went into it, even in my first viewing I loved it
abhay dass
abhay dass - Måned siden
Why does he talk so much
Scorpion Braid
Scorpion Braid - Måned siden
12:19 Evelyn's reveal moment when she says "Why would you count on me? Because I built you a bike? We don't know each other" really hit me a certain way. I've seen way too many crime shows and news reports where there is a sex trafficker hiding in plain sight as a "modeling agency" or some other reputable establishment to lure in unsuspecting teens and predominantly young women, and using women who are either well connected and want money or other women and girls who have been through trafficking themselves and see this role as a roper as some kind of upgrade. The inexperienced youth thinks "there are women here, surely this is safe," lending an air of safety and assurance that is as hollow as a chocolate Easter bunny. I came away from watching this movie thinking: if this makes one young person question if a situation is too good to be true, trusting their judgement to get the hell away from whatever agency is being presented and get home safely, it'll be worth it.
Alex the Lego guy
Alex the Lego guy - Måned siden
I like this movie. So many things I appreciate about it. The score the call backs. The way the began the movie by starting exactly where the first one began.
But the first one is such an absolute gem! I feel like in my opinion so much so that it’s literally to hard to out do.
Still good movie!
Kiefer The Gamer
Kiefer The Gamer - Måned siden
One word to describe this movie is,
Iyioluwa Owoeye
Iyioluwa Owoeye - Måned siden
When you realize that this movie is in the 1960s
LetterSpork - Måned siden
Wait... Edna a girl?
FloraWest - Måned siden
Sidebar--a parenting idea, born of similar experience--let him go to bed with the boots on. Even make a fuss about getting them clean and ready for bed if needed. Then after about 20-30 when he's deep asleep, take them off. He 100% may not care in the morning and even if he does, you'll have a rested toddler rather than a tired one. Every little helps. : )
Asoled - Måned siden
The mum definitely inflates her ass.
Mr animate 99
Mr animate 99 - Måned siden
Where did the incredibles live in the six months after their house was destroyed in the first movie after the jet blew up their house
Continuity error
Rhado - Måned siden
Baby pats are the best!
felipe galesi
felipe galesi - Måned siden
Tanks are the most vital part of a rpg team like ever, they keep everyone safe, decide the pace of everything and most often than not they are the most knowledgeable about encounters, so yeah violet ftw...
Will Gallagher Sanderson
Will Gallagher Sanderson - Måned siden
When are you going to do Sneakers?????
AceDelta12 - Måned siden
Why does Elastigirl sound like she has braces? Did her voice actress have braces on at the time?
Kalani S
Kalani S - Måned siden
18:37 john wick
Phil Dog
Phil Dog - 2 måneder siden
I want to point out that this video says "with superheroes, you don't need to spend as much money on crime."
But we're DON'T need to spend as much money on crime. Nowhere near as much as we do. That money, if it went to social programs and infrastructure would create a far "cleaner" society and one with far lower crime rates.
Khanh Le
Khanh Le - Måned siden
McKaylee McElroy
McKaylee McElroy - 2 måneder siden
I wish more movies supported stay-at-home dads. They’re just as important as stay-at-home moms.
Trio Hazard
Trio Hazard - 2 måneder siden
It was small but the plus and minus twins i think are based off Mas y Menos twins who can touch and move at extreme speeds. But apart they don’t have much
Thomas Hill
Thomas Hill - 2 måneder siden
Hi, I did enjoy this second movie and I have plans to add it to my DVD collection soon. Like always you high light the reasons why the movie you are review are great and you point out things I missed so THANKS for your hard work EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE HAVING A GREAT TIME WATCHING IT AGAIN.
Yvette Day
Yvette Day - 2 måneder siden
Speedy thing goes in speedy thing goes out
Wilson V
Wilson V - 2 måneder siden
3:20 fun noticing Bob immediately springs into alert mode for a split sec hearing a voice.
Shadow - 2 måneder siden
its fun to see a superhero actually have experience in well..superheroing just like elastigirl
Wilhelm The Conquerer
Wilhelm The Conquerer - 2 måneder siden
Almost all the wins are for the animation and small character moments, and for good reason. The only time I've seen it I fell asleep multiple times starting after the intro action scene. The only thing I remember from it is the Jack-Jack vs racoon scene
Drago Rex
Drago Rex - 2 måneder siden
Death Battle Elastigirl vs Mr. Fantastic vs Monkey D. Loffy
Stay Frosty
Stay Frosty - 2 måneder siden
Does anyone wish that they actually made marvel superhero movies in this style
Nic Williams
Nic Williams - 2 måneder siden
i didint like the second one
greekgracious - 2 måneder siden
Weeeee know dummy 😵😵
greekgracious - 2 måneder siden
Jack Jack pooped💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩😈💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Hotdog Shober
Hotdog Shober - 2 måneder siden
Sooo, is Elastigirl really that *thicc?* or is she just constantly stretching herself?