Everything GREAT About Get Out! (Part 1)

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Get Out! No, wait! Watch the video first and other jokes of equal value. I'm just realizing I barely punned in this video. Oh well, next time. Jordan Peele is the man, here's everything right with Get Out!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 24:38


The Lonely Ghost
The Lonely Ghost - 4 dager siden
also the surname armitage is most famously used in the hp Lovecraft story the dunwich horror, he's one of the professors that stop the eldrich horror from this specific tale, but also if you didn't know love craft was a phenomenal racist and all around prick, his protagonist/ heroes wheerer always well educated propper liniage white people where as his antagonists where either lower class inbread of just not white, his fears of everything that wasn't like him are very much exhibited in his work... also he named hi cat the n word
Applejayz19 - 5 dager siden
0:28 "run rabbit, run rabbit, run run run"
KT Anonymous
KT Anonymous - 4 dager siden
Dang I didn't notice that until you pointed that out! and that song is supper fitting for what is about to happen!
Andrew Pierre
Andrew Pierre - 5 dager siden
You should do a everything great about widows
Brian Foley
Brian Foley - 6 dager siden
Jose T
Jose T - 8 dager siden
"Level 4 is roll cre- NO! NO, NOT TODAY. NOT ME." That killed me, as a fan of both the sins and wins channels lol
Jack Jones
Jack Jones - 9 dager siden
Several nails hit on the head
Juan Fernando Pinto Casttillo
12:03 CinemaWins potentially mocking CinemaSins is the BEST thing ever! Definitely made my day !
Dozha Deville
Dozha Deville - 10 dager siden
*"Grandpa Runsatnight"*
Mr. Pickle
Mr. Pickle - 15 dager siden
plot twist: rod s a secret wakandan war dog from the border tribe,
The Kurt Gobang Show!
The Kurt Gobang Show! - 15 dager siden
Fuck this movie.
The Kurt Gobang Show!
The Kurt Gobang Show! - 7 dager siden
I hate how these movies come than black people go that's racist. We go through so much shit....it just wasn't worth my time. I watched half got to the part about the lady drinking the tea dude was looking down up at her I was this is some demonic shit. People watch stuff and don't realize how they hypnotized by subliminal messaging.
D B - 7 dager siden
Arair Faye
Arair Faye - 16 dager siden
1:30 Took me a minute but I finally got it.....I think....
Chenoa Perich
Chenoa Perich - 17 dager siden
not me using this to study for my media analysis exam
brunytoonstv - 18 dager siden
broo i watched this movie when i was kinda little and i didn’t even realize that lady eating the fruit loops was rose this movie is good
Juno Okubo
Juno Okubo - 20 dager siden
You should do a EGA on Us, it’s really good and made by the same person who made this one. Also, it’s October; which means horror movie month!
Jose Luna
Jose Luna - 20 dager siden
This movie reminds me of my time in Utah
Phoenix Lennard
Phoenix Lennard - 22 dager siden
Am I crazy..? CinemaWins DID have a video for the movie Us, right?
Retro Robot
Retro Robot - 23 dager siden
The opening scene could have been longer I'm sure, but you can't open the trunk of a 944 with one hand while dragging a body. don't ask how I know that
Alexa Easterling-Walker
Alexa Easterling-Walker - 27 dager siden
I always wondered why the white party attendees became quiet when Chris went upstairs. Now I understand in 9:55
Skye Langholz
Skye Langholz - Måned siden
I don know if it meant anything, but he was wearing blue shoelaces, on what we can assume are workers boots, which in the punk scene can be a symbol of ACAB, or killed a cop(guessing its not the second one).
MCD4r7hFur10u5 - Måned siden
Why is making every white person look like a racist acceptable? Isn't that in itself very racist?
Pacific Mindset
Pacific Mindset - Måned siden
When I watched this movie I was confused the entire time, especially the part where everyone went silent. Then the climax hit, and ohh boy everything just hits.
Kalani S
Kalani S - Måned siden
2:46 10:26 19:01
John Forni
John Forni - Måned siden
I see what you did! This video wasn't to scare us. You're scaring yourself by flirting with youtube's demonetization system. Touchy subjects and subject matter alike. But, it takes some guts to take a chance like this. I hope they'll leave this video alone, and you can cash in on both the video AND the sponsor. You deserve it.
I got a 100 in science
I got a 100 in science - Måned siden
Wish I could get a date one day
UserJWR - Måned siden
How did I not notice that Rose's dad is also Jake's dad in Brooklyn 99??
Dr. M Hyde
Dr. M Hyde - Måned siden
All I see in the thumbnail is a dude in an arm chair terrified. I am instantly connected.
agenttheater5 - Måned siden
16:48 I realised that other problem with the blind guys theory a week ago but I couldn't put it into the right words - thank you! And thank you for reassuring me I wasn't the only one to notice that
sjewitt22 - Måned siden
What's the bing reference?
Aliyah Pulido
Aliyah Pulido - Måned siden
3:57 Me: *Gasp* Kimmy Schmidt?! What are YOU doing here?!
MR. D2
MR. D2 - Måned siden
Tanor Gilbert
Tanor Gilbert - Måned siden
I had to [well, this was a good one so, got to] watch this movie for an American Film class last semester at the time of writing this... and one of my responses for this movie was that among my favorite parts of the movie, protagonist of a horror film realize what's going on, stop making dumb decisions, and DO SOMETHING about the killer [or in this case the cultish brain-swapping family] for once, but there's also something else. In previous points throughout the film, that "Swahili music" or some version of it's rhythm played during the "horror" parts where we were supposed to be creeped out or afraid. But after disabling [and killing as far as Chris was aware] the son, the music is now playing for Chris. And although Chris is still the protagonist, now HE is the horror monster [even getting a trope-y jumpscare kill on the father]. HE has become the unstoppable terror that should be feared, and the family are now the ones that should be afraid. He efficiently takes out each evil family member as he encounters them with no hint of remorse or hesitation. And what's even better, as "Rose" tries to manipulate him one more time as he's taking her out, he stares the one who betrayed him most dead in the eyes and continues, and as she realizes it's not working that's when her evil smile comes out. SO... BRILLIANT
Blank AP
Blank AP - Måned siden
rod is a true bro
Bee Jackson
Bee Jackson - Måned siden
holy shit. im learning so much about this movie now. wow. wow
Remi - Måned siden
18:36 Also the straw is black
Gaboo :DD
Gaboo :DD - 2 måneder siden
obviously bing is what made them so evil
kasey_bro - 2 måneder siden
hey did u guys know that when they hit the deer in the beginning and it makes that awful dying noise that was jordyn peele himself making those noises!
SojerManLan - 2 måneder siden
3:49 A TRON: Legacy reference? Gotta play all the angles.
Abby Wolffe
Abby Wolffe - 2 måneder siden
This is miniscule extra symbolism but once Chris enters the sunken place his clothes turn white
celestia4141 - 2 måneder siden
The blind guy doesn’t wear red though, does he?
J S - 2 måneder siden
7:37 - creepiest smirk ever.
Red Planet Studio
Red Planet Studio - 2 måneder siden
Everything great about John Carter
Wicket the Ewok
Wicket the Ewok - 2 måneder siden
I don’t really understand this movie I never watched it tho? Can somebody help
tashi kun 0.2 CULTURED UPLOADS
tashi kun 0.2 CULTURED UPLOADS - 2 måneder siden
Cant remove the fact that *THE STAR MAGIC JR* directed this
Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown - 3 måneder siden
Even thought the cop scene was annoying cuz it’s just letting more racist liberal retards think black people are opressed and cops are racist, it actually was a necessary scene, because it seems like the girlfriend is defending Chris because he didn’t do anything wrong, but really she just needs to make sure the cops don’t get his ID on file so they can’t pinpoint him when he goes missing
Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown - 3 måneder siden
Except voting for Obama IS the more racist candidate to vote for. Lol what an idiot
Ozai - 3 måneder siden
9:21 the fucking bill dauterive reference for the ultimate win! 😂 yes!!
Njeri Ankh
Njeri Ankh - 3 måneder siden
Your cultural assumption about Bingo is very inaccurate as it is often an obsession of older African-American women, one that is well-known by younger generations.
Roman Whitten
Roman Whitten - 3 måneder siden
Damn, I knew this movie was nuanced but not to this level of acuity
Isaiah R
Isaiah R - 3 måneder siden
Just realized she knocked with her head so her finger prints weren’t on the door 🤯.
Titania Kirkland
Titania Kirkland - 3 måneder siden
We watched this movie in my college film class. I guessed from the start that Rose was the villain but the moment when she says "Dont leave me" when Chris has just split his life story to her and his desperate to just leave, I knew for a fact she was evil. No loving partner would ever act like she does in that scene. It sent chills up my spine, watching her manipulate Chris into staying at the house
Cavalio Thorson
Cavalio Thorson - 3 måneder siden
Rose is the worst she just didn't have a care in the world about what she did to Chris, and the others for that matter. How nonchalant she is eating cereal separate from the milk while looking forward to her next victim is maddening.
Dolores Medina
Dolores Medina - 3 måneder siden
Rose is satan lol just saying
Luke Chaise
Luke Chaise - 3 måneder siden
His comment at 15:22 is scariest for me because I actually can. I can detach myself from the emotion and emulate them. And then not feel any guilt or anything about what I do.
Mills - 3 måneder siden
Hi I would be psyched if you would win Coraline, it's insanely detailed because it's stop motion, and it's my favorite movie of all time, animated or otherwise.
Ms Ohgee
Ms Ohgee - 3 måneder siden
Fanatic Proxy
Fanatic Proxy - 3 måneder siden
Basically Jordan tells us to avoid racists and racism in all forms. Not just the hateful bigotry.
Abbey Weersing
Abbey Weersing - 3 måneder siden
When Rose is eating her cereal in her psychopathic way and she thinks Chris is having the surgery, she is listening to "Time of my Life", which happens to be the closing song in Dirty Dancing. Maybe this signifies the end of her "dirty dancing" (her fake love) with Chris?
Kiernan Knox
Kiernan Knox - 4 måneder siden
5:52 I wouldve laughed so hard if Chris said. "I wouldn't have, I'm a republican,"
ilyKITEwrld ➏➒
ilyKITEwrld ➏➒ - 4 måneder siden
Get out is a classic
Tim de Visser
Tim de Visser - 4 måneder siden
One of the other metaphors in the movie is 'Buck' is also a word used to describe black men, and the fact that Chris uses a buck's head to kill Dean. Also I think the deer he kills is a doe, a female deer. Another reference to his mother? There are so many consistent motifs in this film. Visually, linguistically, thematically. A truly brilliant debut.
spark295 - 4 måneder siden
as someone who hasn’t watched the movie yet, this video is both amazingly interesting and confusing.
mr fish
mr fish - 4 måneder siden
5:55 the actor saying that line apparently didn't know Peele was making fun of that idea and that it was ironic.
ginsengjin - 4 måneder siden
Get Out is really a movie about the hidden racism in white America which is why the original ending has him going to jail at the end but instead opted for the hollywood ending which in my opinion was a cop out.
AtrocityEquine - 4 måneder siden
Reminder that CinemaWins is better than CinemaSins.
Javine Whitter
Javine Whitter - 4 måneder siden
I just found this and my life is complete lmao
abbey s.
abbey s. - 4 måneder siden
Hey I only just realised that the actress that played rose in this movie has blue eyes. I could show that she's the one seeking the victims with her "eagle eyes"????? I dunno might be a coincidence
Bilal Haid
Bilal Haid - 4 måneder siden
Great video however "sikiliza kwa wahenga" translates to "listen to
the wise men"
josie - 4 måneder siden
Could Rose's head knock at Chris' door also be attempt to minimize fingerprints?
bethany - 4 måneder siden
I noticed that Gergonia is dressed like she in The Help. Get it, cause she needs help. Help to get the white woman out of her head.
Zee Anon
Zee Anon - 4 måneder siden
after the perfection, no black person is ever gonna trust allison williams again
Richard S.
Richard S. - 4 måneder siden
And of course "listening to one's ancestors" means the ancestral U.S. black population that remembers all the horrors.
Glacier670 - 4 måneder siden
I think they weren’t really playing bingo in that scene. I think they used bingo sheets so if he saw that the card was raised, the people can then play it off as “she’s raising her hand because she got a bingo”
It's Eboni
It's Eboni - 4 måneder siden
I just realized how everything revolved around him
frogg_ kisses
frogg_ kisses - 4 måneder siden
someone probably already pointed this out but when they hit the deer and chris walks out to see it, his shoes have blue laces. to everyone else it might just look like a style chose (with the primary blue coloring to red which is still symbolic) but it’s lace coding of shoes, especially docs. blue means anti-racism and anti-fascism and many more things (yellow also means this ). if his laces were any other color it would still mean something. for example red means neoNazism and pro fascism and again many more things. just a cool detail cuz of how colors play into this film
Himuka - 4 måneder siden
A big win is the fact that a Hollywood actor would write and direct a movie about the blatant ignorance of liberal whites; ironically exposing the virtue signaling that liberal whites do to manipulate black people into believing they're on the same level of understanding. The party scene of the movie, highlighted every single one of their ignorance.
Claire Condie
Claire Condie - 4 måneder siden
when rose drinks the milk she drinks it through a BLACK straw🙃 this movie plays with my head
mygoshohgolly - 4 måneder siden
6:44 basically how black people deal with casual racism (particularly in the UK since they're all too 'polite'!)
Josh Nesbitt
Josh Nesbitt - 4 måneder siden
I never got why Georgina and Walter (grandma and grandpa respectively) are both housekeepers/representing slaves when they are the grandparents ?
smartpig555119 - 4 måneder siden
There are some many things to love about this movie aesthetically but I always love that first introductory shot of Georgina, the reflection on the black marble countertop echoing her entrapment in the sunken place. Chills.
Aidan Mahoney
Aidan Mahoney - 4 måneder siden
These are the same points from Heavy Spoilers video on Get Out
Aiko - 4 måneder siden
"Nothing says get out like red pants"
Chixens - 4 måneder siden
So that is why the photographer said "we will get together soon'' to Chris, he meant it literally.
AllPureSkill - 4 måneder siden
Rose character was written so well
LMSPetRescue - 4 måneder siden
And this is why you always drive separately when meeting your partners parents for the first time. If they’re secretly criminals or just generally assholes you don’t have to rely on your partner, who likely will take their family’s side, to leave 😂😅 maybe I’m just paranoid and antisocial but fuck it I keep my keys clipped to my belt loop along with pepper spray so they can’t even steal them secretly to trap me. I’m determined to survive a real life horror movie
Spartan - 5 måneder siden
Nomatter if your as pure black or brown even whiter than me. You have to give them your ID
mal - 5 måneder siden
The beginning camera is just social distancing...obviously.
F*uck out the way
F*uck out the way - 5 måneder siden
The fact the grandfather and everyone with the transplant has see their granddaughter naked/intimate just goes to show how twisted this family is 🤯🤕
dathoe ovathur
dathoe ovathur - 5 måneder siden
Lol he’s talking about the NFL if you didn’t guess. Fuck the NFL.
Bear is a simp
Bear is a simp - 5 måneder siden
If Chris’s flash was off when he took a picture of Dre he wouldn’t of made it
James Charles Taylor
James Charles Taylor - 5 måneder siden
Why is there no "Rated R" warning at the beginning of the video?
Joe Mama
Joe Mama - 5 måneder siden
My (black) brother’s (white) girlfriend lived in a big house with her parents and brother that was 5 minutes away from any other people and the house had poor connection AND both me and my brother’s phones died while there. the drive to the house even looked just like the drive to rose’s parents house in get out. one time i went there with him and i had an allergic reaction and his girlfriend was having trouble finding the keys.... (it was a non deadly reaction that time thankfully). if i was my brother i would have been super scared but thankfully he never watched get out.
Bronwen Alvah
Bronwen Alvah - 5 måneder siden
One of the best things about this movie is how every line has meaning. Even though it wasn't intentional it still happened!
bethany - 5 måneder siden
I wonder what the stuffed lion means. Its in the rose eating froot loops scene. The Chris waking for a smoke scene.
Jared Tovera
Jared Tovera - 5 måneder siden
Favorite part is the Tron reference 🤷‍♀️ best song really is end of line
Gambit - 5 måneder siden
I love Jordan Peele as a director because his movies arent horror, they are thriller ( which i guess is psychological horror whatever) Theres rarely any jumpscares in US or Get Out. Its the little details
Tegan Jaggard
Tegan Jaggard - 5 måneder siden
17:33 u were getting at that when u said “two of the jump scares have dear” but for those who don’t know, during the slave auctions black men were after referred to as “stags”. i’m not sure if jordan meant this as well but yknow
karenate - 28 dager siden
M x C
M x C - 5 måneder siden
make a mexican version of how they want to control us to make us get out of the country that would be interesting no cap
Atthalla Aufa Kresnaputra
Atthalla Aufa Kresnaputra - 6 måneder siden
Not racist but only see you as an animal to control and abuse. but hear me out, not racist
Yuniko Yato
Yuniko Yato - 6 måneder siden
pick coton xD
Plague _
Plague _ - 6 måneder siden
17:31 And also that's ironic considering he only had negative things about deers and was happy of more being killed.