Everything GREAT About Glass!

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Glass. Glass, Glass…Glass. Well…here's everything right with Glass.
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 22:48


Marek Stirling
Marek Stirling - 2 dager siden
This is dedicated to Poppy.
Prolific MT
Prolific MT - 3 dager siden
Glass will always be the most realistic portrayal of comic-book characters we'll ever get. Thank you Shyamalan
Rosalind Matteson
Rosalind Matteson - 3 dager siden
I am not a fan of this movie. Pretty much for the same reasons, but I didn't articulate them as clearly to myself. I just felt disappointed at the end. Good critique.
Jonathan Carmona
Jonathan Carmona - 4 dager siden
I'm right there with you, I hate it when good characters end badly; its straight frustrating
Psy Rift
Psy Rift - 4 dager siden
Macavoy was so great in this movie but overall this movie is so disappointing to me I tried to lower my expectations before I saw cause of what I heard about it but I was still disappointed
The Last Boy Scout
The Last Boy Scout - 5 dager siden
Doctor Staple being left screaming in defeat with no one to hear or care but her own precious little cameras is the most satisfying villain comeuppance I've ever seen.
_ XXXEXTENTIONXXX _ - 10 dager siden
I don’t think their deaths were meaningless. The whole point of Elijah’s “Osaka Tower” plan and his actual plan was to show the world that some people are special. He did this for an ego boost and eventhough Staple knew about their powers, he wanted to prove her wrong and at the same time show the world who they are. Now this is his movie and we know he’s an arrogant narcissist so this is exactly what he’d do
mex55 - 15 dager siden
its hard to be positive when it comes to darker movies, but i agree with everythng
Ethan Salvator
Ethan Salvator - Måned siden
im sorry but hedwig saying “you like kevin now” is worth 1000 wins, i loved the horde so much, and now we never get to see them again
my display picture doesnt share food!!!
One of my mosssttt favorite thing about Unbreakable is the phenomenal camera shots and angles that impose deeper meaning to the actual context of the story, and that was ALLL thrown out the window in Glass. The only time I saw something even remotely close to a good framing similar to Unbreakable was when they were framing an electrician and a nurse, AN ELECTRICIAN AND A NURSE! IT DOESNT EVEN CONTRIBUTED ANYTHING TO THE STORY. Its sad that its kind of such a waste (or maybe Unbreakable and Split are just TOO great to be even compared even to its final movie)
my display picture doesnt share food!!!
Im not even starting the video but I know half of the wins are from James McAvoy's phenomenal acting
Myles Maiman
Myles Maiman - Måned siden
Amazing video. Rest in Peace, Poppy.
Kazuhira Miller
Kazuhira Miller - Måned siden
The whole thing about David being a superhero, what we would use to explain his "superpower" is actually called Osteopetrosis. It's little nickname is "stone bone". It quite literally makes your bones much denser. While irl it comes with many negative issues and is usually fatal, one thing about it is very clear. People who have it do not float on water. They can't swim.
Halo Gamer
Halo Gamer - Måned siden
Cinemawins is the good twin to cinemasins
Kaushik Tare
Kaushik Tare - Måned siden
Hey fuckwad why don't you stop calling him Shamalamadingdong
Wify0 - Måned siden
Shut up
Ella Barrett
Ella Barrett - Måned siden
I share the chicken stories. We had really "bitchy" chickens, but we loved them all the same and the day we had to let them go was a really sad day
waterywingz - Måned siden
It’s fine that u dun feel like these r complete wins. U r totally entitled to feeling meh~ Dun b hard on urself, silly. U do such good work already 👏👏👏
Handsome Mexican Wolf Burrito
I prefer this trilogy over Marvel and DC what a remarkable movie it is sad there possibly won't be another movie but overall its a masterpiece in my opinion because if these superheroes actually existed they wouldn't last long there would be some sort of organization that would kill them to make everyone equal, the movie is realistic, has a great story, and memorable characters so even if you don't like the ending is still a movie to think about.
masterimbecile - 2 måneder siden
Well, let's see: It can be shaped into whatever you want. It's very non-reactive. It's durable. It can be stained different color. It has a wide range of mechanical property depending on how it is cooled. In its pure form, it is transparent to visible light but can somewhat block infrared. It is very recyclable. It can be very ductile; in its fiber form it can achieve total internal reflection and can be spun into an effective thermal insulator.
So yeah, glass is pretty great.
Dylan Sullivan
Dylan Sullivan - 2 måneder siden
Absolutely loved this movie up until its infuriating ending. I know that’s the point but UGH.
Goddess In you
Goddess In you - 2 måneder siden
Lol worst deaths ever. Atleast give it an epic show down. Or leave it to the audience imagination if one of them survived or not.
Jay Vang
Jay Vang - 2 måneder siden
I've got nothing against his death. He maybe unbreakable but he's still old. He just fought someone not only half his age but twice as strong and agile, then is drowned in a water tank. He barely makes it out and slides on to the street disoriented. Only for a younger mercenary to drown him. It makes sense. I'm just pissed he didn't get a heart to heart with Joseph since they have the most special relationship in the series.
Sunil Permaul
Sunil Permaul - 2 måneder siden
I feel like the movie denied catharsis and that leaves the viewer disappointed/frustrated. Maybe on intention, and great for it, but it doesn't mean many will the enjoy the experience.
Armin T.
Armin T. - 2 måneder siden
Barnes Elliot
Barnes Elliot - 2 måneder siden
Anthony Ponvelle
Anthony Ponvelle - 2 måneder siden
David’s death meant nothing because it was supposed to mean nothing. He wanted to show how David was just another person they had to kill because he wouldn’t see himself as normal.
PictureProductStudio - 2 måneder siden
Liking and removing likes roller coaster for me (ultimately deciding on the latter, main criticism being racial nickname normalization towards the end: at least spell the surname right, don't be like a preschool bully). I loved that movie a lot (among with two previous ones), it rhymed with something in my beliefs, in my psyche and... Dare I say soul. And, yes, ending might seem anticlimactic, but point still stands. As someone noted on TV Tropes, it's about WHAT these videos show, not how believable they seem. Yes, videos could be easily faked these days, but these will be investigated way more thoroughly than usual, because they essentially depict three silenced deaths, some of them by law enforcement. Considering one of the pivotal moments of 2020 is a death of a man choked by a policeman, which was caught on video and went viral, is that ending still seems like a stretch? And I mean, naysayers are all over that video, too. Some even downright dismiss it in lunatic conspiracy theories. Also... It's way easier for me to subscribe to what Glass did rather than what Ozymandias did. And that's not saying much, as both are irredeemable terrorists. Veidt just has more victims, too much to be viewed from a casual perspective. I might have more sympathy for a serial killer than I do for Adolf Hitler, if that is an adequate comparison. Glass's point in that movie is a tiny bit of ascension compared to previous appearance, it's a classic moment from comics when a bigger threat is fought by everyone capable, villain or hero. No questions asked, victims expected. It sounds like bad guys teaming up, but essentially it's a major team-up moment.
Gee Boothe
Gee Boothe - 2 måneder siden
Hopefully they come back to life somehow tho
Robert Murrell
Robert Murrell - 2 måneder siden
I can get why you didn't like the ending, but it worked for me precisely because it was so unfair. One of the big comic book tropes is that, when the Hero dies, there's some big cathartic sendoff or iconic memorial. Think the last page of Superman #75 (1992) or Crisis on Infinite Earths #7. This beloved hero has met their end and the one who loved them best screams their grief as a crowd looks on silently. That's just not the way it works in the real world; here good people, even legitimate heroes, die and no one notices as often as not. It sucks, but this is just one more way that the movie reminds us that this isn't a comic book movie in the typical sense.
Robert Murrell
Robert Murrell - 2 måneder siden
Edit: the cover of Crisis #7.
Epicman3012 - 2 måneder siden
Number 1: you can see through it
Numb- oh, oh you meant the movie. My bad
SbR The Snewbery
SbR The Snewbery - 2 måneder siden
I loved the movie because it shows not everything from the comics can happen in real life when I say real life I mean the movies
All Gaming
All Gaming - 2 måneder siden
Love your honesty. You have the real power, not some critic on IMDB or Metacritic. I trust your reviews BECAUSE they are honest. If you didn't, i wouldn't have subbed. be safe my friend
Catalina Reyes
Catalina Reyes - 3 måneder siden
I loved this movie. I truly did. But yeah... That ending. I totally get you, man.
Lunabear Song
Lunabear Song - 3 måneder siden
You should never be afraid of giving your opinion. Yes, your channel is about pointing out positive things in movies, but it's much more authentic and genuine when you give your actual opinion as well as positive feedback on the movie. That's passion, and it's great, as well as needed. You've earned a sub.
Also, I love Staple's speech to Elijah at the end because it mirrors, in part, the speech that Samuel L. Jackson's character gives that one kid in the movie Jumper about how those abilities are God's domain, and mortals shouldn't have them. I thought that was interesting and ironic.
Shekinah Investigations
Shekinah Investigations - 3 måneder siden
David being the victim of ONE goon, drowning in the pothole... yeah, that SUCKS!! It may of felt more of a fitting end, if he drowned in that tank of water.. or if he was held down by three men.
Is it because he's now … old? Unlike his "Unbreakable" era? No, because he's still obviously powerful, as shown repeatedly. Maybe his aging heart wasn't as unbreakable as his bones.
Are we supposed to celebrate "Glass" as a hero? No, I don't think so. Glass' mother loved and pitied her son, told him what he needed to hear... that he was special, brilliant, and unique. But she knew her son was criminally insane.
The good that Glass does, by revealing "super powered people" to the public, is "in spite" of the evil... the one good thing to be harvested from the evil. Also, like some organized crime movie, one bad person defeats another bad person. Glass pays for his evil through Kevin's revenge. But Sarah Paulson's character get's off scott free... which really sucks... and we're afraid she and her nasty clover leaf organization will end triumphant... but thankfully, they don't. They're exposed. And she knows the Gig is up, when she screams.
Jonathan Russell
Jonathan Russell - 3 måneder siden
Great analysis..
Joel Louzy
Joel Louzy - 3 måneder siden
Yeah it’s hard to make a “cinemaWins” about a movie that sorta SUCKED.
whiderboss - 3 måneder siden
Well this was the least good video I've seen yet on your channel. It was alright but I won't finish watching it, I'm not interested.
Mark Jones
Mark Jones - 3 måneder siden
Yep. I loved this movie. It's great
t3sstickl3s - 4 måneder siden
What do you mean you don’t know how her abuse uncle went to jail?!
Greater Wrong of the Right
Greater Wrong of the Right - 4 måneder siden
I think Shyamalamadingdong's choice of ending Glass, is kinda like how Stephen King ends his most epic tales. It's extremely unusual in Hollywood - hero/comic movies specifically - for the good guys to lose. This is what births the raw realism, highlighting mortality. The viewer can make the intellectual jump to real life super humans. Fuck, Bruce Lee FFS, amiright??? Idk, that's what I take away from it.
In the real world, the villains win.
Ryan Glogowski
Ryan Glogowski - 4 måneder siden
Losing anything important to you is always difficult regardless of how you think others might perceive it. You dont gave to apologize for feeling sad
Nathan Lloyd
Nathan Lloyd - 4 måneder siden
14:20 mate as someone who is living on a cattle station in Australia i can tell you it is heart breaking to have to put down an animal or see them suffer. we have been in drought for as long as i can remember 9ish years so sadly it's nothing new but still heart wrenching when every we have to do it.
Warren Peace
Warren Peace - 4 måneder siden
i'd like to say to Shamalam that this sets an example that twists aren't always good, no matter how experienced you are at making them.
JMP PRODUCTIONS - 4 måneder siden
This movie was so underrated but what I liked was that this universe was much MUCH different from Marvel and DC
Arachnolad 63
Arachnolad 63 - 4 måneder siden
I go back and forth on how I feel about David’s death. Yeah, it was a shitty way to kill off an amazing character. But also, his death (along with Kevin and Glass’) fit in with the very nihilistic theme throughout the first two movies. People die. The ones we see die, all seem to be good ones. It also blends with the themes of grounded realism. Sometimes the heroes die, as Batman puts it, ‘in the gutter, for no reason at all.’
NOVA GH - 4 måneder siden
I think the movie held strong all until the ending. I dont know why they had to kill any of them. The Mr. Unbreakable was a hero and Mr. Glass and the Hoard were the villains. KWC didn't deserve to die, just needed help. I think him and the girl could've been together and had a family and his personalities could've equalized time out. For example, the maid could've made breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The clean freak could've help keep the house clean, and Hedwig(sorry about the other names I've quite forgotten them could've played with their possible children. Then Kevin wouldve just been the stay at home dad while the girl(again, sorry about the names) couldve been the wife and maybe Barry couldve been a world renowned artist. Bruce Willis' character should've not been killed. They could've released him because hes a hero, but they would still try to catch him because hes a vigilante. Maybe couldve been like Batman. Mr. Glass didn't deserve to die. Just locked up and put in a comatose state(what's the word for that?). Overall, it's a good movie. Had a strong story. But it's just the ending I hate. However, I did like how they showed the world that there are superpowers.
Lady Scarlett
Lady Scarlett - 4 måneder siden
Now I'm going to go watch your Unbreakable video to cheer myself up. xoxox
Lady Scarlett
Lady Scarlett - 4 måneder siden
I was excited for this movie. I was excited during the movie. And then David Dunn died. I was utterly devastated. Just completely destroyed. It wasn't a sad death, there was no point to David dying. It didn't serve any purpose. If they are trying to make it like Hancock where there is one there must be another, does that mean that if David lived another would take Mr Glass' place?
What I would have liked to see is Joseph just loosing his mind when his dad dies and tossing a dude across the parking lot. I would have liked to see Kevin and the Beast merge and share the light and heal.
I get why Casey went to see Kevin and the horde, it's supposed to be some compassionate/closure thing but if i was kidnapped with two other girls (who were subsequently murdered in front of me) and the dude went psycho on me and climbed walls/ceilings and ripped steel bars apart, I would stay the hell away.
also, can we talk about the double standards? No, you are not a superhero but if you do try to escape we will drown you so please don't use your super strength. No, you are not superhuman, but just to be sure we are drugging you to the gills. No, you are not a superhuman, but just to be sure we will use seizure inducing strobe lights to keep you under control.
And can we talk about how dumb the set up for the orderlies is? They should never have the key to the rooms. A guard has the key, who walks with the orderly door to door, unlocks the door so the orderly can go in, locks it behind them, unlocks for the to come out, locks behind them. sigh...
Nena Magica
Nena Magica - 4 måneder siden
0:19 is he playing Bloodborne?
Tyson Horsewell
Tyson Horsewell - 4 måneder siden
Just found cinemaWins and realise it's the David Dunn of CInemaSins' Mr Glass... hahaha... Just recently got all three movies on Blueray and really only seen Split and Glass once each and really liked them all. I am personally someone along for the ride rather than a critic. I like hearing other peoples ideas, when I watch a movie again I actually get more out of it.
Nick Lai
Nick Lai - 4 måneder siden
David dying meaninglessly is just like losing a pet. I lost my princess the year before and it still stings how her body just broke down and gave up so quickly. David's spirit is unbreakable just like his body, but when its go time, its go time. Glass' will is unbreakable even though his body is. Kevin is just broken. And of these three combinations, death comes just the same.
Shannon T
Shannon T - 5 måneder siden
I feel like Glass is comparable to Infinity War where Thanos was the protagonist. Unfortunately we do not get an EndGame with this series.
TF2Fan101 - 5 måneder siden
Honestly, I was bummed that David died at the end. That said, given that he was completely submerged in water and hadn’t yet recovered or dried off, it makes sense how he could be overpowered so easily.
Although, honestly, as I see it, David’s death ultimately wasn’t meaningless as the footage of his fight with the Beast was released to the world, proving that heroes do exist and hopefully inspiring other heroes to step out into the light and show what they’re capable of.
Will Fye
Will Fye - 5 måneder siden
How are the wins and sins the same ?
Mason Withee
Mason Withee - 5 måneder siden
I’m sad your chicken died man. Hope you’re doing better.
That80sGuy1972 - 5 måneder siden
I loved Glass the same way I loved the other movies linked to it... until the puddle... then I hated the movie. The movie violated and murdered its own universe that spawned it... gave us all the middle finger. It also gave the biggest middle finger to the first movie, Unbreakable. Glass gave a big middle finger to Mr. Glass himself, a great Samuel L. Jackson character... one who was supposed to become a mastermind. F^ck Glass. That movie ruined everything linked to it.
Jesse White
Jesse White - 5 måneder siden
When cinemawins removes wins, its so much more dramatic and "real" than when cinemasins removes sins
Charles Harvey
Charles Harvey - 5 måneder siden
Mark Gallagher
Mark Gallagher - 6 måneder siden
In regards to the fake crap and deep fake argument, David Dunn, had already become an urban legend, and more to the point, the system of Kevin (The Horde) had already made news as a serial killer with allusions to the beast. Elijah Price was a known and convicted psychopath who had orchestrated countless terrorist attacks for lack of better terminology. The CG argument may work if these were random videos that cropped up online, but the subjects of these videos were known criminals of the highest order, and one was an urban legend with proven accounts of vigilantism. The fact that they all died emboldens this truth, because of course the death of two mass murderers would become public knowledge, and security footage taken at the sight of a psychiatric hospital where Elijah was staying makes it all the harder to disprove. The point is that although the CG Deepfake argument can be made, the fact that the subjects of the footage are known killers and vigilantes only refutes this argument.
Shy Pony
Shy Pony - 6 måneder siden
4:12 im just curious, what is the scene about here. all i knew is him walking into the room, some sad sounds and i assume he came to his sons room to either tell him something sad/bad bothering him or just give him bad news but what bad news lol
Ryan Stang
Ryan Stang - 6 måneder siden
I really want Sam L Jackson to be in a Fredrick Douglas biopic
Robert Klein
Robert Klein - 6 måneder siden
I am soooo glad you vented about David's less than heroic death. I felt the same way and was really enjoying the movie up until that moment. It was a disappointing end to a brilliant and more immersive super hero experience than any of the Marvel/DC stuff. It was the Warren comics of the movie genre. Shamalamadingdong was probably getting us all back for hating on Airbender, which I didn't...
Tosh Omni
Tosh Omni - 6 måneder siden
I don't see it. Everything about his movie was brilliant. Heroes and villains die, much of the time in ways that don't them justice. Even Endgame got that right in their own fashion. Unbreakable, Split, and Glass are a perfect trilogy. Not sure why you feel the need to make fun of the director's last name so much either.
silentassason - 6 måneder siden
There is something this movie actually talks about which is belief. Belief is what allows these people to use these powers. Honestly i don't think it's a coincidence that this came out after American Gods show or books which stated belief is what gives gods their powers. So belief in their powers and weaknesses is what gives them both. When the shrink begins to falter their belief is when when they lose their "powers" but Mr.Glass never faltered because he knew, KWK was able to survive because his personalities all believed the beast was more or less invincible but Kevin wasn't. And David believes in both powers and weakness is because he knows or fully believes it's real. That's how the idea of all gods powers work if you look at them as "what do i believe in" as far as my opinion goes. But it makes the most sense other than gods are aliens. That's my tinfoil comment for the retroactive months for this video
Jack Smith
Jack Smith - 6 måneder siden
Do the hobbit trilogy
ian long
ian long - 6 måneder siden
5:46 not sure how you got to 450lbs. I count 3 plates on each side, maybe 4 if there are 2 white plates, but I doubt it. That is only 315lbs for 3 plates and 405 if there are 4 (including the bar). I maxed benched 450 in high school and know what size muscles are required to do that and these guys are close enough that I can buy them doing similar feats. I could rep 315lbs 15 times and 405lbs would have me struggling to get 8 reps
C̸r̸y̸b̸a̸b̸y̸ D̸e̸v̸i̸l̸
I like how all they have to do it flash a light and he changes
TheModer8ter - 6 måneder siden
John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus.  Jesus the Messiah died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to save you, then you have everlasting life in heaven.
Sophie Ricearoni
Sophie Ricearoni - 6 måneder siden
can you do zodiac, i love your videos
Mouryaan - 6 måneder siden
Could you possibly blame Casey's attachment with Kevin on the Stockholm syndrome ?
Which would make sense as while being held captive as bad as the situation was Kevin was the only one who wasn't bad and as you mentioned them both being the victims in this situation.
Raul Palacios
Raul Palacios - 7 måneder siden
Should've had a post credit scene with Dunn's son finding out that just like his dad he was just a late bloomer with his own new found super strength
Reilyn Granja-Acevedo
Reilyn Granja-Acevedo - 7 måneder siden
Glass-Origin Of Hero Story
Sins-Not many name sleft
Bigby Wolf
Bigby Wolf - 7 måneder siden
I loved the movie
The only thing i hate was that they kill David like that
Like come on!!
Freedom Fighter
Freedom Fighter - 7 måneder siden
OKAY so. I understand and respect your opinion pertaining to David's death. And I also acknowledge that maybe the reason I don't have such a problem with David's death is because I myself haven't yet seen Unbreakable (don't hate me, Lee). I actually saw Glass in theatres with approximately no previous knowledge; for explanation (excuse) my mom was a big fan of Unbreakable and she and my sister both liked Split so when Glass was released ON my mom's birthday, it was the perfect present. I looked up what I could on Unbreakable and Split so that I wouldn't be confused, but I didn't even see Split until after I saw Glass. So maybe this has to do with the fact that I'm actually okay with the nature of David's death, and here's why:
Staple's goal as part of a bigger overall conspiracy was to make sure that Supers (yes, we're using Incredibles terminology) couldn't leave any sort of significant impact on the regular human society. Her way of doing that would've been to ensure that David, Elijah, and the Horde all died very human deaths. Not only that, but she would have to ensure that their deaths were unremarkable, even framed as the necessary removal of certain "bad" people (quotations do not apply to Mr. Glass, Mr. Glass is a terrible person) from "good" society: a criminally insane kidnapper and murderer getting shot, a delusional loner downing in a puddle due to his delusions, and a terrorist being beaten and left to die, all after escaping an asylum. While Staple's plan eventually did fail, I think Shyamalan did an exceptional job with that scene because of his ability to get inside his own character's head and have the situation play out under her control.
I also have to say that I don't see anything wrong with Casey's arc. I think it was very clear that Casey sympathized with Kevin, not the Horde; she essentially saw another victim after being able to go from being a victim herself to a survivor, and she wanted to help this victim survive the way she did. When Casey interacts with the other members of the Horde, she's cautious, withdrawn, she recognizes the people who made her their victim (I guess kinda with the exception of Hedwig). But when Kevin "has the light", Casey's compassionate and receiving, she opens herself up to Kevin and offers support. I thought that Casey's arc showed a lot of growth in terms of her interactions with others; we even see this when she's in her foster home with a brief flash of her smiling at a younger child as he runs by.
I do understand how this may only strike with some people, and that's okay, that was just my interpretation.
Moggy Johnny
Moggy Johnny - 7 måneder siden
I believe glass is a little more artistic? like, you're not supposed to like the end and you're supposed to find it unsatisfying. whether that makes it a good or bad movie is up to you, personally I like it a lot.
3nertia - 7 måneder siden
Please just keep doing what you do :)
3nertia - 7 måneder siden
I love that you also watch Captain Disillusion :D
Jenna Ramos
Jenna Ramos - 7 måneder siden
i felt david shouldn't have died and I was devastated with Kevin I really wanted him to make it like an anti-hero or at least Casey helping him
ExistingTM - 7 måneder siden
It's kind of funny that they have three actors who've played Marvel characters
Pranav Kumar
Pranav Kumar - 7 måneder siden
"Glass is glass, and glass breaks"
Arterialspace32 - 7 måneder siden
I think if they had to kill off a character it would be Mr. Glass so David and the beast could have a ongoing rivalry
Alex - 7 måneder siden
you chose to kill poppy
Cassy Black
Cassy Black - 7 måneder siden
David Dunn's death hits incredibly hard, and in the end it does feel so empty and cold and meaningless. But really in a way that might be the point of it as well. In a movie that is trying to be grounded and real in so many ways it's not afraid to show a truth of this world, in that sometimes death DOES feel meaningless and isn't fair. Just a possible interpretation.
Brad Marchant
Brad Marchant - 7 måneder siden
I Literally saw this last night for the first time and had very mixed feelings. The first thing I wanted to do was watch cinemawins to help me maybe appreciate it more! Except you seem to have the same feelings I do. almost exactly! BUT you did point out a couple of nice things i missed. So...Thanks! Still appreciated your insight!
menecross - 7 måneder siden
I just saw the movie .... and I liked it very much.
Pusher Love Man
Pusher Love Man - 7 måneder siden
Milky Eggs
Milky Eggs - 7 måneder siden
The ending ruined tho film and it really should’ve been rewritten even at the cost of having to rewrite the whole screenplay cause god did this film waste its potential
Ena 91
Ena 91 - 7 måneder siden
I didn't like that they all died at the end.I wanted Kevin and Casey to stay together .... but noooo .... oh well ...
johnmonk66 - 7 måneder siden
Shyamalan ended his career with this movie, it ended so badly. They could have been all captured and locked up, not knowing that Glass had won, it would leave an opening for another movie where other super being come to help them.
TJMc87 TJMC87 - 7 måneder siden
Sorry about your chicken bro, I totally get it.
I don’t agree with all the choices and I know that’s the point...I’ve never been so torn about a movie.
Red_ Shooter
Red_ Shooter - 7 måneder siden
It’s see through and clear
ARI L - 7 måneder siden
Wow. This movie is very twisted.
1:10 💛🔥
ShogunEnder - 7 måneder siden
These characters are amazing I hope to see them again somehow someway
Mariusz Pudzianowski
Mariusz Pudzianowski - 8 måneder siden
can't believe you have to censor "victim" on yt, holy shit this is getting stupid
Gary Maxion
Gary Maxion - 8 måneder siden
David's death pissed me off. As you said, it was unneeded. It was a smart film in its own right, but the end killed the whole trilogy for me. It doesn't fit for me, so for me, Split is the end of the series. M. Night misses yet again.
Gary Maxion
Gary Maxion - 8 måneder siden
I feel you about chickens. I raised one. Lucy. She acted like a cat. Hopped on my leg, shoulder, hand, and head. She pecked at the door when she wanted to go poop. She even jumped on my XBOX controller when she wanted attention. She was a great pet. I live in the Louisiana bayous and one day, I found Lucy's head. We think it was a coyote. I buried her alone and I'm still not over it. I feel your pain.
Harry S
Harry S - 8 måneder siden
I’m no scholar of film, but I still think Glass is a masterpiece. I wish David’s death had more meaning, but the movie overall was inspiring to me. Especially the footage at the end, showing David ramming down the door, and the Beast flipping the car.
Iain McDonald
Iain McDonald - 8 måneder siden
I have pet chickens, and they're family members.
I'm sorry you had to put down Poppy.
Ross Tucker
Ross Tucker - 8 måneder siden
poor chicken any decent farmer knows the difference between livestock and pets