Everything GREAT About Hanna!

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Hanna! I'm not sure how many people have seen this movie…maybe just the Amazon show, we'll see. I find it to be an underrated sleeper. It has some problems, but the score alone is worth your time. Here's everything right with The Chemical Brothers-I mean, Hanna! That's a joke, I love the movie.
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 17:20


CinemaWins - 20 dager siden
Definitely noted on the word I used to describe the band. I've never heard that it was a slur, although I did think it was outdated. The band is friends with the wife of the director, Joe Wright, and he calls them the 'g' word multiple times. It felt safe to say that's what they called themselves if they were friends and he was using it, so I was trying to go with I thought they'd chosen. In the future. Apologies, never meant to offend.
Riley Bee
Riley Bee - 8 dager siden
Can you please do everything great with Only the brave ( 2017 )
City Watch Guard
City Watch Guard - 8 dager siden
Please do a knights tale some day, I love the movie personally and you don’t get stuff of that quality and caliber anymore.
SynergyPhoenix - 9 dager siden
People are offended by the word gypsy?!? 🤨 It’s not appropriate newspeak, huh? Grow up people.
Painting with Memory Loss
Painting with Memory Loss - 10 dager siden
Requesting Arrival, please.
King_Kong_Jr. - 11 dager siden
Hey, could you please do Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2, both (imo) are really good movies, even if the second falls a bit short.
sneakyskunk1 - 2 timer siden
I loved this movie. Isaacs, however, distracted me to no end. Every time he was on screen (as menacing as he was) I could only think about Lt. Jim Dangle. Like somehow Isaacs survived He then changed his name and identity. He then moved to Reno to pursue a career in law enforcement. It did not ruin the movie. It did make it very weird.
Royal Blue Animations
Royal Blue Animations - 5 timer siden
Week 5 of requesting Love Simon
Z-King - 8 timer siden
A request from me though I know I'm late, How about 'Burlesque'?
SnekkySnek - Dag siden
Hearing you pronounce Saoirse/Sorcha correctly makes my irish self happy
Dragon Tay
Dragon Tay - Dag siden
Do everything great about Man from Uncle!
Vivek Acharya
Vivek Acharya - Dag siden
I thought this was about the amazon show.
Insaniac0001 - Dag siden
I have never heard of this movie but after this I will say my interest is piqued. Well done!
Have you considered doing The Help anytime soon?
ComedyButcher - 2 dager siden
Would love to se you do everything GREAT about Wind River. Love that movie and would like to se your perspective off it
Liam Griffin
Liam Griffin - 2 dager siden
If someone were to ask why Joe Wright would make a good Bond film, "Hanna" is all the evidence needed.
Antti Ruuskanen
Antti Ruuskanen - 2 dager siden
Time to throw in my suggestion for the halloween season. How about Hotel Transylvania? I mean, you gotta give credit to Sandler, he knocked it out of the park with this one. Which is amazing concidering some other movies of his...
samuel guetta
samuel guetta - 2 dager siden
"Un Monstre à Paris" this movie is pure gold
playz style
playz style - 3 dager siden
Why is there "cinema sins" in you channel list
But no "cinema wins" in cinema sins' channels list
F a b i
F a b i - 3 dager siden
Weird in german
AngelLestat2 - 4 dager siden
This is a great movie, Saoirse Ronan does an incredible work selling that innocent and deadly personality.
Orkun Aslan
Orkun Aslan - 4 dager siden
Can you do upgrade ?
michael moore
michael moore - 4 dager siden
I agree. I loved it, but felt like it should've kept going. I wanted more. Now in 2020, waiting for next season of the tv series.
Rayla Winter
Rayla Winter - 5 dager siden
Can you do the Enola Holmes movie?
AVARICEE - 5 dager siden
Requesting "Now you see me" 1 & 2, they don't really work without each other.
Jip Matthijsse
Jip Matthijsse - 5 dager siden
Request "About time"
Mike McCanham
Mike McCanham - 5 dager siden
Halloween is coming up so definitely gotta do a monster movie. I REEEEALLLY Want Dracula Untold. Such an underrated movie and a great monster movie
2nd3rd1st - 5 dager siden
That "synchronous bamboo stick tapping" is a combat skill called Escrima and it's deadly if you want to.
D4rth Skywalk3r
D4rth Skywalk3r - 5 dager siden
Everything great about Fight Club when? Also I need everything great about Black Swan!!
Gunner Ridgway
Gunner Ridgway - 6 dager siden
You should do an Everything Great About 300
Lavell Rahmon
Lavell Rahmon - 6 dager siden
Do one for Parasite
RadioactiveRat - 8 dager siden
I thought the term Gypsy was a slur?
Angoose - 8 dager siden
Pleeeeaaaaase review tenet, I saw it and loved every second of it and I would love to see what you think and things I missed
Daniel Marczyk
Daniel Marczyk - 8 dager siden
Can you do all the james bond movies
Blah Anger
Blah Anger - 8 dager siden
The super assassin trope is getting old..DING!
gordon4james5percy6 - 8 dager siden
do thomas and the magic railroad
Jarrett Schwarz
Jarrett Schwarz - 8 dager siden
Please do John Carter!!!!!!
Keystone Road
Keystone Road - 8 dager siden
Can you please do an Everything Great About Kung Fu Panda 3? I feel like that's a movie that's long overdue.
Nikolas Gonçalves
Nikolas Gonçalves - 8 dager siden
How has he not done matrix yet?
MrYoungandBrave1 - 8 dager siden
Please do Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian and Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
deris benavides
deris benavides - 9 dager siden
Requesting Monster house 2006 LETS GET IT!!!!! LOL
Shobi - 9 dager siden
can you do abominable? LEASE!!!
Geovanni Henrique Carvalho de Souza
PLS make a video about speed racer
Nick Nitro
Nick Nitro - 9 dager siden
I heard you take requests if you're consistent about it, from this day forward. on every new upload I ask: O' Brother Where Art Thou!
Varsonn - 9 dager siden
I've never watched this movie and I have no intention of doing so. I just came here to tell you that you need to cover Rango.
Brodey Animations
Brodey Animations - 9 dager siden
You should do a house with a clock in its walls next
LongEclipse - 9 dager siden
Have you thought about doing the new-ish Planet of the apes movies?!?! I'm re watching them at the moment. You tend to make me re watch things. Maybe I can get you to cover these?
Jon Milne
Jon Milne - 9 dager siden
Please please give us a Cinemawins for the Matrix trilogy
JussJosh - 9 dager siden
Everything Great about cat in the hat
Tony The talking clock
Tony The talking clock - 9 dager siden
Phineas and Ferb across the second Dimension
sam Grosky
sam Grosky - 9 dager siden
Please do Whale Rider!!
Matthew Boer
Matthew Boer - 9 dager siden
The tv show does a great job with the score and music too. Felt like they tried to match that indie synth vibe
Slab_House805 - 9 dager siden
do the crow with brandon lee
yuan conda
yuan conda - 10 dager siden
Aaron Strager
Aaron Strager - 10 dager siden
There is only one thing I remember from this movie: the tooth-brushing quirk the main antagonist had, and how it showed her mental state throughout the movie.
Rachael - 10 dager siden
Can you please do Wolf Children it's a lovely anime movie
ombcb Yayo
ombcb Yayo - 10 dager siden
I literally watch movies and here dings in my head 😂😭thanks🤝
Hermitcraft Channels
Hermitcraft Channels - 10 dager siden
Doing a little CinemaWins myself but I love how the intro to CinemaWins uses “but you knew that to be” more soft and welcoming while CinemaSins says “duh” to match it’s less forgiving critiques
Pandarama - 10 dager siden
Everything great about the hobbit
Toasty Pachler
Toasty Pachler - 10 dager siden
Request for "Tenet" just a wonderful film
TheNovaKnight - 10 dager siden
Requesting 'The Girl With All The Gifts'. Day 1. 😌
Zoie Zolowicz
Zoie Zolowicz - 10 dager siden
Could you do a cinemawin of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron? For a movie that came out in 2002, it still holds up beautifully!
Cliff Robinson
Cliff Robinson - 10 dager siden
This has nothing to do with Hanna, but can you please do one for Terminator: Dark Fate. I finally just watched it, and I didn't enjoy it. I'm looking for some positivity for that film, and all I can find on YouTube is negativity, and some of it toxic
Soul Stone
Soul Stone - 10 dager siden
Aye my dude, do kung fu panda 3 next!! Hehe
Ruth Ottender
Ruth Ottender - 10 dager siden
A suggestion for winning- Jupiter Ascending. Just finished my third or fourth time watching it and just now actually got some of the finer nuances going on.

Also. As always- love your channel. I remember watching when it was just your girlfriend and just recently was like “Jude is how old?”
You make me a better person!
Jong Yeob Kim
Jong Yeob Kim - 10 dager siden
One day I hope that you do a cinemawin for the Truman Show. Go back to the classics
James Perez
James Perez - 11 dager siden
You should watch and comment on V for Vendetta
Jake Farrer
Jake Farrer - 11 dager siden
Brenden Freeman
Brenden Freeman - 11 dager siden
OH PLEASE FINISH THE HUNGERGAMES SERIES. I would really love to see your take the revolutionary movie series.
felix felix
felix felix - 11 dager siden
Are you able to do Storks? I understand if you can't due to copyright, but it would be a great movie.
Zainyon - 11 dager siden
i know you get requests a lot, but the movie "Airplane" would be cool
AcupAkoolAid - 11 dager siden
You should do a video on The Man From U.N.C.L.E
Mac Aroni
Mac Aroni - 11 dager siden
Could you do Spies in Disguise next? It has Tom Holland and Will Smith as the leads.
Appuljiuce - 11 dager siden
Please make one about v for vendetta
Isaac Hernandez
Isaac Hernandez - 11 dager siden
Hey cinemawins can you do?
Trolls world tour
The princess and the frog
Surf’s up
Over the hedge
Meet the Robinsons
Spies in Disguise

Svea Jacobsen
Svea Jacobsen - 11 dager siden
Could you do Pixar's Brave?
Call Me Kuri
Call Me Kuri - 11 dager siden
Please do one on the movie Sleight
Big Baddaboom
Big Baddaboom - 11 dager siden
Hey Lee, I recently rewatched the tmnt movie from 2007, and honestly I think you'd have a lot of fun reviewing it. The story is good and fleshed out, and it has a lot of your favourite tropes I feel. Always up to you of course
RSF 24
RSF 24 - 11 dager siden
so when are you going to do the F&F franchise?
Dewy Bradford
Dewy Bradford - 11 dager siden
I haven't seen the movie, but they made the movie into a TV series on Amazon Prime.
First season sounds like the movie... second season recently released.
Mason Mugerian
Mason Mugerian - 11 dager siden
Could you do everything great about ferngully?
Tristan Guzman
Tristan Guzman - 12 dager siden
Please do hunger games
Baronstone - 12 dager siden
The bamboo sticks help teach stick fighting
Ace168168 - 12 dager siden
Requesting “The Old Guard”
Francesca Wood
Francesca Wood - 12 dager siden
Everything great about the Hobbit
yoFlows - 12 dager siden
Can you do everything great about I am number four
dylan huynh
dylan huynh - 12 dager siden
Could you do a video on The Man From Uncle? It’s a criminally underrated movie.
gui2012ization - 12 dager siden
Can you make a video on Kung fu panda 3 next, please?
Ian 15
Ian 15 - 12 dager siden
You must be great dad
Imaan Sajid
Imaan Sajid - 12 dager siden
I really want to see you tackle The babysitter and maybe the sequel since I really love both of them.
Ruth - 12 dager siden
Will you do Hocus Pocus?
Kieran Short
Kieran Short - 12 dager siden
Could you do Kung Fu Panda 3, or Hunt for the Wilder People
Super Blue Toad Bros Wii
Super Blue Toad Bros Wii - 12 dager siden
I have a suggestion. Everything great about Percy Jackson and the lightning thief. Then you could do the sea of monsters in a different episode
Jesse Thames
Jesse Thames - 12 dager siden
You should do the narnia movies they’re amazing and the cgi was way ahead of its time
Seabass 823
Seabass 823 - 13 dager siden
Please do interstellar
Graham Smith
Graham Smith - 13 dager siden
Do everything great about django unchained
Luke Parker
Luke Parker - 13 dager siden
You should do the mask of zorro
francis 22 pogi
francis 22 pogi - 13 dager siden
Just a question are you a fan of matpat which is film theory or game theory or food theory if you are well nice to meet you
Landon Graber
Landon Graber - 13 dager siden
Do Spies in Disguise! Just saw it and loved it
Rogue Guardian
Rogue Guardian - 13 dager siden
Are you going do some scary movies for Halloween? I recommend the original alien, or Halloween 1978
erick Hernandez
erick Hernandez - 13 dager siden
Why did i just find out about this channel?😐
coffeethedodge - 13 dager siden
Kinda wait no thats not the right word i really wish the does a cinema wins on earth to echo
Raquelgrl3271 - 13 dager siden
Please do Atlantis the lost empire or the new hit Enola Holmes :)
Timo Alho
Timo Alho - 13 dager siden
I don't know why Finish tourism board doesn't use this movie as a selling point like: "wanna get off the grid and become a crazy super spy? come to Finland!!"?
Chicken Curry
Chicken Curry - 13 dager siden
Can you do video on Hardcore Henry?
SadisticLee - 13 dager siden
May we get one for Coraline?