Everything GREAT About How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World!

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How to Train Your Dragon 3 has come and gone and I can safely say it's one of my favorite animated trilogies ever. Going back through 1 & 2 for clips brought back a bunch of emotions. These are powerful movies. I don't know, maybe I just really want to fly. Here's everything right with The Hidden World!
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Runtime: 21:24


Serene Feng
Serene Feng - Dag siden
Dammit!!! You keep mistyping your titles! You keep forgetting the 'IS' between Everything and GREAT in all the HTTYD titles!! Come on!!
Speedy the Werewolf
Speedy the Werewolf - Dag siden
who wishes that we had gotten more of a backstory for toothless? Like, how did he escape Grimmel? Can we see his family? Did how many siblings did he have? I want answers or another short film
Darky - Dag siden
13:15 Thunder of dragons... Cause the sound their wings make when they all fly together
Miggy Carreon
Miggy Carreon - Dag siden
The only thing bad about it is the series ended:
Amy Spence
Amy Spence - 2 dager siden
Technically light furies are a different species, not a female nightfury
Penguinitro _
Penguinitro _ - 2 dager siden
i can watch 1/27th of the movie because of this guy
ayden james
ayden james - 3 dager siden
idea use bird and lizard dna putem together boom dragon or a lizard mates with a bird if thats posible
Phoenix Features
Phoenix Features - 4 dager siden
4:41 we love a good Hobbit reference
Cobaltios - 4 dager siden
11:07 "Xenomorphs, but less cuddly" ...wait, what?
Im Kuelll Gremlin
Im Kuelll Gremlin - 5 dager siden
this movie was wonderful, i honestly just wanted it to focus on the love between toothless and the lightfury! i got annoyed whenever it went back to the humans XD
Thomas Cahyono
Thomas Cahyono - 6 dager siden
"You want dragons to live free among us like equals? "

*Grimmel sus*
Miss Lady
Miss Lady - 7 dager siden
Ok but they'll be back soon its 2020....
Thereyb0urn - 9 dager siden
I want to see this movie
bond dragon
bond dragon - 9 dager siden
u forgot to say that hiccup said that the reason we have earthquakes and volcanos might be because of the dragons} favorite part of the movie
Johann Alyosha Van Tassel
Johann Alyosha Van Tassel - 9 dager siden
Liry is such a good name for it
Cool CatAtion
Cool CatAtion - 12 dager siden
8:02: I know earlier I said u ruining it but in the perfect way but then u kinda ruin it literally for a short moment............WHO CARES???!! Birds were not the animal the based offa when making these movies!! (Dont mind that much like bit less than 2% btw!........)
Malapert Mustelid
Malapert Mustelid - 13 dager siden
People don't like long scenes cuz people have a short attention span and if it's too long for them it wrong. People are ridiculous
Devyn Demello
Devyn Demello - 13 dager siden
Who else can’t watch Hiccup saying goodbye to Toothless without crying
Lilapache Helicopter
Lilapache Helicopter - 14 dager siden
This was the first cinema wins video I watched and it is still good after coming back later! I love this channel!
_ AdultBeverage _
_ AdultBeverage _ - 15 dager siden
People pissed abt the light fury design forget to take into account that Light furies are a subspecies of Nightfuries, not the female versions of them. There are Male versions of the Light Furies seen in the hidden world later, proven by the longer ears and sharper tail, when liry and toothless jump off the middle crystal.
DarkRoe The Nin-Bot
DarkRoe The Nin-Bot - 15 dager siden
It's similar to loving someone with deeper emotions than they feel for you: it's okay to feel deeply for someone, while at the same time allowing them to feel what they feel and respecting that, even if it doesn't end up leading to an intimate relationship. Often times the hardest thing is telling yourself to let that person go be who they are in life, with or without you, because you love them deeply, even if they don't love you as much back.
I've has a number of times where I loved someone, and wanted to be in an intimate relationship with them, but they did not feel the same way. Accepting that was hard, and challenging, but by accepting that and letting them know that I accepted my emotions without imposing my emotions onto them, we remained, and remain, friends to this day. Because I wanted, more than anything a have A relationship with them, intimate or not. Every single time I developed feelings for someone was because of the friendship I developed with them first, and even if my feelings grew deeper and weren't returned, the friend-relationship I had was far more valuable to me than trying to impose my feelings onto someone else; I want to grow closer to those I love, not drive them away with my greed for more intimacy.
Lexleigh Anthony Latorre
Lexleigh Anthony Latorre - 16 dager siden
Yes! Someone noticed the first line from the book series!
Natanael Gracia
Natanael Gracia - 16 dager siden
He is just like the õppisite of cinema sin's
legobrick311 - 17 dager siden
He didn’t give a win for Tuffnut’s beautiful beard! SIN THIS!
Furea Ikatteiru
Furea Ikatteiru - 17 dager siden
Their have been few moments when I watched a movie and NEW how it was going to end. Sitting in the theater, and watching the scene transition, I new their was going to be a flash forward... But I didn't know how FAR forward it would go. In that 3 second transition, I made an entirely different ending for myself:

The scene changes to a shot of the water, and then panning upward to a modern 1 man sailboat. A familiar voice begins to speak
"My name, is Hiccup. Named after my Great great.. well, there's a LOT of greats, Grandfather. Our family has always told stories about adventure, comrades, and dragons. When I was a boy, I swore that one day I'd find the dragons. Where ever they may be."
It's then revealed while he's tending the ship that he is also missing a leg, but on the opposite side. And then suddenly the ship crashes, and he gets sent flying towards the front of the ship. he looks up from the ground at the rocks and steam coming from the water as the camera slowly zooms in to the rocks. And just as the camera stops, we're given the faintest silhouette of a dragon flying out from the pit--- Cut to black and credit music.
I loved the real ending, seeing how they grew older, seeing their children. My ending is a lot more "epicy" than the official ending, but both give a great sense of coming full circle. I loved this entire series, and I hope it ages into a classic like the fine wine that it is.
Dragon Of Argos
Dragon Of Argos - 17 dager siden
5:36 He's the imposter.
Yeetykay9 Gaming
Yeetykay9 Gaming - 18 dager siden
Off brand Cinemasins
Rae Zekany
Rae Zekany - 19 dager siden
wow ok, the heat on the chair, the lighting with the fire lamps like...i noticed but not to this degree because idk, thats just common sense, fire distorts the air and makes it wavy and thats real like normal everyday knowledge but because this is all animated, i actually forget they put that in it doesn't just happen. Fuck i miss these dragons, the whole series honestly. Even the freaking show was good somehow like ugh. I wish it didn't have to end
Grace Myall
Grace Myall - 21 dag siden
I think I like Grimmel as a villain better than Drago is because Hiccup could have been Grimmel. If he had killed Toothless all those years ago, and he brought it back to the village just like he said he wanted to - he could have easily evolved into being Grimmel. With this movie, one could see how easily someone can be changed, and it makes it better because Hiccup is fighting with himself on two fronts. One internal, with wanting to keep Toothless close to him but also see him happy, and one external - with having to see that if he had made the wrong choice, he would be just like his enemy.
Hyperion Gamez
Hyperion Gamez - 21 dag siden
I just realised Endgame and httyd did somewhat of the same concpet of a end credits. Endgame made a end credit with all the cast's names and their character in action, and httyd 3 made a compilation of the duo since the first movie
Hyperion Gamez
Hyperion Gamez - 21 dag siden
More great reasons why Disney is now a shithole company
Chilly Animations
Chilly Animations - 22 dager siden
Ryan Schultz
Ryan Schultz - 22 dager siden
I would add a win because of the Toothless and Light Fury sex scene. It's a bold move that could get the movie in trouble with the Rating People, but it worth it and shows us how in love they were with each other.
Daniel Adrian
Daniel Adrian - 23 dager siden
The ending of the movie made me cry.
Tayvon anderson
Tayvon anderson - 24 dager siden
I can NOT live without dragon
Lawrence Baker
Lawrence Baker - 24 dager siden
My greatest disappointment with this movie was that there wasn't a Jack the Giant killer ending where suddenly its present day and the dragons return! Would have been great
Lawrence Baker
Lawrence Baker - 21 dag siden
Fair enough... Except for those bits that he talked about in the video. Then it would be fine.
SquishThatCat - 21 dag siden
That would suck and make half the story useless
Elle Lard
Elle Lard - 25 dager siden
Httyd is one of the only movie franchise where every subsequent film was just as good as the first. This movie especially is super emotional for me because my friend took me to see it to cheer me up after my grandmothers funeral. This isn’t just a movie, it’s a work of art from start to finish
jth130 - 25 dager siden
Tbh I didn't care much for this movie, however I don't hate it. Still a great movie just not my favorite
Barbara Pham
Barbara Pham - 25 dager siden
I don't think Toothless and Liry are different species, they are both Furies. I think they are like dogs or cats, same species but different breeds. When they had children they had a mix between the species.
Numbers Of Bndl
Numbers Of Bndl - 26 dager siden
I feel like a lot of people don’t like when people say that things were their childhood, but how to train your dragon was in fact my childhood
colewatchsYT_ - 26 dager siden
I just noticed from all the movies of httyds all the antagonist always "dies" cause by the ocean.
Bessie Faircloth
Bessie Faircloth - 27 dager siden
one of the best comments in the movie is relationships are nothing but pain and misery after Astrid said he's in love about toothless dribbling over everything.
Bessie Faircloth
Bessie Faircloth - 27 dager siden
it is annoying that they never named the lightfury they actually did give the nightlights names though which seems a bit weird
Tempest Flare
Tempest Flare - 27 dager siden
Fun fact in race to the edge hiccup created the exact same type of tail that he made for Toothless in this movie toothless destroyed it back in because he wanted to stay with his friend so hiccup up is just rebuilding an old project
Knight Cyclops
Knight Cyclops - 28 dager siden
Godamn it, watching this video gave me chills and made me tear up. Truely the end of a saga, I have always and will always love this trilogy and want to binge all of then again
Alexandre Or Alex Archambault
Why didn’t you put the whole movie? It’s great just on its own
Doge Pickle
Doge Pickle - 28 dager siden
Wait...What happened with Dagur and Heather?
EquestrianAngel:Curt - Måned siden
The end with them giving up the dragons...has a sad meta context as well...for this franchise as a whole. What do i mean? This dragon was something special and unique but corporations AKA the bad guys who want to take the dragons and exploit them-corporations want to take anything with love and exploit our love with crappy installments for the sake of a cash grab and just like the dragons-our relationship with this franchise much like the dragons themselves...needs to come to an end so that way it will be kept safe from those who wish to exploit it for money or other things. So that that way-our future generations can come back and watch this franchise (much like how hiccups kids get to experience the dragons for the first time) the same as we did when we started watching this franchise or like how hiccup got to see the dragons for the first time.
We deserve this franchise just like how hiccup deserves toothless...but its selfish keeping it around knowing it can be tainted...it was a good run...but time to move onward.
This was a thank you to the fans and showing understanding that they dont want the franchise to turn into a cash grab and want to let it go so we enjoy it for generations to come.
Thats...just fucking beautiful.
Sudden Muffin
Sudden Muffin - Måned siden
Eclipse fury
IJ BRIDGE - Måned siden
Y'know, it's ironic that the Light Fury's eyes are blue and Astrids eyes are blue. Same with Toothless and Hiccup.
That.One.Rhythm.Guitarist - Måned siden
“Protecting your new friend from filthy humanses.” Gotta love the soft references
MCJAYPLAYZ - Måned siden
I was expecting the entire movie ...
Fall Lps
Fall Lps - Måned siden
I cry every time I watch this movie..
Sander Hockey
Sander Hockey - Måned siden
15:40. Dude. Night lights are actually the official name for the toothless and light fury offsprings
ChillDemon Lad
ChillDemon Lad - Måned siden
This is a great movie, and I would love dragons to returns, but..
I really don’t want to deal with a red death this year. 2020 is hard enough.
jimmy jarrell
jimmy jarrell - Måned siden
light fury has many names:luna,liry,diamond,snow,snowflake,sunset,cristal and many more
nothing - Måned siden
A great film ara came to an end
Mr NotSoGreat
Mr NotSoGreat - Måned siden
I actually cried at the end of this movie
SomeRandomAsianGurl - Måned siden
To clear it up only night furys went extinct (excluding toothless)
SomeRandomAsianGurl - Måned siden
"Liry's" Actual name is luna because the moonlight glows off of her
April dragon
April dragon - Måned siden
Fun fact: during the movie when Hiccup is making the "new" tail Asrid asked "didint he have one of there before?" and hiccup even said "yes" (something around those lines) this was a reff to the FIRST HTTYD x-mas movie How to train your dragon- Gift of the nightfury- but now that he meets the lightfury this kinda re enact something that was a main point if HTTYD race to the edge: the episode where hookfang challenges a titan wing nightmare to protect a female he cares for but in the end hookfang came back to his rider. so kinda also explained why toothless didint freak out when he opened his tail and the new one mimicked, he has had this tail before but just not this upgraded!
i love how they add in those tiny snip hints of past things like GotN and even some scars from fights (if ya dont know: toothless has a few scars over his body at at around 9:33 we can see a scar around his wing joint)
(im sorry i have loved httyd and been with it from its first trailer drop! XD)
SkyFury - Måned siden
12:21 did anyone else see that that lightfury's tail was different to Liry's? Or is it just me? XD
darshita Mehta
darshita Mehta - Måned siden
They don't take a single bath or go toilet 😂😂😂😀😀😀
ospiee - Måned siden
The thing I hate but love about sequels is the fact that the animation will get better. I got goosebumps and gasped multiple times during this movie, just off of the animation alone! I would kill to have the first movie to have this level of amazing animation. It's absolutely breathtaking!
Biscuit - Måned siden
If there are female night furies then are there male light furies
Daniel Basiri
Daniel Basiri - Måned siden
btw anyone else notice how one of the deathgrippers eyes was like white
Daniel Basiri
Daniel Basiri - Måned siden
hahaha i love how sometimes he just shows a clip with no explanation and adds a win because we're supposed to know what it was and we do
FalseHopeWolf - Måned siden
Sad this is most likely the last How to Train Your Dragon movie because of the dragons going into the hidden world and everything or if we count rescue riders ya this is the last How to Train Your Dragon movie
Johnathan Lehrbass
Johnathan Lehrbass - Måned siden
Why don't you explain over the island?
Jammie Dodger
Jammie Dodger - Måned siden
Hi 👋
Juan Garza
Juan Garza - Måned siden
I just wanted to point out how when toothless turns invisible with hiccup on his back that he actually turns invisible with toothless because of his night fury scale armor 👀👀👀
QuarryBee - Måned siden
Liry probably doesn’t have an official name because giving some thing a name defines ownership over it, and liry doesn’t truly belong to any riders
Chaosgirl 1
Chaosgirl 1 - Måned siden
How to train your dragon is one of the only movies wich ever got me crying in the cinema^^'
Olivia McDonagh
Olivia McDonagh - Måned siden
My absolute favourite thing about this film was how it came COMPLETELY full circle at the end - when they met, Hiccup could come and go, and Toothless was reliant on him. When they said goodbye, Toothless was free and it was Hiccup who was stuck (symbolised by his prosthetic being gone).
Also, can we just get some love for how REAL these films are? A lot of animated films will have no one moving in the background, or it will be for a specific purpose/small and inconsequential. In HTTYD, there's ALWAYS continuing motion. You can really believe people are just walking around and living their lives in the background, and it's just staggering that that level of attention to detail is in there. And that it's come so far in only 10 years.
Austin Ellison
Austin Ellison - Måned siden
Thanks for sharing.
Merdl 1
Merdl 1 - Måned siden
How the f### this not have litteraly 999 googlol (that’s the highest named number check it if u don’t believe me)
Rex Wrecks
Rex Wrecks - Måned siden
6:37 The way Toothless's pupils dilate further when he detects the Light Fury's scent.
Larissa - Måned siden
Bruh you didn’t even mention the sand
Dani Meyer
Dani Meyer - Måned siden
No, I did not forget about planes... planes are just... not dragons 😑
name cannot be blank
name cannot be blank - Måned siden
I'm pretty much convinced that the light fury is a sub species of the night fury. It probably evolved in a different environment.
BioTin Whale T.V
BioTin Whale T.V - Måned siden
I always thought of toothless as a mix between a dog, dolphin and a cat. He has the intelligence of a dolphin, most likely even smarter, he expresses himself like a dog, with the facial expressions, and his movement is similar to that of a cat
Brittany Coker
Brittany Coker - Måned siden
I loved Astrid's "that's a king" line because it doesn't just apply to Toothless. Hiccup is constantly doing what's best for the people of Berk and in this movie he does what's best for the dragons of Berk as well. He gives up, as you said, one of the loves of his life, to keep Toothless and the other dragons safe. And that's what a good king does.
Maggie MiniMix
Maggie MiniMix - Måned siden
It always make me cry. I love this trilogy.
X plosion
X plosion - Måned siden
Who else thinks the dragons world looks like aberration from ark survival evolved
Bigus Dickus
Bigus Dickus - Måned siden
god damn man everytime I see the ending to this movie I get teary, I love this series
Hughette Campbell
Hughette Campbell - Måned siden
Same this trilogy is my absolute favorite over any other movie
Drew Pearce
Drew Pearce - Måned siden
I wish I could have one of the night light dragons as a pet
Robert Lamb
Robert Lamb - Måned siden
A group of dragons is called a thunder by the way
DragonDino Gaming
DragonDino Gaming - Måned siden
Petition to have a new httyd tv show from the end of 2 to the start of 3
august - Måned siden
This entire movie series means so much to me, I've basically grew up with it. It will forever hold a special place in my heart, god just watching and seeing only some of the movie still makes me tear up. And even though I'm sad about the ending I'm still happy this series had such a good and well thought out ending. Little fun thing about me is that I've only cried twice in theaters and it was when I went to see How To Train Your Dragon 2 & 3. (also I don't think the end credits of the third movie is talked about enough, like when that showed up on the screen I was just bawling and sat there while watched it all. Like I was already close enough to tears when Hiccup and Toothless said goodbye, that end credits just pushed me until I broke.)
Max Welton536,329
Max Welton536,329 - Måned siden
I don’t like how Toothless’ kids are just Night Furies with white eartips, I felt like they should’ve been more gray or silver.
Noctis Nova
Noctis Nova - Måned siden
A group of dragons is called a Storm.
Cameron Seward
Cameron Seward - Måned siden
I know What’s the Director made was perfection
Pamela Dimitrovich
Pamela Dimitrovich - Måned siden
perfect. in every way.
I LOVE this film!
oh, & the li'l panda night lights... adorable.
another win ~ thanks!
ninjago muffin
ninjago muffin - Måned siden
Should have called the light fury frosty
Greenestgreen guy
Greenestgreen guy - Måned siden
why haven't you done one on homecoming?!?! it's amazing!!!!
Hassan Saffieddine
Hassan Saffieddine - Måned siden
The bioluminecine area sortof looks like the aberration area in ark
Dwight Was Here
Dwight Was Here - 2 måneder siden
I loved this movie. Me and my friends watched it for my birthday. After the movie, we agreed that all that fire from the dragons is how global warming began.
Nate Spring
Nate Spring - 2 måneder siden
Hiccup making toothless a tail that didn't require Hiccup to control it has happened before. I believe it was some kind of short film called "gift of the night fury" or something. Just a little callback to those who may remember it
MEG G - 2 måneder siden
8:30 - 8:34 There is actually a real life bird of paradise that does this as a mating dance!
oli games
oli games - 2 måneder siden
i love this film its soooo good